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 Shadow's new life

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PostSubject: Shadow's new life   Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:53 am

On a day similar to today as the clouds thickened in the background a young black dragon can be seen walked down the road in his military uniform with his bag over his shoulder. He had come from overseas today only to find out that all of his friends had forgotten about his coming home, thus he was forced to start the 6 mile hike to home which would take him closer to an hour. He sighed softly as it began to rain as he walked.
“Can things can get any worse” he said half-jokingly not expecting it when he slipped down a hill and dislocated his ankle.
A few minutes after trying to get up on his own and having given up a familiar paw reached out to him.
“Shadow wont you ever learn to be more patient so something like this doesn’t happen again” Tabi said gently and helped pull shadow to his feet.
“yeah you would think I would learn that especially after going overseas” he said hugging his friend the best he could “but thanks Tabi you’re a big help”

Tabi just smiled and helped the dragon to lay in his car and proceed to bangage his knee with some instructions from shadow as he laid there trying to deal with his pain. Once Shadow was bandaged the pair set off for Shadow’s house where a surprise lay in wait for the dragon.

It wasn’t a secret that Shadow was an ab, in fact while he was deployed some of his friends came together to help finish building the nursery he had started on before being called up to serve overseas once again. Tabi had led the charge to get a crib, changing table, highchair, and playpen built to the specifications shadow had written down on his notepad in the workshop. Once the stuff was built Tabi did what he did best and colored the furniture to make it more suitable for their usage.

“Shadow we have a surprise inside for you. We have been working on for the better half of a year just to have it fully ready for the day you would come home. It would have been better had you waited at the airport but we can make do.” Tabi said gently rubbing the dragon’s shoulder.

Once they were home, Tabi blew the horn to signal for 2 of shadow’s other friends to come walking out both wearing diapers under an onsie or cute dress. One was Jessica, a white cat, and the other was Tereiel, a solar sennec fox, both of them walking over to help escort the dragon inside of the house where they were holding an ab/dl munch/sleepover.

The three opened the door to the nursery and awaited a response from the dragon, who stood there in total disbelief at the site he saw before him. Shadow smiled and hugged his friends before looking around at the room, first eyeing the pink and blue striped walls and givin a small chuckle at the colors they choose. Next he saw the large white crib that had their fursonas in cub form painted on it which made him blush deep red. The playpen was made with red maple and was left unfinished but filled with various plushies and coloring books. Finally he saw the changing table, which was white, blue and pink, which made him blush deeply especially when he saw what was lying on top of it. On top of it was 2 thick dragon diapers, he slowly made his way over to it and smiled feeling the thick padding.

“I think my little dragon needs his diapers so he can relax and have lunch with the other cubs” a familiar voice called out as an orca reached around to undo shadow’s ACU pants and remove the ACU shirt as well.

Shadow blushed deeply before turning around only in his underwear to see meiko patting the changing table for him. Without second thought shadow laid back onto the changing table and meiko pulled the dragon’s boxers off of him before wiping him down and powdering him and sealing him in the 2 thick diapers and locking clear plastic pants over them.

“Meiko, I missed you a lot” shadow said softly and kissed the orca as meiko helped shadow into a blue onsie.
“Yes I know you did my little dragy” meiko said and led the group of cubs to the living room and to a set of highchairs and booster seats.
What will come when lunch is served to these 3 or 4 cubs and who else will show up, stay tuned for chapter 2.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow's new life   Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:13 pm

I like it so far, well done.
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Shadow's new life
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