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 Babyfur Red Vs Blue

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PostSubject: Babyfur Red Vs Blue   Sat Oct 09, 2010 1:14 pm

Well I finally got around to making it. So here it is. The RP takes place in none other then Blood Gulch. Diapers are definitely allowed and encouraged as is other babyfur stuff. Your armor can be any Spartan design you like and any color so long as your team color is predominantly displayed. There will be two teams. The Red Team and the Blue Team. Though if you want you can choose to be an independent and in that case Covenant Armor of any species is allowed. But lets try and set up the teams well first.

Diaper Status: (Diapers, Trainers, Underwear)
Preferred Weapons:

Name: Lig Weather
Age: 8
Gender: Male
Species: Liger
Team: Red
Diaper Status: Diapers
Preferred Weapons: Shotgun, scope mounted magnum.
Appearance: This pic.
Bio: Lig was recruited through some flyers int he Mess Hall of a babyfur UNSC ship and thought some extra training and participation in a war games scenario would be fun. So he filled out the paperwork and was sent to Blood Gulch to be Red Teams's leader. A good shot and not lacking for a good sense of humor and desire for Victory Lig intends on doing everything possible to win.


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PostSubject: Re: Babyfur Red Vs Blue   Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:22 am

Name: Shadow
Age: 18
Gender: male
Species: dragon
Team: blue
Diaper Status: (Diapers, Trainers, Underwear) diapers
Preferred Weapons:sniper rifle, smg
Appearance: 6ft6, 230lbs, his armor is black except for the main chest piece and his helmet which are both blue
Bio: he was participating in a sniping simulation when he heard of the war games and was assigned to help aid the blue team with his sharpshooting skills
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Babyfur Red Vs Blue
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