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 Crinkle Combat!

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PostSubject: Crinkle Combat!   Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:08 am

Some of ya probably know I was in a bit of a slump for writing, so Lig was nice enough to do a trade with me and here's the story I wrote for my half. Soon as I can figure out how these buttons work I'll post the picture here too in case some of you aren't on FA.

Luc opened the door before the fursons on the other side could even knock. Smiling at the two felines on the other side, Luc chuckled and waved them on in. “Hey guys! Nice to see you two again.” Warren and Lig, the padded liger bros walked in wondering how Luc managed to know they were coming before remembering what they knew about Lucario and Aura.

“Nice to see you too Luc.” Warren answered, smiling as they scooped down to give Lig a hug. “Who all is here today?”

“Just me, Nate, Anthony and Skippa.” Luc answered. “The girls decided to do a “girl’s night out” thing in the middle of the day and Hinata dragged Ri along. Saito, Tenshi and Kai went to visit Izuri and Karen so they hitched a ride up there with the girls. Absol is just off running off some steam somewhere so it’s just us guys today. Heh, probably a good thing given how crowded and crazy this place can get sometimes.”

“Where is Nate anyways?” Lig asked glancing around after Luc let go of him.

“Downstairs playing with Anthony.” Luc answered, nodding towards the kitchen where the steps to the basement were. “Wanna head on down there? He’s been waiting for you almost as excitedly as Skippa’s been waiting for Warren.”

“Sure!” Lig said, before scampering off with Luc following after giving a nod Warren’s way. Warren chuckled as his brother disappeared around a corner and headed the same way, walking past the kitchen table to open the sliding glass door and head out where he assumed Skippa would be.

A sudden splash let him know exactly where Skippa was. Glancing towards the pool Warren saw Skippa standing on a pillar of water that steadily lowered to the edge where the otter stepped off. Skippa must have been comfortable as he wore nothing but a blue shirt and a standard disposable from Pawpers, the odd thing being though he wasn’t the least bit wet. “Heya Warren!” Skippa called out cheerily as he opened the gate surrounding the pool and stepping out to greet his liger friend. “Beautiful day today huh? What brings you round my neck of the woods?”

“You invited me puddenhead.” Warren answered back with a chuckle, clasping Skippa’s arm in greeting when the otter offered it. “Were you practicing in there or something?”

“Yeppo!” Skippa nodded. “I was keeping a bubble up long as I could down there while shifting it into a few different shapes. I need a deeper pool, that’s getting too easy.”

“I can see that.” Warren chuckled, glancing Skippa up and down just to make sure there wasn’t any water at second glance.

“Well you came to hang out, or at least let Lig hang with Nate anyways.” Skippa began after a few seconds of the two laughing. “We might as well do something too. Remember that time you came over for Lig’s birthday present?”

“Yeah.” Warren answered, smiling with a light blush at the happy memory of that day. “You offered another round of sparring or some cub time.”

“Which would ya like then?” Skippa asked. “Or should we take a look at some of the dvd’s I’ve got and pop one in with the kids?”

“Let the kids play for a bit.” Warren answered. “I’m up for a match if you are.”

“Well how’s about you get in the right dress for one then while I go get a set of these new stun blades I got.” Skippa chuckled before padding off to his shack with a hinting giggle. It took Warren a moment to figure out what he meant and with a light blush, decided to remove the shorts he was in, figuring Lig was probably dressed similarly downstairs right now anyways. Skippa chuckled when he got back with a small case. He didn’t say a word as he opened it up and tossed Warren two curved blades, one slightly bigger than the other.

“Well this sure feels different." Warren said with a blush holding the blunt semi foam stun blade as he looked down at his diapered self.

“Ah you need to get used to letting your diapers show a bit more. So why not now? Sides you look good this way." Skip told his Liger friend as he picked up some of the same type of weapon.

“I guess you’re right. I'll get used to it eventually. Though I don't think I'll be marching down the street with them showing just yet." Warren blushed once more.

“I bet you will eventually. You and Lig are a lot alike. No doubt that confident streak will hit your liking diapers one and you'll be just as bold about it as Lig." Skip smirked as he struck a battle pose.

“Heh. Maybe. Lig is pretty bold and confident when it comes to his diapers. He's the lil diaper commando practically." Warren laughed as he struck a pose too. "You know I should warn ya skip. I'm no novice at this sort of thing."

“Neither am I." Skip smiled before the sparring match began. Were the blades not made of foam, metallic clangs would have filled the air in a cacophony of sound. Were the blades metal a deadly song would have been singing as thrust after parry, both the feline and latrine made swings at each other, trying to find a gap in the other’s defense while keeping up their own. Warren was light on his feet as the two swung at each other while Skippa combined fluid motions with the occasional crashing blow. To Warren, it was like fighting standing against the fury of the ocean waves, but he was right when he said he was no novice. Blow after blow was deflected by his blades.

Finally Skippa let out a cry and stabbed the shorter blade downward with a flick of his paw and jabbed the blade just above Warren’s kneecap. A prickling sensation in the leg brought Warren to one knee, but he grinned when Skippa left his guard wide open and a double slash led to Skippa’s arms numbing. As Skippa couldn’t hold his swords anymore, it was an easy jab to knock Skippa onto his tail, leaving the otter laughing on the ground. “Nice shot!” Skippa complimented as he waited a few seconds for the tingling to fade. “I almost had ya there though.”

“Almost, but not quite.” Warren chuckled, taking a seat on the ground while feeling spread back into his legs. These stun blades were a bit different than he expected they’d be. It felt like his leg had fallen asleep real fast and then quickly started getting feeling again.

“Real good shot at the end there though.” Skippa chuckled. “Feels like you even made me wet there.”

Warren laughed when he saw Skippa was right. The otter’s diaper was considerably swollen at the front and bottom. Glancing down he smiled with a light blush on realization he was wet too. “Looks like you both could use a change.” A voice said, making them both jump up to see Luc and three other Pokémon watching them. Warren recognized Anthony, the little Eevee buddy of Nate’s and after a moment, recognized the Charmander as his brother Lig too. That meant the blue and white, otter looking thing next to them had to be Nate. “Then again, all four of us could use one too.”

Warren laughed as the little Charmander giggled and came up to give him a hug. He was moderately surprised to see Lig looked different this time than the first time Ri had turned him into a Charmander. The liger-turned-Pokémon kept most of his striped markings and even had some hair to suggest where his mane was. “I can see you four must have had a bit of fun in the last few minutes.” Warren commented.

“We were just about to go swimming and decided to see the show.” Nate, the Mijumaru (or Oshawatt, take your pick) said, padding up to give Skippa a hug.

“I thought it was dangerous for Charmander to get their tails wet.” Warren said, more of a question than a statement.

“Depends on the world.” Luc explained. “Since it was our magic that turned him into one, Lig’s like a Charmander from our world. They can reignite their tails when they dry off again with no side effects as long as they don’t have it out for say… a day or two. The flame is more like a jackrabbit’s ears. It helps regulate body temperature but to a slightly less degree.”

Warren nodded and gave the Charmander a crinkly pat to the rear. “Well then we can get you into a swim diaper and we’ll all go swimming then. Maybe I’ll even try it as a Pokémon too.”

“Before we do that though, mind if I make a request?” Luc asked.

“Sure, go ahead.” Skippa answered.

Luc smiled and padded back to the house and reached around the corner to pull out what by all appearances was a scythe. “Mind if I try out my own stun blade against you two?”

“Oh! This is gonna be good!” Anthony said, running over towards the pool with Nate and Lig to sit down next to the gate.

Warren and Skippa glanced at each other for a moment before smiling, picking up their swords and charging at Luc. As the Lucario somehow blocked or dodged all four blades, Warren felt both astonishment, then happiness as he couldn’t help but feel this was a wonderful day for crinkly combat.
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PostSubject: Re: Crinkle Combat!   Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:01 am

Heh, oh this is rather neat.
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PostSubject: Re: Crinkle Combat!   Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:57 pm

Woot! This turned out fantastically. ^^ Love it Ri. Thanks a lot. ^^ Glad I could help inspire a short story from ya. As for the pic it's probably just easiest to post a link to it.


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PostSubject: Re: Crinkle Combat!   Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:44 am

Big thanks to mah kyu bro for showing me how to do this first of all. Big thanks to Lig once again as well for doing the trade with me in the first place. Heheh, let me know if you ever wanna do another one Lig! This was alot of fun ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Crinkle Combat!   Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:59 pm

This was extremely cute. Sorry, I haven't posted here sooner.
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PostSubject: Re: Crinkle Combat!   

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Crinkle Combat!
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