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 New Neighbors

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PostSubject: New Neighbors   Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:07 pm

Well I finally got around to doing a a good length story for one of my Sauroids. ^^ This story follows my Sauroid Jorry. He's about 8 and his family has just moved to Earth. Being summer with both his parents working today is his first day at Daycare. How will things go? Well read and find out. Hope you guys like it. ^^

New Neighbors

The sun was just rising on a sunny day in a moderate sized town. This town had seen a bit of an influx of new inhabitants. Inhabitants that not 3 decades ago. Sauroids. The world had been shocked to discover that they weren't the only intelligent life in the galaxy. The Sauroids were even more surprised to discover that their ancestral home world was now dominated by mammals. A species of primate in particular. The long lost children of Earth had returned and after much talk with world governments some were now living on earth once more. Which brings us to this humble home. A tall thin female sauroid sits at the kitchen table with a cup of tea. Her personal data pad on the table with the day's agenda. Her deep red head feathers extending reach down past her shoulders. Rimming her feathers are dark green scales differing from the tan scales that cover the rest of her body. Unlike human females she has to mammary glands. Though her chest it a bit more pronounced. He mate, a male sauroid with bright blue head feathers sit's a bowl down at an empty place at the table which sports a booster seat. His head feathers are shorter and he seems less well muscled than his mate with red scales rimming his own feathers.

"Just think this will be Jorry's first day at the local Daycare." The male said with a smile as he sat a cup of juice next to the bowl.

"Yes. I'll make sure to check that their information is right on the computer before I drop him off dear. First day for us both being back at work. How do you feel about it?" The female asked as she looked up at him.

"To be honest a bit nervous. I haven't been teaching in a few years but I guess I am still excited. What about you Winra?" The male asked sitting down.

"I envy you Dix. You get to teach humans eager to learn a new concept. I get to explain to some CEO that his business isn't anywhere near compliant with the new regulations. I hate these human CEOs. Most of them are male and most of them seem to think a female's place should be as their secretary!" Winra shook her head.

"There there hun. You'll show them I've no doubt. You always do." Dix smiled taking her hand.

"Thanks sweetie." Winra smiled looking into her mate's eyes. "Well you better go get Jorry up and ready. I'm gonna go make sure I've go everything I need for this meeting."

Dix nodded and with that rose from his seat and headed up the stairs. He walked over dusting off the waist cloth he wore and opened his son's bedroom door. The room was decorated in a Dinosaur motif. All sorts of them everywhere. Dix smiled as he saw Jorry laying in his nest covers half toss off of him but a fluffy T-Rex plushie still glutched in one arm. Jorry wore a serene look on his face, a light blue t-shirt and from the looks of it a very soggy diaper. Basically how Jorry looked every morning. Dix walked over and gently gave his son's shoulder a nudge.

"Jorry. Time to wake up. You've got a big day ahead of you." Dix said softly as Jorry's eyes began to open.

"Huh? Wha?" Jorry asked as he rubbed his eyes with his empty hand.

"Today's your first day at daycare." Dix reminded Jorry.

"Oh Yeah!" Jorry grinned sitting up in his nest with a squish. "You think there'll be a lot of kids my age there? Oh I wonder if any of them will be my class mates when I start school here!"

"Oh I'm sure there'll be at least a few your own age there too and odds are some of them will be your class mates when you start school in the Fall. Just think you'll be a bit 8 year old 2nd grader then." Dix said patting his son on the head as he scooped him up. "Now lets go get you changed. Can't have you heading off to your first day of Daycare messy can we?"

"Hehe nope. Don't wanna end up with a rash." Jorry giggled as his dad laid him down on the changing table.

"Just think. Before too long you'll be learning to change your own diapers just like daddy." Dix said as he untapped Jorry's soggy diaper.

"Uh Huh and I'll be a really big boy then." Jorry nodded contently as his daddy wiped him clean and slid a fresh diaper into place.

"That's right." Dix nodded as he powdered Jorry up before taping up the fresh diaper and sat him back down. "Alright now lets get you dressed for today."

"I wanna wear my jean waist cloth and that Jurassic Park t-shirt uncle Xeck got me!" Jorry cheered excitedly as he pulled his t-shirt off.

With that Dix got out the clothes for his son who promptly got himself dressed in them. Once he was dressed Dix lead him back to the bathroom to get his head feathers combed after Jorry had brushed his teeth. Once that was done the two Sauroids walked back down stairs where Jorry promptly hopped up onto his seat and started to dig into his breakfast.

"So are you excited about your first day at the new daycare?" Winra asked her son with a smile.

"Uh Huh! I hope I make a bunch of new friends. Think there'll be any other Sauroids there?" Jorry asked curiously as he at his breakfast.

"I'm sure you'll make friends. I'm not sure about other Sauroids. Should be a few there though." Winra nodded hoping their was. Frankly she hoped a Sauroid would be on staff as well.

"Oh well I'm sure I'll make some human friends." Jorry affirmed as he downed the last of his breakfast. "There all done!"

"My that was fast. You must be in a rush to get going." Winra said getting up from her seat as Jorry hopped down.

"Uh Huh! Lets go! Lets go!" Jorry giggled practically bouncing.

"Alright go to the front door and put your sandals on." Winar told him as she gave her mate a kiss. "See you tonight hun.

Jorry was quick to find his way to the front door and get his sandals on. Winra wasn't far behind and grabbed his day bag. It had a change of clothes just in case as well as a few toys and of course some spare diapers. With Jorry all set the two walked out to the car. Jorry hopping into the passenger seat and buckling himself in while Winra got into the driver's seat. Once she checked over all her mirrors they were off down the road. Jorry smiled humming to a tune on the radio as they went. He was sure today was going to be a good day. It'd be nice to get out and make some new friends. He still missed his old ones back on New Terra.

His thoughts didn't dwell on this long though as they soon saw the sign and the daycare building. Shady Pine DayCare. Jorry wasn't sure what a Pine particularly was but he still kind of liked the name and he could hear other kids playing. He saw a big play ground out back with lots of kids playing there. He was getting extra excited now and practically jumped out of the car once they parked. Winra couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm. She took his hand and lead him through the front door through a small lobby and up to the front desk where a young human girl sat.

"Hello I'm Winra Relin. I'm here to drop off my son for his first day here." Winra told the girl who she noted seemed to be about 20

"Oh Hello ma'am. One moment. A Jorry Relin is who your dropping off?" She asked as she read off the name on her computer screen.

"Yup that's me!" Jorry chimed in prompting her to take a good look at him.

"Alright then I just need you to sign him in on the pad there please Mrs. Relin." The girl told Winra.

"Alright. Also I just wanted to verify the information in your system just to be cautious." Winra said as she signed her son in.

"Of course Mrs. Winra. We've got his name down. Age 8. He's been placed in our 6 to 8 age room. Says here he's not allergic to anything." The girl started but was interrupted when Winra's cell phone rang.

"Excuse me a moment." Winra said answering. "Yes. What do you mean they pushed the meeting up? You were supposed to. Fine I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Problem ma'am?" The girl asked with some concern.

"A business meeting just got pushed up for me. I've gotta fly. The data sounds right so far. If you need anything else here's my contact info again. Don't hesitate to call." Winra said handing the girl one of her contact cards and knelt down next to Jorry. "Alright sweetie mommy's gotta get going. Daddy will pick you up this afternoon around 3. You be good and have fun."

"I will mommy. Love you." Jorry said giving her a hug and she hugged him back.

"Love you too sweetie." Winro told him rising to her feet and handed the bag off to the girl. "Oh and here's Jorry's day bag. Anything he needs should be in there."

"Alright Mrs. Relin I'll be sure to put it in his cubby. Have a pleasant day." The girl said as Winra left. "Now then come on Jorry lets get you settled huh?"

"Okay." Jorry nodded with just a bit of nervousness as she lead the way back to the room he'd be spending much of the day in.

"Janet I've got another one for you. This is Jorry." The girl said introducing Jorry to the lady in charge of the room.

"Well Hello there Jorry. Welcome to Shady Pine. First day here huh? Nervous?" Janet asked kneeling down.

"Uh Huh a little. But I'm excited too! I wanna make new friends. I had to say goodbye to a bunch of my old ones when we moved." Jorry said looking down at his feet at the last part.

"Awww it's never easy moving. I'm sure you'll make plenty of friends here." Janet told him patting him on the head.

"Oh here's his bag Janet." The girl said handing it off to her.

"Thank you Barb. You better get back to the front desk in case we have any stranglers for the morning." Janet said taking the bag and standing up. "Come Jorry I'll show you where the cubbies are. That's where you'll be keeping your bag here."

"Oh Okay." Jorry nodded as he followed her over to where they where.

"Ah here's yours. See it has your name on it right here. Jorry." Janet said pointing to the name tag before she put his bag in the cubby. "Now then over there's the play area. The door on the far side leads outside to the playground. You can go out to it unless there's a stop sign on the door."

"Alrighty." Jorry nodded looking over towards the large room.

"Alright now you go on and have fun now." Janet encouraged him before heading back to her desk which looked over the room.

Jorry stood there a moment and took a deep breath to gather up his courage and walked on into the room looking around. There had to be at least twenty kids. All Human. Jorry frowned a bit at this. There didn't seem to be a single other Sauroid in his own age group. But Jorry was sure he'd make friends with some of the human kids. There were so many. He wasn't sure how to jump in or introduce himself to any of them though. Looking around he decided it'd be easiest to befriend someone who wasn't in a big group already occupied. Which is when he spotted a blond haired boy sitting at a table drawing. There weren't any other kids around so Jorry made his way over to him to make the introduction.

"Hi there. I'm Jorry. Whacha drawing?" Jorry asked curiously as he sat down across from the boy.

"Huh? Oh...Hi. I'm Josh." The boy said shyly. "You're a Sauroid aren't ya?"

"Hehe Yup yup. I guess I'm the only one here." Jorry said looking around a bit then.

"Least in this room. There's a bigger one in the other room. I dunno what his name is though. He looks kinda different then you." Josh said looking Jorry over.

"Huh? Different how?" Jorry asked curiously.

"He's got a bigger muzzle than you and his feathers are a lil longer. Oh do you walk on your toes cuz he does." Josh explained listing off the differences he could think of as he adjusted his glasses.

"Nope my legs are just like yours. I think the one your talking about is what humans call a Warrior breed." Jorry explained. "Ooo is that a T-Rex your drawing?"

"Oh yeah it is." Josh nodded blushing a bit.

"That's really cool but you forgot the feathers. Rex have em on their heads running down to their tails. I got to pet a mini one once at the zoo back home." Jorry said recalling that visit to the Zoo as he grabbed some of the paper on the table and a pencil

"Really? I didn't know that. Cool. Wish I could have gotten o pet one." Josh said as he started to add in the feathers.

"Uh Huh. Raptors have lots of feathers like birds. I asked mommy if I could get a pet one. But she said I gotta wait till we get settled in." Jorry sighed as she started to draw a raptor.

"Are they like dogs for Sauroids?" Josh asked as he started drawing a background around his T-Rex.

"Uh huh but not as noisy. I dunno if I like dogs that much. This guy on our street has one and it barks at me whenever I go by and it runs at the fence and I kinda get scared cuz it's a big one and I don't think it likes me." Jorry cringed at the thought of the neighbor dog.

"Hehe. Yeah some of em do bark a lot. Especially the little ones but I like little dogs better." Josh added

"I think I saw a little one once but it looked more like a rodent or something to me. A lady had it in her purse." Jorry giggled as he continued his Raptor sketch.

"I've seen people do that. I think it's kinda funny. Daddy says those dogs are less dogs and more like yipping beanie babies." Josh giggled too.

"Hehehe. What's a Beanie Baby?" Jorry asked once his giggles subsided.

"Their these lil stuffed animals filled with tiny foam beans." Josh explained looking over at Jorry's picture. "Wow that's pretty good."

"You think so?" Jorry asked looking it over as he added in a few trees.

"Uh Huh. Oh I know! We should sign these and go stick em on the art wall! Sign yours!" Josh said as he quickly signed the corner of his.

"Oh Okay!" Jorry nodded and sighed his. In Sauroid.

"Do you know how to write?" Josh asked looking at the signature.

"Yeah. That's my name. Jorry Relin. Oh wait a minute. Should I sign it in English?" Jorry asked only now thinking that humans might not be able to read Sauroid Standard.

"Uh Huh I think you should cuz nobody's gonna know what it says if you don't." Josh nodded which prompted Jorry to sign in English.

"There we go. Show me where the Art Wall is." Jorry said getting up with his picture.

"Right over here!" Josh grinned and lead the way with Jorry scampering behind him.

"Wow there's lots of stuff on here." Jorry said looking at all the pictures and crafts what were up on the wall.

"Uh Huh. Here's a magnet. Find a blank spot and stick yours up." Josh said as he put his up. Jorry nodded and did the same.

"They look nice up there." Jorry beamed with pride.

"Hey who are you?" Came a voice from behind them.

"Oh hi Mike." Josh said to the brown haired boy. "This is Jorry he's new here."

"He? So you're a boy?" Mike asked looking confused.

"Yes I'm a boy." Jorry affirmed a bit confused himself.

"Hehe. Then how come your wearing a dress?! Only girls wear dresses." Mike giggled pointing at Jorry.

"It's a wait cloth and lots of boys wear em. Sauroid ones anyway." Jorry told him adding the last part as he recalled he never really saw any human ones wearing them.

"Well it still looks like a dress to me. I bet you wear girly underwear too" Mike teased.

"I do not!" Jorry said stomping his foot.

"Then prove it!" Mike taunted.

"Fine!" Jorry nodded pulling up his waist cloth revealing his diaper.

"Ha! Look everyone! The new kid's wearing a diaper!" Mike laughed holding his side with one hand and pointing with the other.

"So? What's wrong with that?" Jorry asked tilting his head to the side in confusion.

"Hahaha! Dude only babies wear diapers! Oh look he's wet too! The big baby wets himself too!" Mike laughed harder as some of the kids around them were laughing, some snickering, and some still just looking on in amazement.

"Hey big boys wear diapers too! Daddy said so! He even wears em too!" Jorry told Mike but was surprised when Mike's laughter only intensified.

"Then your daddy's just a big stupid baby too! Only babies wear diapers so you must be a baby. You better head back to the baby room before you need your dydee changed." Mike taunted as Jorry dropped his waist cloth back down.

"I'm not a baby!" Jorry pouted crossing his arms.

"Baby! Baby! Baby! Your just a big baby!" Mike continued taunting.

"I said I'm not!" Jorry shouted as he got a bit teary eyed.

"Aww baby gonna cry? What's wrong baby you want your baba?" Mike laughed

"Stop it!" Jorry yelled again too worked up to notice a growing pressure in his back side.

"Or what? Huh? What's baby gonna do? Call his mommy?" Mike egged him.

"I'll..." Jorry trailed off as a light fart sound was heard and the seat of his diaper filled. The smell was quick to waft.

"Eww! The baby just pooped his pants!" Mike shouted as some of the kids ran off to get away from the smell. A few including Mike held their noses.

"What in the world is going on in here?" Asked a young woman with black hair.

"The new kid pooped his pants and started crying! He's just a big diapee baby!" Mike taunted as Jorry was crying now.

"Mike you stop picking on him." The girl told him sternly.

"But it's true Sarah he is-" Mike started but was cut off.

"I don't wanna hear any of your lies Mike. Now you go stand in the time out corner for Five minutes." Sarah told him pointing off to the corner.

"But!" Mike started again.

"Now mister." Sarah told him more firmly.

"Fine!" Mike pouted and waked off to the corner.

"Shhh. It's Ok Jorry. Come on lets get you to the bathroom and get you cleaned up." Sarah told him offering him a hand.

"Okay." Jorry nodded sullenly as he took her hand and followed her back to the bathroom.

"Now you get cleaned up and I'll go see about getting you some clean undies." Sarah said walking off too fast for Jorry to say anything. Sarah doubted an 8 year old would have a change of underwear packed so she didn't bother checking his bag. Instead she just went to a basket in the side room with spare clothes. It wasn't too uncommon for accidents to sometimes happen or for kids to get their clothes dirty so they had a good deal of spare clothes on hand. Sarah grabbed a plain pair of briefs that she thought would fit Jorry and came walking back. She saw Jorry still standing there sniffling and didn't see his dirty underwear anywhere in sight but failed to realize anything. "Here's some clean undies. They should fit you."

"Huh?" Jorry said tilting his head as he looked at the strange thin garment. "These aren't what I wear."

"They should do for now though. So get yourself changed then." Sarah told him as she stood up.

"But...I haven't learned that yet!" Jorry told her tears in his voice again.

"You mean your parents haven't taught you how to clean up yet?" Sarah asked him looking shocked.

"No." Jorry said simply and shook his head. "Daddy said he'd teach me how to change my diapers soon though cuz he says I'm getting to be a big boy."

"Your what?" Sarah asked again. She was sure she must of misheard him or that he misspoke.

"My diaper. Daddy hasn't taught me how to change it yet." Jorry restated looking up at her confused.

"You mean your not potty trained?" Sarah in disbelief.

"No." Jorry said simply still confused.

"Did they ever try to potty train you?" Sarah asked.

"No." Jorry shook his head.

"Jorry wait right here for a sec I'll be right back." Sarah said quickly exiting the bathroom leaving Jorry standing there in utter confusion. She couldn't believe that parents would be so neglectful as to keep their child in diapers this long and never even try to potty train him. Sarah was so sure this had to be a case of neglect. She had to get the authorities. If they were neglecting to even toilet train him who knew what else they might be doing to him. Sarah didn't wanna think about it as she made her way to the office phone.

"What's the hurry Sarah?" Came a voice from just behind and too the left of her.

"Huh?" Sarah asked stopping and turning around to see Janet coming back in. "Oh Janet your back!"

"Yes now what's wrong? I had to run out to get Suzy's inhaler." Janet said confused as to why Sarah was so worked up.

"It's the new kid. The Sauroid boy. Janet his parents must be horrible! He's 8 years old and he's still in diapers! He had an accident in them while you were gone and the other kids picked on him. He says his parents have never tried to potty train him. We need to to do something! If they're doing this to him who knows what else they might be doing!" Sarah rambled off semi panicked.

"Sarah." Janet began looking at the young girl before her as though she were looking at the dumbest person alive.

"What? What's with that look? How can you not take this seriously?! Their abusing or at least neglecting him!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Sarah diaper usage for Sauroids males his age is common. About 3 out of 10 of every Sauroid male wears them." Janet told Sarah rolling her eyes.

"What?! But what about the boy in the other class? Jinsum. He doesn't wear diapers." Sarah asked dumbfounded.

"Jinsum doesn't during the day. Now calm down Sarah before you have a heart attack." Janet told her putting a hand on her shoulder.

"I...I was so sure. I mean it just doesn't seem normal or right. I mean shouldn't he be potty trained by age 8?" Sarah asked seeming to be calmer now.

"Yes usually they train between the ages of 4 and 6. But like I said some males never do just because of their biology." Janet explained to her.

"Well shouldn't he at least be able to change himself? He said his daddy hadn't taught him how to yet." Sarah asked again with a look of confusion.

"They usually learn sometime between 8 and 10. Sarah didn't you bother reading any of the information in the Sauroid Developmental Care book?" Janet asked. These were things she expected her staff to know.

"Well...I haven't looked it over yet. I've been so busy." Sarah admitted staring down at her feet.

"Sarah you've had that book for 2 and a half months! This information's in the first chapter. There's an index of developmental milestones in there. You haven't even started to read it have you?" Janet asked crossing her arms.

"No but I've been busy with more important things than that! I mean I didn't expect it would be much different from people!" Sarah exploded trying to defend her ignorance.

"Sarah going shopping with your friends or going out with some boy is not more important and did I hear you right? That they're different from people? Are you saying Jorry isn't a person?" Janet asked glaring at Sarah with fire in her eyes.

"Well...well..." Sarah stuttered in vain search for the right words.

"Where is Jorry now?" Janet finally asked taking a deep breath.

"Still in the bathroom. I ran off to call someone when he told me he wasn't potty trained and all that. I thought it was abuse or neglect or something." Sarah told her.

"You mean you didn't even bother to change him first?" Janet asked incredulously.

"Well it's not like we have any diapers here that would fit him! Besides I didn't sign on to change some eight year old's diapers! I picked this age room so I wouldn't have to deal with that icky stuff." Sarah told her cringing at the thought.

"Sarah. Get your stuff and go home." Janet said turning around.

"What?" Sarah asked in confused shock. "I get the rest of the day off?"

"Sarah if you can't be bothered to learn any of this or to step outside your comfort zone I can't keep you on. Sarah your fired. Get out." Janet said simply.

"What?! Over this? Over one damn thing your letting me go?!" Sarah bellowed in outrage.

"Given your outburst just a moment ago and now, your laziness, willful ignorance, and inability to deal with as you put it ‘icky stuff' I can't possibly keep you on. This is a gross breach of our standards. Your fired. End of story. Get your things and get out." Janet told her before turning back around and marching down the hall.

Janet stood there for a moment slack jawed at what had just happened. After a few moments a pout more indicative of some of her former charges crossed her face as she stopped back to the employee locker room to get her things. Janet couldn't believe how dense Sarah was and shook her head as she went to Jorry's cubby hole. Given the other children were around she opted to just take Jorry's whole bag with her to the bathroom rather than remove the changing supplies and give them more reason to snicker. Bag in hand she made her way back to the bathroom where she saw Josh standing outside a stall.

"Josh what are you doing here?" Janet asked.

"I was worried. Mike was really mean to Jorry and I wanted to see if he was Okay. I tried to help him stop crying.." Josh told her looking with concern in his face.

"That's sweet of you dear. But why don't you go back to the playroom and let me take care of Jorry. We'll be back out in a little bit." Janet told Josh with a warm smile.

"Okay. Bye Jorry. I'll be waiting for you out in the playroom in the book nook. Don't worry Mike hates it there cuz he can't read so good." Josh said to the door before scampering off.

"Jorry it's Janet. Can I come in?" She asked gently.

"O-okay." Jorry sniffled wiping tears from his eyes as he sat curled up in a corner.

"Come on over and lets get you changed huh?" Janet said as she unzipped Jorry's bag and started getting out the changing supplies.

"The other girl." Jorry sniffled as he shakily got up and came over. "She asked me all these questions like something was wrong with me an and the others kept laughing at me saying I was a baby and a-"

"Shhh. It's Ok sweetie. No one's laughing at you know. Mike got a time out and if he picks on you again he'll get a longer one. And you don't have to worry about the girl. She's not here anymore." Janet said holding Jorry's hand.

"R-realy?" Jorry asked with relief.

"Really. Now wanna lay down for me so I can get you changed? You don't wanna get a diaper rash do you?" Janet said trying to lighten the mood.

"Heh. Guess not." Jorry nodded as he laid down for her.

So with that Janet set about the task of changing Jorry. She pulled up his waist cloth and hummed a soothing tune as she untapped the soaked dirty diaper and began to clean him up. She'd had years of experience at this both from her time as a Daycare worker and years of babysitting as a teen. She had him cleaned up in a snap and before Jorry knew it the fresh diaper was slid into place and he was being powdered up. Jorry sighed relaxing at the scent of the powder. He didn't even register the sounds of the diaper being taped up.

"There ya go all done. Now if you need a change again you just come get me Ok?" Janet told Jorry as he got up letting his waist cloth fall back into place.

"Uh Huh. I will!" Jorry nodded with a smile the drama from earlier already having slipped away.

"Alright then you go on in and play while I pack your things back up." Janet told him.

Jorry nodded with a smile and scampered back into the playroom. He decided to skirt around the edges of the room to avoid most of the other kids. He didn't wanna take a chance of yet more teasing. Eventuallly he came upon the book nook. A corner of the room with a two tall solid book cases and a bunch of pillows and a few bean bag chairs. Sitting in the corner in one of the been bag chairs was Josh with a book. Jorry took a deep breath and scampered over to him.

"Hi Jorry. Feeling better?" Josh asked looking up from his book.

"Yeah. I don't get it though." Jorry said as Josh scooched over and he sat down next to him in the been bag chair. "Why's it such a big deal that I wear diapers or my waist cloth? I never got picked on for any of this stuff before."

"Well Mike's kind of a big meanie. He likes makin fun of anyone that's different. Most big kids don't wear diapers here. And I don't think I've ever seen a boy wearing something like your waist cloth. Except maybe a Kilt in those pictures from Scotland but I don't know if that counts. Anyway I won't make fun of ya for it." Josh told Jorry putting an arm around him.

"Hehe. Thanks Josh. I guess I didn't know that. I mean that humans would be so different. Think the others will pick on me again? Am I the only one around here that wears diapers?" Jorry asked though not really expecting much of an answer on the second question.

"Well you might get picked on a bit now and then about em but I don't think everyone will get in on it like before. And I think you are the only one wearing em outside the baby and toddler rooms. Well mostly. Can you keep a secret?" Josh asked Jorry quietly and looked around a bit to make sure no one was too close.

"Sure I can." Jorry nodded confidently.

"Well you see...I ...well what I....I wet the bed. I wear a...diaper to bed every night so I don't get the bed or my Pjs wet. I used to have to wear a Pull-Ups here for nap time but since you don't have to nap in this room I don't. I just come over here and read." Josh explained trying not to blush too much.

"Oh Ok. So even needing them at night is a big deal?" Jorry asked curiously.

"Uh Huh. Since not too many big kids or grown ups wear diapers most everyone says their for babies an stuff. But my mommy says their's probably more people that need em for some reason or another than people know about cuz they don't tell people cuz they don't wanna be embarrassed." Josh said sighing a bit. "Feels good to let someone in on my secret."

"Well I'll make sure to keep it! I promise." Jorry nodded again. "So whatcha reading?"

"Oh it's a space book. See it shows both our solar systems." Josh said holding the book between them.

"Cool! Oh there's even a lil number next to the big planets saying how many moons they have." Jorry grinned looking it over.

"You guys had to take a space ship to get here right? Did you get to see any of the planets coming here?" Josh asked curiously.

"Hehe. Uh Huh a few but not all of em. I wasn't awake when we entered this system so I missed seeing Saturn but I did get to see Jupiter! That's one really big spot. I bet it could gobble up a bazillion ships!" Jorry giggled.

"Oh cool! Did you see any moons?" Josh asked again.

"I think I saw a few but they were kinda far away and we couldn't make em out well." Jorry explained as he tried to recall the trip.

"Come on kids. Everyone into the lunch room." Janet said walking into the middle of the room.

"I wonder what's for lunch." Jorry said as he got up out of the bean bag chair.

"I dunno. I think chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. Yesterday we had mac and cheese." Josh said as he tried to get up but kept sinking back into the chair.

"Ooo Wonder what it'll taste like." Jorry mused and helped Josh get up.

With that Jorry and Josh got in line and filed out of the room and headed down the hall to the lunch room. He followed Josh's lead and grabbed a tray as they moved through the line. When they came to the cooler Josh picked his favorite chocolate milk out of it. Jorry looked over the stuff and grabbed a thing of juice and continued on down the line to check off that he did get his food and then they went out to find a seat at the table. While they sat down and began to eat Josh noticed Jorry's choice of Juice over choclate milk.

"Why'd ya pick the juice? Chocolate milk's pretty good and mommy says it's good for ya." Josh inquired fixing his glasses.

"My mommy told me not to get the milk. She said stay away from stuff with milk in it cuz it won't agree with my tummy." Jorry tried to explain as he probed the mashed potatoes experimentally with a fork.

"Really? Why would it do that? Never upsets my tummy." Josh said mildly confused as he ate a nugget.

"I asked her that and she says it's cuz we're not mammals our tummies can't really handle it so well." Jorry explained before trying a spoonful of the mashed potatoes and grinned. "Mmmm. These are pretty good."

"Oh Okay." Josh nodded now understanding as they both continued to eat their lunch.

The rest of lunch passed by with idle conversation about cartoons, and video games. Which the two liked the most. Jorry found himself hearing a bunch of new titles and so did Josh as they told each other about their favorite respective cartoons. One which they both liked featured a Ship exploring the Galaxy and crewed by a mix of Sauroids and Humans. Jorry was so absorbed by the conversation he didn't notice the growing warmth and wetness spreading in his diaper. It wasn't until they were told they could go out to play that Jorry realized he'd wet. But he paid this little attention as they scampered out onto the playground. He was used to being wet and he knew he wasn't soaked so he was happy to go out onto the playground and run around with Josh. The two pretended they were from the show and played some pretend games of being chased by aliens and such until the teacher called everyone back in. It was only now that things had settled down that Jorry noticed exactly how soggy his diaper had gotten. He could tell odds were it wouldn't stand up to much more so he scampered on over to Janet.

"Teacher I think I need a change." Jorry said looking up to her as though it were the most normal thing in the world.

"Huh? Oh right. Well come on lets get you changed then." Janet nodded having momentarily forgotten Jorry's diapered state.

As Jorry got his bag and followed her back to the bathroom it began to sink in that this would be a regular routine now and if the trend with Sauroids continued as she thought it would they may need to hire additional staff for this particular purpose. As she began changing him she wondered what a Sauroid daycare was like. Odds were if she got more Sauroids coming in it'd be a good idea to see how they went about this sort of thing. She smiled at the thought of tackling a new challenge as she wiped Jorry up. Her concern though was if she did need to hire on more staff for this was if she'd be able to find willing staff. Not a whole lot of people are eager to change diapers specially that of older children. As she slid a fresh diaper under Jorry she thought that maybe Sauroids wouldn't mind it. It would also look good to have a few on staff. She made a mental note as she finished powdering Jorry to look into that and taped up Jorry's fresh diaper.

"Ah nice fresh diaper." Jorry smiled as he stood up letting his waist cloth fall back down.

"There you go Jorry all Set run along." Janet told him.

"Okay and thanks again." Jorry told her giving her a hug before scampering off into the play room.

The rest of the day went on fairly uneventfully. Josh and Jorry continued to play together making a block city and demolishing it. They drew some more and even played with some finger paints. It was quite obvious these two were going to be friends for quite a long time. The two seemed to just chatter away about this or that. Whatever interested them became their topic for a little while until one of them came up with a new one. Jorry was so engrossed with their finger paints and talk that he hadn't noticed his daddy arrive.

"Hello you must be Jorry's Teacher." Dix smiled to Janet as he walked into the room.

"Oh you must be Mr. Relin. Pleasure to meet you. Yes I'm the teacher if you will for this class. My name's Janet." She told him shaking his hand.

"Looks like Jorry's made a friend already." Dix smiled seeing Jorry chatting away with Josh as they finger painted.

"Yes. It looks like him and Josh have become fast friends." Janet nodded happily.

"So I take it he's been getting along with the other kids. Any problems?" Dix asked curiously.

"Well...we did have some issues. A boy in the class was apparently picking on him about his clothes and especially his diaper. We broke up the situation and no one's picked on him again today." Janet explained.

"Oh my. I was a little worried about that. I know humans tend to have a stigma about diapers and such. Were there any other problems?" Dix asked again wanting to make sure.

"One of our staff. She broke up the fight apparently thinking the boy was lying about Jorry wearing diapers. When she went to have him change and found out he was wearing them she didn't react to it very professionally." Janet sighed remembering her exchange with the now ex-employee.

"What?! What did she do?" Dix asked now beginning to be a bit flustered.

"I arrived back just as she was coming up to the front. She apparently thought Jorry was being neglected or possibly abused. She was going to notify the authorities. Frankly I was surprised she didn't know this about Sauroids and her reaction to information wasn't too receptive. I let her go today because of it." Janet explained to Dix who stood there in shock.

"You mean she actually thought..." Dix trailed off unable to believe someone working with kids could be so dense about kids of another species.

"Yes. But as I've said the problem's resolved. She's been let go." Janet said slowly to calm Dix down.

"Wow. I expected Jorry might get picked on a bit but I didn't expect this." Dix said running a hand through his feathers thinking of what could have happened if the local authorities were just as ignorant as that girl. "Thank you for taking care of it."

"Anytime. It's my job and I'm not about to keep anyone who can't hold to the standards of this profession. Any other questions?" Janet asked placing a hand on Dix's shoulder.

"No. I think I'm good." Dix nodded as he calmed down.

"Daddy!" Jorry giggled scampering over having seen him when Josh pointed him out.

"Hey there Jorry." Dix smiled and gave his son a big hug.

"Hehe. Daddy this is Josh! He's my new friend and he's really cool and could we sleep over sometime?" Jorry asked rapid fire.

"Well I'm glad you made a new friend. And I don't see why he couldn't sleep over sometime." Dix told them.

"Yay! Now all I gotta do is ask my mommy!" Josh cheered happily.

"Thankees Daddy!" Jorry grinned.

"No problem. Come on now Jorry it's time we headed home now. If you want you can help me make supper for Mommy when she gets home." Dix offered knowing the reaction he'd get.

"Oh1 Yeah! I love helping you cook daddy." Jorry nodded enthusiastically before turning back to Josh and gave him a big hug. "Hehehe. Thanks for being friends Josh! I'll see ya tomorrow!"

"Hehe Thanks for being my friend too!" Josh said hugging him back before Jorry took his daddy's hand. "I'll see tomorrow!"

With that Jorry and Dix left getting into the car for the ride home. Dix was glad to hear Jorry's day aside from the rocky start had went fairly well. He was uncertain how to tell his wife though about the incident with the staffer but he figured that would be best handled after Jorry went to bed over Tea. Of course Jorry meanwhile had completely forgotten the rocky bit of his day and was looking forward to a future sleep over with his newest and possibly new best friend. All and all Jorry had the feeling he was going to like living here with his new neighbors and new friends.

The End.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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