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 Cub Buddies (Thanksgiving Special)

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PostSubject: Cub Buddies (Thanksgiving Special)   Fri Sep 03, 2010 8:16 pm

Okay guys I thought it was time I got to work on my next story, and so here it is, but before you begin reading it I’ve got one thing to point out. You see my Halloween Special in this Cub Buddies series was so long because I was loosely basing a majority of it off of role plays I had done with Lig in the past, but that story got to big, became to repetitive, and well I got tired of working on it, so I ended it without putting in a few scenes I had told myself I’d squeeze in there over and over again.

Anyways since you couldn’t see these, I guess deleted scenes, I’ll just tell you what they basically were. There was one scene were Lig, and Chimour were going to do a commercial for Pawpers new Halloween themed diapers together, and after that they’d be allowed to borrow some costumes from the Pawpers company for when they trick or treated. Also this is kind of embarrassing to say the least but as you noticed I also didn’t put the trick or treating scene in, so yeah this all still haunts me, but really that story was more or less “The Chronicles of Chimour 1.5”, but with a seasonal twist added.

Well this story is going to be different, and will actually be more about the holiday of Thanksgiving, rather then about Chimour’s life, or anything like that, but because of this expect this holiday special, and the Christmas one I plan on doing later to be really, really short by comparison since they’ll both take place in one day each.

Oh yeah and since I really didn’t have any ideas for this one I decided to incorporate another main character besides just Chimour this time around which is my red dragon, black wolf hybrid named Vincent, so I hope you’ll all look forward to that when reading.

Anyways enough of my babble, lets get on with the story!

Cub Buddies (Thanksgiving Special)

And so our story begins, and out in some random store a few blocks away from where our little bat buddy’s girlfriend, Jessica lives with her mother, and little brother on 22 Acacia Avenue. Anyways it just so happened to be the same store where Jessica, and Chimour had their first date a few days ago as it was now Thanksgiving day with a very gloomy looking red dragon, and black wolf hybrid, a dralf if you will standing behind the cash register as he watched sissy fur, after sissy fur come in, and then later after paying for something going back out. This is Vincent, an otherwise jolly, and upbeat fellow if only slightly dark, and gothic who stood there ringing up item after item as he wore what he usually wore to work, or anywhere else for that matter being a pair of black jeans, a black t shirt, and a Pawpers diaper, well actually he usually wore underwear where ever he went, but today he was wearing a nice, and thick one to somewhat reward himself for being such a nice guy, and not tearing his manager‘s hair out for making him work on Thanksgiving day.

“Damn that old man. I work, and work, and work, and then he goes and makes me work on a holiday! I guess I really should’ve saw this coming since he always has been somewhat of a hard ass… Heh he’s lucky he’s not an armadillo fur because the irony would be just hilarious”. Vincent said chuckling a little before then going back to sighing as he stood there.

“Hey hunny!”. An oh so familiar female fox fur said, whom was dressed in a red t shirt, and a pair of blue jeans concealing a Pawpers diaper underneath, as she walked up, and over to Vincent at the counter.

“Ah hey Trixie”. Vincent said smiling a little as he saw her walk over to him.

“Still working huh?”. Trixie asked sighing.

“Yeah the old man can be such a pain sometimes”. Vincent said shaking his head a little.

“Yeah I mean it’s Thanksgiving day for crying out loud”. Trixie said.

“I know… I just wish he’d lighten up a bit”. Vincent said sighing some more.

“Hmm… Sounds like you’ve been really stressed out about this huh hun?”. Trixie asked giggling as she leaned over the counter a little, checking out Vincent’s crotch.

“Yeah I know what you’re getting at…”. Vincent said blushing a little as his girlfriend stood back up straight again, still giggling as she did so.

“Aw well I think it’s cute, and hey you don’t have to be embarrassed about having these little urges ya know. Hell most of my friends are much the same as you, so you’re by far not the only crinkly fur in this town”. Trixie said smiling warmly as she placed her paw over Vincents.

“Y-yeah I guess you have a point…”. Vincent said still blushing a little.

“Well how’s your diaper anyway?”. Trixie asked still smiling.

“Wet if you must know, but I really needed this, I mean with my boss pulling this on me all of a sudden it just got me so mad, and even kind of upset me a little since it meant missing out on Thanksgiving dinner with the family…”. Vincent said sighing.

“Aw… Well hey when you get off how about I change you into a new diaper, and baby you some over at my house? And what do you mean you’ll miss Thanksgiving dinner with your family because of this?”. Trixie asked.

“Nah it’s okay love you don’t have to do that for me, and yeah because you see my family usually has Thanksgiving dinner very early, like at around three, and I’m not getting off until five”. Vincent said sighing once more.

Just then Chimour had entered the store escorted by his big brother Bellfry as the both of them walked towards Trixie, and Vincent as they both soon stopped, now standing there.

“Heya Trixie!”. Chimour greeted smiling as he stood there dressed in nothing more then his vintage style Pawpers diaper, and a black t shirt.

“Ah hey Chimour, oh and I see you‘re much more comfortable just wearing whatever out in public now huh?”. Trixie asked smiling as she noticed Chimour wasn‘t wearing any pants.

“Yup he sure is miss. So much so that he’s even been talking to me about him going as a fairy princess next Halloween”. Bellfry said chuckling as he stood there dressed in blue jeans, a grey t shirt, and of course a Pawpers diaper underneath his aforementioned blue jeans.

“Big brother that was supposed to be a secret!”. Chimour said pouting a little since he had wanted to surprise Trixie along with the rest of his friends next year with that costume.

“Ah I’m sorry little bro… “. Bellfry said tussling his little brother’s head fur, getting a giggle out of him as he did so.

“Well I guess it’s okay”. Chimour said smiling.

“Heh Jessica really helped you out with your huge shyness problem over the past few weeks is all I can say”. Trixie said smiling.

“Yup I feel much more comfortable out in public now thanks to her”. Chimour said smiling as his big brother tapped him on the shoulder lightly, getting his attention.

“Hey little brother we’re here to buy you some more Pawpers Princess diapers remember?”. Bellfry asked smiling.

“Can you go pick em out for me big brother? It’s been a while since I’ve talked to Trixie”. Chimour said smiling.

“Ah well okay”. Bellfry said walking over towards the diaper aisle as he left Chimour there.

“So Chimour remember me?”. Vincent asked smiling.

“Ah yes you’re the guy who helped me, and Jessica find the aisle where we bought my new tutu! Thanks for that”. Chimour said smiling.

“No problem it’s what I do, oh and the name’s Vincent”. Vincent said smiling.

“Well what’re you doing working here? Me and big brother didn’t even think this shop would be open today when we called here, but since it was we came over here to restock up on some diapering supplies”. Chimour explained.

“Ah well lets just say my boss is a real jerk who doesn’t believe in giving his employees a day off, even on holidays”. Vincent said still a little bummed.

“Ah I see… Well eh can’t you find another job somewhere else?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“I wouldn’t know where to start looking”. Vincent said sighing.

“Ah I see… Well I know one place you could apply, but you probably wouldn’t want a job there…”. Chimour said.

“Where? As long as it pays good, and lets me have a day off on the holidays I’ll do it”. Vincent said.

“Well how does the idea of modeling for diaper commercials, and newspaper ads for diapers grab you? It pays good, I get a day off on every big holiday, I don‘t even work most days of the year since I just do commercials, and ads every so often, and they‘ll occasionally send you free diapers you‘ve modeled for, or have done ads for”. Chimour said smiling.

“Okay I don’t know about THAT…”. Vincent said blushing really badly now.

“Aw come on hunny I think you’d do very well at a job like that”. Trixie said smiling.

“Yeah it’s not that hard, and it’s also a lot of fun! Hehe and I didn’t know you two were dating”. Chimour said giggling a little when he heard Trixie call Vincent that as just then Bellfry came back with a case of four hundred Pawpers Princess diapers, a few containers of baby powder, and a few containers of baby wipes which he soon laid down on the counter for Vincent to scan.

“Yeah we’ve been dating for a long, long time now”. Trixie said smiling as Vincent checked out the items prior to Bellfry paying him the money for them.

“Cool, oh and hey Vincent how late are you working for anyway?”. Chimour asked smiling.

“Til about five in the afternoon, so I’m going to miss out on Thanksgiving dinner with my family since they start two hours earlier then that”. Vincent said sighing.

“Well hey me, and my big brother here are having Thanksgiving dinner at five thirty at our place with a bunch of our friends over at our house, so you’re more then welcome to come over, well if that’s okay with you big brother?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Sure thing little bro, the more the merrier”. Bellfry said smiling as he handed his little brother the case of diapers while he picked up the bags with all the wipes, and baby powder he had just boughten.

“I don’t know… I don’t want to force myself on anyone”. Vincent said.

“Nah it’s okay, I don’t mind it one bit”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Well okay… Oh, and hey what’s your street address?”. Vincent asked curiously as he picked up a piece of paper, and a pen before getting ready to copy the information down.

“666 Penn Street if you can believe it”. Bellfry said chuckling.

“Meh I’ve heard weirder things, oh and hey can Trixie come too?”. Vincent asked smiling as he began writing the address down.

“Sure she can. Oh and I think it’s time we got going little bro”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Ah okay! Bye guys!”. Chimour said smiling as Vincent soon pocketed the address prior to waving the two of them off along with Trixie as Bellfry, and his baby brother left the store together.

“So… three more hours to go huh?”. Trixie asked as she looked up at the clock, noting that it was now two in the afternoon.

“Yeah I still got three more hours ahead of me… I don’t know, maybe I should get a job at Pawpers?”. Vincent asked sighing.

“I know you’d do a great job modeling for them hun, I mean especially with how energetic, charismatic, and upbeat you are when I baby you in private”. Trixie said smiling.

“Gee you think they’d hire me?”. Vincent asked curiously, still blushing a little at the thought. “I mean I only wear diapers for fun, and I don’t know if they hire furs who actually don’t need them”. Vincent said.

“Oh yeah they’d definitely hire you. I mean you’re playful, fun, silly when you want to be, and since you can control when you go or not you can mess, and wet yourself on command which will add to the cuteness of the commercials, or photos they do with you since a messy, and wet cub is always more adorable then a clean, and dry one”. Trixie said smiling.

“Oh okay I’ll apply later today, well if they’ll let me”. Vincent said still blushing.

“Well they only accept online applications on holidays”. Trixie said smiling.

“Okay, and thanks for the information”. Vincent said as he un-pocketed his cell phone, and used it to go online so that he could fill out the application for his new job at Pawpers. “Potty trained? Yup. Able to work under pressure? Yup. Don’t mind wetting, and messing your diaper at any given time in a commercial or photo shoot? …Yup”. Vincent said blushing as he continued to fill out the application prior to sending it, sighing a little as he did so.

Meanwhile back at the house Bellfry was busy preparing Thanksgiving dinner along with Warren, Mrs. Hawthorne, and Zena in the kitchen as Jessica, Zee-Zee, Jeffery, Lig, and Chimour sat up front watching a special, Thanksgiving themed episode of Super paws, protector of all things cute, and cubby!

“So let me get this straight… He’s a crime fighting, diaper wearing super dog whose arch nemesis is a mean, fat, cat called the Potty Lord who’s only goal in life is to forcibly potty train, any and all furs, and to also eliminate everything cute, and cubby?”. Jessica asked.

“Yeah sounds kind of silly to me too…”. Jeffery said scratching his head a little.

“Well I think it’s the best! Yay Super paws! Go teach that big meanie Potty Lord to leave our diapees alone!”. Lig said cheering in glee as the episode continued.

“Hehe I don’t see why you like diapers so much Lig! I got potty trained years ago, and I couldn’t be happier”. Zee-Zee said giggling a little.

“Well I’m incontinent so I can’t be potty trained, but even if I could I wouldn’t do it, because this little liger’s a diapee butt, and proud of it!”. Lig said smiling as the show carried on.

“Hehe silly liger…”. Zee-Zee said giggling once more as he sat there.

“Hehe hey Lig remember when we diapered up Zee here?”. Chimour asked giggling.

“Yeah that was fun!”. Lig said giggling a little more.

“That wasn’t funny guys! I ended up messy because you locked me into those Pawpers…”. Zee-Zee said blushing, although he did wear diapers to bed all the time now, partly because of his bed wetting problem, but mostly because of him liking diapers.

“Hehe say what you will Zee, but we all know you’re a closet diapee butt!”. Lig said giggling.

“Am not you big fibbing fibber!”. Zee-Zee protested.

“Hehe I think watching you guys go back and forth with this is even more entertaining then the show”. Jessica said giggling.

“Yeah sis, makes me wish I had brought my video camera with me, so I could’ve recorded all of this”. Jeffery said giggling some himself.

“Oh yeah by the way guys Trixie, and this guy I met named Vincent are coming over here to have Thanksgiving dinner with us!”. Chimour announced smiling.

“Oh cool!”. Zee-Zee said smiling.

“Yeah the more the merrier!”. Lig said giggling as he noticed Chimour pick up his nearby, all white, and diapered teddy bear, and snuggle it, prompting him to giggle a bit more.

“You really like your teddy huh cubby?”. Jessica asked giggling.

“Yep! Hehe me, and Snowy here have been together for years, and years ever since big bro bought him for me way back when!”. Chimour said giggling as he continued snuggling his teddy.

“Aaaaw you gave him a name? How cute!”. Jessica said giggling a bit more.

“Well his actual name is Snowball Vann Snuggles, but Snowy is his nickname!”. Chimour said happily as he continued to snuggle his teddy bear.

“Huh that makes me wonder… Hey what’s your last name?”. Jessica asked blushing a little since she never thought to ask until just now.

“Ah my full name is Chimour Thornbrooke Nightsyer”. Chimour said smiling.

“Nightsyer huh?”. Jessica asked giggling.

“Uh-huh”. Chimour said nodding as he continued to snuggle his teddy bear.

“Well I think it’s a nice name”. Jessica said smiling as the Thanksgiving special of Super paws had come to a close, ending of course with our diapered hero saving everyone from the evil clutches of that big meanie Potty Lord!

“Hehe another great episode!”. Chimour said smiling as he continued snuggling his teddy closely to him, and as Bellfry came walking into the room.

“You said it!”. Jeffery said smiling happily, having thoroughly enjoyed the ending.

“Oh hey Mr. Nightsyer is the food almost ready?”. Lig asked curiously when he had noticed Bellfry nearby since by now it was about time for them to start eating.

“Yeah we just finished, so now all we’ve got to do is wait for our last two guests, and then we’ll start eating”. Bellfry said when suddenly someone began knocking at the front door. “Wow speak of the devil”. Bellfry said chuckling as he walked over towards, and opened the door.

“Greetings sir”. Vincent greeted as he stood there paw in paw with Trixie while dressed in black jeans, a black t shirt, a black jacket, a pair of his finer boots, and with regular underwear underneath, Trixie having changed him out of the diaper he was in back at her house before coming over here with him.

“Hey guys come on in won’t you? You arrived just in time, we just finished making Thanksgiving dinner”. Bellfry said ushering the both of them in as the both of them crossed the threshold, paw in paw, as they now stood there in the living room of the house with a few silly little cubs, I.e. Chimour, Lig, Zee-Zee, smiling up at them, and waving a little, the both of them waving back as well, and cheerfully.

“Glad ya could make it!”. Chimour said smiling as he got up with his teddy, and a stretch, and walked his diapered bottom over towards the two of them.

“Thanks, and I’m glad we could be here tonight”. Vincent said smiling.

“Hey Chimour who’s your cute little friend?”. Trixie asked giggling.

“Oh him? This is Snowball, Snowy for short! He’s my cuddly friend, and I’ve never slept a night without him”. Chimour said smiling as he hugged his teddy closer to him.

“I see you’ve got him padded”. Trixie said noting that Chimour had snuggly taped a Pawpers vintage style diaper onto him.

“Hehe yeah Snowy here never learned how to use the potty like me, and so he wears diapees too, not like that’s a bad thing!”. Chimour said giggling as he hugged his bear a little more.

“Aw of course it isn’t, and you look just adorable with your teddy there little guy”. Trixie said.

“Not so little, I’m turning seven hundred and fifty only a few days from now!”. Chimour said excitedly.

“Wow good thing I caught wind of this when I did… Hmm… Oh I know! Would you like a tea set? I have one laying around, undamaged from when I was a little girl”. Trixie offered.

“Hehe that’d be awesome!”. Chimour exclaimed happily as he thought of all the little tea parties he‘d have with Snowy, and his various other plushies. “Um but are you sure you won’t miss it?”. Chimour asked curiously after calming down.

“Nah it’s okay, I’ve now got other things I like to do for fun”. Trixie said smiling as she kissed Vincent on the cheek.

“Yeah she’s got plenty of other things to do, but I don’t know exactly what she meant by that part where she insinuated she wasn’t a little girl anymore”. Vincent said teasingly.

“Oh hush you”. Trixie said giggling a little when he said that.

“Hehe you two make a very cute couple”. Chimour said smiling as he continued hugging his teddy.

“Thanks for the compliment”. Vincent said smiling.

And so soon the lot of them made their way over towards the dining room table where they soon sat down, and once everything was ready started eating their food.

“Mm… Tastes good!”. Lig said smiling as he focused on his bit of turkey he had on his plate.

“Yeah you guys did a really good job on the food”. Vincent said as he continued eating himself.

“Thanks for that Vincent, personally though I think Zena out did me with her potato salad”. Bellfry said smiling as he continued eating his food himself.

“Yup! Mom’s potato salad is one of the best around!”. Zee-Zee chirped happily as he continued eating his food.

“Heh thanks for that you guys”. Zena said as they continued their meal.

Well eventually all of them had finished their meal as this feast came in to a close with now both Vincent, and Trixie getting up with the rest of the guests, they being the first to leave the house to go back to Trixie’s, but not before thanking Bellfry for having them over as guests. And so with that this little short of mine comes to a close, and well I know this is rather early, but happy Thanksgiving everyone, and I thank you for spending the time to read this! Oh yeah and Vincent got the job at Pawpers a day after that, and three days before Chimour’s birthday, also yes I’ll be making another short story about our little bat boy turning seven hundred and fifty soon as a follow up, well hopefully.

Anyways until then I’ll see ya later!


(P.s. Wow this was my first story without a single diaper change! Well don’t worry I’ll make sure to put some into the aforementioned Chimour short if I find the drive to work on it in the first place).

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Cub Buddies (Thanksgiving Special)
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