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 Birthday Bat (Finished)

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PostSubject: Birthday Bat (Finished)   Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:05 pm

Birthday Bat

It was an early November morning as Chimour awoke in his crib, a big, happy, and very silly grin plastered on his face as he became fully awake and realized what today would bring. Yup that’s right for now it was the 29th of November, only a few days after the Thanksgiving feast he had shared with Vincent, Trixie, and the others around the table, and because today was the day that Chimour had turned the big seven five zero. Chimour could barely contain his excitement, and in fact could hardly get to sleep last night because of it, requiring Bellfry to try pretty much every trick in the book to help his little brother get to sleep, from warm milk all the way to lullabies, and bed time stories. Well obviously all those bottles of warm milk had to go somewhere which Chimour quickly discovered as he sat himself up in his crib, his diaper squishing wetly when he did so.

Anyways back down in the kitchen busy getting breakfast ready Bellfry was cooking up the usual for his baby brother and himself, the usual being bacon, eggs, and toast. And so once Bellfry had gotten into a position where he could safely go check on his little brother without their food burning to a crisp he walked out of the kitchen and soon up the stairs towards his brother’s separate bedroom, which upon entering he was greeted with the happy, and chipper smile of his little bro who now very eagerly sat in his crib, waiting to be let out.

“Hey big brother!!”. Chimour greeted happily, bouncing a little on his soggy bottom, causing his diaper to squish a little more.

“Hey there little guy, did you get plenty of sleepies last night?”. Bellfry asked smiling as he walked over to the crib, and brought the bars down prior to picking up his brother, one arm supporting his back, and the other paw supporting Chimour’s soggy, diapered bottom, which made it squish a little more from the added pressure.

“Uh huh sure did!”. Chimour said smiling as Bellfry gently laid him down on the nearby changing table.

“Good, now lets get that soggy dydee changed cuz we can’t have the birthday boy getting a rash today of all days now can we?”. Bellfry asked chuckling as he gave Chimour’s padded front a small pat prior to picking out a pair of Chimour’s Vintage style Pawpers diapers, along with the rest of the changing supplies he’d need, and soon went to work by untapping Chimour’s soggy diaper, but leaving the front of the diaper over Chimour, just incase.

“So when’s the party big bro?”. Chimour asked curiously as he predictably started wetting a little more into his Pawpers before soon finishing.

“I’m thinking it’ll be at around five to six in the afternoon”. Bellfry said smiling as he pulled down the front of Chimour diaper, and with baby wipe in paw began gently cleaning up his little brother’s front.

“Sounds good”. Chimour said smiling as he laid there, and continued to have his big brother wipe up his front which Bellfry soon finished with before putting the used wipes aside, taking out some more, lifting up Chimour’s bottom, and now going to work by gently wiping the wetness off of his little brother’s backside.

“Yep, oh and also I invited everyone you wanted me to, so that‘s taken care of as well”. Bellfry said smiling as he soon finished with wiping up Chimour’s wet bottom as well before taking the used diaper out from underneath Chimour, putting the used wipes inside, balling and taping the diaper up, tossing the used diaper into the diaper pail, and before unfolding the fresh diaper, which he had prepared ahead of time, and which he soon slid underneath Chimour’s backside after of course lifting it up for a second time, making sure to thread his brother‘s stubby black tail through the tail hole of said diaper while he was at it.

“Even Nate, Zoe, and Selanine?”. Chimour asked curiously as Bellfry gently lowered his bottom back down, having wanted to meet them ever since Lig, Zee-Zee and some of his other friends had told him about them, and about how nice, and friendly they were.

“Yup, and luckily it looks like they didn’t have any other plans for today so they said they’d be more then happy to accept your invitation”. Bellfry said chuckling as he powdered up his right paw generously prior to gently applying said powder onto Chimour’s front, gently rubbing it in to do so.

“Good”. Chimour said smiling as he thought about all the excitement today would bring, and as his big brother finished powdering his front up prior to powdering up his right paw again, lifting up Chimour’s backside, and following the same exact procedure there as well.

“There ya go birthday boy, all done”. Bellfry said smiling as he finished powdering Chimour’s backside, gently lowered said backside back down, and brought up the front up his little brother’s new diaper, taping it on snuggly before picking his little bro up again in his arms.

“Thanks big brother!”. Chimour said giggling as he hugged Bellfry a little while he held him.

“Aw it’s no biggy”. Bellfry said chuckling as he carried his little brother out of the room, and towards the dining room where he soon sat Chimour down in his high chair prior to locking the tray in place, and before going back to the kitchen where he soon came back from with two plates filled with food, some utensils, and with a baby bottle filled with orange juice for his little brother which he handed him along with his plate of food, and a fork.

Meanwhile as the two of them began eating breakfast somewhere, not so far away from where they lived, slept what appeared to be a winged otter, dragon, and squirrel hybrid, whom carried on sleeping heavily up until his bedroom door was opened, and left ajar as someone made her way towards him, shaking him a little, thusly causing him to reluctantly wake up. Nate jerked lightly and opened his eyes blearily to look up at Zoe from behind the bars of his crib with a smile.

"I still dun know how you get in here without me hearing it in the morning”. Nate said still groggy.

"You sleep heavier than you think". Zoe teased, lowering the bars and ruffling his head fur. "C'mon. Let's get you ready for the day, we're meeting somebody today". Zoe said smiling.

Nate just smiled and rolled over, sticking his paws up cutely. Zoe got the idea and smiled even more as she picked him up, and carried him over towards the changing table which she gently laid him on prior to gathering up all the supplies she‘d need, and before untapping Nate‘s diaper one tape at a time as she began changing him. Well the following diaper change was just like any other for Zoe, Nate having soaked himself as usual, and so with that done Zoe picked up Nate, now freshly changed, just to set him back down on his own two feet as Nate now stood there in just his diaper, and onesie with Zoe now undressing him, and soon replacing said onesie with a new one prior to getting him a pair of jeans, and a black fleece jacket which she promptly went to work on getting him into.

“So who’re we meeting today anyways?”. Nate asked giggling as Zoe carried on with dressing him.

“Oh well we were invited to Chimour’s birthday party, so we’ll be meeting up with him, and everybody else later today”. Zoe said smiling as she soon finished, and stood back up, backing away to take a quick gander of her work.

“Oh we are? Lig’s told me lots about him!”. Nate said smiling, getting a little to excited.

“Don’t get to excited there, I mean I just changed you”. Zoe said chuckling as she soon led Nate out of his room with her, and towards the dinning room where they themselves soon began eating breakfast, Zoe having fixed something up whilst Nate was busy sleeping in.

And so getting back to Chimour, and his big brother, whom were now just finishing up with breakfast, Chimour was left with bits of food on his furry muzzle as he started focusing on draining the remaining orange juice from his baby bottle, having eaten his breakfast a little sloppily, being more then a little distracted by all the excitement of what today would bring.

“You about done there little guy?”. Bellfry asked chuckling, having already finished with his food, and having already put his plate in the sink as he now sat there waiting on his little brother with wet cloth ready in his right paw.

“Now I am”. Chimour said smiling as he soon drained his bottle only moments after, setting the bottle down, and blushing a little as Bellfry started promptly wiping his face clean.

“Maybe we should pick you up a bib when we’re at the Pawpers store next time huh little bro?”. Bellfry asked, teasing his brother a little, especially since this was one of those extremely rare times Chimour actually blushed over what a little cub he’s been acting like.

“Hehe maybe”. Chimour said giggling, his blush fading rather quickly this time around.

“Anyways little guy you want to go watch your cartoons now don’t you?”. Bellfry asked as he finished wiping his little brother’s face clean.

“Hehe do you even have to ask?”. Chimour asked giggling as his big brother unlocked the locking plastic tray to his high chair and let him out, prompting him to lift up his arms towards his big brother.

“Well I suppose it was kind of a silly question”. Bellfry said laughing a little as he picked up his little brother, and carried him towards the living room where he soon sat his little bro gently down on the couch, handing his little brother the remote as he went back to the dining room where he picked up Chimour’s now empty plate, and baby bottle before going into the kitchen with them to go wash them.

And so with that Chimour happily turned on the television, turning it to the cub network where they were just showing another re-run of one of Chimour’s favorite shows “The Diaper Ninjas!”.

“Hehe I love this show”. Chimour said giggling as he quoted Gir from “Invader Zim”, and as he continued watching, although wishing strongly they’d air a new episode already!

Anyways they were at least airing one of Chimour’s favorite episodes, this one being the pilot episode in which the original diaper ninja, Shiro the bat diaper ninja confronts the evil Potty Shogun who leads the Potty Samurai, the Evil Potty Emperor’s main attack force. Since this was the first episode ever made Shiro was pretty much on his own, this being before the following seasons in which he starts recruiting more, and more ninja to help his cause. Also coincidently the Emperor is actually the brother of The Evil Potty Lord in “Super Paws”, so because of this small tie-in with both of the shows in a few of the later episodes of “Super Paws”, and of “The Diaper Ninjas” they have a few character crossovers where the Ninjas team up with Super Paws, and his Diaper Fox fighting force.

And so needless to say Chimour really, really enjoyed himself as the episode continued onward, gasping when Shiro was almost de-diapered, and applauding with cubby admiration, and excitement as he toppled the potty Shogun at the very end of the episode. Ofcourse though the Evil Potty Lord, and the Evil Potty Emperor were never ultimately defeated, and would in the end get back up, dust themselves off, and continue terrorizing cubs nation wide with the constant threat of forcing them to use the potty even if they don’t want to since the shows were such a big success, and well the producers had no intentions of canceling it when it made so much money on just merchandise alone.

Well Chimour and most other cubs in Denshire Falls were definitely happy with this since for them it just meant seeing more of the Evil Potty Lord, & the Evil Potty Emperor getting their butts kicked by their favorite diaper clad super heroes. Anyways following closely after that was a special Xmas themed episode of “Super Paws”, this one being about the Evil Potty Lord invoking some sort of magic which turns all of the snowmen to life as they then begin following his instructions in de-diapering every cub they can before they start trying to force each and every cub to start potty training against their will’s back at their base of operations.

“Another re-run…”. Chimour said pouting a little since this was the Xmas special from last year, although as this episode went on he did find himself smiling a little. “Hehe it’s a good thing this is a cartoon, and not a live action show or they’d never be able to get anything done since if those cubs were real they’d probably be very unhappy to go without being diapered during any of the scenes”. Chimour said giggling as this show too was soon coming close to it end.

Anyways as Chimour continued on watching his shows Bellfry was busy with party preparations, having called Zoe, Warren, Zena, Vincent, Trixie, Mrs. Hawthorne, and Selanine before paw to help him out with this. Well of course the first to actually get there was Selanine since she could just teleport there via warp gate, and because she was eager to meet Chimour, and all her other favorite little cubs. Anyways when Bellfry opened the door to allow her access she was standing up right on two feet as she walked inside, apparently thinking her anthropomorphic form would be more practical here as she was dressed in one of her custom robes, this one being her black one which had flame patterns on it, a silver moon pattern on it, and also had her crest on the back with said crest being nine cream tails swirling outwards with the points counterclockwise, the tips having blue flames, and with acicular green stone in the center where the base of the tails met.

“Hello there Selanine”. Bellfry greeted offering the anthropomorphic ninetails his paw.

“Hello Bellfry”. Selanine said smiling as she took his paw, and shook it.

“Thanks for your help and all”. Bellfry said thankfully as they finished shaking paws, and as Bellfry went back to work on setting everything up, Selanine soon joining him.

“Oh it’s no biggy”. Selanine said smiling as she continued helping Bellfry, and well before long more of the furs Bellfry had called over to help him with setting up the party soon began arriving as well, Lig, and Warren being the next to arrive with their arrival being shortly followed by Zena’s, Zee-Zee‘s, Kit‘s, & Red‘s, Zee-Zee’s father being a bit to busy at home with their four month old son Timothy to come over himself.

Well while Zena, and Warren began working on setting up the party as well Lig made his way over towards the living where Chimour was along with Zee-Zee, and his sisters Kit, & Red with Kit being ten, and with Red being four, and potty trained to boot, and so now the only squirrel left in their family who was still in diapers was Timothy which was no surprise seeing as how he was born only a few months ago.

“Hey there birthday batty!”. Lig greeted happily as he made his way over towards Chimour, dressed in his usual clothes being his blue jean shorts, and his red & black, stripped shirt, an obvious cubby diaper bulge coming from underneath said shorts as the waistband of Lig‘s diaper poked out a little from underneath his pants.

“Hehe hey Lig!”. Chimour said smiling as he waved hello to him. “Hmm…? Oh and who are you two?”. Chimour asked curiously as he noticed both Red, and Kit.

“Hey I’m Red!”. Red greeted smiling as she noticed Chimour was diapered while he sat there in his Pawpers, and black t shirt. “Why are you wearing a diaper?”. Red asked giggling a little, the big bat in front of her definitely looking way to adult to need them.

“Yeah are you incontinent like Lig?”. Kit asked curiously.

“Um… Well no…”. Chimour said blushing a little more, but only very softly.

“How come you wear them then?”. Kit asked.

“I just like wearing them is all…”. Chimour said as he continued blushing.

“Ah I see… Well how old are you anyways?”. Kit asked.

“You wouldn’t believe me at first if I told you…”. Chimour said.

“Tell me anyways”. Kit said.

“I’m turning seven hundred and fifty today”. Chimour said.

“Well… You were right, I don’t believe you”. Kit said, although giggling a little at the idea.

“Well it’s true, just ask one of the adults, or hey you can even ask Lig if you want”. Chimour offered.

“Okay fine then I think I will. Hey Lig how old is Chimour?”. Kit asked.

“That’d be seven hundred and fifty as of today”. Lig said giggling as Kit looked dumbfounded by his response.

“Wow! Seven hundred and fifty years old, and still in diapers! That’s way, way to old to still wear diapers right big brother?”. Red asked giggling.

“Yup, but hey it’s his decision”. Zee-Zee said.

“I still think you enjoyed yourself a little more then you’re willing to admit at the sleepover we had”. Chimour said giggling.

“Did not!”. Zee-Zee said blushing, although it is nice to wake up without wet sheets now since he started wearing diapers at night.

“Hehe are you sure Zee? You looked awfully cute, and comfy in them that night…”. Lig teased a little.

“No I’m certain I didn’t, so stop teasing me already”. Zee-Zee said pouting a tiny bit while at the same time trying to make it look as mature of a pout as possible.

And so as they carried on talking amongst each other Mrs. Hawthorne was up next to arrive at the house, followed by Trixie, and Vincent as the three of them began working on the party as well when they got inside, and as Mrs. Hawthorne’s kids Jeffery, and Chimour’s girlfriend Jessica walked on into the living room themselves, Nate, and Zoe now being the only ones yet to arrive since Skippa declined the invitation since he had a lot of stuff to do that day.

“Hey there little guy”. Jessica greeted smiling as she sat down on the couch next to Chimour, and hugged him lightly, giving him a smell peck on the check.

“Hehe hey Jessica!”. Chimour said happily as he responded by giggling and wrapping his arms around Jessica, hugging her lightly as well.

“So you’re what, seven hundred and fifty years old today?”. Jessica asked giggling.

“Yep”. Chimour said smiling.

“Wow seven hundred and fifty years old, and still not potty trained! Well that’s okay, I don’t mind have a big toddler for a boyfriend, oh yeah and speaking of which do you need a dydee change? I changed before I left the house, so I’m fine myself”. Jessica said smiling.

“Nope not yet… Well… Okay maybe I’m a little wet”. Chimour said giggling, especially when Jessica checked for herself, stuck two of her fingers into the leak guard of his diaper, and soon pulled her digits back out prior to lowering her head down, and sniffing a little.

“Yup you’re only a little wet, but I’m sure you’ll need me to change you by the end of the party”. Jessica said smiling as she gave Chimour’s padded front a pat.

“You’re probably right”. Chimour said giggling while meanwhile there was a small knock at the door which Bellfry promptly opened as Zoe, and Nate walked into the house, and through the threshold, having finally made it.

“Hey there guys, I’m glad you could make it”. Bellfry said smiling as he shut the door behind them.

“And I’m glad we were invited”. Zoe said smiling as she looked at all the work going on around here. “Well I better get to helping you guys out then”. Zoe said as she left Nate there at the door, and went to helping out the others while Nate made his way towards the other’s in the living room.

“Hello there! You must be Chimour, Lig’s told me lots about you! My name‘s Nate, nice to meet ya!”. Nate greeted happily.

“Hehe hello to you too!”. Chimour said giggling as Jessica continued snuggling up with him on the couch.

“What kind of fur are you anyways?”. Jeffery asked curiously as he looked Nate over.

“Oh well I’m a squirrel, and otter hybrid”. Nate said smiling.

“Huh well what’s with the wings?”. Jeffery asked curiously.

“Well I’m also part dragon, but that’s only a teensy, teensy part of me, so I usually just say I’m an otter, and squirrel hybrid so as to not over complicate things”. Nate said.

“Wow… Hey what’s it like being part dragon?”. Jeffery asked curiously.

“Well it has it’s perks to say the least, like when I go to the restroom I pretty much never mess myself as a result of my digestion”. Nate said.

“Huh so you’re diapered too?”. Jeffery asked.

“Yup!”. Nate said smiling.

“Why’s that?”. Red asked curiously, not used to seeing so many furs so much older then her, yet still in diapers.

“Oh well I’ve got a genetic disorder like Lig, so I’m incontinent”. Nate said.

“So what you guys want to do while they finish getting everything ready?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“I don’t know, there isn’t much on television at this time either”. Lig said as the Tellitubbies came on, prompting Chimour to gasp, quickly take up the remote, and turn off the television hastily before that evil baby face, sun thing sucked out his soul through his eyeballs.

“Hate Tellitubbies…”. Chimour said shuddering.

“Hey it’s not that bad of a show… I mean I liked it when I was a little guy”. Zee-Zee said.

“I’m sorry Zee-Zee, but you’ll never get me to like that show ever”. Chimour said, the mere sight of that baby face sun giving him the willies.

“Well what should we do then?”. Jeffery asked.

“Don’t know…”. Chimour said sighing as just then Selanine made her way into the living room.

“Hey there! Um… Wait, shouldn’t you be helping the others set up the party?”. Nate asked curiously.

“Well they’re almost done anyway, so I snuck off”. Selanine said smiling. “Also did I hear the birthday boy was having a little trouble thinking of things to do to pass the time?”. Selanine asked crouching down to Chimour’s level.

“Yeah… I can’t think of a single thing to do, oh and who are you?”. Chimour asked.

“Well perhaps I could spend a little time with you, and baby you a little in the meantime? Oh and my name‘s Selanine, pleasure to meet you”. Selanine said smiling.

“Well Selanine I don’t know if Jessica would like that… You see she’s in charge of doing that”. Chimour said.

“Well I’ll only play with him a little Jessica, then you can go back to having him all to yourself”. Selanine said.

“I don’t know…”. Jessica said still a little unsure.

“Please Jessica? I promise that I’ll leave changing him up to you if you want”. Selanine said smiling.

“Well… Okay I suppose I can let you take the little guy off of my paws momentarily, but no matter how stinky he gets changing him is my job, so leave him wet, and messy for me”. Jessica said smiling as she got off of the couch, prompting Selanine to take her place.

“Thanks, and don‘t worry I will”. Selanine said smiling as she picked Chimour up with a few of her tails, laid him on her lap, levitated a baby bottle filled with milk out of the kitchen, and towards her after opening the fridge, making sure to re-close it as she grabbed the baby bottle on it’s way towards her, and as she supported Chimour up into the bottle feeding position with one of her tails as she then finally brought the nipple of said bottle towards Chimour’s mouth before plopping it in, and letting Chimour suck milk from the bottle contently.

“You’re so cute”. Selanine cooed as she used her free paw to tickle underneath Chimour’s chin, causing him to giggle a little. “I see we’re a little ticklish huh?”. Selanine asked smiling as she then used her free paw to tickle Chimour’s foot paw a little which got a lot more giggling out of him.

“I think we can take that as a yes”. Nate said giggling.

“Good maybe I’ll tickle him a bit once we’re done here then”. Selanine said smiling as she rubbed Chimour’s head, softly tussling his headfur as he continued drinking from his bottle, savoring every last drop.

And so soon Chimour finished his bottle, having drained it entirely now as Selanine set the bottle aside, lifted Chimour up against her shoulder with her tails, and began burping him, getting a few good burps in return as she soon stopped, laid him back down into her lap, and began tickling him, causing him to start giggling like mad.

“Wow if he’s that ticklish already I’d hate to see what your tickle curse would do to him”. Nate said giggling as Selanine didn’t let up, and as Chimour tossed, and turned, trying to defend himself against being tickled, but with so many tails tickling him all at once it proved to be a futile task with his bladder not being able to take anymore as he opened the flood gates, and soaked himself, causing the diaper to slurp loudly as he cotinued giggling lightly even after she stopped, and as he now wiped some of the tears from his eyes.

“Yeah if I had used it a fly landing on his foot probably would’ve tickled a lot to him, oh and sorry about that little guy, but sometimes I get a little over enthused”. Selanine said smiling as she saw Chimour’s diaper now significantly much soggier.

“Hehe it’s okay, I had fun”. Chimour said giggling as Bellfry entered the living room.

“Hey guys we’re ready for you”. Bellfry said smiling as he left the room, prompting the others to get up, and make their way towards the dining room except for Selanine who first picked up Chimour with her tails, and carried him towards the dining room where she soon set Chimour back down into his highchair, locking him inside it with the high chair saying “Reserved for Chimour” on it.

“Okay baby brother make a wish”. Bellfry said smiling as he brought the cake out, and held it up in front of Chimour since the highchair’s tray was to small to set the whole thing on.

“Okay”. Chimour said smiling as he thought to himself “I wish mommy, and daddy were still here with me” as he blew out the candles, thusly making the same wish he had every single year since his parent‘s death all those years ago.

And so with that everyone applauded, and began to sing happy birthday to him which although he greatly appreciated he couldn’t help but keep this look of serious contemplation on his face which of course Bellfry picked up on, sighing since he knew exactly what his little brother wished for as he went into the kitchen, and came back soon handing everyone a plate of cake, and a bowl of ice cream which everyone soon started digging into after the song.

“Anyways little guy I don’t think I’ve introduced myself yet, my name’s Zoe, I’m Nate’s big sister”. Zoe said smiling while she wore a pair of blue jeans and a red t shirt, and as she continued eating her cake, and ice cream herself.

“Ah well I’m Chimour, oh and Selanine over there made me pee myself on the couch awhile ago!”. Chimour said giggling a little.

“It’s true, he’s a soggy little guy”. Selanine said laughing a little.

“Uh-oh… He didn’t leak did he?”. Bellfry asked.

“Nope, really needs changing though”. Selanine said smiling.

“Yup my dydee’s all warm, and squishy!”. Chimour said giggling.

“Aw you’re a little cutie, you know that Chimour?”. Zoe asked smiling.

“Yup I know”. Chimour said giggling as he continued eating his cake, and ice cream, rather enjoying the teasing, and his still warm, wet diaper.

“Least he’s honest”. Nate said giggling a little.

“Oh yeah that reminds me, hey Nate you need a change yet?”. Zoe asked curiously.

“Nah sis I’m fine”. Nate said smiling.

“Ah well okay”. Zoe said as she carried on eating.

And so soon after they all finished eating Chimour was let out of his highchair, and was brought back to the living room by Bellfry who laid him down on the couch prior to laying out a changing mat, picking up his little brother again, and laying him down on that.

“Okay Jessica he’s all yours”. Bellfry said as Jessica made her way towards Chimour, wipes, powder, and a fresh Pawpers vintage style diaper in paw, soon setting all the supplies down as she got on her knees, untapped Chimour’s Pawpers, lifted the front up, but not downward so it still acted like a shield, just in case, and waited a little until Chimour finally began letting out whatever was left, prompting Jessica to bring the front down completely once he had finished as she began lovingly, and gently wiping up her toddler of a boyfriend’s front.

“Wow you really wet your dydee a lot there little guy! A little more and you would’ve leaked”. Jessica said teasing him as she continued gently wiping Chimour’s front.

“Hehe me just did what came natuwawwy ith aww!”. Chimour said giggling.

“So you mean you’re always flooding yourself and making big wettums in your Pawpers?”. Jessica asked softly while giggling a little as she finished with wiping up her boyfriend’s front prior to lifting up his legs, taking the used diaper out from underneath him, setting him back down, balling up the used diaper with the used wipes already placed inside, placing the used diaper aside, unfolding the new diaper, lifting up her boyfriend’s backside again, slipping the new diaper underneath his bottom, threading his tail through the hole in the back, laying his backside back down, and finally powdering up her paws as she lifted up Chimour’s backside once more, and began gently powdering his bottom.

“Yeth aww da time!”. Chimour said giggling happily while his girlfriend continued powdering him.

“Aw… Hims just a little cubby wubby huh?”. Jessica asked giggling as she finished powdering up Chimour’s backside, set his bottom back down, powdered up her paws, and now began gently powdering his front.

“Uh-huhs!”. Chimour said giggling a little more.

“Aw… Well little one I think we’re about done here”. Jessica said smiling as she finished powdering up Chimour’s front, and brought up the front of Chimour’s Pawpers. “Yup there we go, good as new!”. Jessica said smiling as she snuggling taped Chimour’s diaper on, giving him a pat on his freshly diapered front now prior to helping him back up, and leading him back towards the couch by his paw before having him sit down on said couch.

And so the first to offer Chimour a present was Trixie who as promised handed him what looked like a slightly used, but otherwise very well taken care of tea set, but the real kicker here for Chimour was that the entire set was a girly pastel pink which made Chimour giggle and grin a little as he set the set down, got up, and gave Trixie a big hug, a hug which she all to gladly returned, making sure to pat Chimour crinkly backside while she hugged him which earned her even more giggling from Chimour. Anyways when they stopped hugging the next to give Chimour a present was Zena who gave Chimour some dollies she had from when she was a little girl, smiling when Chimour went big eyed, and hugged them when he was given them prior to hugging her as well.

And so skipping on ahead about three to five presents later Chimour was given yet another one from Lig, this being a videogame adaptation of Chimour’s favorite television show “The Diaper Ninjas” which of course he was happy to receive. And so now everyone who had something to give had done so, but as Chimour smiled, having had a good birthday he noticed Zee-Zee standing there, looking as if he wanted to give something too, and so Chimour getting a great idea opened his mouth, and began talking.

“Hey Zee-Zee if you wanna give me something I’ve got a little offer for you…”. Chimour said giggling.

“What?”. Zee-Zee asked curiously.

“Well it’d only be for the night, and it would make me very happy if you, well you know…”. Chimour said smiling mischievously as he patted the diaper he was currently wearing.

“I don’t know…”. Zee-Zee said blushing, partly wanting to give Chimour a present since it’d make him appear more grown up, and well wearing one of those wouldn’t really help his case about him not liking diapers if he agreed to it.

“Hehe please? You’d really look cute in them”. Chimour said giggling as Zee-Zee continued thinking about it with a constant blush on his face.

“Well… Oh okay”. Zee-Zee said, although not really enthusiastic about the whole idea it’d be worth it to make one of his friends happy, especially since he had no intention of using it like the last time, well not until tonight as he slept atleast.

And so with that Zena led her son over into the bathroom where she got to work on changing her son into a pair of Pawpers on the changing table inside, Zee-Zee, still blushing heavily, noticing his mother was a bit to happy to do so while she did it, taking off his pants, and big boy undies before she went through the whole process as she soon led her son back out, now fully diapered with no pants to cover them up.

“Happy now?”. Zee-Zee asked blushing extremely hard now as he walked his way over to Chimour, crinkling on his way over there.

“Extremely!”. Chimour said giggling as he got off of the couch, and gave Zee-Zee a big hug, happy he was doing this for him.

“Good… Ugh I feel so silly like this…”. Zee-Zee said blushing still.

“Hehe I think it’s a good look for ya!”. Lig said.

“Yup it definitely looks better then what you usually wear there Zee-Zee”. Nate said smiling.

“It’s only for the night anyway, so I say enjoy it while it lasts”. Chimour said patting Zee-Zee’s now crinkly backside as he continued hugging him, making Zee-Zee’s face light up like an Xmas light, and turn as red as a cherry.

“What’s there to enjoy?”. Zee-Zee asked now pouting while simultaneously trying to make said pout not look childish.

“Well how comfortable they are for one, trust me it’s much easier falling asleep at night with that extra layer of padding against your backside”. Chimour said smiling as Zee-Zee blushed even harder, knowing first paw what Chimour said was true.

"Anyways how do you think big brother looks in diapers Red?". Kit asked giggling.

"Hehe big brother looks funny!". Red said giggling as she couldn't help herself, and poked Zee-Zee's diaper a little.

"Yeah he kinda does doesn't he?". Kit asked giggling even more, thinking Zee-Zee just looked absolutely precious like this.

"Okay that's enough girls, don't tease your brother to much". Zena said smiling.

"Okay mom". Kit said.

"Well if I have to then okay...". Red said.

"Thank you". Zena said smiling as she made her way over to Zee-Zee. "You do look just absolutely precious though son, Oh and how do they feel? I didn't tape it up to loosely did I?". Zena asked curiously.

"Nope it's very snug, and...". Zee-Zee said trailing off.

"And what?". Zena asked.

"And they're pretty comfy too...". Zee-Zee said blushing a little since he'd be lying if he said he wasn't absolutely comfortable at the moment. "Anyway getting off the topic of my diaper are we going home soon?". Zee-Zee asked.

"We've got about twenty more minutes until nine at night, so we'll go home then okay son?". Zena asked smiling.

"Okay". Zee-Zee said blushing since that meant twenty more minutes of him being seen like this.

And so twenty minutes after that Zena, and her children left, everyone following her lead shortly after she left as they all went back to their regular houses, Chimour now very tired as he and Bellfry retired back into Chimour’s room, where after a quick check was given Bellfry laid his baby brother back into his crib, tucking him in snuggly with a baby bottle full of milk, and his teddy prior to turning Chimour’s nightlight on, turning on Chimour’s mobile, and leaving as he left the door open just a crack so that Chimour would sleep a bit easier. And so all in all it had been a wonderful birthday, Chimour smiling happily as he soon gently drifted off to sleep.

*~{The End}~*

(Personally I think this one felt a little, no really rushed, so for that I'm sorry, but hey Zee-Zee in a diapee! I mean what's not to love about that?)
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PostSubject: Re: Birthday Bat (Finished)   Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:44 am

Heehee, this is awesome, Chimour! Great work! And it's fantastic to see the Squirrel family in someone else's writings! *hugs and giggles* That was a great birthday party! *blushes a little*

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: Birthday Bat (Finished)   Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:41 am

Dat was a cute story! And you got those three of mine down really good too! Heheh, pity Skippa wasn't there but he was probably busy at the forge. Have to get started on those Christmas orders after all ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Birthday Bat (Finished)   

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Birthday Bat (Finished)
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