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 An otter, a kitsune, and two fennecs

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PostSubject: An otter, a kitsune, and two fennecs   Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:30 am

Title sounds like the start of some kind of joke doesn't it? Well, I had this story started and figured there's enough here to post so may as well. As soon as I can find my flashdrive, I'll have two updates for two older stories I've been working on as well. So here you all go, another story that's probably gonna take me forever to actually finish.

“So why are we doing this again?” Nate, the otter/squirrel hybrid asked a rather maternal Ninetales.

She giggled at him innocently. “You wanted to go visit this new friend of yours silly so we’re going.”

“I know that.” Nate said, rolling his eyes at the fire-type. “I meant, why are we going there with me not only riding on your back, but regressed and underdressed?”

“Cause you happen to like going out like this.” She giggled back, turning her head to stick her tongue out at him. Nate just rolled his eyes again and snuggled into the tails she’d draped across him to shelter him from the slight chill in the air. Thankfully Selanine, the Ninetales he was currently laying upon the back of, had given him a backpack of clothes for when he did get over to his new friends house. Nate smiled, remembering the first day he met Terry.

The first thing he noticed was of course the prominent diaper bulge he had. Just about the whole class could probably tell what he was wearing beneath his pants. Next was the odd glint to one of his eyes and a strange, almost inaudible to normal hearing, clicking when one of his arms moved. Remembering some of his lessons with Luca, his big bro of a Lucario, a brief look at the silver fennec revealed much about him. Firstly were that judging by the lack of aura in them, his eye and arm were prosthetic (even at the age of 8 (soon to be 9 thank you very much!) he knew the term and what it meant). Secondly was despite being a new student, he had very little fear in him. It made Nate happy to see a new fur settling in so quickly into the class. He smiled even more broadly when as he was introducing himself to the class he proudly proclaimed to everyone he wasn’t afraid of anything.

When class was over he went to say hi to him and noticed he wasn’t the only one to do so. Kinny, another fennec in the class had the same idea. Nate knew Kin well enough to call him a friend but other than school he couldn’t recall to many times they’d hung out yet. Just as they’d finished introducing themselves though, another student with obvious intent to bully came up. Terry impressed Nate when he told them both to run so he took off and hid around a corner, instead of fleeing, peeking around to watch. He focused his aura as Luc had trained him but waited to see what Terry would do first. He was just about to jump in when the student took a swing at Terry, only to stop when he saw what was coming. Terry moved his prosthetic arm with surprising speed and caught the punch, even managing to damage the student’s hand at the same time! He went home that day making a note to chat with the fennec the next day, especially after he took his pants off and walked away in just a diaper and a shirt. He was unable to do so the next day though, the fennec was preoccupied by a much less heated encounter with the same student and an encounter with another fennec that reminded Nate of a younger Daisy, Luc’s self-proclaimed (and mutually agreed upon anyways) mate. He heard the name Ember later and remembered her from class too. Eventually however he got the chance to start talking to Terry and today would be the first time he was going to get to have a play-date with him.
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PostSubject: Re: An otter, a kitsune, and two fennecs   Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:22 pm

=D the story from nate's point of view.

this is brilliant! OwO
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An otter, a kitsune, and two fennecs
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