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 the way things were meant to be...

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PostSubject: the way things were meant to be...   Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:51 pm

a little something i'm working on... don't worry, our local crinkly swordsmen won't talk too much more and then we'll delve into the furry. when i get that far... >.<


The tip of a shimmering blue blade popped seemingly out of nowhere, the crack above and below it showing little more than grey mist. with a curse from the other side, the gap widened allowing the sword through, followed by a bandaged jet-black hand. this was shortly followed by a lithe figure in a hooded white waistcoat. the tail of said coat stretched nearly to his ankles and was a shimmery grey interspersed by blue orchid patterns.

He grabbed the shimmering blade and seperated it from the handle. Instantly the blade stopped shimmering, taking the form of a red bladed nodachi. whereas the handle took on the shape of a blue and grey metal block sword. He sheathed that one on his back and pressed his bandaged hand into the tip of the red nodachi. It dissolved into his hand and he exhaled in a 'whoosh'.

"Applause, applause, no wait, wait!" Ko-yami grinned at him, tie askew and eyes crinkling up behind green lensed spectacles. The hooded swordsman pulled back his hood, his face a twin to Ko-yami's. Both looked to the left, at a pair of grey spell circles slowling fading into visibility. Eventually they coalesced into hard black ink on the arms of yet another cloaked figure, this one wearing solid orange tails on his waistcoat. He threw back his hood revealing a face covered in scars slightly out of sorts with his bright forest green eyes.

"Next time terry, I use that cosmic hacksaw of yours and you can pull the trial and error shit with the gates. Feels like the wrong end of a backed up sewer pipe..." He (Will) huffed, stretching out the kinks of travel.

Grinning, Ko-yami watched the two of them bickering, he could see the bond between them, both brotherly and as comrades-in-arms. He cocked his head, listening to something else, then stepped back a few feet as gun-shots rippled the ground where he'd been standing.

"Heh," the man who walked up could have passed for will, were it not for the revolvers he carried and sunglasses he wore. so obviously Will ogled him for a few minutes until he flipped will off.

"There you are absinthe, I was starting to fear you wouldn't show." Ko-yami laughed then motioned for the group to follow him.
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:18 pm

@.@ Wow. Das alot of you's out dere! Dis'll be interesting.
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:53 am

Riolu wrote:
@.@ Wow. Das alot of you's out dere! Dis'll be interesting.

there's two terry's and two will's here.

and the furry versions that the story is about of course.
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:22 pm

He stopped before a pool of almost crystal clear, still water.

"This place is a remnant from the beginning of the universe. The pristine forest spellbook has a single record on it, so I had to figure out how to work it myself. But essentially, this is the precipce between worlds, the 'absentia atrium' that is very likely the center of every existing reality."

At this absinthe looked up, raising an eyebrow.

"The pool is a viewing element. It's how I keep tabs on your world, Terry. I called you all here because I found something..."

He paused, passing his gauntleted left hand over his face, when it passed, his face was that of a silver fennec fox, "you'll pardon the deception of my appearance, but it's necessary for the next bit. In my world, a calamity called the pandora virus caused this... one day I'll tell you about it, but for now..."

Absinthe followed suit, his guise becoming a red fox, his guns altering themselves to fit his now larger hands.

Ko-yami continued, "It took many hours of cross referencing entries in the book and viewing the different realities. Kind of like using a roadmap that only shows mountains and oceans rather than any names or towns. But I found something thats going to blow your mind."

He pulled the gauntlet off and began to chant, "der linke hand des gotts ist meine name, seine kruz tragen um fur meine schande zu bussein, alle balance ist, und verliegte enrgie, im namen des... IST DIESES IRE LETZE STUNDE!"

A tiny gold cirlce on his palm began to pulse, and everyone else felt an intense pressure on both body and mind.

"Behold, the seal of God's left hand.," placing his palm over the pool he spoke, "show me the world called earth. Reality sliver 199-2-mu. eastern coast of north america. The Isle of Storms!"

with a massive pulse, the waters of the pool raised into the air and stretched out until they were only an inch thick, and well over ten feet wide.

The waters darkened and then lightened showing a red fox who looked remarkably like both will and absinthe. He was praying...

"God please save us, I don't know how much more Terry can take."
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:43 pm

O.O Wow! Gotta see more of this!
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:28 pm

Chapter One: There's more than one way to skin a cat, you know.

Will (age eight) finished praying and stood up, he looked over the lantern again, half buried in rubble in the little cave. Scratched across it's top were two hastily scrawled latin words, 'ignus fatuus'. Will gripped it's handle and pulled it up.

As it cleared the rubble a vision shot into his mind. The words on it's top were an ignition code, and the lantern itself, as far as he could gather was some sort of shielding device.

"I guess this really is the answer then... it's old... probably old enough to have been from the war," he let out a small whimper, "i-it doesn't matter as long as I can get terry out with it."

As he neared the cave's exit, he wrapped the lantern in his shirt and stepped into the isle of storm's ever present rain, "there not really any place to go though... unless... didn't beth move to den... den something or other... It's to the west, so it can't be too hard to find."

After some trekking he reached his home, a two story brick affair in a somewhat nice neighborhood, although, on the isle, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between 'nice' and 'slums'.

He and his little brother Terry were the children of two 'upstanding citizens'. Once again, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between 'upstanding' and 'down-right messed-up' on the isle. It seems that the rains there erode souls...

After terry's birth will's already tenuous family situation erupted into all-out war. Terry wasn't his father's child. In fact, with his silver fur and large ears and tail, he didn't resemble the family on either side. There was some speculation that Terry's mother had fucked a rabbit, or several rabbits. She of course, wouldn't say a word and insisted that Terry was hers and his.

Both parents had turned to drink to solve their problems, and this evolved into designer drugs and heroin as time drew on. again, the Rain of the Isle erodes souls...

by the time terry was two, will realized that something had to give. His discovery of the lantern had been over a month ago and after much thought he had decided it had to help. Fortunately, the vision he'd been shown proved that it's last pilot had had some brains in his head. (although the decision to plant it on the isle in the first place was a rather brash one.)

Upon entering the house he noticed a new scent, one he didn't recognize. Glancing over at the kitchen counter, he saw several ziploc bags marked 'rapture'. And a smell he did recognize suddenly assaulted his nose... SMOKE!

He ran up the stairs to terry's room and heard a weak mewling behind the door. Reaching for the handle, he yanked his paw back, HOT!

He rammed his shoulder into the door, already weakened by the fire it splintered easily, throwing a gout of flame that singed will's hair, "Terry!" he shouted ducking down below the tongue of fire rocketing from the nearby dresser and running for terry's crib. The handtooled butterfly emblem on the back had dropped down and caught flame, trapping terry beneath it. Will thrust himself below and heaved it up, the wooden image scorching itself through his fur and into his skin.

Terry looked up at him, tears runing down his face "D-da kyu hurts." It was then that will noticed terry's arm. or... whats was left of it. It was well beyond mangled, having been hit by the crib's headboard as it fell.

"oh please oh please oh please... god don't let him die...."Will whispered and scooped terry up, wrapping him in a sheet and holding him close. He pulled the lantern free of it's wrapping and held it aloft, "please work... IGNUS FATUUS!"

The lantern lit from within and burned an intense green, throwing light far and wide, and the flames receded from it. "Terry, can you hear me?" will asked, his voice echoing hollowly.
Terry let out a bawl in reply.

"Hoooold on, I'm getting you out of heeere." An arc of red sparks shot across his arm and he gasped but kept moving forward. he was almost through the kitchen when his father stepped in front of him. Eyes vacant and drooling, it was rather apparent that he wasn't entirely there. He reached for will's neck and drooled more, growling somewhat, "you die now?"

Will heaved the lantern and smacked it against his face, "Leeeaving." his voice echoed hollowly again, and he stepped past his unconcious father's body and into the rain once more.

The lantern burned even brighter, and will felt a surge of stamina forced into his legs. Terry continued to bawl and will held him tighter, "the hurt will be over soon. I know where to go now."

Chapter Two: And lo I beheld before me an angel.

-several years later...-

"I'd like you all to welcome our new student. please come up and introduce yourself"

Terry stood up in front of the class, his enormous tail twitching. He flopped his ears up and down a few times and then spoke, "My name is Terry, and I'm not afraid of anything!"

His voice was clear and strong, Carrying both childhood impetuousness, and his air of innocence.

His proclamation done, he sat back down at his desk, noticing (from the squish as he sat) that he'd wet himself.

Terry was about four foot two, and silver furred all over. with the exception of his paws and muzzle, which were streaked white. his left arm, was solid black, and at the moment, bandaged at the wrist and upper arm. if you listened close you could almost make out the ping of metal on metal as it moved.
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:06 am

o-o Awesome.
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:51 am

Heheh, I think a certain otter/squirrel may have heard that. Probably got a smile on his face too.
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:58 pm

As for clothing, he wore a pair of loose blue jeans that were hemmed so they ended just below his knees. A loose green shirt, offset somewhat, so that it covered the shoulder of his black arm and leaving his flesh and blood right shoulder free. of course, that was only after noticing the emblem on the shirt.

It was, ironically, the symbol of the comic book hero 'green lantern'.

He rarely wore shoes, preferring to be bare-pawed except in winter. And his long silver hair went all the way to the base of his tail, draping over his left eye in the front. Said eye was covered by a patch, the straps of which were quite visible underneath his silver curtain.

Now, to the wetting, he was indeed diapered. rather thickly in fact. Even in the loose and baggy pants it was rather obvious.

perhaps that was why the otter-squirrel to his left and the golden furred fox to his right immediately perked their ears and eyeballed him for the rest of class.

Class itself went without incident, and the two followed him out, attempting to confim their suspicions.

"E-excuse me, Terry, right?" said the fox, "M-my name is Kin."
"And mine is Nate," said the otter-squirrel.

Terry turned around, flipping his hair so it covered his patched eye again, "Jawohl?"

"A-are you padded?" Kin asked.

"hunh, I thought I covered that up better," Terry mused, then laughed, "Yeah, I am."

"We are too!" giggled nate.

At that moment the doors burst open and a rather tall wolf with a head of spiky blonde hair stepped out, "Boy. You are in for a world of trouble."

Terry glanced at the other two, and with a smile said "I smell trouble. Run, I'll see you tomorrow."

Assuming a pose of timidity, he wrapped his tail around his ankles and hung his head.

Alistaerh (for that was the wolf's name), spoke with a growl, "I know your secret. Fork over any valuables you've got and I won't tell everyone."

Terry snorted and then broke out into a full guffaw, "You had me going for a minute there, I thought you were serious."

"I am serious!" alistaerh growled at him, drawing back his arm to punch Terry.

Almost on instinct, Terry caught the blow with the palm of his left hand. There was a crack from alistaerh's wrist and a yelp.

As alistaerh cradled his sprained (or possibly broken) wrist, terry took off his jeans and tossed them over his shoulder.

With a wide grin and a wave of his hand he aimed a quip back at alistaerh, "Have a nice day!"

And with that, he walked home, diaper plainly visible to anyone watching.
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:13 pm

*cackles with laughter* Nice one liner terry!
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:43 am

*giggles* When are people gonna learn that in Denshire Falls, there's enough diapers around that it won't matter if anybody knows or not? We might still be a minority but we're obviously on the rise. Nice shot by the way Terry. *flies and follows the foxy home*
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:29 pm

after a brisk walk, he arrived at home grinning from his exploits.

the door opened as he walked to it, and there in the doorway was a face he hadn't seen awake in three months, "WILL!" he shouted, grinning from ear to ear and hugging him tight. Will balanced himself on his crutch and stooped down to pick terry up.

"hello squishbutt. didja miss me," his voice was husky and faint from long disuse, but still terry recognized it and a deep purr began in his chest.

Will just smiled... or tried to. a huge scar shaped like a seven dominated his right cheek and pulled the skin beneath, giving him a permanent death-rictus on that side. so in effect he was always smiling, whether he wanted to or not...
Given his reddish orange fur and blue paw pads, he didn't resemble terry in the slightest and yet, the two were brothers.

He pulled terry close and hugged him tightly, regretting (and not for the first time) that his condition had so often laid him out for months at a time. In the six years since their escape he had been unconcious so many times, that he had scarcely seen terry go from babbling toddler to a confident and crinkly eight year old.

The sound of padding footsteps made known the prescence of another, beth, the two's surrogate mother. A gray tabby cat, she had a preference for flashy, frilly shirts and leather pants. She wrapped her arms around will and terry. She noticed terry's missing pants and giggled, "did you forget again?"

"nah, just making a point with the locals," he said, adding a cheeky grin.

"Either way, it's time to get the two of you changed."

Will didn't even bother blushing anymore, he knew that even at fourteen years, with all the things his condition caused, that padding was more a blessing than a curse.

He put terry down and leaned heavily on his crutch, heading for the living-room.

Terry followed, concern showing on his face.

Beth had them both lay down on the couch, as it was plenty big enough for the both of them to stretch out.

A few minutes later she came down the stairs carrying two different sized diapers. adult sized for will, and yet still covered in cute designs (he'd picked those out himself.) and a six inch thick one for terry, with a large green lantern sign on it. Will looked at terry's and chuckled. To be honest, he was suprised terry remembered even that much. But then again... any time terry was asked who green lantern was beneath the mask, he'd invariably point at will and say "my big brother is!".
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Wed Oct 20, 2010 10:38 pm

Heheh, cuteness bro! ^^ I wonder if the nice kitty needs a babysitter though...
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:32 pm

Chapter three: Foxy see, Foxy do

---elsewhere in denshire---

Kin and Nate weren't the only ones interested by terry's devil-may-care attitude and padded state.
September Shorai, (known as ember to her friends) had felt an almost instant attraction to terry.

she was also gray-furred, but her hair was jet black, and her eyes a clear crystalline blue.

she'd watched him in class for the longest time, amazed that even though his diaper was obvious, that he didn't waddle at all, and didn't seem embarassed or flustered over anything.
If anything, his proclamation had made her giggle.

and so, walking home... she made a decision.

"I'm going to get him to like me. First... I-I want to try diapers, to be just like him." she nodded to herself, and broke into a round of giggles again.

later that night, she began to put her plan into action...

of course, the diapers part wasn't very simple, lacking cash or any real way to get them, she settled on a time tested (and rather funny) method. taking several pairs of underwear, she began tugging them on, one over the other.

ten pairs later, ember realized that no more were going to fit over them, as elastic only stretches so far.

Attempting to stand, she immediately fell upon her now padded rear with a muffled "whumph!".
Undeterred, she stood back up and waddled about the room.

about this point, her door creaked open and her mother peeked in, "em...ber?" she asked, one ear up and the other down, rather emphasizing the same position her eyebrows were in.

Ember jumped several feet in the air and a dark spot began spreading across the front of her makeshift diaper.

placing his hand on Hinata's shoulder stated, "I was wondering when this would happen... She's not the only one in this town. Just let me have my coffee before we start talking, kay?" then he kissed her cheek and headed down stairs.

several minutes (and about five cups of artemis's coffee) later, they all sat on the floor of ember's room. The silence was almost palpable...

So artemis broke it, "I get the feeling this is either stress related or peer related. Am i right?"

Ember nodded, "T-there's a guy at school... He's absolutely amazing, But... he wears diapers."

Artemis looked into her eyes, his mismatched blue and red fixing her almighty blue. "And you want to be just like him?"

Ember went wide eyed, it was almost as if he'd read her mind. And although he hadn't, he'd at least her intentions.

Artemis nodded sagley and looked to Hinata, "Heh, half of my students are diapered, so I'm cool with it, I'll even buy the supplies for her. but the decision lies with you my dear."

Ember looked up at Hinata eyes pleading and paws clasped in front of her. Hinata sighed, "you already know I can't resist that face. Fine... just keep in mind you're likely to be teased over it at school."

"I know, but teasing's just words. Words can't hurt me."

Hinata ruffled her daughter's ears and pulled her into a hug, "Thats my little trooper."

So within the hour, Artemis had run up to the store and purchased a couple packs for her.

Hinata finished taping one on and then she and artemis headed to bed for the night, both looking back and grinning at Ember, who was admiring her padding.

Ember noted a distinct difference between disposables and her makeshift diapers from before. For one, these were even softer and made an audible crinkle whenever she moved. She ran a paw over the front and felt the cool plastic beneath her fingers.

Looking into the mirror she gasped and then began to giggle, for what looked back at her was not a young lady, but a big fluffy puppy.

Ember sat down on her bed and smiled a sheepish grin and spreading her footpaws she began to wet. The diaper swelled almost immediately, spreading her legs further and yellowing just slightly. "oh... wow!" she squeaked, "comfy and convenient!"

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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:32 pm

Chapter four: fortune's favor and maiden's kiss.

The next morning, terry arrived at school, his black arm hanging a little bit looser than it had been the day before. He looked about for alistaerh, and spotting him, stood before him, "still hurting?"

Alistaerh merely growled.

"I can fix it. Pinch the bones on you wrist, the two that poke out and spread your fingers."
Alistaerh glared, but did as asked. Terry threaded his fingers in and gave a sharp tug. There was a pop and alistaerh gasped.

"Try moving your hand now." He did and looked over at Terry, "how did you do that?"

"Would you believe my doctor taught me? He also taught me how to catch a punch."

Alistaerh laughed, finally warming up to terry, "I'd like to meet this doctor. He sounds like a kung fu master or something."

Yesterday's misdeeds forgotten, they began to talk. During this, Terry let slip that his actions the day before had messed up his own arm as well. "I think I knocked some of the gears out of line."

"Gears?" alistaerh asked.

Terry rolled up his shirt sleeve, showing where his black arm joined with his grey fur, a thick metal band joining the two. "It's entirely prost- prosm.... Fake. Like a robot arm."

Alistaerh moved incloser, looking at the connector and whistling, "Thats amazing..."

Without warning Terry was knocked from his chair by a flying grey form, when the spots cleared from his good eye, his mouth dropped, "Will you marry me?"

Ember smiled down from where she squatted on his chest, tail wagging crazily.
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Fri Oct 22, 2010 4:13 pm

*giggles* Suddenly, I feel as though Luc may have somebody to relate to in the romance department XD
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:17 pm

"Of course I will," Ember grinned even wider and planted her mouth on terry's.

This was, of course, Terry's first kiss.
First, his good eye went wide, and then it closed. The corner of his mouth went up and up and up...

When ember pulled away, Terry opened his eye woozily, smiling goofily. It was at this point, since she was sitting on him, that he noticed her padding.

Terry cocked his head to the side and looked at her, "are you...?"
Ember emphatically nodded her assent, hair flip flopping all over, "yes! yes! yes! just like you!"
Terry giggled himself quite silly at that, blushing profusely at the same time.
Ember wriggled a bit on her kyu perch, and almost prophetically chuckled and said, "It feels like someone's a little wet."

Terry's ears drooped, and he looked off to the side, "I'm always wet, even when I just get changed... It's why my padding is so thick." he shrugged and gave a half smirk as if to say 'what can you do'.

"Thats okay," Ember said, hugging him tightly, "It just makes you cuter."

When she loosened up, there was a rather obvious popping sound and terry's left arm fell out of his sleeve and hit the floor.

Terry sighed, "That just figures..."
But instead of freaking out, Ember picked it up and studied it carefully, "You have a robot arm. That is AWESOME!"

---Later that day---

Terry sat on the couch in just his diaper and t-shirt, snuggling up to will, who was alternately dozing and watching cartoons.
There came a knock on the door, and beth let in a grizzled old wolf dressed in a tweed suit and carrying a rather hefty toolbox.

He sat down on the floor and motioned for terry to sit next to him. Beth carried in Terry's prosthetic and the wolf pulled a tape measure and note pad from his tool box. after a moment, he removed the black fur from the prosthetic and began tinkering with the gears and pulleys inside.

"Hello, mister Shinji," Terry said, watching the grey headed old wolf making his adjustments.
Shinji ruffled his ears, "Hello yourself, little kyu."
Terry looked down, and his large ears emphasized the motion, "this is gonna hurt isn't it?"
"More likely than not, I'd give you something for the pain, but I'm always afraid I'd mess up the dose and we'd lose you..."

Terry nodded and whimpered a little, "I'm ready when you are."

Shinji pulled the fur back over the prosthetic and Terry removed his shirt. Shinji lined it up with Terry's shoulder port, and slid the arm's main bolt in.

Terry winced and put his pacifier in his mouth, gritting his teeth as shinji put two hex-wrenches at a point on either side.
"Let your jaw go slack, or you'll break your teeth," He said and Terry complied.

Shinji turned both wrenches at once and liquid fire shot through Terry's nerves. He bit down hard on the pacifier as his body involuntarily curled into a ball. A low whine came around the pacifer.

Beth picked up terry, being careful not to touch his arm, and thanked shinji. He nodded and said, "Tell him I'm sorry..."

Beth carried Terry upstairs, wrapping him snugly in a blanket as his whine went to outright sobbing. She rocked him and held him close until he finally passed out an hour later.

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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:19 am

Heheh, cute how things turned out with Emmie but poor kyu towards the end there.
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:29 pm

chapter five: That's the fluff of legend!

Terry came awake slowly, the nerves in his left shoulder twinging as he rolled over. As always, his diaper squished against his fur, crinkling a good morning of it's own. He groaned and sat upright, his diaper giving off another round of crinkling alongside a vague smell of ammonia and baby powder. He yawned, his pink tongue flashing between tiny ivory fangs.

"Terry, are you awake? It's around noon, so lunch is ready if you're hungry," Beth said, smiling at him from the doorway.

"Da kyu 'wakes... kin'a. Head fulla fluffs still," Terry replied, still cotton-mouthed from sleep, "'fink I needsa tange ..."

Beth glanced down and laughed aloud, "I'd say so, little kyu. You're soaked through."

So she changed him, given a small bit of difficulty by fact that his huge fluffy tail wagged throughout the entire procedure. He smiled up at her, giving his thanks in the best way he knew how, by a simple albeit loving kiss to the cheek.

She grinned and gave a small blush of pleasure beneath her fur, "Love ya little guy. Oh, we have company downstairs, someone whose been waiting a while to see you."

Terry's eye went wide, "W-who?"

"You'll just hafta come down and see," she teased, beeping his nose.

He stumbled to his dresser, pulling out a t-shirt, this one emblazoned with a green lantern, like many of his shirts. He tugged it over his head, pausing a moment to pull his large ears past the collar. A further moment was spent digging for a scrunchie, which he used to tie back his hair.

He waddled his way down the stairs, his tail wagging anxiously and raising the rear of his shirt, prominently displaying his padded behind and the fact that he'd forgotten to put on his shorts. Beth folled behind, giggling as she went.

Will sat on the long couch wearing only a diaper, nestled under several blankets and looking sicker than usual. He nursed at a bottle beth had brought him earlier, unperturbed by the fact that his brother's guest watched him with something akin to amazement.

As terry rounded the corner, his first sight was, of course, the grey furred fox sitting on (and looking tiny in) the over stuffed recliner across from will. Ember's eyes were immediately drawn to Terry's left eye, or rather the jagged scar across his empty eye socket. Even so it took a moment before terry realized that his patch was missing. At which point, he twitched his ear, sending a cascade of loose silver hair over it.

"Terry!" she squeaked, bounding off the recliner and pouncing on him. Terry grinned at that and hugged her tightly, purring low in his chest.

Behind them, Beth squatted next to Will, running her paw under the blankets to check his diaper. He was wet, which wasn't suprising, but it wasn't just his diaper, his body was soaked in a cold sweat.
He looked over at beth, face pale beneath his fur, "Tonight or tomorrow morning.... I think. Hopefully... it won't be for.... as long this time... considering it's only been two... days since I came out of the last one."

"How do you feel?" she asked, rubbing his paw.

"Honestly? I feel old," he replied, chuckling softly, "just... wanna sleep..."

Beth gently picked him up, placing an arm below his knees, and the other behind his shoulders and carried him upstairs. For the next couple minutes the soft strains of a lullaby could be made out, followed by a soft "I love you" from will.

Terry and ember spent the little bit chatting about things, and eating on the lunch that beth had prepared.

After eating they moved over to the couch, Terry sat down with an audible "Squiiiiiish". Ember clambered up beside him, the stitching of her blue cotton shorts straining against the bulk of her own very wet diaper.

She raised a paw to Terry's face, and moved back the lock of hair that hid his eye. "This happened at the same time as your arm didn't it?"

Terry nodded, his ears drooping, "Will tells me a fire caused most of the damage. But it doesn't explain what happened to him."

Ember gnawed at her lip, processing that, "Maybe he's allergic to smoke?"

Terry chuckled, "I think everyone is allergic to smoke though."

Ember frowned, "He looks like he's sick..."

Terry nodded in assent, "He usually is."

"Was that a baby bottle he was drinking from?" ember asked, tilting her head.

"Yes it was," Terry grinned, "We both use them, and paci's too! 'cept Will doesn't use his paci that often, just when he sits with me on cartoon day."

"And he wears diapers like us?" She asked, her interest piqued now.

Terry nodded emphatically, "Yup, he's completely incontinent, just like I am."

It was at this point that a loud "Rrrriiiiiiiiiiip!" drew all three eyes to Ember's shorts. They had ripped all the way up the crotch seams, allowing Ember's very yellowed diaper to spill through. Ember pawed at it, listening to the squish and giggled happily, her foot paw brushing Terry's diaper as she moved. She moved her footpaw back, pressing it into his diaper.

"These are really thick Terry," She said, suprised, "How in the world do you walk with them on?"

"Like thiiiis," he said, scooting to the edge of the couch and dropping to the floor, where he waddled back and forth, squishing noisily, "I is Da squisherly Kyu!"

"And I'm the squisherly big sister," Beth said from the doorway.

Terry fell on his padded rear and rolled on his back, chortling happily, "Beth is wet! Beth is wet!"

"Got that right, you squeaky little furball you," she said, grabbing him by his legs and hoisting him upside down in the air where she delivered a loud, wet raspberry to his highly ticklish tummy.

Terry squealed, a huge cubby grin spreading across his face, and he swung forward delivering a raspberry of his own to beth's tummy.

Ember watched the proceedings, confused at first, then slowly two things dawned on her...

First, This tabby cat wasn't Terry's and Will's mother. Guessing on age alone, (and seeing she was maybe nine years older than will,) she was their big sister. Adoptive sister obviously, but more than mother and sister enough for the two boys, who absolutely adored her.

And secondly, she too was diapered. Beth's sweatpants poofed out rather conspicuously at the crotch, and as she swung Terry around, Ember could see the ruffled white plastic poking out above her waistband.

Suddenly Terry and Beth turned towards Ember then looked back at each other.
"Da kyu finks he smells a tummy!" Terry giggled.
"And the kitty has to agree!" Beth grinned and both of them sprang at Ember simultaneously.

Ember's face lit up like the fourth of july and she squealed happily as the same treatment was played out for her.

Soon all three plopped to the ground, with varying degrees of squishiness.

Beth smiled and said, "How about a diaper change and bottles of kool-aid for everyone?" The two foxes nodded enthusiastically to that.

Beth stood up and went upstairs for a moment, and the sound of tapes ripping echoed down the stairwell, soon after followed by a round of crinkling and the sound of new tapes being placed.

Moments later she reappeared, her fresh diaper crinkling loudly and two of Terry's diapers and a handful of diapering supplies in her paws.

First she changed Ember, liberally dousing her in lotion and babypowder, which made Ember smile from ear to ear. Upon standing up, Ember immediately fell on her butt again, finding the sheer bulk of terry's diapers simply too thick to handle.

Turning to Terry, Beth was greeted with a suprise when he sprang to his paws, squeaking "Change me if you can! Beep Beep!"

Of course, he didn't get more than a few steps. Waddling off with a lake between one's legs does tend to slow them down a bit.

Beth quickly diapered him, again liberally soaking him in lotion and baby powder, to which he giggled happily. But once it was done, he gave a big fake pout, "But da kyu likes bein wet..."

"And the kitty doesn't want her kyu to get a rash, so little kyu's need to be changed regularly," Beth replied. She smiled at their verbal jest, because Terry said it almost every time they got to changing after playing like they did.

Beth washed her paws and set four bottles on the counter, soon after pouring grape kool-aid into each. She carried one upstairs and sat on the edge of Will's bed.
He smiled softly at her, and she held the bottle to his mouth. He began to suckle on it, and took it in his paws, murmuring a "thank you" to Beth, who gently rubbed the hair between his ears.

She came back down and handed a bottle to each of the diapered foxes wating on her, taking the third for herself. She turned on the T.V., switched the channel over to cartoons and plopped down next to Terry and Ember with a rather obvious crinkle.

For the rest of the afternoon the living room echoed with giggles, cartoony antics and the soft bubbling of bottles being drained.

Upstairs, Will heard this and softly smiled, "Looks like we made it home after all, Terry." And for the first time in a long time, he descended into sleep without nightmares.

It would be another two months before he awoke again.

chapter six: an otter, a kitsune, a tabby and two fennecs

About four shows in, there came a knock on the door. Terry bounded to his paws and peered out the window beside it.
A grin split his features and he opened the door, beaming at a very familiar (albeit babyishly dressed) squotter sitting astride a huge nine tailed white fox.

"Nate! Come in, come in!" he said, bouncing on his paws.

Nate clambered down from the nine-tails back and time seemed to slow for a moment... There came a pop and the nine-tails stood upon two legs, clothed in loose fitting black slacks and a sweatshirt.

"So you're the one that's got nate all excited," She said.

Terry tilted his head, his ears flopping in their own version of a question mark.

"Whoop! Where are my manners?" she grimaced, "My name is Selanine, I'm Nate's mother."

Terry gesticulated with one arm toward her, put a footpaw forward and bowed at the waist, "Then welcome, ms. Selanine."

She blushed a bit, suprised and looked up in time to see Beth come up behind Terry, nomming on the nipple of a bottle.

"What ever he just said, consider it doubled," she grinned cheekily and held out a paw to selanine, "My name is Beth Halcyon, Terry's Big sister."

The two clasped paws firmly and grinned at one another before suddenly breaking into laughter.

While this was going on, Terry pulled Nate to the living-room and introduced him to Ember, who attempted to stand up but ended up flat on her tush, courtesy of Terry's huge diapers.

Ember was full of questions, like why was Nate dressed so cubbishly? and why was his tail so ploofy if he was an otter? He did his best to answer them all but eventually had to give up, assuming that she must be a distant cousin of the energizer bunny.

But then he asked about her diaper, and why it had the green lantern symbol on it.

"Cuz this is one of Terry's, I didn't bring any spares with me and I soaked the one I was wearing when I came." She replied, "Terry's are so pooofy!"

Terry blushed, but did nothing to hide the mass of fluff between his legs.

It was then that Nate noticed Terry wasn't wearing his eyepatch. His eyes were drawn to the scar over Terry's empty socket, "Does it hurt?"

Terry flicked his hair back over it again, "Not anymore, but when I put in the glass eye it's a little uncomfortable..."

"Glass eye?" Nate asked.

Terry nodded, "I don't use it often, because it takes a while to get it in, but I do have one."

Nate giggled, "I bet it looks really cool with the scar!"

Terry blushed profusely, "I.. I guess it does."

Suddenly, Ember grabbed one of nate's paws, "Tickle Tickle!" She crowed, causing an outburst of the giggles from name, who soon soaked himself. This in turn led to the squotter turning the tables and tickling Ember until she completely flooded her diaper.

Then they both grinned at each other and turned to Terry, who uttered a single "meep!" before being buried underneath a pile of wriggling, tickling, squishy cubs.

By the time they were done, Terry was grinning from ear to ear, giggling loudly and Wearing a very yellowed diaper swollen to four times the size it had been before.

Beth and selanine watched with smiles abound. "seems they take right to each other," Beth pronounced.

Selanine looked at her and asked, "Why are you diapered though?"

Not perturbed in the slightest, beth replied, "I'm incontinent as well. I didn't want the boys to suffer through it alone, so I joined them."

"I'm rather curious now as to what you do for a living. Being incontinent and having two boys can't be that easy to handle on top of work."

"Would you believe," Beth beamed, "that I'm an author?"

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Cute story Terry! ^.^ I think I'm gonna have to change the title of my story though. Heheh, I'm contemplating, The Way Things Were Meant to be... (Another side, same story).
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chapter seven: blanched memories and a fried dream on the side.

The viewing pool suddenly jerked to a halt and pulsed a low blue. "It's paused for the moment, if you'd like to stretch or anything," Ko-yami announced, bending his arms until they popped.

Glancing over, he was greeted with the sight of the human versions of Terry and Will, arms around each other's shoulders, smiling broadly. Looking in the other direction, he was shocked to find absinthe sitting askew, tears running down his cheeks.

"Why didn't you ever tell me? You had to have known all that time... The way the series of worlds works, and our counterparts over there... we're brothers in every universe...," Absinthe managed to sputter.

Ko-yami replied slowly, "You were content to believe I was merely a demon who had stolen whittford's face and name. That belief gave you purpose and a goal to achieve. Becoming Emeritus allowed me to guide you, and help you grow. Whether or not you ever realized it, I've been watching over you the whole time... little brother."

Absinthe didn't speak, so Ko-yami continued, "I told you multiple times back in the beginning, when I first returned from the upper echelon. By the time Riven and I had completed the exodus from lost earth, you had assumed I'd abdicated my post to a younger Emeritus. You were violent back then and I was afraid of angering you more..."

Absinthe sobbed for a long while...

Ko-yami dropped down next to him and held him close. Eventually absinthe whispered, "Nearly nine millenia I've been chasing you, thinking you were a murderer... I am so stupid."

"In that time you've accomplished things that should be impossible. You're a power that rivals the divine knights themselves, you wield guns in a world where spells prevent their existance, you're very nearly an immortal," Ko-yami said, trying to cheer him up, "All of that, you've accomplished by sheer willpower. That says something for you."

"D-do you really think so?" He sniffled, beginning to look many years younger than he had before.

"I know so, liam. You are very strong, very brave, and I am very proud of you."

There came a whispering about the area and ko-yami looked up... "Name yourselves!"

"Master it's just us, calm down pleeeease." Ember looked rather sheepish, and behind her trailed eight others, all mages of great caliber. These were Ko-yami's chevalier, all people he had rescued who had pleged their lives and loyalty to him over his many adventures.

Ko suddenly jerked in the other direction, "Then this group is all metahumans from Terry's world?"

Kin and nathaniel nodded, but it was the metahuman ember who spoke up, "We wanted to see how it all plays out. We're part of this, in some strange way, these people are ourselves. We're staying."

"Fair enough, you all deserve a glimpse, of the way things were meant to be." He turned back to the viewing pool and barked, "Resume!"

The pool flashed red and Ko flinched... "This is new..." He said as a clock appeared and spun backwards, slowly picking up speed...

chapter eight: Get this damned thing off me!

-Exodus from the isle... six years prior.-

Will roared as the lantern backlashed again, it's handle heating to a cherry red. But his pain fueled it, throwing out several more layers of green light, which had been revolving over the past several minutes into a wedge shape rather than the globe it had been.

He gripped Terry closer, hearing a tiny mewling sound from the sheets he'd wrapped him in. Glancing down, he realized that the ground flew past faster than he could normally run. A second more and he realized that his legs were a blur, as red sparks flickered across his body from the lantern.

He dimly realized that the wedge of hard light was allowing him to move with almost no wind resistance, and then he bit back a scream as the lantern shot another bolt of agony through him.

A wet sensation made him glance down... was that? could it be? Yes, he was running on top of the water that seperated the isle from the mainland!

He felt the crunch of tarmac beneath his paws and looked ahead, noting that he was on a road. It spread out beneath him, changing from black to grey, to brown and back again as the miles racked up. A flash of green in the distance caught his eye...

"Den something, right? Thats got to be it." The sign read, 'denshire falls, 29 miles.'

Will focused on it and willed more speed to his legs, eliciting a scream as he felt ligaments beginning to tear.

Beth looked up from her notebook, shaken from her reverie by what sounded like a tornado. That couldn't be though, not at this time of year... could it?

She opened the door, glancing up the street. What she saw was essentially a ball of fur inside a giant transparent green wedge.

Will couldn't take any more strain, he heard a tearing sound and stumbled. That stumble turned into a tailspin and then to a crash landing. It took every bit of strength he had to shield Terry from the worst of it as the light construct collapsed around them.

Beth saw the landing and went to step towards the two when the sonicboom struck. Windows shattered up and down the block, v.c.r.'s reset, and more than one small child shrieked in fear.

She was blown back several feet, her ears ringing from the blast.

Shinji stumbled out of his house, rushing towards the pair lying on the ground and Beth joined him a moment later.

"Are they... Will?!"

"Beth? So it was denshire then? I was afraid it was going to be denmark..."

Despite himself, Will chuckled and then groaned.

"Try not move son, It looks like your legs are broken"

Will's eyes rolled back in his head but he stayed concious, "Oh pish posh doctor... it's just a flesh wound. Look at Terry please, he's hurt pretty bad."

Shinji unraveled the sheet from Terry and gasped, "Good god... A-are.. are these burns? and these... god... these are knife wounds! Who in God's name did this to you two?"

"Doesn't matter... Can you fix him?" Will gasped, and more sparks visibly ran up his arm.

Shinji gulped and nodded, "The clinic isn't open, but I have a small one in my back room. Ms. halcyon, can you carry the big one please?"

Beth nodded and gingerly picked up Will, following shinji into the house.

Shinji cleaned Terry's wounds, comforting the infant as he worked so that Terry's mewling soon subsided to sniffles. "The optic nerve is severed...what the hell am I saying? For heaven's sake HIS GODDAMN EYE IS GONE!"

He stepped to the left and indescretely vomited into a garbage pail. The old wolf came back looking paler, "Beth, you know where my coffee is. Can you make an extra strong pot, I'm going to need it."

Beth nodded and hurried off after checking to make sure will was safely reclined on one of shinji's couches.

Shinji now focused on Terry's arm, shivering now that he inspected the damage. "Wrist is crushed, fingers... non... existant. fore-arm tendons don't even appear to be functioning... Shoulder looks like... oh god" Once again he headed for the garbage pail.

Beth handed him a steaming cup of black coffee, which he turned up and drank in one continuous swallow, venting a large cloud of white steam from his nose. "It has to be removed, even a super surgeon would fail at that. There are tendons missing, bones apparently powdered. All I can think to do is fit him with a damned automail arm."

Terry let out a low whine, he understood only a few words but knew they meant pain. Shinji gently picked him up and slipped a small mask over his muzzle. A sweet smell ran through him and his eye rolled back, leaving him unconcious.

Shinji worked swiftly, lining up parts that at first didn't seem to look as if they'd fit together. Shinji gestured at them in a rhythmic way, and they bent, grew, or shrank as he thought he'd need.

Beth watched the procedure, cringing as Shinji amputated Terry's mangled limb. Shinji's hands shook, whether from anxiety or the coffee, wasn't clear. He crafted a base, lining up nerves to a central port piece, and adding layers of golden hued metal ring plates to it. and topping the base with a moderately thin brownish metal collarpiece. Quickly, he pulled the final pieces of the metal arm together and slid them into the port. He pulled two hex wrenches from a pile of tools under the table and lined them on either side... and twisted both. Even unconcious, Terry felt it and a low whine came from between his lips.

"I've done what I can for him now, rest will do him good. Where is the other one?" He asked, now shaking violently himself.

Beth carried Will in and laid him on the table, Shinji immediately fixated on the lantern, "What the fuck is that? It's kiling him!"

A jolt of red shot through Will and his body spasmed. Grimacing, he mumbled something that sounded like: "get this damned thing off me."

Shinji tried prying his hand away, but soon realized that Will's hand was literally cooked to the metal. "I don't have any anaesthetic here, just knockout gas. I won't lie to you, this is going to hurt... it's your choice, awake or unconcious?"

"Awake, I'm not gonna let this thing get the best of me." He grimaced and Shinji visbly flinched as Stripes of grey shot through Will's jet black hair.

Shinji grabbed a scalpel and set to cutting the burned parts of Will's paw from the lantern. Blood dribbled down both of thier paws as shinji meticulously cut it away. Throughout the procedure, Will didn't make a sound. Finally his paw came away, and shinji gasped as the burn marks faded, and Will's paw pads went from pink to pale blue. He looked up at Will's face, watching as both Will's nose and the visible sliver of pink tongue both turned pale blue as well.

He shook off the feeling that something strange was apaw here, and began examing Will's legs. The pads of his footpaws had also faded to blue, and bore slowly healing marks of the journey that had carried him here. Shinji felt around Will's shin's and calves, moving up to his thighs as he went. "Not a bone broken... but the tendon's are torn to hell and back. You'll walk again, but not for a very long time."

Will mumbled something that sounded like a joke about sports injuries, and shinji smiled, "Levity is good, keep smiling, you'll feel better."

Will nodded and shinji set to work at the gash on his face. It was rather ironic that by the time it was stitched, Will had a permanent smile etched into that half of his face.

He passed out moments later.

chapter nine: milky kisses and squishy cubs

-denshire falls... 6 years ago-

The next time Will came to, He was buried under a mound of comforters, with a soft fuzzy form cuddled up next to him. He reached over, and felt Terry nibble his finger, "Goo mawnins Will."

"Good morning squishbutt," Will answered, his voice a whisper.

It was right about then that he noticed the bulk between his own legs, a squishy bulk...

Beth came in the room carrying two bottles and he looked up at her, "How long have I been out?"

"Four months, eight days, and some change." She answered, handing a bottle to Terry, who rolled on his back and held the bottle with all four paws.

She held the other one out to Will who chuckled softly and then broke into a hearty belly laugh. Then he wiped the tears from his eyes and Suckled on the bottle.

Beth rubbed his ears and laid the bombshell on him, "Your parents were reported to social services and taken into custody for a very long list of offenses. I've formally adopted both you and Terry as my own."

Will peered up at her, both sides of his face displaying a warm smile, "Best. News. EVER!"

Beth grinned and pulled Will and Terry into a hug. "No one is ever going to hurt you again."

The doorbell rang downstairs, and Beth shouted, "Come on up shinji!"

The old wolf padded his way up the stairs and plopped down on a stool by Will's bedroom door. "I got the results back for the tests, and you're gonna be a little wierded out."

Beth looked at him, "Why's that?"

"The boys are brothers for sure. But thats where the reassuring news ends. Terry's father isn't Will's father. In fact, Terry's father wasn't even a fox."

Will's mouth dropped open and Shinji continued, "His blood results display a complex gene map that encompasses wolf, cat, dog, bat, raccoon, horse, and lizard. Even though his base is Fennec fox... Thus the naturally grey hair, and red pupiled eyes... eye."

Summarily, He's going to grow a lot bigger than the average fennec. Unfortunately, with his hybrid DNA he's also incontinent. That's not fixable, he's going to in diapers for the rest of a very long life.

Terry crawled over to the edge of the bed and plopped down with a loud crinkle, "I's nawt a fops. I's a Kyu!"

"Lightbulb," chuckled Shinji, "I think we've got a name for this new species."

"Speaking of which..." he pulled a bundle of black fur from his briefcase and tugged it up Terry's arm, "This is the best I've got for now, but it should look fine." Then he reached back in and pulled out a leather strap, which he pulled around Terry's head, Buckling it on the front, over a larger patch of leather.
Terry pawed at it until shinji pointed to a mirror.

Ever curious, the little kyu waddled over to it and gasped at what he saw. His arm was furry again! and the patch made him look like a pirate!

He grinned at shinji and bounded into his lap, covering his face with milky kyu kisses "Oo dids a awesome, Kyu!"

Terry bounced back over to Will and batted at his tail, which Will twitched periodically.

"You on the other hand are Fennec, red fox. I don't know why your hair is shot with grey or why your skin turned blue. there's no logical explanation for it."
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*insert general applause and repition of praises already given on FA here* X3 Lazy otter feels lazy but still loves the story kyu!
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"I like it, makes me... unique," Will said, looking at his blue paw pads, "which reminds me... Beth, why am I wearing a diaper?"

Beth's ears drooped and she looked away, "I didn't know what else to do, after you passed out we couldn't wake you. You wet the bed several times, so..."

"Oh, good logic," he replied, the left side of his mouth quirking up into a smile to match the permanent one on the right, "I'll admit it's comfy."

"While we're on that note..." Shinji started, but Will finished the thought for him, "I'm partially incontinent due to muscular atrophy from being unconcious for so long? I'm suprised I don't have bed sores from that stint."

Shinji nodded, "From what I can gather, this won't be the last time it hits."

Will didn't seem suprised, "I was expecting that after Beth told me how long it's been. YOWCH!"

He whipped his head around to find Terry chewing on his tail, "squishbutt..."

Terry grinned a toothy grin and licked Will across the nose, before bounding to the other side of the bed, his own tail clasped between his teeth.

"Is it just me... Or is Terry's tail twice as big as it was when we got here?" He asked, an eyebrow raised at the thought.

"That, is the work of the neighbor's grandson, tucker," Beth giggled, "We thought he'd broken it, but Terry's tail grew in even longer and fluffier."


"Makoto, grandson of tatiana makoto, and twin brother to trinity."

"Sounds like quite a group, I hope I get to meet them," Will remarked.

He went to slide off the bed, and as soon as his paws touched the floor both Shinji and Beth shouted "Don't!"

Too late, Will's legs buckled and he dropped to the floor, "What the...?"

"You still need to rest Will, your legs are torn up," Shinji said, picking him up and sliding him back on the bed.

"I couldn't feel anything... How bad IS the damage?" He asked, a shocked expression pasted on his fluffy face.

"Nearly every tendon in your legs was stretched beyond capacity and torn or ripped. I have no clue how extensive the nerve damage is...,"Shinji's face was grim.

The room was silent for a long while, until Shinji broke it,"Your lantern is on the dresser over in that corner," He said pointing to the far wall. "Under the sheets, Please don't use it again."

"I thought you would've taken it and destroyed it," Will said, more question than statement.

"I did. Twice. Whatever it is, it's attuned to you, and feeds off your life force while it's lit. I blew it up with gunpowder the first time, and tried smashing it with a sledgehammer after that. Both times it backlashed and then reconstituted itself." He said, holding up bandaged paws.

"The closest thing I can think of that that could be is a green lantern's power battery. But I've never heard of one being parasitic..."

"Green lantern... The guy from the morning cartoons?" Will asked, incredulous.

"Aye, and nay. The whole cast of those cartoons exist in real life, but they're human. And relations between us and humans are... strained at best. Otherwise, I'd have called them in to deal with that."

"Dat means Will issa gween wantern too, kyu!" Terry piped up, nuzzling Will's paw.

"The first fur in the corps... Heh..." He said, at length, "God... I bet they're gonna hate us for this."

Beth broke in, "While we have a moment, you need to be changed."

Will nodded his assent.

Shinji got up at that point, "Well, I got stuffs to do, so... try not to injure yourself any more okay?"

"I'll try not to," Will chuckled, "Thanks for everything."

Beth gently pushed Will until he laid back on his pillow, and divested him of his sweatpants.

He was only mildly suprised at the condition of his padding, giving a mild smirk when it connected that it was his.

Beth quickly changed him, tossing the wet diaper in a wastebasket near the door, and sliding a fresh one under him.

Will said nothing, but his ears drooped as he realised that this was likely permanent.

He sat back up as Beth finished taping it on, "So, what else did I miss?"

"Well, there was a court meeting we had to show up for, you were excused from it due to... being incapacitated. I didn't mention the lantern to them."

"What was the verdict?" He asked, his ears perking back up.

Beth was quiet for a moment, "30 years minimum, with parole for good behavior."

"It's better than nothing I suppose, Maybe they'll start being nice again..."

Beth held up Will's sweatpants, "Do you want these back on?"

"Not really any point in wearing them..." He sulked.

Terry sensed his mood and nuzzled at Will's paw, "Pway?"

"Play what?"

"Jus pway wif's da kyu!" Terry Said batting at Will's paws.

Beth watched as the two played, Terry nibbling Will's paw and scampering off, or Will catching Terry and tickling him. She smiled softly, but still felt great concern for Will.
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Aw, this is sooo cute and I feel soo sorry for Will. Maybe he'll heal up eventually.
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Sat Feb 12, 2011 3:41 am

Definitely still cute there Will. Glad he got a bit better at least. Walking with a cane is nothing to sneeze at compared to not walking at all.
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   

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the way things were meant to be...
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