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 Angel Code - The Meeting with Bilgames Pt1

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PostSubject: Angel Code - The Meeting with Bilgames Pt1   Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:53 pm

The Archangel Khaos, whom I am in debt to, has instructed me to leave the ruins of my village and travel the desert to the West. My time of mourning my people is over and I must leave with my wife Bethany to the the city of Uruk, in the kingdom of Sumer. I had only ever left my village once, to seek the power to free my people from the demons who had toiled us in our own land till starvation; my mission was successful as the demons were no more, but greed got the better of my brother and I had paid the price. "Aleph my husband" Bethany had said to me, "Perhaps Khaos is right, it may be time to move on and use your power to help others." "You are right Bethany, I look forward to my journey to Sumer, perhaps I shall find others like me in that place." I replied to her.

Over many days we traveled west, Khaos would often send winds should we have ever gotten lost our way. On the morning of our twelfth day since leaving our home village, we saw the walls of Uruk. Walls of great height and made of stone, at first glance I knew immediately that these were walls of defense. My wife and I approached the entrance to the city and we were greeted with celebration, in the center of the city was a plaza, steps, and a throne, seated by a tall man dressed with leather and gold. The man atop the throne shown age in his face, his long beard white with rows of curls. His eyes of gold met mine and I knew right away that this is the man Khaos sent me to meet.

"You seemed to have known that I was coming" I proclaimed to the king. "Indeed I did, my oracles foretold the very hour of your arrival, and they have told me much about you, Philosopher." The king proclaimed in return. I approached the king, escorted by servants clad in white. "Hair of white and eyes of red, my oracles could not have been more correct about you, my boy." The king said while examining me. "If you know of me as a philosopher, I believe I might know why I was sent here, king." I told the king. "Oh but where are my manners? I am the 5th king of Sumer, Gilgamesh Bilgames, and you my boy are here to share with me your secret of immortality." I was told by the king. "I am sorry king of Sumer, I cannot allow you, a half-breed of angels, to learn my secret."
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PostSubject: Re: Angel Code - The Meeting with Bilgames Pt1   Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:28 am

Hmmm....Interesting can't wait for the next chappie
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Angel Code - The Meeting with Bilgames Pt1
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