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PostSubject: Milestones   Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:13 pm

Hey guys. Well I've been in a bit of an art rutt lately as you might know if you watch me on FA but I did manage to do some writing. This is a story of John. An athletic teen who's a summer away from his senior year of highschool and his mom thinks it's time John had one more milestone before that. As is the norm in this world it's time for John to finally get potty trained. Or at least that's what his mom thinks. Will John really get potty trained? Read and find out. ^^


John rolled over in his bed with a soft squish and a crinkle as the morning sun filtered into his room. Decorated with posters from movies, music bands, some from video games, and a few soccer photos and metals it was quite the typical room for a 17 year old. The teen in question was also quite a typical lad. Tan with light brown hair, his hazel eyes still concealed by the lids which had yet to open this morning despite the time. It was summer after all so there wasn't any rush to get up early. But still sleep didn't hold John long as soon his eyes began to open and he yawned stretching and tossing the light covers off of him revealing a sight that for you might be very odd but is most typical of any boy of his age here. An amply used disposable diaper which featured a soccer related theme on the tape landing zone. John stretched and yawned as he laid there and gave his diaper a fond pat as he continued to fully wake up. He wasn't in a rush to change. John never was. Though that might well change today. As John laid in his bed turning on the TV to see what was on this morning his mom walked by and stopped.

"John I think you should get changed and get dressed we're going shopping soon." His mother told him.

"Aww mom can't I just stay home? I mean why do I have to go? You don't need me for grocery shopping and I can buy my own clothes." John whined as he laid there.

"John I want you to come with me today. I've got a bit of a surprise for you." His mom told him.

"Really? What kind of surprise?" John asked sitting up with a soggy squish hoping it might be a game or something.

"Well if I told you that would ruin the surprise. So you'll just have to come along if you want to see what it is." His mother said in that sly manner that all but guaranteed he'd go.

"Alright just give me a few minutes Ok." John nodded as he hopped up from his bed and pulled open a drawer at the foot of his bed.

"Alright. I'll be downstairs waiting for you." She told him and left.

With a grin on his face John quickly went about untaping his soaked diaper letting it drop to the floor with a wet thud. He wondered what the surprise could be as he began wiping himself up. Maybe that new StarWars game that had just come out. Maybe a movie. He had been dropping hints about a zombie movie he wanted. Maybe it was that. All the possibilities ran through his head as he unfoled a fresh diaper and gave it a good powdering before he sat down on it and laid back doing up the tapes. Rising to his feet John gave his diaper a slight inspection to make sure it was on good and wouldn't leak before he went to get dressed. He smiled as his tone lean form in the mirror as he slipped his shorts on which hung low allowing the top of his diaper to show as was the fashion. He then put on a short tank top that wouldn't cover it and went on downstairs and quickly had his sandals slapped on.

John's mom Shanan smiled at his eagerness for the surprise. She was quite sure he'd like it. Just another competition for him to succeed in as it were. She knew it wouldn't take him long to accomplish this goal. Though that said she still had her doubts. John hadn't really shown any interest in it and that worried her a bit. But John was a busy teen and odds are just hadn't taken the time to think about it yet. At any rate though this promised to be a fun interesting day as they climbed into the car and set out for their destination. John turned on the radio as they drove on down the road and nodded his head to the beat as they drove. Shanan didn't mind John's taste in music. True it wasn't what she normally listened too but at least it wasn't some shouting fest and didn't have profanity every other sentence. As they pulled up to the department store John got out with a grin. He hoped they'd be heading to the entertainment department as they entered the store. But Shanan instead lead her son past the clothing department towards the diaper isles. This puzzled John to say the least. But he shrugged it aside figuring she just wanted to stop here first to get him a new pack of diapers. He was down to half with the previous pack after all. So as they entered the isle he looked over the various diaper styles and didn't notice his mom go farther down the isle.

"John come down here for your surprise." His mom told him.

"What?" John asked confused as he walked on down the isle to what appeared to be the section that had the training pants.

"John you're a young man now. When summer's over it'll be your last year of high school. Then it's off to college. I think it's time for you to start potty training." Shanan told her son quite proudly.

"Potty Training? But...none of my friends have yet. Why do I have to start it now?" John asked with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"I know but just think you'll be the first one. You'll be able to set an example for them and help them when they start too." Shanan told her son putting a hand on his shoulder. He was nervous but that was only natural.

"Yeah but...why now? Wouldn't it be easier to wait a bit longer? Maybe let someone else go first. I mean I don't have to be first at everything." John said trying hard not to sound too whiny or blush too much.

"It'll be much easier to get you trained during the summer when you can just get up and go to the bathroom whenever you need too. If we wait for the school year you'll probably have more accidents from waiting for the end of class. And we don't want to wait until next summer because that'll be an awful lot of pressure on you to get trained before college starts. You know some of them don't accept students that aren't potty trained." Shanan reminded her son. She was only lying a little with the last part. She'd already checked the colleges John had lined up and although they preferred trained students they didn't require it.

"But...but..." John trailed off trying to think of something.

"I know your nervous but come on John. Won't you at least give it a try?" Shanan asked him giving him that Do It For Me look.

"Well..." John paused really not wanting to say it but just couldn't say no to that voice. "I'll try."

"Wonderful. Now come on John. Why don't you choose which training pants you want?" Shanan asked wanting to get him involved.

With that John looked over the training pants. Truth be told this was the last thing he wanted. He liked his diapers. He didn't wanna get potty trained. Why did he have to anyway? It's not like they didn't make bigger diapers. It's not like he couldn't change himself. But that didn't really matter at the moment. He knew his mom wanted him to try. She hadn't even thought that her son might be among that static of boys that just never trains. So John picked out some plain white training pants with fake brief designs on them. They had a simple stripe running the length of the diaper that would fade away if the trainer got wet. John didn't like the idea of advertising so obviously when he'd wet. At least not now that it would be considered an accident which John knew there would be plenty of. He had to figure out some way to get out of this situation.

After they paid for his training pants they headed on home. Shanan had planned to take John somewhere for lunch but seeing how he was acting she didn't think it would help much and thought the best thing to do would be to head home. Best to keep the ball rolling as it were. John was fairly quite the whole rest of the way home. He was still trying to figure out a way out of this situation. But he couldn't think of one. At least not one that wouldn't disappoint his mom. John considered just not trying at all and maybe even purposefully going in his trainers even if he could make it. Maybe after a while his mom would switch him back to diapers. But John quickly discounted that. She'd eventually take him to the doctor's to see if there was something wrong and of course the doctor wouldn't find anything and she'd know he was doing it on purpose. The only thing that brought him out of his trance of planning was realizing the car stopped as they pulled into the drive way.

"John why don't you take your trainers inside and go put one on. See if you can use the potty." Shanan told him as they got out of the car.

"Alright." John sighed and snatched the bag up out of the car without any love for it and went inside.

John carried the bag up to his room and sat it down on his bed taking a good long look at it. The teen about his age on the front posed against a wall wearing them and a t-shirt and to John looking far to happy for someone giving up their diapers. John took his shorts off revealing his still dry diaper. He didn't like the idea of changing out of it when it was still dry. Seemed like a waste of a perfectly good diaper. But he knew at least for now he had to. So he undid the tapes of the diaper and folded it up. Rather than throwing it away he placed it back in the drawer with the rest. It could still be worn again on it's own or used as a stuffer. Taking a deep breath John opened the package of trainers and pulled one out. He frowned and shook his head at it. Wasn't nearly as thick as a diaper. Might be able to hold two wettings at most and he wasn't sure how well it'd do overnight either. But never the less he unfolded it and slipped it on. He moved around a bit in it deciding he didn't like it a whole lot. It was so thin it almost felt like he wasn't wearing anything. John took a look at himself in the mirror. Not exactly the image of him from this morning. He slipped his shorts back on. At least if he didn't look at them he could pretend it was a diaper.

Like his mother asked John tried to use the toilet but he just didn't have to go. So he went out to the living room to watch some TV. He spent the rest of the day in a glum mood. It wasn't helping that his mom kept prompting him to try and use the toilet. Once John actually did have to go while standing there. He debated wither or not he should pull his trainers down and use the toilet for a little while before his still untrained bladder promptly ended it by emptying into his trainers. John sighed softly as he felt the front of his trainers grow comfortably warm as the dry sign completely vanished. Shanan had just walked by with laundry when she heard the sigh and stopped.

"John did you just go in the potty?" She asked but noticed his shorts were still up.

" I...didn't make it." John said trying to decide how he wanted to word it.

"Well at least you were standing in front of it when you went. You almost made it so that's progress. Good try John. Go get changed so you'll be ready to try again later." Shanan told him.

"Alright mom." John groaned and walked back to his room to get changed. The trainer was pretty well soaked and probably couldn't have handled much more. John was just slipping on the new one when his cell phone on the counter top rang. John picked it up and answered it as soon as he saw the name. "Hey Tom."

"Hey John how's it hanging?" Tom said in his usual laid back manner.

"Alright I guess." John lied.

"Alright you guess? What no hanging low joke?" Tom asked only half joking now as he knew it wasn't normal for John not to joke a bit himself. "You alright?"

"Not really. Tom you won't believe what my mom decided to do today." John said sitting down on his bed and laid back.

"What did she decide to do? Tango around the house in that Doctor costume from last year?" Tom asked trying to lighten John's mood.

"No. She decided it was time I got potty trained." John replied sullenly.

"Your not joking are you?" Tom asked.

"Believe me I wish I was. Tom I'm laying here right now wearing a pair of training pants! This sucks. I mean I don't wanna potty train. I like my diapers. Why the heck do I need to potty train? I mean I just don't see the sense in it." John groaned venting his frustration and anxiety. "Plus I just don't feel right wearing these. It's not me ya know."

"You told you mom any of this?" Tom asked him even though he doubted John did.

"No." John answered incredulously. "How could I tell her that? I mean how is she gonna handle her son being that one in ten boys that doesn't potty train? I mean she sees me do well in everything else and to her this is just one more thing she expects me to succeed at."

"I think you need to tell her John. I mean you can't just potty train to make her happy. You'll be miserable. It'll effect other stuff trust me I know." Tom said remembering his own potty training experiences half a year ago.

"Easy for you to say your folks just seem so open and stuff. " John retorted.

"Hey it wasn't easy for me. I know dad was pretty shocked. Mom took it a bit better. Anyway my point is they accepted it. You know your mom will accept this. She was pretty accepting of us dating." Tom pointed out with a smirk even though John couldn't see it.

"Yeah but I mean this is kinda different. I mean it's not like being gay is a choice. I could choose to potty train." John said with a sigh.

"Do you really think it's that different. Can you pinpoint a time in your life when you chose to like diapers? No. You just did. How many jerks used that same agreement against gay people twenty years ago huh? Come on John you can tell her." Tom said encouragingly.

"Maybe." John yielded. "Would you mind coming over? I don't wanna tell her all by myself."

"Heh. Basically a repeat of the night you came out to her. Ok I'll be over in 10 minutes." Tom said just as a dog barked in the background. "Alright Champ. Make that 15 minutes."

"See you then." John smiled and gave the phone a kiss before hanging up and mentally readying himself for what he was about to do.

Of course one thing a teen doesn't often realize is how good a mom's hearing his. Especially when she's on the opposite side of a wall loading a washer. Shanan had heard the later part of it and stood there quite stunned as she held a pair of jeans in her hands. She'd never once thought that John wouldn't want to do this. That her boy might be one of the ones that never leaves their diapers behind. For a moment her face turned cold and she thought she'd just have to be firm with him on this subject and that John would potty train like it or not. But then she stopped and shook her head realizing how much like her own mother she sounded. She realized she couldn't well keep him from wearing them. If she tried that would certainly mean splitting him up from his boyfriend. She didn't want to make him miserable. Her own mother had ruined a number of her relationships. Shanan also had to admit that he would be 18 in a year. She couldn't very well tell him what to do then. So she took a deep breath and realized this was just something she'd have to accept. For a moment she considered going in and telling him but decided not to. Just like when John came out she'd seen that one coming and knew it was best for John to tell her on his own time. It was no different now. So she finished loading the laundry and decided to go down to the kitchen and have some coffee to wait for him to come to her with it.

About 15 minutes later. Right on time the lean blond haired green eyed boy that was Tom arrived. Despite being a bit older than John, turned 18 last month, he didn't stand any taller and he probably lacked John's slightly more athletic build. If John could be consider the sensitive Jock than Tom would considered the outspoken Nerd. The two embraced at the door and gave a quick kiss before heading up to John's room. John wanted to come up with a game plan for this.

"Ok. You've done this before Tom. How should I do this?" John asked as he sat down on the bed.

"Well just like when you had me with you to show you were serious I'd say you should probably get out of those trainers and put a diaper on. It'll show you mean business about this. And not just the business you do in them." Tom joked which did get a bit of a laugh out of John.

"Heh. Alright what else?" John asked with a smile.

"Well I'd say keep it short and simple and be truthful. If she ask why just tell her the truth. You don't know why." Tom explained.

"Alright then I think I'm ready." John said standing up with determination and that look on his face like he had at the championship soccer game last year.

"Not just yet your not." Tom grinned as he opened the drawer under John's bed and pulled out a diaper. "Now come over here Mister so we can get you out of those thin training pants before you spring a leak."

"Heh. Alright. But just a quick change Ok." John told him as he took his shorts off and then slipped the trainers off as Tom laid the changing pad out on John's bed.

"Hey you know me. Fastest change in the west. Most of the time." Tom laughed lightly as John laid down.

Tom started to hum a cheerful little tune as he slid the fresh thick diaper under John. Tom and John always helped each other out with changes. It wasn't that uncommon and was pretty run of the mill if you were in a relationship. John just relaxed sighing contently as he felt the thick diaper under him and smelled the soothing scent of the powder as Tom powdered him up good before he brought the front of the diaper up and taped it securely into place with an expert hand.

"That feels loads better." John grinned as he sat up with a familiar crinkle.

"Good but I hope there isn't a load in there just yet. I just changed you." Tom laughed.

"Is there anyway I can ever get you to drop the diaper puns?" John asked trying not to laugh.

"Not likely. Ok now Probably not a good idea to go down there with just the diapers on. Slap your shorts back on with the top of the diaper still showing like usual." Tom advised him.

"Good idea." John nodded and got his shorts back on and took a deep breath. "Ok now I'm ready. You think I'm ready? Any other advice?"

"Your ready and I think you're good advice wise. Now come on lets go tell her." Tom said taking John's hand.

"Ok. Here we go." John nodded giving Tom's hand a squeeze.

So with that the two boys headed downstairs slowly. John keeping a grip on Tom's hand. He hadn't even been this nervous when he came out to her about being gay. The two saw her sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. John thought it was a bit strange. Almost like his mom had been waiting for him. John took a deep breath before he and Tom sat down across from her. Oddly his mom didn't speak first so John took a deep breath before he started the conversation.

"Mom. I think we need to talk." John said trying to keep his voice steady.

"Alrighty sweetie what is it? What's on your mind?" Shanan asked her son in as soothing a manner as she could.

"Well mom it's about this...potty training thing. Mom I don't wanna do it." John told her with what her hoped sounded like resolve.

"Why not sweetie?" Shanan asked without a trace of disappointment.

"I just don't think I ever wanna do it. I like my diapers and I like using them. Mom I just like my diapers. I don't really understand why I love them so much I just do. I just don't feel right if I'm not wearing one. Somehow I don't feel like me. Please don't be mad mom." John stammered as his voice was shaky.

"Alright then. If you don't wanna do this than we won't. I might not fully understand it but I do see it's important to you." Shanan smiled at her boy.

"Really? You mean it mom?" John asked with so much relief that he'd felt the front of his diaper grow warm.

"Yes I mean it. I'll support your decision if you feel this strongly about it." Shanan nodded to him.

"Oh thank you mom." John smiled as she took his hand.

"Your welcome sweetheart. Besides I guess it's not really such a big deal. I suppose you won't be the only one going to college in diapers." Shanan smiled and ruffled John's hair like when he was little.

"Oh that's right! What am I gonna do about college? You said some of them didn't take students that weren't trained!" John said getting worked up again.

"Well some don't. But I checked. All the ones we're looking at do." Shanan said.

"My dad did the same thing when they tried to train me. Thought it'd be motivation to get trained." Tom finally chimed in with a smile.

"Sorry if I upset you John. I didn't mean to. I just didn't know how you felt about this. Now then why don't you two go get some fresh air. Here John. You can pick up a new pack of diapers and have a bit of shopping. Call and tell me if your spending the night at Tom's" Shanan told John as she handed him some money.

"Wow! Thanks mom you're the best!" John said accepting the money and rose up out of his chair and came around to give her a hug.

"I love you sweetie." Shanan told him as they embraced "Now you two go have fun."

"See John I told you she'd be cool with it. Your mom's a cool person." Tom said smiling at the hug.

"I should have known." John nodded as they broke their hug.

"Alright you two run along. Tom you show my boy a good time she's been pretty stressed." Shanan laughed lightly.

"Yes ma'am!" Tom nodded giving her a salute and a silly grin.

So with that the two boys left the house hand in hand. John couldn't have been happier with the way that conversation turned out. He felt liberated again and the stress quickly melted away as he and Tom went shopping and had dinner before returning to Tom's for the night. John wouldn't have to worry about potty training again and looked forward to his future which would certainly be a crinkly one.

The End


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PostSubject: Re: Milestones   Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:51 pm

It's a nice cute story
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