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 The Chimour Chronicles, III of III (Finished)

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PostSubject: The Chimour Chronicles, III of III (Finished)   Mon May 09, 2011 10:02 pm

The Chimour Chronicles, III Of III (Reunion)

It was a rainy morning in Denshire Falls as Chimour slept on within his crib, tossing, and turning as the rain continued, and brought with it, as it fell, painful memories of times long since past. The whole night through Chimour had been having a repeat of the same dream over, and over again as he stood there in his dream, and watched as his parents got crushed by the falling debris of the house they once lived in, and as the silhouettes of the monsters who had killed his parents, and robbed him of his innocence grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger before finally enveloping him in the icy coldness that was what he believed death would be like.

But the dream didn’t end there as Chimour continued to whimper softly in his sleep as a loud, angry voice ran through out the corridors of his mind, screaming at him in the harshest of tones that which he always sort of believed since that night, but that which he never wanted to believe.

“It’s all your fault! It’s your fault that they were flattened to a bloody pulp! It’s your fault those monsters got away! If you weren’t to busy looking cute you could of saved them, or at least you could of driven a stake through one of the men’s chest and killed them!”. Yelled a voice which was familiar to Chimour, but still some how foreign at the same time, and that’s when it hit him.

It was he himself who was yelling, but when he was much younger, and when his voice wasn’t as deep as it was now.

“It’s all your fault!”. Yelled the voice once again, but now with much more of a melancholy as the voice soon broke up into the sound of sobbing, intense, heart-breaking sobbing as Chimour with tears in his eyes awoke in his crib, having felt somebody gently wipe the tears from his eyes as he slept.

“B-Brother?”. Chimour asked sadly as he sat up, and looked upward at the bigger bat looking down at him.

“Hey there little brother…”. Bellfry said noticeably sounding a little sadder then usual.

“I had that dream again…”. Chimour said sniffing a little as his brother picked him up, and soon laid him back down onto the changing table inside of his room.

“I know, you were talking in your sleep…”. Bellfry said as he gathered up the supplies he’d need before soon untapping Chimour’s diaper which was obviously very wet, probably partly because of the dreams Chimour was having last night.

“You don’t think it was..”. Chimour said trailing off as his big brother put his finger to his little brother’s mouth, shushing him.

“No it wasn’t your fault, I mean what could you do? You were what five years old? I mean sure our particular breed of fur is stronger then most, but at that age you still wouldn’t have been able to do anything since that surge of strength only comes after years, and years of blood consumption, so please stop beating yourself up for it”. Bellfry said removing his finger as he held the front of his little brother’s Pawpers over his front, knowing all to well that his little brother probably had a little left in his system.

“But…”. Chimour said, Bellfry once again shushing his little brother with his finger now firmly, yet gently placed against his little brother’s furry maw as Chimour predictably began emptying out what was left into the front on his already soaked diaper.

“No buts. Look if you’re really still that shaken up over it we can reschedule visiting our old house until later? I don’t want to put you through that until you’re ready emotionally”. Bellfry said, removing his finger as his little brother finished wetting his diaper, prompting Bellfry to bring the front of Chimour’s diaper down, take up wipe in paw, and begin gently wiping Chimour’s damp front.

“But I am ready!”. Chimour said, hell-bent on paying his respects to his former mother, and father who he knew were probably still resting there, that bit of land now a completely barren wasteland.

“Are you sure? And what did I say about buts?”. Bellfry asked as he continued to wipe up Chimour’s front, soon finishing with that as he lifted up his little brother’s backside, took the diaper out from underneath him, balled up that diaper with the wipes he had used to clean up his little brother, tossed that diaper into the nearby diaper pail, took out one of Chimour’s pink princess Pawpers (This one being a good bit thicker then usual), and unfolded it before sliding it underneath Chimour’s bottom, and threading his stubby black tail through the hole in the back.

“Yes I am, and oops… Sorry about that”. Chimour said blushing a little as his big brother gently laid his bottom back down, powdered up his paws vigorously, and began gently rubbing the powder into his front.

“Aw it’s no biggy, I was only teasing you”. Bellfry said chuckling as he soon finished powdering Chimour’s front, re-powdered up his paws, lifted up Chimour’s backside, and began gently powdering that next.

“Big meanie head”. Chimour said playfully as he pouted a little, and folded his arms up in a cubby manner.

“Aw how cute”. Bellfry said chuckling even more now as he finished powdering up his brother’s backside, laid it down, brought up the front of his brother‘s new diaper, and then snuggly taped his little brother’s diaper in place. “There we go little one, all done! Oh and yeah, just a quick heads-up, but I don‘t plan on stopping any to change you while on this road trip, so you‘re wearing an extra, extra thick disposable this time around, don‘t worry I powdered your front, and bottom extra generously this time around so you definitely won‘t be getting a diapee rash”. Bellfry said giving Chimour’s freshly padded front a pat.

“Hehe tanksies big bwothew! And yeah it definitely feels much thicker then my usual Pawpers princess diapees!”. Chimour asked giggling as he hugged his big brother happily, and latched on to him in the process.

“Aw it was nothing, and yeah I had a talk with Warren about this, so no doubt Lig will be wearing an extra thick diaper himself”. Bellfry said chuckling as he placed his right paw underneath Chimour’s bottom in a supporting manner, and wrapped his left arm around Chimour’s back, leaning his little brother up against, and into his right shoulder. “I could’ve taped you into a pair of regular, all white, and plastic-backed Pawpers travelers seeing as how those are just as thick, and absorbent, but I decided to change you into a pair of Pawpers travelers with the Pawpers princess design, seeing as how we got a couple packs of them for free as an added bonus since you did such an adorable job with that diaper ad for Pawpers princess diapers, and all. Course we also got a few packs of regular, cloth-backed Pawpers princess diapers for that ad, but those wouldn‘t be able to handle the kind of wettings, and messings that you‘ll be doing in your travelers since as I said before I‘m not changing you until we reach our final destination”. Bellfry said smiling as he continued holding his little brother.

“Ah okay, oh and I wasn’t paying a lot of attention when you were diapering me, so did you pick the cloth-backed ones with the designs all over, or the plastic-backed ones with the designs only on the landing zone?”. Chimour asked, blushing since if he were paying attention he wouldn’t of needed to ask since the crinkling, or lack thereof would of given it away.

“I went with the cloth-backed ones since they look cuter on you, and since I know you have a preference for them”. Bellfry said smiling as he soon stood his little brother up onto the floor before making his way over towards the dresser drawers where he went about trying to find a good outfit to dress his little brother into for today.

“Hehe yeah well that’s probably because when I was a toddler I was raised on cloth-backed, so it feels more familiar to me”. Chimour said giggling as he stood there in just his Pawpers, and black t-shirt.

“Well seeing as how you’re wearing a pink diaper how about I dress you in all pink for today?”. Bellfry asked taking out a pair of pink overalls with a button snapping crotch, and a pink baby tee.

“Hm… Throw in a ribbon, and it’s a deal”. Chimour said giggling happily.

“Ah okay”. Bellfry said, taking out a pink ribbon as well before he set all those clothes down onto the floor, and raised up his arms which Chimour thusly imitated, prompting Bellfry to begin to take his little brother’s black shirt off of him. “Okay now keep your arms raised for me while I slip on your new shirt for you, okay little one?”. Bellfry asked smiling as he finished removing his little brother’s previous shirt, and picked up the new pink baby tee off of the ground where he had previously left it.

“Otay”. Chimour said giggling as he nodded, and kept his arms raised up to the sky for his big brother.

And so with that Bellfry brought the pink baby tee down over his little brother’s head prior to soon pulling it down over his little brother’s belly button, picking up his little brother’s overalls, undoing the straps, and holding them open for his little brother to walk into so he could pull them up.

“What does the baby tee you got me in say on it anyway?”. Chimour asked curiously as he stepped into the overalls, prompting Bellfry to pull them up.

“Ah it says ‘Princess Potty Pants’ on it in lavender lettering”. Bellfry said smiling as he started doing up the straps for his little brother’s overalls.

“Hehe sounds pretty fitting…”. Chimour said giggling as his brother soon finished with that, and began putting the pink ribbon in his head fur.

“I thought so too”. Bellfry said chuckling as he had then finished with that as well, taking a step back to fully admire his handiwork, noting how much more of an obvious diaper bulge his little brother had because of the extra absorbent padding.

“Hehe how do I look?”. Chimour asked giggling.

“Oh you look positively adorable as usual”. Bellfry said smiling as he tussled his little brother’s head fur a little.

“Hehe tanks you”. Chimour said giggling as he hugged his big brother, latching onto him again.

“No problem”. Bellfry said smiling warmly as he did as he had done before, placing his right paw underneath his brother’s bottom, and wrapping his left paw around his back while leaning him into his right shoulder.

“So what’s for breakfast big brother?”. Chimour asked giggling as he snuggled a little closer into his big brother, wrapping his arms around his neck.

“Didn’t make any. See our destination is a good ways away, so I figured we’d just get breakfast on the go. Of course by then it‘ll be more like brunch, but most place‘s will probably still be selling just breakfast items”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Hey big brother if it’s not to much of a hassle could we bring some of my friends along as well?”. Chimour asked.

“Way ahead of you little bro. I knew you’d want at least a couple of your friends to be there for you during all of this, so I talked to Warren, Zena, and Zed about this a few weeks in advance, and well they should be dropping off Lig, and Zee-Zee relatively soon”. Bellfry said smiling as he removed his left arm from around his little brother’s back, picked up the diaper bag he had filled up with supplies nights before, and slipped the strap of that bag over his left shoulder prior to wrapping his left arm around his little brother’s back again, and walking out of the room, down the stairs.

“You packed yourself a diapee bag too right big brother?”. Chimour asked giggling a little as he snuggled up into Bellfry some more, and as they went down the stairs, and into the living room together.

“Of course, I wouldn’t forget something like that silly”. Bellfry said smiling as he took his left paw from around his little brother’s back, picked up his own, far less cubby diaper bag, which he had laid right next to the front door last night, slipped the strap of the bag over his left shoulder as he had done for his brother’s diaper bag, and wrapped his left arm around his little brother’s back again, now waiting around in the living room for Zed, Zena, and Warren to come over to drop off Zee-Zee, and Lig.

A few minutes passed while Bellfry held his little brother close to his chest, and it wasn’t a few minutes more, or even a few seconds more that they had to wait from that point on as there came a gentle, yet very audible knocking from outside, which Bellfry made haste in responding to as he took his paw from around his little brother’s back, unlocked, and then opened the door to be greeted by five smiling faces, all said faces belonging to the very people whom he had scheduled to come over this very day.

“Hiya pinky!”. Lig greeted happily as he entered the house with a big grin on his face, and with his obviously much thicker then usual Pawpers easily poking out underneath what looked like a skirt.

“Narf!”. Chimour said giggling a little as he tugged a bit on his big brother’s shirt, prompting Bellfry to stand him back up onto his own two feet so that he could run, well quickly waddle up to his favorite lil liger, and hug-tackle him which of course he made no hesitation in doing so.

“Hehe nice to see you again too, oh and hey by the way there what do you think of my new kilt?”. Lig asked giggling, giving Chimour a quick hug before reaching a paw upwards so that Chimour, who had just gotten off of him, could help him get back up.

Chimour didn’t answer immediately, he just stood back a little, and took a good minute, & a half to take in all of what his friend was wearing. Lig wasn’t wearing anything new, shirt-wise, and was wearing his regular red, and black stripped shirt, but below that where Lig usually wore a pair of kaki shorts he now sported a camouflage colored skirt which just covered his knees, well at least that’s what it looked like to Chimour.

“Hehe Lig I thought you weren’t into the whole sissy thing”. Chimour said giggling.

“What’re you talking about? I‘m not into sissy stuff, you know that”. Lig said.

“Hehe well you ARE wearing a skirt…”. Chimour said giggling madly.

“It’s a kilt”. Lig said frowning.

“Hehe what’s that?”. Chimour asked giggling. “I can’t hear you over the sound of the wind from outside making your skirt rustle, and thusly making your diapee crinkle”. Chimour said giggling.

“Manly! Manly Kilt!”. Lig said, his frown spreading to the rest of his face very quickly.

“Hehe okay, okay… Skirt boy”. Chimour said as he began madly giggling to himself yet again.

It was hard, but Lig managed to just ignore that last comment while Warren, Zena, Zed, & Zee-Zee helped themselves inside as well, Warren placing down Lig’s diaper bag next to the doorway as he came inside, and Zena placing down a small little backpack with “Zee-Zee“ written on it as she and her husband Zed came inside.

“So you’ll have them back by Sunday right?”. Warren asked, double checking the info he was previously given about this whole trip a few weeks ago.

“Yes, but it’s a long trip, so it’ll probably be more like Sunday night when we get back over here”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Well okay then Lig be good for me while you’re with Bellfry, and do whatever he tells you to okay?”. Warren asked, crouching down as he tussled his little brother’s furry headfur.

“Hehe dun worry I’ll be good”. Lig said smiling.

“Good”. Warren said smiling as he gave his little brother a hug real quick before letting go, and standing back up all the way.

“You be good too okay Zee? Your mommy loves you”. Zena said hugging her son, and giving him a quick peck on the check, much to his slight embarrassment.

“Okay mom…”. Zee-Zee said hugging her back while seeming just a bit on edge to both Lig, and Chimour as he did so.

Why was Zee-Zee on edge? Well it’s not like he didn’t want to go with, and help Chimour through this, I mean after all they’re friends, and that’ll always be that. No what it was is that on Chimour’s birthday he was talked into wearing a cub diaper as a present to Chimour since he had nothing else to give, and also another time before that when Lig had tricked him into a pair of Pawpers. Ugh yeah that was just the worst, especially when he actually filled it, front, and back, just like how Tizzy would of done… Actually no it didn’t feel that bad, yeah I mean sure it felt a little icky, but at the same time he kind of liked it, but well he would never let himself think that way, or ever admit something like that for that matter.

So yeah as Lig, and Zee-Zee got older the potty wars never really ended, I mean sure Zee-Zee doesn’t do what he used to, and try to get Lig to use the potty anymore since by now Zee-Zee would adequately know of Lig’s medical condition, but well he still didn‘t wanna lose, and he knew that on this car trip both Chimour, and Lig would try to get him one step closer to losing the war flat out by getting him into a diaper at some point, especially so since this was going to be a long trip. Also speaking of diapers his mother had packed a couple up inside of his backpack, and not just any diapers, but the most absorbent Pawpers she could find at the store since he needed a bit more, well a lot more protection at night then some other furs his age due to that whole bedwetting issue. Anyways besides that Zee-Zee also had a change of clothes, and some night clothes inside of his backpack, as did everyone else, but unlike Zee-Zee’s the night clothes Lig, Chimour, and Bellfry had tucked away in their diaper bags we‘re a good bit more infantile in nature, but that goes without saying! So yeah in that regard everyone was well prepared.

Anyway shortly after giving his son a quick hug like his wife had done a few moments prior Zed, Zena, and Warren soon left back off, and towards their homes once they had all gotten securely buckled up inside of their respective vehicles, and what not. And so with that done Bellfry turned towards both Lig, and Zee-Zee. Opening his furry maw to ask the two of them a few quick questions before their departure.

“Okay so you need changing Lig?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“Nah my big brother changed me this morning, and into an extra thick diapee, so I’m fine”. Lig said.

“Okay just making sure. Oh and Zee-Zee do you have to go use our guest bathroom real quick before we leave?”. Bellfry asked.

“Yeah I do, um I’ll be right back”. Zee-Zee said, a little embarrassed that he’d forget something like that as he soon headed off, and towards the guest bathroom, entering before soon locking himself inside.

“I think I’m going to go get a few things for the trip”. Chimour spoke up as he turned around, and headed towards his room.

“I already packed your Snowy inside of your diaper bag”. Bellfry said before his little brother had gotten to far.

“Yeah I know you did, I’m just going to get a little music for the trip”. Chimour said as he continued heading towards his room before soon entering, searching around for a little, finding what he wanted to find, and heading back towards the living room with his MP3 player now in paw.

“Okay I’m back”. Chimour said happily as he soon arrived back in the living room, and before he placed his black MP3 player into one of the pockets of his overalls prior to placing the little headphones over his head.

“What kind of music do you have on that thing anyways?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Just a whole bunch of old music which you wouldn’t really care for, like I’ve got David Bowie’s first five albums on here”. Chimour said smiling as he took the MP3 player out, and selected David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold The World” album before adjusting the volume, and placing the MP3 player back into his pocket.

“Ah I see, so that’ll be how you pass the time on the trip then huh?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Yup, how about you?”. Chimour asked smiling.

“Oh well my big brother packed my Game boy Sp up inside of my diaper bag along with my copy of Pokémon Red”. Lig said smiling.

“Oh well who did you pick for your starter?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Same one I always pick, Charmander”. Lig said smiling happily, and as Zee-Zee soon came back out of the restroom before entering the living room with the rest of them again.

“Okay then guys you ready?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“Yup I’m ready!”. Chimour said smiling.

“Me too!”. Lig said giggling.

“I’m ready too I guess”. Zee-Zee said smiling a tiny bit as well as he slipped his backpack on, and over his two shoulders, blushing a little since he could hear his Pawpers crinkling a little from inside said backpack.

“Okay then lets go”. Bellfry said taking up his pair of keys before picking up Lig’s diaper bag as well, and before leaving with the rest of the cubs in tow towards his car.

And so soon Bellfry electronically unlocked the doors to the car with that little clicky thing on his ring of keys, prompting Lig, and Zee-Zee to open the two back doors, get in, buckle up, (Lig buckling himself up into the one car seat in the back) re-lock the doors, and shut em back, whereas Chimour did the same thing, but for the front seat next to his brother’s so that he was riding shotgun as he hopped up into the one car seat in the front, and buckled himself in (With a little help from his big brother). Besides helping his little brother with his car seat Bellfry also soon unlocked the trunk before he searched through the diaper bags, and handed his little brother his Snowy, and pacifier, this being his pink, butterfly-shaped one, and before he handed Lig his Game boy, his Pokémon game, his Bushy, and his pacifier. And so with both cubs pacified, and happy Bellfry zipped the diaper bags back up before placing them inside of the trunk (Along with his own), shutting the trunk, and locking the trunk before he then opened his door, sat down, buckled up, re-locked his door, shut his door back, started up the car, put the car into reverse, and backed out of the drive way, making sure to keep a close eye on his rearview mirror as he soon started down the road.

“So what’s for breakfast then?”. Zee-Zee asked curiously.

“Yeah big bwothew thaid you had thomething in mind?”. Lig asked with a lisp since he was sucking his pacifier at the moment.

“Ah well that’s up to you three. Where do you guys want to go to get some food? It has to be somewhere with a drive-thru though since that’d be quicker then parking, and sitting down to eat”. Bellfry said as he continued keeping his eyes on the road.

“Burger King?”. Lig offered curiously amongst his peers once he had taken his pacifier out of his mouth.

“Yeah sure, I’ll have myself some cini minies, and an orange juice. I’m not really all that hungry this morning, so that should do it for me”. Chimour said smiling after doing the same with removing his pacifier so that his big brother could more easily understand him.

“I’ll have French toast sticks, some hash browns, some sausage, and a large coke”. Lig said smiling.

“And I guess I’ll just have what Chimour’s having except in lieu of OJ I‘ll have a cup of coffee”. Zee-Zee spoke up.

“Are you sure about that? I’m good friends with your mom, and well having talked with her all this time I’ve been told a few stories by her in the past about what has happened to you when you’ve tried coffee before…”. Bellfry said.

“What did she say?…”. Zee-Zee asked pouting a little.

“Well have you ever seen ‘Hoodwinked’ before?”. Bellfry asked pulling into their local Burger King, and getting in line with the rest of the cars.

“She didn’t…”. Zee-Zee said blushing as his tail, now fluffed up in embarrassment, covered up his face.

“Yup, she said when you’ve had coffee in the past you essentially turned into that squirrel character ‘Twitchy’ “. Bellfry said laughing lightly.

“It’s not true! I don’t really get that wound up, I promise!”. Zee-Zee said pouting even more now as he removed his tail from his face.

“Oh alright if you insist”. Bellfry said smiling happily as he shrugged his shoulders a little. “So do you want your coffee black?”. Bellfry asked as they sat there waiting in line.

“Yes please”. Zee-Zee said confidently.

“Alright then I guess I’ll just have some black coffee as well. Me, and my little bro had a pretty big supper last night, so I think I can skip on breakfast this time around”. Bellfry said smiling as they began waiting there for when it’d be their turn to place an order.

Well eventually it was their turn to place an order, and well soon after that Bellfry, having taken out his wallet a few moments in advance, had paid what they owed for the food before soon handing out what belonged to who, and before soon heading out back onto the road, and onward towards their ultimate destination. Lig, Zee-Zee, and Chimour had thankfully gotten what they had asked for, and so soon they just made themselves at home, and began to eat in the car while Bellfry in the meantime took a few sips of his coffee while keeping his eyes ever fixated on the road.

“Hey do you guys want me to turn the radio on?”. Bellfry asked, placing his cup of coffee back into the cup holder.

“Sure”. Lig said smiling as he continued eating his food.

“Sounds good to me!”. Chimour said giggling as he continued wolfing down his cini minies, the icing covering his furry maw.

“Yeah it’d be nice to hear a little music while watching the scenery go by”. Zee-Zee said, pacing himself a bunch more then Chimour was when it came to eating his cini minis, and taking a sip of coffee after every other bite.

“Okay then”. Bellfry said smiling as he turned on the radio while never taking his focus off of the road, of course.

Time passed as they continued to listen to the music on the radio whilst they continued munching on their drive thru breakfast, Chimour being the first to finish, followed by Zee-Zee, and then by Lig. Chimour needed to use a majority of the paper napkins they had been given at the drive thru to wipe all the icing off his face since his tongue couldn’t reach all of it, and as he did this Lig took up his pacifier, popped it into his mouth, and relaxed a little in his car seat, although as he did this he couldn’t help but notice something was a little bit off with Zee-Zee who seemed a little tenser then usual. Chimour picked up on this as well, and so as soon as he had finished with wiping his face, and opened his mouth, and prepared to ask Zee-Zee what was wrong, well that was before one of his most favorite songs of all time came onto the radio.

“Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’! Hey big brother you don’t mind if I-”. Chimour said before he was promptly cut off by his big brother.

“No of course not, knock yourself out”. Bellfry said smiling as his little brother got super giddy, opened his mouth, and began to sing along to the music.

It started out nicely enough as Chimour sang the first, melodic bit, but after the first few minutes had passed and the song went through it’s “Rock Opera” stage things started to get a little hectic…

“ ‘I see a little silhouetto of a man, scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango? Thunderbolt, and lightning, very, very frightening me! Galileo, galileo, galileo, galileo, Galileo Figaro, magnifico! I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me. He’s just a poor boy from a poor family, spare him his life from this monstrosity! Easy come, easy go, will you let me go? Bismillah! No, we will not let you go. Let him go! Bismillah! No, we will not let you go. Let him go! Bismillah! No, we will not let you go. Let me go! Will not let you go. Let me go! Will not let you go. Let me gooooo!!! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go! Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for meeeeeeeeee!!!!’ “. Chimour sang, still sounding okay, but of course nowhere near as good as the man on the radio, I mean he was definitely trying, but well maybe he was trying a little to much since he had sang the first part like normal, but with this middle, opera-rock part of the song he had gotten really loud, really quickly prompting Bellfry to quickly turn off the radio, which in turn made his little brother pout in the process.

“Oh well it was fun while it lasted…”. Chimour said sighing as he continued pouting a tiny bit.

“You didn’t sound bad, you were just getting really loud, and well I don’t want to have to replace any of the glass in this car”. Bellfry told his younger brother, smiling as he continued to focus on driving.

“Ah well okay… Oh yeah I almost forgot, but I was going to ask if everything was okay with ya Zee? Ya seem a bit tense there”. Chimour said turning to face his squirrelly friend.

“Oh m-me? I’m f-fine, c-c-couldn’t be b-better!”. Zee-Zee answered nervously.

“Zee-Zee are you hyper on caffeine?”. Bellfry asked chuckling a little as he continued driving down the road.

“N-n-no!!!”. Zee-Zee answered, blushing horribly as his legs began shaking more, and more quickly until they were like small, furry pistons.

“Hehe yup he’s definitely hyper!”. Lig told Bellfry, giggling a good bit at how wound up Zee-Zee was.

“Fibber! I’m not hyper, honest!”. Zee-Zee protested, still blushing as he tried vainly to keep Bellfry from finding out about this one little, embarrassing weakness of his.

“Uh-huh, sure you’re not”. Bellfry said, teasing Zee-Zee a little as the young squirrel’s face lit up red even more now in reaction to it. “Anyway seeing as how caffeine is a diuretic we should probably make a quick pit stop in a nearby town along the way, and soon. Me, Lig, and my baby brother are covered there because we still wear diapers for one reason, or another, but since you don’t if you had an accident you’d wet all over my backseat, and it’d probably take me awhile to get the smell, and the stain out from my backseat so I’d rather avoid that if possible”. Bellfry said.

“Y-yeah s-sounds like a g-good idea…”. Zee-Zee said blushing at the idea of something like that happening to a fur his age.

“That’d add a good bit of time to our trip though huh? Ya sure he can’t just go diapered like the rest of us?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Nope, afraid not Lig. It’d be fine with me if he wanted to do that himself, but I’m not going to force that on him. You’re right though, it would shave some time off of this trip”. Bellfry told Lig as he continued driving down the road.

“Th-thanks Bellfry…”. Zee-Zee said relieved that this time, unlike some of the others, he was given a say in the matter.

“No problem Zee”. Bellfry said smiling as he continued driving down the road.

“What if ya can’t hold it though, and we don’t reach a place where you can go to the bathroom in time? Wouldn’t it be easier if ya just didn’t have to worry about it?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“C-can’t hold it?… Who a-are y-you trying to f-fool? You j-just wanna see m-me diapered like h-how you, and L-lig are!”. Zee-Zee said pouting at Chimour with crossed arms.

“Hehe nice try Pinky…”. Lig said smiling warmly as his bladder let loose, and began to warm up his diaper area greatly whilst he giggled at Zee-Zee who was still pouting a tiny bit.

“Well guess ya can’t blame a batty for trying… Still I do have a point here, don’t I?”. Chimour asked.

“I g-guess, but I’d still r-rather not… I’ve b-been noticing a p-pattern lately which m-more frequently then n-not leads to my inevitable d-diapering, and so instead of letting you, or someone else t-talk me into it I’ll just wait a bit b-before going”. Zee-Zee said.

“Oh okay, I’ll just have to trick ya later on then when we reach our destination! I’m sure me, and Liggy over there, using our combined brain power, will be able to come up with some sort of diabolical plan to get ya into a nice, and thick diapee while we‘re over at the hotel we‘ll be staying at!”. Chimour told Zee-Zee over-confidently.

“Uh-huh… W-we‘ll just s-see about that!”. Zee-Zee said in an “It’s on!” kind of way.

Fast-forwarding another thirty minutes or so later and we see that both Chimour, and Lig are now moderately soggy, and that by now Zee-Zee’s caffeine high had worn off as the young, pre-teen squirrel fur started nervously shifting around in his seat, just beginning to feel the pressure in his bladder start to build, warning him that he had to go.

“Gotta go Zee-Zee?”. Bellfry asked curiously as he continued driving down the road, having saw Zee-Zee shifting in his seat in his rear-view mirror.

“Yes I do. How close is the nearest bathroom?”. Zee-Zee asked curiously.

“Well according to one of the road signs I saw a few miles back we’re still about ten miles away from the nearest town of Britton”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Ah okay so not much longer then?”. Zee-Zee asked hopefully.

“Nope, since we’re on the highway I can drive a good bit faster then usual so it should only take a little while til we get there”. Bellfry explained.

“Ah well okay then”. Zee-Zee said before going silent once again.

The silence didn’t last to long though as a certain, curious little liger saved his game before turning it off, and turning towards Bellfry, a few questions on his mind.

“So um Bellfry where are we heading towards anyways? Like what’s the name of the town where we’ll be getting a hotel at?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Oh well we’ll be getting a hotel in Denton seeing as how it’s the closest to the house my, and my brother’s parents lived at”. Bellfry said.

“Where did they live at?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Oh well you see mom, and dad were both originally born, and raised in Denton. Mom had a job as a teacher, and dad was still looking for a stable, well paying job at the time, but well twelve years after having me, and after a year or so of me getting bullied, and picked on over at the local school because of my consistency problem which made it to where I needed to wear protection to keep my pants dry mom, and dad decided it’d be best to move over to the country to continue raising me. My mom had a teaching degree, so basically she home schooled me from there on out while my father got a job as a car salesman so that we could continue paying the bills”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Were all the kids in that school you went to like that?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Well I don’t exactly know to be honest, but at times it really did seem like it. Oh and it didn’t exactly help that I wore Pampers to school in lieu of an adult brand since I was pantsed one day in front of several people in the hallway, and well ever since then everyone there took to calling me ‘Baby Boy’ “. Bellfry said.

“Why did you wear cub diapers to school?”. Zee-Zee asked curiously.

“Well I just always preferred them over adult brands since adult brands were just so boring looking, and well I always liked my padding to be at least a little cutesy. Heh guess that’s because even back then I was a cub at heart”. Bellfry explained.

“Well are the people there still like that?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Couldn’t tell you to be honest, I haven’t been there since before reuniting with my little brother, so it’s been hundreds of years”. Bellfry said.

“Well lets hope not, people should have the right to wear whatever they want to without being judged, crinkly or not”. Lig said.

“Agreed, oh and Zee-Zee we’re entering Britton city limits right now, so I’ll just pull into the first gas station I see, and you can go to the restroom there okay?”. Bellfry asked smiling.

“Okay sure”. Zee-Zee said shifting around in the backseat even more then before.

“You sure you don’t want to just wear a diapee Zee-Zee?”. Chimour asked, giggling to himself a little.

“I’m sure”. Zee-Zee said pouting at Chimour a little before turning his attention back to the front of the car, getting a little nervous now since he had to go pretty badly, and since there wasn’t a place where he could go use the bathroom in sight as Bellfry continued driving onward.

“Aha, A gas station! You can go use the bathroom there, and while you do that I’ll pump some more gas for the car”. Bellfry said smiling once he had spotted said gas station just a few minutes later, and as he soon, and smoothly parked his car into a lane while Zee-Zee tried frantically taking his seat belt off before getting it off, unlocking one of the car doors, opening the door, and bolting out, and inside the gas station. “Boy he really had to go…”. Bellfry commented chuckling as he got out of the car as well, and began to pump gas for their car after paying for the gas with his credit card.

“Think he’ll make it?”. Chimour asked curiously as he tried getting out of his car seat.

“Yeah he should make it, though it’s gonna be a bit close…”. Bellfry said calmly before noticing his little brother having a bit of trouble with his car seat. “Aw need a little help with that there little guy?”. Bellfry asked chuckling a little as he postponed pumping any more gas, opened the door on Chimour’s side, and began helping him get un-strapped.

“Yeah, hehe I was just strapped in so snuggly, and I really wanna go get a soda”. Chimour said giggling.

“Another? Gee you’re going to be so soggy later on down the road”. Bellfry said shaking his head a little at his little brother’s silliness before getting his little bro un-strapped as Chimour gave his big brother a quick hug, and jumped on out of the car.

“Do you want one too Lig?”. Bellfry asked curiously as he took his wallet out, and began looking around for some singles they could use for sodas.

“Yeah sure”. Lig said giggling as he began trying to get out of his car seat, not having any more success then Chimour had when he tried doing it himself.

“Okay then here you go little bro, you two can get a soda each with this money”. Bellfry said handing his little bro a couple of dollars before now going through the whole process of un-strapping Lig from his car seat.

“Can you give us some money for the arcade games inside as well?”. Chimour asked curiously, being able to just make out the outlines of what appeared to be an arcade machine or two inside of the gas station.

“Well… Okay, why not?”. Bellfry asked smiling as he finished helping Lig out of his car seat before taking out a few more dollars, and handing them over to his little brother while Lig hopped on out of the car as well.

“Okay we’ll be back later!”. Chimour said smiling as he and Lig both scampered off into the gas station together.

Meanwhile back inside the gas station Zee-Zee had just gotten into the bathroom, but in his haste didn’t notice which bathroom he had walked into as the female furs already inside started giving him looks.

“Sorry about that, I’ll be leaving now”. Zee-Zee said blushing really badly as he left that restroom, and then proceeded to enter the next one, his bladder feeling as if it were going to give out on him any minute now. Luckily Zee-Zee managed to find an unoccupied stall inside, and so dashing into the stall, pulling down his pants, and pulling down his undies Zee-Zee began to relieve himself, having been just a few short moments away from having drenched his pants like a cubby.

As Zee-Zee continued doing that Lig, and Chimour both picked out a soda, Lig getting Pepsi, and Chimour getting Mountain Dew before they had paid for their sodas, and broke the rest of the money up into change to play the arcade games inside with, Chimour’s eyes lighting up when he saw what one of the arcade games was.

“Sp-Sp-Splatter House!”. Chimour said happily as he kept looking at it in a transfixed manner.

“Hmm…? What’s up? Looks like just a Beat ‘Em Up to me, a very bloody Beat ‘Em Up…”. Lig said trailing off as the demo to the game continued playing, waiting for someone to pop in some coins to play it.

“Well I guess, but this game was pretty ground-breaking back in the day since the content was so wild, and bloody… I know this may sound a little sad, but I kinda idolize this game”. Chimour said blushing a little.

“Hehe no need to be embarrassed about something like that Pinky, I have my nerdy little quirks too ya know. Like I personally idolize Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek”. Lig said giggling.

“Oh, well thank you!”. Chimour said smiling as he hugged Lig a little for what he said.

“Hehe no problem, but seriously remember that one brief moment in that episode of Futurama where they say Star Trek was so popular it was at one point a religion?”. Lig asked smiling.

“Hehe I remember that”. Chimour said smiling.

“Well I can guarantee you that if it was ever really a religion I would of been one of the first members, so yeah I take my nerdiness very seriously!”. Lig said giggling some more as Chimour popped in some coins, and began to play. “Anyways while you play that I’m going to go play some Pac Man over there, have fun”. Lig said taking up his coins before leaving Chimour, and popping his coins into his own arcade machine.

And so going back to our squirrelly young friend over in the restroom, after finishing up with his business Zee-Zee returned out of the restroom, in so much of a hurry he didn‘t notice the others, as he was soon back outside, and soon headed towards the car where Bellfry, stood waiting for him, a small blush on his face as he thought about how much of a close call that one was as he soon re-entered the car, closed the door, locked it, and strapped himself in.

“Hey Zee-Zee?”. Bellfry asked, just sitting there as he waited for the young squirrel to respond.

“Yes?”. Zee-Zee asked curiously, just now noticing the other two weren‘t there with them.

“That was a pretty close call you had there, and well I just wanted you to know that I’m still up for say diapering you so you don’t have to worry about it”. Bellfry said.

“No thanks…”. Zee-Zee said blushing a bit. “Oh and where are the others?”. Zee-Zee asked curiously.

“Are you sure? It wouldn’t take long, and there’s a drug store just over there where I could buy you some less babyish diapers”. Bellfry said pointing over towards a drug store just across the street. “And they went inside of the gas station to play some arcade games, and grab a couple of sodas. Didn’t you see them coming out?’. Bellfry asked curiously.

“Well I dunno, and I didn‘t see any of them, must‘ve been in to much of a hurry, although I don‘t think they noticed me either since they probably would‘ve greeted me or something if they had”. Zee-Zee said, not really wanting to be diapered for any reason, although he could understand why Bellfry was offering.

“Ah, I see, and please Zee-Zee? You almost didn’t make it this time around, and I don’t remember there being many towns out where we’re going, I mean this may be the last town for a long while, and what if you’ve got to go number two? If you accidentally do that in your undies you’ll ruin them, along with your pants, but if you do it in a diaper at least those are disposable”. Bellfry said.

“Fine…”. Zee-Zee said caving in, although he wasn’t exactly happy about the whole idea.

“Thanks Zee-Zee, I’ll make it up to you once we get to Denton okay?”. Bellfry asked.

“Well okay…”. Zee-Zee said as Bellfry started up the car, and drove to the drug store just on the other side of the street before parking yet again, and before going through the same old routine to get out of the car, Zee-Zee doing much of the same.

And so the two of them eventually came up to the front of the building as Bellfry opened the door before they both walked inside, Zee-Zee heading straight to the cub aisle since he just wanted to get this over with, and since the cub aisle was closer to the front door, and check out then the aisle that had the more adult protection.

“Zee-Zee? We’re in the wrong aisle, I mean you didn’t want any babyish padding did you?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“No, but I figured an off-brand would work since it’d probably be more generic, and a little less cubby design-wise… Ah these should work”. Zee-Zee said picking up a very small pack of four Cuddlies diapers in his size.

“Well that’s actually a name brand, but yeah those sport designs that aren’t nearly as babyish as the ones on my little bro’s Pawpers so I guess those will work”. Bellfry said smiling, having used that brand himself several years ago before he started using just Pawpers products only.

And so with that he also picked out some generic baby powder, and walked back to the check out with Zee-Zee where they soon began checking out all of their stuff. Afterwards Bellfry led Zee-Zee over towards the bathroom in the back, chose a stall, brought down the change table inside of the stall, and had Zee-Zee take off his undies, and pants before soon laying down on it.

“Okay let’s get this done quickly”. Bellfry said taking out one of the diapers before unfolding it, lifting up Zee-Zee’s backside, sliding the diaper underneath him, threading his tail through the back, laying Zee-Zee’s bottom back down, and powdering up his right paw with a generous amount of baby powder.

“Great… They’re plastic-backed…”. Zee-Zee said sighing as he heard the diaper crinkling a little bit as Bellfry unfolded it, and with a small blush on his face, since he didn’t know they were plastic-backed when he picked them out.

“Don’t worry Zee-Zee, they won’t crinkle as much underneath your pants, and Lig, and Chimour are both so used to that sound by now that they probably won’t even notice it coming from underneath your pants”. Bellfry said reassuringly as he brought up Zee-Zee’s bottom again, and began to powder it.

“Well… Okay”. Zee-Zee said still blushing a little as Bellfry continued, especially when Bellfry laid his freshly powdered bottom back down, re-powdered up his paws, and began powdering his front as well.

“Almost done Zee-Zee, it won’t be long now…”. Bellfry said smiling as he continued powdering Zee-Zee’s front up until he finally finished, now bringing up the front of Zee-Zee’s Cuddlies, and taping them on snuggly.

“Okay… Now can I put my pants back on?”. Zee-Zee asked his face a red as a cherry at being diapered yet again.

“Sure”. Bellfry said smiling as he picked up Zee-Zee, and stood him back up on the floor before holding Zee-Zee’s pants wide open for him to walk into.

And so Zee-Zee stepped back into his pants reluctantly as Bellfry brought them back up, and over his diaper, threading his big, and fluffy tail through before buttoning them back on.

“Alright lets go”. Bellfry said smiling as he picked Zee-Zee’s undies back up, folded them up, and handed them back to Zee-Zee who promptly pocketed them.

And so with that they soon left the store, Bellfry storing Zee-Zee’s Cuddlies, and the baby powder in the trunk where Chimour, and Lig wouldn’t see it before returning back over to the gas station where he sat, and waited for Chimour, and Lig in his car.

And so eventually Lig, and Chimour had both returned out of the gas station, their twenty four ounce bottles of soda grasped firmly in their respective paws as they soon reached the car, Bellfry getting back out before helping them both back into their car seats. And so after having done that Bellfry got back inside on the driver’s side, re-buckled up, re-shut his door, re-locked it, and then re-started his car as they soon left town, and got back onto the highway as they continued on their way towards Denton.

“So how’re you two doing diaper-wise?”. Bellfry asked curiously as he continued driving onwards, passing a road sign doing so, and with Zee-Zee now grimacing since from what he quickly read from said road sign their ultimate destination was still about forty-eight miles away.

“I’m pretty soggy, but I’m also not messy yet”. Chimour said smiling as he continued to snuggle his Snowy.

“Thanks little guy, but there’s no need to tell me if you’re messy or not. Trust me I’ll know the moment you’re poopy when I get a whiff of it, I mean those diapees of yours may come with a deodorizing scent built in, but your overall smelliness when you do fill the back your diaper is just to much for the deodorizer to handle, I think”. Bellfry said chuckling.

“Hehe I gueth you ith wight dewe”. Chimour said giggling a little, speaking with a slight lisp to emphasize how much he was enjoying Bellfry teasing him.

‘Aw… Such a cute little diapee butt… Well anyways, getting back to what I was saying, how’re you doing so far Lig?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“I’m much the same, really soggy, but I’m not stinky yet”. Lig said smiling.

“Ah okay”. Bellfry said smiling as he continued driving down the highway.

A good while later, and forty or so more miles down the road, and Chimour had stopped listening to his David Bowie albums on his Mp3 player, so that there was now complete silence in the car since before he had taken this little pause in listening to his music everyone else could still kinda hear what Chimour was listening to since even though he has ultra sensitive hearing seeing as how he’s a bat fur he still liked playing his music on max volume whenever he heard any. Well the silence didn’t last for very long as Chimour soon selected another album, from another band from before the humans went extinct so many years ago.

“What you listening to now Pinky?”. Lig asked curiously since whoever he could hear singing had a very weird, and loud voice, and well it was making him a bit curious.

“Oh well I’m listening to Oingo Boingo’s debut album, well they’re first full-length album anyways”. Chimour said smiling.

“Mind if I hear some?”. Zee-Zee asked curiously, listening to a little music sounding like a good way to distract himself from what he was currently wearing underneath his pants.

“Not at all!”. Chimour said smiling happily, always eager to share a bit of older music with his friends as he paused the album on “Only A Lad”, which coincidently happened to be the title track, before he passed the Mp3 player over to Zee-Zee who promptly put the headphones on, and began playing it.

“Gee you certainly do love lots of older music there huh Pinky?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Well there’s just not much out there these days that I like as much as the older stuff… Skirt-boy”. Chimour said snickering a bit as Zee-Zee began tapping his foot a little over in the backseat, and in rhythm to the music.

“Kilt! Manly Kilt! MANLY!”. Lig said pouting hard-core at Chimour as he folded up his arms in aggravation.

“Hehe yeah sure, you just keep telling yourself that, oh and how you enjoying the music Zee?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“It’s not half bad, and the vocalist is really good, but he does sound a bit, well… Out of his mind though, ya know?”. Zee-Zee asked smiling as he paused the album, and handed the Mp3 player back to Chimour.

“Yeah I know, but that just makes me love him even more! I love vocalists with that kind or raw passion, with that kind of energy, with that kind of spark! … Of insanity”. Chimour said giggling with his paw right in front of his furry face, having put it there right when he said “Spark” which he said in a bit of a deeper voice then usual, obviously making reference to something, but to what exactly Lig, and Zee-Zee hadn’t the foggiest.

“Hey little brother, stop being such a hot dog”. Bellfry said playfully, chuckling a little as he continued to drive on down the road.

“Oh… Okay if I must”. Chimour said giggling, Lig, and Zee-Zee now thoroughly confused.

“Sorry for the confusion guys, it’s an inside joke”. Bellfry explained to the both of them, having seen both of their dumbfounded faces inside of his rear-view mirror.

“Ah I see…”. Zee-Zee said nodding his head a little, Lig doing much of the same.

“Anyways Zee-Zee the lead vocalist of Oingo Boingo is a guy named Danny Elfman”.

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Chimour said smiling. “Just thought I’d tell ya because I’m sure you’ve seen ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ before, and well E lfman did the musical score for that movie, also he did the singing bits for Jack Skellington”. Chimour said.

“Ah cool. I didn’t know that”. Zee-Zee said a little unenthusiastically.

“Something wrong Zee-Zee?”. Bellfry asked curiously as he continued driving down the road.

“Just a little impatient is all”. Zee-Zee said calmly, just wanting to make it to Denton already.

“Ah well it’s only a few more miles away, so it shouldn’t take to much longer”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Good”. Zee-Zee said cheering up a little bit since he didn’t have to stay car-bound, and diaper-clad for very much longer now.

And so only a few more minutes later and the four of them had found themselves entering Denton city limits, much to Zee-Zee’s happiness, especially since he hadn’t used his Cuddlies any, so he had effectively avoided what he believed to be one of the very worst case scenarios on his little mental list of bad things that could happen to him on this trip so far. And so eventually they had located a nice little hotel, Bellfry parking somewhere close before turning off the car, before going through the same old procedure of getting himself out of the vehicle, and before helping his little brother, and Lig out of their car-seats, Zee-Zee helping himself out afterwards. Lig, and Chimour soon scampered on inside of the hotel ahead of Bellfry, and Zee-Zee so that the two of them were now both alone, prompting Bellfry to unlock the trunk, open the trunk, and take out the Cuddlies, and generic baby powder before packing them into his own diaper bag, and placing said diaper bag over his shoulder along with his brother’s, and Lig’s.

“So can you take me out of this diaper now?”. Zee-Zee asked curiously, blushing as he said that.

“Sure once we’re inside I’ll change you back into a pair of undies”. Bellfry said smiling as he closed, and locked the trunk before doing the same for the car doors.

And so with that Bellfry, and Zee-Zee soon joined Chimour, and Lig over at the desk, Bellfry paying the lady at the desk for a couple of nights in a family suite since that seemed like the best decision for their current situation. Bellfry was soon given the key to their room before they took the elevator up to their floor, and soon entered their room, Lig, Chimour, and Zee-Zee looking around the room curiously.

“Hey what time is it?”. Chimour asked his big brother curiously.

“It’s five in the afternoon”. Bellfry said after taking a quick look at his watch.

“What will we be having for supper?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Well for right now we’re not having anything. We’ll go, and get something later on since there’s quite a few places to get food from nearby, but until then I gotta change the both of you, and then after that you can play a little”. Bellfry said smiling warmly.

Just as soon as he had finished saying that Chimour’s breakfast, after seven full hours, had finally caught up with him, his muscles relaxing themselves out of habit as he began filling the back of his Pawpers, giggling to himself a little as it happened.

“Aw… Looks like a certain someone is making a poopy in his pants. Well I’m sure he won’t want a diaper change right off of the bat, so Lig how about you?”. Bellfry asked chuckling.

“Hehe yeah okay, I messed myself a good while ago on the way here, so I guess I’ve had my fun for now”. Lig said smiling as he took Bellfry by the paw, and as the two of them soon made their way into the bathoom, Bellfry first putting his, and Chimour’s diaper bag down on the ground before going inside.

“Hehe, and done”. Chimour said sighing contently, having effectively pushed out everything into the seat of his pink Pawpers.

“Wow… That’s a pretty big bulge”. Zee-Zee commented as he looked at Chimour’s backside, the little batty’s pink overalls doing nothing to hide what he had just done in his diaper.

“Hehe yeah I really had to go”. Chimour said smiling as he sat down, giggling as he felt his stinky, diapered bottom squish a bit underneath his weight.

“You’re such a little toddler, you know that right?”. Zee-Zee asked giggling a little.

“Yeah huh! And proud of it!”. Chimour exclaimed prior to bursting out into a fit of giggles.

“Well I’m glad you’re having fun”. Zee-Zee said as he looked around the room some more before spotting a television which he promptly made his way over towards.

“Tho whas on da tv?”. Chimour asked after putting his pacifier back into his furry little maw, having pocketed it earlier when they had found a parking place.

“Let’s see”. Zee-Zee said smiling as he picked up the nearby remote, and turned on the television before he began flipping through the channels in search of something to watch.

“Did ya find anyfing yet?”. Chimour asked curiously a few moments later as he picked up his teddy bear, and began cuddling it as he waited on a response.

“Well so far I haven’t found anything childish on like any cartoons, or cub shows. I have however found that they are airing quite a few Xmas themed movies tonight, like on one channel they’re currently airing something called ‘Jingle All The Way’ “. Zee-Zee said.

“Put dat cookie down!”. Chimour exclaimed.

“What?”. Zee-Zee asked, a little confused.

“Hehe it’s anothew inthide joke”. Chimour said giggling just as a freshly changed Lig came out of the bathroom along with his big brother.

“Okay stinky-butt, now it’s your turn”. Bellfry said scrunching up his nose playfully.

“Can’t I pwease hath a widdwe mowe time? I wath just tharting to have fun, and I dun tink you changed yourthewf yet tho aftew you do dat you can change me”. Chimour said.

“Aw… Okay fine then poopy pants, but right after I’m done I am going to change you, so make the most of it while you can okay?”. Bellfry asked smiling as he playfully tussled his little brother’s headfur a bit, causing him to giggle a little as a result. “Okay I’ll be right back”. Bellfry said picking up his own diaper bag after setting Lig’s back down next to his little brother’s, soon heading off into the bathroom to change himself shortly afterwards.

“Heya guys, what’re you doing?”. Lig asked smiling as he sat down next to Zee-Zee, and Chimour on the floor.

“Just flipping through the channels, ya know just in case something neat happens to be on at the moment”. Zee-Zee said smiling.

“Ah I see… Hey is there anything on Sci-Fi?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Dunno, guess that’ll be the next channel I’ll check”. Zee-Zee said smiling as he began doing just that.

“Hehe newdy cwinkwe butt…”. Chimour commented, giggling lightly after doing so.

“Uh-huh! I ish da biggest, cwinkwiest newd out dewe, and pwoud of it!”. Lig responded back, providing a little cubby lisp of his own whilst talking.

“Hmm… Well they’re airing a marathon of something called Star Trek at the moment”. Zee-Zee said informatively.

“Oh cool! Let’s watch!”. Lig said excitedly.

“Okay sure”. Zee-Zee said as he turned it onto the Sci-Fi channel, and began watching the marathon along with Lig, and a slightly curious Chimour.

Well about a few more minutes later Bellfry came back into the room, freshly changed, and everything as he set his diaper bag down on the floor, picked up his little brother’s, made his way over to said little brother, and scooped him up into his arms before carrying him over into the bathroom. Chimour was in the middle of watching the marathon with Lig, and Zee-Zee, so when Bellfry had scooped him up he was pretty surprised by it, emitting a small, squeaky, and cute sounding sound when he had been so suddenly picked up, oh and he also felt his Pawpers warm up a little bit in the front as well while his big brother continued to carry him, and while his big brother soon stood him back up inside of the bathroom.

“Sorry for surprising you like that little guy, but I just want to get this done”. Bellfry said as he searched through his little brother’s diaper bag, and took out a changing mat, a new Pawpers princess diaper with cloth-backed designs, some baby wipes, and some baby powder. “Okay then potty pants lets change that stinky dydee of yours!”. Bellfry said playfully as he laid out the changing mat for his little brother.

“Aw… Okay, if I have to”. Chimour said giggling a little as he took his pacifier out of his mouth, and placed it to the side before laying down on the changing mat with an audible, soggy squish.

“Okay then, lets get to work”. Bellfry said as he undid the snaps at the crotch of his little brother’s overalls, and helped his legs through, so that his diaper was now completely exposed. “Wow his diapee sure is soggy isn’t it?”. Bellfry asked playfully as he noticed how discolored the front of his little brother’s Pawpers were, poking the front a little as he did so.

“Well when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!”. Chimour said, giggling like a silly little cub.

“All to right little guy”. Bellfry said chuckling as he untapped the front of Chimour’s Pawpers, and held the front over his little brother’s front, waiting patiently as he did so.

Sure enough Chimour eventually emptied whatever was left inside of his bladder into the front of his Pawpers, just relaxing as he let it happen. And so as soon as his little brother had stopped Bellfry took the front of his little brother’s diaper down completely as he picked up a few baby wipes, and began gently cleaning his little brother’s front. A minute or so later, and Bellfry had moved onto his little brother’s backside, taking up some new wipes as he soon lifted up his little brother’s bottom, and promptly went to work on wiping it clean. Eventually he had soon finished with that as well as he now took the dirty diaper out from underneath his little brother’s backside, as he took up all of the dirtied baby wipes, as he put them into the diaper, balling the diaper up, and as he tossed the balled up diaper into the trash can nearby.

“Okay then looks like it’s time to diaper up a baby batty!”. Bellfry said smiling as he picked up the Pawpers princess diaper, unfolded it, lifted up his little brother’s bottom, and slid it underneath said bottom, threading his little brother’s tail through the tail hole in the back afterwards.

“This diapee is much thinner then the last one”. Chimour said as his big brother powdered up his paws, and began to soon start powdering his bottom after lifting his backside up again.

“I didn’t pack many Travelers for you since we really didn’t need that many of them, so really most of what I packed up for you were you’re regular Princess Pawpers, and a few night time diapers since I wanna be sure you don‘t leak on the bed any when sleeping”. Bellfry said as he soon finished powdering his little brother’s bottom, gently set his bottom back down on the diaper, re-powered up his paws, and now began working on powdering up his little brother’s front.

“Bed?”. Chimour asked a little curiously.

“Yeah we’re not in Denshire Falls anymore, and well most hotels in most major cities don’t make these sorts of accommodations for their more cubby customers like you or me. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are places where non-medically warranted diaper wearing is widely accepted like in Denshire Falls, but I’m pretty sure that Denton isn’t one of them, I mean you can still walk around padded, but you can’t go without pants like you could back home, and even then if a local knows you don‘t actually need them you will probably be picked on for it”. Bellfry said as he finished up with powdering up Chimour’s front before bringing the front up, and taping it on nice, and snug.

“Well did you make sure to pack my nightlight then?”. Chimour asked nervously since no special treatment meant no easy way to keep the monsters away.

“Ofcourse I did, but just in case I’m letting both you, and Lig sleep with me tonight, and for the other nights we’ll be spending over here”. Bellfry said smiling as he helped his little brother’s legs back through the leg holes of his overalls, did the snaps back up, and helped his little brother up prior to putting all of the changing supplies back up inside of his little brother’s diaper bag.

“What about Zee-Zee?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Ah he’ll be fine, he’s a very clever little squirrel, so the monsters won’t be able to get em”. Bellfry said smiling. “Okay now lets get back to the living room”. Bellfry said smiling as he picked up the diaper bag, and took Chimour’s paw, Chimour placing his pacifier into his mouth before walking with his big brother back into the living room.

Once they came out Bellfry gave his little brother a pat on the bottom, getting his attention as he promptly pointed over towards Lig. Chimour got the message immediately, and walked over to Lig, prior to sitting down, and spending time with him. Once the two cubs were distracted Bellfry silently motioned over to Zee-Zee who quickly, but silently made his way over to him.

“Okay it’s now or never Zee-Zee”. Bellfry said picking up his diaper bag, and guiding Zee-Zee back into the bathroom prior to locking the door upon their entrance, to placing his diaper bag down, to taking down Zee-Zee’s pants, and to unthreading his tail as he then let the slightly blushy squirrel do the rest himself as Zee-Zee soon slid the diaper down, and off of his waist like a pull-up.

“Okay I’ll take that, I can use that for later as a stuffer”. Bellfry said taking the diaper from Zee-Zee after he stepped out of it. “I think later tonight I‘ll do a bit of layering with these for a little bit of extra comfort”. Bellfry said unzipping his diaper bag before putting the pair of Cuddlies Zee-Zee was previously wearing inside, and zipping the bag back up.

“Finally, no more diapers…”. Zee-Zee said smiling as he took his underwear out of his left pants pocket, stepping out of his pants prior to pulling the underwear back on, but before stopping half-way.

“Well no not really, I’m going to need to diaper you back up for night time, but yeah besides that no more diaper wearing for you, well until we start the trip back home!”. Bellfry said smiling as he noticed Zee-Zee hesitating. “What’s wrong Zee-Zee? Need some help?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“No just got to go to the bathroom, so could I have a little privacy?”. Zee-Zee asked curiously.

“Certainly!”. Bellfry said cheerfully as he picked up his diaper bag once again, and soon left the squirrelly fur alone by himself so that he could go to the restroom in peace.

So while Zee-Zee busied himself in the restroom Lig, and Chimour continued talking to each other about this, that and whatever, never noticing Bellfry was gone even when he walked out of the bathroom, and casually set his bag back down near the door prior to walking over to the two of them.

Bellfry took this time to turn on the television, turning it to the local news station where they had just begun to cover something else, Bellfry listening in intently as the news anchor went on.

“Today twenty miles west of Denton city limits amongst the barren remains of Weiss Woods Daniel E. Mann, a local resident of our fair town, history buff, and a teacher at Denton middle school had orchestrated a field trip to what was left of Weiss Woods for educational purposes on the vicious human raids of the past for the following week, and once the day came he, and his students had discovered what seemed to be some sort of a green phenomenon amongst what was formally nothing more then a dried up, old patch of dirt. Here’s Jim Crowley at the scene, Jimmy?”.

As the furry news anchor had promised they promptly cut to what looked like mostly barren wastelands, but with a rather large Oak tree in the background with grass, and bushes surrounding it.

“Big bwothew?”. Chimour asked getting close to Bellfry at the television, Weiss Woods being a very historic place, and where his mom, and dad where killed that night.

Bellfry shushed his little brother, wrapping his right arm around him in a hug as he listened in more intently to what they were saying on the television. As he listened in Lig decided to join them, this sounding like some very interesting stuff to the curious, little, man-skirt wearing kitten. Soon they moved onto covering something else though, Zee-Zee coming out of the bathroom just when they did so.

“Huh… Pretty interesting stuff… Um Lig you didn’t by any chance bring your laptop with you did you?”. Bellfry asked knowing all to well the nerdy little liger had a thing for technology.

“As a matter of fact I did”. Lig said smiling.

“In your diaper bag I take it?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“Yup, you wanna use it?”. Lig asked.

“If it’s not a problem with you”. Bellfry said.

“Hehe not at all! Oh but my laptop’s got a password, and it’s also got voice recognition tech built in, so yeah I’ll just log in for ya, and then you can get to doing a bit of research!”. Lig said smiling.

“Thanks Lig”. Bellfry said as he got up, walked over to the diaper bags, looked through Lig’s diaper bag, and took out Lig’s laptop

“No problem! Hehe you must really wanna find out about that tree huh?”. Lig asked smiling.

“Yeah, I can’t explain it, but there’s a sort of familiarity coming from that particular tree, and well I’m a bit bothered that I don’t know what it is”. Bellfry said as he opened up the laptop before noticing Zee-Zee, and then re-closing the laptop back up. “Well before that let’s go get something to eat okay?”. Bellfry asked smiling.

“Okay!” Zee-Zee, Lig, and Chimour yelled out together, and in unison.

And so with that the four of them left the room, and soon they were all buckled up inside of Bellfry’s car, Lig, and Chimour in car seats as always. And so they were off, and headed towards a good place to grab a bite to eat.

“So what do you guys want to eat?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“I’m fine with whatever”. Zee-Zee said smiling.

“I’d like something spicy”. Lig said smiling.

“I want something grilled, and with onions”. Chimour said smiling, after taking his pacifier back out of his mouth, and pocketing it of course.

“Hmm… Oh I got it! I wonder if they’re still open though…”. Bellfry said scanning the area a little bit while he continued driving.

“Got something in mind?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yep. There’s this restaurant mom and dad would take me too once, and awhile, mostly to cheer me up after a hard day of school since there was an ice cream joint just across the street from it, so it was pretty convenient to eat at the restaurant, and then go out for a cone, or two”. Bellfry said.

“What’s the name of this place?”. Lig asked curiously.

“ ‘Eddie’s Major League Franks’, but I bet you anything it’s not still up and running, it’s been hundreds of years since then, so that bloodline could’ve died out for all I know”. Bellfry said.

“Would you bet me a claymore?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yeah, sure… Why do ya ask?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“Well what’s that over there?”. Chimour said pointing out what looked like the exact same restaurant his big brother was just talking about.

“Ahem… You’re to young”. Bellfry said as he made the turn, and pulled into the parking lot.

“Come on! I’m seven hundred and fifty years old! I can be trusted with a sword!”. Chimour said pouting.

“Says my immature, pouty-face, non-potty-trained, diapee butt brother”. Bellfry said in response to that.

“That’s not fair! I could of potty trained… I just didn’t want to!”. Chimour said pouting even more now as Bellfry finally found a parking space, and began turning off the car.

“The answer’s still no little bro”. Bellfry said as his little brother pouted one last time, and hung his head in defeat. “However… I may get you some nun chucks, but only if you cheer up okay?”. Bellfry asked.

“Okay!”. Chimour said perking up immediately since having his own pair of nun chucks still sounded pretty cool.

And so soon the four of the made their way into the restaurant after going through the whole procedure of getting out of the car for what seemed like the fifteenth time today. The waiters did give Chimour a sort of funny look, but he paid it no mind when he made his order for a large Coke, French fries, and two foot longs with onions, cheese, mustard, and chilly. The other three ordered something similar except instead of fries Lig ordered some spicy nachos. And so once the food, and everyone’s beverage of choice reached the table they began to promptly dig in.

“Mmm… Just as good as I remember em being!”. Bellfry said smiling as he continued eating his food.

“Yeah they’re pretty good! I wonder what’re the odds of this place still being in business though after all of these years?”. Zee-Zee asked curiously.

“Not very high, but I’m happy the family who runs this place didn’t die out because these franks of theirs have got something special to them”. Bellfry said smiling as he remembered a few times, all those years ago, when he used to come to this place with his mom, and dad, chuckling to himself about how many old memories he had held onto all this time, like how ridiculously high his dad would stack the condiments on his hot dogs, and how he’d end up dirtying his clothes with at least half of them. Yeah his mom would get so aggravated by how his dad acted like that in public, and she’d get onto him for it as well, although it was always pretty playful with her. She never got super mad with him because in many ways she knew that dad was much like a child himself, well at least where it counted.

Well all good things must come to a end, even hot dogs, and so when they were all through with their meals Bellfry left what he owed for the food on the table, plus a little extra for the waiters who had served them. When that was taken care of the four of them made their way back to the parking lot, and then after going through the procedure of getting inside of the car once again they were back off to the hotel.

“Hehe that was very good!”. Chimour said smiling as he rubbed his tummy a little bit, Lig doing much the same as Zee-Zee settled on just giving a small nod confirming what Chimour had stated.

“Glad you enjoyed it guys”. Bellfry said smiling happily. “Oh yeah by the way when we get back to the hotel you’re all getting a bath”. Bellfry added.

“One at a time right?”. Zee-Zee asked.

“Neh it’ll be much quicker if I just bathe all three of you at once”. Bellfry said.

“But I don’t need to be bathed… I can bathe myself”. Zee-Zee said.

“Sorry Zee-Zee, it’s just quicker this way”. Bellfry said as Zee-Zee just blushed in the corner of the car.

And so eventually they all made it back to the hotel, yet again going through the same old procedure to get out of the car before the four of them entered the hotel, and soon got back to their family suite where once inside the bathroom of said suite Bellfry helped undress Chimour, and Lig before he began to run the bathwater for what looked like a rather big bathtub. Also his, his little brother‘s, and Lig’s diaper bags were already inside the restroom with them, laying on the ground near the door.

“Do I have to take a bath with them? What if they, you know?”. Zee-Zee asked blushing as he stood there fully clothed alongside Lig, and Chimour who had been stripped down to just their Pawpers.

“Well I could have my little brother push out a little something into his diaper before it comes out by itself seeing as how he’s got a little bowel, and bladder control, but Lig doesn’t have any so regardless it’s going to be an issue. And we also don’t have any disposable swim diapers, but even if we did we couldn’t use them since then I couldn’t clean their lower regions”. Bellfry said.

“I’m not taking the chance! Heat loosens up molecules, molecules make up the matter our muscles are made of, and so if they’re in a tub filled with hot water with me their bowels, and bladders will become that much more lax, and I really don’t want to bathe in that…”. Zee-Zee said crossing his arms in defiance.

“Okay, okay I’ll just bathe you later on then”. Bellfry said estimating just how much room would be left in the tub without Zee-Zee participating. “Hey Lig would you mind if I bathed with you two?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“Sure why not? We’re all diapee butts here! Well except for Zee-Zee but he’s not taking a bath with us”. Lig said smiling.

“Well enjoy your bath then guys, I’ll be back later for mine when you’re through”. Zee-Zee said as he left the room, closing the door behind him, and thusly prompting Bellfry to start removing his clothes until he was down to just his diapers as well.

“Okay little bro can you try, and push something out into your diaper before you get into the tub?”. Bellfry asked curiously.

“I’ll try”. Chimour said as he began pushing a little, smiling as he gave his Pawpers a good wetting.

“Good, looks like you had a little something left over in your bladder”. Bellfry said giving his soggy little baby bro a pat or two on his bottom. “Looks like you’re not poopy though… Okay then I think we’re good to go with you”. Bellfry said as he untapped Chimour’s Pawpers, balled them up, and threw them into the trash can right before taking some toilet paper from the roll near the toilet as he promptly went to work on cleaning up his little brother’s front again.

Once he was done with that he untapped his own diaper, throwing that one into the trash can as well before repeating this procedure with Lig. After that he took out something from his diaper bag after unzipping it again, and began adding some bubble bath into the tub to the great delight of Lig, and Chimour. And so once the tub was eventually full the three of them got into said tub, and began bathing, Bellfry doing all of the work as he began cleaning up himself, his little brother, and Lig.

“Hehe I love bubble baths!”. Lig said smiling happily as he relaxed himself inside of the tub.

“Hehe me too!”. Chimour said picking up some bubbles in his paws only to have them pop on him. “You’re tearing me apart bubbles!”. Chimour shouted playfully, Lig giggling, and Bellfry chuckling at that as the big batty continued bathing the two of them gently.

Well eventually bath time was over, and so soon it came time to get back out of the tub, re-diaper Lig, Chimour, and himself in extra-thick night time padding, re-dress the two of them inside of their fuzzy-footed sleepers, re-dress himself inside of his own fuzzy-footed sleeper, pick up the dirty clothes, and put those into the wash while Chimour, and Lig went back to the living room, Lig going straight to his laptop as he turned it on, and began logging into it for Bellfry.

“Welcome back guys! Did you enjoy your bath?”. Zee-Zee asked.

“Yup!”. Lig said smiling while Chimour yawned, and nodded his head a little.

“Sleepy huh?”. Zee-Zee asked.

“Yeah…”. Chimour said yawning a little more as he looked around the room before spotting his Snowy, and pacifier where he had previously left them before getting his bath, walking over to them before plopping his pacifier into his mouth, and picking up his teddy bear which he began promptly snuggling.

“Okay Lig you got your laptop ready for me?”. Bellfry asked entering the room once again.

“Yup!”. Lig said happily as he handed his laptop over to Bellfry.

“Thanks”. Bellfry said smiling and he placed the laptop onto a table just before his little brother began yawning again.

“Sleepy little bro?”. Bellfry asked chuckling.

“Yeth…”. Chimour said rubbing his eyes a little.

“Okay let’s go get you to bed then!”. Bellfry said smiling as he scooped up his little brother into his arms and promptly carried him off into the bedroom where he immediately laid him down onto the queen sized bed before covering him up. “Stay right there, I’ll go get your night light, and a bottle”. Bellfry said as he walked back off into the bathroom where he began promptly searching through Chimour’s diaper bag before soon returning back to Chimour with the bottle of milk, and night light.

And so putting the night light into a nearby socket, turning on said night light, and giving his little brother his bottle Bellfry left his little brother there in bed as he made his way back into the living room where Lig was now sitting down on a chair, sucking on his pacifier, and cuddling his Bushy.

“So seeing as how you’re in your sleeper already can I go bathe myself?”. Zee-Zee asked curiously while Bellfry began searching the web.

“Yeah sure, just make sure to come see me when you’re done”. Bellfry said as he continued searching online.

“Yeah okay…”. Zee-Zee said blushing as he walked off towards the bathroom, thankful that Lig didn’t pick up on that since he was to preoccupied with snuggling his plushy to pay attention.

So some more time passed, and about fifteen minutes later Lig was starting to nod off in his chair. Bellfry noticed this, and put his research on hold once again as he did Lig as he had done his little brother, promptly tucking him into bed with an already snoozing Chimour, and with a bottle filled with milk fresh from his diaper bag.

“Okay back to researching…”. Bellfry said as he reached the laptop inside of the living room, and sat down. “Very interesting stuff… Blood crystals… Huh, I wonder… Well I’ll just have to test this little theory of mine out personally when tomorrow rolls around”. Bellfry said as he logged off of the computer, and closed it just as a naked Zee-Zee walked out of the bathroom with a Pawpers disposable diaper in one paw, and a container of baby powder in the other.

“Let’s just get this over with…”. Zee-Zee said blushing as he set the supplies down on the ground, and laid down.

“Okay just gimme a quick moment”. Bellfry said as he went off into the bathroom, searched through his diaper bag once there, and soon came back with a changing mat. “Okay get back up, and I’ll lay this down for you to lay onto while I do this”. Bellfry said as Zee-Zee obediently got back up, prompting him to lay the changing mat down.

“Oh yeah I forgot about that changing mat…”. Zee-Zee said blushing some more as he laid down onto the changing mat, prompting Bellfry to unfold the Pawpers, lift up Zee-Zee’s bottom, and slide the diaper underneath it prior to threading his tail through the back.

“Probably forgot about it because you’re so nervous”. Bellfry said chuckling a little as he began powdering up his paws after lowering Zee-Zee’s bottom back down, soon quickly lifting it back up as he began to rub some baby powder into it.

“I guess…”. Zee-Zee said still blushing ferociously as this cubby treatment continued.

“Heh I bet your mom’s happy you’ve decided to start wearing diapers for her at night…”. Bellfry said smiling as he lowered Zee-Zee’s bottom back down, and began re-powdering up his paws, now gently rubbing the baby powder into Zee-Zee’s front.

“Yeah… Mom’s pretty ecstatic about it actually… She’s always really cheery when diapering me when bedtime rolls around since for at least once a night she gets to indulge her super motherly instincts… I could get used to diapering myself, but I don’t want to take that away from her, besides ever since the first night of wearing diapers to bed since I was Tizzy’s age she hasn’t slipped at all, and baby talked me any, so that‘s nice”. Zee-Zee said blushing some more as Bellfry soon finished powdering him, pulled up the front of the diaper, and taped it on snuggly.

“I see, well that’s very sweet of you Zee-Zee”. Bellfry said smiling as he helped Zee-Zee back up, and onto his feet.

“Thank you… Anyways I’m going to go get my pajamas on, and then I‘m going to sleep”. Zee-Zee said picking up the container of baby powder as he left Bellfry there to fold up the changing mat, which he did quickly before he followed Zee-Zee into the restroom as well.

Once there Bellfry put the changing mat back up into his diaper bag, while Zee-Zee put up the baby powder back into his backpack before soon getting to work on getting dressed. Well it didn’t take that much longer until he was dressed, and ready for bed, and so, accompanied by Bellfry, Zee-Zee entered the bedroom, walking over to one of the smaller beds which he laid down on, removing his glasses, putting them on a nearby surface, and finally covering himself with the blankets on top while Bellfry eased his way into the bigger bed with Chimour, and Lig, the two of them never noticing a thing as they continued sleeping peacefully, Zee-Zee, and Bellfry soon joining them.

It was a refreshing change of pace for the little bat as he slept, instead of dreaming about his dead mom, or dad he dreamt a dream simply to good to be true. He dreamt that his parents had come back to life, some way, some how, and that he was all to happy to embrace the both of them, weeping out of overwhelming happiness as he had done so. The dream didn’t end there though, no it ended with a pretty mental picture, but a slightly confusing one… In the later half of his dream all he saw was a giant tree, surrounded with some sort of ghostly mist, and with balls of green, spectral light bouncing around, and off of it’s branches. Chimour didn’t understand this part of the dream at all, and even if he had begun to slowly piece it together while still snoozing he wouldn’t be able to do it because he simply didn’t have sufficient time to finish this little puzzle of his since soon he was up, and awake once more inside of the bedroom.

He was the only one there though, apparently while he was sleeping everyone else had gotten back up, and had gotten to doing other things whilst he slept, a fully clothed Bellfry soon walking into the room to see his little brother had awakened.

“I see you’re finally awake! You slept for quite some time there little guy, in fact Lig, Zee-Zee, and myself had already gotten dressed out of our night time clothes, got dressed into our second pair of day clothes, and we had also already finished eating breakfast”. Bellfry said.

“Hmm…?”. Chimour said still half awake as he sat up, and began rubbing his eyes, his diaper squishing when he had sat up.

“Aw I see hims isn’t completely awake yet. Well just don’t worry about all the little details for right now. For now lets just get you undressed, and then change that diapee of yours since I can definitely smell that a certain someone made a poopy in his pants last night!”. Bellfry said playfully, scooping his little brother off of the bed, and up into his arms before standing him back up as he went about unzipping his little brother’s sleeper.

“What time is it?”. Chimour asked groggily, his pacifier falling out of his mouth when he asked that, having forgotten he had it there in the first place.

“About eleven in the morning”. Bellfry said, stopping for a brief moment before picking up his little brother’s pacifier, putting that back into his little brother‘s furry maw, and carrying on with undressing his little brother, his little brother soon standing there in just a very messy, and very soggy night time diaper, his teddy bear held firmly against his now bare chest.

“I thee”. Chimour said yawning a little more as his big brother led him off towards the living room where he had already laid out a changing mat for him, along with a fresh, cloth-backed Pawpers princess diaper, some baby powder, some baby wipes, a fresh bottle of milk, and his second set of clothes, these being a pair of black jeans, and a black baby tee.

“I’ve prepared you a bottle for after I’m done changing you, it’s not much but at least it’s something”. Bellfry said as he picked up his little brother, and soon laid him down onto the changing mat with an audible squish coming from his little brother’s bottom.

“Tanks you fow dat”. Chimour said still calmly sucking his pacifier as he held his teddy bear closer to his chest as his big brother untapped his diaper, giving his little brother a little time to empty out whatever was left which he soon started doing only moments after.

“No problem, after all you did miss breakfast”. Bellfry said, lowering down the front of his little brother’s diaper after he had stopped wetting, now taking up baby wipe in paw as he began to gently clean his little brother’s front.

“Tho when awe we weaving?”. Chimour asked curiously as his big brother continued wiping his front before finishing, and moving onto lifting up his little brother’s bottom, now taking up some more baby wipes as he began wiping said bottom.

“Right after I’m done with you”. Bellfry said smiling as he soon finished wiping his little brother’s bottom as well, taking the diaper out from underneath said bottom before lowering it back down, before placing the used wipes inside of the used diaper, before taping the diaper up, and before setting it aside, making a mental note to throw it away later.

“Whath dat fow?”. Chimour asked curiously, noticing a shovel over in the corner as his big brother unfolded the new diaper which he promptly slid underneath his little brother’s bottom after once again elevating it, making sure to thread his little brother’s tail through the back.

“Oh well we’re taking that with us when we leave. I bought it while out for breakfast with Lig, and Zee-Zee, and well I’m going to check something important out with it”. Bellfry said as he lifted up his little brother’s backside after powdering up his paws, now gently going to work on rubbing the baby powder into said backside.

“Check what out?”. Chimour asked curiously as Bellfry finished powdering his bottom, laying his little brother back down onto the diaper before powdering up his paws once again, and going to work on powdering up his little brother’s front.

“It’s a surprise”. Bellfry said smiling while powdering up his little brother’s front as he soon finished up, bringing up the front of the diaper before snuggly taping it into place.

“Ah I see you’re finally awake!”. Zee-Zee said walking into the room while Bellfry was helping his little brother up onto his feet.

“Good mowning Zee-Zee”. Chimour said smiling as his big brother held his jeans out for him, Chimour soon stepping into them prompting Bellfry to pull them up, thread his little brother’s tail through the back, and zip them up.

“How’d you sleep?”. Zee-Zee asked smiling.

“Oh I swept fine, how about you?”. Chimour asked as he lifted his arms up, prompting Bellfry to pull his baby tee down over his head before bringing it all the way down.

“Oh… I slept okay”. Zee-Zee said blushing a little since he had really soaked himself last night, and well to his added slight embarrassment Bellfry had commented while changing him earlier this morning that if he had wet anymore then that he probably would’ve leaked all over the bed.

“Ah okay”. Chimour said, still to groggy to tell Zee-Zee was blushing.

“Hey Zee-Zee can you throw away this diaper for me? I’m about to bottle feed my baby bro here, and well it’d be a bit more convenient if you did this for me”. Bellfry said as he handed the used diaper over to Zee-Zee, who just grimaced over it.

“Oh… Okay”. Zee-Zee said sighing as he left the two of them, heading off towards the nearest trash can as Bellfry picked up his little brother once again, along with the bottle, and soon sat down on the couch with him in his lap, taking the pacifier out of said little brother’s furry maw, and placing it on a nearby table as he promptly began feeding him.

It went by quicker then it usually did, Chimour draining his baby bottle extra quickly today, and although Bellfry liked spending this kind of quality time with his little brother this bonding of theirs didn’t last for long since the bottle had soon been drained, and so therefore he had finished up with feeding said little brother. And so out came the nipple of the baby bottle as Chimour’s pacifier was promptly plopped back into his mouth, Chimour soon being picked up once more after Bellfry had set the empty baby bottle aside. And so after a quick burping, after placing his little brother back down, after putting all the changing supplies back into his little brother’s diaper bag, after zipping said diaper bag back up prior to slinging it over his shoulder, and after slinging Lig’s, and his own diaper bag comfortably over his shoulder as well Bellfry soon located Lig, and Zee-Zee prior to exiting the hotel with them, and Chimour, taking the shovel along with him.

And so soon they were on the road once again, and heading off to where Weiss Woods once stood.

“Weiss Woods aren’t particularly that far away guys, so don’t get to comfy okay?”. Bellfry asked as he continued driving on down the road.

“Sure thing!”. Lig said smiling as he directed his full attention over to Chimour. “So um, how’d you sleep last night Pinky?”. Lig asked curiously.

“Oh me? Yeah I swept awwight…”. Chimour said sounding a bit distracted at the moment, and a good bit more somber-sounding then what Lig, and Zee-Zee were accustomed to as he kept himself busy contemplating, and sucking on his pacifier.

“Well guys how about some music?”. Bellfry asked quietly.

“Yeah sure thing”. Lig said.

“Sounds good to me”. Zee-Zee said.

“Okay”. Bellfry said as he turned on the radio, knowing full well that his little brother was probably going to remain mostly speechless until they reached their destination, and so he didn’t bother waiting on him to answer his previous question.

Well eventually they had arrived at the sight, and so going through the same, old, & tired procedure of getting out of the car, but this time with the shovel he had brought with him Bellfry made his way over to the tree which had grown there out of seemingly nothing. Chimour, Lig, and Zee-Zee soon made it over there as well as the three of them soon stood there with Bellfry, and marveled over the giant tree.

“Okay let’s get down to business”. Bellfry said plunging his shovel into the earth beneath the tree as he started digging up all the dirt that was covering the roots.

“Big brother…”. Chimour said quietly, after taking his pacifier back out of his mouth, and pocketing it, only to have his big brother stop digging, turn around, and briefly put his index finger to his mouth prior to going straight back to digging.

“Trust me little guy I know what I’m doing”. Bellfry said as he had hit something hard, and soon unearthed something red, and shiny. “Aha!”. Bellfry exclaimed as he continued digging, unearthing something else that was red, and shiny before discovering that whatever he had dug up wasn’t just laying there, but was actually attached to the roots of the tree, as if the tree were feeding off of them.

And so having unearthed the both of these crystal-like items Bellfry disconnected them both from the tree roots, handing the both of them to his little brother as he went about putting the dirt back up.

“Will the tree die you think?”. Zee-Zee asked.

“Yup, it’s only a matter of minutes before this patch of green shrivels back up into nothing since we’ve deprived it of it’s main source of nutrients”. Bellfry said as he continued putting the dirt back up.

"Actually no Bellfry. It'd take the tree a long while to die cut off from just nutrients, in fact it might not die at all because it's so big it's roots must go down a long ways. Probably say to more nutrient rich soil". Lig said.

“Ah I didn’t think about that. Well thanks for sharing Lig”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Hehe no problem!”. Lig said giggling, him being no stranger to correcting people older then him since he did it at school a lot as well with his teachers.

“Well those are still some pretty cool rocks if they can do all that!”. Zee-Zee said.

“Well they are impressive, but they’re not rocks, their blood crystals”. Bellfry said.

“Blood crystals?”. Chimour asked curiously as he looked down at both of the crystals he was holding, the crystals giving off a warm glow.

“Yeah, and if I’m correct it’s only a matter of time…”. Bellfry said.

“A matter of time? Until what?”. Chimour asked just as there was a big flash of crimson colored light, the crystals having liquidized, and soaked through Chimour’s palms as the wind picked up the fluidic substance, and began constructing what looked like a couple of bodies.

“What’s happening?”. Lig asked, staring transfixed at what was going on right in front of him.

“Well basically I did a bit of research, and discovered that us vampire bat furs have a special property to us, like we are much more attuned to the energy of the living body. Humans of yore called this energy the soul, and well when backed into a corner, and once one of our kind is near death, and or dying this special property kicks in, and we, in an instinctual act of preservation, convert our beings into these blood crystals.”. Bellfry said calmly. “Basically once in this state we no longer have any form of consciousness, but there is a chance that while in this state we can come back to life, all we need for this resurrection to come to fruition is for someone who carries the family blood line to simply hold the crystal, this alone will spark life into the crystal, along with memories of the past, and the strongest of emotions, like say the ones between a mother, and her son”. Bellfry finished.

There was one last flash of light, this second flash of light being so bright it caused everyone to quickly shut their eyelids before soon re-opening them, Chimour being the first to re-open his eyes, and look up into the faces of his mommy, and daddy who both we’re fully clothed in what they had died so many years ago, and who both had this look of shock, and surprise on their faces as they stared back at him. There was something of a long silence among the three of them, Chimour, and his parents were both completely speechless as they looked at one another. The first to have any sort of reaction was Chimour’s mother, and father who instead of saying a word to him just smiled at him, Chimour breaking down into tears as he nearly tackled the both of them to the floor in an emotional embrace.

“My how you’ve grown… It took me awhile to recognize you there, but I could never forget that handsome face of yours”. Janet said smiling as she rubbed Chimour’s back soothingly.

“Yeah how many years has it been since we last saw you anyway? Five? Seven?”. Brad asked calmly.

“Over seven hundred!”. Chimour said still crying into both of their shirts as he continued hugging them.

“What?! Seven hundred years?!”. Brad asked flabbergasted.

“Well it’s definitely been awhile”. Bellfry said walking over to the three of them.

“Oh it’s you son! Please pardon my delayed response, it’s just been so long”. Brad said calmly.

“No problem, can’t exactly help being murdered there can you?”. Bellfry asked.

“Yeah about that… What’s up? The last thing I remember was the ceiling of our house caving in on us, and now I’m here with you, and you‘re little brother”. Brad said calmly as Bellfry did his best to recap all he had previously said to Lig earlier.

“So it’s true then? My little boy is over seven hundred years older now?”. Janet asked as she looked down at her son, still in disbelief as she continued rubbing his back.

“Yup. See your’s, and dad’s death had a gigantic effect on how he ages, basically he felt so deprived of his childhood after losing you two that it got to a point where he never wanted to grow up, and always stay a kid, and well it‘s because of him I found out that our particular race of furs only age how we want to”. Bellfry said. “Most everyone in our small family never had this desire to always stay young, but he did, so he got to enjoy an extended childhood because he wanted it”. Bellfry finished.

“Ah I see… Well I don’t know how I’m going to make up for all of those birthdays I missed…”. Janet said sighing as she continued comforting her son. “Oh wait! Bellfry I know this is a bit silly of me to ask, but did you finish potty training him? I never got the chance to finish where I started”. Janet asked curiously, Chimour now blushing really badly as he kept his face buried in his parents shirts.

“Well… To be honest no, he didn’t want to potty train so I didn’t make him, besides I still wear diapers as well due to my condition so it would‘ve been hard for me to convince him”. Bellfry said.

“Is this true son?”. Janet asked Chimour.

“Yes mommy it is… I’m sorry…”. Chimour said taking his head out of his parents shirts as he looked up at his mother, blushing badly as he did so.

“Come on there champ you had hundred of years to potty train, why didn’t you do it?”. Brad asked quietly, knowing this was probably very embarrassing for his son, but still he needed to know why.

“They reminded me of you daddy, of you, and mommy… I couldn’t bring myself to potty train because I was never potty trained when I originally lived with you. Most of the time when I did live with you I was wearing diapers, and if not those then trainers”. Chimour said still blushing pretty badly.

“But son this’ll put a humongous strain on your social life… You won’t have many friends, and if you do you’ll have to hide it from them constantly”. Brad said.

“Um excuse me Mr., and Mrs. Nightsyer, but I can testify against that”. Lig said smiling. “Me, and your son are neighbors, and best friends, and I’m not his only friend. Zee-Zee over there is also a friend of his, and so are many other kids over in Denshire Falls”. Lig said smiling.

“Denshire Falls? Never heard of that place before”. Brad said.

“Well dad it’s a great place for people like me, and Chimour to live because about seventy percent of the people over there are diapered, for one reason or another”. Bellfry said.

“Well okay then, I personally don’t mind changing my son whenever he may need it, but I’m going to baby him if he insists on wearing diapers”. Janet said patting her son’s diapered bottom, causing him to blush a little.

“You didn’t forget?”. Chimour asked blushing a little.

“Of course not silly, if you want to be a cubby, I’ll treat you like one okay?”. Janet asked smiling.

“Hehe I bet he’s gonna love that”. Lig said giggling as Janet scooped Chimour up into her arms and began rocking him.

“I’m going to love it to, it’s been far to long since I spent a little quality time with my little boy”. Janet said smiling as she continued rocking him.

“Mommy…”. Chimour said yawning a little as he searched around in his pocket.

“Yes little guy?”. Janet asked.

“No feeding me baby food okay?”. Chimour asked as he took his pacifier out, and plopped it into his mouth.

“Don’t worry, you’ll still eat regular food, although I may still bottle feed you from time to time”. Janet said giggling at how cute her little boy looked, sucking on his pacifier, as he began drifting off to sleep.

“I’d wike dat…”. Chimour said as the rocking finally did it’s job as Chimour was soon fast asleep.

“Well if it makes him happy, and he’s allowed to live his life like that where you guys live I suppose there’s no harm in any of it”. Brad said smiling as he tussled his sleeping son’s head fur.

“Well that’s just part of how he likes living his life”. Bellfry said.

“Oh? What else does he like doing besides acting like a little cubby?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Well he likes playing dress up, like I’ve personally taken him out in public with him dressed in a dress, and with ribbons in his hair, oh and he likes having tea parties too”. Bellfry said smiling.

“Ah… Well it’s a bit silly, but I suppose if he really wanted me to I could indulge that little hobby of his”. Janet said smiling.

“I‘ll let you take care of that much, I don‘t know what his tea parties are like, but if they‘re like most little girl tea parties he‘d make me get dressed up, and well I doubt I‘d look good in a dress”. Brad said chuckling. “Anyways I guess we’ll be living with you then right son?”. Brad asked Bellfry.

“Yup. You, and mom can sleep in the guest room, and eventually I’ll have it turned into a more suitable room for the two of you”. Bellfry said smiling.

“That’s okay son, I’ll pay for making it more suitable for us since the first thing I’m going to do when I’m settled down in your house is look for a job”. Brad said.

“Are you sure dad?”. Bellfry asked.

“I insist on it, and while I’m out working your mom can watch over Chimour so that you can finally have a free life of your own again”. Brad said.

“Thanks dad”. Bellfry said.

“No problem”. Brad said smiling as they all walked back over to the car.

And so they all eventually met back up the hotel, Brad, Janet, and the still snoozing Chimour getting there by flying since Bellfry’s car wasn’t big enough for everyone. Well eventually after taking the elevator up they were all once again sitting down inside of the hotel room Bellfry had paid for as Bellfry went about getting everything sorted out, and what not as he picked up things that they had left lying around, and packed them back up, doing the same with their freshly washed clothes. Anyway it was around this time Chimour woke back up, yawning cutely as he looked up, and saw his mommy smiling down at him.

“Did mama’s little boy sleep well?”. Janet asked smiling.

“Yeth mommy!”. Chimour answered back, overjoyed to see her smiling down at him first thing upon awaking.

“Did hims wet, or mess himself any while sleeping?”. Janet asked.

“Hmm… I wet myselwf a wittwe mommy!”. Chimour said smiling after shifting around a little in his mother’s arms.

“Ah so hims doesn’t need changing yet, well just tell me when you do okay?”. Janet asked.

“Otay”. Chimour said smiling happily as his mother just held him there.

And so eventually Bellfry had finished putting all the stuff back up as he promptly un-pocketed his cell phone, and called up Warren who had been sitting down on the couch, watching television, and relaxing a little.

“Hello Bellfry?”. Warren asked curiously, knowing it was Bellfry since he had caller id.

“Hello Warren! Something came up, and well I’m getting ready to make the trip back over to Densire Falls”. Bellfry said smiling as he saw his mother tickling his overjoyed, and giggling baby brother out of the corner of his eye.

“Ah well can you enlighten me as to why you’re coming back over here a day early?”. Warren asked curiously.

“It’s kind of complicated, but don’t worry I’ll explain everything once we get there”. Bellfry said. “Anyway goodbye Warren, I’m going to go call Zena, and Zed now and tell them pretty much the same thing I told you”. Bellfry said as he turned off the call, and redialed Zed, and Zena’s number.

“So little guy it’s been hundreds of years since we last saw you… Tell me did you get a girl friend during this time?”. Brad asked curiously.

“Yes, yes I did!”. Chimour said smiling.

“Oh that’s great! What’s her name?”. Janet asked.

“Jessica”. Chimour said smiling.

“Well looks like I’ll have to get to know this Jessica then once we’re back over at Denshire Falls”. Janet said smiling as she tussled her son’s head fur around.

“Well okay guys I’m done packing everything up, and I’m done informing everyone back home that we’re coming home a day early, so without further ado lets hit the road”. Bellfry said picking up his diaper bag, and Lig’s, slinging them over his shoulder as Janet slung Chimour’s over her own shoulder.

And so the six of them set out on the way back home to Denshire Falls, Bellfry, Lig, and Zee-Zee going by car, Chimour, and his mommy, and daddy flying over there. Chimour was so happy his parents were back to life, and he couldn’t help, but look forward to Xmas with them.

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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, III of III (Finished)   Mon May 09, 2011 10:55 pm

Well I'll say this Chimour. Great Job! Turned out fantastically. Really nice to see it unfold and such. Had fun watching your write it. ^^


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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, III of III (Finished)   Tue May 10, 2011 1:27 am

That's really excellent work, Chimour, it's a fantastic story! Heehee, coffee makes squirrels super-hyper! ^.^

And awww, the return of Chimour's parents was lovely! I love a happy ending!

Clever big squirrel!

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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, III of III (Finished)   Tue May 10, 2011 5:45 am

Zee-Zee wrote:
That's really excellent work, Chimour, it's a fantastic story! Heehee, coffee makes squirrels super-hyper! ^.^

And awww, the return of Chimour's parents was lovely! I love a happy ending!
Hehe aaaaw thank you Zee-Zee! ^^ *Snuggles a squirrel*
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, III of III (Finished)   Tue May 10, 2011 12:04 pm

YAY! Wonderful third part! Interesting how it turned out you guys could do that.
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, III of III (Finished)   Thu May 12, 2011 9:16 pm

I loced it!

Yet I'm sad the series ended....well I loved and thats the good thing.
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimour Chronicles, III of III (Finished)   

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The Chimour Chronicles, III of III (Finished)
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