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 Any other Rocky Horror fans on this forum?

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PostSubject: Any other Rocky Horror fans on this forum?   Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:36 am

Please let me know you guys, don't leave me hanging here because I might die from the antici... pation.
Anyway, Rocky Horror clitché out of the way, I'm just curious because I wanna know if I'm the only weirdo here. =3
And so besides that I guess we could use this topic to chat about what our favorite part of the movie was, and all sorts of things of that manner, but personally seeing as how there are only like 150 furs on this site I'm not really gonna get my hopes up for this topic, so yeah.
Well here's to hoping I'm not the only one here who's seen this movie yet.
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Any other Rocky Horror fans on this forum?
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