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 Something Different

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PostSubject: Something Different   Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:56 pm

Okay well guys I've been a bit unmotivated to do any more work on any of my stories involving Chimour... I mean there's just so much cutesy stuff I can write up before I get all burnt out on it! But yeah don't worry I will finish the stories I was working on, and I'll also make more stories with Chimour later on in the future, but for right now I decided it'd be fun to write up a story I based on a picture I found over on which left me speechless with its sheer adorableness! X3. Hehe so yeah I hope you enjoy the story, I'm going to be doing this one a bit more professionally then stories I did in the past, so there will be chapters instead of just one long, and flowing wall of text.

EDIT : By the way I KNOW this is going to piss people off, but Rouge actually has a thing for Knuckles as dictated by the show, and comics! The reason this is going to rub Sonic X fans the wrong way is because I'm pretty much disregarding Knuckles all together. Sorry people but I honestly think Shadow, and Rouge make a better couple, and well I always thought Knuckles was to rough around the edges to be in any sort of romantic relationship. So yeah I typically NEVER get into this sort of geeky pairing of anime figures, but well this is my one, and only exception.

Something Different


Somewhere down on the earth one Amy Rose would soon be holding a meeting with one Rouge, surname “The Bat” in private, and there, during said meeting, they would decide the fate of three others. One very close to Amy’s heart, one very close to Rouge’s heart, and lastly one with creamy orange fur, and two tails, whom if I hadn’t involved at all in this story, well do you remember the Salem witch burnings? (Can’t believe I just drew that parallel, and made that joke… Truly I deserve whatever bad shit happens to me later on in my life)

Anyways! I am of course getting ahead of myself here aren’t I? I mean how exactly did this all come about? Well sit down, and I’ll tell you…

Chapter One : An afternoon over at Shadow’s place

Ahem… It was your average day for the blue furred, and red shoed speed demon as he walked on over to Shadow’s house since well after some time had passed, and after Sonic had found out about one of Shadow’s, um shall we say, “pastimes” Sonic had really warmed up to him, and hey he was much better company then Chris, who obviously has some major abandonment issues. It didn’t take him much longer since soon he stood there right at Shadow’s front door, opening said door wide open, as he entered at his own volition since well he’s Sonic, and he’s to cool for manners!

But really in all seriousness Sonic really hadn’t changed a bit, and well he was just as much of a punk as he ever was since to be any different just wouldn’t be him. Anyways meanwhile back in the living room Shadow had of course picked up on this intrusion, and had soon sped off of his couch as he abruptly stood there face to face with his former rival.

“Hello Sonic, still haven’t learned how to knock, or ring a door bell before entering one’s house yet huh?”. Shadow asked, allowing himself a tiny smirk as he held out his hand for Sonic to shake, Sonic promptly returning a smirk back before shaking said hand.

“Nope, I guess not! Anyway it’s good to see you again Shadow, oh and hey have you learned how to potty like a big boy yet, or did you just forget to diaper up before answering the door?”. Sonic asked, making Shadow’s face light up with embarrassment when he had done so.

“Heh… Well it’s good to see you again too Sonic, although you’re still a smartass, but hey you knew that already right?”. Shadow asked.

“Yup, but hey least I’m not a potty pants”. Sonic retorted back, sticking his tongue out at Shadow tauntingly.

“Did you come here to have fun, or are you not done teasing me yet?”. Shadow asked, his face it’s reddest yet.

“Yeah, yeah I’m here to have fun, no need to wig out on me!”. Sonic laughed.

“Alright then! Follow me, I’ve got some pretty good weed from a friend recently, cost me a pretty penny”. Shadow said, leading Sonic over into the living room…

“Right on!”. Sonic said, following Shadow’s lead as he soon took a seat down onto the couch.

You would think that Sonic, of all hedgehogs, would hate marijuana since it slows down your perception of time, and well originally this was, at one point, very true since all he wanted was to go fast, and he hated slowing down for even a tiny bit of time. So yeah it obviously took some doing, but Shadow eventually managed to talk him into smoking a joint, and well ever since then it’s become this sort of weekly ritual.

“Why do you have to bring that up anyway? I mean it’s really embarrassing…”. Shadow said, grinding up some weed for him, and Sonic whilst blushing heavily.

“Sorry man, but when I saw you, my badass former rival, sitting on the floor in a big, white, fluffy, and infantile disposable diaper, well I’m going to have to pick on you for it”. Sonic laughed.

“It’s not fair… I thought I had locked the front door that day, I was certain no one would bother me…”. Shadow said, blushing still as he packed his pipe full of the weed he just grounded up.

“Well hey if it’s of any consolation I personally thought you made for a very cute baby, hell I’m half tempted to rat you out to Rouge since I know it’d just make her day knowing what a little cutie you turn into when no one’s around to catch you in the act…”. Sonic said.

“You wouldn’t dare!”. Shadow exclaimed, his face flushing once more with sheer humiliation.

“Yeah, you’re right. I like to play pranks, I like to pick, but for the most part I’d like to think that I’m loyal to my friends when it comes to stuff like that. I’m just saying it’s fun imagining how exactly she’d take it”. Sonic said.

“Not for me… She’d probably never see me the same way again if she found out…”. Shadow said.

“Hey trust me that’s a much better alternative to what would happen to me if the roles were reversed, and if you ratted me out to Amy! My god I don’t even want to think about it!”. Sonic said, shuddering the thought.

“Yeah she’s got a bit of a maternal side doesn’t she? Whenever you got home with her she probably wouldn’t allow you any potty breaks”. Shadow said.

“Precisely! I mean could you imagine that?! Eew…”. Sonic laughed as he held his hand out, noticing that Shadow had just finished fixing him a pipe.

“What is it with you, and Amy anyways? I mean she’s obviously madly in love with you, I don’t know why you don’t just give her what she wants”. Shadow said, handing Sonic a pipe which he promptly began smoking.

“Well hey why don’t you go, and confront Rouge about your feelings for her? I mean it’s not an easy thing to do, besides a relationship with Amy wouldn’t be very flexible, like I’d have to be there with her for everything, and if I ran off to get myself a chilidog or something well you know what’d happen!”. Sonic said, coughing loudly as he set the pipe aside for now.

“Yeah I guess you’re right… But hey I mean it’s different with you, and Amy! With her it’s obvious she loves you, and well I don’t know if Rouge feels the same way about me”. Shadow said, taking his own pipe prior to smoking it.

“Look Shadow if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you’ve got to take chances man, you can’t play your cards so carefully all of the time or else nothing will change”. Sonic said, grabbing a nearby soda as he felt cottonmouth kick in. (For those of you who don’t smoke pot “Cottonmouth” is what happens after smoking, and well basically it makes your throat feel really, really dry, well until you cure it by drinking something that is).

“But how would I talk to her about it? I mean what would I say?”. Shadow asked.

“Well you could always open up with a joke, or perhaps you could try to win her over by being a potty pants since who knows she may be into it as well!”. Sonic joked.

“Doubt it… I think I know maybe one, or two other people who’re into it, and well they’re both down on earth”. Shadow said.

“OH GOD DAMNIT!”. Sonic yelled, jumping up from the couch as he sped off towards the door.

“What’s up?”. Shadow asked curiously.

“I just remembered that I um kind of promised Amy I’d go shopping with her down on earth today! You just stay right here okay? I’ll be right back after I get done with her!”. Sonic said, speeding off as he made his way over towards his house, dashing inside, and into his room before frantically putting some of his best clothes on since he knew how humans had a thing for not being completely naked whilst out, and about.

And so finishing up with that as quickly as possible he ran over to the master emerald which he, and his friends used for occasional visits down on earth only to be greeted with a considerably much better dressed pink hedgehog who didn’t exactly look to happy with him at the moment…
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PostSubject: Re: Something Different   Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:18 am

Chapter Two : A trip to the mall

“So Sonic what took you so long huh? I was beginning to think you had forgotten all about me, and about our plans for this afternoon…”. Amy said, obviously just a tiny bit ticked at Sonic since she wasn’t even trying to hide it.

“I’m sorry Amy it’s just that I forgot I had plans with you to today, and so I went over to Shadow’s house to relax, and smoke a bit. It’s only when he brought up Earth that I remembered about my plans with you”. Sonic said.

“Well I guess there’s still enough time left for us to get some shopping in…”. Amy said, smiling happily as she grabbed Sonic by the hand, and used the master emerald to transport the two of them back onto Earth.

It was a weird sort of transition when they made the jump, sort of like an out of body experience, or sort of like an acid trip (Not that Sonic, or I personally do acid, I‘ve just heard stories that my big brother told me in regards to what it‘s like). Anyway whenever they hopped worlds like that Sonic almost immediately felt just a little queasy within five seconds of his feet hitting concrete, Amy however seemed to handle it a lot better then him, probably because of how often she’s transported herself down onto Earth just so she could shop around some.

“Okay then Sonic first we’ll go look at what kind of clothes, and shoes they have on sale, and after a bit more browsing I was thinking we could maybe drop by the park, and have a little picnic”. Amy said, taking Sonic by the hand once again as she led him off towards the nearest mall.

Meanwhile while Sonic was reluctantly led off into the mall by Amy somewhere back in Sonic’s world Tails had just walked out of his house for the first time that day since all of last night he kept himself awake trying to invent some crazy new gadget. He invented said gadget not out of necessity, but well really just for fun since it might have been pretty peaceful around here lately since Eggman was last defeated by Sonic, but well it was also kind of boring since there wasn’t really to much for him to do up here. If Tails moved down onto Earth then he’d have a lot more to do, but well it just didn‘t feel right leaving his home world behind. Several of them have already moved down onto Earth where they have started small families, and well until four years ago everyone thought that this wasn’t possible. You see back then everyone feared that there was still a risk of the two planets joining back together again as one giant planet where time would be frozen still. In time however they had figured out that that one occurrence down on Earth was a freak accident, and that the likelihood off it ever happening again were a billion to one.

“Let’s see…”. Tails said, looking down at his watch, a small metal disk held firmly in his right hand. “Yup, at the moment Sonic should be on that date he promised Amy awhile ago, so he won‘t be back for some time… Knuckles is busy as well if memory serves, and I think Cream had plans with her mother for today… Well looks like I’m dropping by Shadow’s house”. Tails said, locating his jet as he soon took off into the sky, that metal disk still firmly grasped in his right hand.

Going back to Sonic, and Amy down on Earth things were going as expected. You see the hedgehogs didn’t have any money, but since Sonic saved the citizens of this particular city so many times he, and his friends essentially get stuff for free regardless of how expensive. And since Sonic was carrying all of the bags, well lets just say he wasn’t as agile as he usually was.

“Amy this is ridiculous, I mean we’ve been at this for an hour now… Can I please have a break?”. Sonic asked curiously.

“Well okay, but we’re not done shopping yet, so don’t get any ideas okay?”. Amy asked as she, and Sonic found a nearby bench which they promptly sat down on.

“Hey Sonic?”. Amy asked curiously.

“Yes Amy?”. Sonic asked.

“Why do you hang out with Shadow so often? I mean I know he’s not a bad guy, but well I’m just sort of curious”. Amy said.

“It’s not really that complicated, I just like playing videogames with him after getting a little stoned, and well he’s just an all around pretty cool guy, not so good with the ladies, but still a pretty cool guy”. Sonic said, face palming when he realized what he had just said.

“What do you mean he’s ‘Not good with the ladies’ ? Like what does he have a crush on someone? Oh my gosh! Is it someone I know?!”. Amy asked.

“No! And hey I never said that, did I?”. Sonic asked, although given the tone of voice he had asked that in he pretty much immediately confirmed Amy’s suspicions.

“Well yes, in a way you just did!”. Amy giggled. “So who is it? If you tell me I could possibly help hook him up with whoever he’s got a crush on!”. Amy said.

“You really want to know?”. Sonic asked.

“Yes please!”. Amy said.

“Shadow’s got a crush on… Victor, now stop asking me”. Sonic joked.

“Oh ha ha!”. Amy said, pouting with both of her arms crossed childishly. “You already said he had ‘LADY problems’, so he’s obviously not gay! Now tell me who he‘s got the hots for!”. Amy said.

“Why do you want to know so bad?”. Sonic said, rolling his eyes a little.

“Because if he can’t work up the courage to ask this girl out then we, as his friends, should help him through it!”. Amy said.

“Look Amy I don’t want to burst your bubble here, but Shadow’s not the kind of hedgehog who’d want others in interfere with his love life, good intentions or not”. Sonic said.

“Fine I give! It’s so obviously Rouge anyway!”. Amy said, playfully throwing her arms up in mock defeat. “Well? Am I right Sonic?”. Amy asked.

“No”. Sonic said flatly.

“Glad to hear it! I’ll make sure to talk to Rouge about this when I see her next time, and well hopefully, given some time, the two of them will be a couple”. Amy said.

“Darn it Amy! Please don’t tell Rouge, Shadow needs to do this for himself!”. Sonic said.

“Don’t you worry one bit Sonic, Shadow is just shy, and if anything that makes him that much more desirable as a boyfriend”. Amy said.

“But hey wait a minute! What about Knuckles? I completely forgot that he, and Rouge had been seeing each other lately”. Sonic said.

“You didn’t hear? Knuckles, and Rouge broke up weeks ago, had communication problems”. Amy said.

“Well excuse me for not minding other people’s business”. Sonic said.

“Actually Rouge told me that, it’s not like we girls don’t talk about these things, we just don’t mind talking about it with boys who we trust”. Amy said. “If anything you boys are overly paranoid! I swear, it’s like you all think that if we get any information on you we will immediately try to find a way to harness it into a weapon, and beat you over the head with it”. Amy giggled.

“Only because that’s what you do…”. Sonic said.

“No that’s what some girls do, like girls who don’t love you, or don’t even know you. You’re right to be wary, but you’ve got to learn to let the ones who are close to you in, and Shadow needs to learn this too!”. Amy said.

“Well why would talking to Rouge about this help? I mean what If she doesn’t feel the same way?”. Sonic asked.

“Geese you men are clueless with a capital ‘c’ aren’t you?”. Amy giggled. “Rouge already likes Shadow, all I got to do is help fan the flames…”. Amy said, determined to not just use this as a means to hook Shadow, and Rouge up, but also to hook her and Sonic up forever.

Last edited by Chimour on Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:46 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Had to tweak the cannon a bit more to allow me a bit more leverage for the forth chapter)
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PostSubject: Re: Something Different   Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:53 am

Chapter Three : Metal gear squishy

The rest of their shopping spree didn’t last much longer since Amy picked out only a few more things before promptly leaving the mall with Sonic in tow, and before she took something out of her pocket, probably yet another of Tail’s inventions.

“What you got there Amy?”. Sonic asked curiously.

“A transporter back home. Oh and hold onto my hand okay?”. Amy asked.

“But hey wait! What about that picnic?!”. Sonic asked, having worked up an appetite after all of that shopping.

“Sorry Sonic, but we’ve got a love emergency on our hands! … Hmm… Oh and actually while were on that topic your hands are a bit full, so forget what I said earlier about holding my hand… Ah I got it!”. Amy said activating the device prior to giving Sonic a big bear hug, effectively transporting him along with her.

“God I’m never going to get used to that!”. Sonic said, a little disorientated from the trip as he sat the bags down for a little bit, and sat himself down along with them.

“You can take another little break until you get your bearings back, and while I wait on you I’ll try to arrange a meeting with Rouge over at my place”. Amy said, taking out her phone as she promptly punched in Rouge’s number, now waiting on her to pick up.

“Hello this is Rouge speaking”. Rouge said, answering Amy’s call.

“Hello Rouge, it’s me Amy!”. Amy said.

“Hello Amy, what did you want to discuss?”. Rouge asked.

“Well I was hoping you could come on over to my house, I have something I want to talk to you about”. Amy said.

“Oh well I could come over now if you’d like? It’s been a rather slow day for me…”. Rouge said.

“That would be wonderful Rouge. Anyway I’ll see you then”. Amy said, hanging up the phone as Sonic slowly got back up, and picked up Amy’s bags again.

And so whilst Sonic escorted Amy back home with all they had gotten from the mall Tails landed his jet right beside Shadow’s house, getting out of said jet once he had turned it off Tails then casually made his way over to the front door, knocking on said door as he waited on Shadow to open it, and usher him inside. Shadow, hearing the knocking at his door, promptly got up, and off of the couch as he made his way over to it, and opened it up.

“Heya Shadow! Mind if I come in?”. Tails asked cheerfully.

“Sure thing! Come on in”. Shadow said, standing back, and away from the door so Tail’s could get inside.

“Nice day, isn’t it?”. Tails asked while walking inside of the house, Shadow closing the door back once he was inside.

“Sure is. Um hey Tails what’s that you got in your right hand?”. Shadow asked curiously.

“Oh it’s my newest invention! You see I figured I’d start building stuff for the fun of it right? Well after a conversation I had with Sonic about a week ago I came up with this”. Tails said.

“Oh well what does it do?”. Shadow asked curiously.

“Lead me to your bedroom, and I’ll show you”. Tails said, blushing a tiny bit underneath his fur.

“Oh okay”. Shadow said as he walked up the nearest flight of stairs, and then opened the door to his room before soon walking inside of said room with Tails.

“Now Shadow before I activate my device can you promise me that you won’t be mad?”. Tails asked.

“Mad? What do you mean?”. Shadow asked.

“You’ll see soon, now do you promise?”. Tails asked curiously.

“Yeah I guess so”. Shadow said.

“Okay then, now stand back!”. Tails said, smiling happily as he placed the small disk he had been carrying all this time up against a wall, and turned it on.

Within mere moments that one, small disk had transformed into what could only be described as a very fancy, adult-hedgehog-sized changing table with a small set of stairs leading up to it so that you didn’t have to pull yourself up onto it.

“So do you like it? After Sonic let it slip that you had a thing for diapers I figured that you may also have a thing for being babied in general since from what I could gather online the two tend to go hand-in-hand quite often!”. Tails said cheerfully, obviously very proud of his work.

“Sonic told you? You mean about everything?”. Shadow asked, the tone he had asked that in very shaky, and very angry-sounding.

“Hey! You promised me you wouldn’t get angry!”. Tails said frowning. “Yes he did let it slip, but Shadow it was completely by accident, and well you don’t need to get all self-conscious since I’m not here to pass judgment, or pick”. Tails said.

“Have you told anyone?”. Shadow asked, trying to regain his self-composure as quickly as possible.

“Not at all! I know it’s probably pretty hard on you with just Sonic, and me knowing, so I wouldn’t tell anyone else about it, and make things harder on you”. Tails said. “I just thought in my spare time I’d make a few things for you since I don’t really have much else to do ya know?”. Tails asked.

“You didn’t have to make me anything…”. Shadow said.

“I know, but I wanted to, and hey I made you more then just that changing table! My other inventions are just inside of the Tornado at the moment”. Tails said happily.

“Oh? Um well what else did you make?”. Shadow asked.

“Well I made that changing table for one, a holographic projector for your bedroom walls so you can artificially give your room that sort of nursery look, a crib in dark blue since I didn’t know what color you wanted it in, oh and I also stocked your changing table with some cloth diapers I made”. Tails said.

“Seesh… Well um how long did it take you to make all of this?”. Shadow asked curiously.

“About three days, and that’s with all of the programming that went on in making your changing table, and crib”. Tails said.

“Programming?”. Shadow asked curiously.

“Yeah I made it to where if you wanted to you need just push a button, lay down, and relax as the robotic hands changed you on top of that changing table, oh and don’t worry since I designed them to be extra gentle”. Tails said. “As for the crib I put a flat screen into the foot of it so while you’re enjoying a bottle or something you can flip through the channels, and see what’s on”. Tails said cheerfully.

“Well thank you Tails! I just wish I knew how to repay you”. Shadow said, smiling warmly down at Tails.

“Ah shucks you need not do a thing, just enjoy yourself okay? Oh and hey if you want me to make you anything else just ask me”. Tails said.

And so down the stairs the two of them soon went as they headed back off into the living room to probably play a few games with each other whilst meanwhile back over at Amy’s house Amy sat there waiting on the couch for Rouge, Sonic having dropped her off some time ago as he now made his way back over to Shadow’s place. Suddenly there was a knock at her front door as she promptly got up, and off of the couch, opening said door as she now stood there face to face with the sticky-fingered bat lady in question.

“Oh hello there Rouge! Please come inside”. Amy said, stepping aside as Rouge took her up on her offer and entered her house.

“Hello to you too Amy. So hey what exactly did you want to talk with me about?”. Rouge asked curiously as she made herself comfy on the nearby couch, Amy re-closing the door before soon joining her on said couch.

“Well hey you know Shadow right?”. Amy asked curiously.

“Of course I do. Did what you have to tell me have something to do with him?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“Well I was shopping with Sonic earlier on, and he let it slip that Shadow had strong feelings for you”. Amy said.

“Really? He doesn’t seem the romantic type”. Rouge commented, blushing a tiny bit when she did so.

“Well it’s true! Apparently when you look past that whole act of his, and get to know him he can actually be quite sensitive albeit just a little shy”. Amy said.

“Hmm… Well he is certainly cute enough for me, and I do like him, but well I don’t know if I love him or not”. Rouge said.

“Still having feelings about Knuckles?”. Amy asked.

“Well of course, I mean we didn’t break up all that long ago, and well even though he was a bit of a knucklehead at times I don’t know if I can move on yet”. Rouge said.

“You’re going to have to Rouge since Knuckles is to far set in his own ways to change how he is, and how he expresses his emotions. I mean at least Shadow shows potential, and I’m certain that after a few weeks with you he’ll be a much better companion then what you would normally think”. Amy said.

“Well… Okay I suppose I could give him a shot”. Rouge said.

“Good then it’s settled!”. Amy cheered happily.

“I hope you’re right Amy…”. Rouge said, trailing off a little.

“Oh I’m right, trust me! I, Amy Rose, am an expert at this kind of stuff!”. Amy giggled.

“Glad to hear it! … So um did you have a plan?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“Of course! I thought that later tonight, while he slept, we could do a bit of investigating. You know look around the house, figure out what he likes, and doesn’t like, what kind of music he listens to, and maybe even what his turn-ons are!”. Amy said.

“Sounds like a plan to me! Should be a cinch considering all of the years of practice I’ve had”. Rouge said.

“Alright then we’ll head out at seven since it’ll take us atleast three hours to get there in my car”. Amy said as she got up, and off of the couch. “So can I get you a drink? Perhaps something to snack on?”. Amy asked curiously.

“Well since you offered I’d love a glass of tea please, oh and I’m not feeling particularly hungry at the moment so I’ll skip on the snack”. Rouge said, staring up a clock which currently read six thirty in the afternoon.

Meanwhile back over at Shadow’s place Tails had finally finished bringing inventions into Shadow’s room, setting down the projector, and turning it on so that his room now looked like it was painted light blue with fluffy white clouds, red kites, and multicolored planes dotting his walls. Oh yeah and it also looked like there was a real big yellow sun on one of his walls as well.

“Well I believe that just about does it!”. Tails giggled as he took in how different the room looked now that he had finished.

“Again thank you so much for this Tails, it really means a lot to me!”. Shadow said, giving Tails a small hug.

“No problem Shadow, oh and hey if you want to you can go give that changing table a try now. I stocked it full of baby powder, wipes, and diaper rash cream so it’s ready for you whenever you want to use it”. Tails said.

“Well I don’t know, I mean Sonic’s already caught me like that before, and well I really don’t want him to see me like that again”. Shadow said.

“See you like what?”. Sonic asked, abruptly entering into Shadow’s room.

“Damn it Sonic! Don’t do that!”. Shadow said, Sonic having scared him when he surprised him like that.

“Heh sorry about that Shadow! … I guess you know about Tails then huh?”. Sonic asked as he looked all around Shadow’s room, noting the new, all around very babyish décor which he rightfully assumed to be Tail‘s handiwork.

“Yes… Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”. Shadow asked.

“Sorry, it must’ve slipped my mind!”. Sonic said, shrugging as he said that.

“Well whatever…”. Shadow said as he eyed the changing table longingly with a tiny blush on his face.

“As I said before Shadow the changing table is fully stocked, you need just lay down, and press a button”. Tails said. “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything, and I’m sure since this is all rather embarrassing for you Sonic will try to lighten up on the teasing”. Tails said.

“Oh so that’s what he was talking about!”. Sonic said, snickering childishly. “Okay I won’t tease you any Shadow, but I get to diaper you in return! Deal?”. Sonic asked.

“I’d rather die!”. Shadow said, his cheeks reddening with embarrassment as he thought about it.

“Okay, okay! Fair enough, I wouldn’t of accepted either! … How about this then? Tails gets to do it, and if you’re a good boy for him while he diapers you I won’t tease you over it, well unless you wet your pants, or something since then I’m going to burst out laughing”. Sonic said.

“I don’t know… Tails would you do that for me?”. Shadow asked, still blushing rather badly.

“If you want me to”. Tails answered.

“Well… Okay…”. Shadow said as he slowly made his way over to the changing table, and soon laid himself down on it. “Just make it quick alright?”. Shadow asked, his face as red as a cherry whilst he laid there.

“Well I can’t make it to quick, I mean we don’t want you to get a rash now do we?”. Tails asked, playfully teasing Shadow as he began searching through the changing table’s supply cabinet, placed a canister of baby powder somewhere nearby, took up a rather thick looking cloth diaper, lifted up Shadow’s backside, and soon slid it underneath said backside.

“But I’m not going to be using this diaper any…”. Shadow said, blushing a tiny bit as Tails threaded his stubby black tail through the little tail hole in the back of his diaper, and as he took up the nearby canister of baby powder.

“Well that’d be wasteful then wouldn’t it? Look I may of made these diapers, but they are still very much machine washable. Oh and speaking of which you might like to know that these don’t require plastic pants since I’ve made them virtually leak proof”. Tails said as he promptly began powdering Shadow’s front, making sure to rub the powder into his fur before elevating his backside once more, and before repeating the same process there. “Aaaand done! Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”. Tails asked, having quickly lowered Shadow’s bottom back down before he brought up the front, the two sides, and snuggly pinned the diaper into place.

“No I guess not…”. Shadow said as he helped himself off of the changing table.

“Hold on their Shadow! What do we say to the nice twin-tailed-fox-boy after he diapers us up all nice, and cozy?”. Sonic teased.

“Thanks Tails”. Shadow said, blushing a little as he said it.

“Aw no problem! It was my pleasure, really!”. Tails said happily.

And so back down the stairs the three of them went, Sonic trying his hardest not to tease Shadow anymore once they were back down in the living room playing some Mortal Kombat. Going back to Amy and Rouge it was now nearly time for them to head out as Amy picked out a few bobby pins she had lying around, ya know for picking locks since chances were when they got there Shadow’s front door would be locked.

“You ready Rouge?”. Amy asked curiously while she pocketed the bobby pins.

“I’m always ready when it comes to stuff like this”. Rouge said as she made her way to the door.

“Alright then let’s go!”. Amy said, grabbing her purse before heading out of the house with Rouge, making sure to close, and lock the door before getting into her car, and before driving off towards Shadow’s house with her.

“So do you think Sonic will be staying the night over at Shadows?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“Doubt it, he never did so before, so why start now?”. Amy asked.

“Well what about Tails? Does he hang out with Shadow?”. Rouge asked.

“Well since Sonic does he probably does as well… We had better be wary of him since I don’t know if he tends to sleep over at Shadow’s house or not, but well if he does then he won’t be to hard to wake up”. Amy said.

“What do you mean?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“Tails has always been a light sleeper, and on top of that he also, unlike Shadow, and Sonic, doesn’t smoke weed since he doesn’t like how it makes concentrating on stuff harder for him”. Amy said.

“Ah I see… Whereas Shadow, or Sonic would be sleeping extra heavily because they smoke Tails would be just as easy to wake up as he ever was since he wouldn’t be as well relaxed”. Rouge said.

“Precisely, and well if Tails catches us in the act then he’ll try to stop us I think”. Amy said as she handed her purse to Rouge. “Can you please take out my little pink cd case? Oh and I’d also like you to put in one of my Dead Kennedys cds too if you wouldn’t mind”. Amy said.

“Dead Kennedys? Huh and here I thought you’d listen to something a bit more bubbly, and girly…”. Rouge said, shrugging a tiny bit whilst doing as Amy had instructed, and soon put Amy’s copy of “Fresh Fruit For Rotton Vegetables” into the cd player.

“Well my tastes are a bit varied…”. Amy giggled as she turned up the volume, and began driving along to the music.

“Well we don’t have any stores on this planet which sell this kind of music, so you must’ve bought all of these down on Earth then huh?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“Yup! I bought quite a few albums down on Earth, well maybe ‘Bought’ isn’t the right word to use here, but still! It pays being best friends with Sonic I guess”. Amy said, although obviously not very content with just being his friend.

“Hey do you know if Shadow has a computer or not?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“I don’t know, maybe. Why do you ask?”. Amy asked curiously.

“I was thinking that we might want to check out what he’s been up to on there since it’ll give us better insight into what his interests are”. Rouge said.

“Oh good idea!”. Amy giggled.

“Yup, and if I find out a secret or two I can use them to make him a little bit more compliant”. Rouge said.

“Gee I guess that’s partially why you’re not with Knuckles any more huh?”. Amy giggled.

“Yup pretty much. If I’m in a romantic relationship with anyone then I am the one who wears the pants in said relationship, that’s just how it is. Poor Knucky didn’t understand this to well, and well as a result we butted heads quite often”. Rouge said.

“Well don’t you think that blackmailing him into submission would make him resentful towards you?”. Amy asked.

“Neh I’ll make it up to him in my own special way, well if things work out of course”. Rouge giggled.

“Well if you don’t mind me asking, what um… What exactly did you have in mind?”. Amy asked curiously.

“Well I’m personally into stuff like bondage, or well something that puts me into a position of power over someone else. You see if he has any special interests I’ll just incoporate them into my own, and teach him to love being dominated that way”. Rouge said.

“But what if he doesn’t have a particular fetish for you to exploit?”. Amy asked.

“Well in that case it’d be a bit more simplistic since then all I gotta do is have sex with him whilst I dominate him”. Rouge said.

“Gee it sort’ve sounds like fun…”. Amy said, trailling off a little.

“Well hey you, and Sonic are welcome to join me, and Shadow later on if you’d like”. Rouge said.

“Wha? Um no thanks, that’d be way embarrassing…”. Amy said.

“Just as well, I mean I don’t even know if he’s into anything yet! I mean he could be into role play, he could have a blood fetish, he could be into bondage like me, and well the list goes on, and on. Heh but hey you know what’d be really funny?”. Rouge asked.

“What?”. Amy asked.

“If it turned out he was into infantilism”. Rouge laughed.

“Why’s that funny?”. Amy asked curiously.

“Oh sorry… I forgot that you’re not as experienced as me when it comes to sexual deviancy. Infantilism is basically a form a role play where you slip, or tape a diaper on, and act like a big baby. It can develop in someone either because of childhood trauma, or because they’re not quite ready to let go of their past yet”. Rouge said.

“They have a fetish like that? Seesh it seems like you can just about sexualize anything this day, and age!”. Amy said.

“That’s not to far from true, but hey as long as Shadow doesn’t have a scat fetish I think I can handle him”. Rouge said.

“ … A scat fetish? Eeeew! Jesus Rouge how do you know so much about stuff like this?”. Amy asked.

“Curiousity mostly… I find it kind of fascinating how certain prefferences, and certain sexual desires can become a part of how one is as a person due to something that may of happened to them when they were small, or what have you”. Rouge said.

“Ah I see you’re into the whole psychological end of the perverted spectrum”. Amy said.

“Yeah pretty much! I find the mind to be a very complex, and diverse organ, and well I want to know what makes it tick”. Rouge said.

There was a long silence in the car amongst the two girls as they listened to the music continue to play, Amy clearing her throat a little as she continued driving on down the road.

“Hmm… I wonder how my Sonic would look in diapers…”. Amy said, thinking out loud.

“Probably like my Shadow except bluer”. Rouge laughed. “Anyway I thought you said infantilism was disgusting”. Rouge said.

“I didn’t say that, I just said I thought it was weird…”. Amy said, blushing a tiny bit.

“Huh well you do know that infantilism actually involves using diapers too right?”. Rouge asked.

“It does? Wow…”. Amy said, her entire face now completely scarlet.

“Yup so if you’re entertaining any ideas of doing this to Sonic you had better first make sure he was wearing silk booties so he couldn’t run away, and second you’ve got to be ready to deal with what happens after he poops himself”. Rouge said.

“Sounds like to much trouble for me, I mean I won’t deny the fact that it sounds like lots of fun, but well I don’t know if I could deal with all of that…”. Amy said, giggling a little as she continued driving her car.

“It’s not like it’s guarenteed to be what Shadow’s into anyway, I mean it’s kind of an obscure fetish. Heh if anything you sound like you’re getting increasingly interested into the whole idea…”. Rouge teased.

“What are you insinuating?!”. Amy asked, her face turning scarlet once more.

“I’m just saying that there is no shame in stopping this car by the nearest store on our way over to Shadow‘s place, going inside of there, buying some diapers, and diapering supplies, and having me diaper you up before continuing onward”. Rouge giggled.

“I’m not a fetishist Rouge, so no thank you… I just thought it’d be fun babying Sonic is all”. Amy said, still blushing horribly.

“Are you sure? I’ll pay for it…”. Rouge said.

“ … … … Can we do it tomorrow?”. Amy asked, her face it’s reddest yet as she finally caved in.

“Ofcourse little one, of course!”. Rouge teased, playfully tussling Amy’s headfur as she continued driving.

“It won’t be sexual with us will it? …”. Amy asked.

“Nah I’m only interested in men, but hey just because it won’t be a sexual experience for me doesn’t mean it can’t be for you!”. Rouge said.

“Good… I didn’t want to give you the wrong idea, and yeah…”. Amy said.

“Don’t worry I didn’t believe for even a second to were getting the hots for me, I mean Sonic’s your man, not me”. Rouge giggled.

“I don’t have to use the diapers do I?”. Amy asked.

“Well I’d like it if you made the most out of them…”. Rouge said.

“I don’t know…”. Amy said, way to embarrassed at the idea of doing that in her pants to even consider Rouge’s offer now.

“Fine I tell you what, mommy Rouge will cut you a deal… How about this? You won’t have to go inside of your first diapee, and I’ll allow you potty breaks, but after the super absorbent polymer in that particular diaper sinks to the bottom I’m re-diapering you, and you won’t be changed then until you actually need it”. Rouge said playfully.

“I’ll see how I think about it in the morning…”. Amy said, considering Rouge’s newest offer.

“Good girl! Oh and hey isn’t that Shadow’s house over yonder?”. Rouge asked, pointing out how close they were to the house now.

“I believe it is…”. Amy said, taking her cd back out before handing it over to Rouge as she soon parked her car right next to the house.

“Okay then lets get to work!”. Rouge said, putting the cd back up, and into Amy’s pink cd case, making sure to zip it up before placing said cd case back into Amy’s purse.

And so with that the two girls got up to the door, Amy taking out a bobby pin as she attempted picking the lock.

“There I think that should just about do it…”. Amy said as she attempted to open the door just to find out that the door was locked.

“You didn’t work the pin the right way, if anything I think you may of locked it…”. Rouge said.

“… Maybe you should try this…”. Amy said handing the bobby pin to Rouge.

“Don’t mind if I do!”. Rouge said as she attempted it just like Amy had before her except she did it much quicker, and the door was actually unlocked this time when she tried opening it.

“Okay now that that’s out of the way let’s begin our search…”. Amy said as she entered the house with Rouge, Rouge closing the door behind them as the two of them made their way into the kitchen.

“Okay let us see what Shadow likes to eat since the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, or atleast that’s what I’ve always been told”. Amy giggled as she opened up the refridgerator.

“Let’s see… Leftover tacos from a local Mexican restaurant, beef stew which looks like it’s been sitting there for weeks, a box full of chili dogs from another local fast food restaurant, some moldy looking leftover lasagna, a couple ninety nine cent boxes of ramen noodles, and lastly some leftover spagghetti…”. Rouge said, slightly grossed out.

“Gross… The only thing here that’s really edibble is the sppagghetti…”. Amy said.

“Um yeah lets move on to something else”. Rouge said.

“Okay where to next?”. Amy asked.

“… Lets go into his bathroom, see how clean he keeps it”. Rouge said.

“Oh okay! I’m right behind you”. Amy said as the two of them headed on over there as silently as they could.

“Okay let us see… Hmm… Well he definitely seems like he keeps things clean”. Rouge said, tracing the sparkly toilet seat with her left index finger.

“I think we’ve seen enough here… Where to now?”. Amy asked curiously.

“Now we’ll head over into his bedroom”. Rouge said as she, and Amy silently tiptoed up the stairs, and into Shadow’s room.

“Wow it definitely looks… Um colorful…”. Amy said as she looked around the room, gasping when she noticed the changing table over in the corner.

“Looks like we got us a baby hedgehog on our hands”. Rouge commented as she made her way over to the changing table, well until Shadow’s dark blue crib caught her attention.

“Is that… A crib?”. Amy asked, approaching said crib.

“Looks like it… Um… Amy can I have a pillow?”. Rouge asked shakily.

“Why Rouge, what’s wrong?”. Amy asked.

“Amy now”. Rouge said.

“Okay, okay here you go”. Amy said, picking a pillow up, and handing it over to Rouge.

“Thanks”. Rouge said before firmly holding the pillow up against her face as she began laughing her ass off.

“Huh?”. Amy asked, looking inside of the crib before seeing what looked like Shadow in a cloth diaper with his right hand gloveless and in a container of what she assumed to be warm water, and with his left hand firmly snuggling a teddy bear up to his chest.

“Oh my god he looks so cute”. Rouge giggled, having finally stopped laughing.

“I’ll say I-Wait a moment is he… Oh gee looks like he’s wetting his pants…”. Amy said, her face a few shades of scarlet whilst she watched the front of Shadow’s cloth diaper discolor considerably.

“… Give me another moment”. Rouge said as she held the pillow firmly back over her face, and once again began laughing her ass off.

“Must’ve been Sonic’s handiwork I’m guessing…”. Amy giggled.

“Yeah seems like something he’d do doesn’t it?”. Rouge asked as she took the pillow from her face, and dropped it back onto the floor.

“Yup that it does. Hey lets go check Shadow’s laptop”. Amy said, having spotted it laying over in a corner when they had entered.

“Oh okay”. Rouge said, leaning in real quick as she gave Shadow a quick peck on the cheek before going over to where Amy was.

“I doubt we’ll find anything that’ll top what we just saw but lets check his computers history anyway…”. Amy said as she turned on the computer, and logged on. “Guess Shadow really doesn’t expect anyone else to use his computer since he doesn’t have a password”. Amy giggled as she quickly looked up his history, and began reading along with Rouge.

“Apparently he was on some site called ‘’, and another called ‘’ “. Rouge said as she continued looking up his history.

“What does it mean?”. Amy asked curiously.

“It means I’m going to have to buy my little boy something nice and frilly while we’re at the store tomorrow”. Rouge giggled when suddenly Tails walked into the room.

“I thought I heard something. What are you two doing here?”. Tails asked suspiciously.

“Well what are you doing here Tails?”. Amy asked back.

“Sonic crashed on the couch, and I didn’t want to leave him here, so I stayed the night, or atleast I was trying to until you two woke me up”. Tails said.

“Tails please… You are interfering with a very delicate operation here… Go back to bed”. Rouge said.

“Delicate operation my ass! The two of you are just being nosey, and rummaging through everything Shadow owns!”. Tails said.

“Tails please…”. Amy said.

“No! Shadow deserves to know what you two did here, and I’m not backing down!”. Tails said.

“… Sorry kiddo…”. Rouge said as she gave Tails a slight pinch on the neck.

“Sorry for wha…”. Tails said as he soon collapsed there on the floor.

“Rouge… Where did you learn that?”. Amy asked curiously.

“I learnt it from Mr. Spock”. Rouge giggled.

“You watched that show?”. Amy asked curiously.

“Um… That’s besides the point! We’ve got to do something about Tails…”. Rouge said, blushing a tiny bit.

“Um okay… Well how about we take him back to my place? We can practice on him tomorrow so that you’ll be ready for Shadow later on”. Amy said.

“Well okay… He’s not going to like it though…”. Rouge giggled as she got into position to pick Tails up.

“On the count of three… One, two… Three!”. Amy said as she, and Rouge picked Tails up, and had soon brought him back to the car, setting him down into the backseat.

After that Rouge forged Tails’s handwriting, and left Shadow, and Sonic a note claiming that the twin-tailed-fox-boy had gone back home. They also made sure to turn the computer back off, and well having nicely covered their tracks the soon made their way back towards Amy’s house with a new plan.
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Heheh, having losta fun reading this buddy. Characters seem to be varying degrees of OOC but that's expected of fanfics like this. Well done!
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Riolu wrote:
Heheh, having losta fun reading this buddy. Characters seem to be varying degrees of OOC but that's expected of fanfics like this. Well done!
Hehe hurrays I finally got a comment!!! ^^ *Snuggle pounces you happily* Oh and thanks for the compliment! (By the way who do you think is the least OOC? I'm thinking Tails since I tried to keep his nice, and happy personallity intact).
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Yep, definitely Tails.
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(Okay guys this next chapter was taking so long that well I've just decided to divide it up into parts, and chapter four is part one, so yeah without further ado here's chapter four, and although it's not the best work I've ever done I personally think it's pretty cute! Oh and I MADE CHANGES TO THE SECOND CHAPTER, SO PLEASE RE-READ THE SECOND CHAPTER REAL QUICK BEFORE READING THIS OTHERWISE THIS NEXT CHAPTER WILL NOT MAKE SENSE! So yeah, sorry about that...)

Chapter Four : Mama Rouge I

The next morning after their late night escapades Amy was completely zonked as she laid there on her bed. She couldn’t get to sleep at all last night, and well maybe it was because she knew Rouge would bring her offer back up when she’d eventually bump into her again.

“I don’t know if I should go through with it… I mean after doing THAT in my pants could I ever look at myself in the mirror again? After doing such a horribly infantile thing like that? … And yet… And yet it sounds like so much fun, but why?”. Amy asked herself as she rolled over on her bed. “Well I mean it’s not like I’ll be alone… Rouge needs to practice on Tails since he’s a boy like Shadow, and well this way she’ll be better prepared I guess”. Amy said, getting off of the bed as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“I’m definitely still small enough to wear baby diapers so I’m guessing if Rouge is buying she’d probably buy me those… Hmmm… Maybe I should convince her to shop around down on Earth? I mean yeah it’s a bit more bothersome, but we got to get some supplies for Shadow as well, and well I don’t know of one store on this planet with the kind of supplies she’d want to use on him…”. Amy said since she knew that the chances of any store around here carrying a pink, and frilly dress in his size were slim. “I’m… I’m just going to stop thinking about it, and go take myself a shower, I mean it’s not like we’re going to the store super early or anything”. Amy said, blushing a tiny bit as she made her way into her bathroom, and soon began doing just that.

Meanwhile whilst Amy took a shower Rouge busied herself by watching over Tails, having made sure to keep a very close eye on him first thing once she had woken up that morning.

“Mmmm… Where… Where am I?”. Tails asked once he had finally come to.

“You’re in Amy’s house, we’re keeping you here so you don’t ruin our plans for Shadow later on…”. Rouge said.

“Ruin your plans? What plans?”. Tails asked.

“It’s all very simple… If Shadow wants to be my boyfriend then he has to know who wears the pants in the relationship, and who wears the pampers in the relationship”. Rouge said. “Another reason we brought you here is so I could have a bit of practice before I had my fun with Shadow since I’ve never played caretaker before…”. Rouge said.

“What do you mean by that?”. Tails asked, his face reddening a tiny bit.

“It’s obvious isn’t it? For the rest of the day I’m going to be your mommy, and as such after we go to the store today I’m going to diaper you up, and baby you”. Rouge said.

“Thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll pass…”. Tails said as he tried to get up, only to be pushed back down onto the bed by Rouge.

“It’s not optional… I need to know how to take care of a baby boy like Shadow, and so even though you may not like it I‘m still using you for practice…”. Rouge said.

“No! I don’t want to, and you can’t make me!”. Tails said as he started struggling.

“Oooh I think I can…”. Rouge said as she put her two fingers back to where she Vulcan never pinched him before. “You make this hard on me, and I’m nerve pinching you again…”. Rouge said.

“B-but I don’t want to…”. Tails said, blushing horribly as he tried to remain his self-composure.

“Aw don’t worry it won’t be so bad… Just tell me if you need changing and I swear I’ll immediately take care of business! Oh and hey you might not be the only baby I get to take care of today, so don’t fret”. Rouge said, giving Tails a hug while Tails tried using the Vulcan nerve pinch on her, but to no avail. “Nice try little guy, but unless you know precisely which vein to pinch, and precisely how much pressure to add it won’t do you any good against me…”. Rouge said.

“W-well who else might you b-baby today?”. Tails asked, sniffling a little since he really didn’t want to do this.

“Amy I’m thinking”. Rouge said, holding Tails more closely to her as she began soothingly rubbing Tails’s back.

“A-Amy?”. Tails asked, his voice still very shaky.

“Yeah she’s showed some interest in being babied today, and well if she still wants to go through with it then I’ll be more then happy to baby her as well”. Rouge said.

“W-why is it an option for her, and not for me?”. Tails asked.

“I already told you why silly head… It’s because you’re a boy, and I need to practice on a boy so that I’ll be better prepared to take care of Shadow later on…”. Rouge said.

“I don’t see why you can’t just practice on Amy!”. Tails protested.

“It because of little things like when you change girls if they pee mid-change it still hits the diaper. Not so much when you’re changing boys”. Rouge giggled.

“F-fine… There’s no way I can talk myself out of having to do this… W-when are we leaving then…”. Tails said.

“I was thinking as soon as Amy wakes up, oh and um since you’re completely naked at the moment you may need to borrow something from Amy’s dresser…”. Rouge said.

“What?! B-but why?!”. Tails asked.

“Because nudity isn’t tolerated very well down on Earth… I mean it used to be okay for you men to just walk around town wearing sneakers, and white gloves, but after awhile everyone sort of got tired of seeing it, and there has since been a law made where everyone like us now have to dress properly when out, and about…”. Rouge said.

“Why…?”. Tails asked curiously.

“Because times have changed since then so you need to wear some kind of clothing when on Earth now. We are just far to human-like to get away with it anymore”. Rouge said.

“But I don’t want to wear a dress…”. Tails said.

“Hey maybe you’ll get lucky, and Amy has something a bit more tomboyish in her closet… I mean she does listen to hardcore punk music after all, so it could be possible”. Rouge said.

“I can only hope…”. Tails said, his face as red as a tomato when he said that.

It was about this time that Amy had finally gotten out of the shower, the pink hedgehog drying herself off before snuggly tying the towel around her waist.

“I’ve got to try it at least once”. Amy said steeling herself for what lay ahead as she made it back into her room, leaving her old clothes laying there on the bathroom floor.

And so she soon went about getting dressed, deciding to go with something a bit more casual today as she kept it simple with only a pair of blue jeans, and a short sleeved shirt, skipping the panties she usually wore since what was the point considering what she was going to do later on that same day?

“Okay let‘s do this…”. Amy said, breathing in, and out a little as she made her way over to where they were keeping Tails since she had a feeling if Rouge would be anywhere she’d be there making sure Tails didn’t escape.

“Morning Amy! We were just talking about you!”. Rouge greeted cheerfully.

“You were? Oh and good morning Tails…”. Amy said, sounding guilty for what they had planned to do with him later today.

“Morning I guess…”. Tails said, sounding way less then happy when he said it.

“As you can tell Tails isn’t in the best of moods at the moment, so I would just leave him alone if I were you. Anyway… How about it? You want to go to Earth and pick out some diapers?”. Rouge asked.

“Earth? But I thought you said you were buying? … And yes I‘d like that very much please”. Amy said, blushing a tiny bit.

“Glad to hear it! Oh and I know I said I‘d buy, but well I’ve bought diapers from stores around here before, and they’re pretty dull, white, and plain looking. You see I had another friend who was interested into the whole fetish, and well since he was very uneasy, and unsure about the whole thing I sort of helped him experiment, and get into it like how I’m trying to help you experiment, and get into it, well if it turns out you want to get into it anyways”. Rouge said. “Besides all of that though I eventually remembered that you get stuff for free on Earth, and well yeah”. Rouge said.

“Excuse me, but do we really have to go all the way down to Earth?”. Tails asked.

“Yup afraid so Tails. I only want the cutest, and most babyish diapers I can find since if I’m going to do what I had planned to do for Shadow then I might as well go all out”. Rouge said. “Besides that though I know how much of a glamour girl my little Amy is so I don’t think bland, white plastic backed will cut it for her”. Rouge giggled.

“Ummm yeah… Well what’re we going to do about Tails anyway?”. Amy asked, blushing a tiny bit more.

“Well I figured you may have some punk wear he could borrow seeing as how you’re into that whole scene”. Rouge said.

“I’ll see what I can dig up…”. Amy said as she left for her room, and began looking.

And so several minutes of digging through clothes later and Amy had returned back to the rest of them with a plaid skirt, and with a leather jacket.

“Do I have to wear that?”. Tails whined, eyeing the skirt Amy had brought in.

“Don’t worry, it’s plaid. If anyone asks you, you can just say that it’s a kilt okay? I find that most people aren’t culturally aware enough to tell the difference, so you shouldn’t have any problems”. Amy said.

“Well okay…”. Tails said, getting off of the bed as he took the skirt from Amy, and began putting it on.

“Alright now put this on”. Amy said, handing Tails her jacket once he had her skirt done up snuggly around his waist.

“Okay I-Wait why does it say ‘Evil Mama’ on the back?”. Tails asked, blushing horribly since the jacket did indeed have that written across the back, and in big, fuzzy, and PINK lettering.

“I just got the jacket that way since I thought it really defined my attitude at the time”. Amy said.

“I’m not wearing this…”. Tails said.

“Look Tails I really don’t know what to tell you… I mean I could always pick out one of my more girly tees for you if you’d like?”. Amy asked.

“Fine, but I’m not going to like it…”. Tails said, sighing as he put the jacket on, zipping it up so his bare stomach, and chest were no longer exposed anymore.

And so shortly after that they were off, Amy bringing her purse with her once again which she got Tails to hold for her whilst she drove her car down the road, and towards the master emerald.

“So Amy… You’ll be joining me?”. Tails asked.

“What with being babied? Yeah pretty much”. Amy said, blushing a little as she did so.

“Well thanks for that at least… Because of that I’ll feel a tiny bit less self-conscious, and humiliated when I’m made to poop my pants”. Tails sighed.

“Look Tails I really am sorry for all of this… I’ll make it up to you, I promise”. Amy said as she kept on driving.

“Oh? How are you going to do that?”. Tails asked.

“I don’t know… Any suggestions?”. Amy asked.

“Okay how about this? I do this for you, and you in return take me to the nearest tech store on this planet, and buy me whatever I want regardless of the price?”. Tails asked.

“Regardless of price? … Fine, I mean considering what we’ll be putting you through I guess I’ll owe you that much”. Amy said.

“Great! Glad that’s settled!”. Tails said, back to his chipper self again, and now having something to look forward to after all of this humiliation was out of the way.

“Wow you sure perked up quickly didn’t ya?”. Rouge laughed.

“Are you kidding? Have you SEEN the kind of tech that they just came out with?! I mean if I were rich enough to afford all of the components necessary then I could make anything I wanted, the sky would literally be the limits!”. Tails said.

“Oh? How bout androids?”. Rouge asked.

“They wouldn’t just be androids but perfect mechanical duplicates of the real thing, synthetic fur, and all! Like if I made an android of Sonic, and set the android next to the real thing you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!”. Tails said.

“How about a time machine?”. Amy asked.

“Well I personally wouldn’t make one since it’s just a bad idea to go around tampering with the past, but yeah if I wanted I could have one fully operational in about a week if I had my hands on the necessary components”. Tails said.

“Oh well how about a love ray?”. Amy asked.

“Pardon?”. Tails asked.

“You know a ray gun that would make whoever you shot it with fall madly in love with you…”. Amy said.

“Yes I could make one, but just because I could doesn’t mean I will…”. Tails said.

“Oh you’re no fun!”. Amy said.

“Nah I’m plenty fun, I just believe in good, and honest romantic relationships…”. Tails said.

“As I said before, you are no fun!”. Amy said.

“Whatever you say… So what kind of music do you have in here anyway?”. Tails asked curiously as he unzipped Amy’s cd case.

“Lots of things really… Like some genres of music I’m just not into are Goth, Country, Techno, and Rap, but as far as other genres go I got a few cds here, and there…”. Amy said.

“The Dickies?”. Tails asked curiously as he continued flipping through Amy’s cd collection.

“Yeah they’re a Pop Punk band from California. Hmm… Actually hey can you hand me their Killer Klown From Outter Space EP?”. Amy asked curiously.

“Um… What?”. Tails asked.

“Yeah they basically did the opening theme song to this silly, silly b-movie by the same name, and well that movie is where I was introduced to them”. Amy said.

“Sounds like a funny movie”. Tails said, taking the cd out before handing it over to Amy as previously instructed.

“Well I thought it was okay… Sonic had me watch it with him one Halloween, and well to be fair the plot was more strange then funny, but hey it’s still a fun movie to watch in general, so yeah needless to say I bought myself a copy”. Amy said as she put the cd in, and turned the volume up.

“Think I could watch the movie with you one day?”. Tails asked curiously.

“Yeah sure we’ll watch it tonight, well if Rouge agrees since by then she’ll probably take control”. Amy said.

“Well that‘s what mommy‘s are for, to make sure that there little munchkins don‘t get frightened so badly that they start having nightmares”. Rouge teased. “But yeah in all seriousness I don’t mind you two watching it, especially since Tails will be diapered when he watches it, and well it won’t matter if he gets to scared then”. Rouge said.

“Amy… You didn’t tell her…”. Tails said, his face turning scarlet with embarrassment.

“Sorry Tails, but yes I did…”. Amy said.

“But I my bladder was really full when it happened, and I mean when I saw the leprechaun kill that one guy how he did I just sort of freaked, and, and…”. Tails said, blushing horribly now.

“Wait… You wet the couch while watching ‘The Leprechaun’ ?”. Rouge asked.

“What… Didn’t Amy tell you that?”. Tails asked.

“Well she told me you wet the couch because you had gotten so scared, however she said nothing about it being because you saw ‘The Leprechaun’ “. Rouge giggled.

“Yeah Tails if anything ‘The Leprechaun’ was more of a horror movie spoof, a complete and utter comedy”. Amy giggled.

“Oh I didn’t know…”. Tails said, blushing really badly right now.

“Hey this is probably a bad idea but maybe we should have a little horror movie marathon?”. Rouge asked.

“But you said mommy’s are supposed to make sure that their little munchkins don’t get so scared that they have nightmares!”. Tails said blushing.

“Don’t worry I’ll make sure to be there for you when the movie gets to scary okay?”. Rouge asked, giggling a tiny bit when she did so. “Anyway Amy what do you think?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“Sounds fine to me, I don’t scare easy”. Amy giggled. “Oh but hey we’d better get Tails some extra thick diapers for tonight, poor kid will probably be completely dehydrated when alls said, and done”. Amy said.

And so soon they had reached their destination, Rouge, and Tails getting out of the car once Amy had stopped it, Amy taking her cd out, and putting it back up before soon joining them.

“So how many years has it been since you’ve last been on Earth Tails?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“I’d say at least five probably”. Tails said.

“In that case…”. Rouge said trailing off as she soon lifted Tails up into her arms with a bit of a grunt.

“Hey what’s the big idea?”. Tails asked, but it was to late since by the time he had started asking that question he, and the two girls were already going through the transition before ending up back down on Earth.

“Okay then here we are!”. Amy said as her feet hit concrete.

“Got to love how fast the whole process is”. Rouge said before looking down at Tails who she was still holding, his eyes spinning like a roulette spinner. “Sorry I know it’s embarrassing, but the fact of the matter is when it’s your first time in a long time you tend to lose basic motor control, and well I’m guessing you’ll be this way for at least another twenty minutes so I hope you can put up with me holding you like this for that long”. Rouge said, Tails reluctantly falling asleep in her arms as the two girls promptly made their way towards the mall, their shopping spree soon beginning!

First section they checked out was the baby section, the two girls promptly scouring the aisles in search of what they needed.

“So Rouge what brand do you think would feel the most comfortable around the waist?”. Amy asked as she looked through all of the name brands.

“Don’t particularly know… Oh but hey I found something for fox boy here!”. Rouge said nudging her head over towards a jumbo package of extra thick Pampers Cruisers.

“Cool, well that’s one bag of diapers down”. Amy said, examining the package, before awing at all of the little designs the diapers had on them. “These are so cute! Look at all the little monsters they have on them”. Amy said, gushing a tiny bit.

“Yeah I recognize those characters, apparently they’re from this educational television program called ‘Sesame Street’ “. Rouge said.

“Well I’m definitely getting myself some of these”. Amy said.

“Don’t be to hasty, other brands can be just as cute, and I mean you haven’t even seen the training pants yet”. Rouge said.

“Oh yeah that’s right… I’m thinking I’ll get myself both some trainers, and some diapers”. Amy said, setting the package of diapers they had picked out for Tails aside.

“Hmmm… Hey how about Huggies Amy?”. Rouge asked.

“Well I got to seem the first”. Amy said.

“I can’t pick the package up because I’m a bit busy holding Tails at the moment”. Rouge said.

“Oh well okay… Oh you meant these?”. Amy asked picking up the package of Huggies Rouge was talking about earlier.

“Yes, oh and hey make sure that you check the sizes on those diapers”. Rouge said.

“They identify size by number right? Like the bigger the number the bigger the diaper?”. Amy asked as she noticed the number “6” on the package.

“Yup pretty much, and it seems most brands only go up to six”. Rouge said.

“Well looks like I found my size, oh and hey why’s Simba on the front? … Oh my gosh these have Lion King Prints?!”. Amy asked, getting super excited.

“Yup seems Huggies has the copyright to use Disney characters on their diapers, and training pants”. Rouge said.

“Well I think I’m going to get me some Huggies, and Pull Ups then”. Amy said, picking up a pack of Pull Ups for girls, again making sure these were as big as they come.

“Mkay now I just got to pick out something for Shadow… Okay I’ll get him some extra absorbent Pampers Cruisers, and I’ll also get two packs of Pull Ups training pants for boys”. Rouge said as Amy picked out what Rouge has instructed her to.

“So why two packs?”. Amy asked as she set the packages of padding aside.

“Got to get some trainers for Tails, I mean we wouldn’t want him to feel left out right?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“No never!”. Amy giggled as she turned her attention to the wipes, diaper rash cream, and baby powder before soon taking enough for everyone. “So then are we ready to carry on to the clothing section now?”. Amy asked.

“Not yet… Can you also get that pink potty over there? That’d be a lot of fun to play around with later on I’m thinking, oh and hey make sure you also get three really big pacifiers, one bib, and three baby bottles, well actually now that I think about it make that four baby bottles”. Rouge giggled.

“Want to indulge a little too huh?”. Amy asked as she picked out everything Rouge asked her to pick out.

“I guess so”. Rouge giggled as Tails started moving around in her arms.

“Let me go…”. Tails said, his face a red as a tomato as he finally woke up.

“Sure thing kiddo”. Rouge said, soon standing Tails back up on his own two feet.

“Hey guys can you help me with all of this?”. Amy asked.

“I’ll get right on it”. Tails said, picking up what he could with Rouge doing the same.

And so after checking all of that out they went over to the clothing section of the mall, the baby clothing subsection in particular.

“So Tails see anything you like here…?”. Rouge teased.

“No…”. Tails said, blushing a tiny bit.

“Well I see something here that I think you’d look adorable in!”. Rouge said, taking up a really frilly, and really pink dress in his size.

“I’m not wearing that…”. Tails said.

“Well I’m still getting it since trust me I’ll find a way to get you to wear it”. Rouge teased once again.

“Where did you find that dress Rouge?”. Amy asked curiously.

“Over here, and I’m definitely getting another for Shadow, so that makes two. You want one?”. Rouge asked.

“Yes please…”. Amy said blushing horribly once again.

“Yes please what?”. Rouge asked.

“Yes please mommy…”. Amy said, still blushing horribly whilst she said it.

“Good girl, oh and hey would you also like one for you know who as well?”. Rouge asked.

“Yes please mommy”. Amy said, giggling a little this time when she said it.

“You know who?”. Tails asked curiously.

“Don’t worry Tails, it’s nothing you need to concern yourself with... Okay so that makes four… Now to just get some booties, and mittens to match, aaand done!”. Rouge said as she picked all of that out.

“Where to next?”. Amy asked curiously.

“Well we’re going back home now, well unless you two want a toy or something?”. Rouge asked.

“Oh can I please have a teddy bear?”. Amy asked, sort of having a thing for stuffed animals.

“Course you can! Um hey Tails do you want anything before we head out?”. Rouge asked.

“I guess a toy plane…”. Tails said since he figured he might as well make the most out of this not having to pay for anything benefit.

“Alright then it’s settled! Come on you two we’re going to the toy aisle!”. Rouge said as she led the two of them off towards said aisle after checking out all the clothes they had gotten.

“Wow look how many toys they have!”. Amy giggled in childlike wonderment as she darted towards all the plushies they currently had for sale.

“Um… Can I change what I wanted to get to something else?”. Tails asked.

“Sure thing kiddo, what do you want now?”. Rouge asked.

“That…”. Tails said pointing towards a very cool looking toy robot with what looked like several different features, and functions.

“Okay then give me a moment…”. Rouge said as she set her bags down real quick before picking the toy out for Tails as the two of them now stood their by the register, and waited for Amy.

Well Amy came back eventually, but well she must’ve picked out what was the biggest teddy bear in the store, heck she could use this bear as a bed if she wanted to, but still it didn’t matter because the people of this town owed Sonic, and his friends so much, and hey besides that who’d have the heart to burst Amy’s bubble when she was as happy as she was right then, and there? Nobody, that’s who. So yeah after that good bit of shopping the three of them exited the mall, Amy snuggling her oversized teddy bear every step of the way until they had went back to their world as she was forced to be an adult and drive everyone back to her house then.

“Wow I hate to say this, but near the end there I had a little fun”. Tails said as he played around with his little toy robot while they continued driving down the road.

“Yeah I know what you mean, like I literally felt just like a kid in a candy story when we entered that store to get some toys”. Amy said.

“Are you kidding me? We WERE kids in a candy store except with me it’s to be expected”. Tails said.

“I didn’t make to much of a scene did I?”. Amy asked, blushing a tiny bit.

“Don’t worry about making a scene, I mean least you two had fun right?”. Rouge asked.

“Right”. Amy, and Tails said in unison.

“Okay then that’s all that matters!”. Rouge giggled. “Oh by the way Tails while you laid in my arms we picked you out a pacifier, and some training pants, you know incase you want to try having fun with it yourself”. Rouge said.

“Well thanks, but I doubt I’d enjoy pooping my pants when wearing training pants any more so then when I was wearing full-fledged diapers. As for the pacifier I would never use it”. Tails said.

“Well you might want to give the pacifier a try because it has a sort of calming effect which you’re going need later tonight”. Rouge said.

“Well okay I guess I’ll try it a little bit, I mean it’s not like it’s any more babyish then pooping my pants”. Tails said.

“Oh and that reminds me! We also got some baby bottles so I’m going to be bottle feeding the two of you, hope you don’t mind Tails”. Rouge said.

“What’s the point? Even if I did mind you’d still do it, might as well just go with the flow, and look forward to all of the nifty tech I’ll be getting afterwards”. Tails said.

“That’s the spirit!”. Rouge giggled. “So Amy what movies do you have that you think would be appropriate for our little marathon?”. Rouge asked.

“Um lets see… Well I got ‘The Exorcist’, ‘Nightmare On Elmstreet’, ‘Friday The 13th’, ‘Killer Klowns From Outter Space’, ‘The Omen’, ‘Hell Raiser’, ‘The Leprechaun’, and well the list just goes on, and on!”. Amy answered.

“Geese I never thought you’d be into horror so much Amy”. Rouge said.

“Oh yeah I love horror movies, I mean except for the ‘Saw’ series, but well you get what I’m trying to say”. Amy said.

“Saw series?”. Tails asked curiously.

“Trust me Tails if you wet the couch over ‘The Leprechaun’ then you’d probably have multiple, and very messy accidents when watching ‘Saw’ “. Rouge said.

“Geese… It’s really that bad?’. Tails asked curiously.

“Pretty much… The premise is simple. There’s this guy locked up in this one room being held against his will, and well he’s essentially chained to the wall, like he can’t move really far without the chains stopping him. Meanwhile his family is being targeted by the sick puppy who had enprisoned him in the area in the first place, and well basically if he wants a chance to save his family he needs the play said sick puppy’s ‘Game’ “. Amy said.

“Is that all? Granted it’s terrible, but well what happens next?”. Tails asked curiously.

“I don’t know if we should really talk to you about the more gruesome details Tails…”. Rouge said.

“Come on, I mean it’s not like I’m going to have an accident just by hearing you two talk about it”. Tails said, pouting a tiny bit.

“He’s right, besides I won’t tell him to much more. Okay basically Tails this sick puppy I’ve been reffering to is this crazy old guy named “Jigsaw” as in jigsaw piece, and well in order to get anywhere right off the bat our protagonist is forced into doing the unthinkable, and saws his own leg off with a rusted saw”. Amy said.

“Oh god…”. Tails said, getting queasy just thinking about it.

“Yeah basically this Jigsaw was in a severe car wreck when he was a younger man, and by all rights he should’ve died then, and there, but well he didn’t. Well he basically went crazy, and developed this whole cult like mindset around it, like his reasoning is litterally this. ‘That which does not kill you makes you stronger, to pass this test, and come out alive is a gift, I will make everyone realize that life is a gift by putting them in these horrifying situations with very little probability of them coming out alive, and if they live they will be enlightened as it were to my way of thinking’. “. Amy said.

“And besides that the rest of the movies are just him torturing people, and making them amputate themselves before being ripped apart by his insane devices”. Rouge said.

“Wow sounds extremely nightmarish…”. Tails said, shuddering the thought.

“Yeah it does, but hey I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of those devices so I could make them more user friendly, or at least incorporate them in a non-harmful way”. Rouge said.

“So which movie should we watch first?”. Amy asked curiously as they started pulling into her driveway.

“Well do you have any of the Tales From The Crypt movies?”. Rouge asked, unbuckling her seatbelt.

“Yes I do, oh but before we commit to watching those movies… Um Tails do you know any curse words besides the ‘a’ word?”. Amy asked.

“I know them all, I just don’t like using them…”. Tails said, blushing a tiny bit as he unbuckled his seatbelt since even saying the word “Ass” made him feel kind of guilty.

“Ah I see”. Amy giggled as she unbuckled her seatbelt, turned off the car, unlocked her door, took out her key, and pocketed it before opening the door, relocking it, and re-closing it.

Soon Tails, and Rouge did the same before they helped bring in the bags as well, Tails handing Amy back her purse, and Rouge re-closing, and locking the front door once they were all inside.

“Okay then babies I’m going to go take your babas and fill them up with some nice, and fresh milkies, and while I do that I want widdwe Amy to pick out the first movie, and I want widdwe Tails to undress since he’s getting diapered first”. Rouge giggled as she took two of the four bottles they picked out, and took them out of their packaging before promptly heading over into the kitchen.

“You heard her Tails”. Amy said, blushing as she unbuttoned her jeans, and soon slid them off leaving her privates exposed, this being the first time in a long time she’s ever been undressed like this around anyone else before.

“Yeah yeah…”. Tails said as he took the skirt off, and then slipped himself out of the leather jacket he had been wearing.

“Okay then… I pick you!”. Amy said as she took out the Tales From The Crypt movie “Demon Knight”.

“So what’s that movie like?”. Tails asked curiously.

“Well lets just say that you may inexplicably find yourself filling the back of your Pampers very, very soon”. Amy giggled as she set the movie aside.

“Uh-oh do I see a couple of bare-bottomed-babies? This simply won’t do! Looks like it’s diapee time!”. Rouge said as she soon came back into the living room, handing each of her little babies a bottle filled with chilled milk. “Now then… I’d reckcon that you’re first on my list fox boy! Get over here, and lay down for me!”. Rouge cheered, clapping her hands together as if she were trying to entice an infant into coming over to her, and not Tails.

Tails just blushed, but did as he was told while Rouge took his Pampers out of the bag, and began opening the package.

“Okay now lift up your bottom little guy!”. Rouge cheered as she managed to get a pair of Pampers out for him.

Tails, yet again, did as he was told, elevating his backside before Rouge unfolded the Pampers and soon slid them underneath Tails’s backside.

“Good boy!”. Rouge cooed as she took his tails, and threaded them through the tail hole in the back of the diaper.

“They have diapers with tail holes down on Earth?”. Tails asked curiously, the idea just dawning upon him whilst Rouge continued diapering him.

“Well of course they do silly!”. Rouge giggled, taking up a canister of a baby powder as she soon opened it up, and as she soon began rubbing the baby powder into Tails’s bottom. “It has only been four years our time since our kind started leaving Mobius to live down on Earth, but you got to remember that time flows differently between the two worlds, and so four years our time is like a thousand years their time! So yeah needless to say there’s A LOT of little Mobians toddling around down on Earth, and well hey the diaper companies had to make accommodations for them”. Rouge giggled.

“How did I not notice…?”. Tails asked, embarrassed since he didn’t notice all of the Mobians who were probably shopping at the same mall they were shopping at earlier.

“Well for the first twenty minutes I think you were completely conked out, and so whilst you slept in my arms there was no way you could notice all of the families shopping around us”. Rouge giggled before she laid Tails’s bottom back down, and before she soon began powdering up his front. “Besides that though I guess you weren’t paying very much attention…”. Rouge said as she soon finished powdering Tails’s front, and soon brought the front of the diaper up before taking the sides, and taping his diaper on all nice, and snug.

“Anyway there you go little guy, all better!”. Rouge cheered as she picked Tails up once again, and stood him back up before giving him a hug. “Okay widdwe Amy it’s your turn”. Rouge said taking out a pair of Huggies for her while Tails just sort of walked over to the couch in slight embarrassment.

Amy’s diapering went even more smoothly then Tails’s had, and so with that, they all sat together on the couch once Rouge had put the movie in, Tails on Rouge’s lap as she bottle-fed him whilst the pre-movie adverts played.

“So whatcha think little guy? Pretty relaxing huh?”. Rouge cooed as she continued bottle-feeding the, at the moment, very blushy fox boy

“Uh huh…”. Tails said, still blushing pretty badly as he continued drinking from the bottle.

“Mommy what about me?”. Amy asked, wanting her turn at being bottle-fed.

“Well I suppose little Tails has had enough for now, besides I don‘t think he‘s really enjoying it all that much…”. Rouge giggled as she took the nipple of the baby bottle away from Tails, picked him up, and sat him back down, and next to her on the couch.

“Thanks mommy!”. Amy said, promptly lying down on Rouge’s lap while Rouge handed Tails his bottle back before Amy handed Rouge hers.

“Hey the movie’s ready”. Tails said, pointing out the fact that they were now at the dvd menu.

“Okay then…”. Rouge said picking up the nearby remote as she soon had the movie continue to play.

Right from the get go Tails already became a little unsettled once the crypt keeper popped out of his coffin, and started laughing maniacally, but well nether the less Tails continued reluctantly watching onward.

“Oh gee scared already?”. Rouge asked, noting how unsettled Tails looked as she briefly stopped bottle feeding Amy.

“N-no!”. Tails said as he continued watching.

“Uh huh… Well hey want to make a wager?”. Rouge asked curiously as she motioned for Amy to get off of her lap, which the pink hedgehog did, albeit reluctantly.

“What kind of wager?”. Tails asked curiously.

“Well I was thinking that if you had managed to not use your Pampers any while we watched the movie I’d stop babying you. Oh and that if you succeeded we’d take you home after the movie was over”. Rouge said.

“Sounds like you don’t think I can do it…”. Tails said, pouting a tiny bit since Rouge would never make a wager like that unless she knew that she’d win.

“Oh you definitely can’t do it! Heck I’ll even say that as long as you don’t poop yourself while we watch this movie you’ll still win the wager!”. Rouge said.

“Well what will you win if I fail?”. Tails asked curiously.

“Remember that dress I picked out for you? Well you got to wear that, and a pair of matching booties, and mittens if I win”. Rouge said.

“… Fine, you’re on! I mean how scary could this movie be?”. Tails asked, freaking out when he saw Billy Zane punch a hole through that one cop’s head.

“Remember Tails don’t be afraid to ask me to change you when I eventually win okay? If you don’t tell me I’m just going to have to give you a diaper check”. Rouge giggled as there came a loud hissing noise from Tail’s Pampers, the front of said Pampers discoloring considerably as Tails just looked down at his diaper in embarrassment.

“H-hey Rouge you did say you’d change me as soon as I needed it right?”. Tails asked, his face as red as a tomato.

“Yeah I guess I should change you huh?”. Rouge asked as the movie continued.

“Could you please?”. Tails asked, blushing horribly.

“Well we’re in the middle of watching a scary movie, so you’re bound to just end up wetting yourself again in the next twenty four minutes, or something like that…”. Rouge said.

“P-please?”. Tails asked.

“Well I tell you what if your diaper can’t hold another soaking then I’ll change you now okay?”. Rouge asked as she got off of the coach, taking her right glove off after doing so.

“O-okay… How are you going to determine tha-”. Tails said, his face the reddest it’s been all day when Rouge cut him off by sticking two of her fingers into the leak guard of his Pampers.

“Hmm… Nope I reckon this diaper can hold at least two more solid wettings…”. Rouge said as she took her fingers out and slipped her glove back on before sitting back down onto the couch.

“B-but I want to be changed now…”. Tails said, still blushing really badly.

“Sorry kiddo, but since you’re just going to wet yourself soon after me changing you anyways I just don’t see the point. Don’t worry okay? I powdered up both your bottom, and front so there’s no chance that you’ll be getting a diaper rash”. Rouge said.

Shortly after Rouge had said that there was another loud hissing noise made as the front of Amy’s Huggies started to discolor as well.

“Mmm… There ya go Tails, now I’m wet too!”. Amy giggled, trying to make Tails feel a little less self-conscious by purposefully soaking her Huggies.

“Aaaw such a sweet little girl…”. Rouge cooed as she tussled Amy’s head fur, causing the pink hedgehog to giggle childishly a little when she did so.

“Thanks Amy…”. Tails said, perking up a little as he continued watching the movie, allowing himself a tiny smile since he did indeed feel a little less self-conscious now.

“No problem!”. Amy giggled as she relished in how warm her diaper had gotten.

“You enjoying yourself there pee-pee pants?”. Rouge asked, tussling Amy’s hair once more.

“Uh huh! I don’t know why, but I just love how warm, and squishy it feels!”. Amy giggled.

“If you think that’s fun then you’ll love it when the diaper starts swelling up”. Rouge said.

“Shouldn’t take her Huggies to much longer then I’m thinking…”. Tails said, blushing as his own diaper swelled up between his legs.

“You know… You really do look cute like this Tails”. Rouge giggled.

“No I don’t…”. Tails said, blushing some more when she made that little comment.

“Oh? How much do you want to bet that if I were to search it up online I wouldn’t find any stories where you’re diapered twenty four seven due to not ever being potty trained, or due to the age of potty training being ridiculously high for Mobians? Because I bet you anything there’s at least sixty plus stories out there that are like that”. Rouge giggled.

“Stories about me? I doubt it”. Tails said.

“Oh? And why’s that?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“Because what have I done to earn such adoring fans in the first place? Second if I did have some fans I doubt any of them would actually write stories about me”. Tails said.

“Oh is that so? What about all of those times you helped Sonic beat Dr. Eggman?”. Rouge asked curiously. “You’ve been there with Sonic as his sidekick, and as a friend for countless encounters with him, and well those Earthlings got to see a good few of them”. Rouge said.

“Well sure maybe Sonic has lots of stories written about him, but well I doubt anyone would write something like that about me”. Tails said.

“You still haven’t placed a bet…”. Rouge said.

“I don’t have any money Rouge…”. Tails said.

“Don’t want any money, but well if I win the bet maybe we can schedule another session like this for later? It’d sure help make my Shadow feel more at ease if he knew one of his best friends was going through this with him since I know for a fact he’ll be really, really embarrassed at first when I try to do what I had planned with him, and well if he’s to stressed out he won’t be able to properly enjoy himself…”. Rouge said.

“If you win the bet I’ll CONSIDER scheduling another session like this for later… Peeing my pants isn’t fun Rouge, it’s warm, and sticky…”. Tails said, blushing a little the more he thought about it.

“Okay well what would I need to do for you in order for you to do this for me?”. Rouge asked.

“Well I suppose I would feel better doing it if Sonic joined in, but that’ll never happen, and well I wouldn’t wish this on him anyway…”. Tails said, trying to figure out a way Rouge could return the favor.

“I’ll get him to join in anyway, shouldn’t be to hard I imagine”. Rouge said.

“Oh? Why do you say that?”. Tails asked.

“It’s simple, I heard he likes making bets so I’ll just use this weakness of his against him, and get him to join in that way”. Rouge said.

“Uh huh, well again I don’t really want it, it’s just having someone else here, and having someone else experience it with me will make it less mortifying I think”. Tails said.

“Well that’s why I need you here when I have my fun with Shadow! He needs someone he knows to go through this with him since I know how much he loves me, and well it’ll be pretty humiliating for him just knowing that I know”. Rouge said.

“… Fine, but remember that you still got to prove to me that people have actually wrote stories about me where well this happens…”. Tails said, motioning towards his soggy Pampers. “And also Rouge if you win the bet then well you owe me, so just remember that okay?”. Tails asked curiously as another scary thing happened in the movie, as Tails freaked out once again, and as he began wetting his Pampers once more, to his great embarrassment.

Several minutes later and they had almost reached the movie’s climax, Tails gripping a nearby pillow as tightly as he could since he was already completely terrified by what had already happened in this movie. Then out of nowhere the kid in the movie turned into a monster, and Tails had the worst scare he had had all day as he promptly began filling the back of his Pampers, and wet himself one last time, Tails looking down at his now full Pampers afterwards in shame.

“Pee yew… Did you just poop your Pampers Tails?”. Rouge asked, promptly picking up on it as Tails just sat there, to embarrassed to answer her question. “Hmm… Well okay then”. Rouge said as she pulled at the back of Tails’s Pampers, looking down into his diaper although not being able to see much of anything since his tails were in the way.

Rouge decided to wait until the movie had finally finished, and when it finally did that’s when she picked up Tails, and stood him up in front of her.

“Okay then it was a little hard to tell earlier because of your tails, but this method should prove a lot more effective…”. Rouge giggled as she got up, and off of the couch before giving Tails’s backside a firm patting. “Yuuuup looks like someone’s a poopy pants!”. Rouge giggled as she heard his messy bottom squish loudly with each pat she had given it.

“Ch-change m-me?”. Tails asked, so embarrassed that he was crying when he had asked that.

“It’s okay little guy, nothing to be embarrassed over… Aw there, there!”. Rouge said, picking up Tails once more as she began rocking him a little to try, and help calm him down. “Amy go get me a pacifier. He’s not going to stop crying without one”. Rouge instructed as she kept rocking him gently.

“Ah okay!”. Amy said as she started looking through one of the bags before taking a blue pacifier out, before taking it out of it’s packaging, and before handing it over to Rouge who in turn promptly plopped it into Tails’s mouth.

“Please calm down little guy… You’re breaking my heart…”. Rouge said as she continued rocking Tails, the twin-tailed fox boy sadly sucking his pacifier as she continued.

“No dweth…”. Tails muttered.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you because you were muttering”. Rouge said.

“No dweth…”. Tails said, tearing up as he began sniffling anew.

“No dweth? Oooh…You mean no dress?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“Uh huh, no dweth!”. Tails bawled as he began crying his eyes out all over again.

“It’s okay, it’s okay! … You can wear the dress tomorrow okay? I wouldn’t make you do it when you’re this upset…”. Rouge said as she gave Tails a hug. “Now then it can’t be fun being a poopy pants can it? I think we had better go change that”. Rouge said, tussling Tails’s head fur as she soon laid him back down onto the floor before she began changing him.

First she untapped Tails’s diaper, and pulled down the front of his diaper. Next she took up some wipes as she began gently wiping his front clean of urine.

“Don’t worry little one I’ll have you nice, and clean in a jiffy!”. Rouge cooed as she finished wiping down Tails’s front, got some more wipes, lifted up his bottom, and began to wipe his very messy bottom until it to was clean once more.

“O-okay…”. Tails said, blushing horribly, but at least now he wasn’t crying anymore as he kept sucking his pacifier whilst she changed him.

“Okay then now lets get that icky diaper out of here”. Rouge said as she unthreaded Tails’s tails, and soon took the Pampers out from underneath him before putting the used wipes into it, before taping it up, and before putting it aside. “Okay then so Tails I’ll give you a break, and let you have a choice here… Pull Ups, or Pampers?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“What’s it mattew?”. Tails asked curiously as he continued sucking his pacifier.

“Pampers you tape on, Pull Ups you pull on, so if you wanted I’d let you have bathroom breaks whilst you wear your Pull Ups, but keep in mind that we still have quite a few scary movies to go through, so you may want heavier protection…”. Rouge said.

“I’ww go with Puww Ups!”. Tails said, automatically choosing the Pull Ups once he heard that they’d come with potty breaks.

“Alright then, just give me a moment…”. Rouge said as she took out a pair of Pull Ups, took up the canister of baby powder from before, and began to rub the powder into Tails’s front.

“Is that weawwy necessary?”. Tails’s asked, blushing a little as she continued.

“Yes since you really have no control when watching horror movies, and well I don’t want you getting a rash”. Rouge said as she finished powdering his front, lifted up his bottom, and began to gently powder up said bottom now.

“Mommy when you’re done with Tails can you change me too?”. Amy asked curiously.

“Sure, but you’d better make sure you’ve got it all out of your system before I change you!”. Rouge giggled as she finished powdering Tail’s backside, and soon stood him back up. “Now step into your Pull Ups, so that I can pull them up for you”. Rouge said as she held his Pull Ups out for him to do just as she had instructed.

“O-okay…”. Tails said stepping into his Pull Ups as Rouge promptly pulled them up snuggly around his waist before she threaded his tails through the back.

“There you go! Now then whenever you got to potty just make sure to tell me, and I’ll help you take your trainers down before you go since it might be tricky for you to work your own tails out of the trainers at first”. Rouge said, giving Tails a loving pat on the butt before picking up the Pampers she had just changed him out of. “You ready little Amy?”. Rouge asked, Amy grunting a little as she began pooping her Huggies.

“Now I am mommy!”. Amy giggled as she finished filling her Huggies.

“Good girl! Now just wait there for a moment while I toss this dirty diaper away”. Rouge giggled as she made her way towards the nearest trash can.

“So Amy what’s the next movie going to be?”. Tails asked curiously after taking his pacifier out of his mouth.

“Probably ‘Nightmare On Elmstreet’ I’m thinking”. Amy giggled as she sat down on the nearest chair she could find just so she could squish her mess a little before getting changed.

“Are we going to start watching it immediately?”. Tails asked curiously.

“No you still need to settle your bet with Rouge, so I’ll wait for you two to look up those stories on my computer first”. Amy said.

“Ah okay… So you enjoying yourself?”. Tails asked curiously.

“Yep! It just feels so warm, and squishy, and well if I had my privacy I wouldn’t mind doing something else in these Huggies real quick before getting changed…”. Amy said, blushing a little when she admitted that.

“Well I’m glad you’re having fun, and hey where’s your computer anyway?”. Tails asked curiously.

“It’s the laptop laying on my bed, I was doing a bit of late night research last night…”. Amy giggled.

Just then Rouge had came back into the living room, now completely gloveless.

“Yeah it’s a bit silly getting my good gloves dirty, so I’ll just leave them off for the rest of the night”. Rouge said. “So stinky butt are you ready for that diapee change you need oh-so badly?”. Rouge giggled.

“Yup! But before I get changed I need to put in my password okay mommy?”. Amy asked as she got up, and headed for her room.

“Ah yeah almost forgot about that!”. Rouge giggled as she left with Amy, the two girls eventually coming back from Amy’s room with her laptop as Tails just sat on the couch, waiting on them patiently. “Okay then little guy hold onto this for me while I change poopy pants here”. Rouge giggled as she handed Tails Amy’s laptop before having Amy lay down, and before she began changing Amy.

“So should I just Google it?”. Tails asked curiously.

“Yeah that should do it, just be careful which site you go to”. Rouge said as she began wiping Amy’s front.

“Ah okay!”. Tails said, looking up “AB/DL Tails Stories” when Rouge had given him the green light.

“So you find anything?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“… Yes…”. Tails said, blushing horribly as he brought up a story on a site he had found where he was put back into diapers.

“See I told you! Anyway now that that’s over with you’ll be doing this again with us tomorrow right?”. Rouge asked.

“I guess so, just remember to make it up to me later…”. Tails said as he read through the story, his blush deepening as he continued reading.

“Sure thing, oh and out of morbid curiosity what is the story about?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“Well the plot is basically Cream takes a game of ‘House’ to seriously with me, and makes me her baby…”. Tails said, his face as red as a tomato when he said that.

“Aw cute!”. Rouge said, giggling a little as she then started wiping Amy’s very messy bottom.

“I’m going back, I-I’ve got to see what else my fans have done with me in these stories…”. Tails said as he backed out of the story he was previously looking at.

“Well what other stories do they have then?”. Rouge asked curiously.

“…Okay apparently they have one where, wait… Oh my gosh…”. Tails said, blushing a little more as he looked up another story.

“What’s this one about?”. Rouge asked.

“Well it’s still a story where I get diapered, but well it’s by Sonic… And not only that, but apparently me, and him are also intimate in this story…”. Tails said, blushing pretty badly as he read on.

“… What?”. Amy asked as Rouge took her messy Huggies out from underneath her now clean backside.

“Sounds pretty cute! I do so love reading male on male stories, and well it should be pretty adorable what with Sonic acting as your daddy throughout the whole thing“. Rouge giggled.

“I guess so, but hey let’s move onto a different story, wouldn’t want to peeve off Amy…”. Tails said, quickly backing out of the story.

“Sonic is mine, no matter what some story online says!”. Amy said as Rouge lifted up her backside once again, and began powdering it.

“Well yeah moving on… Apparently this site is full of stories in which I, or someone I know gets babied, sort of like one giant site dedicated to diapering hedgehogs, or something…”. Tails said, blushing as he just then realized what the site was called. “Oh I see… Yeah the name of the site is ‘Diaper Butt’, so that’s why there’s so many stories like the ones I read previously on this site…”. Tails said.

“Interesting! Hey what other stories do they have?”. Rouge asked curiously as she laid Amy’s bottom back down.

“Well apparently there’s a story on this site where you baby Knuckles”. Tails said.

“Ha! Sounds like it’d be pretty fun to read!”. Rouge laughed.

“I’ll just leave it on this site so that you can read the story later…”. Tails said.

“Well hey actually while you’re at it can you go to”. Rouge asked curiously.

“I’ll see what I can do”. Tails said as he tried searching the site up.

“Thanks! I got a feeling that there may be a few pictures of you there on that site”. Rouge giggled.

“Okay…”. Tails said, blushing as he got onto the site before using the search feature to look up what Rouge was talking about.

Sure enough there were a few pictures of him where he was diapered on the site.

“Oh geese…”. Tails said, blushing horribly as he looked at each picture.

“Guess I don’t have to ask if you found anything”. Rouge giggled as she brought the front of Amy’s Huggies up, and soon snuggly taped her diaper on. “And there you go little one, all nice, and clean!”. Rouge cheered as she picked up Amy’s dirty Huggies which she had taped up into a ball earlier.

“Anything else I should look up?”. Tails asked curiously.

“Yeah look up ‘Chimour’ for me! When I’m not stealing things I like reading stories on that site, and well I want to see if he’s made a new story yet”. Rouge giggled as she walked off, and towards the nearest trashcan she could find.

“Right I’m on it!”. Tails said as he looked up what she told him too, blushing a little when he saw “Care Bear Story” pop up in the search results.

“Let me see!”. Amy said, standing up as she looked over Tails’s shoulder. “Care Bear story huh? Apparently whoever writes these stories isn’t afraid of getting really silly concept-wise”. Amy giggled.

“So did you find anything new for me?”. Rouge asked curiously as she came walking back into the room.

“Wells there’s a story where apparently he brings the care bears into it”. Tails said.

“Really? Must’ve just posted that story recently”. Rouge giggled. “Gimme!”. Rouge said, taking the laptop from Tails as she soon began reading this new story on the couch right next to him.

“Gee you seem to really like his stories!”. Amy giggled.

“Yeah I guess you could say that!”. Rouge giggled. “You see his Chimour character is basically a vampire bat furry, and well little Chimour was never properly potty trained so the kid’s basically centuries old, and still wearing Pampers”. Rouge giggled.

“Really? That’s kind of silly though isn’t it?”. Amy giggled.

“That’s just how his stories are, silly, and completely nonsensical!”. Rouge giggled. “But hey the stories are still pretty cute, and well although they’re not the best I’ve ever seen I still like them”. Rouge said as she continued reading the story, awing, and giggling when the situation called for it…
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