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 Jay's Regression

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PostSubject: Jay's Regression   Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:26 pm

Hey boys and girls. It's been quite a lil while since I posted a story and well after working on it for quite a while I finally have this one finished. This story follows Jay. A 20 something lion who's just graduated college and loving his independence. But Jay doesn't get to enjoy this for long and regressed to a cub. Now he's got to deal with his new situation at home with his sister and her young son.

Jay’s Regression.

Jay was a Lion in his early twenties. Fresh out of college with a modeling job working with a magazine, a sunny outlook on his life, and a very active social life. Jay overall was a very independent Lion. He had Black furr and a silver mane and had gold eyes. This was natural for him. Jay had some wolf deep in his family tree and was one of the lucky ones to have it show in his coloring. This in part is what made Jay who he was. He was different. He stood out from other lions and that’s just what many Magazines wanted. Something to stand out. Because of this Jay had also developed a very charismatic personality. He stood out from the other lions his age and so had to make good impressions. Jay had a nice apartment in a good part of town. He was happy and doing well. But life doesn’t always take the road we think it will.

Jay smiled sitting at the bar of a rather nice night club. There was music playing and people dancing. Jay was having a good time. He’d danced with a couple of people so far tonight and had himself a few nice drinks. It had been a pretty nice night thus far. Jay smiled when he saw his friend walk over.

“Hey Pete any luck tonight?” Jay asked the fox who sat down next to him.

“Ah I think so. Found this Russian wolf and oh the make out session was fantastic. I got his number!” Pete grinned happily as he sipped his soda.

“Nice. Well I’m glad ya did. Ah I had a pretty good one. No make out session but ah well.” Jay said as he stretched with a yawn.

“Tired?” Pete asked looking to his friend.

“A bit. Heh probably to many drinks.” Jay nodded as he leaned against the bar.

“Well what do ya say I drive ya back to your place then?” Pete suggested.

“Sure that’s probably the best idea.” Jay nodded as he got up a bit wobbly.

The two walked out to Pete’s car and got in. Jay was wondering why he felt so damn tipsy. He usually didn’t get like this. He hadn’t really had too much to drink. Jay however didn’t give it much more thought as they drove down the road with Pete. It wasn’t too long before Pete dropped him off at his house. He waved good bye to Pete as he unlocked his front door and walked in with a yawn. Jay felt beat and somehow more tipsy then he was earlier. So he made his way back to his bedroom and stripped off his clothes down to his dart blue briefs and climbed into bed with a yawn. It wasn’t too long before he drifted off to sleep.

Jay rolled over and yawned the next morning feeling rather well rested. However he felt something cold around his waist as he rolled over. It took his groggy mind a few moments to register the sensation and reach a conclusion. Jay cursed to himself lightly as he realized he’d wet his bed. He hadn’t done that in years. He was ashamed to admit though it was less years then most. He hadn’t stopped wetting the bed until he was nearly 17. Jay sighed as he got out of bed not yet noticing how loose his underwear was on him. He assumed he’d simply wet the bed because he was so drunk last night. He still wasn’t sure how he got that tipsy as he didn’t have too many drinks and he had stretched them out to avoid getting hammered. But he’d soon find out. Jay stumbled into the bathroom rubbing his head feeling a headache from last night. He finally kicked off the wet underwear and hopped into the shower. After a quick shower he which went quicker then usual. He was surprised it didn’t take him as long to wash his mane as usual. Jay walked over to the mirror and wiped the haze from it and then figured out why it didn’t take so long.

“Holy Shit!” Jay gasped as he looked in the mirror seeing what appeared to be his 17 year old self staring back at him.

Jay ran his hand through his short mane staring at himself and wondering what the hell was going on. How in the heck was he now so much younger. Jay now knew why he had gotten so tipsy. He was probably already regressing some back at the bar. He groaned with his head spinning trying to figure out what the hell to do. He couldn’t just go to the hospital and say he was regressing. They’d think he was crazy! Jay thought some more though and got an idea. Dr. Okawa. He’d been Jay’s doctor for years and would surely recognize him no matter the age. Dr. Okawa was one smart red panda. Jay nodded to himself deciding to call him and see what’s up. He quickly walked back to his room and got dressed in some of his smaller clothes that he usually only wore to show off his figure. Now they fit pretty normally. He then grabbed the phone and called Dr. Okawa.

“Hello Dr. Okawa. It’s Jay McKelson. I was wondering if I could shedule an appointment to see you today. As soon as possible. Please it’s really important.” Jay asked him sounding a bit nervous as he did.

“Of course Jay. I’ve got most of this morning free. Drop by and I’ll see you. Are you OK? You sound nervous.” Dr. Okawa asked him. He hadn’t heard Jay sound like this in years.

“I….I think so but I just wanna be sure. Thanks Doc I’ll be right over.” Jay said hanging up the phone and grabbed his car keys.

Jay looked in the mirror before he left. He didn’t appear too much younger then before. Still looked old enough to drive. So with that he got into his car and drove down to the hospital. He felt like he was sitting on pins and needles as he drove. Jay parked in the parking lot of the rather large hospital and got out making his way in and eventually found a front desk. He told the Eagle girl at the desk he had an appointment with Dr. Okawa. She nodded and told him to wait. Jay sat down in one of the chairs in the waiting area looked around nervously. He was definitely nervous. His mind was racing with all sorts of scenarios. He wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings and jumped a bit when he heard Dr. Okawa call his name. Jay took a breath and stood up to look at him. Dr. Okawa looked at Jay recognizing him instantly but looked confused too as Jay looked like he had at age 17. With that he ushered Jay through the doors.

“When did it start Jay?” Dr. Okawa asked Jay as they walked down the hall to an exam room.

“I didn’t notice anything until this morning but I think it started last night.” Jay explained as they walked into the room.

“Hmmmm. Fast progression. How do you feel?” Dr. Okawa asked Jay.

“Hard to say. I mean. I don’t feel sick. Just like I’ve got a lot of energy. Well my stomach is kind of unsettled but that’s about it.” Jay said knowing the procedure and took his shirt off as the Doctor listened to his heart.

“Alright….Well your heart sounds fine. Beating a bit fast but that’s probably due to strain.” Dr. Okawa said as he already had an idea of what this was.

“Doc what’s going on? Why am I getting younger?” Jay asked with a gulp at how he sounded asking that. His voice was a bit higher.

“Jay have you heard of the ARV bug?” Dr. Okawa asked as he prepped the needle to take blood from Jay.

“A bit. It was some designer thing that got accidentally released into the eco system. It was meant to keep people young but ended up making them younger. Wait. Your saying I have it?” Jay asked only now having thought of that.

“Yes. One thing that wasn’t made too public was how young some people got. True some of them only regressed a bit. But many of them regressed to children, toddlers, and infants.” Dr. Okawa said as he drew the blood which made Jay wince at the needle.

“What?!” Jay gasped not even feeling the needle being withdrawn.

“Yes. It’s true. And well in accelerated cases like yours here it’s most common for the subject to regress to a toddler or infant.” Dr. Okawa told Jay who just sat there in shock. “At any rate the regression should probably be finished sometime in the early hours of tomorrow. I’m admitting you in for observation. Just to make sure everything goes smoothly.”

“Isn’t there anything you can do to stop it?” Jay asked desperately.

“I’m sorry but there isn’t. All we can do is let it run it’s course and deal with the aftermath.” Dr. Okawa explained to him putting a hand on his shoulder. “At any rate just wait here. I’ll be back to show you to your room shortly.”

“Ok Doctor.” Jay nodded with a sigh wondering what he was going to do. He sat there for about five minutes thinking of what it’d be like to end up as a toddler again. He couldn’t go back to live with his parents. They’d past away two years ago.

“Ok Your all set come on Jay.” Dr. Okawa told Jay.

He hopped off the table grabbing his shirt noting that his clothes were looser now and he was a tad shorter. Jay just shrugged and followed the doctor off down the halls to the one of the rooms. He noted it was a single and from the sounds he could hear off in the distance he wasn’t too far away from the pediatric wing of the hospital.

“Ok Jay you’ll be staying in this room while you’re here. We’ll need you to change out of your clothes and into one of the gowns. If you need anything press the call button. A Nurse should be in to check up on you every hour though. Oh here’s your attending nurse now.” Dr. Okawa said with a smile as a young male mountain lion walked into the room.

“Hello there. I’m Stan. I’ll be your nurse for probably all of while you’re here.” He said with a warm smile.

“H-hi Stan.” Jay said with a bit of a smile and a blush. Had Jay met Stan here at the club last night he probably would have done everything possible to go home with him.

“Anyway if you need anything just ask when I come by or press the call button. Oh bathroom’s over there too if you wanna go change now. I’ll wait outside the door so you can hand me off your clothes.” Stan told Jay.

“Well Stan you seem to have things in hand here. I’ll get out of your hair and start on Jay’s blood work. See if I can get you an approximate age at which the regression will stop at.” Dr. Okawa said with a smile before walking off.

“Bye Doc.” Jay said with a bit of a wave.

He nodded to Stan and grabbed a gown and walked into the bathroom. He sighed as he took off the rest of his clothes noting that they were much looser now then they had been. With a sigh he slipped the grown on and walked back out with a bit of a blush having never really been comfortable in these gowns. Especially now though that he was standing in front of a very attractive mountain lion.

“Alright then well there isn’t really too much to do right now. So well my only suggestion is to just relax. Try watching some TV. Let me know if you need anything.” Stan told Jay with a smile that just sorta made him melt.

“Okay. Later.” Jay said as Stan walked out of the room.

Jay sighed and sat down on the bed which he adjusted to an upright sitting position. He wondered to himself why he couldn’t have met Stan before today. Jay wondered what this would be like. Decending back to toddler age. He looked down at himself and gauged his age as roughly 14 years old. Maybe 15 at most. He knew it likely wouldn’t be too long before the regression finished it’s course and left him in all probability a toddler. Jay dreaded being that small and dependent again. He’d grown used to his independent life style. He knew that’d have to change though. So with that in mind he just sat back and watched TV. Every now and then Stan stopped by to see how he was. Each time he stopped Jay seemed to have lost about a year off his age.

“Hello Jay. I’ve got your test results in.” Dr. Okawa said as he walked into the room seeing Jay at now about 12 or 11 years old.

“So what’s the deal doc? How little am I gonna get?” Jay asked not quite used to hearing his new younger voice.

“Test show that the strain will most probably finish it’s job with you around age 2 or 3.” Dr. Okawa told Jay.

“Urg! Great! Just great! What am I gonna do? I won’t even be able to reach the kitchen tops!” Jay groaned and banged his fist against the bed mattress lightly.

“Well you’ll most definitely need someone around to help take care of you. Is there any family we can call for you?” Dr. Okawa asked hopefully.

“Well….yeah there is one. My sister Sarah.” Jay told the doctor with a sigh.

“Alright then we’ll contact here. Is her number on your contact card?” Dr. Okawa asked again.

“Yeah she’s on there.” Jay nodded with a sigh.

“Ok then I’ll call her and tell her to come by.” Dr. Okawa said and walked off.

Jay laid back not really paying attention to the TV. He was thinking about his sister. He’d always gotten along with her and they’d rarely fought. They were pretty good siblings. He remembered she always used to help him with his homework. He just wasn’t sure if he wanted to impose on her. She already had a son of her own named Matt to take care of. He didn’t wanna add to her plate. Plus he wasn’t too sure how well that would work. He’d end up physically younger then her son by a year or two and wasn’t sure if a toddler would understand that he wasn’t really a toddler too but just a grown up that looked like one. It’d be one of the things Jay would have to deal with though. He had little other choice.

As Jay sat there thinking he watched TV. Over t he course of several shows he had noticed something a tad odd as he regressed more and was now about 10 or 9. He was going to the bathroom a lot more often. Jay wondered why this was happening. He seemed to be going just about every half hour. Stan stopped by once and Jay actually managed to overcome his shyness to ask about it.

“Oh that’s actually not uncommon among regresses. Basically your bladder is shrinking as your producing pee and that means it’s having a harder time holding the slightly more then capacity amount your body is producing. It’s worse though if you had issues with going a lot as a kid originally though.” Stan explained clearly with a smile at his patient.

“Oh Ok. Thanks.” Jay nodded. Just then a Lioness stood at the door. Her furr coloring was normal for a lion unlike Jay’s but there definitely was a resemblance.

“Jay? Is that you?” She asked with a bit of shock seeing her now 8 year old again brother standing before her.

“Yeah it’s me sis.” Jay nodded with a sigh and sat down on the bed.

“Man this thing must really be a working it’s stuff on ya. How do ya feel?” Sarah asked walking over to Jay and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Well aside from having a go a lot OK I guess.” Jay shrugged.

“So basically normal for you at this age.” She smiled having to resist the urge to ruffle his much diminished mane.

“So I guess the doc told you everything? Like how old I’ll probably get.” Jay said with only a bit of a smile at her attempt to lighten the mood.

“Yeah he told me. Don’t worry Jay. I’ll try my hardest to treat you as normally as I can. If I do mess up in that regard just tell me.” She said with a smile.

“Thanks sis. Well that takes some worries off of me.” Jay said finally noticing that Matt wasn’t with her. “Where’s Matt?”

“Well given what I was told on the phone I thought it best not to bring him. He’s staying over at a friend’s tonight and for a while tomorrow. I’ll need that time to get you settled in.” Sarah told Jay.

“Get me settled?” Jay asked cocking one eyebrow up questioningly.

“I’m going to need to set up another bed in Matt’s room for the time being until we can convert the spare bedroom into one for you. Also I’m going to need to take you shopping to get some clothes as well. Because knowing you your going to complain a bit about Matt’s hand me downs. Unless you’d like a lot of clothes with sesame street designs and all that.” Sarah explained with a smile.

“Oh….point taken.” Jay nodded with a cringe at the thought of wearing a t-shirt with Big Bird on it.

“Now there’s only one real thing though that we need to decide for you though and well we should probably talk about it now.” Sarah told her brother pausing to take a deep breath. “Diapers or Training Pants?”

“What?! Neither! I’ll wear underwear dumby! Ok so I guess they’ll have to be underoos but still!” Jay said rather shocked and put off that she’d even suggest this.

“Jay come on. You’ll be two or three. We both know you weren’t fully trained at least during the day anyway until you were nearly four.” Sarah told him very matter of factly.

“Well it’ll be different this time! I mean I already know how to use the toilet!” Jay told her trying to convince her.

“Jay it wasn’t a matter of you learning how. It was a matter of you simply not being able to be trained until then. So your going to need to choose. Ok?” Sarah told Jay who just sat there pouting.

“Oh fine! Trainers then. But if I can prove I don’t need em you’ll let me wear underwear.” Jay told her this time very matter of factly.

“Fine. If you can prove to me that you don’t need trainers then you can wear underwear.” Sarah told him with a smile.

With that Sarah and Jay sat back and talked for a while about old times. Jay was getting relaxed. As they talked Stan brought in his supper and one for his sister. They thanked him and continued to talk for a while. By this point Jay was now down to 6 years old again and had needed to change into a different gown. After a while though Jay was starting to yawn. The day had worn on him quite a bit and his increasingly younger body was feeling the strain of it. So with that Sarah got up and told her brother to get some sleep. Jay sighed and nodded and got under the covers of the bed and laid down as his sister left the room. After a little while Jay drifted off to sleep knowing that come morning his regression would be done and he’d be his new toddler self.

The next morning Jay rolled over in bed with a yawn as the light filtered in on him. As he woke he once more felt cold around his nether regions and groaned at having wet the bed again. As he opened his eyes and looked around he was a bit shocked by how big everything now seemed to be. He sat up in the huge bed and looked down at the wet spot. He groaned again at having wet the bed. He knew he probably would but had forgotten to mention it to anyone. Just then as he sat there like that Stan walked in.

“Morning Jay how ya. Oh….not off to a very nice start Huh? Don’t worry happens a lot to people that go through the regression.” Stan said walking over to Jay’s bed and pulled back the covers.

“S-sorry Stan.” Jay said with wide eyes hearing his voice.

“Oh no problem. You can’t help it. Heck I was a bed wetter at that age too.” Stan nodded and lifted Jay up off of the bed and sat him down on the floor. Just then Sarah walked in.

“Oh darn I knew I forgot something. I was gonna get an absorbent matt or maybe goodnites for ya last night. Ug. I forgot. Sorry Jay. Chalk up this accident to your sister’s bad memory.” She told him as she walked over with a bag. “Anyway I’ve got some clothes here for ya. They’re pretty plain and they should fit.”

“Oh thanks Sis.” Jay smiled a bit still blushing at having had Stan seen his wet bed and now be taking care of it.

“Come on into the bathroom.” Sarah told Jay as she walked over to it and opened the door.

“Okay.” Jay nodded and scampered into the bathroom with his gown dragging behind him. Sarah sighed and followed him in.

“Ok first lets get the gown off and get you cleaned up.” She told him and pulled the gown off of him and then got up a tub of wipes and started to wipe him up down there.

“Sarah! Do you really need to do that yourself?” Jay complained blushing like mad as she wiped him up.

“Oh come on Jay. I used to help mom change your diapers all the time. This is nothing new.” Sarah said as she finished wiping Jay up and got out the small package of Pull-Ups she’d brought.

“I thought you said the clothes were plain?” Jay pouted seeing them.

“Sorry but Pull-Ups don’t come in a plain design.” She said taking one out of the package and held the open garment out to Jay. “Ok step on into it Jay.”

“Alright.” Jay nodded and stepped into the Pull-Up and felt his sister pull it up into place and thread his tail.

“There see now that wasn’t so bad.” Sarah smiled and got out a pair of jeans with elastic waist and held them out to him.

“I guess. Least they’re not too thick.” Jay said as he stepped on into the jeans too and once more had his tail threaded.

“Told ya. Arms up now.” Sarah told James with a smile. She couldn’t help thinking this reminded her of dressing Matt in a way.

“Alright.” Jay nodded and held his arms up rolling his eyes as his sister slipped a simple blue t-shirt with a stripe across the chest on him.

“There we go you’re all dressed and ready for a day out.” She nodded with a smile as she stood back and looked at him.

“Yup. Ready as I’ll ever be I guess.” Jay shrugged as he stood there looking up at his sister.

“Well come on then and lets get going.” Sarah said and held her hand down to Jay

Jay sighed and took her hand feeling even more like the lil cub he appeared to be. He held her hand as they walked through the halls and over to the elevator. Jay looked around in a bit of awe. Everything seemed so much bigger then it had before. It was like seeing everything as new again. Jay smiled a bit. At least this was one kind of neat part about all this. Once on the Elevator Sarah let Jay press the button for their floor. Jay noted that he could do so just barely. He could reach that row of numbers but not the one above it. Jay blushed knowing he’d need a lot of help to reach things he couldn’t get on his own.

It wasn’t long before the elevator reached the ground floor and were heading out the car. Jay really felt small now walking through the seemingly gigantic parking lot. Once they reached his sister’s van she had to pick him up and put him in. Jay groaned as he was placed in a car seat.

“Sarah! Why can’t I sit up front? I don’t wanna sit in a car seat!” Jay said blushing as she buckled him in.

“Your too small Jay. The seat belt won’t keep you safe and I can’t put the car seat in up front. Besides you look like a toddler and I don’t want a fine for not having you in a car seat.” Sarah told her brother as she finished fastening him into the seat.

“Oh alright.” Jay sighed crossing his arms and giving a pout which Sarah had to restrain herself from laughing at.

Jay shook his head as he looked down at himself. He had to admit though that his sister was right. As far as the world was concerned he was a toddler and it’s not like some traffic cop would believe he was really a regressed adult. Jay just leaned back in his seat as they pulled out of the parking lot. Sarah turned on the radio and they listened to some music as they drove down the road. Jay blessed off as he looked out the van window at the world passing by. Before long though he saw their destination come into sight. Cubs R’ Us. Jay hadn’t been in there for years. Not since he stopped there to get a few things for Sarah’s baby shower when she was pregnant with Matt. Jay took a deep breath as they pulled into the parking lot. Jay knew that this was bound to be embarrassing.

“What are we stopping here for again?” Jay asked as Sarah parked the car.

“Well I doubt you’ll wanna wear Matt’s hand me downs. So I thought we’d get you your own wardrobe.” Sarah explained to Jay as she got out of the van.

“Oh. I guess that is a good idea. I don’t really wanna wear something sporting Bob the Builder.” Jay said mostly to himself as Sarah came around to the back and let him out of his car seat.

With that Sarah took Jay’s hand making him blush and feel like a toddler as she lead him up to the store stopping to get a cart and place him into the toddler seat in the car. Jay felt very much like a small cub now being sat in the seat on the cart as his sister pushed it through the store. Jay hadn’t been in here in a while. It now seemed huge to him. Taking in the look of everything Jason was now actually looking around as they entered the clothing section.

“Now then first I think we should get you some shirts and then pants. Ones with Elastic will work best.” Sarah told him as she pushed the cart.

“Ok I guess. But none of those shirts with the cutsie sayings on them.” Jay told her as he looked around.

“Alright. But I bet you would look cute in this one.” Sarah giggled as she showed him one that read “Diaper Loading in progress” and showed a loading bar.

“Ha ha. But that joke doesn’t work. I’m not wearing diapers and I’m not gonna wear diapers.” Jay groaned crossing his arms.

“Fine sorry. I keep spacing. Your so cute ya know.” Sarah told him as she picked out some plain single colored shirts and a few with simple patterns.

“So um…. How are things with you and Matt?” Jay asked looking for something to talk about.

“Pretty good. Guess it’s lucky he was so young when Steve died. At any rate though he’s getting bigger. Ironically I’m potty training him now.” Sarah giggled a bit thinking of seeing the two of them in Pull-Ups together as they looked over the pants and shorts.

“Oh? How’s he doing?” Jay asked curiously.

“Pretty good. Not too many accidents. Before long he’ll probably be in undies.” Sarah told him as she showed him some pants with snaps in the crotch.

“Wow good. Well then looks like soon you won’t have to worry about changing diapers again mo…No. Not those.” Jay said cutting himself off as he noticed the snaps in the crotch.

“Why not? They’re nice jeans with elastic.” Sarah asked playing dumb.

“They’ve got snaps in the crotch! I’m not a baby Sarah! I mean geeze do you really think I’m gonna need that?” Jay complained loudly.

“Jay come on. Most of these in your size are gonna have the snaps. So you’ll just have to deal with it.” Sarah told him putting the jeans in the cart.

“Urg. Fine if that’s all they have I guess.” Jay sighed shaking his head and just stared off as Sarah picked out some more pants and shorts.

“Now I think we’ve got some good day clothes for now. Lets get you some night clothes.” Sarah said pushing the cart.

“What kind of night clothes? Usually I either just wear my briefs to bed or maybe a big shirt.” Jay told her.

“Well I suppose that would work for summer but I’m still going to get you a few of these for the colder months.” Sarah said as she grabbed a few plain colored sleepers.

“Ug! Sarah are you trying to bring me to my wit’s end? I don’t need a sleeper! Something more mature please.” Jay complained.

“Jay would you quite nit picking. I know you wouldn’t like any of the PJ sets in your size look.” Sarah said pointing to the cartoon themed ones. “The sleepers are at least more plain and they’ll be warmer for you.” Sarah told him sighing at his frequent complaints.

“Fine I guess. Damn this is so frustrating.” Jay griped rubbing his head a bit only to suddenly realizing a building sensation in his bladder. “Sarah where’s the bathroom?”

“Oh gotta go huh? Well come on right over there.” Sarah smiled and pushed the cart towards the bathrooms while Jay crossed his legs.

“Hurry up!” Jay told her desperately as the sensation kept on building quickly.

“We’re almost there.” Sarah told him remaining calm as the bathroom came into sight.

Jay looked to the restroom as the pressure in his bladder urgently demanded relief and just before they reached the door it let loose. Jay’s face turned beat red as he felt the warmth course through the confines of the Pull-Ups before it slowly started to be absorbed and the dry signs though hidden beneath his pans began to quickly disappear. Jay couldn’t believe that he’d just wet his pants in public. Of course Sarah noticed Jay’s expression of relief, shock, and the blush knew right away what had just happened. She somehow doubted that Jay would have much success in making it to the bathroom but she’d at least let him try for a day or so.

“Didn’t make it huh?” Sarah asked with a soft smile.

“N-no.” Jay nodded blushing still.

“Well come on then lets go get one more thing and then head to the check out.” Sarah said moving off away from the bathroom.

“Sarah…why can’t I get out of these first?” Jay whined as he sat there in his soggy Pull-Ups.

“I didn’t bring any spare Pull-Ups in with me. So you’ll have to wait until we get out to the car or until we get home.” Sarah told him as she pushed the cart towards the diaper isle.

“Ok… Why are we in the diaper isle? I told you I don’t need diapers!” Jay griped again.

“Jay I heard you the first time stop complaining and acting like a cub.” Sarah told him with a sigh. “I’m stopping by here to get some more Pull-Ups I think we’ll need them.”

“Well if we’re gonna get Pull-Ups here then why do I have to wait until after we get to the car or home to change?” Jay asked tilting his head.

“I can change you after we get the Pull-Ups then and pay for them. Sorry I spaced.” Sarah told him as she stopped by where the Pull-Ups were and got a new package and sat it in the cart along with a package of Pawpers when Jay wasn’t looking. “Ok now we’ve got everything lets go pay for it.”

With that Sarah pushed the cart towards the check out. Jay just blushed and looked around in the other direction as Sarah put the items on counter to be scanned. Jay didn’t notice the package of Pawpers which was scanned along with the Pull-Ups. He was too busy trying not to look the cashier in the eye who had made comments about how cute he was. Sarah smiled and nodded idly chatting to the cashier as the items were scanned. She confirmed the to the young girl that yes that was Jay’s natural fur coloring. Jay all the while blushing like mad at the thought of the fact he was sitting in a shopping cart with a wet Pull-Up as his sister and a cashier talked over him about various toddler things. He was happy when Sarah finally paid for everything and pushed the cart away towards the bathrooms.

“Ok now we can get you changed.” Sarah told Jay as she pushed the cart into the ladies room.

“Good.” Jay said with a sigh of relief although still blushing at being in the ladies room. But given that he wanted out of this soggy Pull-Up he kept quite.

“Time to get you changed.” Sarah said folding down a changing table and picked Jay up.

“Do we have to do this out in the open?” Jay asked blushing.

“Yes Jay. You need a new Pull-Up and the changing table is easiest.” Sarah told him although given she knew it was only wet she could have done it in a stall.

“Oh fine. Get on with it.” Jay pouted crossing his arms as Sarah tugged his shorts down.

“My you certainly did have an accident. The dry signs are completely gone. Good thing I’m changing you know. One more accident and you’d have leaked for sure.” Sarah told Jay as she pulled open the sides of the Pull-Ups. “Maybe I should get you into something more absorbent.”

“No! I don’t need anything else. This was just a fluke. I’m not quite used to being so small yet and you were so slow getting us to the bathroom. There aren’t going to be anymore accidents.” Jay affirmed even though he wasn’t completely sure of it himself.

“Alright then.” Sarah shrugged and quickly began to wipe Jay up with some of the wipes from the dispenser nearby.

“You’ll see. I’ll prove I don’t even need these in a while.” Jay said trying to sound as confident as possible as Sarah finished wiping him up.

“We’ll see.” Sarah said as she pulled Jay’s shorts off so she could slid the fresh Pull-Ups into place.

Jay sighed and just laid there quietly as Sarah then pulled his shorts back up and put him back in the cart. He knew he’d yet to convince her and this accident probably didn’t help. Jay sighed looking down at his feet as Sarah pushed the cart out to car. He hoped he’d have better luck making it to the bathroom at his sister’s. At least he knew the lay out of the house and could easily dash to the bathroom at the first sign of having to go. Jay resolved to do this as Sarah strapped him into his car seat after loading the car. There would be no more accidents and he would prove to her that he was quite capable of using the toilet like the man he still believed he was. Still Sarah was fairly certain there would be more accidents. She remembered her little brother’s early years pretty well and remembered him still in diapers even at four years old. Although in part that was due to him simply not wanting to cooperate with potty training. The irony of this situation was not lost on Sarah. When Jay was little the first time he fought to stay in diapers and now that he was little again he was fighting to stay out of diapers.

Jay just pouted as he sat there staring out the window as they pulled out of the parking lot. He was trying to keep his mind focused so as not to have another accident yet at the same time he was also trying to not think about the fact that he was trapped in the body of a toddler. So of course eventually Jay did zone out. That was of course until he saw they were pulling into an unfamiliar drive way. Jay tilted his head confused and finally spoke up.

“Where are we Sarah? This isn’t your place.” Jay asked looking around as Sarah got out of the car and opened the back door after getting another car seat from the trunk.

“This is Silvia’s place. Matt slept over here last night we’re picking him up.” Sarah told him as she secured the second car seat next to him.

“Ug. We’ve getting him now? Great.” Jay groaned.

“Yes. You wait right here while I go get him.” Sarah told him and walked off.

“Yeah as if I have a choice.” Jay grumbled as he sat strapped securely in his own car seat while Sarah went and rang the door bell.

“Oh Hello Sarah. Here to pick up Matt?” asked Silvia the white tigress.

“Yup. So how was my lil sweetie?” Sarah asked with a smile.

“Oh just fine. You know boys. He’s doing very well making it to the potty. But I’ll let him tell you.” Silvia said as a young lion cub came dashing over.

“Mommy!” He cheered and held his arms up to her.

“There’s my big cub. So how was your sleep over? Did you and Bryce have a good time?” Sarah asked Matt as she scooped him up.

“Uh Huh! I had lot a fun! We got to watch movies and play games and have pizza! Oh and I made it to the potty lots and lots! I only had 2 accidents. Maybe three. Does it count as one if it’s after bedtime?” Matt chattered cheerfully.

“Oh sounds like you certainly did have fun. And nah. Keeping dry while your snoozing is pretty hard. But your doing so good keeping dry when your awake. Such a big boy.” Sarah praised Matt who grinned widely as Silvia handed Sarah Matt’s over night bag.

“Well we enjoyed having you over. See you again.” Silvia told Matt patting him on the head.

“Bye Matt! I’ll see ya at daycare.” Bryce a young tiger boy with the reversed color schem of a normal Tiger. He had orange stripes and black fur.

“Bye by Bryce I had lot a fun see ya laters!” Matt waved as Sarah took him over to the car and let him in. He took quick notice of Jay as he sat in his car seat. “Mommy who’s tis?”

“Hi Matt. It’s me. Uncle Jay.” Jay told him blushing deeply having heard all the conversation.

“Your not uncle Jay. Uncle Jay’s a big big lion! Your bout as lil as me. Hmmm butcha do gots Uncle Jay’s fur.” Matt said tilting his head confused.

“Matt sweetie this is Uncle Jay. He got sick and turned into a cub again.” Sarah tried to explain as she fastened him in.

“Really? Say something only uncle Jay know.” Matt said crossing his arms wanting proof.

“Your favorite food is gazelle nuggets. We went to the Zoo last time I babysat for you. And you have an almost paw shaped birth mark on your butt.” Jay said trying not to giggle at that last bit.

“Wows! You really are uncle Jay! Cools!” Matt cheered as Sarah started the car. “Does this mean we get at be playmates?”

“I guess. But I can’t do a lot of what I could do so sorry. No horsy rides.” Jay said with a slight blush trying not to be too self conscious.

“Aww I liked those. Oh wells we can play lots of other fun stuff. Ooo! Like hide and seek will be more fun. It was really easy finding you before.” Matt giggled remembering the last time they played it.

“Heh. Guess so. Though you weren’t hard to find. I just had to follow my nose or listen for a crinkle.” Jay retorted with a light laugh.

“Well not anymore! I’m a big boy and I’m using the potty now. I don’t wear diapees anymore. Not even at bed time. Just my big boy training pants.” Matt stated proudly.

“Wow you really are getting to be a big boy.” Jay nodded happy that his nephew was making such progress.

“Uh Huh! Soon I’ll get to wear real undies like you uncle Jay.” Matt grinned.

“Y-yeah.” Jay nodded blushing a bit knowing that this was something he himself wasn’t doing at the moment. He was likely wearing the same exact kind of training pants as his nephew.

“Well we’ll see. Uncle Jay may have some potty problems too.” Sarah said which made Jay groan.

“Uncle Jay isn’t wearing big boy undies?” Matt asked tiling his head and looked over towards Jay.

“Gee thanks sis.” Jay scowled.

“Oh calm down. He’d have found out sooner or later. No not right now. Uncle Jay’s still getting used to being little again.” Sarah said as they drove down the road.

“Oh Okay. So uncle Jay’s in big boy training pants too. That’s Okay Uncle Jay. They’re almost Big boy undies. Oh! I know I’ll help remind you about the potty just in case like mommy does for me!” Matt grinned excited at the idea of helping his uncle out.

“Uh thanks Matt. I don’t think I’ll need any reminders though. I’ll be fine.” Jay told him still blushing a bit.

“We’re here.” Sarah spoke up as they pulled into the drive way.

Jay smiled glad to finally get to inside and out of the public eye. He sat there patiently as Sarah opened the back door and unbuckled him and Matt from their car seats and let them inside. Matt decided he wanted to show Jay the backyard. He had a new play set all set up in the back yard. Sarah encouraged Jay to play along. Jay shrugged and followed his nephew out into the back yard. Meanwhile Sarah used the opportunity to unpack the car and get things set up in Matt’s room. Matt was sleeping in a big kid bed now which meant there was a spare for Jay. Matt’s old crib. Sarah sighed as she set it back up in Matt’s room. She knew that Jay was not going to be happy about this but it was the only place for him to sleep unless he wanted to share a bed with his nephew.

“See it’s got a jungle gym thing to climb on, swings, a sea-saw and a slide!” Matt cheered as he pointed out each part of it.

“Wow that is pretty cool.” Jay said as he walked around looking at it noting how well put together it was. “Who put it up?”

“Oh a friend of Mommy’s. Mr. Hockard.” Matt told him which made Jay giggle a bit. “Wha’s so funny?”

“Hehehe. I know him. Jamey Hockard. He went to school with your mom. They didn’t get along so well. In kindergarten he put a frog in her backpack.” Jay giggled remembering his sister telling him about it.

“Hehe. That’s funny. But mean that he did it to mommy.” Matt giggled a bit as well.

“Yeah. But that was only time he tried anything like that.” Jay shrugged as he hopped up onto one of the swings.

“Well good.” Matt grinned and hopped up onto a swing next to Jay.

The two continued to chat for the about the next hour or so about this or that. Mostly about a lot of kid’s shows that were on TV. Jay never admitted it to many of his friends but cartoons were his dirty pleasure if you will. He still loved many of the old ones and a few of the new ones. So he had plenty to talk about with Matt with. It just flowed so easily. Jay had for the moment completely forgotten his situation. Sarah had smiled when she looked out the back door and listened to the two chatter. As they did she went to go start lunch for them. She was wondering as she made it if she should impose a nap time on Jay as well. Usually nap time for Matt came after lunch and since Jay was now younger then Matt she thought he may need one. However she wasn’t sure if it would be received well or would be productive. So she continued to work on lunch and once finished called the two in.

“Boys! Lunch is ready.” She said from the back door.

“Oo! What ya make mommy?” Matt asked as he hopped off of the swings.

“I made Mac and Cheese.” Sarah told them warmly.

“Oh not bad. Simple, easy, and tasty.” Jay nodded as he followed Matt into the house.

“Uh Huh. I thought you’d both like that.” Sarah nodded as they headed in. “Oh before we eat though does anyone have to go use the potty?”

“No.” Jay sighed crossing his arms at having been reminded.

“I don’t think so but I’ll go anyway.” Matt giggled and scampered back for the bathroom.

“You sure Jay?” Sarah asked once Matt was out of ear shot.

“Yes!” Jay groaned and stomped his foot only to feel an ever so slight squish from the trainers. He blushed tiling his head a bit.

“Ok I think it’s time I instigated the house Potty rules.” Sarah said as she reached for the waist of Jay’s shorts.

“What? Hey what are you doing?!” Jay asked in shock as she pulled his shorts down.

“My rules. If your in Pull-Ups then it’s pants off at home so checking is easier.” Sarah said prompting him to step out of the shorts.

“But I’m not some little kid! I think I’d know if I pissed myself!” Jay yelled at her.

“Well from the looks of those fuzzy dry signs I’d say you’ve dribbled a bit.” Sarah pointed out.

“Well um…” Jay trailed off as he looked at the dry signs and could feel a slight dampness.

“Come on lets go use the potty. You don’t quite need a new Pull-Up yet.” Sarah said leading the way to the bathroom with a dejected Jay following along.

“What about Matt?” Jay asked as they walked. “He’s still in trainers too isn’t he?”

“Yes and he’ll be in just trainers once he’s done.” Sarah told him as they entered the bathroom with Matt having just pulled up his Pull-Ups.

“I went potty a lil mommy. Just pee.” Matt grinned proudly completely oblivious to Jay’s state of dress.

“That’s a good boy. Oh step out of your shorts Matt. You remember the at Home Potty rules.” Sarah reminded him.

“Oh. I musta forgot. Okay.” Matt nodded and just stepped out of his shorts.

“Now you go take a seat at the table while Jay uses the potty too.” Sarah told him.

“Okay. I’ll make sure everybody has spoons.” Matt nodded and scampered out of the bathroom.

“Alright Jay you see if you can go any and I’ll go keep an eye on Matt.” Sarah told him and walked off.

Jay sighed. He noticed that Matt’s Pull-Ups didn’t have any fading at all in the dry sign spots. Obviously Matt was doing pretty well with potty training. Jay knew it wouldn’t be too long before Matt would be out of the trainers entirely. Thinking about this made Jay want to prove his toileting skills more then ever even though he was beginning to have slight doubts about himself. As he approached the normal toilet he sighed noting that it was up so high. For some reason it seemed more intimidating. Jay swallowed the weird feeling and pulled down his trainers and attempted to scale the toilet. He found he couldn’t quite get up onto it with the Pull-Ups around his ankles. So he stepped out of them entirely and then managed to get up onto the toilet and sat there perched precariously. This felt very awkward but Jay just tried his best to relax and go. He was only able to dribble a bit into the toilet given this situation and then as he moved a little on the seat he found himself slipping and actually fell into the bowl. His midsection now in the bowl Jay was now stuck and squirming and now feeling very much afraid. Almost as if he was being swallowed by a strange cold creature.

“Sarah! Help!” Jay called out squirming and flailing all the more.

“I’m coming Jay. You wait here Matt.” Sarah sighed and went back to the bathroom wondering what had happened. When she arrived and saw what had happened a smile grew on her face and she couldn’t help but laugh lightly. “Jay how do you get yourself into these thing?”

“Just help me out already!” Jay yelled at her with what fear he had now giving way to anger.

“Ok Ok. I’m sorry. It’s just so funny.” Sarah snickered trying to bring her laughter under control as she pulled him up out of the toilet.

“Oh I’m glad you find this so funny.” Jay said with a very displeased look on his face.

“Come on how often do I get to see a scene like this?” Sarah asked him as she started to dry him off with a towel.

“Whatever.” Jay pouted as she finished drying him off.

“Anyway Jay I think you’re a bit too small for the big toilet so stick with the potty chair.” Sarah told Jay as she held his trainers out for him.

“Aww come on! Your telling me I have to use that stupid plastic thing?” Jay asked in disbelief as he stepped into his Pull-Ups.

“Yes. Unless you wanna fall in the toilet again.” Sarah told Jay after pulling up his trainers.

“Urg! Fine.” Jay pouted and crossed his arms.

After the toilet incident Jay and Sarah joined Matt in the kitchen. Matt had already made sure there were spoons out for everyone. They all took their seats. Jay sighed at the fact that he now needed booster seat for his chair. But he tried not to complain too much and just settled in and ate his lunch. Matt started to talk about the sleep over he’d had and all the things he’d done at it and boasted about his potty skills and that he’d had less accidents then his friend there. Jay tried to not really listen to those parts as much. It was too disheartening to think that his three year old nephew may well now be his superior in such a simple area. So Jay just nodded and continued to eat his lunch.


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It wasn’t long though before lunch was finished and Sarah sent the two boys off to play in the living room while she did the dishes. Matt and Jay complied and off to the living room they went. Jay climb up onto the couch and grabbed the paper to read. Meanwhile Matt scampered over to his legos and began building things with them. Jay sighed as he read over the paper. The news as usual wasn’t very entertaining and for some reason seemed particularly boring today. After a little while Jay found himself getting down from the couch and laid on this belly on the floor building things out of legos not far from Matt. Jay smiled rather blissfully as he built a little castle. He was completely absorbed in it and wasn’t really paying attention to anything else. He didn’t even notice the pressure that built in his bladder. Not until that is he was jostled out of his trances by the clock striking noon. Suddenly Jay was aware he needed to go and quite badly. Jay hopped up to his feet to head to the bathroom but as soon as he stood up the flood gates opened and Jay felt his Pull-Ups grow warm and wet as the dry signs soon disappeared in short order. To make matters worse Matt had also been jostled out of his trance of play by the clock and had looked over at Jay in time to notice that Jay no longer had any dry signs.

“Mommy! Unca Jay lost his stars!” Matt called out in a very matter of fact way just as Sarah was walking into the living room.

“S-sorry sis.” Jay said blushing rather deeply at the situation.

“That’s Ok accidents happen. Come on. Matt you go see if you need to go potty. It’s just about nap time.” Sarah told him.

“Awww. Already?” Matt whined a little.

“Yes now go use the potty before nap time.” Sarah restated.

“Does unca Jay have to nap too? He’s big as me now.” Matt asked curiously which made Jay blush once more.

“Yes. Uncle Jay will be taking a nap too now you go use the potty while I help uncle Jay with his Pull-Ups.” Sarah said pointing off towards the bathroom.

“Okay.” Matt smiled and just toddled off down the hall.

“Sarah I’m a grown man. I don’t need a nap.” Jay pouted with his arms crossed looking up at her.

“Mentally yes. But your body isn’t. You need a nap too. You don’t have to sleep if you can’t just lay back and relax.” Sarah told him as she lead him back towards Matt’s room.

“I figured we’d be sharing a room.” Jay sighed as they walked in. His eyes widened a bit when he saw the crib. “Tell me Matt still sleeps in the crib.”

“I’m sorry Jay but it’s the only spare we had. So you’ll be sleeping in the crib unless you wanna bunk with Matt and risk being used as a stuffed animal.” Sarah said walking over to the changing table.

“I’m Not a baby Sarah! Why the fuck am I being treated like one?! I don’t wanna sleep in a crib!!!” Jay fumed glaring at her.

“Jay! Watch your language. I’m not treating you like a baby. I’m giving you a say in this and trying my best to make this situation easy. Now you simmer down and don’t you swear like that in front of Matt.” Sarah told Jay firmly giving him a no nonsense look.

“Fine.” Jay said rolling his eyes as he walked over to her.

Sarah picked Jay up silently and laid him on the changing table. Jay was about to open his mouth to object but decided against it given his sister’s sour mood. He laid there as she undid the easy open sides of the Pull-Ups and began to wipe him up. Jay gulped a bit as she finished. Being on the changing table made him uncomfortable. Mainly due to the fear that what would come next would be something worse then a Pull-Up. A diaper. Jay sighed in relief though as he saw her bring up a Pull-Up and slid it on his legs. Jay lifted his bottom for her so she could pull them up the rest of the way and thread his tail. With that done Jay sat up and was then picked back up.

“All done mommy! I went potty just like you said too.” Matt said as she scampered into the room.

“That a boy sweetie. Your doing so well with using the potty. Maybe before long you’ll be dry even after nap and bedtime.” Sarah encouraged as she sat Jay down in the crib.

“Uh Huh! I’m gonna be a really big cub soon and won’t go potty in pull-ups at all. Then I get big cub undies right mommy?” Matt asked as he climbed up into his race car shaped bed.

“That’s right. If you can be dry during the day for a whole week you get big cub undies. We won’t wait till your dry at nap and bed time. That takes a while sometimes.” Sarah told Matt as she put up the rail for the crib.

“Hey! How am I supposed to get out if I gotta go?” Jay pouted in the crib.

“Hehehe. Unca Jay’s napping in the crib? Hehehe. Just like a little cub.” Matt giggled which only made Jay pout more.

“Just say you have to go. The monitor’s right on the night stand.” Sarah told him though she doubted Jay would need to get up to use the bathroom. “And Matt be nice. Jay has to sleep in the crib because he’s just a little smaller then you and we don’t have any other spare beds.”

“Aww okay Mommy.” Matt nodded as Sarah tucked him in with a kiss on the forehead.

“Fine.” Jay said grabbing a cover and laid back facing the wall.

“Sweet dreams boys.” Sarah told them as she dimmed the lights and shut the door.

Jay laid there quietly as the door shut. He wondered a moment if Matt would try and start talking about something but instead he heard a yawn from Matt’s direction and the slight crinkle as Matt rolled over. Jay wondered a moment what the crinkle might be. Matt wasn’t in diapers after all. As he shifted around in the crib he heard a crinkle too. A quick check running his hand across the sheets confirmed his suspicion. The crib mattress had a plastic clover. Usually incase the cub who slept in it had a leaky diaper so the mattress wouldn’t be harmed. Matt’s bed must’ve had the same thing. Hopefully the plastic cover would not be warranted. Jay laid there trying to occupy his mind. But he found himself slowly succumbing to drowsiness and before long his eyes drifted shut and he fell fast asleep.

Jay snoozed soundly for about two hours in the crib. Matt had woken up half an hour earlier and only a little damp to boot. Jay meanwhile had soaked his Pull-Ups in his sleep. Worse yet. It seemed as he slumbered his new infantile reflexes decided it was high time he finally go number 2. As Jay snoozed his face tensed a moment and then relaxed once again as he filled the seat of his Pull-Ups. The unthinkable had just happened and what was worse was that not long later, just long enough for the smell to pervade the room, and impatient Matt scampered into his bedroom to rouse his snoozing playmate as it’s mom’s request. She didn’t want Jay sleeping all day and be unable to sleep that night after all. It took only a moment for Matt’s nose to register the smell.

“Ewwy! Unca Jay you made a stinky!” Matt exclaimed holding his nose as Jay rolled over.

“Huh? Wha?” Jay asked groggily as he slowly woke up and made the mistake of sitting up. As Jay sat up he felt a squishy soft and warm mess in his pants squish and mound around his bottom. It took him a moment to register what had just happened. Then his eyes went wide open.

“What did you say Matt?” Sarah asked as she came back into the room and immediately was hit with the smell. “Phew! Smells like someone needs a change.”

“It wasn’t me! I don’t make stinkies in my Pull-Ups at all anymore. Unca Jay made a Stinky when he was napping.” Matt explained proud of his ability to reason all this out.

“Come on Jay lets get you changed phew.” Sarah said picking up a still speechless Jay.

“I…I….um….” Jay blushed trying to think of something to say.

“You had a big accident.” Sarah told Jay as she laid him down on the changing table.

“Mommy there’s a wet spot in the crib. I think Unca Jay’s Pull-Ups leaked!” Matt told her and pointed to the wet spot where Jay had laid.

“Looks like. My Jay looks like you certainly put these Pull-Ups through their paces.” Sarah commented as she undid the sides once more and noted how thoroughly soaked the Pull-Ups were.

“It won’t happen again! I promise!” Jay finally spoke up with his voice shaking.

“We’ll have to think of something to keep you from leaking at bedtime tonight.” Sarah said as she opened the messy Pull-Ups and began to wipe Jay up.

“Something? What’s that mean?” Jay asked uneasily as Sarah wiped away the mess.

“I’m not sure yet.” Sarah lied as she tossed the dirty Pull-Up into a diaper pail. Next she sprinkled a bit of powder on him and let him down. She then held out fresh pair of pull-ups. Jay stepped into them blushing as she pulled them up and threaded his tail. “Ok Jay your all set. Go on.”

Jay quickly made his way out of the room with Matt not too far behind. Sarah meanwhile stripped the sheets off the crib and wiped up the wet spot on the plastic cover. This settled it in her mind. Jay was going to need to wear diapers. At least at bedtime anyway. Though she was having her doubts Jay would stay in Pull-Ups much longer. This was a pretty big accident. It seemed that Jay’s potty skills were quickly disappearing. This became more apparent as the day slowly progressed. Jay had only realized he needed to go twice and didn’t even get half way to the bathroom before wetting his Pull-Ups. Of course Matt being a big boy felt the responsibility to loudly call out to Sarah that Jay’s stars were gone and that he needed new Pull-Ups. Again Jay couldn’t help but blush madly. As Jay was getting his Pull-Ups changed yet again he sighed. He was well aware of the fact that his toilet training seemed to be quickly disappearing. He knew what this would soon mean and dreaded it. It would symbolize how truly infantile he’d become.

It wasn’t long before supper time approached. Jay noticed that he felt a lot more worn out now then he otherwise would have before. He just sat there on the couch. Matt had turned on some Cartoon and Jay found himself unable to turn away from it. He wanted to see what happened next. The cartoon just grabbed his attention and held fast to it. Perhaps too well. Jay was completely oblivious to the fact that as he was watching the cartoon he’d wet his Pull-Ups yet again that day. Jay didn’t notice he was wet until Sarah called them out for supper. Matt dashed out ahead and when Jay hopped down from the couch he blushed as he felt his Pull-Ups squish wetly. He stood there a moment thinking. This had to make over a half dozen accidents so far today. Jay couldn’t tell Sarah about it. At least not yet. But he couldn’t get changed himself right now. She’d wonder what was taking him so long. So Jay just trudged out to the kitchen and hoped that neither Sarah nor Matt would notice his Pull-Ups were wet. It seemed to be working. As he talked with Sarah and Matt while they all ate he nearly forgot he had wet his Pull-Ups. Though it didn’t last. Once they were dismissed from the table Matt came around it just as Jay got down and noticed that Jay didn’t have his stars anymore.

“Mommy! Unca Jay lost his stars again!” Matt called out making Jay cringe.

“Oh again Jay?” Sarah sighed as she finished loading the dishwasher and pressed start.

“Well Um….I um…..” Jay blushed and stared at his feet and blushed deeper noting not only where his stars gone but that the Pull-Ups were slightly discolored.

“Come on Jay.” Sarah said picking Jay up and started back towards the bed room.

“Unca Jay’s had a lot of accidents today huh mommy?” Matt commented as he followed after them.

“Yes. Now you go play while Mommy helps him Ok.” Sarah told him knowing this would be difficult enough as it was.

“Okay.” Matt smiled and scampered off for the couch.

“Sorry sis.” Jay said blushing again as she carried him back to the bedroom he now shared with Matt.

“I know you are Jay. It’s not your fault. You can’t help it.” Sarah said as she laid him down on the changing table and began to peal the easy open sides open.

“Thanks again. I’ll do better this time. I know I can make it to the p-toilet this time.” Jay said trying to sound confident as his Pull-Ups were opened.

“Jay you’ve been trying ever since we had to put you in these. You’ve had a lot of accidents today. The last few pushed these Pull-Ups to the limit.” Sarah told him while she wiped him up.

“What are you saying?” Jay asked with his eyes getting wider as he already could tell where this conversation was going.

“Jay we both know you weren’t potty trained until you were nearly four. And not just because you were suborn. You just weren’t ready. Jay I think it’s time we faced up to the fact that you need to be put back in diapers.” Sarah sighed as she finished wiping him up and braced for Jay’s reaction.

“No! I don’t wanna wear diapers! Diapers are for babies! I’m not a baby! I’m a man! I’m 22! I’m too old to wear diapers. I’m not gonna wear em! I can use the potty! I just had a lil mistake. I can do it! No diapers!!!” Jay shouted and crossed his arms with a grim look on his face.

“Jay now settle down. This is no way for you to behave. We both know you’re having major trouble making it to the toilet. Diapers are the best way to deal with this. If you want to prove to me your not a baby then do the mature thing and accept what you need. Besides we both no they’re not just for babies. What about that nice Citra you dated huh? He wore them and he certainly wasn’t a baby. And with Denshire Falls not even a 20 minute drive we both know there are a lot more examples.” Sarah firmly told him crossing her arms with a no nonsense look on her face.

“Urg! Fine. I’ll wear em. But Matt can’t know!” Jay conceded partially. He didn’t want Matt treating him like a baby. He was already doing that by telling her every time he noticed Jay had lost his dry signs.

“Sorry Jay but Matt’s gonna find out eventually. Besides as time goes on he may well be helping me change your diapers.” Sarah explained.

“What?!” Jay gasped wide eyed.

“Jay your not gonna get any bigger. But Matt’s going to grow up. So once he’s old enough he’ll be responsible for some of your care as well. Don’t worry he’s not going to be changing you for quite some time to come. But I may have him help by handing me things now and then so he gets used to the idea.” Sarah once more explained as calmly as she could.

“But what’s he gonna think now? I mean I started out the day in Trainers just like him and now I’m back in diapers.” Jay said blushing as Sarah finally leaned down and got out a fresh thick diaper from the pack she brought.

“Matt’s a smart boy. Explain to him why your back in diapers in as mature a way as you can. He’ll understand for the most part.” Sarah told Jay as she lifted up his legs and slid the fresh diaper into place.

“Alright I guess I could give it a shot.” Jay sighed.

Jay hoped Sarah was right about Matt understanding. If he didn’t this was going to get tiresome quickly. Especially if Matt turned to teasing and picking on him. Thinking about this all made Jay rather nervous. Though he soon found himself relaxing a bit as the familiar scent of baby powder reached his nose. Sarah was now rubbing it into his bottom. Jay blushed to himself as he had to admit at least to himself that the powder did smell nice. He cringed a bit though as his bottom was lowered to the diaper and his tail threaded through the elastic hole in back. These diapers felt pretty thick. As his front was being lightly dusted Jay wondered how well he’d be able to walk in these diapers. Though he knew he wouldn’t have to wonder long as the diaper was pulled up between his legs and securely taped up. Jay looked down at it and noted the playing baby lion designs that adorned the tape landing zone. Sarah just stood back quietly allow Jay to get a feel for his new undergarment. Jay sat up finally and could now definitely feel how thick they were. He could also easily hear the crisp tell tale crinkle as he sat up. The diaper seemed to crinkle quietly every time he moved. Jay blushed realizing there’d have been no way he could hide these from Matt anyway. The bulge in his pants or the crinkle would have given him away for sure. Realizing this also made Jay realize something else. He was currently just wearing the shirt from this morning and the diaper. Was Sarah going to give him something to put on over the diaper?

“Sis. Can I have something to wear over the diaper?” Jay asked quietly as he looked from the diaper to her.

“Well I suppose. I know this must be a lot to take in.” Sarah nodded and walked over to the dresser and opened up one of the bottom drawers and pulled out a pair of shorts. “Ok Jay lay back and hold your legs up.”

“Can’t I put them on myself? Or just step into them.?” Jay asked whining a bit.

“Alright we’ll do it that way then.” Sarah sighed as Jay seemed determine to complain about most everything and let him down from the changing table and held the shorts out. “Step on in.”

Jay nodded though blushing as he stepped into the shorts. Like all the pants he had gotten these had snaps in the crotch. Now he would most likely be needing those snaps. Jay wondered if his sister knew this was going to happen. He reasoned she must have at least suspected it was a possibility. After all she did have diapers ready for him. Since Matt was being potty trained Jay doubted she kept any for him in the house. After all though she would now best seeing as she had helped their mom take care of him when he was this age the first time. So Jay decided not to really think much more on the subject once his pants were pulled up into place. Once that was done Sarah told him to head back out to the living room. So Jay did just that. Though he couldn’t help but feel awkward as he walked with a bit of a waddle due to his new thick diapers. Jay would just have to get used to walking around in these diapers as it was unlikely he’d be out of them anytime soon. If ever again.

“Why you wearing pants Unca Jay? If you’re wearing Pull-Ups you gotta keep pants off inside so mommy can see if you had an accident.” Matt told Jay as he saw him walk out into the living room.

“I know.” Jay said blushing as Sarah walked out.

“It’s ok Matt. Uncle Jay’s not wearing Pull-Ups anymore.” Sarah said and gave Jay a wink.

“Really? What you wearing uncle Jay? Oh! You wearing big boy undies?” Matt asked excitedly as this was something he wanted to do.

“Well….um. Not exactly.” Jay blushed. It was a certainty that Matt would find out eventually.

“So what you wearing?” Matt asked tiling his head confused.

“Well um….I’ve been having a really hard time telling when I have to go so um. I’m…wearing…diapers.” Jay finally told Matt blushing deeply.

“Hehe. That’s Okay Unca Jay. Mommy says not everyone potty trains at the same time and some cubs take longer than others and even that some cubs can’t.” Matt nodded understandingly though he was also trying not to giggle.

“Thanks Matt.” Jay smiled a bit as his blush began to subside.

“Sides this means when we’re playing we won’t have to worry about you having any accidents or forgetting to go potty.” Matt grinned with a smile as he was slowly dawning on him he was now the big cub and had to look out for the little cub even if that little cub was his uncle. “Oh and if you need a diapee change I’ll go get mommy. Oh! Maybe I can help mommy change you! Then I’ll be a really big boy!”

“You can help by getting mommy the wipes and things sweetie. Mommy will handle the rest.” Sarah told him with a smile hoping his enthusiasm to help with Jay’s diapers would still be there when he was old enough to actually change Jay.

“Okay Mommy I’ll help like that then.” Matt nodded with a grin as Jay blushed again.

With that the night continued on. Jay found himself once again sitting with Matt and playing with some legos. Though the crinkle he heard whenever he moved still kept reminding him of his new status in the house hold. Jay still tried not to really think about it too much and just go with the flow. Eventually he and Matt moved on from playing with the Legos and settled down on the couch to watch one of Matt’s cartoons. It was a cartoon with giant robots in it. Like many others though Jay couldn’t help but feel more drawn to it then he might have just a few days ago. As they watched Jay was completely oblivious to anything else happening. He took no notice at all as he wet his diaper heavily while they watched the cartoons. It was becoming obvious that Jay’s potty training was now pretty well gone. Though a tiny bit remained. As the show came to a commercial Jay suddenly felt a familiar pressure under his tail. Jay tried to hold it to get off of the couch but the second he moved his now weak bowels just let loose. This time Jay was wide awake to experience the messing which to his surprise wasn’t quite as bad initially as he thought. As the mass began to expand in the seat of his diaper he felt a strange sense of calm and pleasure and gave a content sigh. Jay smiled at the feeling as he finished filling his diaper and then blushed at the realization of what he’d just done and been completely unable to stop. To top things off Matt had witnessed the entire thing and now giggled to himself quietly. Jay looked over to Matt still blushing and bracing for Matt to call out to Sarah and say that his uncle had just pooped his diaper. But that wasn’t the case this time. Matt instead leaned over to Jay.

“Want me to get mommy to change you or wait a lil bit?” Matt asked patting Jay on the head who looked at his nephew in confusion. “Hehehe. It’s Okay. You don’t need to change diapees right away. Gotta make sure your all done. Sides babies and big diapee cubs like waiting a lil.”

“Um…I guess I’ll wait.” Jay nodded blushing a bit as Matt’s statement which was evidence that that he was now being viewed by his nephew as more of a baby brother then a playmate.

Jay wondered how his relation with Matt would change as time went on. Matt would only get older and the age gap between them would continue to widen. Jay sat back cringing a bit as the mess in his diaper squished around his bottom. It felt strange but not completely unpleasant. Not like earlier. He tried to relax and watch the show with Matt. As it went on though he began to squirm a bit as the mess in his diaper began to cool a bit and began sticking to him more. Thinking about his diaper’s condition conjured up imaginings of the future. In all likelihood Matt would one day be changing his diapers and babysitting him. Matt was very nearly completely potty trained already. In a few years maybe he’d be ready to take a more active role in helping to take care of Jay. All Jay could do is hope that they’d remember that despite his appearances he was more then just a toddler.

“Bedtime boys.” Sarah said walking back into the living room from her study and immediately noted the smell. “But first someone needs a change.”

“Hehe. Uncle Jay made a stinky.” Matt giggled a bit.

“Sure it was just Uncle Jay?” Sarah asked as she walked over to them and scooped Jay up.

“Uh Huh! I don’t have any accidents. I’m not messy or anything and I still got….oops.” Matt said as he looked down at his Pull-Ups to see that the dry signs on them were now completely gone.

“Guess I’m not the only one who needs a change.” Jay smiled a bit trying not to giggle.

“Seems like someone got a little too wrapped up in his show. Come on Matt. Mommy will get you a dry Pull-Up. Then you can see if you can go anymore in the potty before bedtime.” Sarah told Matt holding out her hand.

“Okay Mommy. I’ll remember next time! Promise.” Matt nodded confidently as he took Sarah’s hand.

“I know you will sweetie. You did very good today. Only one real accident. Damp Pull-Ups at nap time don’t count.” Sarah smiled down to her son as she lead him into his bedroom.

“Uh huh. Even lot bigger cubs have accidents when they sleep for bed time or naps.” Matt nodded as Sarah sat Jay down on the changing table with a squish sound.

“That’s right. Just think how well your doing. Before long you’ll get big boy undies for daytime.” Sarah told him as she got out the wipes and a night time Pull-Up. “Can you show mommy how big you are and pull the soggy Pull-Ups down?”

“Course I can! I’m a big boy!” Matt grinned and then pulled down his Pull-Ups which plopped soggily onto the floor before he stepped out of them.

“That’s mommy’s big boy.” She told him as she then quickly wiped Matt up with a few baby wipes and held out the fresh Pull-Ups to him. “Now step on in big boy.”

“Hehe. Ooo this one has rockets on it.” Matt giggled as he stepped into the fresh night time Pull-Ups and let Sarah pull them up.

“Yup your favorite. Now arms up.” Sarah told him. Matt giggled and held his arms up high and let her take his t-shirt off. “There we go. Now you go see if you can go potty while Mommy gets Jay changed.”

“Awww can’t I help?” Matt asked with a slight pout.

“Maybe later sweetie but lets let uncle Jay get used to all this Ok. Now you go use the potty.” Sarah told Matt ruffling his scruffy mane.

“Okay.” Matt finally nodded and scampered out of the room.

“Your not really gonna let him help are you?” Jay asked as he sat there on the changing table in his dirty diaper.

“Only a little. Handing me wipes and things. I want him to get used to the idea.” Sarah told Jay as she walked back over to the changing table. “After all he’ll probably be sitting for you eventually.”

“I hope he doesn’t get carried away then with full baby treatment.” Jay pouted as he laid down and Sarah took his shorts off exposing the discolored dirty diaper.

“Oh if he gets raised up treating you as more then one I don’t think he will. After all your not quite as limited as someone who actually is the age you look like.” Sarah told Jay as she untapped the dirty diaper.

“Yeah I guess. I still feel pretty limited though. Wish I knew someone who knew something about all this.” Jay sighed and blushed as Sarah began to wipe him up.

“Well I think I can help you with that. I did some searching tonight and found a support group in town. There’s a meeting tomorrow. Lots of other people who’ve gone through what you have.” Sarah told Jay as she lifted his legs up and began to wipe his bottom.

“Really? Well….I dunno this is really sudden and I’m not sure I wanna go out much yet.” Jay said staring at the ceiling and trying not to blush even further.

“Jay I think you should give it a try. I know it’s pretty sudden but you might as well dive in and start getting used to things.” Sarah told him as she finished wiping him up and slid a fresh thick diaper under his bottom before she began to powder him.

“Well….I guess it couldn’t hurt. I mean what do I have to loose. Might be nice to get to meet some others in the same boat as me.” Jay nodded as he noticed the diaper his bottom just made contact with was much thicker then the one he’d been wearing.

“Alright then. I’ll drive you on over there tomorrow after I drop Matt off at Preschool.” Sarah told him as she powdered him up before taping up the fresh diaper.

“I’m not gonna have to go there am I?” Jay asked her blushing as he sat up and felt how thick the diaper was and how it crinkled.

“No. I wouldn’t put you in a situation like that.” Sarah told him as she picked him up off the changing table.

“Mommy I’m done! I went potty a little but I didn’t have to go that much.” Matt told her as he scampered on into the room.

“Well least you went a little. Now into bed.” Sarah told Matt as she sat Jay down in the crib and tucked him in. “Sweet dreams Jay.”

“Night.” Jay said as he watched Sarah walk over to Matt who’d climbed into bed with a plushie.

Sarah gave Matt a hug and a kiss before tucking him in. Matt sleepily boasted that he’d be dry in the morning. Sarah doubted that Matt would be. Jay sighed a little knowing that although one day Matt would be able to live up to that boast Jay wouldn’t. He couldn’t even keep himself dry during the day. He’d even messed his diaper while wide awake today. His potty training was gone entirely now. Jay rolled over and with a crinkle. He stared at the lion plushie in the crib with him a few moments. Once the light flicked off and the room was only lit by the night light Jay grabbed it as he heard the door close. As he hugged the soft stuffed toy he smiled a little and felt a bit more comfortable. This was going to take some getting used to but maybe it wouldn’t be all bad. Maybe he was missing some of the upsides to this. At the very least he now knew there was a network of people in the same situation. Hopefully tomorrow would be a good day and would lift his spirits. So with his mind wondering about who he might meet tomorrow his eyes grew heavy and before long he was fast asleep.

The next morning Jay awoke with a yawn as he rolled over still holding the lion plushie in one arm and now with his thumb in his mouth. He laid there like that a few moments relaxing as the haze of sleep slowly cleared from his mind. He blushed deeply as he realized he’d been sucking his thumb. Though as he removed it he still couldn’t help but notice how well he seemed to have slept. As he moved his legs he felt his diaper squish soggily. This time though there was no blush. Just a sigh as he pulled the covers away and looked down at the bloated discolored diaper he now wore. He resigned himself to the fact he’d be wearing these for a very long time. He stretched and yawned once more looking over to Matt’s bed through the crib bars. It was empty. Matt must have already gotten up. Jay idly wondered if Matt had woken up wet too or if he’d managed to stay dry.

“Morning Uncle Jay!” Matt chimed as he scampered into the room and looked into the crib.

“Morning Matt.” Jay said as he let the plushie got and sat up with another soggy squish.

“Hehe. Your soggy Uncle Jay.” Matt giggled a little though it was obvious he was trying not to.

“Yeah I guess I am.” Jay nodded this time blushing a little as Sarah came in.

“Well I’ll deal with that. You go find your seat for breakfast.” Sarah said as she walked over and lowered the crib rail and picked Jay up.

“Okay.” Matt said reluctantly as he trudged on out of the room.

“He really wants to show how big a boy he is by helping me change you.” Sarah explained to Jay with a smile as she laid him on the changing table.

“Yeah. Heh. Kinda hope it holds out later. I don’t like the idea of an older guy complaining while he’s cleaning me up.” Jay said with a blush as Sarah untapped the soggy diaper.

“Oh I think it will. If it’s Ok with you Jay I’d like to start letting him help a little.” Sarah asked while she began to wipe him up.

“Well… I guess he might as well get started.” Jay sighed relenting to her request.

“Good. It’s best to start now while he’s receptive.” Sarah nodded as she had finished wiping him and slid a fresh diaper into place.

Jay just nodded and remained quite as he was powdered up like before. The smell of the powder made him relax and smile a little while Sarah taped his fresh diaper up. After that was done she let him down and let him pick out what he was going to wear that day. Jay chose a blue t-short and a pair of elastic waist jeans he’d gotten. After that the two went out to the kitchen and proceeded to have breakfast. The conversation was light and once more Jay was fairly quite. Things went rather smoothly that morning as everyone finished up their breakfast. Once Sarah had put the Dishes in the Dishwasher she made sure that both the boys were ready to head out. Matt used the potty and Jay blushed a bit as while Matt was making use of the bathroom Sarah was checking his diaper. Once that was done she grabbed the diaper bag and they went out the door and piled into the car. Sarah in the front Driver’s seat and Jay and Matt sitting in back in their car seats. Jay leaned back in the car seat and stared out the window as they drove along. First stop on their agenda was to drop Matt off at PreSchool. After they had done that it would be off to that Regressee support group thing.

This is what held Jay’s mind through the car ride. Wondering who he’d meet and what it would be like to sit in a room with a bunch of other people in his situation. He was so absorbed in all this he hadn’t noticed when they stopped and dropped off Matt or the light dribbling he was doing in his diaper. His mind continued to drift on this subject as the car drove along. It was only when they pulled into the parking lot of a two story building Jay stirred from his thoughts and looked around. The building seemed very nice and well kept. Not quite as new as the surrounding ones but obviously maintained and updated. As Sarah got him out of the car seat and sat him down on his own two feet he looked and saw the sign on the building. It read “Regression Services.” Jay took a deep breath as he knew this was it. Sarah now with a diaper bag slung over one shoulder held her hand out to Jay. After a moment of hesitation Jay took the offered hand and followed along after her into the building. The entrance lobby looked very nice. There were a bunch of comfortable chairs in various sizes and magazines. Everything seemed to be set at a lower level. There was even a set of steps in front of the reception desk where a snow leopard lady was sitting.

“Hello. I’m Sarah Darller. I’m here with my brother Jay Darller for the Regressee Support group meeting.” Sarah told the lady as Jay scaled the steps to be seen.

“Oh yes I’ve got you both on my list. Pleasure to have you both here. The meetings are just down the hall. Regressees on the right and Care Giver’s on the left.” The receptionist told them with a smile and gestured to the hall.

“You mean there are separate groups?” Jay asked curiously.

“That’s right. It’s a different experience for Regressees and their care givers so there are separate groups. Usually it’s easier to open up about this sort of thing when the other person in the equation isn’t standing right next to you.” The Receptionist explained.

“Oh I get it. Probably be easier for you to talk to people without the person that takes care of some sensitive needs right there.” Sarah said with a smile looking down at Jay.

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea. Thank you ma’am.” Jay nodded looking up at his sister and shaking his head at the way she smiled.

“Alright then. If you need me for anything Jay don’t be afraid to stick your head in the other room.” Sarah said as they walked down the hall and Sarah sat the diaper bag down along where she saw several others.

“I know.” Jay nodded with a blush as he walked over to the door opposite from Sarah’s.

With one deep breath both walked into their respective rooms. Jay looked around and took stock of the room he was now in. The room sported a circle of chairs that were sized perfectly for toddlers or kids and a few that were normal sized. Most of the tables were down within easy reach and those that weren’t had a row of steps in front of them for easy access. Jay looked around and saw there were refreshments on the tables. Drinks and snacks of various kinds. He couldn’t help but blush a bit as he noted some of the drinks were in sippy cups and bottles. Finally Jay’s eyes landed upon the several people that were already there. The first one to catch his eye was a Squirrel with more of a fox pattern to his fur. The squirrel seemed to be at least physically around 8. Jay couldn’t help but thinking how lucky the squirrel was that he didn’t regress all the way to toddlerhood. Next he saw an Iguana boy who seemed to have regressed to the same age as him. Next was a Polar bear boy who seemed to be about 4 who was talking with the Iguana. Lastly he sported a Red Panda boy as well. He seemed to be about 5 or 6.

“Oh Hello. Guys I think the new guy’s here.” Said the squirrel who walked over to Jay as the others looked over to the door.

“Right on time.” The Polar Bear commented as he came over.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Said the Red Panda with a smile.

“Guys back off. You’ll make him more nervous then he probably already is.” The Iguana spoke up with a light tone.

“Hi. I’m Jay.” Jay spoke up blushing a little.

“Well lets get started. Come on over here Jay and we’ll have a seat and make the introductions. Oh and feel free to grab a snack first.” The Iguana told him gesturing to the table.

“Alright. Sounds like a good idea.” Jay nodded and walked over to the table. Although he couldn’t help but have his eyes linger on the sippy cups and bottles. “What’s with the sippy cups and bottles?”

“Just makes things easier. Motor control can kinda suck sometimes and those are spill proof.” Answered the Polar bear as he grabbed a sippy cup.

“Oh I see. Yeah I noticed how I have to concentrate more now to keep a better hold of my cups.” Jay nodded in realization. “Still though? Bottles?”

“Well some of us have kind of taken the cub thing to heart. So it’s just a preference.” Akio mentioned and blushed a little as he grabbed a bottle.

“Alright I guess I get that.” Jay nodded as he finally grabbed a sippy cup and a brownie and then headed on over to the circle of chairs and sat down.

“Alright. We’ve got a small group today but let’s get on with things shall we? First off introductions all around. I’ll go first.” Said the Iguana standing up from his seat. “My name is Len Ignartus. I’m 25 years old. Due to my regression however I’m now 2.”

“Alright I guess I’ll go next.” The Polar bear said rising from his seat as Len sat back down. “My name is Nuk Snowblind. I’m 18. Now due to an incident with FOY I’m 4.”

“Guess I’ll go next.” The Red Panda nodded getting up. “My name is Akio Numara. I’m 21. Since my regression I am now 6.”

“Which leaves me for last.” The Squirrel smiled as he got up. “My name’s Sam Davenport. I’m 20 years old and thanks to a FOY mix up I’m a whopping 8 again.”

“Alright that’s all of us. Your turn.” Len smiled looking to Jay.

“Ok.” Jay nodded with a slight gulp as he rose. “I’m Jay McKelson. I’m 20. Since I regressed I’m now 2.”

“Alright today’s topic. Perspective. Keeping the right perspective on things can really make a difference.” Len said as Jay sat back down.

“Yeah that’s definitely true. You can make your own heck without needing help from anyone.” Sam nodded in response.

“True but sometimes it can be pretty hard to keep perspective. I know I still sometimes just dwell on what I’ve lost.” Nuk said as he sipped his drink.

“Yeah. I mean I can’t help but see the bad. I had a good life before. I was independent and doing a job I love. Living on my own. Now look at me. I’m living with my sister again.” Jay sighed looking down at his feet.

“Well that may not be what you had planned but you have to try and see the bright side of things. I mean we’re lucky in a way. How many people find themselves wanting to be younger again? Wanting to relive childhood memories.” Akio pointed out.

“I guess. I mean I can see the point. But I mean damn. I was an underwear model!” Jay blurted out and then found himself laughing a little.

“Well you know you can still do modeling work. Us Regressees are popular choices in cub clothing commercials.” Sam suggested.

“And if you still wanna do underwear stuff well there’s always Pawpers.” Nuk smiled.

“I guess. But I don’t think I’d be comfortable strutting around on a set in just my diapers.” Jay said blushing a little.

“Yeah I felt the same way initially. But I got used to them. Recently did a commercial for Pawpers.” Sam chimed in as he leaned back.

“YOU wear diapers?” Jay asked astonished.

“We all do. A common issue that comes with the Regression bug and FOY mishaps is some level of incontinence. Since most of use are regressed down to toddlers or close to it we pretty much don’t have any toileting skills left.” Len explained.

“Oh. Well that makes me feel a little better. The diapers are kinda hard to get used to. Not more then a month ago I was changing my Nephew’s diapers. Now he’s nearly out of them and I’m back in em.” Jay shook his head.

“Yeah that can be hard. I’ve got some younger cousins. I remember changing them and now they’re occasionally changing me. But try not to worry about it too much. It’ll normalize. You’ll get used to the idea and since your nephew is so young it won’t be out of the ordinary for him. You may end up talking about the front page news while he’s changing ya.” Nuk pointed out the bright side.

“Alright. Any idea where I could get some better clothes though? The stuff I got is kinda plain cuz everything else was so infantile.” Jay asked them looking around.

“Oh I’d recommend a site called WiseAppearance. Basically adult like clothes for regressees. I got a nice Kimono from them last year to wear to a friend’s wedding.” Akio answered with a smile.

“Though don’t rule out the normal cute cuddly stuff. It can be kind of fun. Plus if you can act the age you look you can get the perks of it easier. Plus it’s helpful in that you won’t have to constantly explain yourself.” Len suggested.

“Really? So your saying that I should use my appearance to my advantage?” Jay asked leaning forward.

“Oh Yeah. Most people have a hard time saying no to that cute cubby face making a pleading look. Being this age again does have advantages.” Sam confirmed with a nod.

“Oh and on that note though. Even I you decide not to do that stuff though you still qualify for the kid prices at businesses.” Nuk told him.

“Wow. Ya know I never really thought about all this.” Jay smiled as he sipped his drink unaware he’d been adding more wetness to his diaper.

“Most people don’t right off the bat. That’s partly what…this is for.” Len told him pausing for a moment with a slight look of concentration and relief before continuing.

“Ya know I think now may be time to take a break. Don’t know about anybody else but I’m practically floating here.” Sam said with a silly grin and a laugh.

“Yeah probably a good idea.” Len nodded as he rose from his seat as a smell began to drift.

“Um…how does that work? I mean I don’t think I could…do it myself.” Jay asked as he got up blushing as he felt his diaper squish soggily between his legs.

“Mrs. Deeklen. She’s a nice older Lioness.” Akio explained as he rose from his seat.

“She’s a licensed nurse. She won’t do the baby talk stuff or anything like that. Very respectful.” Nuk told Jay as Len pressed the call button for her.

“Though she does have a tendency to chat while she’s changing ya. Honestly I do like that. Kinda relaxing.” Sam smiled.

“Oh…Okay.” Jay nodded blushing softly.

“Let me guess. First time having someone other then your usual caretaker change you?” Len asked putting a hand on Jay’s shoulder.

“Uh Huh. Well close. The nice nurse in the Hospital helped me out when I wet the bed there.” Jay nodded.

“Don’t worry it’s not bad at all. Just try and relax and let your mind wander.” Len suggested as the lioness entered the room.

“Morning boys. How’s everyone been?” Mrs. Deeklen asked walking over and laid out a changing pad on an empty table. “Oh I see someone new. Alright boys you know the drill. Go grab a fresh diaper from your bag. I’ve got plenty of powder, oil, and wipes here.”

“Yes Mrs. Deeklen.” The other all said in unison as they lead Jay out so they could all get their things.

“Ok Who’s going to be first?” Mrs. Deeklen asked as they returned and she’d sat down her bag with the other changing supplies.

“I think you take priority Len. “ Nuk said and gestured to the changing pad.

“Alright then. Thanks.” Len smiled.

Jay wondered if he should watch or not but as Len laid down he found himself occasionally looking over. Len just laid back on the changing pad resting his hands behind his head as Mrs. Deeklen undid the snaps in his overalls and pulled them up. Len’s diaper was obviously quite well used as it was discolored and bloated. Next she untapped the dirty diaper and started to wipe Len up asking him how his week had been. Len just laid there telling her about his week as she lifted his legs up and wiped his bottom clean. Len just chatted on with her as she slid a fresh diaper into place and powdered him up. It was completely natural and normal in his mind it seemed. Jay was impressed. He hoped it wouldn’t take him long to get to the point where a diaper change was that normal. Jay continued to watch as Len’s fresh diaper was taped up snuggly and his pants snapped up too. Len then got back to his feet and thanked Mrs. Deeklen and even gave her a hug before walking back over to the group.

“Why don’t you go next Jay. I know your uneasy and all that but wouldn’t it be better to get it done and over with fast?” Sam asked Jay.

“Well….I guess your right.” Jay nodded with a blush as his eyes drifted down to the fresh diaper he held in his paw.

“Alright then come on over.” Mrs. Deeklen beckoned Jay

Jay nodded and walk over to her quietly. He handed her the diaper and laid down on the changing pad feeling his soaked diaper squish soggily. Mrs. Deeklen unfolded the fresh diaper and sat it aside as she went about undoing the snaps in Jay’s pants. She began chatting away about the weather out look for the week as she began to untape the soggy diaper. Jay blushed as she did but nodded and just tried to concentrate on what she was talking about instead. She began wiping him up with a practiced hand that showed much experience in this regard. It wasn’t long before Jay felt his legs being lifted up. His soggy diaper pulled out from under him and a fresh one slid into it’s place. She then wiped up his bottom and next came the powder. Jay tried to hold back but couldn’t help but begin purring at the soothing scent and feel of the powder as she rubbed it into his diaper region. Jay was still purring softly and blissfully as the fresh diaper was taped up securely and his pants snapped back up as well.

“That wasn’t so bad.” Jay smiled as he snapped out of his trance and sat up with a muffled crinkle.

“There we go all done. Ok next please.” Mrs. Deeklen asked.
So with that each of them went up one by one to get their diapers changed. Jay began chatting a bit more with everyone. Before long everyone had been changed and the topic had moved on to the subject of diapers and everyone was in agreement that Pawpers were the best brand. Nuk recommended the night time ones for bedtime and naps and on lazy days. Jay smiled and nodded and they continued talking about the patterns on the diapers. Jay found out he could get Pawpers with all sorts of designs on them. This helped Jay feel better and as the session went on Jay’s outlook on things were beginning to shift to one of optimism and acceptance. He was slowly realizing that there were some perks and that he wasn’t along in all this.

Meanwhile in the other room the caregivers had been talking about accepting the situation and being accommodating when possible but standing their ground on some matters that were a necessity. Sarah had been given the name of a website that could do custom clothes if Jay wanted something more adult looking. All and all the general stream of things was positive as she heard from the others how all of their charges had come to accept this and how many of them were now even enjoying it.

Eventually the Sessions ended though and the regressed cubs met back up with their respective caregivers. Everyone said their good byes for now and before long had all left. Jay and Sarah both optimistic about what the future would bring. It had been more of a turn around for Jay. Despite all the bad that he’d seen at first in his situation he’d found there was just as much good to be had. As Jay sat in his car seat in back as they drove down the road Jay smiled and decided that from this point in he’d try to look at all of this in as positive a light as possible. His future might not be what he’d had planned but he still had a lot of future ahead of him and likely a lot of fun as well. In the end Jay had finally accepted and come to terms with his Regression.

The End.


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Did I mention how adorable I thought this story was? ^.^
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Nice story.
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Good Story!
I liked it in many ways(Not that kind fo way!)
I meant like:
Good Plot
*rambles on*
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Jay's Regression
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