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 Deus Ex Human Revoluton Review

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PostSubject: Deus Ex Human Revoluton Review   Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:44 pm

Well I've wanted to do this for a lil while but I've held off till now when I've finally beaten the game. So here's my Review of the new Deus Ex game.

For those not familiar Deus Ex Human revolution is set in a not too distant future where cybernetic replacement limbs and cybernetic enhancements are the hot button issue. These pieces of tech are often refereed to as Augments and so are people with them. Often time the term Aug is used for an Augmented person. The issue being is it right to do this? Is it playing god? Could we be opening pandora's box? Into this world we enter as Adam Jensen. A chief security officer for one of the larger Human Augmentation corporations Sarif Industries. During an attack on the building your gravely injured and when you wake up you find your now augmented. You have to find out who attacked you and from there find the reasons why and try and prevent disaster.

Now is the game good? Simply put yes. The game is pretty good. Overall I had a lot of fun playing it. Visually the game is very cool and I loved the look of many of the augmented people and the various people in game are pretty neat with various shades of gray on their opinions towards stuff at times. I loved the plot line and where it went as well although I found myself hoping for more. I was hoping I might run across some creatures like in the original game but as this game is trying to run that blurry boundary between prequel and re-imagining those things and nano tech are mostly left out.

As far as flaws in game play I found that upgrading my Augs and the Inventory were the most frustrating. The Augmentations were a bit frustrating in that it was difficult getting them upgraded in the later parts of the game. Most of what I used my money for in the game was upgrade points but once you leave the city in China for the second time any money you have from that point on will be relatively useless. You won't come across another LIMB clinic to buy the points at and there won't be anywhere to buy anything else. As for the Inventory the thing which bugged me is even expanded to it's Max size I kept running out of room. One of the big reasons is the way Ammo is stored in it. You see Ammo is stored in an ammo box in you inventory and depending on the type of ammo the box varies in size. Now each box can only hold so much ammo. So once it's full if you get anymore it starts up a new box taking up even more space in your inventory. At any rate the later issue can be resolved if the item you want is a weapon mod. Just drop something pick up the mod and combine it with whatever you like and pick the dropped item back up. Oh and before I forget. There is one other issue I had with the game. Not really game play related. I found the text in stuff like the emails and pocket secretaries to be kinda small and difficult to read. Had the same problem with Mass Effect one and two. I think the issue is so many bank on you having a high def TV and if you don't the small text will not show up so well. Wish there was an option to make the text size just a bit larger.

At any rate at the end of the day Deus Ex Human revolution is a good fun game but it does have it's flaws. It's one of those games where you can play it a diffrent way each time and that's cool but also one where each time you'll get better at it. All and all I'd say I enjoyed the game and I do hope it gets a sequel and maybe some of my issues where will be addressed in it.

So any of you guys play the game? Any of you played the original? What did you think of em? What are your thoughts on it? Feel free to comment with them bellow. ^^


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Deus Ex Human Revoluton Review
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