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 New Life

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PostSubject: New Life   Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:00 pm

Wow this one took me a while. I think this is my longest story to date. I may wind up doing some shorter follow up stories. But anyway I'm happy with this one. This is the story about how Human me winds up traveling to the Furr world and ends up a fur himself. Hope you guys like it. ^^

New Life.

Life's kinda funny. You spend so much of your time thinking or dreaming about something but you never think it'll ever actually happen. You might hope or wish for it to but at the end of the day you know full well it won't. Least I did anyway. But I found something out. If the universe has a personality than it has a sense of humor because that thing I always fantasized about and dreamed up actually came true. Much to my shock. At this point I'm tempted to quote a Shakespeare line but that would be corny so why don't get to the meat of this story huh?

It all started on a Friday. It was just hitting the middle of April and the snow and most of the cold had finally gone. This day was particularly warm. It'd gotten up into the 60's and I was happy about that. So with a smile on my face and my coat from the morning tossed into the passenger seat of my small car I decided to take a bit of a longer way home. This road took me out around some old stock yards which were adjacent to a big field. Usually said field is never used. Except around the summer when they set up a regular flee market. And low and behold they had one going on today. Now call me a red neck if you like but I like flee markets and yard sales. You never know what you can find there and half the time you'll stumble across something interesting. I once got an original poster tin for StarWars Episode 4 at this very flee market spot. I paid a whopping three bucks for it and I've been told it's worth closer to three hundred!

At any rate seeing the flee market was set up I pulled off the road and parked. It was still early in the afternoon so I was hopping things wouldn't be too picked over as I walked through. There were various other people around but not too many. It wasn't crowded. Days like this are why I'm glad I only work part time on Fridays. It really was nice to just walk around looking at stuff. I began to make a few buys as I walked around. First thing I got was this nice looking lil ornate dagger. Reproduction probably. But my dad collects stuff like that. He's got three swords hanging on the wall at home and one dagger. Only maybe one of them is real I think and I'm not even sure of that one. Second thing I saw was a pretty nice looking angel Statue. Not really religious myself but my grandma is so I got it for her. She and I share a love for flee markets and yard sales so I always try to get her a lil something while I'm at on.

So far this I'd gotten two things for other people. Finally I got something for myself. It was a stuffed lion from a Zoo. He had a lil collar that had a lil pendent with a tuff of real fur from a lion. Even had a lil certificate saying this or that about the lion the clipping came from. I made a mental note to visit this zoo. The name was on the certificate along with the website. Though odds were I wouldn't be visiting this zoo for a while. Doubt I could get the time off. I don't exactly have a bunch of vacation days. Since I don't have sick days that's kinda what I use my vacation days for.

Continuing on from this purchase I kept on walking through the flee market and looking around. I passed by a lot of stuff and bought a few movies for pretty much dirt cheap. As I kept going I stopped at this one spot that seemed to have a bunch of Japanese stuff. I thought it was all pretty cool. Though I noted that the guy selling it definitely wasn't from the country. When I talked to him he sounded a bit like a red neck hick. Course that said he was still polite. I bought a lil charm off of him. It seemed to be made to look like a Dragon's claw. He told me it really was made from a real dragon. I smiled and paid for it but of course I didn't believe him. But it was still neat so onto my key chain it went.

I walked around the place for a little while longer looking at stuff before eventually deciding to head on home. Well actually my bladder decided for me. I had to go and apparently this time there weren't any porta potties set up. That said though I never really was certain about using them. Some of em ca be really nice. And some of them not so much. I sighed a bit as I got into the car. Thoughts of a less than mature nature coming to mind. Such as if I'd worn at least a pull-on to work today I could have stayed a little longer. By pull-on I mean pull-on diaper. No I don't have a medical need for them and yes I do like them. It's one of the odd lil things that makes me well me. I like diapers. Since I got my own place I'd been trying to wear them more often but I still wasn't wearing them too often. I was a little uneasy about wearing them to work even though I had a few times before. That and I also kept thinking that I didn't wanna spend too much. I usually end up getting roped into getting stuff for family. I was however trying to save up some money to get cloth diapers. Never tried em before. I probably could've gotten a few already but I wanted to wait and save up so I could get a good supply of them.

Prices for cloth diapers were going through my mind as I parked my car in the drive way. I rented a nice apartment in town. Really it's half a house. I have the ground floor and my neighbor has the second floor. As I walked in I sat my bag full of flee market purchases down on the couch, got out of my shoes and made a quick walk to the bathroom. After relieving myself I sauntered on back to my room and changed into my night clothes. This meant a t-shirt, and a pair of loose shorts. And tonight it also meant a pair of the batman briefs I bought a week ago. It was an impulse buy I admit but they were on sale and I was quite surprised to see them in the store in the first place. So of course I had to buy them. They'd be perfect for a night of relaxation. Which I had planned this one to be after I got things settled. Which didn't really take that long at all. Before I knew it I was sitting back in the chair with my new stuffed lion at my side and with a bottle of pepsi on the stand next to the chair.

I sat there sipping my pepsi and watching some TV for a while. It was a typical evening. Usually I'd just hop online but I thought I'd wait a lil while tonight and just sort of relax a bit. Take in some TV. So that's pretty much what I did. I watched some new show on Nick which was kinda neat. A spy organization in a world populated by animals. Course I idlely wondered if the creator of someone on the staff was a fur like me. It'd be nice if they were but I doubted it. I just sat back watching the show and fiddling with my new lil "dragon" charm on my key chain. Perfectly normal night.

That is until around six. As I was watching TV I noticed that the picture seemed to be warping. Than I realized it wasn't the picture but the TV itself that was warping! Come one you knew full well something really strange was going to happen. Before I knew it there was a swirling mass of I don't know what right where my TV was. Course there I sat in the chair mouth open in dumb founded shock as a sort of vacuum effect took place and stuff began to be drawn towards the swirling vortex. I grabbed my lion plush and new charm as I stood up to back away only to find that now standing I was being pulled towards it too. I tried to turn around and get away but the next thing I knew I was pulled off my feet and into that vortex. Boy was that a strange trip. Swirling lights and odd sounds of all sorts. My head felt like someone was taking a jack hammer to it. Last thing I rememeber before passing out was landing on a cold hard floor and someone shouting "What the hell?!" than it was lights out.

From what I'm told I was out for a grand total of four days. When I finally started to come back around the first thing I remember was hearing the steady sound of an EKG thing monitoring my vitals. Hey I liked House and I've been in hospitals before to visit relatives so I knew it straight away. The sound was kind of comforting. At least I knew I was in a hospital. The smell of the place also confirmed that. As I opened my eyes I looked around a bit and saw I was indeed in a hospital room. I was next to a window with a nice view of what appeared to be a city outside. Which was the first odd thing I noticed. I lived in a small town. This appeared to be a big city. What was I doing in a city? I turned my head again and looked at the equipment around me. None of it too strange but it all seemed very well lets say modern. Like vaguely futuristic. I chalked that up to the nerd in me though. But the next thing I noticed was what really set off alarm bells. I went to rub my forehead and noticed my hand wasn't my hand. Instead it was a three digit fur coated hand with what appeared to be retractable claws! I pulled out my other hand and looked at them side by side. They were just alike save for the IV drip in one of them. I reached up and felt my face now. Fur covered with a short muzzle, my hair seemed to still be there like normal, my ears were now higher up and were more like well a lion's, and lastly I noticed I had small horns too. I than looked down and pulled the covers aside. My whole body it seemed was covered in this tan fur and I now seemed to sport a tail that was thick like let's say a dinosaur's but not quite and was tipped in a tuff of fur which was a brownish red.

"Oh your finally awake." Came a voice from my left. And there in the doorway stood what appeared to be a cross between a person and a panda dressed in a white lab coat. "This must all be a very big shock for you. So lets take this slow. I'll let you ask your questions first." She told me in an almost maternal voice.

"Where am I?" I asked her first.

"Your in a Hospital in Tokyo. Though I imagine that isn't much help." She explained as she walked over to me. "I'm not a scientist so it's hard for me to explain. I wish Reginald where here. He'd be able to explain it better. But suffice it to say your on an Earth which appears to have a different time line from the one you knew."

"Oh. Ok." I told her still very wide eyed as I sat there a moment before asking my next question though in the back of my mind I felt like I already knew the answer.

"You've been transformed into well one of us. I could go into the medical details but the short of it is those like myself were initially created by a pathogen which rewrote human DNA with segments of animal DNA. It's been a very long time since than but the pathogen still lingers in the air." She explained to me.

"The Morphagen?" I inquired wanting to test something running in the back of my head.

"Yes. How did you know that's what it was called?" She asked looking rather confused.

"I wrote a story that was a lot like this." I told her probably sounding very out of it.

"Reginald will want to hear about this." She said as she sat there looking me over. "Can I ask you a few questions?"

"Sure." I answered as I tried to wiggle my toes and succeeded.

"How do you feel? Any pain anywhere?" She asked me as she looked over what I guess was my chart though it looked more like an iPad.

"Alright I guess. Little sore now that you mention it but no real pain anywhere." I answered her to which she nodded as she tapped her lil chart pad thing.

"Good. Now than what's your name? I want to but it on the chart. Unless you like the name John Doe?" She said trying to lighten the mood.

"William MicKalister." I answered her with a bit of a laugh.

"Alright William. Any other questions for me?" She asked.

"Well just one. What am I anyway? I mean you look like a Panda but I don't know what I am." I told her as I pressed a button on the bed to get into a sitting position.

"Well from the genetic work up and your appearance you're a hybrid. It's rare for a first generation Fur to be a hybrid though unless the pathogen incubated in a hybrid. But it does happen on occasion. Or did anyway. But I'd say you're a lion dragon hybrid. It appears the pathogen used genetic material from the fur in your stuffed toy and from your little charm to rewrite your DNA." She told me.

"Wait. Wait a second. Are you telling me that thing was part of a real dragon?" I asked her incredulously.

"Yes it appears so. When MorphGen started it's spread we found out how authentic some things were. It appears that both the western and eastern types of dragons were real although extinct." She explained to me once again.

"Komai you in here? How's the subject?" Came a voice from the door.

"Just fine from what I can tell with medical scans and talking with him." The doctor told what appeared to be a Fox dressed in a different color lab coat. "William this is Reginald. Reginald this is William."

"Wow you don't look too bad. Nice to meet ya. Glad to hear your doing alright. I was half afraid you'd wind up in the basement here." Reginald told me as he walked over to the bed and offered me his hand.

"Nice to meet you." I told him and shook his hand.

"Well I've got to make my rounds. If you need anything William just press your call button. Reginald I'll leave you to answer some of his more sciencey questions" Komai told us as she left the room leaving it just me and Reginald.

"So how you taking all this? Transformation into a life form you didn't think could exist in a world that's different and ahead of your own must be a lot to take in." Reginald asked.

"Well this doesn't seem as strange as it should. It's kind of like my fantasies. I've written stories back home not unlike this. Anthropomorphic animals and all. Heck apparently my fantasies line up with some of your history from what the nurse said." I told him as I sat there.

"Really? So you already knew a little something about this place well before you came here?" Reginald asked me curiously.

"Yeah. Like the pathogen that started all this. Fact that humans are now extinct here. Few other details." I listed although I left out the stuff about the lil town I'd imagined.

"Hmm. Interesting. Did these fantasies center around anyone in particular?" Reginald asked me as though he was piecing something together in his mind.

"Yeah. Mostly on a pair of Ligers. A Warren and Lig Weather." I told him at which point a smile crossed his face. "Ok what's up?"

"We ran your DNA through our system. We got three close hits on living relatives. Well relatives of the you that lived in our universe centuries ago. Among them were a Lig and Warren Weather. Anyone else your fantasies centered on?" Reginald asked as he took a seat in the chair next to my bed.

"Yeah. This was less the focus than the other too but still prominent. A feline named Nathaniel. He looked kind of like a lion but not quite." I told Reginald who leaned back nodding.

"This explains it." Reginald said staring at the wall.

"Explains what?" I asked him allowing a bit of annoyance into my voice.

"We didn't intend to pull you here. We were only supposed to test it out on a known artifact. That Dragon's charm. It was something simple and easy to get a lock on. But something happened. You go pulled through. My best guess is you had some sort of latent abilities that gave you connection to your relatives in this universe." Reginald told me leaning forward.

"Ok that kind of answers that. Your still kind of going over my head though. Maybe try starting from the beginning Reg?" I asked him as I too leaned forward a bit.

"Oh sorry. I work for a local lab. We're doing experimental work to develop a transpiration device. Basically moving something from point A to B instantly. In our attempts we found we could detect other time lines running along with our own. Some at earlier stages and some at later stages. Least from what our limited readings could tell. Anyway we eventually found a way to sort of pull objects through once we had basic transportation down for this universe. But it had to be something distinct. The Dragon's Charm was chosen because it stood out from the background noise of your own universe. We tried to pull it through to our universe. But something went wrong. Somehow your latent abilities screwed things up a bit. You got sucked through. Frankly you should be dead. Last living thing we tried to pull through didn't live more than five minutes." Reginald explained.

"Hope that first living thing you tried it on wasn't sentient." I told him shaking my head.

"It wasn't. It was a of all things a feral fox. One which thanks to me died an unpleasant death." Reg said as he stared down at his feet.

"So does this mean I'm stuck here?" I asked Reg curiously.

"Essentially. We have no real idea of the logistics that allowed you to survive the trip here. Besides if I remember my history I don't think you'd be that welcomed if you came back as you are now." Reg told me gesturing to me.

"Yeah. I'd wind up in some super secret facility either in a cage or on a dissection table. So guess going home would be out of the question even if it were an option." I sighed looking at my hand again. "So what happens now? Where am I gonna live? How am I gonna make a living?"

"Well when your stay here is over with we'll set you up with an apartment here in Tokyo. We'll put you in contact with your relatives. If you want to go live with them we'll arrange it. As for how you'll make a living we'll be giving you a stipend. That way you can finish your education. I mean from the looks of it I'd say you only have one more year of high school than it's on to higher education. Though you may take longer catching up. Lot of new discoveries since your time and all." Reginald told me with a warm smile.

"Wow. Sounds like a good set up. What'd I do to disserve all this?" I asked half jokingly before I realized he mentioned high school. "Wait did you say High School? I'm 22. I haven't been in high school for a few years."

"What? Your 22? Damn. Nurse told me your bio scan pegged you to be about 18 at most." Reg said tiling his head.

"Really? That's what it said?" I asked now tilting my own head as well.

"Must be the dragon genes. They tend to mature a little more slowly. A side effect though is incredibly long lives. Hell there are some alive today that fought in the Great War." Reg told me. "So no high school than?"

"I don't know. Truth be told I did miss it a little but I don't know how I'd feel about going back to school." I told him.

"Well it's nearly the end of this school year anyway. So you'll have about four months to mull it over if you decide to go. I do recommend that you read up on stuff in the meantime. Get yourself used to things here. I mean college education back in your time will help but you'll still need to acclimate and if your gonna go for college here than a year of high school will help get you back into a routine." Reg suggested.

"I guess your right. Though I well" I started and trailed off for a moment. "Didn't really go to college. I mean I gave it a shot. One semester but I felt so awkward and out of place. My grades at it sucked and what with the loans I just bailed. Figured might as well quite before I bury myself in debt."

"Bury yourself in debt? You mean you paid out of your own pocket for higher education? Damn. Guess I shouldn't have slept through ancient history class. Well anyway you won't have the debt problem here and there will be plenty of people to help out if you need it." Reg told me as he put a hand on my shoulder. He couldn't have been much older than I actually was but it sort of felt like a big brother was reassuring me.

"Thanks. I guess I've got a lot to adjust to. But I'll adapt. Might as well start fresh. Get a second chance at things." I shrugged.

"There's looking on the bright side." Reg grinned. "Any questions? Anything I can get you?"

"Well I wouldn't mind some TV or a computer. Are the local programs in English? Ya know speaking of that how come this is Tokyo and you two spoke English?" I asked him as the questions just popped into my head.

"English kinda became the common language. Most people world wide at least can speak it to some degree in other regions you'll hear the native language taking a greater dominance unless a tourist comes around and doesn't speak said language. Me I don't speak much Japanese myself. I got transferred here from North America. Head guy wanted me skills and I'm not saying no to a trip to the tech Mecca of the world. As for the nurse. Well we assumed you spoke English so she used English. The tag on your stuffed lion had English on it. Oh I completely forgot. Did you want him? The nurse put him and your other personal effects in the closet." Reg told me as he swung out an arm with what looked like a very small flat screen TV on it. He than pressed the screen and a much larger screen and a what looked like a remote of sorts were projected in front of me. "Oh and yes the local programs will be in English for you."

"Wow! Holographic tech! I feel like I'm in StarTrek or something." I grinned looking over the screen and control in a moment of geekieness before I realized he'd asked about the plushie. I must have blushed a few shades of red before responding. "Sure I guess."

"Heh. Don't be embarrassed. Heck I've still got a stuffed fox sitting in my room at home. Actually a few. Gotten a lot of them as gifts from friends." Reg told me as he brought over the plush toy and sat it down next to me.

"Oh. Cool. Well thanks." I told him not really sure what else to say.

"No problem if you have any questions ask the screen. It'll respond to verbal commands and inquiries. If you wanna get a hold of me before I come back tomorrow just ask somebody." Reg smiled and gave me another pat on the shoulder.

"Alright than. See you tomorrow Reg." I told him as he finally left.

So there I sat in the room now having time alone to take this all in. I remember slumping back in my bed with a sigh of mental exhaustion. This was strange to say the least. Exactly what I had always imagined. I was in a world of Furs and now I was one too. I was what I always wanted to me. Heh. Maybe this was meant to be somehow. I don't know. But at any rate after a while just sitting there my focus and curiosity took me to the screen and I started to channel surf. There were all kinds of shows on all staring Furs of various kinds. A few were obviously Japanese game shows. The English dub wasn't too bad. I could tell someone had dubbed over their actual voices because lip movement didn't line up. Kinda like an old Godzilla movie.

I kept on channel surfing for a while and eventually settled on the Fur world's version of Law and Order. I grinned and sat back watching the show as a murder mystery unfolded and I tried to figure it out along with the detectives like I always did. Eventually the show came to a commercial break and I enjoyed seeing the various commercials for this or that. One of which was a fur shampoo commercial actually had a gay couple in it! A fox and a wolf. Needless to say this would have been enough to make my night knowing that a gay couple was so run of the mill they had no problem using one for advertising. But of course that wasn't the end of it. Right after that commercial came one that got my heart just a beating. It started out with a mildly chubby but well built bear behind the wheel of what looked to be a Big Rig truck of some sort and he looked at the camera and spoke.

"Ya know I travel all over the place with this Rig. Lot of the time I've got deadlines to meet so I can't afford too many stops. I used to have to stop so frequently that I missed a deadline a few times. But not anymore." The Bear said as the Rig stopped and he got out wearing some overalls which I could have sworn had a familiar thickness around the waist. It next turned to a Vixen behind the wheel of a van.

"Vacations are supposed to be fun. But it can be a long ways between pit stops and smaller have a hard time holding up for so long. Jimmy used to have to sprint for the bathroom every time we stopped to make it and a few times because he didn't." The Vixen told us as the Van stopped and she opened the door for her son who looked to be about 10. Once again I thought I could spot the same thickness around the waist as we than cut to a Cheetah that looked to be a college student sitting in a lecture Hall.

"These Lectures can go on forever you know. You can't miss a second of them or you'll miss notes. You need to be able to stay through the lecture and keep focus. Which can be really hard if it's after lunch and your bladder is screaming at you." The Cheetah told the camera as he got up and grabbed his back pack. Again that same thickness in the wait and this time for sure I could tell his butt was puffy when he bent over to get his back pack.

"How did I improve my time on the road?" The Bear said as though repeating the question asked to him. "Well I got covered with Pawpers Long Hauls." The Bear said as he dropped his overalls revealing a thick looking plastic backed diaper with yellow and Black stripes along the tape landing zone.

"How did I make sure Jimmy would hold up between pit stops?" The Vixen asked as her son dropped his shorts revealing an identical diaper only this one had sports stuff on it and answered the question. "Mom got me Pawpers Long Hauls!"

"How do I make sure I don't miss any of a lecture?" The Cheeta asked too as he dropped his cargo pants to reveal another identical diaper only this time with peace signs on em. "I got me some Pawpers Long Hauls."

"Pawpers knows that sometimes it can be a long while between bathroom breaks or between changes. That's why we created Pawpers Long Hauls. Twice as thick as our normal diapers with twice the amount of super absorbent material at it's core Long Hauls can take whatever you can throw at them for hours on end." An announcer said as we saw some footage of one of the Long Hauls and another off brand diaper being put into a tray of blue fluid. The Long Hauls soaked up everything while the off brand just barely soaked up half. "And as with all our diapers Long Hauls are available in our full size range and full patterns range to suite your taste no matter what that may be. Pawpers Long Hauls. We've got you covered for the Long road ahead." The commercial ended with that slogan as it showed all three of the diapered furs posing for a picture in front of a theme park.

I sat there a moment with my mouth ajar having just seen what I'd seen. This made things even more like a dream come true. The world I fantasized about was real and so where Pawpers. When I got out I could drop by a store and pick up some without getting any looks or anything. This was fantastic! This had to be the greatest day of my life. Ok psychologically exhausting too but still great! I couldn't wait to get out and go see what else was out there. To that end I requested that the screen bring up a net browser and I started surfing the web as it were. Bet you can guess what spot on the web I found first. That's right I went straight to the Pawpers website and started to look over the various kinds of diapers they had. There were so many of them in a full range of sizes.

While I was browsing through the diapers on the site I stopped when I saw one of their ads in the site. I recognized the Liger that had held a place in my mind for a long time. There stood Lig proudly wearing a thick Pawpers. It was one thing to envision him in my head. But to see an actual photo of him in an ad really hit home that he existed here. Once more I was related to him too. I must have just sat there a good five minutes before I continued on through the site and began browsing around elsewhere too. As I browsed around though I got that nagging feeling in my bladder. Course I smiled thinking to myself if only I had a pair of those Pawpers from the commercial. So not sure if I should just get up though, I mean I was still connected to an IV drip and some monitors, I pressed the call button. This time it was a Ferret guy that came around.

"Can I help you?" The ferret asked politely as he walked in.

"Yeah. I um. Gotta go. Can I get up with this stuff still attached to me?" I asked him as he gave a look at my chart.

"Well I'm not sure about you getting up to use the restroom. The vitals monitor is no problem as the Sensors are remote but you'd have to wheel the IV with you and to top it all off we're still not certain how sure on your feet your going to be. You'll have a new center of balance to get used too what with the tail and the change in your feet and all. Let me look at your chart and see what they've been doing while you were uncurious." The Ferret told as he picked up the chart and looked it over and nodded. "Ah. Says here they've had you in diapers for the past few days. But if I you I can change you out of em and I can give you one of the urinal bottles to use."

"What? I'm wearing a diaper?" I asked him somewhat surprised as I hadn't felt or heard anything.

"Well the chart says you should be." The ferret told me looking confused as he walked over and I pulled down the covers and he gently pulled the gown up revealing a plain white cloth backed diaper. "Yup your wearing one. Huh I didn't know we'd switched to using this brand."

"Wow I hadn't even noticed." I said poking the still dry diaper experimentally.

"Probably still getting used to the new body. It'll take your nervous system a little while to completely adapt. But so far you seem to have good fine motor skills and you can tell when you need to go and hold it so that's all a very good sign." The Ferret told me warmly. "Now how do you wanna do this? Generally we don't like to waste these but I think given your situation you've earned some latitude. So you can either use the diaper and we'll decide what from there or I can change you out of it now and you can use the urinal bottle."

"Well�I dunno." I said at first. I mean damn considering my big baby side I was thrilled at the prospect of using the diaper and getting changed. Of course that said I'd never been changed by someone before in my memory and I felt very awkward. So despite myself I chickened out. "I guess I'd rather just get changed out of this and use the urinal bottle."

"Alright than that's understandable." The ferret told me and went about taking off the diaper and retrieved the urinal bottle from the supply closet. "There ya go your all set. If you need to go number two just press the call button and me or one of the other nurses will help you into the bathroom here."

"Alright." I told him as he walked out.

After he left I used the urinal bottle thing and decided to stop browsing and went back to just watching some TV. My mind still trailed back to the fact I had been completely oblivious to the diaper I'd been wearing. You'd think someone like me would notice that. Oh well. I just tried to relax and be comfortable. I passed the rest of the night watching various shows and talking a little bit with the nurses that came in. The one that brought in my dinner was very nice. She reminded me of my grandmother in a way. She was an older badger and she sounded like she'd seen a lot. It was just a nice little piece of comfort to chat for a little while. But it wasn't too long before I eventually drifted on off to sleep. I guess it'd been an exhausting day. Least the part of it I was awake for anyway.

The next morning I woke up as Doctor Komai came back. She looked over my vitals and asked me how I was feeling. I told her fine and that I actually felt pretty good. She was pleased to hear that. She took me off of the IV I'd had in me and we slowly started to asses my motor skills. The ferret guy from last night was right my balance did feel off when I first stood up. Plus I felt weird having feet with three toes. The tail took some getting used to as well. I hit it against a few things for a little while. But after a bit I was walking fine and was minding my tail more. Again Dr. Komai was very happy to see how well I was doing. I guess my several days of incuriousness had helped to speed my recovery. She told me the dragon genes probably helped a lot in that. As I was walking about the room Reg came back carrying two shopping bags.

"Well what have you got there Reginald?" Dr. Komai asked him with a smile.

"I thought I'd do some shopping for William here. I got ya some clothes. I had to guess at the size so these may be a little big on you. Got you some t-shirts, pants, some night clothes, and some briefs. I wasn't sure what kind exactly so I got the multi color kind." Reginald explained as he sat the bag on my bed and showed each to me.

"Wow thanks Reg. That was nice. I'll pay you back when I can." I told him with a bit of a blush.

"Ah you don't need to do that. I just put this stuff on your cash card. So the state pays for it. Once you're discharged I'll take you shopping and we can get you a proper wardrobe." Reginald smiled broadly. "So what do you think Komai. When is he gonna get discharged?"

"Well. He is dong quite well. Medical scans don't show any problems and I didn't see anything wrong from the physical exam. I suppose we could release him today but I'd be much more comfortable releasing him if someone was going to be with him for at least a day or two." Dr. Komai told Reg crossing his arms.

"That's not a problem Komai. In fact I knew you'd say that." Reginald told her with a smirk and a head tilt. "I've arranged some accommodations for him at my place. I've got a nice guest bedroom that's been dieing for someone to use and I can help him arrange long term residency where he likes."

"Just like you Reginald. Racing out ahead of everyone." Dr. Komai shook her head but smiled. "Alright fine. I'll go have the discharge paperwork drawn up."

"Wow. Are you two related or something? You kinda sound like siblings." I said finally speaking up. The two looked at each other and laugh.

"Hell we might as well be. We've known each other since High School and been friends since than." Dr. Komai answered with a hint of laughter in her voice at first.

"Yup. She was part of a student exchange problem. Stayed at my place. We became close friends and we've stayed that way ever since. I guess I do think of her as my sister." Reginald shrugged with a smile.

"I could tell the way you two talked with each other." I nodded with a smile of my own.

"Ah your not the only one to pick up on that. Well I'll be back in a bit with the discharge paperwork." Dr. Komai said as she walked out of the room.

After she left I took the bag of clothes Reginald had gotten me and went into the small bathroom that adjoined my room. As I went in I finally got a look at myself in the mirror. I stood there for a moment just staring at myself. I don't know why I hadn't occurred to me to ask for a mirror to look earlier but I was looking now and frankly I liked my new appearance. I smiled at my reflection before I went about getting dressed. To Reginald's credit the clothes he got me all fit pretty well. Only slightly baggy and the briefs fit perfectly. I did note however that there was an absense of shoes in this bag. But than again thinking back Komai wasn't wearing any and I don't think Reginald was either. I guess with feet like this the only time shoes would come up would be in cold weather or hazardous ground. So shrugging off that thought I picked up the bag and walked back out into the room.

"You look pretty good." Reg told me as he gave me a look over.

"Yeah the clothes you got me fit pretty well." I told him as I stretched a bit.

"Good I'm glad they fit ya alright." Reg grinned as Komai returned once again with that iPad type thing in her paws.

"Ok I've got the Discharge form brought up so lets get these signed." She said handing me the pad. I read it over. Seemed like your standard hospital fair. "Alright. Now if you get any pain or start feeling unwell or anything at all I want you to come back in alright. Just to be on the safe side."

"Alright." I nodded as Reg gestured to the doorway.

"What no wheel chair?" I asked with a laugh.

"Wheel chair?" Reg asked tilting his head looking confused.

"Standard hospital procedure in the US in his time. When someone was discharged even if they were fully ambulatory they still had to leave via a wheel chair. In retrospect it doesn't make as much sense so now you only leave in one if your mobility is limited in some capacity." Dr. Komai explained to the both of us.

So with that we left the hospital. I took notice of the various species I saw on the way out. I noted that the vast majority of them were species that were native to the area but there was still a good number of various non native species furs. It was pretty neat I thought as we walked out the front door. As we left though I had to stop for a moment. Everything had been fairly muted in the Hospital. Sounds and scents but now standing outside my ears twitched at the sounds of the city around us and my nose twitched at the various scents that it picked up. I stood there just in awe for apparently long enough to get Reginald's notice.

"Hey you Ok William?" Reg asked me as I snapped out of it.

"Yeah I'm ok. Just taking in all the new sounds and scents. I mean wow. It's all pretty new. Feels like everything's sharper." I tried to explain to Reg.

"Oh I see. Yeah I'd imagine so. Oh damn I almost forgot." Reg said taking out a pair of glass from his pocket. "Komai said your eyes were pretty good but considering your former prescription and current medical scans you'll need these when looking at displays or reading for too long."

"Heh. I nearly forgot about em. Did get a bit of a headache last night watching TV without em though." I told Reg as I accepted the glasses and put them on with a smile.

"I think you'll like em. They have the option to display info from a wearable computer." Reg explained.

"Wearable computer?" I asked him as we walked up to his car. It was small and red. Cool looking design to it.

"Oh like this." Reg said holding up his arm and showed me what appeared to be a wrist watch of some sort. "They're pretty handy. Just came out on the market last year. All sorts of options to em. If you want one we can pick you one up while we're out. Think we should get you a Wardrobe first."

"Oh Sweet. I definitely want one of those. Heh. Guess their the equivelant of an iPhone here." I grinned as I got into the passenger seat while he got in the driver's seat. "And yeah I think it would be a good idea to get some clothes."

"Alright than. We'll hit the Mall and do a little shopping Marathon." Reg grinned as he started the car and we were off.

As we drove through the city I was relatively quite taking in the sights of the city. There were a lot of cars on the road but everything moved so fluidly and naturally. Obviously attention went into that area. From the looks of the inside of Reg's car I'd guess he had something like GPS but to a greater degree. Maybe some kind of traffic net thing that allowed the cars to maneuver easier. I could see some indicators displaying on the windshield now and then which was probably the reason for all that. All and all I'd have to say the city was nice. All sorts of shops and buildings. I couldn't read any of the signs. Most of them were in traditional Japanese and the rest though using English letters weren't written in English. Reg didn't seem to have a problem navigating however. He must have either known the way pretty well or could read the signs. Not sure which though. I thought about asking him but I saw what I assumed was the mall as we pulled on into it's rather decent sized parking lot and pulled into a space not too far from an entrance.

"Wow this place looks big." I told Reg as I got out of the car and looked at it. Was probably four stories tall and damn was it long.

"Yeah. They've got all sorts of shops. This area was one of those strips with a lot of small shops. But the Mall wanted to set up here. So what they did was give each of the shop owners a place of business in the Mall and covered their usual salaries until the Mall was built and going." Reg explained with a smile.

"Gee you sound like a local." I smirked as we walked in.

"Well I've been here a little while plus when I'm not around I get regular news from Komai while I'm not." Reg shrugged as we walked into the main lobby.

"Oh that's neat. So this is kind of a home away from home huh?" I asked him curiously.

"Pretty much." Reg nodded. "Anyway lets head to the clothes store and get you a nice wardrobe."

"Any ideas what I should pick fashion wise?" I asked Reg as I followed him down the halls.

"Ah not really. It's all matter of personal taste. Though if your gonna stick around here I may recommend a kimono or two. Something simple and something more formal. Simple ones are nice for festivals and the formal ones are common for formal functions. Weddings for example." Reg told me as we walked into this big clothing store.

"JWright's?" I asked reading the name.

"Yeah? What's wrong with that?" Reg tilted his head confused.

"Nothing I just never heard of it. Guess it must be a new chain." I shrugged as we walked on through.

First thing that came up was shirts. I got a bunch of t-shirts with all sorts of designs on them. I also got some plain ones as I picked up some short sleeved button up shirts as well and a few long sleeved ones without patterns. Also got a few collared shirts. Ya never know when you might need one for one thing or another. Next were pants. I grabbed some jeans, some cargo pants, some shorts too. I stopped a moment seeing what looked like a dress at first. They were various kinds of kilts. Why they were present here in the store I had no idea. I guess that sort of thing wasn't too uncommon. They were various designs and most of them weren't really at all like your standard plaid ones that you envision when you first hear the word. I passed them up at this point. Just seemed a little silly. Maybe some other time. Besides I still had more stuff to get. I saw some of those Kimonos Reg was talking about earlier and taking his suggestion I grabbed one of each. Both in Red. Hey I like Red. We dropped by the underwear department next. They had all sorts of boxers and briefs and various other kinds I can never remember names of. I was surprised to see some briefs sold in packs with designs on them in my size. I paused a moment looking at a package and well Reg must have noticed.

"Oh those are kinda like what you were first wearing when you got here. I didn't get em at first cuz well. Didn't know if you really liked em or not. I mean for all I knew those were the gag gift you resorted to wearing because it was laundry day." Reg said blushing and rubbing the back of his head. "I actually kinda have an affection for these."

"Cool. Well I do like designs when I can get em. I usually just wear plain color briefs or white ones. But what the heck I might as well go with something more interesting." I nodded with a shrug and a blush as I grabbed a few packs.

"Alright than I think we're about done unless you wanted to grab some night clothes?" Reg told me.

"Ah got that covered already. Grabbed a pack of t-shirts a size bigger than I need. I usually just wear a big t-shirt and my briefs to bed." I told Reg although I had to suppress a blush as I thought about what else I tended to wear at night instead of briefs.

"I wear a t-shirt and some shorts." Reg smiled as we walked up to the check out and Reg talked me through using the new Cash card thing to pay for my purchase after which he helped me carry the bags out to the car.

"Well I'm set for clothes that's for sure." I laughed as we loaded them into the back of the car.

"That's for sure." Reg laughed too as he shut the back door. "So what do you say we go get some lunch? My treat."

"Sure. Where at?" I asked curiously as we got in the car. I'd never had Japanese before and I wasn't sure if I'd like Sushi or not.

"Well we could stop at a buffet or if your not feeling too wild we could always stop at a McDonadls." Reg offered.

"Well I might try the buffet some other time but I think right now I'd be more comfortable with McDonalds." I told him leaning back a moment before it dawned on me. "Wait a minute. McDonalds is still in business? Like two thousand years after my time?"

"Heh. Yes it is. A lot of human businesses have lasted a long time. Though some have changed names since their human origins but a lot haven't." Reg explained to me with a laugh at first.

"Wow that's pretty cool. Talk about successful business practices." I laughed myself as I looked out the window.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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It didn't take too long for us to arrive at the McDonalds. We must have arrived at an off time as thankfully it wasn't too crowded. Never been a big fan of crowds myself. But we soon ordered our food and found a booth. I made my usual order. A double quarter pounder meal size large and two apple pies. Usually at least one of the pies ends up as a snack for later along with the other half of my fries. Me and Reg talked as we ate. He carried the conversation as well I was still taking everything in and I frankly wasn't sure what to talk about first. Reg seemed to understand and before long we had finished out food and after I made a stop at the restrooms we headed on out. As it turned out Reg lived in this neat apartment building. Each floor was one unit and the building was 20 floors tall. Reg lived on the 15th floor. Hist apartment was pretty nice. Decently furnished and just the right size to feel cozy. Reg than showed me where everything was and told me to make myself at home as he showed me to the guest bedroom which was a nice size. I told him thanks and he said to just ask if I needed anything.

After that I walked into the bedroom and shut the door behind me after setting down my bags. I sauntered over to the bed and just flopped down on it. Man I was tired for once. Guess I still hadn't really gotten used to all this. Plus I guess I was still kind of week from the transformation and spending a few days unconscious. This was a lot to take in I guess. Old life gone and now I had a new one. On top of that it wasn't just a new one but it was practically a dream come true. Yeah I know I've said that a lot. But it's what kept going through my head. I laid back on the bed thinking about all the dreams and imaginings of this place I'd had. I wondered what it would be like to meet Nathaniel or the Weather brothers. As I laid there I rolled on my side and rooted around in my bag for a second before pulling the stuffed Lion out of it and hugged it close as I laid on the bed with my mind dancing around what might be but before I knew it drowsiness over came me and I drifted on off to sleep with the stuffed Lion in my arms. When I finally woke up I could hear Reg elsewhere in the apartment humming a tune to himself. Then I noticed I had a light blanket laid over me which wasn't there before. I blushed deeply as I realized Reg must have come in to check on me and found me still asleep with the plush lion in my arms. But after a little bit I shrugged it off. After all Reg had told me that he slept with a stuffed animal so I guess I must have seemed fairly normal to him. As I got up and stretched I noticed a watch looking thing on the stand next to the bed. Picking it up I walked on out into the living room where he was typing up on what looked like a lil holographic computer.

"Hey Reg. This for me?" I asked Reg holding up the watch thing.

"Uh Huh. I remembered I said we'd get you one but we spaced and didn't stop at the store. So I stepped out and picked one up for you while you were asleep." Reg smiled over to me.

"Thanks a lot Reg. Huh. So how Do I use this?" I asked sitting down on the couch next to him while I put it on.

"Well just give the surface a quick double tap and it'll turn on and begin it's tutorial." Reg explained to me as he went back to what I assumed was his work.

So with that I did as he told me and in a moment a holographic screen was projected in front of me and indeed the tutorial began. It walked me through things step my step. Setting up my preferences and all that. Than I began to explore things a bit more. With the screen and a keyboard projected before me I explored around the various options and applications I could find. Far more than I had expected. I got the feeling that this thing was probably more powerful than any computer I'd ever owned. I could link up to the web from anywhere and the potential uses for this thing were pretty numerous from what I could tell. I was glad to have it and after a while I getting situated with it Reg smiled.

"Anyway. They sent me the Contact info for your relatives. Want me to port them over to you?" Reg asked me quietly.

"Wow already? Well I guess. Think I should call them?" I asked Reg as he ported the data over onto my wrist computer.

"Well that's gotta be up to you buddy but I think it might be a good idea." Reg told me putting a hand on my shoulder.

"I guess. I think I'll call Nathaniel. I think he's the best candidate if I'm gonna move in with a relative. Does he um? Does he know about me?" I asked Reg as I blushed again.

"Yes he's been informed about you. The guys at the lab thought it best that your call not come out of nowhere." Reg explained.

"Alright than. I'm gonna call him. Think I'll call him in my room." I told Reg as I got up and headed back to it without another word. I must have sat on the bed a few minutes before I finally got up the nerve to call him.

"You must be William. I thought you'd call." Nathaniel said as his image appeared before me. He and I looked a lot alike. But he was definitely more lion like save for the red tattoo like patterns on his fur. "I'm Nathaniel Nightcrier."

"Uh Huh that's me. So um. Where to start. I guess they told you how I got here." I said blushing softly.

"Yes they did. It's a wonder you survived. As I understand it your going to need a place to stay. My home is open to you. It would be my honor to have you." Nathaniel said with a smile on his face and a bow.

"Wow. Just like that. But you don't even know me." I said in shock.

"No I know you. Well I know about the you that lived here. I had to research you when I was a child for a school project. Building a family tree and all." Nathaniel explained.

"Yeah but I'm not sure how much there was. I mean. If what I know about you is accurate you were born about 200 or so years after I died. Besides I obviously haven't lived the life he did. Least not beyond the point I left. What could you really know from that?" I asked again looking down at my feet.

"Well I know that the happiness of a close friend meant enough to you for me to exist. And I know the things you would have gone on to do. Things which in this era you could easily surpass. Anyway. Your family and like me you're a person lost in time. Out of place from your era. That's enough for me. Besides I've already got a ticket for a flight to Tokyo tomorrow." Nathaniel said with a bit of a laugh at the end.

"Thanks. Guess I should have seen this coming. Connection to this universe and all." I laughed a bit myself.

"Well one often looses sight of things when their mind is so clouded by worries and hopes. Give it some time for the haze to clear." Nathaniel told me warmly.

"Yeah I guess your right. Hey you think I should give Warren a call?" I asked him.

"Well seeing as you'll be living across the street from him it's probably a good idea. I'm certain my �nephew' will be glad to hear from you. I've already let him in on my complete history. Lig as well. Expect a warm welcome when we come home." Nathaniel smiled shaking his head.

"How did they take it when they found out all about you?" I asked Nathaniel curiously.

"Very well. Warren was understanding. I think he liked the idea of having family close by. Lig said and I quote Awesome! Heh. He took it very well. After the Awesome remark he rapid fired questions at me about this or that. Bright cub. He's definitely going to do well in life." Nathaniel told me.

"Cool. Guess I should prepare for the million questions he'll have for me than." I nodded just imagining what that was gonna be like.

"Yes. Oh speaking of being prepared. Just to make sure. You are aware of Denshire Fall's resident's usual manner of dress correct?" Nathaniel asked me obviously wanting to avoid saying diapers.

"You mean the fact that most everyone in the town wears diapers. Yeah I'm aware of that fact. And I'm aware that it includes you too." I told him giving a sly smile.

"Right on both points. I was curious though if you had a problem with it. Would you like to be diapered for your arrival in Denshire Falls. It'll be about a half hour drive to Denshire Falls from the air port. We could stop and pick them up along the way or I'm certain you could find some there in Japan." Nathaniel said with a soft tone trying to not offend or upset me.

"Nah I don't have a problem with it. Tell the truth I've always liked diapers. Not sure about getting them here though. I mean. I'm just so self conscious. Reg is my only ride around here and I'm not sure what he'd think about me wanting to go out and diaper shop." I told Nathaniel blushing softly yet again.

"Well you don't need to tell him what you buying. And if he ask just tell the truth about what your buying. I doubt he'll have a problem with it. It's not the stigma it once was. At least in most places anyway." Nathaniel reassured me.

"Alright than I'll see about it." I told him nodding.

"Well you haven't gotten them when I've arrived I'll take you somewhere to get them if you want." Nathaniel once again assured me.

"Thanks Nathaniel." I smiled warmly to him.

"Well I'm going to let you go William. I need to get some sleep and I'm sure it must be getting close to dinner time for you. I'll see you tomorrow." Nathaniel smiled and waved.

"See you tomorrow." I said waving back as the screen turned off and a moment later I heard the door to the room creek open.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt. Or um. Eavesdrop." Reg said with a staggered laugh.

"How much did you hear?" I asked Reg as I must have turned a dozen shades of red under my fur.

"Enough of the end. I well I know a nice store in town we could pick up some diapers for you." Reg said as he seemed to get back on top of himself.

"You do? How?" I asked in disbelief.

"Well. I kind of have a thing for diapers. Well Training Pants anyway. Plus I tend to be a caretaker for some other big cubs around here." Reg explained to me blushing just a bit.

"Oh this. I mean wow." I stammered and leaned back. "If I were a guy of faith I'd be wondering what tremendously good deed I did in a previous life to land in a situation this good. What's the name of the store?"

"It's our local Pawpers store. Most big cities have one. There are smaller ones in or near other towns. Obviously Denshire Falls will have one. What with it being the headquarters for Pawpers and all." Reg told me as he walked in sitting down next to me.

"Heh. Guess this world is more like what I thought I'd only imagined than I thought." I said shaking my head. "I mean what are the odds of me running into a scientist fur who's also into cub stuff?"

"Well you are in Tokyo. The city's huge so yeah you should be able to find a place. Plus it's a rather open city in that regard. Handicap stalls tend to have changing tables for those that might need them. Anyway was for running into me more specifically. Just the luck of the draw I guess. Diaper usage isn't too much of a stigma anymore. Least not in most places anyway. It's not really the norm of society but it's not really a fringe thing either." Reg explained to me. "Now than. I'll go busy myself in the living room. Memory serves you've still got one call to make." Reg smiled and gave me a pat on the head before he left the room. I sat there dumb founded for a minute or so before shaking it off and calling the Weathers.

"Hello Weather Residence." Warren said smiling like I always imagined he did.

"Um Hello I'm William." I told him trying to think what else to say.

"Oh that's right. We got a call about you. So what can we do? Are you calling to ask to stay?" Warren asked me in that way that just said he was about to offer to let me stay with them.

"No. I wouldn't want to impose. I've already made arrangements with Nathaniel. I just wanted to call and tell you guys that I'd be coming to town soon I guess." I told him still not really too sure what to say still.

"Ah I understand. I bet this is all a lot to take in. Well you can expect a warm welcome to the neighborhood. Don't worry I'll keep it small. Probably just me and Lig at first. Some of the other neighbors will probably get around to coming over and introducing themselves." Warren nodded.

"Warren who are you talking to?" Came a voice from the background on Warren's end. Obviously a younger voice.

"I'm talking to William. You remember we got the call about him right Lig?" Warren asked him.

"Oh Yeah! He's like really ancient like Nathaniel right? Oh! He was around to see humans. Oh wait he used to be human. I wanna talk to him too!" Lig said excitedly shortly before he appeared on screen as well. "Hi there! I'm Lig. You must be William. Nice to meet ya. What was it like being a Human? Did turning into a fur hurt? Your in Japan right? If you want a name change maybe try Wirriamu. That's the Japanese Translation of William."

"Heh. Yes I'm William. It's nice to meet you too Lig. Heh. Your certainly full of questions. I'll try to answer them. As to the first one. It's hard to describe being human. Not much different from being a fur I suppose. Though no real fur coverage or tails. As for the transformation. I was pretty much asleep through the whole thing so it didn't hurt." I smiled answering Lig's questions. "And Thanks for the suggestion."

"Yeah Lig here is full of questions. He's one curious cub." Warren laughed lightly ruffling Lig's short mane.

"Well I better let you guys go. I'll see you when I get to Denshire Falls." I told them and waved good bye and let them wave back before I flicked the screen off and headed back out to the living room.

"So how'd it go?" Reg asked me as he got up from the couch.

"Pretty well actually. I think I'm gonna like it in Denshire. Hey you know Japanese right?" I asked Reg as the idea about changing my name stuck in my head.

"That's good to hear and yeah I know Japanese. Always a good idea to be able to speak the native language." Reg nodded if just a bit confused.

"Well Lig told me that Wirriamu was the Japanese translation of William. That accurate?" I asked him curiously.

"Yeah it is. Wow kid already knows a bit of Japanese. Or likes to play around with translation functions on a computer. Thinking of changing your name?" Reg asked with a smile.

"Actually yeah. I mean new me so maybe I should have a new name." I shrugged as we walked to the front door.

"Makes sense to me. I think we could easily do a name change in your records. Wirri." Reg told me with a smile coming up with a new nick name.

"Hehe. Alright than. It's settled. New name. Wirriamu. Wirri for short." I grinned as we got off o the elevator at the ground floor.

I smiled in the car as Reg drove. I had a shiny new name which fit the new me. I sighed contently as I looked out the window thinking over things. I was so lost in thought I didn't really notice much of the ride. My mind was wandering about from topic to topic. Chief among them being exactly what dragon traits did I have? Did I have stuff like the fire breath or any of those other abilities. Judging by the look of my horns I was obviously a Japanese type of dragon rather than a European one. Well half dragon anyway. Maybe I had some extra nifty abilities. I read somewhere that Japanese dragons tend to have elemental modifiers. Did that apply to me?

"We're here." Reg said as the car came to a stop.

"Huh? What?" I asked snapping out of my train of thought.

"We. Are. Here." Reg said saying it slowly obviously trying to get a reaction out of me.

"Alright I'm not dim ya know. I was just kinda lost in thought." I told him as I got out of the car.

"Yeah I figured as much. Just couldn't resist the bad joke. What were you thinking about?" Reg asked as we walked around the car.

"Oh nothing too important. Just absorbing what's happened and stuff." I told him as I looked at the Pawpers store.

The Pawpers store was a rather large building. Maybe around the size of your average department store. I could feel butterflies in my stomach as we walked in. Above us was a big sign that Read Pawpers and in front of us was little map of the building showing what departments were where. There was a picture of a Red Panda just under the map pointing to the spot marked Entrance and a speech bubble next to him saying "You are here." I smiled at that thinking it was quite cute. Looking over the map I could see all sorts of departments. Furniture, Cub clothes, Cub at Heart clothes, Accessories, a Toy section, and the largest section. Diapers and diapering supplies. Wow a Pawpers store had a lot to offer.

"So where to first? I mean we can get more than just the diapers here but I'm not sure if you wanna get that stuff now or wait until later so you won't have to pack it." Reg asked me looking over my shoulder having already gotten a cart.

"Well�.I think I'll get the diapers first. Course some supplies too I guess. As for the clothes and other stuff. Hmmm. Not sure. The one in Denshire will have anything I see here right?" I asked Reg curiously.

"Most probably save for stuff specific to Japan. You know stuff that's in Japanese and a few local things. But if you should still be able to get them if you want them. The Pawpers Store in Denshire Falls is�big to put it mildly from what I've heard. I think they should have anything you see here or be able to order it for you." Reg told me having to stop and think a minute.

"Ok than I think I'll stick with just the essentials then. No need to have a ton of baggage with me when I leave." I nodded though mentioning the flight got me thinking. "Um�what's the baggage check gonna be like? Pat downs too?"

"Pat downs? No. Your baggage gets scanned. You get scanned. It takes maybe 20 seconds and your on your way. Why would anyone need to give you a pat down?" Reg asked me tilting his head confused.

"Well in my era in my universe things are a bit different. Much less advanced scanning technology and at the time greater precautions as well. It's a bit of a subject in the US in my era." I told him blushing just a bit and not sure how to word it. Talking about this subject always seemed awkward to me.

"Ah. I think I get it." Reg said seeming to still be confused until it looked like a light switch flicked on in his brain. "Oh! The whole thing with those humans that basically did nasty things with a plane and a building. Yeah I remember that now from history classes. Wow it's weird to think you were around then."

"Weird to think that then is right now in another universe." I pointed out.

"Good point." Reg agreed with a smile as we reached the diaper section.

I had to stop once we reached it. Here before me were isle after isle of diapers in every size imaginable. There were all sorts of designs and types of diapers and well it felt like something out of a dream. I was in awe for a little bit before I started to walk forward and looked at the isles. Each one was a different size range. It didn't take me too long to find the isle with the range that would fit me. I was blown away by the selection they had. From what I could see there were Actives, which seemed to be your standard probably core product, Night Time, obviously for use at bedtime when heavy wetting can occur over a long period of time, Long Hauls, these seemed to be the thickest and designed to hold the most, Aquas, which seem to be an amphibious swim diaper, Vintage, which seemed to be like the Actives but were cloth backed and that designs all over rather than on just the landing zone, and lastly there were Trainers, which still seemed to be as thick as actives and appeared to me to be Actives that you pulled on. Those were the main types of diaper. Each was available in various sized packages ranging from samplers to big boxes that likely had over a hundred. They also had various themes. Some cubby, some based off of TV shows, and a line that made me laugh a little. Princess. Obviously for girls. Or some of the boys out there that wanted to be girls.

"Wow." I said in awe looking at all of them once I finally managed to say something.

"Yeah there's a lot of variety huh? So what ya gonna pick?" Reg asked me waving a hand at the isle.

"Well I think I'll go with the Actives. How many should I get?" I asked Reg as I'd never worn for a long length of time.

"Hmmm. I'd go with one Jumbo pack. Should last you a lil while and be easy to pack." Reg told me and showed me the jumbo packs.

"Alright than. Hmmm. Not sure on the theme. Not a sports guy and I'm not too familiar with the toon themes. Lot of newer ones. Think I'll go with the cub patterned ones." I said grabbing the package which showed a sample of the pattern on the back which had playing diapered cubs of all species on it.

"Always a good standby. So next we need to get you some essentials. Wipes, powder, a changing pad, and definitely a diaper bag." Reg said as he listed them counting on his fingers.

"Sounds good. Well you're the one who knows the way around here. Lead the way." I told him.

So with that I let Reg lead the way to where the accessories were. I got a tub of wipes which had matching Cub designs on it. Also got the baby powder. I've always loved the smell of it. Nice and soothing and it feels good too. I also got a dragon themed changing pad. I thought given my half dragon nature it was appropriate. Reg then lead me around to where the diaper bags were. They had a wide variety of them. After looking for a lil bit I found one that just made me smile. It had lots of compartments and such and had a scene of the African Savanna with lions on it. After that I stood there for a bit. I technically had all I needed at the moment but I realized with the diaper bag the size it was I could get a few more things. But than again I wanted to leave some shopping for later. Maybe shop on my own or with Nathaniel. I wanted to get to know him. We were relatives after all. So deciding I had everything we went to the check out. Standing at the counter was well�the cutest Red Panda you could expect. If I weren't so shy I might have asked for this guy's number. He was really nice and chipper as he scanned the items and I swiped my card through the machine.

"Oh and if you'd like we have a changing room just over there if you need to use it." The Red Panda told me and gestured off in the direction of what I had previously assumed to be the bathrooms.

"Might as well get started now with em." Reg prompted me.

"Um. Sure I guess." I told Reg blushing deeply as I then thanked the Red Panda who smiled watching us.

"Alright come on than." Reg said taking my hand like I were just a lil kid and with my bag in his free hand he lead the way to the changing rooms which were on the opposite side from the bathrooms. "So do you wanna try doing this yourself or would you like a helping paw?"

"Well I um." I trailed off after that blushing again as my ears hung. I'd never been diapered by anyone else before. Well not since I actually was a baby. On one hand I wanted to see what it was like. On the other I was pretty nervous and a little embarrassed.

"How about I just help you get these pants down first than?" Reg asked as he knelt down in front of me and began undoing my shorts slowly and gently and pulled them down tugging my tail out of the back. "There ya go. Now step on out."

"Ok." I nodded and obediently stepped on out of my pants now sporting just my briefs from the waist down.

"So decided yet?" Reg asked still kneeling before me with a gentle smile.

"C-could you d-do it please?" I finally asked him my voice shaky. For all the nervousness I felt I wanted this quite a lot.

"Course I can buddy. Lets get you out of these big boy undies huh?" Reg told me with a soft nod as his hands reached up taking hold of my waist band and gently pulled my briefs down pulling my tail out as well. "Ok now step out again and lay down on the changing table for me."

I did as he asked and stepped out of my briefs blushing deeply as I was now naked from the waist down. Reg wasn't phased in the least. Of course he did say he liked being a caretaker. I bet he'd done this sort of thing before. So I padded on over to the changing table and laid down on it. The top of it was a soft plastic covered cushion that even had a pillow part to rest my head on. I laid there and watched as Reg began humming a soft soothing tune as he took the wipes and powder out of my bag laying them one at a time on the lil table that he'd pulled out from the side of the changing table down by my feet. My heart sped as he got out the package of diapers and slowly tore along the perforated line on the package to open it. He reached in and pulled out one of the diapers. It looked thicker than what I usually wore back home that's for sure. He walked on over holding it to his chest so I could see the pattern on the tape landing zone before he unfolded the diaper. He then slowly reached over and lifted my legs up with one hand. I was surprised at how easily he did this. Either he was stronger than I thought or I was lighter than I thought. Or maybe both. I then felt some wipes making contact with my bottom. I don't think I needed to be wiped but it felt good regardless. Soon I felt the thick diaper slid into position beneath me and my tail was pulled through the tail hole of it. Reg was still humming that soft tune. It was relaxing. I relaxed even more as he opened the container of powder and it's scent reached my now far superior nose. I closed my eyes taking in it's soothing scent and it's cool feel as it was rubbed into my soon to be diapered area. Once he was done he lowered my legs back down and I could now really get a feel for the thick soft garment I laid upon as Reg slowly brought it up into place and taped it up securely. He gave my now diapered front a pat before standing back to take in the sight. I looked down at my now diapered self and smiled widely. That had been fantastic! It was so nice and soothing and it just felt so right. I couldn't stop smiling as I sat up with a crisp crinkle swinging my legs off the side of the changing table. I swished my tail experimentally and couldn't help but giggle at the further crinkles it produced. I looked over to see Reg smiling warmly at me.

"T-thanks Reg." Was all I could muster with a soft voice.

"Anytime buddy. How do you like being diapered?" Reg asked me as I got off of the table.

"It feels fantastic." I told him as I looked down at my diaper and walked a bit and turned and such. "They're so thick and soft and well I love em."

"Well I'm glad you do Wirri." Reg grinned now starting to return to more of a buddy state as he gave me a pat on the shoulder after I picked up my pants.

"What should I do with my underwear?" I asked Reg as I began to get my pants back on and he packed my supplies away in my new diaper bag.

"Well we'll just put these in your diaper bag. As for the other undies you bought. Well undies can be nice to wear over a diaper sometimes. Or if you wanna have some diaper free time. Of I you wanna pretend you're a big boy." Reg told me as he put my briefs in the bag and zipped it up giving me a grin.

"Heh. I guess." I nodded blushing again as I zipped up and buttoned my pants . Looking down I could see a bit of a diaper bulge.

With that we left the Pawpers store and began our drive back home. We spent the rest of the night at the apartment. Reg ordered pizza and we sat on the couch eating and talking as we watched TV. It was really nice. I was relaxed enough to wet my diaper without needing any encouragement from Reg. Though he did notice when I stopped talking when I was wetting. He didn't say anything but he did give me a knowing smile. After a while we both decided to head off to bed. I stood up expecting my diaper to feel soggier than it did. These Pawpers were really good. So rather than get changed before bed. I just stripped down to my diaper and climbed on into bed grabbing my plush lion as I did. Laying there in just my diaper holding a stuffed animal I sighed contently feeling more at peace and content than I could ever remember. My eyes slowly drifted shut and I drifted on off to sleep.

I'd Slept good that night. Dreams of being a cub and being taken care of and dreams of falling in love with a nice guy. Dreams of going to college ironically and being successful. All of them though involved diapers in some form though. When I finally woke up I yawned feeling so well rested. Though I felt a nagging sensation in my bladder. Rolling onto my back I sighed as I just let go and felt the warm wetness of this morning's flood spread through out my diaper. The diaper did it's job quite well soaking up every bit of the flood I gave it. Once I was finished I just laid there for a bit basking in the after glow of the warm wet diaper. I looked over to the clock on the night stand. It was about eight thirty in the morning. I sighed finally and rolled over standing up and looked down at my wet diaper. It felt like it could take more but I wasn't sure how much more. I'd certainly need to be fresh for the plane trip. As I stood there debating wither to change now or not I felt the need to go again. This time I had to go number 2. I briefly considered using the toilet but decided I might as well get as much use out of this diaper as I could. I concentrated for a moment and sighed with relief as I began filling the seat of my diaper and began to wet it a bit more too. Once I had finished my paw reached around back to feel the seat of my diaper. It did bulge from the usage and squished when prodded. I smiled and then flopped down on the bed. I felt the mess in the seat of my diaper squish and spread. It felt so good. I grinned and wiggled around a bit and couldn't help but giggle a bit. I just loved the feeling of a good used diaper. It was bliss.

"Morning." Came a greeting from my door as I looked to see Reg standing there obviously already dressed.

"Oh. Morning." I told him blushing as he just stood there with a smirk.

"Well I see someone certainly is getting comfortable in their diaper. Looks like we've got a stinker on our paws." Reg said still grinning at me which made me blush all the more. "Smells like you could use a change but it can wait until after breakfast if you want."

"Well." I hesitated a bit before finding my resolve. "Why not. I'll get changed after breakfast. What is for breakfast anyway?

"Well given my culinary skill set microwaved French Toast sticks with a syrup cup. I hate just drenching them in syrup or putting some on the side of a plate. It always runs. So I buy the lil syrup cups to dip em in." Reg told me which made me grin a bit.

"Heh. Same here. It always got my hands sticky or at least my fingers. Hate that." I told him as we walked to the kitchen.

"Yeah well imagine it now with fur. Yeah not the best of pictures." Reg nodded as we ate. "Anyway. I'm a bit surprised to find your already this comfortable around here. I mean even my first time cubs don't tend to mess the first night."

"Oh well I've been into diapers for a long time. I guess finding out you were accepting of it and actually getting my hands er paws as it were on some was too good to pass up. Besides it helps me unwind. Just feel more comfortable. For some reason I just really feel more at ease. Not just in the diapers but being like this. It just feels so right." I tried to explain blushing a bit again as my nose reminded me of the scent of my well used diaper behind the pleasant aroma of the food.

"Well I'm not much for faith but who knows. Maybe you were meant to come here. Excited about meeting your relatives here?" Reg asked me as he finished a French toast stick.

"Heh yeah. Nathaniel has probably seen so much. I'd love to hear some stories from him. Heh. If I have been seeing into this world with my dreams and imagination I probably already know some of em. Plus I'm excited to meet Lig and Warren. They both seem really nice. Lig reminds me of myself at his age except better adjusted and a bit happier. Warren seems like the kind of big brother everyone wishes for." I smiled as he drank down my OJ.

"Wish you'd had an older brother?" Reg asked curiously.

"If he was like Warren then yeah. I had some older cousins but it wasn't quite the same. I never got too close to any of them. Maybe I'll warm up to the family here." I shrugged as I finished eating my breakfast.

"Well I hope ya do." Reg smiled warmly.

After breakfast I helped Reg load the dishwasher. Once we were done he reminded me that it was about time I got changed. I agreed. Reg volunteered to change me. I let him and wasn't nearly as nervous about him diapering me this time. Though I did blush very deeply when he commented what a stinker I was after he opened the diaper. But he never grimaced and just went about the task at hand and got me all cleaned up, powdered, and into a fresh diaper. Once that was done I got dressed for the day and me an Reg went about packing my things. I didn't have a whole lot. Matter of fact all of it fit nicely into my diaper bag. Looking at the clock it was about time for us to head out to the air port. I was nervous again as we went out and got into Reg's car. This was going to be it. Soon I'd be on a plain heading to a place I'd dreamed about for years. On top of all that I was about to meet one of the people from those dreams. I still couldn't quite believe it. It was really nice for him to come all this way to pick me up.

It wasn't too long before we arrived at the airport. It was big. Ok it was huge. Seemed to go on forever and the planes I saw outside were a good size and pretty futuristic looking. I idly wondered how high and how fast they flew as Reg took me to counter and we got my ticket. Reg had to explain a lot to me. I'd never flown at all before so I didn't know too much. Thankfully all this seemed to come quite naturally to him. He figured out which flight Nathaniel would be coming in on in short order and lead the way to the Terminal it would be arriving at. We went through a security point then. They scanned my bag and had me walk through a scanner. It was pretty quick and the people running the machines seemed nice and we were done in short order. Have to admit Reg leading me around the place like that and doing everything made me feel all the more like a little kid. Course the constant reminder of the bulk of the diaper I wore helped with that feeling too as we took our seats to wait for Nathaniel's plane to arrive. I looked up at the board that had all the information on it and kept looking at the watch on my wrist computer thing. We didn't have all that long to wait. It took maybe fifteen minutes from the time we sat down to the time when they announced the plain was arriving. I was still so nervous to actually meet Nathaniel as we stood at the exit where the passengers would be getting off the plane. Before long though I saw him. He was taller in person than I thought. I probably came up to just barely his shoulders. He was wearing a casual white button up shirt and black pants. I could easily see the tattoo markings on his fur as he walked over to us with a smile.

"Ah Wirri. Nice to finally see you in person." Nathaniel said as he walked over and held out his hand.

"Nice to finally meet you in person too." I told him with a slight blush as I shook his hand.

"You alright?" Nathaniel asked me obviously noting it was a little uncomfortable.

"Well um. You're tall than I thought you'd be." I told him still blushing a tad.

"Oh I see. Well look at it this way. I fit a caretaker role better that way." Nathaniel said putting a reassuring hand on my shoulder. "

"I guess so." I nodded and couldn't help but smile.

"Well Wirri it's been fun having you around. I'm glad I could help you settle in a bit. If you ever wanna talk you've got my contact info. I'll probably get in touch with you know and again. Oh and don't be afraid to drop by once in a while." Reg told me with a smile and then gave me a big hug.

"Thanks again for helping me Reg. It was really nice of you. And you bet I'll drop by when I can." I told him blushing a bit as I gave him a hug back.

"Well we better get on the plane. Won't take too long to get everything loaded and done. It was nice meeting you Reg. Thank you for the help." Nathaniel told him and shook his hand before placing an arm around my shoulder.

To most I'd imagine that would have felt awkward. Having someone do such a warm fatherly gesture so soon after meeting them. But it just felt right to me. I smiled as Nathaniel still with his arm around me lead me back down the bridge to board the plane. We only stopped to show the lady standing at the gate our tickets before we boarded the plain in what was to my surprise a very nice first class. Everything looked so nice and comfortable. We found our seats. Back where Nathaniel had been sitting. As I took the obviously unused window seat he put my bag in the over head for me and we sat down. I cringed a bit at the crinkle and Nathaniel smiled at me a bit. I guess I must have seemed pretty nervous and on edge. For Nathaniel this probably was fairly normal. Well the plane trip and diaper wearing and usage in public. I doubt the whole genetic duplicate relative from the distant past thing would be normal even for him. Though somehow I get the feeling this wasn't one of the oddest things in his life.

"If your worried about flying I wouldn't. Safety track record for flights is pretty good. Last crash was over 50 years ago." Nathaniel reassured me.

"Yeah I guess your right. Even in my time it was pretty safe. Statistically safer than driving a car. Guess I should just calm down." I nodded too him.

"Your nervous someone will notice what your wearing too aren't you?" Nathaniel asked me quite directly.

"Yeah." I admitted looking down at my feet.

"Don't be. Like I said it's not the stigma it once was. Besides most people are too caught up in their own thing to notice. Odds are anyone who does is wearing or does wear at some time too." Nathaniel explained giving me a pat on the shoulder as the flight attendant stood at the front with a microphone.

"Good morning passengers. I'm Barb. I'll be your flight attendant today. We're going to be taking off in five minutes. Please fasten your seat belts for take off and turn off any electronics. Once at altitude we will begin our safety presentation." Barb a young badger girl told us.

I turned off my nice shiny mini computer and Nathaniel pulled out a more traditional looking cell phone and turned that off. We sat back and waited and in five minutes just like she said we took off. With me gripping the arm rest tightly. Surprisingly though the take off was rather smooth and I barely felt a thing. Must be the better technology or something. Once we reached altitude she did the safety orientation. Where life vest were, how the oxygen mask system worked, how to buckle a seatbelt, the fact that your seat cushion could be used as a floatation device, emergency exits. Only a handful of things she said were really useful. Honestly what idiot doesn't know how to use a seat belt?! I actually said that quietly to Nathaniel and we both had a laugh.

Once the girl was done talking the lil screen on the back of the chairs in front of us flicked on and displayed some movie thumbnails that were available. I saw one was a stand up comedy with a Ferret so I picked that one and slipped the head phones on. He was pretty good. This guy really reminded me of Lewis Black. For all I know this Fur could be a distant relative of him. I sat back enjoying the routine and laughing here and there. Some of the political stuff I didn't get. After all I've only been here a few days. But the vast majority I did get and laugh at quietly. I completely forgot I was wearing a diaper until I really had to go. I was about to get up when I felt the diaper as I shifted my weight. So I leaned back and tried to relax and resume watching the stand up. After a little bit I relaxed enough to let go and felt the warmth spread through the front of my diaper. It felt great and the diaper didn't even feel like it was close to leaking. It handled my surge quite well.

Once again I became absorbed into watching the stand up. The diaper just felt so natural and after a while once again I completely forgot about it. After a while the film ended and I smiled a bit looking over to Nathaniel who'd apparently had chosen to take a nap. Just then Barb announced that we would be landing in ten minutes. This seemed to rouse Nathaniel from his slumber. He asked me groggily if we were there yet. I told him what Barb and said and he nodded doing up his seat belt for landing. I did the same with a bit of a smile once again wondering how someone could be so dim as to not be able to figure this out.

Again just like on take off I held tight to the arm rest was we landed though I wasn't quite as nervous about the landing. I guess the nice flight and safe take off had sort of put them mostly at ease. In no time we were on the ground and it was time to get off the plane. It was only now while I was getting up that I remembered that I was diapered and that I was wet. Quite wet. I blushed a bit hoping nobody would notice a bulge through my pants as we got off the plane. I was thankful my diaper hadn't leaked which was something else that had made me nervous. Unlike most of the others who had to stop by baggage claim we didn't. All we had were our carry on bags.

"Well that was a nice flight. Come on lets hit the restroom before we leave. I'm feeling kinda soggy and I'm willing to bet you are too." Nathaniel told me as he once again put an arm on my shoulder.

"Yeah. I am kinda soaked." I told him quietly as I felt my face grow warm.

So with that Nathaniel led me back to the restrooms. He seemed to know his way around this airport pretty well. I guess he's probably been a frequent flier. I guess it comes with the territory of a life span measured in centuries rather then decades. Which of course made it all the more humorous that here he was. Leading me to the restrooms so we could change our diapers. This thought made me smile a bit as we entered the bathroom and Nathaniel directed me to the stall in back. I nodded and walked on in. It appeared to be your standard wheel chair accessible stall with rails and such. Though I also noticed it had a fold out table and a small wall mounted vending machine with the Pawpers Logo on it. I shook my head with a smile as I folded down the table and sat my bag on it. Taking a deep breath I undid my pants and pulled them down revealing my soggy diaper. I could see that it was discolored and definitely swollen. I held onto it with one hand and untapped it with the other. Once it was off I sat it down on the table and got out my wipes and began to wipe myself up. After that I gave myself a light dusting of powder before balling up the soggy diaper and used wipes and tossing them in a nearby trash can in the stall. Finally after all that I got out a fresh diaper and taped it on nice and snug. After pulling my pants back up I put my supplies away and left the stall. Nathaniel went in after me and I waited outside listening as he changed his own diaper. He didn't take quite as long as I did.

After we were both changed Natheniel lead me out of the airport and into the parking lot. It didn't take us long to find his scout I guess is the best word for it. Though it had an ultra modern look to it I could tell those tires with those deep treads looked like they could do some off roading. We got on in and I leaned back in the seat with my bag sat down at my feet. Nathaniel hopped in too and with that we were off again. I stretched looking at the time on the radio. It was now five in the afternoon. Somehow I got the feeling we had a ride ahead of us. I don't know exactly how far away Denshire Falls was from the airport. About 20 minutes into the ride I fell asleep. It happens often if I'm not the one driving. I'll just be sitting there staring out the window with my mind wondering. The steady sound of the engine providing some white noise and before I know it I'm off to sleep. I missed the entire ride into Denshire Falls. I didn't start to wake up until I heard the driver's side door open. I stretched a bit and yawned before jumping at a sudden loud noise.

"Welcome to Denshire Wirri!" I heard and turned my head to see Lig standing there in front of me holding a welcome banner with Warren behind him.

"Wow." Was all I could utter once I recovered enough to speak.

"Hi there Wirri! Nice to meet ya. I'm Lig I guess I'm your Great great great great grandson! Sorta." Lig giggled tilting his head to the side adorably. He was wearing the same red and black t-shirt I'd always envisioned and at the moment a kilt.

"I guess so am I. Again welcome to Denshire Falls. Lig was considering inviting other people to welcome you but I thought a little welcome would be best. We can throw you a welcome party later." Warren told me as I got out the car. I wasn't quite as tall as he was.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both." I told them as my mind fumbled around trying to put words to what was going through my head.

"I hope you like it here. Me and Warren live across the street right over there so you'll see us lots. Oh just wait until the other Neighbors meet you. I wonder what Chimour and ZeeZee will think of you. If you can use the potty ZeeZee will definitely like that. Do you use it? Or do you like diapees? I can't use the potty but I wouldn't want to. I love my diapees." Lig rambled and at the end pulled up his kilt to reveal his own Pawpers which featured playing lion cubs on the front.

"Heh. Well I can use the potty if I want to but well I like diapers too. So I guess that's one thing we have in common." I told Lig with a smile.

"Well at any rate we don't wanna keep you long after your long day I'd imagine you'd like to get settled in. So we'll see you again tomorrow." Warren told me as Lig's expression changed.

"Aww we gotta leave already? Oh alright. I guess we'll see ya tomorrow. Bye have a nice night!" Lig said quickly shifting from disappointed to happy again as he waved while they walked back across the street.

"Lig seems to have taken a shining to you already." Nathaniel told me as I grabbed my bag from the car.

"Yeah. He seemed pretty excited. It was pretty cool meeting him and Warren." I admitted as we walked up to Nathaniel's front door.

"Just think. That was Lig showing restraint. There were probably a good deal more questions he had in mind to ask. Odds are he'll pop in tomorrow to visit. Might even bring a friend a long. Probably Chimour. He lives right next door to Lig and Warren. Nice kid. Him and his brother are the only ones in town besides me who's age is up in the three digits." Nathaniel said as he opened the front door and we walked in.

"Oh. Well I guess I can answer more questions tomorrow." I told him as I walked through the living room which was nicely furnished.

"Now then the tour. There's the living room, kitchen and my study down stairs along with a half a bathroom just in case we actually have a guest that doesn't wear diapers. Bed rooms are upstairs along with the main bathroom which doesn't have a toilet." Nathaniel told me as he showed me around to all of them. Once upstairs he showed me to a room. "And this one will be your bedroom. It's not exactly decorated all that well but we can personalize it as we go."

"Wow it's a pretty good size. I like it. A few days and I'll have it feeling like mine." I told Nathaniel as I sat my bag down on the bed.

"Well anyway I'll leave you to unpack in peace and order us some dinner. It's a little late to cook much of anything." Nathaniel told me before he turned around and left the room.

Once Nathaniel had left I went about unpacking my stuff. I didn't exactly have a whole lot. I decided to take some of my diapers out of the package and arranged them on the changing table which occupied one wall. It was already stocked with wipes, powder, and oil but not diapers. Probably owing to the fact you could never be sure of a guest size before hand. Well It'd be occupied with one size now for sure. After I was unpacked I really took in the sight of the room. It was rather plain but it was a good size and the window offered a nice view of the street below. I went about arranging things a bit to make a little more me. I figured I should start getting it to my liking and arrange it nicely. It'd help me settle in more. I stood back when I was done and admired my work. It wasn't much but it was already starting to feel like mine.

After a little while I went back down stairs just as Nathaniel was finishing paying a pizza guy. We sat down in front of the TV and just talked as we ate our pizza. Something about Nathaniel just put me more at ease. It was nice sitting down and just talking about mundane stuff. What he did. How his week had been. He asked me the same even though in my opinion my answers were much less interesting than his own. I guess he was really giving off that fatherly feeling. It was pretty nice. We sat there and laughed at the TV. I barely remembered stopping to use my diaper occasionally. As the night wore on I found I didn't really have to concentrate so hard to do it. Only time when things slowed up was when the pizza decided it was time to make an exit. Of course this was helped a bit by Nathaniel so obviously stopping to fill his own diaper. He gave me this look just said he knew and gave a nod. I relaxed and did what came naturally and filled my diaper. We didn't bother changing immediately. Actually we didn't bother changing for a while. It was only once Nathaniel noticed it was getting late and that I was getting tired that we should probably get changed. So with that suggestion we got up and headed upstairs. Nathaniel took my hand and lead the way like I was a toddler. And given the bulk of my diaper and the load within I was certainly waddling and squishing like one.

We arrived back at my room and Nathaniel told me to go lay down on the changing table for him. Blushing a bit I did as he asked and climbed up onto it and laid down. This was the first time he'd changed me. So again I was nervous. He walked on over and undid my pants and pulled them down and off telling me it'd make it easier to get ready for bed. Seeing I was nervous though he stopped a moment and gently rubbed my belly. It was surprisingly soothing and I think some of my new instincts kicked in because I started purring like a kitten. Once he was satisfied I had settled he untapped the dirty diaper and began to clean me up. He seemed to be an expert paw at this as he lifted me by the legs and cleaned my bottom up before sliding the fresh diaper into place. He powdered me up good bottom first then laid me down onto the fresh diaper, making sure to thread my tail through first, and powdered my front lightly. Lastly he brought the diaper up between my legs and taped it up snuggly and gave me a pat on the side telling me I was all done.

I rose from the changing table and stretched yawning a bit. He gave me a pat on the bottom and told me I should head to bed. I offered to change him first as he'd just changed me but he declined with a smile saying that I'd have other opportunities for that. So I nodded and walked on over to my bed taking my shirt off. It was warm so I didn't really need anything besides the diaper as I climbed on into bed grabbing my plushie. Nathaniel walked on over and tucked me in and told me good night. I don't know why I felt the need to ask but I asked him if I could watch some TV on the one in my room before I went to sleep. He smiled and gave me a pat on the head and said sure. He told me to sleep tight and left. I turned on the TV and just laid back watching it. I flipped it over to what was this Era's Comedy Central and watched some shows there. As I laid there I couldn't help thinking how natural and good all this felt. I loved it. It just felt so right. Here I was. Just some random guy and now. Now I had what I always dreamt of. As I laid there the sounds of the TV providing a soft white noise I slowly drifted off to sleep. Tomorrow would be yet another day in my New Life.

The End.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: New Life   Mon Sep 26, 2011 3:37 pm

Hehe pretty cute there Lig, betcha any follow up shorts would be pretty freaking fun to read, or maybe even help write! (May have a few ideas, and I dunno if Wirri ever met Chimour's parents since it was decided that they'd be brought back in a story made after you had begun writing this... Actually that may pose a bit of a problem since I should've had Chimour invite him to his birthday, and the Xmas party then... Ahwell can't be helped).

All I know is this story was a real treat to read, and was a very exciting "What if" kinda story! ^^
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Very cute story lig. You might want to proof read it again i saw several misspelled words. Other than that great job.
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PostSubject: Re: New Life   Mon Sep 26, 2011 11:46 pm

Was definitely a most awesome story to read Lig ^.^ Pity Selanine's not native to that world. She'd have gotten along fantastically with the old fogeys of three digits X3
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New Life
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