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 Cub Sitting With Selanine!

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PostSubject: Cub Sitting With Selanine!   Tue Sep 06, 2011 2:37 am

Cub-Sitting With Selanine!

It was late at night, seven at night late to be exact, as Brad, and Janet were getting ready for a night out, leaving a certain diaper-butt batty pouting with both arms crossed as he sat there on the couch.

“Please cheer up little guy, we won’t be gone for long”. Brad said, taking his finest coat off of a nearby coat rack as he began slipping himself into it.

“I know…”. Chimour said still pouting as he sat there on the couch, the crinkle-rump cubby currently dressed in a black baby tee, and a pair of black overalls (With a button snapping crotch of course).

“It won’t be so bad son, we’ve been talking to Warren, and he recommended a few good cub-sitters we could hire for the night to take care of you, and hey if none of them are available you’re big brother can look after you instead”. Janet said as she brushed her head-fur.

“Where is big brother anyways?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“I don’t know, but as long as he’s not getting himself into trouble I don’t really care. He deserves some time to himself, and now he can finally have some since we‘re conscious again”. Janet said sighing since her son was still pouting as hard as he could.

“Who should we try to call first love?”. Brad asked curiously as he put some money down onto the table in case the sitter felt like ordering out.

“Let’s try calling up Selanine first”. Janet said smiling as she picked up the nearby phone, and dialed the number, waiting a bit until Selanine picked up on the other end.

“Hello, who is this?”. Selanine asked curiously, holding the phone up to her head with one of her many tails.

“This is Janet Nightsyer, and I was hoping you could look after my son for the night? You see me, and my husband are going out for dinner, but we can’t leave him alone by himself. We’re willing to pay you ten dollars an hour for watching over him, so can you do it?”. Janet asked curiously.

“Janet Nightsyer? Oh yeah you’re Chimour’s mommy aren’t you? Hmm… Well how often does he talk with a lisp, and would he mind if I changed him into thicker diapers?”. Selanine asked curiously, having spent very little time with Chimour before now, so she wasn’t yet familiar with all his habits, and preferences.

“Depends on his mood, the sillier he feels the thicker he’ll lay on how cubby he talks, and as for thicker padding well the thickest he’s ever worn is Pawpers Travelers, so anything that’d make it to where he’d have to waddle around the house, or crawl around the house would be a new experience for him, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind it”. Janet said.

“Good to know, either way I would’ve done it for free since Chimour’s such a cute little cubby and all, but well I just like little details like that”. Selanine giggled, promptly hanging up the phone as she made a warp gate appear, and soon began knocking on their front door.

“Gee that was fast”. Janet said as she hung up the phone and opened the door.

“Hello there”. Selanine said cheerfully as she waited to be let in.

“Please come in, Chimour’s sitting over on the couch”. Janet said smiling as Selanine made her way inside of walked over to Chimour.

“We’ll pay you once we get back, the numbers you need to call in case of an emergency are over on the refrigerator, and there’s some money over on the table in case you decide to order out”. Brad said smiling.

“I won’t need payment for sitting him, heck if anything I‘ll owe you!”. Selanine laughed. “Don’t you two worry I‘ll take great care of Chimour while you‘re gone, I just want you two to go out there and have fun tonight okay?”. Selanine asked smiling as she looked Chimour over.

“Okay, if you say so. Well see you two later, and Chimour behave for miss Selanine while she watches over you okay?”. Brad asked smiling.

“Yes daddy”. Chimour said still pouting.

“Good boy”. Brad said smiling as soon he, and his wife left the house, and drove off into the night.

“So kiddo what do you wanna do first?”. Selanine asked smiling as Chimour kept pouting with both arms folded on the couch. “You know if you’re going to be a sour puss I could always tickle you into being in a better mood?”. Selanine asked playfully.

“Sorry…”. Chimour said, unfolding his arms as he stopped pouting, and looked over at Selanine. “It’s just this is only the second month in several centuries I’ve ever had with my parents since for most of my life they were unable to take care of me, and…”. Chimour said trailing off as Selanine put one of her nine tails to his lips in a hushing manner.

“And you’re afraid of them leaving you again, so as a result of this you’ve been rather clingy with the both of them?”. Selanine asked, Chimour nodding his head, sniffling a little as he did so. “Well don’t worry dear, I’m sure they won’t leave you again, and hey until they come back I’m up for whatever you want to do”. Selanine said licking Chimour’s cheek.

“Hehe well otay, and thanks!”. Chimour said giggling as he snuggled Selanine for comforting him.

“No problem dearie, now what do you want to do?”. Selanine asked chuckling, still having not received a suggestion from the silly little batty yet.

“Well want to play some?”. Chimour asked smiling.

“Sure thing, tell me what you want to play”. Selanine said smiling warmly.

“Hmm… How about hide n seek? That game’s always fun!”. Chimour said happily.

“I don’t think you would want to play that with me”. Selanine said chuckling.

“Why not?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“I’ve played that game with other cubs before, they always say I cheat since typically I can find them less then a few minutes in”. Selanine said smiling warmly.

“How come?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well I’ve got an extremely good sense of smell so I can smell the scent of baby powder, and scented diapers from really far away, that and I’m telepathic, so I can hear them out as well since cubs tend to do a lot of giggling inside of their heads when they hide from me”. Selanine explained.

“Ah I see… Hmm… Well maybe we could play some videogames together?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Sure, what do you want to play?”. Selanine asked curiously.

“Um… I dunno really…”. Chimour said scratching his head a little.

“Well do you have Halo? That one tends to be a favorite of mine”. Selanine said smiling.

“Oh yeah! Hehe yup I’ve got a copy of it”. Chimour said giggling happily as he picked up the remote from nearby, and turned it on, a commercial for Pawpers having just started up when he did so since he last left the television on one of his favorite all-cub channels, and well they tended to show lots of commercials like these pretty often.

“Hold on a second I want to see this commercial first”. Selanine said happily, Chimour shrugging as he put the remote down, allowing the commercial to continue.

As the commercial continued Chimour quickly realized this was one of the commercials he did for Pawpers a little awhile ago, giggling to himself as his big goofy face popped up onto the screen before the silly little batty said face belonged to turned around, and began crawling on over to a nearby chair, his vintage Pawpers in clear view as he climbed up it.

“Climbing chairs is child’s play for bigger cubbies! Finding them authentic, super-cute diapers from years back which they’ll simply go gaga over? Not so easy, but no need to fear parents, we’ve got your little ones covered with Pawpers brand new vintage line of diapers! Replicating the Pampers Cruisers disposables from hundreds of years ago these diapers come in modern day plastic-backed, and in classic cloth-backed with improved design, improved absorbency, and scaled up sizes so even your bigger cubs can feel that much more cubby when it comes to changing them!”

And so with that the commercial faded to black as it went back to airing it’s daily scheduled programming, which at this given day, and time happened to be an episode of Care Bears.

“Heh that was a pretty cute commercial”. Selanine said chuckling warmly.

“Why tank you! Hehe I twy my bestest to make ath many peopwe giggwe fwom my cubby antics ath pothibwe!”. Chimour said, laying the baby talk on thickly once again as he soon picked the remote back up, and turned it to the appropriate channel prior to setting it down, turning his Xbox on, handing Selanine his secondary controller, opening up the tray to his Xbox, locating his copy of Halo 3, putting said copy inside, and promptly re-closing the tray once again.

And so shortly afterwards the game began! They were playing on one of Chimour’s custom versions of the areas you fight in, this one being the snow area where he had put teleports, barricades, choppers, and even a freaking wraith, although Chimour had it to where once destroyed the wraith wouldn’t respawn. Yep Chimour sure did put a lot of work into this map, making sure to even keep the respawn times on various weapons around the level varied, making sure the stronger weapons like the shotgun, and energy sword would take longer to respawn.

“Heh I like what you’ve done with the place”. Selanine said happily as her character respawned behind the barricades with the two mounted chain guns, teleport, beam rifle, two plasma rifles, two plasma grenades, and six spike grenades. “Also it looks like I’ve got a pretty good start here”. Selanine commented as she stocked up on plasma, and spike grenades, taking with her the beam rifle, and both plasma rifles.

“Thanks, and yeah I‘ve worked really hard on this stage in the forge, put lots of neat weapons and stuff like that all over the place”. Chimour said smiling happily since he was spawned behind the barricades on the opposite side of the map which just happened to be within walking distance of the wraith. “Anyways… How’d you like to be blown to smithereens?”. Chimour asked, getting inside of the wraith.

“Heh well it certainly shows, but you’re getting a little ahead of yourself there aren’t ya? Wraiths may be powerful, but they’re also super-slow, and when you get close enough I’ll begin blowing it up”. Selanine said.

“Exactly why I’ll just stay still, and lob hot plasma at you from across the screen”. Chimour said, giggling as he began doing just that.

Chimour was pretty accurate with the wraith’s main weapon, and so Selanine soon found herself promptly retreating back into her little barricaded corner, taking the teleport to wherever it may lead.

“Hey dear guess what?”. Selanine asked chuckling.

“What?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“I just picked up a fuel rod cannon”. Selanine said, dropping both plasma rifles as she picked it up.

“Oh great…”. Chimour said knowing exactly where Selanine had gotten to as he turned his tank back towards her just as she got a hit on him with the cannon. “Ack! Okay fine… You’ve asked for it!”. Chimour said as he began lobbing some more plasma at her, Selanine dodging said shots to the best of her abilities, although getting hit once by a bit of one of the blasts which knocked her shield down to nothing as she aimed her cannon up at the wraith again.

Chimour immediately got out of the vehicle as he switched back to his shotgun, and charged Selanine. Selanine saw this coming, and changed targets to Chimour, promptly shooting at him just as he had shot her. What this meant was that they had both killed each other at the exact same time, a strange silence entering the room as they sat there waiting for their guys to respawn, well that was until Chimour unintentionally broke the silence as a loud hissing noise came from his diapered front.

“So… Do you want me to change you now or later then?”. Selanine asked just as Chimour had stopped wetting himself, breaking her game face, and giggling a little, as Chimour kept fixated on the game.

“Hmm? Oh yeah I just wet myself didn’t I?”. Chimour asked poking at the front of his button snapping crotch.

“You didn’t notice?”. Selanine asked.

“Nah I don’t tend to notice stuff like that when I’m gaming”. Chimour said smiling happily as he relished how soggy, and warm his front now felt.

“Well we can put the game on hold for now if you’d like me to change you?”. Selanine asked.

“And leave the score tied? I don’t think so! Besides I’m not done with this diaper yet”. Chimour said happily as he continued playing some more, Selanine chuckling a tiny bit as she did the same.

Thirty minutes, several deaths, and another solid wetting later had left Chimour pouting there with both arms folded after turning the game off. Selanine was apparently much better at this game then Chimour initially thought, and well to be fair she beat him pretty badly.

“That was a good game sweetie”. Selanine said, licking Chimour on the cheek, making him giggle, and lighten up a teensy bit as she did so.

“Thank you, just wish I did better”. Chimour said sighing a little bit.

“You did just fine dear, in fact if it weren’t for all those close calls I had you would’ve probably won”. Selanine said.

“Really?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Really, besides win or lose I still had fun, didn’t you?”. Selanine asked.

“Hehe yeah I suppose I did”. Chimour said giggling happily.

“Glad to hear it! Now then I could’ve sworn that I heard you wetting yourself for a second time mid-game, so I think that it’d be a good idea if I went and changed you now”. Selanine said placing the controller down before picking Chimour up with her tails.

“But I don’t wanna yet… Can we please play a little more before you change me?”. Chimour asked hopefully.

“Dunno kiddo… Can you give me a reason for not changing you first?”. Selanine asked.

“Well besides just wanting to be soggy for a little while longer I’ve also got a feeling that I’m due for another messy diaper real soon. See I’ve been keeping track of it out of curiosity, and from what I can tell mommy usually has to change me out of a messy diaper three to five times a day, and so far I’ve only pooped my pants twice today, so…”. Chimour said, trailing off a little.

After Chimour had said that a silence briefly filled the room, Selanine staring at Chimour for a few moments before she had soon broken the silence, and burst out into a fit of giggles.

"My, my, my, someone sure is a messy little batty". Selanine said teasingly. "You must eat alot to make that much of a mess!”. Selanine commented.

“Well it’s kind of rare when I poop my pants five times in a single day, and it tends to happen most frequently around Thanksgiving, but yeah I guess four messy diaper changes is still a lot huh?”. Chimour asked giggling.

“Definitely!”. Selanine said giggling.

“Hehe well what do you say? Can I have a little more soggy time?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Sure, but those overalls have to go first, it’ll be much easier to know when you’re on the verge of leaking without them”. Selanine said, setting Chimour back down.

“Hehe yeah, that, and I’ll look much cuter without them huh?”. Chimour asked giggling.

“Okay that is partly why I want you to take the overalls off, but besides making it to where I’d be able to see your cute little diapered bottom it would also make it easier on me when it comes to knowing when exactly you need changing”. Selanine said smiling.

“Ah well okay! Um also if you don’t mind can I have a little help getting these off?”. Chimour asked as stood up on the floor, and began trying to undo the straps to his overalls.

“Ofcourse I’ll help you silly, you didn’t even need to ask”. Selanine said, chuckling as she began helping him out of his overalls, soon pulling them down to his ankles before giving his diaper a quick glance, and a poke. “Yup you’re definitely a soggy little batty, but I suppose you could go without changing for a little while longer”. Selanine said, giggling as she picked Chimour up with a few of her tails before removing the overalls from around his ankles, and before gently standing him back up on the floor.

“So what do we do now?”. Chimour asked, giggling lots at being lightly teased over how wet he was.

“Hmm… Well do you want to go for a ride?”. Selanine asked curiously.

“Huh? What do you mean?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“I meant exactly what I said. I’ll let you ride atop my back, and I’ll walk around the house, giving you a bounce every so often to simulate being bounced on someone’s knee. Sounds like fun right?”. Selanine asked, smiling warmly.

“Yeah! Hehe that’s sounds like lots of fun!”. Chimour said enthusiastically, his stomach grumbling a little after doing so.

“Well first off I’ll order up a pizza, then you can go for a ride. After all that, and after being changed into a fresh diaper the pizza should be ready to eat”. Selanine said, smiling warmly once more as she got her phone out, and at the ready.

“Ah okay, but um what if I don’t poop myself by then? Would hate to have that happen during a change…”. Chimour said blushing at the very thought.

“Oh don‘t you worry about that, I‘ll definitely be waiting on you to be both soggy, and squishy before changing you, well that is unless your diaper reaches critical mass, and starts leaking, but I‘m pretty sure that after two big soakings like the ones you had earlier on you probably don‘t have much left in you. Anyways which place should we order from? I’m not to picky myself since all the local pizzerias have something that I like from them, but I want to be sure that you’re happy with what I order”. Selanine said.

“Well I’ve tried Pizza Hut, and Dominos before, but I’m not to sure about any other pizza place around here. I am however feeling adventurous tonight, so I’m willing to try anywhere just so long as I get my pizza with ham, pineapple, bacon, and nothing else, oh and especially not with garlic!”. Chimour said.

“Well I know for a fact that ‘Zoe’s Pizza’ will cut the garlic out for you if you want them to, so I suppose I’ll order out from them”. Selanine said warmly.

“ ‘Zoe’s Pizza’? So what Mrs. Gittara owns a pizzeria, and nobody told me?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“No dear, what she does is work with cloth, leather, and wood to make stuff like bows, and costumes”. Selanine said. “I could however call her up, and have her make some for you“. Selanine explained.

“Well okay I’d like to try some pizza from her!”. Chimour said happily.

“Right I’m on it!”. Selanine said, smiling warmly as she promptly began dialing the number.

“So um… Can I ask you something?”. Chimour asked curiously, shortly after Selanine had placed their order, and hung up the phone.

“Sure, what did you want to ask me sweetie?”. Selanine asked curiously.

“Well what does Skippa do for a living if Zoe makes costumes, and bows?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Ah well he’s a blacksmith, and basically what he does is make swords, shields, armor, and other stuff like that for LARPing”. Selanine explained.

“He makes what?”. Chimour asked, super excited when he heard Selanine mention that Skippa made swords.

“All the swords he makes are blunt kiddo, he never sharpens any of them”. Selanine said, having read Chimour’s mind in advance.

“Wait, how did you…”. Chimour said scratching his head a little in confusion.

“I’m telepathic dear, don’t tell me you forget that already?”. Selanine asked giggling a little.

“Um… Well do you think it’d be possible to convince him to make me a real sword? With a sharp edge, and everything?”. Chimour asked, blushing a little at being so forgetful.

“For that he’d need your big brother’s, and your parents permission, he’s very careful about giving dangerous weapons to cubs”. Selanine said.

“Okay I may be very cubby, and I may also be very childish, but I just turned seven centuries, and a half last November!”. Chimour said.

“Yeah old enough to handle mature humor, but what he’ll probably get you with is how energetic you are. I mean what if you were on a sugar rush? Would you give a claymore to a super-hyper cub whose so excited that his entire body is trembling?”. Selanine asked.

“No, I guess not…”. Chimour said frowning a little.

“That’s why you need permission first, you’ve just got to much energy for Skippa to take that chance without asking your parents, and big brother first”. Selanine said, getting off of the couch prior to picking up Chimour with her tails, and prior to setting him on top of her.

“Well do you think he’ll at least let me larp with him?”. Chimour asked curiously as Selanine began making rounds about the house, giving the silly little bat-butt a bounce now, and again.

“Well of course he will, you’d just be larping with blunted blades is all”. Selanine said bouncing Chimour a bit, causing him to giggle a little as a result.

“Well it sounds like it’ll be super fun!”. Chimour said happily as he began filling the seat of his Pawpers.

“Ya know if you wanted a softer seat up there you could’ve just asked!”. Selanine said giggling as she picked up on what Chimour had done in his pants almost instantly.

“Hehe well when you gotta go ya gotta go!”. Chimour said, giggling lightly as he finished filling his Pawpers with a brief sigh of relief prior to Selanine giving him another good bounce.

“So do you want me to change you now, or are you one of those silly little cubbies like Lig who likes to stay messy for a little while after pooping themselves?”. Selanine asked, giggling a little.

“I ish a thiwwy cubby!”. Chimour exclaimed happily.

“Okay well I guess I’ll give you a little while to enjoy yourself, let’s say five minutes? I would normally allow you to stay messy for a good bit longer, but seeing as how you’ve already been a little soggy butt for thirty minutes straight now I think five minutes will be long enough since we don’t want you to develop a rash”. Selanine said.

“Aaaw… Well okay I guess some time being messy is better then none”. Chimour said snuggling up into Selanine a little as he hugged onto her whilst she kept moving about the house.

“Why do you want a sword anyway?”. Selanine asked, giggling as she felt Chimour snuggle up into her.

“Well I always had a sort of affinity for knives, and swords, well ever since I found out about them at least”. Chimour said happily.

“Well what other things do you have an affinity for?”. Selanine asked.

“Well for one music, I’ve got a strong passion for it, and if I could I’d like to start singing professionally, well maybe not professionally seeing as how I wouldn’t want to give up my job at Pawpers, but ya know maybe a few small time gigs at bars, or what have you in-between photo shoots, and commercials”. Chimour said.

“Oh? Well how many albums do you have?”. Selanine asked curiously.

“Over a hundred easy! I’ve got many cases in my room filled with albums, spanning several genres of music from folk music, and acid rock to death metal, and musical soundtracks”. Chimour said proudly.

“Wow that’s quite impressive!”. Selanine said, chuckling warmly as she walked her way up the nearby stairs, letting her nose lead her to Chimour’s room since his room probably smelt the cubbiest out of all the rooms in the house, and therefore should be a cinch for her to find.

“Well I’ve had lots of time to accumulate all this music, and well it really has greatly influenced how I sing!”. Chimour said happily, although frowning a bit when he looked up, and noticed that they were now inside of his room. “Hey what gives? Have my five minutes passed already?”. Chimour asked.

“Well your time isn’t up quite yet, but it will be soon, so I figured we’d start changing you now rather then putting it off until later”. Selanine explained as she picked Chimour up once more with her tails, and gently sat him down onto the nearby changing table, a loud squishing sound coming from Chimour’s messy bottom when she did so.

“Aaaw… Pwetty pwease wemme tay tinky fo a widdwe wongew?”. Chimour asked hopefully, pouting at Selanine as he did so.

“Sorry cutie, but no can do. I tell you what though, I’ll diaper you up in something special if you stop pouting at me”. Selanine said trying to locate a changing mat since given her current form changing Chimour while he was on top of the changing table would be kind of difficult.

“Something special? What do you mean?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“I mean that I can create a replica of any diaper you’d care to be changed into, scaled up in size, or down in size with extra thickness, or with less thickness”. Selanine said, finding a changing mat underneath the changing table, and inside of the built in cabinets which housed all of Chimour‘s diapering supplies.

“Oh… Well could you create me a diaper from a thousand years ago? You know, one of those diapees that only human infants got to wear, except scaled up in size, thickness, and with a tail hole?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Certainly, which brand did you have in mind?”. Selanine asked curiously as she laid out the mat, picked him back up with her tails, and soon laid him down onto the mat with another loud squish.

“Well I wore Pampers all my life, well Pawpers seeing as how they changed names, but you see I never got to try any other brand, like say Huggies”. Chimour said.

“So you want me to create you a pair of Huggies then?”. Selanine asked curiously.

“Yes please! I’d like a pair with cute designs all over the diaper, and I also want it at least five times thicker then what was normal for diapers back then”. Chimour said.

“How’s this?”. Selanine asked, a pair of Huggies little movers materializing from out of nowhere, and with said pair of Huggies meeting all of Chimour’s thickness, and size requirements.

“Oooh they look super cute! Hehe is that Tigger, and Pooh I see on that diapee?”. Chimour asked, giggling at how colorful this diaper was.

“Yup, back then Huggies had the copyrights to use Disney characters on their padding, but ya know I think they also have training pants with Disney designs on them as well…”. Selanine said in a teasing tone as she gathered up some powder, and wipes, placing them somewhere nearby her for easy access.

“Hehe well I’m actually not completely against wearing trainers, just don’t expect me to use them to transition from diapers to underwear because that’ll never happen”. Chimour said giggling. “But yeah if I ever ask you to make some training pants for me to wear make sure there at least five times thicker, and more absorbent then usual, oh and did they have those little fade when wet designs on them back then? You know the kind of designs that they have on most name brand trainers nowadays?”. Chimour asked curiously as Selanine had begun going to work on changing him, starting off by first untapping his diaper, and then by gently lifting up the front of the diaper to act like a shield as she waited it out for a tiny bit, just in case the little batty hadn‘t gotten it all out of his system.

“Well don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure Huggies Pull Ups have featured fade when wet designs ever since the late twentieth century”. Selanine said warmly as she waited a bit more until Chimour eventually let out whatever was left into the front of his diaper, prompting her to pull the front of the diaper down completely, to take up a few nearby baby wipes, and to go about wiping up Chimour’s front.

“Well then I’d like them to have fade when wet designs as well since I like watching them fade”. Chimour said happily as Selanine had finished wiping up his front, disposed of the used wipes, took up some more, raised up his bottom, and began gently wiping him once again.

“Ah well okay, I’ll make sure to materialize up a pack of twenty or so for you later on then”. Selanine said, smiling warmly as she had eventually finished wiping up Chimour’s messy bottom, sliding the well used diaper out from underneath him before putting the wipes inside, balling the diaper up, and tossing it into the nearby diaper pail.

“Thanks, oh yeah and before I forget I also would like them to be pink with classic Disney Princesses on them, ya know design wise”. Chimour said, smiling up at Selanine as she unfolded his Huggies, lifted up his bottom, slid the diaper underneath him, threaded his tail through the back, grabbed the container of baby powder, and promptly began powdering his still elevated backside.

“Okay I’ll make sure to remember that for later on then”. Selanine said, giggling a tiny bit, as she finished powdering Chimour’s backside, set his bottom back down, and began promptly powdering his front now. “You know what? By now I think that pizza you asked for should be done cooking, of course we’ll still have to wait for it to cool down, but how about until then I feed you a bottle so you don’t get to hungry?”. Selanine offered as she finished powdering Chimour’s front, brought the front of the diaper up, and taped it firmly into place.

“Sure, a bottle of milk sounds nice about now”. Chimour said, standing himself up as he stretched a tiny bit, yawning lightly as he did so.

"Well okay, do you want just regular milk, or should I borrow a bottle of the stuff Nate drinks?". Selanine asked curiously as she picked Chimour back up with her tails before sitting him back down onto her back as she started making her way back towards the living room.

"The stuff Nate drinks?... Oh...". Chimour said, his face turning scarlet after thinking about it for a little while.

"Oh, you already know about that do you?". Selanine giggled. "You look cute in red by the way". Selanine added, still giggling a tiny bit.

"Well I got the gist of what you were getting at pretty quickly, oh and trust me I look better in pink!“. Chimour said, giggling a tiny bit. “So yeah uhm... Who's milk is it exactly?". Chimour asked, blushing a little after asking.

"Arcanine's". Selanine answered. "Kana and I haven't lactated in years so we can't donate anything". Selanine added.

"Shame since I bet anyone who did theoretically drink your milk for a year or two would probably inherit some really nifty powers". Chimour said, still a little embarrassed by the whole subject. "... Ah what the heck, I'm feeling cubby enough for it, I think I'll have some of Arcanine's". Chimour said, feeling as if he had wandered into the “Korova milk bar“, and were about to treat himself to a glass of "Milk Plus" (And get him sharpened up for a bit of the old ultra cubiness… Sorry I had to say it!).

Selanine giggled a little as she, and Chimour made their way back down the stairs, and into the living room, Selanine setting Chimour’s freshly diapered bottom down onto the nearby couch as she reached through a gate, entered the kitchen, and soon pulled out a bottle of the requested milk before joining Chimour on the couch. It looked creamier in color compared to normal milk but looked surprisingly appetizing, some what like melted ice cream.

"Okay then. We'll feed this to you as an appetizer before we get some pizza in you". Selanine said. "It's actually a lot healthier for you than regular milk, has a slightly higher fat content, but a lot more minerals, and such”. Selanine said, smiling warmly as she set the bottle down somewhere nearby before opening a gate, and transporting one freshly cooked pizza down onto a nearby table, pineapple and all.

"Let's hope that it doesn't have to much more fat content, I've got an image to keep up!". Chimour said very proud of his physique, what with him having a six pack, and all.

"One bottle won't make you chubby". Selanine giggled. "It'll be like drinking a protein shake mixed with a multivitamin pretty much, only lots tastier". Selanine said as she picked up Chimour once again, cradling him in front of her, while propping his head up as she picked the bottle back up with another of her nine tails.

"Still a little embarrassing since I haven't nursed since I was like a year old, but as I said before I'm feeling cubby enough for just about anything at the moment". Chimour said.

“Well it’s not quite nursing, now is it silly? Yes this milk did come from Arcanine, but it’s not like you’re snuggled up right next to her, and drinking straight from her bosom, although that would be pretty cute”. Selanine giggled. “So how do your new diapees feel there kiddo? So far you haven’t said a word about how much you like them yet”. Selanine said.

“Super soft, super cute, feel nice, and thick… Mmmm… Yeah I like them!”. Chimour said giggling a tiny bit.

“Glad to hear it! Also is there anything else you want to talk about before you have your bottle?”. Selanine asked curiously.

“Well actually there is one thing in particular I’m super curious about…”. Chimour said, his face reddening up a bit after saying that.

“Oh? And what’s that?”. Selanine asked curiously.

"Umm… Couldn't you just make yourself lactate, you know if you wanted? Not to say I’d want to nurse from you or anything, but well you are a being of pure magic after all". Chimour said, trying his best not to blush to hard.

"I could but it just doesn't feel the same really". Selanine said. "It'd be better if I took pills to induce it first, and then made it faster with magic. If it's magic alone though... Well I don’t know but it feels not quite as meaningful then, maybe." She giggled. "Again I think it would be kind of cute seeing that padded tush of yours next to Nate's while you fed directly from Arcanine. She still get's him to do that on at least a weekly basis". Selanine finished.

"Really? Huh... Um I, yeah I feel like a pervert right now...". Chimour said blushing really badly since he kind of wanted to nurse from Selanine now, but well he wasn't saying that much out loud.

“Sweetie what part of telepathic don’t you understand?”. Selanine teased. “Anyway if you want it that badly I could do that for you I guess, just watch those pointy little fangs of yours okay?”. Selanine giggled, leaving Chimour speechlessly looking up at her, blushing his hardest yet as Selanine took advantage of Chimour’s speechlessness, and proceeded to plop the nipple of his bottle into his mouth, smiling warmly down at him as the blushing baby batty eventually began drinking his bottle.

“To be honest sweetie I’d have to be pretty clueless not to pick up on this desire of yours, I mean it was pretty strong, and you see the louder someone thinks something the more immediately, and easily I pick up on it. You were voicing your thoughts pretty loudly there, and well I‘m flattered you chose me“. Selanine said in an understanding, and gentle tone as she continued to feed Chimour his bottle. “I think I know why you want this so bad. it’s because you’ve gone so long without a father, or mother, and so you want to make up lost time with the two of them, but more then that you want to make up time with you‘re mommy don‘t you?”. Selanine asked.

“That’s why you want to start nursing again so badly, you’ve got a mommy fix, and want more of that mother, and son bonding experience.”. Selanine explained sweetly, to which Chimour just sniffled a tiny bit at, a lone tear rolling down his face as he continued feeding. “Well let me just reassure you here sweetie that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, that’s it’s a perfectly normal urge, and that there’s no shame in feeding into it if you decide you want to do so”. Selanine said, smiling warmly as she wiped the tear away from Chimour’s face with one of her tails.

And so shortly after Chimour had finished his bottle, and stopped sniveling Selanine took the nipple out of his mouth, sat him up right on the couch, and opened up the box of pizza prior to levitating a couple slices of pizza on a plate over to Chimour, and before grabbing herself a plate, and a couple of slices as well.

“So how was your bottle?”. Selanine asked curiously as she began eating her slice of pizza, giggling a tad since it had some kick to it as far as overall spiciness goes, suggesting that Skippa had a paw in making it since he always seemed to have a trace amount of hot root powder on his paws at any given time.

“Very tasty! I really enjoyed it!”. Chimour giggled as he began wolfing down his slice of pizza as well.

Selanine soon swallowed that one bite she took, giggling at how fast Chimour was eating.

“Glad to hear it!”. Selanine said smiling as she took another bite, and continued eating along with Chimour.

“Hey Selanine?”. Chimour asked, swallowing that first bite of pizza.

“Yes sweetie?”. Selanine asked curiously.

“Thanks for being so understanding, and well thanks for helping me feel more at ease doing something like what we’ll be doing later on”. Chimour said. “I guess it really helps when you’re a being of pure magic huh?”. Chimour asked curiously.

"What I did there was not supernatural sweetie. I merely took a well educated guess considering what kind of life you’ve lived up to this point, and well It'd require a psychiatrist to give you an exact answer if you really want to know why you want to start nursing again so badly, although I‘d say I was probably pretty close to the truth”. She chuckled. "You might learn a few things as a mind reader, but I still don't know everything about how the mind works, and I've had a millennia to figure it out". Selanine said.

“Millennia? Um… Please don’t mind me asking, I’m not trying to be rude here, but how old are you?”. Chimour asked curiously.

"I don't even know, I stopped counting after five thousand years". Selanine laughed, shaking her head a little.

"Whoa... So you've pretty much seen it all then haven't you? The rise, and fall of musicians with actual talent, the constant, pointless wars they had, and when the humans created disposable diapers?". Chimour asked curiously.

"I've seen very little here actually". Selanine admitted. "I'm from another world dear, and I've only popped into this one a couple times out of curiosity". Selanine explained.

"Drat! And here I was hoping while we were on the topic of musicians with talent, and musicians without any talent what-so-ever you'd set me up for a Bieber joke!". Chimour said giggling a little as he continued eating his pizza. (Yes even a thousand years into the future making fun of Justin Bieber is still in style) "But yeah switching topics it’s kind of funny how things worked out with my parents… When my parents came back into my life they didn't age at all when in blood crystal form, and well I don't mean that they didn't age as in they didn't get wrinkles or anything because well all vampire bat furs are like that. No what I mean is that they didn't age period, and well age-wise you'd probably qualify more for my mommy, then my actual mommy since now I'm actually older then her!". Chimour said blushing a little as he continued eating his pizza.

"Even with your special aging though I'm still old enough to be your great-great-grandma". Selanine pointed out with a giggle. "Also I'd say she's still a bit closer, but off that point of the topic, am I sensing some awkwardness from having a momma again? Or from you just being older than your mom?". Selanine asked.

"Well it is a bit awkward... Like I'm the one getting told what a stinky butt I am, and yet she's younger then me, so it‘s kind of like a thirteen year old boy being babied by a six year old girl if that girl were his mommy. Feels weird, but well it's still fun being babied by her. Besides that there isn’t anything awkward about our relationship, well maybe except for me being super clingy with both her, and daddy like how you said earlier, but well especially so with my mommy. A good example of this is that I always get really, really sad whenever my mommy goes out with daddy, or just goes out in general without taking me with her. You see she typically is always around the house while dad has managed to find work, and so he, as a result, works most of the day, every week day, whereas big brother’s still working, but has been coming, and going as he pleases on the weekends since mom's been keeping an eye on me for him". Chimour said as he ate some more pizza. "So yeah usually it's just me, and her, and well as a result there‘s been a lot more bonding between us, and so therefore it makes me more upset if she isn‘t here to take care of me". Chimour said.

“Sounds to me like I hit the nail on the head!”. Selanine giggled, as she finished swallowing another bite of pizza.

“Uh-huh I think so too! You know what though, I think that if I always had you as a babysitter for when she wasn't here it’d probably be easier for me to cope...". Chimour said, smiling as he continued eating his pizza prior to soon finishing up with that, and putting his plate down.

"Already like me that much huh?" She asked, smiling warmly. "I'm usually free so I could do that easily enough". Selanine finished.

"And paying you won't be a problem because you don't charge for babysitting huh?”. Chimour asked, distinctly recalling her turning down pay from his father when offered ten dollars an hour for sitting him.

“Not really, I just don’t charge for cuties like you”. Selanine giggled. "And besides who am I to refuse being a momma stand-in for a sweetie like you?". She giggled once again, kissing Chimour on the cheek.

“Hehe well thank you for doing this for me”. Chimour giggled, both paws covering his furry little maw.

"No problem, and are you all done, or do you want another slice?". Selanine asked curiously.

“Yeah I’m done”. Chimour said, giggling happily.

“Well do you want to watch a movie, or are you ‘Thirsty’ ?”. Selanine asked

"I'm thirsty!". Chimour cheered happily.

Selanine chuckled, and materialized those pills she mentioned from earlier, taking said pills before she got off of the couch, and laid down beside it. Next she picked Chimour up with her tails, hugged him, and then set him down in front of her.

"How's about you pick out one last movie for tonight while I cast my little spell. Then you can get your fill while the credits roll, and we can watch until bath and bedtime. Sound like a plan?". Selanine asked curiously.

"Can it be ANY movie?". Chimour asked curiously, a little more excited then he thought he should be. "And yeah sounds like a plan to me, lets do this!”. Chimour said, smiling eagerly.

"Sure sweetie, any movie as long as your mother, and father would let you”. Selanine told him, smiling sweetly.

"Mmm... Any movie as long as mommy, and daddy would let me huh? Well the movie I had in mind they would let me watch since well you said it best, what with me being old enough to be able to handle mature humor, and all that, and well besides that I’ve already seen it several times before anyway, so I doubt they’d care. But well maybe I should watch something more childish?". Chimour asked smiling.

"Well I did say your choice". Selanine giggled, having a good idea of what he was thinking of watching, what with her being able to read minds, and all. "I do like cubbier movies though, and well musicals, especially musicals with singers who hit notes like that aren‘t really something I‘m into since I have very sensitive hearing, and well yeah". Selanine finished.

"Oh well okay! I got ‘Wakko's Wish’ on DVD last Xmas so we can watch that!". Chimour said happily.

Selanine smiled, and licked Chimour on the nose before levitating said movie over to the DVD player.

"Okay then! I believe I remember that one oddly enough". She giggled.

She set it in, and started it up before draping her tails down to hug him closer to her, leaving him in a sort of pouch of her tails and leaving his head visible so he could roll over to watch the movie as he wished.

"Hehe yeah it's one of my favorite Xmas specials, so I was super happy I got it for Xmas!". Chimour said happily as he snuggled up into Selanine.

Selanine licked Chimour between the ears again, and clicked the option to watch the opening advertisements.

"Let's watch what was out back then. Interesting to see, and gives a certain bat time to try something before the movie if he still wants to". Selanine said.

"I'm ready when you are, I'll try to be careful not to hurt you". Chimour said blushing a little out of anticipation.

"Heheh, just remember, more lip, and tongue, less teeth." Selanine said, pausing for a moment before she started giggling. "Now I sound like the pervy one! Well anyway don't worry though. I've been bitten by bigger things than you before. A vampire is something, but they still don't hold a candle to a Sharpedo". Selanine giggled.

"So do I just... Well you know?". Chimour asked curiously.

"Yup, go ahead and start whenever you're ready". Selanine said. "Hope you won't mind, but all it is, is regular cow's milk. Once I get it naturally it'll taste better". Selanine said.

"Ah well okay". Chimour said, sounding a bit disappointed, but all the same eagerly began drinking up, trying extra hard to avoid biting her.

Selanine murred as the milk flowed readily. It tasted mostly like regular milk, but there was a subtle sweetness to it.

"Although... if you'd like sweetie I can make it flavored. Chocolate or strawberry if you'd like". Selanine whispered, licking Chimour once again as he nursed.

"Nah it's okay". Chimour said, taking a quick break from drinking to tell her that before going back to nursing.

Selanine smiled and used one tail to gently pet down his back as he continued to drink. She cooed encouragingly to him every now and again as she switched between watching him and making sure the movie didn't start without him.

Chimour giggled a little as she cooed at him, feeling very much at ease as he continued to nurse, her body super warm against his own, and well speaking of feeling super warm Chimour was soon starting to feel a little sogginess in his diaper, having been so relaxed he hadn't noticed that he had begun wetting himself again.

Selanine paused the movie, and grinned as she felt Chimour’s diaper warm up against her.

"Whenever you've had your fill we'll start the movie sweetie". Selanine whispered, licking Chimour once again as he nursed.

"Mmm... Well okay I'm done now". Chimour said, giggling a few minutes later as he stopped nursing, a little milk still left on his furry maw.

Selanine giggled, and licked the milk off before settling in again, and hitting the play button, hugging Chimour to her as close as she could in the furry pouch she'd made for him.

"Hehe I really enjoyed myself". Chimour said giggling a little, having got over his shyness as he snuggled into Selanine some more.

"I'm glad you did sweetie". Selanine said, licking his ears again, un-pausing the movie, and rolling over onto her back so all he had to do was turn his head to watch the movie.

"Hehe yeah I'd really like it if you continued baby sitting me". Chimour said, giggling as he snuggled Selanine some more, and while watching the movie ever so intently.

Selanine chuckled at that.

"Are you saying we should make this a bit of a ritual then whenever I baby-sit?". Selanine asked curiously.

"I don’t know... Do you want it to be a ritual every time you sit?". Chimour asked curiously.

Selanine giggled and nodded.

"Yes, you seem to like it a lot, and so I'd love it to be if you did as well". Selanine said.

"Well it's settled then! Oh uh by the way when I get my bath I'll probably be changed into something different right?”. Chimour asked, having gotten only one use out of his Huggies so far.

Selanine chuckled and nodded.

"Yeah but I have an idea to make sure they don't go to waste at least”. Selanine said.

"What's your idea?". Chimour asked curiously.

"Nate happens to enjoy jumping into the pool, or into the tub before he gets his diapee off". Selanine chuckled. "We could always just stick you in the tub with your diapee on, let it soak up a bit for fun, and clean you up after we're done washing everything else" Selanine finished.

"Well I kind of want to make the most out of the absorbency... If we did do that I'd need changing right after huh?". Chimour asked curiously.

"Pretty much yeah". Selanine answered. "It'd fill it past capacity doing that, go anywhere, and you’d leak all over the place". Selanine said.

“Well good thing we’ve got an entire movie to go before then! And hey who knows? Maybe by the time it’s over I’d of managed to make my Huggies all squishy the old fashioned way”. Chimour giggled happily as he continued watching the movie.

“Here’s hoping! Heh I know how silly you cubbies can be when it comes to filling your diapers”. Selanine giggled as she continued watching the movie,

“Yeah, sort of something to brag about when talking to Lig. Usually I’ll try to best him when it comes down to who makes the bigger stinkies in their diapers on at least a monthly basis by having a messing contest over at either his, or my house. Juvenile I know, but it’s so much fun competing with him!”. Chimour giggled. “Anyway how you enjoying the movie thus far?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“I guess cubs will be cubs”. Selanine giggled. "And in regard to what I think of the movie personally I think those brothers, and the sister would look cuter in diapers, but hey the movie is still funny. Warner Bros knew how to make cartoons, that's for sure". Selanine said.

“Excuse me, but can I have another bottle of Arcanine’s milk?”. Chimour asked curiously as he continued watching the movie.

“I don‘t know kiddo, I already took one of his bottles. Tell you what I‘ll use a warp gate, and get you a bottle of some regular milk from out of the fridge”. Selanine said doing just that as she soon handed Chimour his bottle, going back to watching the movie alongside him.

“Thanks”. Chimour said, taking the bottle by both paws as he continued watching the movie, and as he began drinking from his bottle, hoping that this would be enough to give him another good wetting before bath time.

“No problem, by the way when it comes time for diapering you again after your bath do you have anything special in mind?”. Selanine asked.

“Sure, I tried Huggies, why not try Luvs next?”. Chimour giggled as he continued watching the movie.

“Well do you think I should materialize you up a package of Huggies then before I leave?”. Selanine asked.

“Definitely, they’re a bit thicker then what I’m used to, but I kind of like it that way”. Chimour said giggling.

“Okay then”. Selanine said as she had materialized up a pack of thirty more of them for him.

“Thanks! Hehe these diapers are going to see a lot of usage on my part”. Chimoue giggled as he went back to drinking his bottle.

“You know if you like them that much maybe you should show a pair of your Huggies to someone over at Pawpers”. Selanine offered.

“Nah, might not be a good idea since Huggies is still a thriving company this day, and age. They just changed their name to ‘Snugglies’, and well they might file a lawsuit against Pawpers for something like that “. Chimour explained.

“Yeah I see what you mean. Well what about Luvs are they still around to this day?”. Selanine asked.

“Uh huh! They changed names as well, called the company ‘Wuvs’ “. Chimour said.

“Huh interesting that all three major diaper companies from back then would still be around today”. Selanine said.

“I know right? Not that I’m complaining of course”. Chimour giggled as he continued drinking his bottle some more.

And so the movie was soon over, the front of Chimour’s Huggies warming up one last time as he sat there, giggling as he basked in the warm sogginess.

“Okay then movie‘s over. Time for the silly little batty to get a bath”. Selanine giggled as she picked up Chimour once again, his Huggies sagging a little when she did so. “Wow his Huggies are sagging pretty badly! Did cubby enjoy giving his diapee another good soaking?”. Selanine teased as she shut off the DVD player when the end credits had started rolling.

“Uh huh! Hehe surprisingly enough these aren’t quite as absorbent as regular Pawpers, although they still seem to hold a good bit all things considered”. Chimour giggled as Selanine promptly put him back down onto her back before carrying him over towards the bathroom.

“Do you think you got to make use of all the absorbency?”. Selanine asked.

“Hmm… No not quite, but close enough”. Chimour giggled, knowing that his diaper probably wouldn’t hold another solid wetting.

“Well you definitely feel a little heavier then you did earlier”. Selanine giggled.

“Hehe must be all the super absorbent polymer I just turned into gel”. Chimour giggled.

“Well would you still like me to change you into a pair of Luvs after your bath?”. Selanine asked, picking up Chimour once again as she finally entered into the bathroom.

“Yes please!”. Chimour giggled as she stood him up right next to the tub, Chimour falling immediately onto his soggy bottom since the diaper was pushing his legs to far apart.

“Need some help there?”. Selanine asked, giggling as she put the plug back into the hole, and started running him some bath water.

“No, just caught me off guard is all”. Chimour giggled as he helped himself back up, holding onto something this time so he didn’t fall back onto his butt.

“Guess you’re not used to how thick those are yet. I’m definitely going to have to diaper you up into a Pawpers mega diaper next time I sit for you, that way you’ll only be able to crawl”. Selanine giggled.

“Yeah I’ve heard of those. Sounds like a diaper that’d make me have to re-learn how to walk when wearing”. Chimour said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll try to help you get your feet again after I diaper you up into one next time I come over”. Selanine said as she stopped running bath water now that the tub was full. “Okay time to bathe the smelly little baby batty!”. Selanine cheered as she picked Chimour back up again, and laid him down into the tub, his Huggies swelling up a tiny bit more when she did so.

“Hehe they didn’t swell up that much more huh?”. Chimour giggled.

“Probably because they already swelled up to roughly three times there normal size after you had finished soaking them earlier!” Selanine giggled as she squirted some shampoo into her tails, and began scrubbing the unclothed parts of Chimour, letting him enjoy the diaper for a bit longer.

“Hehe yeah I guess you’ve got a point!”. Chimour said giggling as he laid there, and continued to let Selanine carry on with bathing him.

Selanine smirked as she worked quickly, and reached his feet.

"Heheh, here comes the real messy part of the bath". She giggled, as she gently began scrubbing the paw pads.

"Hehe that tickles!". Chimour said, giggling madly as she continued scrubbing his paw pads.

Selanine chuckled a little, finishing up with his paw pads quickly.

"There we go... Now just one spot left to clean". She said, untapping his Huggies from him.

Selanine chuckled some more, and rolled it up before lifting it with a grunt out of the tub, and setting it into the sink.

"Heavy!". She commented with a pant as she began scrubbing Chimour's rear, and front. "You sure did a number on it didn't you?". She teased.

“Uh huhs!”. Chimour giggled, playfully nodding his head in agreement. “So anyways are we almost done yet? I can’t wait to try out my new diapee!”. Chimour said, super excited to see what Luvs were like.

"Can you wait just long enough for me to dry you off?". Selanine teased as she lifted the naked bat out of the water. "After I dry you off we can get you padded up in them for bed". Selanine said as she materialized up some vintage Luvs from back then, these also cloth backed, and with them having “Blue’s Clues” designs on them.

"Hehe okay!". Chimour said extra-energetically, the little batty having had himself a really fun time tonight.

Selanine then grabbed two fluffy towels in her tails as she began rubbing Chimour with them vigorously.

“Okay then let’s go diaper you up for the night, oh and would you like one last drink before you hit the hay there kiddo?”. Selanine asked curiously as she finished drying Chimour off, swaddling him in the towels, and picking up the Luvs she was going to diaper him up in later before picking him up as well, and leading him off towards his room.

“Yes please!”. Chimour said, yawning a tiny bit as Selanine carried him over towards the changing pad she had left in there on the floor earlier when she had changed him last time.

“Okay then”. Selanine said, un-swaddling Chimour before laying him gently down onto the changing pad. “I had a lot of fun sitting for you tonight sweetie”. Selanine cooed as she picked up a nearby container of baby powder, and went about powdering up Chimour’s front.

“I had fun too”. Chimour said drowsily sucking his thumb as Selanine continue diapering him.

“Good, oh and you may notice a slight difference with these Luvs sweetie”. Selanine giggled as she picked up the super thick diaper she had materialized up for Chimour earlier without him noticing.

“Whas dat?”. Chimour asked curiously as she untapped said diaper, and elevated his backside before sliding it underneath him, threading his tail through the back, grabbing the container of baby powder, quickly powdering up his backside, laying his bottom back down, and firmly taping the diaper into place.

“I made these Luvs extra thick, not as thick as a Pawpers mega diaper, but well if they had a half mega diaper then it’d probably be this big”. Selanine said, giving Chimour a pat on his freshly padded front. “Anyway there are only two things left for me to do here for the rest of the night”. Selanine said as she picked Chimour back up, and soon placed him back down into his crib.

“And whas dat?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well first I need to swaddle you back up like so”. Selanine said swaddling up Chimour once again with the blankets inside of his crib. “Then I sing lullabies to you until you go to sleep while you go ahead, and nurse to your heart’s content”. Selanine said, hopping on into the crib, and snuggling up to Chimour as he began nursing like how she instructed.

"I have to thank you Chimour. Again you've been a wonderful joy to baby-sit tonight". Selanine giggled.

“Hehe no pwobwem”. Chimour giggled as he continued nursing, having found himself a new cubby pastime.

Selanine grinned, snuggling closer to him, and readjusting herself a bit so that her head was right behind his back. and left him all but surrounded by her fur.

"I'm sure your parents won't mind if I spend the night. What do you think?". Selanine asked curiously.

"Nah I don't think so!". Chimour said, giggling some more as he soon went back to nursing.

Selanine smiled, and gave him a lick to the cheek.

"I'll be here for you till morning then". Selanine said as she started to hum him a lullaby. "Goodnight my sweet little batty". Selanine said.

"G'night...". Chimour said, yawning cutely as he soon nodded off while snuggling, and nursing from Selanine.

<(-.-<) <(-.-)> (>-.-)>
(_THE … END_)

(What’s up with the fancy over the top finish you ask? Get over your self you’re only a baby fur schlock writer you say? Well sorry but I go a little crazy when I get bored, oh also thanks to Riolu, (For giving me the okay to make this story). Also Lig seeing as how you probably at some point helped me write this feel free to tell me so, because I honestly can’t remember if you helped me make this or not).
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PostSubject: Re: Cub Sitting With Selanine!   Tue Sep 06, 2011 7:53 pm

Actually I don't think I really helped you much if any with this one. You did rather well on your own. At any rate this one turned out pretty well and very cute. Great Job Chimmour. ^^


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The Kupo at the end made me giggle seeing as how I got a mog forme recently X3
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Riolu wrote:
The Kupo at the end made me giggle seeing as how I got a mog forme recently X3
Hehe I see! Also Riolu I hope you don't mind me asking, but what did you think of the story?
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Uberadorable! ^w^
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Riolu wrote:
Uberadorable! ^w^
Hehe tanks you! *Crinkle pounces you*
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It is a very cute story! *hugs the baby batty*

Clever big squirrel!

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Cub Sitting With Selanine!
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