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 Christmas in the Stars

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PostSubject: Christmas in the Stars   Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:25 am

Here we go! Here's my holiday story for you all. We're gonna jump a ton of years into the future and see what it holds for Nate and his family. Hope you all enjoy the read and Merry Christmas to you all!

Nate smile as he looked upon his family. It was Christmas time up in the Star Region and thinking about it made him think of years passed with his friends down in Denshire Falls. Sipping on a hot mug of cider, he listened to the joyful sounds of his large extended family.

By the sounds of it, Skippa, Enin, Luc, Ri, and Absol were all downstairs having a good time. He could distinctly make out the words of An Irish Drinking Song from time to time. He knew there wasn’t any alcohol to be had at this time of night but that didn’t stop them from having a good time. Nate couldn’t help but laugh when he even heard their guests Will, Terry and Ember joining in.

“Not a very Christmassy Carol huh bro?” a voice chuckled as a young folf sat down beside him with a cup of cocoa in paw.

“Not really but they’re having a good time with family, that’s all that matters.” Nate chuckled, giving Laguna a quick hug. The folf just chuckled and hugged Nate back.

Laguna was one of the many cubs Selanine the Ninetales had found and adopted as her own kits. Currently she was busy trying to cuddle seven cubs of various species around a blue husky puppy named Vinny so Izuri could take a picture. She was also trying to call over a Buizel named Reno, two Riolu (one named Max, the other named Aurashen), and a two-year-old folf puppy who looked so much like Laguna they could pass as twins were they the same age (which happened every so often thanks to a regression curse on the 14 year old Laguna). Vinny she’d adopted along with his three pokemon and four others that she’d found. Max, though he had another family of his own, was a human she had fun regressing and turning into a pokemon from time to time to make him her temporary kit whenever either of them liked. Reno and Aurashen came as part of a package deal with Laguna and Oraclai though. Oraclai and Laguna were her only full-time kits aside from Enin, but he didn’t really count much since he was a parent himself now and she couldn’t regress him as much as she used to.

Speaking of which, Enin’s two kits with Arcanine (though surrogated through Hiroki the Pikachu), were playing with Nate’s own adopted kit, Jaden. The blue furred fox kit had been rescued as a human teen from highly neglectful parents much like many other furs that populated the Star Region, including himself and the rest of his family actually. Nate had to laugh when the younger daughter spotted the runt of Anthony and Hiroki’s first litter and chased off after the now panicking Eevee. As soon as that Vulpix had found out Hiroki had merely given birth to her since Arcanine couldn’t carry children herself, the regrets she’d held having a huge crush upon whom she’d thought was her big brother vanished. She took a leaf out of her Aunt Daisy’s book in terms of how to go about securing things and the two had been inseperable for years (whether the little Eevee, Tai, liked it or not (which he’d blushingly admit he did)).

Seeing his main playmate leave, Jaden looked around and crawled over towards Nate when he spotted him. The other Vulpix was relieved to be free of the duties. He liked kids but he’d much rather be doing other things like hide from his “Auntinata” when she wanted to play dress-up. You could get him to admit he did look cute after she was done with him but that didn’t mean he had to act like he enjoyed it (he did but he’d only show it with a VERY selective few).

“Hey there kiddo.” Nate chuckled affectionately, picking up his kit and setting him on his lap with big grins on both their faces. “Having fun?”

“Yeah!” Jaden answered happily. “When can we open presents?”

“You, Oraclai and Cheek keep asking but it’s still not until tomorrow you silly goose.” Nate laughed, nuzzling his kit’s nose. “This is the family Christmas Eve party. We open presents on Christmas Day.”

“Awww… but I wanted to open presents now Daddy.” Jaden whined playfully.

“Well if you want to try getting past all your aunts, your gandma, and your great grandma, go right ahead and try kiddo.” Nate teased. With a gin, he tickled Jaden a bit and added, “But first you’ll have to escape from me and I don’t feel like letting you go right now.”

As the kit giggled and squirmed in his grasp, Nate looked upon the rest of his family again. Skip and Zoe’s four kids were playing with an old four-player chess set. Deyna, the oldest one, looked almost like a carbon copy of his Uncle Nate. The youngest, Cheek, reminded them of a slightly younger version of Nate with a concentrated dose of Ri into the personality. The twin sisters, Mhera and Song, looked like a younger, female version of their father mother respectively.

Glancing off to another side, he spotted the middle two of Anthony’s first litter, the twin Pichu bros. They’d managed to get Auntinata’s undivided attention again and were busy giggling while Hinata showered them with affection in whatever form she chose. Their older sister was plucking away on her ukulele to an audience of her little brother (the only one of the four Pichu that had been born to evolve or show any interest in battle oddly) and her mate, the irrepressible Pachirisu, Kai. Just as Nate was about to listen in on what she was singing, everybody else did too, allowing all to hear little Zuri singing the third verse of Hark the Herald with a great deal of passion and zeal.

Nate actually felt tears come to his eyes as he listened to her sing, “Hail the heav’n born prince of peace, hail the son of righteousness. Light and love to all he brings, ris’n with healing in his wings.” Nate smiled as proudly as if Zuri were his own child rather than his niece-of-sorts as her passion grew to such a point, even she began to tear up enough to let some tears fall onto her ukulele. “Mild he leaves his throne on high! Born that man no more may die! Born to raise the sons of Earth! Born to give them second birth! Hark the herald angels sing….” The tears finally fell from Nate’s eyes when she stopped strumming and quietly finished, “Glory to the new….born…. kiiinggg….” Zuri blushed bright red when she realized she had an audience bigger than she’d seen moments ago as everyone, even the group downstairs began applauding.

“Darn it sis!” the Pikachu next to her laughed, tears flowing free from his eyes too. “Why’d you gotta go and make me cry? Come on, play us something that’ll get us dancing!”

“If you got something to play you go ahead and do it.” Zuri retorted playfully. Her ears perked straight up in the air twitching when her brother snatched her ukulele.

“Alright, I will!” he smirked. “Here’s something that should make you all laugh.” He plucked a few off key strings that made everybody wince before singing out, “My darlin’ little lassie, I love her all to bits! I’ll climb up to her bedchamber and rub her mountainous…” KA-BONG!

Everyone did laugh at the now half-concious Pikachu sprawled out on the floor. Nate remembered clearly it wasn’t Zoro Zuri was dressed as when she wore a black cape, mask and sombrero for one of her earliest Halloweens. The little Pichu huffed angrily at her brother as she held the end of her ukulele in one hand. Nate chuckled and handed Jaden over to Laguna so he could pad over to pick the irate little electric type up.

“Now now now El Kabong,” Nate teased. “I realize he had that coming for watching that Robin Hood movie too much and it isn’t a family Christmas party without at least one good brawl bewtween relatives, especially inlaws, but… actually, no buts, that was well done!”

“Don’t encourage her!” Hiroki, now a Raichu currently cradling her blushing mate and bottle feeding him, scolded with a laugh. “We’re trying to break her of the habit of giving half the family concussions remember?”

“True enough.” Nate said, tweaking Zuri’s notched ear gently but giving her a smirking wink. “She should probably wait until when we break out the eggnog later. At least then she’d have an excuse.”

“Well I think she’s hot when she’s hot.” Kai giggled, jumping up onto Nate’s shoulder. He held his tail over his head and revealed he’d tied a sprig of mistletoe to the end of it. Zuri smiled at him with a roll of her eyes but before she could lean up to kiss him, Nate took the initiative and everyone laughed when Kai fell off his shoulder in shock.

Nate chuckled and set Zuri down so she could chase after her mate. “Clever idea Kai but watch your aim next time.” He laughed. “Where’d you get the mistletoe anyways?”

“From them.” Sai answered, pointing over towards the door. Nate looked at his brother first and laughed when he saw his guest, a neko/tanoki hybrid named Auriella (and his girlfriend) held him in his Eevee-kit form on her lap. Their brother Kyle, was in a similar position on Izuri’s lap, only the blushing bunny-human was simply regressed and in a baby blue sleeper instead. Nate chuckled, thinking about how cute Kyle looked. With his bunny ears and tail it looked like he was in a bunny sleeper almost.

Nate finally turned to look where Sai was pointing and chuckled when he saw Daisy and her sister Krystalis had hung mistletoe near the door down to the basement, obviously both waiting for Luc so they could pounce upon him as soon as he appeared. Nate only ever chuckled about how Luc had managed to land himself two mates. He hadn’t really asked for either of them too. Daisy had more or less forced him to be her mate (not that he was complaining), and while he still loved Daisy, neither him nor Krystalis could stop each other from falling for the other. With a little help from their brother Sol, Krys and Luc managed to tell Daisy and all of them worked it out that the two sisters would share Luc.

Speaking of Lotus (Sol’s real name), Nate glanced around for him and found the Quilava blushing in Grandma Karen’s pouch. The kangaroo adored cute pokemon like him. Next to Karen was Kana the Kangaskhan, with a cub of her own in her pouch. Trace the Zorua looked very content inside the pouch of his adoptive mother. They’d known each other from before Kana even came to the Star Region from another world, but it was years before they reunited and became so close again.

Smiling happily at his family again, Nate decided to pad up the stairs to check on the last few members. He grinned when he got to the top of the steps and found Zoe sitting in her chair with a cup of cocoa in her paw. “How’s she doing?” Nate asked.

“If you’re up here you can go see for yourself.” Zoe chuckled, standing up and padding past him. “I’ve got an otter to show how to really sing a barroom song.”

Nate chuckled and padded into the bedroom Zoe had been seated outside of. The first thing he saw within was the biggest creature in the room, his loving Arcanine. Even though she could almost be called old by now, she still hadn’t slowed down a bit. She smiled at her first pup as he walked in and nodded a greeting. What made Nate smile more was who was laying nestled to her warm belly fur. A snow white kitsune returned the smile as he walked in to see her. Sitting down on the bed beside her he leaned down to plant a gentle kiss on her muzzle as her tails swished gently in happiness. “How are you all feeling?” Nate asked, rubbing over her domed belly.

The kitsune smiled back at him and laid a hand upon her life-containing stomach. “We’re all fine in here.” She answered. “You don’t have to miss the Christmas Party for us you know.”

“It’s for spending time with loved ones, and who do I love more than any?” Nate chuckled.

“Aww, that’s sweet of you. But you should really love your mate more.” Arcanine teased, reminding them she was still in the room. Nate and his mate simply rolled their eyes at her. Arcanine wruffed with a few chuckles before lying back down and closing her eyes. Nate wasn’t fooled and knew she’d be listening, but he didn’t much care.

“I’d rather spend time with you hun.” Nate chuckled. “A few too many headaches waiting to happen at any second.”

“That’s our family for you.” She giggled. “We might all love each other to pieces but get too many of us together and chaos ensues.”

“And we’ve just got more of that wonderful chaos on the way.” Nate said, kissing her belly and jerking back when a kick from within caught him on the end of the nose (causing a giggle from everyone in the room, even Nate). “With you due soon my dear and even with Hinata, Daisy, and Krys finally expecting, it’ll be a wonder our homes stay in one piece.”

“I know… won’t it be great?”

Nate just chuckled and nodded, remembering the chaos of simply growing up. The faces of his old friends still down in Denshire Falls passed through his mind’s eye. Skippa and Zoe still gave him news on Zee-Zee’s family. Lig had himself a nice mate and not only had he gotten a child of his own, but even Dylan and Balt had adopted. He hadn’t seen Chimour in a while but Skippa and Zoe told him he should come down and check how he and his lady were doing. Raikan and his brood he remembered fondly as well, Sirius being the child that stuck out most from the family he remembered. With a tear falling from his eye at all the happy memories, Nate crawled onto the bed next to his mate and cuddling up to her, kissed her once and said to not only her, but everyone he could feel in his heart, “Merry Christmas…”
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas in the Stars   Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:59 pm

Awwwwww, that's adorable! ^.^

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas in the Stars   Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:50 am

Great story
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas in the Stars   Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:07 pm

Nice Story Riolu
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas in the Stars   Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:07 pm

good story daddy
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas in the Stars   

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Christmas in the Stars
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