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 My stories

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Cuddy Fox


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PostSubject: My stories   Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:27 am

I decide to post some of my stories here, as well as on FA and my forum when I have time. I post this story on FA and I will post it here too.

Cuddy's Big Day
Cuddy is playing with some of his friends. His birthday is coming soon. He can not wait for his big day. Cuddy has his best of friends, Knuffy, Floppy, Spotty, Mask and Rings playing with him. Rings and Spotty are playing with a tea set. Knuffy, Floppy, Mask and Cuddy are all playing tag.

Deb is inside the house getting a birthday cake ready for Cuddy. Cover is in the kitchen helping Deb. He is setting the plastic forks and spoons on the table. Deb said, “that is a good boy Cover, make sure you have enough for all your friends and siblings.”

Cover said, “me make sure Aunt Deb. How many is going to be here?”

Deb looks at the list. She said, “there are you, Mask, Rings, and your cousins, Floset and Quest, your girlfriend, Falice.”

Cover interrept Deb and said, “Falice is not my girlfriend. Me do not want her to be my girlfriend. She always feel my crotch and bottom to see if I am wet, even that I am potty train.”

Deb said, “not worry about Falice. I will place her here. Here is the others who going to be here, There is Knuffy, and his cousins, Volly and Volky, Nester, and his siblings, Folopy, Fifi and Charlotte, Whit, and his siblings, Xavier, Mones, and Dixon.”

Cover said, “no, not Xavier. Please. He is a crazy tiger who wants all the toys here for himself. I do not really get along with him.”

Deb said, “this is not your birthday Cover, let me finish the list. There are Growlie and Pata, the little bunnies, Floppy, Spotty, Sammy and Cotton.”

Cover said, “you said Cotton, she thinks I am crazy about here.”

Deb said, “yes, and she wants you aswell. The rest is our guest of honor, Cuddy, his sister Viola and his brother Red. I think that is all.”

Cover said, “what about Losley?”

Deb said, “Ronde, Dakota, Losley, Torend and Cintren is with Cinder. They are at the store getting a birthday present for Cuddy. I give them a list and some money.”

Cover said, “is Uncle Manny going to be here too? He is cool.”

Deb bend down and said, “Cover, your Uncle Manny is not able to come. He is two states away on a business trip. That is why I have to watch Whit, Mones, Dixon, Xavier and Cordence. Cordence is going to be laying down. She is still too young to join the party.”

Cover said, “all my friends going to be here Aunt Deb, will my mommy or daddy be here?”

Deb said, “your mommy, Crystal, will be here Cover. You also have a surprise coming too. You have to wait.” She then continue and said, “we got thirty forks and I know how your brother and sister eat so we have extra, incase if they drop them on the floor or throw them down.”

Cover start to giggle. He said, :my brother and sister are both messy.”

Deb said, “that is right. I need to go out and check on some of them. I know some of them have accidents.” She walk to Cover and pull the back of his shorts and training pants, to check if he use his trainers.

Cover start to blush. He said, “I am not messy or wet Deb. I am a dry racoon.”

Deb said, “if I did not check you, and if you did go, then you will get a rash and you be uncomfortable.”

Cover said, “I know that Aunt Deb.”

Deb step outside and said, “Floppy, Mask, Rings, Spotty, Cuddy and Knuffy, all you come here right now. Time to check you guys.”

Cuddy walk up to Deb. He looks up at her and said, “me here mommy.”

Deb bend down and feels the back of Cuddy's seat. Cuddy begin to squirm. Deb said, “you can wait for me at the changing table Cuddy. I will have to change you.” She then check the other cubs and only see Floppy wet. Deb holds Floppy's paw to the changing table. She sit Floppy on the changing table and change him. Deb said, “there you go my little Floppy.”

Floppy said, “I feel better Aunt Deb.”

Deb said, “that is good. Know you can go out so I can change your cousin, Cuddy.” She sit Floppy down. Floppy runs out to play.

Deb sit up Cuddy. She said, “now Cuddy, what did your daddy and I say when you had an accident?”

Cuddy looks down and said, “I get a new pair of trainers over my trainers.”

Deb said, “that is right Cuddy.” She grab the new trainer and place Cuddy's feet in the legholes. Cuddy step in the legholes. Deb pull up Cuddy's new trainers over his messy trainers. Deb said, “now go out and play. Your birthday cake be ready in a few hours.”

Cuddy runs out to play. Deb walk to the restroom to wash her paws before going into the restroom to get the cake out of the oven. She place the cake on the table.

Cinder walk in the house with the presents and cake decorations. Deb picks up the decorations and place them on the cake. She said, “good size for a 4 Cinder.”

Cinder said, “it is the only one they had.”

Deb said, “it will fit. Now we have to wait for the others to come here.”

Deb and Cinder sit at the table, watching the others play. Cinder see Cuddy and said, “um, Deb, what is wrong with Cuddy?”

Deb said, “Cuddy had a little accident. He will have to wear what he done for a while.?

A car pulled up. Manny, Grad and Normany all came out of the car. Manny walk to the trunk and got some presents out of the car. Grad said, “Manny let me go back there and help you.”

Manny said, “I got it, but thanks anyway.”

Grad open the door for Manny. Manny walk in and Normany walk in behind the two.

Deb said, “now lets get the party going. Vince has to work.”

Manny walk out and said, “come in and get some cake.”

The cubs run inside and take seats. Cuddy start to squirm in his seat again. Deb said, “Cuddy, sit still or you will not blow out your candles.”

Cuddy sit still. Deb walk out of the kitchen with a large cake, with a number 4 on it, and the Pokemon, Cyndaquil, Poochyena, Buizel and Shinx all on it. Cuddy said, “thank you mommy, I love it.”

Deb pat his head while she see him blow the candles. She then cut the cake and give the cubs each slice. She also take a slice and start to eat her own piece. Cuddy is happy that he has his big day. He then start to open prestents.


This is my friend Kijibwa's forum. Need more members to RP.
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PostSubject: Re: My stories   Tue Apr 19, 2011 4:06 am

Thanks for sharing here too! *hugs*

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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Cuddy Fox


Number of posts : 581
Age : 40
Localisation : In a cave
Registration date : 2006-11-30

PostSubject: Re: My stories   Wed Apr 20, 2011 7:50 pm

I wrote this story for a friend as a request. I never post it on FA.

Artemis and the dragon
Artemis is a little flying dragon that he will take many different species. One day, Artemis look around and he walk over and grab his sword and gun and says to himself, “I am ready to slay a dragon.” Then Artemis change into a cheetah. He then walk out of his house and see that the king has been napped and he is the one who need tog et him back. He look around and see some stool soldiers. Artemis then got his sword ready and cut up the 2 soldiers. Artemis then look on the 2 bodies and take their food, money, and weapons before he hid them in an abanding house.
Artemis then left hte house and grab his sword ready again. He then clamb a tree and jump, just to change into a eagle to fly to the castle. Artemis then land on the edge of the castle blocks. He then change into a soldier so he can blind in. Artemis then walk to one room and see the princess. He says, “where is the kings dungeon. The princess then see something suspecious about this soldier and says, “it is downstairs.” Artemis then got to the stairs to go downstairs. Then he look behind him and see that he is being followed. Artemis then change into a mouse and run into a hole in the wall.
Artemis then got out of the hole a half hour later. He look around and says, “I am safe now.” He then go down to the dungeon. He then walk to the kings dungeon not knowing that the king was moved. Artemis then turn to his true form of a two-tailed fox. He says to the fake king, “I am going to get you out of here.” The fake king says, “thank you, but one thing first. Artemis then says, “what is it my king?” Then the king pour some stuff on Artemis that was made from Myrlin. Artemis then start to swank smaller. He then look at his body and he is also getting younger.
A half hour later, Artemis is a little three year old boy. The fake king remove his mask and Artemis then scoot back to the wall because the stuff that was poured on him made him not to change to anything. The fake king says to the princess, “come down and get your new baby boy.” The princess then walk down and pick up the diaperless Artemis. The princess says, “it looks like someone can use a diaper.” She then walk to her room and take out a thick extra confy diaper and put it on Artemis. Artemis then fainted when he saw the diaper.
A half hour later, Artemis then woke up. He then look down and see that he is not dreaming. He then look at The princess and the princess says, “hi my name is Grenny, but you can call me mommy.”Artemis says, “you momma?” Grenny then pick up the little two tail fox and says, “yes, I am momma” Artemis then look down at the diaper. Grenny says, “yes, I put that on you, it is an extra thick diaper that is able to hold a lot of loads. With our traveling, I will not be able to change you all the time, so I put you in one of those diapers.” Artemis then hug Grenny saying, “momma,” over and over. Grenny then start to smile and says, “yes I am momma.”
Hours later, the princess got to go and she is going to take Artemis with her. She run down the secret passage before the castle was taken over by the troops of the king. Artemis says, “momma, what are we doing?” Grenny says, “we need to go elsewhere.” Artemis says, “momma, can I go with you?” Grenny then hug Artemis tight and says, “I am taking you with me.” Arttemis then wag his two tails and says, “I love you momma.” Grenny says, “I love you too Artemis.” Artemis then look at Grenny with that look. Artemis then giggle and says, “we not have to stop right now, I promise I will buy you something if you not cry.” Artemis then grunt more and the diaper start to bulge out like a rock. Grenny then giggle and says, “looks like you going to have a bowling ball in your diaper for a little while.” Artemis then giggle and says, “I guess I am going to.” She then got him out of the secret passage and got across the border with Artemis behind a hay cart. Artemis went to sleep in Grennys arms.
Two hours later, Artemis woke up and start to walk to Grenny. Grenny says, “we are home my baby boy.” Artemis says, “ok momma.” He then run around forgetting about his load in his diaper. Grenny see the load and giggle and says, “Artemis, come here.” Artimes then walk to Grenny and says, “what is it momma?” Grenny then put Artemis on his back and take off the dirty diaper. She then clean him and put him in a brand new extra thick diaper. She then put him back on his feet and says, “go play again my little boy.” Artemis then went off to play. He then stop and look at a little two tail wolf name Venat. Artemis says, “momma who is that?” Grenny laugh and says, “that is Venat, that is your brother.” Artemis then walk to Venat and says, “hello, I am name Artemis.” Venat says, “hello, my name is Venat.”
Venat says, “want to play?” Artemis says, “lets play tag, I will go and you have to tag me.” Artemis then start to run off and Venat chase after Artemis. Artemis then start to spread his back legs and the front of his diaper start to turn crimson yellow. He then look over and see that Venat's diaper is turning crimson yellow in front too. Artemis then says, “I think I am soaking my diaper.” Venat then shake his head in agreement. Venat says, “lets keep on playing.” Artemis says, “ok, we can still play.” Venat then start to chase Artemis again. then Venat stop and raise his two tails start up. Artemis says, “why stop brother?” Venat says, “I am going poopy.” Artemis then look at Venat's diaper bulging out and turnijng brown on the bottom below the yellow spot on his diaper. Venat says, “I am done, lets play more.” Artemis says, “ok, we can still.”
Ten minutes later, “Artemis is far infront of Venat when Artemis stop and raise his two tails and a big bowling ball shape bulge begin to grow. Artemis says, “i too had an accident.” Venat says, “I can see that, want to play or get change?” Artemis says, “we better get change, I need to go again and if my poop gets too heavy, it get hard to move.” Venat then look at the diaper and the bulge is getting bigger while Artemis is pooping more. Venat says, “you going again brother.” Artemis says, “it is all out, now I am ready for a change.” Venat says, “I am not ready.” Then he raise his two tails and start to have his diaper bulge out even more. Artemis says, “you ready know, we both are having hard time moving now.” Venat says, “I am ready.”
The fox and wolf then walk to Grenny hodling their crotches. Grenny then giggle and sys, “if you two need to pee, go right ahead, I will put you two down for the night after I get you two change.” Artemis and Venat then soaked their already soak diapers. The crotches are going far down to the ground. Grenny then lay the 2 on the change the two and then put the two down for the night and says, “have a good night and a good morning tomorrow, my two big boys.” Artemis and Venat then went to sleep.

This is my friend Kijibwa's forum. Need more members to RP.
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Cuddy Fox


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Age : 40
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PostSubject: Re: My stories   Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:41 pm

Here is a story of My Little Pony I wrote. I write stories like this all the time. I just love to see Minty in the main show.

Babysitting for Ponies
Minty, an Earth Pony is on the job for babysitting Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom. Minty said, “hi youngsters, my rules is that no writing on the walls, do not eat food without me cooking it and do not mess on my socks.”

Sweetie Belle start to giggle. Scootaloo begin to giggle after Sweetie Belle. Apple Bloom said, “we won't Minty.”

Minty said, “now go and play in the living room. I will cook food with my favorite color, green.”

Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom all three run into the living room. Sweetie Belle sit on the floor, singing to herself. Scootaloo is playing with some balls throwing them against the wall and Apple Bloom is drawing on paper.

Minty walk in silantly into the room. She walk to Sweetie Belle and said, “you sing good for a young pony, my friend.” The saying made Sweetie Belle blush deeply. Minty pat Sweetie Belle on the head and walk over to Scootaloo and Apple Bloom. She said, “want some cookies?” Apple Bloom said, “we do want some.” The four ponies walk into the kitchen.

Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo all three sit down to eat some cookies. Sweetie Belle said, “these are good. They are all good.” Scootaloo said, “very good.” Apple Bloom continue to eat cookies. Minty look in amaze when the count of cookies on the plate start to disappear.

Sweetie Belle said, “Minty, can we have milk?” Minty said, “sure my friends.” She walk over to the fridge and pull out a green vase of food coloring green milk. She pour the milk in four glasses and put straws in the glasses. Minty walk back to the table and give the three young ponies the glasses. Scootaloo said, “thanks Minty.” Minty said, “no problem.”

Unknown to Minty, Sweetie Belle is sitting on her scarf. Minty said, “now go play my little ponies while I clean this up. Play together is more fun then play.” Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom all three run into the living room, to decorate a ornament for the next Winter Wishes Festival.

Minty walk to the table. She then see her favorite socks and said to herself, “oh no. I forgot this being right here where Sweetie Belle was sitting.” She walk into the living room and said, “Sweetie Belle, darling, can I see you in my bedroom?” Sweetie Belle walk with Minty to her bedroom.

Minty said, “darling, you sit on my scarf.” Sweetie Belle said, “I sorry Minty. I will wash it if you want me to. I will cook more cookies too.” Minty said, “I still love you my pony friend. All I need you to do is to lay on the bed my darling.” Sweetie Belle walk over to the bed and lay on it.

Minty walk to the closet and grab some stuff. She walk back to Sweetie Belle and said, “darling, you be wearing a diaper my little philly.” Sweetie Belle start to giggle loudly. Minty start with little pony powder. She said, “the powder is the best in all the land, my darling.” Sweetie Belle said, “I believe you Minty.”

Minty then left Sweetie Belle's legs up and slide the diaper under her and pin it up in two coyboy hat diaper pins. She picks up Sweetie Belle and said, “you look so pretty Sweetie Belle.” Sweetie Belle start to laugh hard. Minty said, “now for one more thing just to limit you the embarrasment.” She put pink lace plastic panties and a pink skirt on Sweetie Belle. Sweetie Belle said, “nobody will notice me, right Minty?” Minty said, “you look so nice Sweetie. I better get better looking myself so you not beat Rainbow Dash in the next beauty pangent.” Sweetie Belle hugs Minty and runs into the living room to play with Scootaloo and Apple Bloom more.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo both love Sweetie Belle's new pink lace plastic panties and a skirt she is wearing. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo both run into the bedroom wanting skirts and plastic panties too. Minty laughs and said, “sure my two.” She lay Apple Bloom and Scootaloo on the bed and she begin to diaper Apple Bloom first with two flower shape diaper pins and put purple lace plastic panties on her. Minty then place a purple skirt on Apple Bloom and then put her down.

Minty then start to diaper Scootaloo. She left her legs and put a diaper under the philly. She then pin cloudy diaper pins. She then put orange lace plastic panties and an orange skirt on Scootaloo. Minty said, “now go play with Sweetie Belle and you phillies have so much fun.” Scootaloo and Apple Bloom both run to play with Sweetie Belle.

Minty lay four sleeping bags on the floor. She then lay in the green sleeping bag while Sweetie Belle lay in a pink sleeping bag. Apple Bloom lays in a purple sleeping bag and Scootaloo went to an orange sleeping bag. The four ponies went to sleep and fly to dream world.


This is my friend Kijibwa's forum. Need more members to RP.
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Cuddy Fox


Number of posts : 581
Age : 40
Localisation : In a cave
Registration date : 2006-11-30

PostSubject: Re: My stories   Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:56 pm

Growlie's accident
Growlie is in the kitchen playing while his parents are getting ready to go on vacation. Growlie looks up at Mr and Mrs Tearon, which is his parents. He said, “mommy, daddy, where we going?” Mrs Tearon said, “we are going on vacation. We will be driving down to Puptown and go on the rides they have.” Growlie said, “I can not wait mommy.” Mrs Tearon hugs Growlie and said, “did my little puppy have a little accident?” The five year old pup said, “yes mommy.” Mrs Tearon said, “lets get the little stinker change and then we get to go.” Mrs Tearon take Growlie to the changing table to change his training pants into a diaper for a long trip.

Growlie said, “mommy, why I have to wear a diaper?” Mrs Tearon said, “not worry. They are just going to be on you during the trip and then we will put you back into your training pants.” Growlie said “okay mommy. Can I go to the car?” Mrs Tearon said, “the car should be packed and we should be ready.” Growlie runs to the car and hop into it. Mrs Tearon buckle Growlie up before going into the seat herself.

Mr Tearon said, “ready to go Georgia?” Mrs Tearon said, “sure is Teddy.” Mr Tearon turn the car over and the vacation start. Growlie is in the backseat playing with some cars. Mr Tearon is driving down the road. He said, “this is so much fun. Driving down the road and not having to go to work.” Mrs Tearon said, “I agree. Lets get there so we can have some fun.” Growlie smiles big.

Growlie sees a car going pass the medium. The car hit the car he is in. Mr Tearon is trying to control the car the best he can. Mrs Tearon is screaming and crying. Mr. Tearon hit the guard rail and then got hit by a semi on the front end. Growlie is crying hard. The delima is scaring him to death. He cry, “mommy, daddy?” Unknown to him, his parents have pass away from the accident. Growlie continue to cry hard.

A older guy runs to the car. He came from a semi truck. He open the door and feels the necks of the older dogs in the front seat. He do not feel a pulse on either of the parents. The guy then look in the back seat and see a crying Growlie. He take Growlie out of the seat and sit him next to his own son, Pata. He then run to get the parents out of the car. He is trying the best he can to get the parents out. The car is on fire and he got stuck in the flames. He is trying to get out the best he can carrying Mrs Tearon. He has burns across his legs.

Pata cry, “daddy, please no more.” The older guy said, “I have to save the father. I be right back.” Another guy walk over and said, “I will help.” The two guys run into the flames and walk back out, burnt, and cut, but they drag the lifeless Mr Tearon out of the car before the car blew up. Pata runs to The older guy. He said, “daddy, are you okay?” The older guy said, “Pata, I think you should go to your Aunt Deb for a while. I will be going to the hospital to heal these burns. He then call Deb.

Deb drove to the accident site. Pata said, “aunt Deb.” Deb runs to Pata and said, “who is your friend?” Pata said, “that is Growlie.” The fire fighter walk up and said, “Deb, can you take Growlie with you. Mr and Mrs Tearon both pass away and neither have a next to kin.” Deb said, “I will take Growlie until the rightful parent will come.” The Firefighter said, “I think he is going to be quiet, and scared for the first few months, but in time, he will ask about his parents, tell him the truth. His parents died protecting him from danger.” Deb said, “okay sir. I will tell him if he ask.”

Deb walk up to Growlie. She said, “Growlie, I am going to take you to my house. Do you have any aunts or uncles that I can call for you?” Growlie cry, “no ma'am.” Deb pick up Growlie and feels his diaper being used. She said, “lets get you change my little puppy.” Growlie cry, “my mommy tell me that me be going back into trainers.” Deb said, “Growlie, Pata wears diapers and that is all I got. I make you a promise and tell you that you will wear trainers when we get home. I know that both Knuffy and Cuddy both wear them.” She change Growlie into a new diaper.

Deb place Growlie in the backseat with Pata. Pata said, “mommy, will Growlie stay with us?” Deb said, “if Growlie wants to and if the adoption agency agree.” Growlie said, “I will ma'am.” Deb said, “Growlie, you can call my Mrs Wolfe.” Growlie said, “can I call you my new mommy?” Deb said, “not yet youngster. I will have to get to the agency to adopt you first.” Deb drove not home, but the adoption agency. She pick up Growlie while Pata is next to her. The agent said, “Deb, welcome here. I heard what happen and I think you be the best person to take care of Growlie.”

Deb said, “thank you ma'am.” Deb start to sign papers. The agent said, “now you have adopted Growlie.” Deb said, “Pata, Growlie, lets go home and you can see your siblings. They are being babysitting by Benty, but he has three little bunnies too with a fourth coming soon. Pata said, “okay mommy.” Growlie is sitting in his seat. He has his old toys still in his paws, from the accident he was in with his parents. The accident has scared him so much.

Two years later, Growlie still have nightmares and with flashbacks, he still will have accidents in his shorts. He is growing into a good young pup, getting A's in his first grade classes. He does miss his parents and miss place he call home for the first five years of his life, but he is a happy puppy that Deb is there to held him when needed to be held, to talk to him, when he needs someone. To keep safe and comfort.


This is my friend Kijibwa's forum. Need more members to RP.
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My stories
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