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 my past furr style

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PostSubject: my past furr style   Sun Dec 10, 2006 7:42 pm

Ch. 1: the past comes forth to haunt those that pushed it aside

The young silver fox enters her school on a very dark and gloomy August seventh. She slowly walks towards Mrs. Athleteas room trying to dry off from the rainstorm she walked through. She waves at the teacher and takes a seat on the third row second desk. As she walks by the desk she noticed by a liger who is her good friend Lig.

“Hi there Kari, how are you since “that” event”

“I am better but I still remember it so clearly”


An elderly white fox walks up to kari and this fox is her mother.

“You are useless and have no reason to live anymore”

“Mom, I will show you I am not useless and I have a reason to live”

Later that night Kaela was over with Kari for a sleepover when she notices Kari is not around so she walks to the basement and sees kari.

“Kari what are you doing”

“Mom said I am useless and I do not deserve to live so it is time I claim my own life”

“Don’t be a fool, she may not want you around but do not forget about myself and the others that will always be there for you.”

“Yeah right, you and the others do not want me around either since all I do is cause problems”

“These problems are not your fault”


Kari takes Kaela’s hand promising not to try that again and they head back upstairs to Kari’s room.

(end flashback)

Soon another familiar voice chimes in and it turns out to be that of Kaela.

“Well I see you two are doing well”

“yep you bet we are” says kari happily

She turns around in her seat hugging them.

A young Godzilla begins to chime in.

“well my good friend I see you are alive”

“Kiru, you aught to know I would never leave you all”

“good to hear kari and remember we are her for you”

“you bet it” says a slight lower pitched and girlish voice.

“Bun, so we all share homeroom and our other classes.”

“yep you bet we do”

Soon the bell for first period rings and in walks a vulpix.


Kari runs up and hugs him.

“Nice to you as well my lovely kari”

He says smiling and returning the hug.

(end Ch. 1)

Ch.2 The problem with Kari

The next day she comes into the school drenched in water and blood crying as she approaches her locker and is confronted by Kais who has a locker next to her.

“Kari what happened to you”

“My fathered tried to kill me but I escaped and became disowned”

He takes his denim jacket off and puts it on her.

“That will help conceal your injuries and we must tell the others”

“Thanks and I guess you have a point there”

The bell for 1st period rings and they enter the room and Kais is confronted by Lig once entering the room and Kari takes her seat.

“Kais what happened to her”

“Well my friend Lig she was almost killed and then disowned by her only family members”

As soon as Lig hears this he goes up to her sitting next to her and wrapping an arm around her.

“everything will be ok Kari I promise you this”

“What am I suppose to do about a home and without my family I have nothing”

“I am not sure kari but we will figure something out”

Kari cries some more as Kaela walks up on them after hearing the conversation.

“lig allow me to house her since it will be easier on me since I am already a girl and I share the same ‘special’ problems as her”

“thanks kaela, you are a great friend for doing this for us and just being willing to help her out”

The teacher walks up on them after hearing everything.

“Kaela and Kiru if you two will please take Kari to the office and get herself and yourselves checked out. I will send work to you through Lig but for now she just needs to go and get rest”

“Thanks Mrs. Athletea, we will do just so”

Kaela and Kiru take Kari’s hand and lead her to the office and explain the situation and get checked out.

“Kari you will enjoy living with me and my sister”

Kaela smiles at him.

“as you now know Kari myself and Kiru are brother and sister and have been for quite some time but we preferred to keep it a secret until the time came when it would be for the best to let you know”

They soon go to Kari’s house with her parents out to work.

Kiru opens up the house and goes up to kari’s room.

“So kari is what I hear true”

“What have you heard about me Kaela”

“that you are very deeply and sincerely in love with my dearest brother Kiru”

Kari blushes deeply and nods.

“yes I am in love with Kiru but I fear that he does not care for me and I am also too shy to let him know of my feelings for him”

Kiru soon returns to them who are sitting in the living room with all of kari’s stuff and kari walks out with them leaving her keys behind on the sofa.

“hey Kari can I talk with you alone”

“sure kiru anything for you”

Kaela walks out of the room and sits in the foyer.

“I love you and want you as my girl friend”

Kari blushes and nods then kisses him.


“Yes what is it”

(end Ch.2)

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PostSubject: Re: my past furr style   Sun Dec 10, 2006 7:51 pm

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my past furr style
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