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 Care Bear Story!!!

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PostSubject: Care Bear Story!!!   Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:02 am

You unlock this door with the fuzzy key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension. A dimension of rainbows. A dimension of fluffy clouds. A dimension of living plushy-like creatures. You’re toddling into a land of both nostalgic television, and over-blown cuteness. You just crossed over into the Baby Fur Zone!

Chimour’s Magical Journey To Care-A-Lot!

It was late one Saturday night as we joined Chimour sitting on the front porch of his house in Denshire Falls. Tonight he was gazing up blissfully towards the stars which blanketed the sky as they did every night, but well maybe not as thickly as they were this particular night. It was a bit chilly out, but Chimour really didn’t seem to mind it much, having previously decided on just wearing his Pawpers, and baby tee outside for tonight. Chimour knew his parents wouldn’t mind, it was only around eight after all, so it’s not like he snuck out of bed or anything, though it was getting real close to his bedtime.

“What a perfect night, makes me wish I could stay up a little longer, and continue gazing up at the stars…”. Chimour said, yawning a tiny bit, when all of a sudden something had caught his eye.

“A shooting star! Huh… Looks a bit funny, but I’ll take it!”. Chimour giggled as he began making his wish, opening his eyes back up to see that while he was making his wish that shooting star, and gotten closer, and well it seemed to be heading directly towards his house!

Chimour taking immediate action spread his wings, and took off in flight, catching what looked like a tiny little flying machine made out of clouds. Chimour a bit confused by this dropped back down out of the sky, landing firmly back onto ground before setting the flying machine down.

“Huh that’s odd…”. Chimour said scratching his head a tiny bit, as the flying machine completely opened up, revealing what looked like a coughing teddy bear with a big red heart on his tummy.

“Thanks for that, if it weren’t for you, well lets just say that I don’t want to think of what would’ve happened”. The bear said, having stopped coughing as the smoke left the cockpit of the machine which obviously this bear had been flying.

“Wait a minute… Are you? No it couldn’t be… Are you Tender Heart?!”. Chimour asked his eyes enlarging a tiny bit as he curiously poked at the bear’s tummy.

“Yes I am, now stop poking me!”. Tender Heart said.

“Oh sorry Mr. Tender Heart sir…”. Chimour said.

“Don’t sweat it. Anyway if you don’t mind me I think it’s about time I erased your memory of this whole silly little encounter”. Tender Heart said, taking out a device like the one used from “Men In Black“.

“Wait what?”. Chimour asked curiously as there was a slight flash, causing Chimour to quickly close his eyes since he couldn’t stand bright lights.

Just then as Tender Heart had continued using the device it too, just like his flying machine, broke down on him.

“Oh darn it… Lemme guess you still remember me don’t you?”. Tender Heart asked.

“Well of course silly, I mean we just met a little while ago, oh and don’t you ever do that again! I hate bright lights!”. Chimour said rubbing his eyes a tiny bit.

“… Damnit…”. Tender Heart said, sighing a little bit. “Well chances are no one would believe you anyway, but well I guess, just to make sure, I should take you back with me, see what my colleagues have to say, and see if they come up with anything”. Tender Heart said.

“Your colleagues? You mean we’re going to Care-A-Lot?!”. Chimour asked, super excited.

“Yes, now be quiet, and hold still!”. Tender Heart instructed.

“Okay… But why?”. Chimour asked as he was soon zapped with some other device which Tender Heart apparently had prepared for just such an occasion.

“Well only fellow Care Bears, or the Care Bear Cousins can step foot inside Care-A-Lot, so I had to make a quick modification to the structure of your DNA”. Tender Heart explained as Chimour’s height hadn’t changed, but well now he looked a bit more cubby then usual, and also had the image of a teddy bear wearing a cloth diaper on his tummy.

“There you go, it’s not a permanent transformation, but for the time being consider yourself an official Care Bear Cousin”. Tender Heart said as he pulled out yet another device, this one he also pointed at Chimour.

“Well what’s my Cousin name then?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“I’m thinking ’Plush Heart Bat’, but hey if you can think up any better then let me know”. Tender Heart said as he zapped Chimour once again, Chimour disappearing out of thin air when he was zapped.

Next Tender Heart zapped his flying machine, and then himself as they were both quickly teleported to Care-A-Lot, Chimour already waiting for him there.

“Woooow… So this is Care-A-Lot huh? it’s much more impressive then anything I’ve seen in the movies…”. Chimour said.

“But of course! I mean I did say this place was only accessible for our kind, so when we did those movies over a thousand years ago your time we were basically using this set back down on earth since otherwise we never would’ve went to Care-A-Lot in any of those movies because those brats would never of been able to come here since they’re not one of us”. Tender Heart said.

“Brats? I thought you liked those kids? Also what do you mean my time? Does time work differently here then on earth?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Look appearances aren’t everything kid, those kids when they weren’t in front of a camera were mean as snakes, and any time we’d try to tell our idiot director on them they’d cutesy it up, and act as if they didn’t know what we were talking about”. Tender Heart explained. “And yes time does work differently here. Like have you ever watched our second theatrical release?”. Tender Heart asked.

“I believe I’ve seen it a few times on the television back home, why do you ask?”. Chimour asked, blushing at being called a kid by someone who just barely met his knees.

“Well mostly everything in all of those movies was made up, and completely fictitious, all except for that one part where they showed us aging into our adult forms while the kids back on earth didn’t age at all. This is because every minute down on earth is worth twenty years up in Care-A-Lot”. Tender Heart explained, looking over Chimour’s padded figure.

“What are you looking at?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Please don’t mind me asking, but are you incontinent or something?”. Tender Heart asked.

“Um… Well no, actually I was just never potty trained”. Chimour said, blushing a tiny bit.

“Ah well I would be surprised, but you are from Denshire Falls after all, so yeah”. Tender Heart said shrugging a little.

“Well um this is kind of the only diaper I have on me…”. Chimour said.

“Don’t worry about that, we can just make our cloth, and disposables a bit bigger for you, I mean it’s not like there are many cubs left in Care-A-Lot, so our diapering supplies, and nursery aren’t being used much anyway”. Tender Heart said, patting Chimour’s diapered bottom before taking him by the paw, and leading him off to the center of town.

“So I take it you don’t like those movies?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“What? You mean the Care Bears movies?”. Tender Heart asked.

“Well yeah, I mean you sounded as if you weren’t very proud of those films”. Chimour said.

“Are you kidding me? Of course I wasn’t proud of them. I mean me, and my friends never wanted to get into show biz for fame, or for money. No all we wanted was to help educate the human children down on earth, but instead of getting what we wanted we got stuck with this crack head director, and well he made the movies less about learning things, and more about mindless pandering to younger kids, basically twisting our original vision into some marketing ploy to sell toys!”. Tender Heart said.

“Geeze… I bet Bright Heart was devastated…”. Chimour said.

“He was, and you know what he’s still a little bitter over it, I mean he had some really neat things to teach those kids! Like one of his lessons would’ve been an easy to follow method for making a teleportation device out of house hold ingredients, and well he never got to teach anyone anything, not even in the television program we had back then”. Tender Heart said.

“Well what about how to express your feelings, how to share and all that?”. Chimour asked.

“That’s all well and good, but that was every freaking episode! I mean we didn’t get to teach children anything unless it had next to no intellectual substance, which of course meant we had to keep recycling lessons”. Tender Heart said, soon spotting, and making his way over to Swift Heart Rabbit.

“Hey there Tender Heart! Um hey who’s the new guy? Seems a bit tall doesn’t he? And what’s up with the diaper?”. Swift Heart asked curiously.

“Swift Heart this is Chimour, I kind of lost control over my ship, and almost ended up crashing into his house, and well I would’ve done so if he hadn’t been there to catch my ship. Anyway I tried erasing his memory after thanking him, but the device was malfunctioning just like my ship, so I decided to bring him here, and see what the others thought I should do about him”. Tender Heart explained.

“Ah I see, so you used your DNA scrambler to turn him into a cousin then?”. Swift Heart asked.

“Yup, pretty much”. Tender Heart said.

“You did right Tender Heart, most probably wouldn’t of believed him, but some might of, so it was a risk you couldn’t afford to take”. Swift Heart said. “Anyway that still doesn’t explain why he’s diapered, I mean I guess he could be incontinent, but well his diaper seems a bit more babyish then normal”. Swift Heart said.

“Well you see he’s from Denshire Falls”. Tender Heart said.

“Ah lack of potty training eh? Good thing we don’t have many cubs living around here any more”. Swift Heart said.

“Yeah I know, heck if need be we could probably let him stay over night in the nursery, I’m sure Bright Heart would love the opportunity to build something, what with it being kind of slow around here recently, and well since he’s from Denshire you know he’s probably used to sleeping in a nursery anyway so it wouldn‘t be much of a change for him”. Tender Heart said.

“Um… Excuse me?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yes? What is it?”. Tender Heart asked.

“Well you seem to know a lot about Denshire Falls, and about the kind of people who live there… How is that?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“You don’t think we’ve given up altogether on cheering people up, and making the world a better place do you? No you see the fact of the matter is we’ve just stopped trying to mingle with outsiders. Usually our ships, like the one you caught earlier, have built in shielding which make them completely invisible, and we usually only go on scouting missions, like the one I was on when you found me, at night. Besides that we’ll occasionally send one of our own down to your world since now-a-days furs have effectively taken charge of earth, making it significantly easier on us to masquerade as children”. Tender Heart said.

“I don’t know… How do you go about making people happier? Like Earth’s got a lot of furs in it”. Chimour said.

“Well most of what we do we do here, in Care-A-Lot”. Tender Heart said. “You see Bright Heart has effectively made a machine which grants wishes, all the furs on earth have to do is wish for it, and depending on their circumstance, and how much they deserve it their wishes may come true”. Tender Heart said.

“Sounds a bit simple doesn’t it? I mean how does it grant wishes?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well I guess it doesn’t flat out grant wishes, but what it does is it grants people the inspiration, and drive required to fulfill their wishes. I mean we can’t hold their paws completely, and just give it to them cause if we do they’ll grow dependant on us, and we might not be here forever”. Tender Heart explained.

“What do you mean by that?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“I mean that although we can live forever we aren’t invincible, and in time something may kill us, not saying anything like that will happen, but no one, not even me, and my friends know the future, and what it holds in store for us”. Tender Heart said.

“Hey Tender Heart?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yes kid?”. Tender Heart asked curiously.

“How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well you have to remember that one minute on earth is equal to twenty full years over here in Care-A-Lot, so I don’t really put a number on it since who can keep track of all that time?”. Tender Heart asked.

“Well can you give me a guesstimate?”. Chimour asked.

“If I had to I’d say millions of years old then, but that’s just a wild guess”. Tender Heart said.

“Well considering this do you guys still have birthday parties?”. Chimour asked.

“Of course we do, no point in buying presents though, we just have fun, eat cake, and play party games”. Tender Heart said.

“Well um Tender Heart can I talk to you again about the Care Bear movies?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well if you really want to I guess we can, what do you want to know?”. Tender Heart asked curiously.

“Well in the third movie what was up with that scary Jafar like character? I mean that face he made scared me so bad I couldn’t get to sleep for weeks, and if I did sleep any I’d keep having horrible nightmares”. Chimour said.

“Oh dear, did you wet the bed over it?”. Swift Heart asked curiously.

“No that just happens regardless”. Chimour said. “So yeah getting back on topic do you know why that creepy scene was in the third Care Bears movie?”. Chimour asked.

"Because I was so damn sick, and tired of all the cutesy happy dribble that I was hoping that scene would be enough to tank the movie". Grumpy Bear chimed in as he walked over to the group.

“Why would you do that though? I mean I know the movie was sappy, but a lot of cubs saw that movie when they were younger, hell it gave me nightmares for a good number of weeks!”. Chimour said.

"I was very pissed off at the time, and well I thought at the very least it might stop them from ever watching the show or movies again. Maybe then they'd watch something educational. Caring, sharing, and all that stuff is all well, and good, but it's a lot easier when you’re smarter not just a dribbling idiot". Grumpy huffed crossing his arms.

“I agree, but I don’t think scaring the hell out of them was the right way to go about making them stop watching. I mean I’m certain the ending alone would’ve been enough to keep them from ever watching another Care Bear movie again, so the scary scene you threw in there in my eyes was complete overkill”. Chimour said. “Anyway hey Tender Heart can you direct me to where Bright Heart lives? I’d like to meet him face to face”. Chimour said, eager to meet all of his favorite Care Bears, and Care Bear Cousins.

“He’d be over there in his house probably making some new invention or something”. Tender Heart said pointing over towards a nearby house.

“Okay, and thank you!”. Chimour said happily as he made his way over to the house, knocking at the door once he stood there in front of it.

"Ow! Coming!". Bright Heart said shaking his paw, having just stung himself with one of the instruments he was using before making his way over to the door.

Opening the door he stood there, staring for a moment before he opened up his mouth, and began to ask the obvious.

"Who are you? Don't tell me Tender Heart's mission didn't go as planned did it?". Bright Heart asked.

“Sorry, it didn’t, and also his memory eraser thingy didn’t work either, so he figured it’d be safer taking me here on the off chance anyone believed my story, oh yeah, and before you ask about the diapers I’m from Denshire Falls”. Chimour said.

"Well that was concise, and to the point. Thanks". Bright Heart said with a smile. "Wonder what went wrong with his gear. I'm going to have to check that out, and make sure it works. Hmmm... I'm also going to have to make some modifications to the nursery if you’re going to be staying with us for any length of time". Bright Heart said.

“Well it is a possibility. Anyways out of curiosity how long has it been since you’ve had anyone in diapers walking around this place?”. Chimour asked curiously.

"Not since Hugs, and Tugs were still in them. Well sort of. I guess Care-A-Lot still has one infrequent diaper user. I'll tell you as long as you promise not to spread it around too much". Bright Heart told you, standing aside from the door. "Oh, and come on in". Bright Heart finished, ushering Chimour on into his house.

“Okay, but I don’t see why anyone else knowing would be a problem though, so far people have tolerated me being a diapee butt just fine. I guess whoever you’re talking about is pretty embarrassed about it huh?”. Chimour asked, whispering all of these questions so none of the others could catch wind of what they were talking about.

"Yeah. Well he's trying to make a good impression, and all". Bright Heart said as he shut the door behind Chimour. "Tugs still wears them. Not really when he's out, and about but most of the time at home. He's just too shy about it to go let anyone else in on it. Me he had to let in. I got him some custom furniture, clothes, and his diapers. Shouldn't be hard setting up for you. Just got to duplicate what I made for Tugs". Bright Heart said.

“Well don’t you worry, I won’t tell a soul. Also if I could not have my memory erased I won’t tell anyone about this place existing, or anything either”. Chimour said. “Anyway how are these diapers you made Tugs special?”. Chimour asked, a little excited now.

"Well their sized up to fit him, oh and I've made him both cloth, and disposables. The disposables are nice, and thick, and they've also got teddy bears on the landing zone. Meanwhile his cloth diapers are thicker as well. Actually Hug's, and Tug's diapers were thicker back than, but the show had them wear the thinner ones for filming which wasn't exactly that bright an idea". Bright Heart said, shaking his head while remembering a few incidents during filming.

“Seems like any kind of Care Bears related television programming, or venture into movie-making was a bad idea, although I will admit that I did enjoy the first movie”. Chimour said. “Also thanks for this Bright Heart, hehe no wonder you’re Lig’s favorite Care Bear Cousin!”. Chimour said happily, although a little disappointed he didn‘t get an answer to his other inquiry.

"Awww shucks. Thanks. It is nice having fans, I just wish I could have been more helpful towards them. And yeah I think our first movie was the best out of the bunch, though that's not saying too much". Bright Heart said, shrugging.

“So when will you start work on making those modifications?”. Chimour asked, a faint hissing sound coming from his Pawpers as the front of his diaper started discoloring.

"Well first we need to decide where you’re staying, then I can just grab my size modifier, scale the nursery stuff up, and supply you with some diapers, and stuff". Bright Heart said, smiling as he got the size modification ray out of a drawer. "Heh, I haven't used this thing in a while". Bright Heart said.

“Actually I completely forget, I um don’t know if I’m even welcome to stay over here for that long. I mean for all I know Tender Heart may have already talked to the others about it, and came up with a solution to me finding out about this place”. Chimour said. “I don’t know, do you think they’ll let me stay awhile?”. Chimour asked, yawning a bit more, still a little sleepy from earlier.

"Well I get the feeling that may take a while, shoot odds are they'll probably want to keep you up here a bit". Bright Heart explained. "They probably want to see how trustworthy you are, and what you’re like. Anyway though we probably should go see if they've decided anything, such as where you'll be staying". Bright Heart said.

“Well from the sounds of it the nursery is probably where they’ll be sticking me, but yeah I guess we should go see if they’ve decided on that”. Chimour said as he walked back towards the front door, opening the door, before walking out of Bright Heart’s home.

And so Bright Heart followed Chimour over to the other Care Bears, and Care Bear Cousins who were all gathered around a table, and patiently waiting for the two of them. They were all there, every single one of them, Chimour’s eyes lighting up as he glanced at all of these character whom he grew up adoring when his big brother had bought him a set of their movies, and a few seasons of their television show.

And so with that Tender Heart had rose from his seat as he pointed to two other, empty chairs, one in front of the table, and lined with plastic, the other right next to Tender Hearts.

“Okay Chimour take a seat, and Bright Heart come up here, and take a seat with the rest of us. We have came to a decision”. Tender Heart said, Bright Heart joining him at the table while Chimour took a seat on the plastic lined chair in front of them.

Once everyone was seated Tender Heart opened his mouth once again, ready to make his announcement.

“Chimour we have decided that since so far you’ve come off as likeable, and have also probably saved me from crashing my ship that we’d give you a chance to prove your trustworthiness. If you meet our expectations you may come, and go whenever you want so long as you keep this place a secret from everyone else”. Tender Heart said. “Furthermore while you stay here, and whenever you stay here we’ve decided that given where you’re from you may live in the nursery over at Tug‘s place, that way you’ll feel more at home when visiting us”. Tender Heart finished.

"I'll have to stop by there with him to make some modifications to the nursery equipment. Shouldn't take long". Bright Heart spoke up.

“Thanks Bright Heart, don’t know what we’d do without you”. Tender Heart said smiling as Chimour got out of the chair, and waited for Bright Heart to help escort him into the nursery.

"Well I guess I'll have a boarder for a while". Tugs smiled walking over to them.

"Uh Huh. I think you two will get along just fine. Come on now." Bright Heart said leading the way out of the room.

“So hey Tugs how have things been around Care-A-Lot lately?”. Chimour asked curiously as they headed off towards the nursery.

"Things have been pretty good. Kind of dull but oh well. I guess everyone's mostly doing their own thing aside from subtly helping everyone down on earth". Tugs told Chimour as they walked the streets of Care-A-Lot.

“Hey do they have any videogames up here in Care-A-Lot? How about television?”. Chimour asked curiously.

"I've got us set up for television feeds from earth, matter of fact we get every channel". Bright Heart spoke up. "As for video games yes we have those too. Again most imported from earth". Bright Heart said.

“Hmm… Hey I’ve got a question… In the nursery do they have something that can change me? I sort of wet myself earlier, and although I know it’s not that bad just yet I just so happened to see that one episode of Care Bears with you, Champ Bear, Hugs, and Tugs, and well if you’re really no good at changing diapers I don’t know who else to turn to”. Chimour said.

“Yet another inaccuracy, ok well maybe not for Champ, but I can change diapers just fine. They only had us do that to make the scene funny, but yeah I did install an automated changing system, you know in case we needed some extra help or something. Sides if I'm not around I'm certain Tugs could help you out". Bright Heart said, smiling as they walked on, and as Tug's face turned a few shades of red.

"Well um... I suppose I could, I mean um… It's not like it's hard, or anything." Tugs stammered, quickly trying to deflect the subject.

Chimour didn’t say anything to that, noting the blush on Tug’s face as they kept walking before they had finally reached Tug‘s house.

“Welcome to my house”. Tug’s said, opening the door before walking inside with Bright Heart, Chimour following closely behind.

“So what’s the layout of this house then?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well it’s a two story house, kitchen’s on the first floor, and so is the study, a half bathroom, the dining room, and the living room. Oh yeah and up a floor there’s the main bathroom, the bedrooms, and the nursery where you’ll be staying”. Tugs said.

“Does Hugs live here with you?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Nah she moved out a long time ago”. Tugs said.

“Ah okay”. Chimour said as he made his way up to the second floor with Bright Heart, and Tugs. “So Bright Heart you ready?”. Chimour asked curiously as they soon entered the nursery.

“Of course”. Bright Heart said as he took his size modifier and went to work, using it on the one crib he found inside there. “Sorry Chimour, but Tug’s old crib from back then was pretty badly beaten up, and well we only have Hug’s crib left here, and as you can obviously tell her crib was pink”. Bright Heart said, lying about Tug’s crib because the truth was that he enlarged it for Tugs, and helped move it into his room, and well even though he already let Chimour in on Tug’s hobbies he didn’t see any point in embarrassing Tugs like that since Tugs was standing right next to him.

“Hehe don’t worry about that, I’m also a bit of a sissy so I like certain things a little more girly then usual”. Chimour giggled.

“Ah well guess it worked out for the best then huh?”. Bright Heart asked, smiling as he moved onto enlarging the changing table so that it would keep someone as tall as Chimour properly, and comfortably elevated.

“Okay now I just got to get you some changing supplies. Wait here with Tugs Chimour, I’ll be back soon with some diapers, wipes, powder, oh and how would you like a teddy bear? I may have one I could enlarge for you”. Bright Heart offered.

“Yes please, oh and I’d like both cloth, and disposable as far as diapers go. Oh, oh! And a pacifier please!”. Chimour said.

“Got it!”. Bright Heart said as he left the two of them, and soon made his way back out of the house, presumably heading back towards his own.

“So do you want to do something until he gets back?”. Tugs asked.

“Well I’m not hungry, could really go for a bottle now… Um hey you’ve got television right?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yeah we sure do, any thing in particular you wanted to watch?”. Tugs asked.

“Well I’ll see if there’s anything good on the television first”. Chimour said shrugging as he made he way out the nursery, down the stairs, sat down onto the couch in the living room, picked the nearby remote up, and started flipping through the channels.

“Anything good on?”. Tugs asked curiously.

“Well ‘Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle’ is on Comedy Central if you want to watch that with me?”. Chimour asked.

“No thanks, and are you sure you should be watching that?”. Tugs asked curiously.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m seven hundred, and fifty years old”. Chimour said.

“How does that work?”. Tugs asked curiously.

“Well I’m a vampire bat fur, and we have this sort of weird way of aging, like say if you lived a normal life you age normally, but look as if you’re twenty four forever regardless of being centuries old. Eventually I’m going to look twenty four as well, but the reason why I look like a preteen while being so old is because I had this sort of traumatic life experience, and well I felt robbed of my childhood, therefore I never wanted to grow up until I got to enjoy growing up, and until I got to enjoy being a kid like how every fur has the right to. So you see because of my reluctance to grow up my body listened, and kept me looking this old, I mean as I said before I will start physically maturing in time, but just not now”. Chimour said.

“Sounds like Bright Heart would have a field day if he could get his paws on some of your DNA”. Tugs said.

“Well I’d definitely let him take a blood sample, but well just one. I don’t wanna end up looking like a pincushion”. Chimour said.

And so a little while later Bright Heart came back with what looked like a rather large teddy bear about the same size as Chimour, three packs of the disposables he had mentioned earlier, about six thick looking cloth diapers with pins, some baby wipes, some baby powder, and lastly that pacifier Chimour had asked for.

“Here you go Chimour”. Bright Heart said, putting all of what he had brought with him down onto the floor except for the pacifier which he quickly handed over to Chimour.

“Thanks!”. Chimour said, happily taking the offered pacifier before plopping it into his furry maw. “Tho… Any ideath on how I thouwd go about eawning eweryone’s twust awound hewe?”. Chimour asked.

“Pardon? Sorry, but I don’t speak cub”. Bright Heart joked.

“Okay, guess I gotta take this out then”. Chimour said after doing just that, setting the pacifier next to him on the couch. “What I was trying to say is do you know of any ways I can go about earning the trust of all the other Care Bears, and Care Bear Cousins?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well you could start by helping me out in the lab, it’s not easy doing it all by myself, and well you would make a good assistant”. Bright Heart offered. “Do that for me, and I’ll put in a good word for you. Also besides that I think Grumpy needs some help waking up Bed Time Bear”. Bright Heart said.

“Well how’s that hard? I mean it can’t be to tricky getting him to wake up, can it?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Trust me Grumpy wouldn’t ask for help if he didn’t badly need it, so yeah waking up Bed Time Bear can be very tedious since he can sleep through just about anything”. Bright Heart said as he picked up the diapering supplies he had toted in here previously, going up the stairs, and towards the nursery.

“Doesn’t sound like a problem that a little heavy metal couldn‘t fix!”. Chimour giggled.

“Um… I don’t think hitting Bed Time Bear over the head with a lead pipe will help you any…”. Tugs said.

“I didn’t mean that kind of heavy metal silly. No what I’m talking about is something more like say Exodus, or Mercyful Fate”. Chimour giggled. “So… Um did this ever happen before?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Did what ever happen before?”. Tugs asked.

“Well I mean did Care-A-Lot ever have any other special guests like myself before? I mean I could see it happening myself given the millions of years you guys have lived here”. Chimour said.

“Well we probably have, but none of us can remember that far back so you’d have to ask Bright Heart to show you the archives if you really want to know all who’ve visited Care-A-Lot in the past”. Tugs said.

“Yeah that makes sense! You guys first see if they’re trust worthy enough, and if they so happen to meet your expectations then you put their info down into the archive so that even after you forget them the archive will remind you after doing a quick search for them! But um hey, how would they get back to Care-A-Lot after being dropped back off?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Simple, we just give them a trans-dimensional teleportation device after we drop them off, and when they activate it they’ll be transported back to Care-A-Lot, oh and it’ll also automatically reconfigure their DNA structure before they get here so that they’ll be able to walk around here without getting booted”. Tugs said.

“Booted?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yeah if their DNA isn’t altered to that of our family then our reality just kind of spits them out, and back down onto earth since this dimension is just like that”. Tugs said. “It makes for a great defense mechanism, and best yet instead of hurting the one it spits out it just gives them light amnesia so that they’ll forget anything they might of seen before being rejected by the dimension we live in”. Tugs said.

Just then Bright Heart came back down the stairs, panting a little as he headed over towards the door, and picked up Chimour’s giant teddy bear.

“Okay Chimour you’re fully stocked up now, all you gotta do is just lay down onto the changing table, and the machine will do the rest, well as soon as you tell it which diaper you want to be changed into at least seeing as how it’s loaded with two types”. Bright Heart said, turning around as he handed back for the stairs.

“Hey Bright Heart?”. Chimour asked curiously, Bright Heart stopping in his tracks when Chimour called him.

“Yes kid? What is it?”. Bright Heart asked curiously.

“Can you show me around the archives? I’m curious to see if anyone I know has been here before as well”. Chimour said.

“Sure thing, just give me some time to put your teddy bear up”. Bright Heart said as he kept walking towards the stairs before falling down on his bottom due to how big the teddy bear was.

“Let me help you there”. Chimour giggled as he got up, and walked over to Bright Heart, picking up both him, and the teddy bear before making his way over towards the nursery.

“Thanks, but did you have to pick me up?”. Bright Heart asked, blushing a tiny bit as he did so.

“Sorry, I’m just so eager to see who else has been here before!”. Chimour giggled as he promptly set Bright Heart back down before putting his teddy bear back up, and into his crib.

“Well then in that case let’s not waste any more time, and get going. Besides while we’re there you can help me out in the lab”. Bright Heart said as he, and Chimour made their way back down the stairs before heading out of the front door once again.

“The archives are located in your house?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well they’re located in my lab, you see my house is three stories big. There’s a ground floor, and a floor up above that, but below the ground floor, and down the stairs is my humongous underground laboratory where I conduct all of my experiments, and make my gadgetry”. Bright Heart explained as he, and Chimour entered his house, Chimour closing the door promptly after they had entered.

“Ah okay… Hey do you know how long it’s been since I got here?”. Chimour asked, yawning once again as he felt the back of his Pawpers expand, bulge, and grow really warm.

“I’d say probably at least an hour by now”. Bright Heart said, giggling lightly as he quickly picked up on what Chimour had just done in his pants. “Guess you want to be changed now huh?”. Bright Heart asked.

“Nah I can wait”. Chimour giggled, yawning a bit more.

“Well good because I’m not changing you until we’re done here”. Bright Heart said as he took Chimour by the paw, leading him down the stairs into his laboratory.

“So where are the archives?”. Chimour asked.

“Over on this computer. Just let me type in my password, and it’s done! ... ... ... And there you go stinky, full access to the archives!”. Bright Heart said.

“Okay”. Chimour said, blushing a little, but giggled all the same as he made his way over to the computer, and read off the list.

Eventually though much to Chimour’s surprise a familiar name had caught his eye.

“Lig? Hey where is this Lig from?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“It’s been so long, um… Hmm… I think I was wrong about earlier, you know about no one in Care-A-Lot walking around diapered since Hugs, and Tugs had gotten out of them? Yeah I think Lig too is from Denshire Falls, and wore diapers just like how you do”. Bright Heart said.

“Then that settles it, he’s been here before!”. Chimour giggled, excited to find this out since what this meant is that even though he had to swear to secrecy he could still talk to Lig about it back on earth.

“Okay then let’s get to work!”. Bright Heart said, turning his attention back to what he had been working on previously before Chimour had paid him a visit earlier.

“So how do I help?”. Chimour asked curiously, the kind of tech Bright Heart was working with appearing to be to complicated for anyone new to inventing things like himself to figure out, and help make.

“Simple just hand me tools when I ask for them. Like for example I could use a wrench now”. Bright Heart said taking a seat at a nearby table.

“Okay here you go”. Chimour said, handing Bright Heart his wrench.

“Thanks”. Bright Heart said, smiling happily as he continued working.

Around thirty minutes later, and Bright Heart had finished making his device, Chimour having fallen asleep at the table from how tired he was.

“Thanks Chimour, because of you falling asleep I even get to test it out”. Bright Heart giggled as he picked up what looked like a cybernetic guitar, and started playing very loudly, and very quickly on it.

Chimour woke up immediately, jumping from his seat as he promptly landed on the floor, and back down onto his messy bottom.

“Who, what, when, where, why?”. Chimour asked turning his head quickly to the left, and to the right since that had startled him so bad.

“Me, my latest invention, about six thirty in the afternoon, my laboratory, and because I think it’s funny”. Bright Heart giggled.

“Oh ha ha!”. Chimour said, folding his arms as he started pouting up at Bright Heart who was at the moment still sitting in his chair.

“Anyway I’ll be informing Tender Heart that you’ve got my vote, oh and as an extra thanks for serving as my test subject I’ll let you borrow this when it comes time for waking up Bed Time Bear”. Bright Heart said.

“Ah okay… Um can I please go to bed now?”. Chimour asked, standing up, and rubbing his eyes sleepily.

“Not just yet stinky, you still need a diaper change, or have you already forgotten what you did in your pants just thirty minutes ago?”. Bright Heart asked teasingly.

“Um, well…”. Chimour said blushing a tiny bit since he did indeed forget about that.

“Must just be because you’re tired huh?”. Bright Heart asked, giving Chimour a pat on the butt before taking him by the paw, and leading him out of the lab along with his latest invention.

“I guess so”. Chimour said yawning a bit more as they soon left Bright Heart’s house, and re-entered Tug’s house.

“Well I have a feeling that a little good night’s sleep will do you a world of good, and when you wake up you can use this new device of mine on Bed Time Bear”. Bright Heart said as they had soon re-entered the nursery, Bright Heart setting the guitar down as Chimour hopped up onto the changing table, laying down after doing so. “Okay this shouldn’t take me to long, just stay still okay? Oh and before I forget to ask… Cloth, or disposable?”. Bright Heart asked curiously.

“Cloth please”. Chimour said as he started sleepily sucking his thumb.

“Sure thing! Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, but seeing as how you’re a bit bigger then the rest of us I decided to make these a good bit thicker then normal, oh and a good bit more absorbent as well. You know, to ensure you don’t leak any since you‘ve probably got a much bigger bladder then all of us”. Bright Heart said, taking out a super thick cloth diaper along with some other supplies before pressing a button on the table as a pair of mechanical hands reached out of the table, and began promptly tickling Chimour.

“Hey what’s the big idea?”. Chimour giggled, pulling his thumb out of his furry maw, and squirming a little as the tickling continued.

“Standard procedure around here kid. With babies you never know if they’ve really done all they can in their diapers, and well accidents tend to happen, so what those hands do is they will tickle you until you wet yourself again, and so that way you’ll have gotten it all out of your system”. Bright Heart explained as Chimour once again began wetting his diaper, prompting Bright Heart to turn the hands off as he let Chimour finish. “We had that feature built into to this changing table a long, long time ago since me, and some of the others were tired of getting peed on by Tugs, and well we also didn’t want to risk him, or Hugs wetting on any of the machinery which helps operate the table‘s automated diaper changing system”. Bright Heart finished as he untapped Chimour’s now extra soggy diaper once the little crinkle bat had finally finished up.

“And I guess being tickled into wetting yourself is a more enjoyable alternative then any other method huh?”. Chimour asked curiously as Bright Heart pulled down the front of his diaper, and began wiping his front.

“Exactly. So to help improve on the tickling process, and to help make sure it was good enough to accomplish this with whoever was being changed at that given time whenever someone lays down onto the changing table a harmless gas I came up with will escape from the changing table, and make it’s way into your body, making your ticklish areas like your foot pads, and tummy that much more sensitive to the whole experience”. Bright Heart explained as he lifted up Chimour’s bottom with a little effort, and began wiping his backside.

“So how thick are these cloth diapers anyway?”. Chimour asked curiously as Bright Heart continued wiping him.

“Well you may have to get used to them since these look like they’d space your legs far enough to where you’d have a full toddler waddle going on”. Bright Heart said as he finished wiping Chimour, prior to taking the diaper out from underneath him, putting the used wipes into the diaper, balling up the diaper, tossing the diaper into the nearby diaper pail, and prior to unfolding the cloth diaper as he soon slid it into place underneath Chimour’s bare bottom.

“Am I gonna need plastic pants with these?”. Chimour asked curiously as Bright Heart threaded his tail through a hole in the back of the diaper.

"No actually, these have a special polymer layer just beneath the surface cloth which renders them water proof". Bright Heart explained as he picked up the nearby canister of baby powder, and began applying it to Chimour’s backside, well after lifting it up again anyways.

“Ah I see…”. Chimour said, nodding his furry head a little bit as Bright Heart soon finished, lowered his bottom back down, and began powdering his front as well. “Well do these use safety pins? And if so are they comically oversized like in the cartoons?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“We use safety pins, but they’re not oversized since the diaper wouldn’t be as comfortable then”. Bright Heart said as he finished powdering Chimour, brought the front of the diaper up, brought the other two sides snuggly towards the middle, and used an average sized safety pin to pin the diaper comfortably in place.

“Mmm… Hehe these are much comfier then what I’m used to! Thanks a lot!”. Chimour giggled, jumping down from the changing table as he soon snuggled Bright Heart for changing him.

“No problem”. Bright Heart said blushing a little, giggling as he gave Chimour a pat on his backside. “So off to bed then alright? Babies need their sleep after all”. Bright Heart said taking Chimour by the paw as he led him over towards his crib.

“Hehe yeah, um well actually can you go get me my pacifier? See I tend to sleep much better when I‘m sucking one, and well yeah”. Chimour said using his wings as he hovered himself into his crib.

“Sure thing kid. I’ll go pick it back up from the living room for you before heading back off to my house”. Bright Heart said as he pushed a button on the crib, and as Tugs walked into the room with Chimour’s pacifier.

“No need for that I already have it right here see?”. Tugs asked smiling as he handed it to Bright Heart as two more mechanical arms came out of the crib, took it from him, tucked Chimour in snuggly, handed Chimour his bear, and plopped his pacifier into his mouth.

“Ah well never mind then!”. Bright Heart said, laughing a tiny bit. “Enjoy your sleep kiddo, there’ll be much for you to do come morning”. Bright Heart said as Chimour blissfully drifted off to sleep.

“So is he asleep now?”. Tugs asked curiously.

“Looks like it”. Bright Heart said.

“Well um Bright Heart can you um…”. Tugs said trailing off a little.

“Get you ready for bed time too?”. Bright Heart asked.

“Yes please”. Tugs said, blushing a little as Bright Heart took him by the paw, and as they left the room.

Well another day, another well used diaper since when Chimour had woken up that very next morning it seemed that despite him having slept in an entirely new dimension last night that that same streak of chronic bedwetting he was all to well known for back home remained unbroken as it had so many years before down on Earth. And so giggling at how soggy he was (Although a bit disappointed he didn’t mess in his sleep last night as well) he promptly sat up in his crib before hovering himself on out of it, and before laying down onto the changing table, choosing to go with a cloth diaper like how he did last night since he didn’t really get to enjoy it all the much before going to sleep.

And well anyway soon after having told the machine this he was soon stripped of the soggy cloth his waist, bottom, and front were all but swaddled in moments before, prior to being wiped down, powdered up, and pinned snuggly into a fresh diaper.

“Hehe tanks you!”. Chimour giggled, still sucking the pacifier that was plopped into his furry maw last night as he made his way off of the changing table before picking up Bright Heart’s invention, and before heading down the stairs.

And so soon Chimour left the house, and walked around aimlessly for awhile before soon realizing that, well he had no idea where Bed Time Bear slept! Luckily though he wasn’t the only one awake, and walking around Care-A-Lot as he soon spotted Brave Heart Lion standing by what was presumably his front door with this somewhat nervous look on his face.

“Hey dewe Bwave Heawt! Um hey can you teww me whewe Bed Time Beaw wives? I’m about to wock hith wowld!”. Chimour said throwing up a pair of devil horns with his free paw, the other holding firmly onto Bright Heart’s invention.

“Yeah it’s right over yonder, but um hey since you’re doing favors for us to earn everyone’s trust around here I was curious if you could well do something for me? Course I would throw in a good word for you, and well I have a good bit of pull around here I think”. Brave Heart said, pointing over towards another house several feet away from where they were standing.

“I gueth I can, what do you want me to do?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well I have a reputation around here for being the bravest of all the care bear cousins, but well there’s something that even I’m afraid of, and you see I’d be to embarrassed to ask anyone else for help on the matter”. Brave Heart said, blushing a tiny bit.

“Weww why do you feew tho much mowe comfowtabwe asking me to hewp you out with thith if you don’t mind my asking?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“I don’t know really… I guess it’s just something about you, you look like you’d be good at keeping secrets”. Brave Heart said.

“Oh weww if you need it kept secwet then why not entwust thith ewwand of yours to Secwet Beaw? I mean ith not wike he can talk, tho he’d be a pewfect candidate”. Chimour said.

“I would but well Secret Bear’s feeling a bit under the weather… So are you ready to hear what you’ve got to do?”. Brave Heart asked curiously.

“Suwe way it on me!”. Chimour giggled.

“Okay… Well you see to help keep the place tidy, and to fix wires to machinery that we’re to big to fix ourselves Bright Heart made these mouse robots… Now I hate mice, not going to go into detail, but lets just say the incident occurred when down on earth filming material for our next movie”. Brave Heart said.

“Weww I thuppose I can undewstand, but if the mouse wobots awe pwoving to be beneficiaw then why caww an exterminatow?”. Chimour asked.

“That’s just the thing, they’re not doing their job. You see they’ve been malfunctioning lately, and well lets just say that Bright Heart made them to close to the real thing to start with… So yeah now instead of mending wires they’re gnawing on them causing our machines to stop functioning, and well that’s where you come in”. Brave Heart said.

“Ah okay! Tho um what do I do? Just go in dewe and smash em?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Pretty much. Just follow me, and I’ll lead you to where they’ve been conglomerating as of late”. Brave Heart said as he took Chimour by the paw, and did just that.

It was a rather large room, and inside on a table there appeared to be a metal mallet, and a weird, gauntlet-like object.

“Oh coow! tho dith ith what I’ww be smashing dem with then huh?”. Chimour asked curiously as he easily picked up the metal mallet, looking it over as he held it.

“Yup pretty much! Oh and that gauntlet is yet another of Bright Heart’s inventions, and well basically it’s like a giant magnet in glove form since it’ll pull any sort of metallic object towards you with just a thought”. Brave Heart said as he picked up the gauntlet, and handed it to Chimour once the little batty had set the mallet back down.

“A bit smaww isn’t it?”. Chimour giggled as he tried pulling it onto his right paw, gasping a little as his pacifier fell out of his mouth, and onto the floor, and as the metal gauntlet actually stretched to cover his entire paw.

“Yeah it’s a special kind of metal that Bright Heart made, I would go into detail over it but well I think I’ll just leave all of that nerdy science stuff for him to explain to you when you meet up with him again”. Brave Heart said as Chimour set the guitar he had gotten from Bright Heart down onto the table before picking his pacifier up, and off of the ground, before wiping it up, and before slipping the nipple of said pacifier down the waist band of his cloth diaper so that he wouldn't have to worry about it later on.

“Okay then! I’ll see you in say a few minutes after I’ve dealt with all of the rats okay?”. Chimour asked, smiling as he picked the mallet up, and made sure that his pacifier was secure, and wouldn't fall out of his diaper as he walked from place to place.

“Sure thing, oh and good luck!”. Brave Heart said as he left Chimour to it.

What ensued shortly afterwards was complete manic chaos as Chimour kept pulling the mice out of their mouse holes with the glove, and kept smashing them to tiny bits with his hammer. It was chaotic, it was exhilarating, and it was lots, and lots of fun as Chimour carried on smashing some robots with this happy grin plastered on his face whilst he worked. Anyway another several minutes later and Chimour had finally finished up, giggling a tiny bit as he took off the gauntlet, and set it back down onto the table along with the mallet before picking up his guitar again, and before meeting back up with Brave Heart outside of his house.

“Aaaaaaaand done!”. Chimour said, giggling like an overgrown cub.

“Really? Oh my gosh thank you! Oh you don’t know how much this means to me!”. Brave Heart said happily.

“Hehe no problem! Now if you’ll excuse me I think it’s about time I woke up Bed Time Bear”. Chimour giggled as he left Brave Heart and soon entered into Bed Time Bear’s home.

And so soon it began… Chimour started off slow, playing “Forest Fire” by the Dead Kennedy’s first, making sure to provide his own little spin on Jello Biafra’s weird as all hell singing voice. Well that didn’t work, so Chimour moved onto playing “Iron Maiden” by well Iron Maiden to see if this would do the job any better, once again singing along to the song whilst he played. Again nothing, not even a mutter…

“Aaaargh! Okay you want to play hard ball? Let’s see how you fair against something by Mercyful Fate!”. Chimour said, pouting very childishly at the still soundly sleeping Bed Time Bear.

And so Chimour began playing “At The Sound Of The Demon Bell”, one of his all time favorite songs ever while making sure to of course hit those high notes, and hit them hard. About three or so minutes of that Chimour, now completely winded, looked down at Bed Time Bear, still snoozing away peacefully in his bed…

“You got to be kidding me!!! Come on! WAKE UP!!!!!!”. Chimour yelled, his mouth wide open in shock as Bed Time Bear began tossing, and turning in his sleep before finally sitting up in his bed, and staring back at him.

“Well? What was so important that you had to wake me over it?”. Bed Time Bear asked, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

“Well the others think you sleep way to much, and well yeah they had me do it so you’d be able to help them work on stuff around Care-A-Lot”. Chimour said.

“Oh yeah… I did sorta promise a few of them I’d help out… Well okay thanks then!”. Bed Time Bear said getting out of bed before Chimour’s diaper caught his eye.

“Let me guess… You’re from Denshire, Tender Heart goofed, and now he’s having you run errands to earn everyone’s trust around here?”. Bed Time Bear asked curiously.

“Precisely!”. Chimour giggled, nodding his head back and forth vigorously.

“Cool, first try! Heh hypothetically speaking though if I didn’t get it right the first time through I’d of probably just assumed that you were a giant toddler, I mean you certainly look like a two year old”. Bed Time Bear teased.

“Oh? How so?”. Chimour asked, blushing a tiny bit.

“Well you look like a twelve year old, minus three years for the diaper, oh and hey do you use it any?”. Bed Time Bear asked.

“Yes”. Chimour said blushing.

“You wet AND mess it?”. Bed Time Bear asked.

“Yes…”. Chimour said blushing even more.

“And you’re NOT incontinent?”. Bed Time Bear asked.

“Nooo…”. Chimour said, his face as red as a tomato now.

“Okay then that’s another seven years for being a potty pants ergo you look two!”. Bed Time Bear giggled.

“So? What of it?”. Chimour asked, still blushing really badly.

“Oh sorry, did I embarrass you? I thought that in Denshire Falls you diaper butts liked being teased?”. Bed Time Bear asked.

“I do, it’s just that I never thought a care bear would ever tease me over it…”. Chimour said.

“Well don’t worry about us teasing you so much, I mean if anything a lot of us are probably pretty happy you’re so cubby since our supplies will see more use then”. Bed Time Bear said.

“Hehe thanks!”. Chimour giggled as he snuggled Bed Time Bear for saying that, Bed Time Bear giggling back at being snuggled.

And so Chimour left, taking a small break from helping anyone else in Care-A-Lot as he made his way back over to Tugs’s house. When Chimour had entered the house though he had unknowingly interrupted Tugs’s cub time, the little bear paralyzed with shock as his pacifier fell from his gaping maw.

“Um sorry… I should’ve knocked…”. Chimour said, closing the door before rubbing the back of his neck whilst looking down at the floor.

"Um, ah this... Ah ... I can explain!". Tugs said, rambling nervously while trying to pull some explanation out of his mind, and while coming up with none.

“It’s okay Tugs… It’s okay”. Chimour said snuggling the little bear tightly. “We’ve all got our hobbies, and I won’t tell anyone about what I saw here if you’d like?”. Chimour asked.

There was a long pause from Tugs as he continued to try and think up a way to convince Chimour he was wrong, but well after awhile he just caved in, sniffling a little as he snuggled Chimour back.

“Aw there, there… I told you I wouldn’t tell anyone if you didn’t want me to, so don’t you worry about any of this! Now go back to doing what you were doing previously alright?”. Chimour asked as he continued hugging Tugs.

“A-alright…”. Tugs said still a little mortified over being caught like this.

“Oh by the way you looked pretty surprised when I came in through that door so I was wondering if you had, well you know?”. Chimour asked.

“I had a pretty full bladder at the time so yes…”. Tugs said blushing.

“Well do you want me to change you? It’s the least I could do after having put you through such a scare”. Chimour offered.

“N-no that’s quite alright, I’ll just have the changing table’s automated changing system do that…”. Tugs said.

“Well hey you won’t mind if I cub out with you will you?”. Chimour asked curiously as he put the guitar down onto the sofa.

“Depends, do you mind if we play hide and seek?”. Tugs asked curiously.

“Not at aww! I wuv dat game!”. Chimour giggled happily after he promptly plopped his pacifier back into his furry maw.

And so for a few hours the two diaper butts began playing with each other, Tugs having an amazing time with the little batty, well until someone entered the house, and interrupted their play date.

“Oh tay Bwight Heawt!”. Chimour greeted happily, crawling over to him before giving him a big bear hug.

“Hey there little guy”. Bright Heart said, chuckling as he shut the door behind him, and snuggled Chimour back.

“Why you hewe?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Oh well I just wanted to inform you that you Mr. potty pants bat butt are now an official… Care bears cousin!”. Bright Heart announced joyously.

“Oooh weawwy?!”. Chimour asked excitedly.

“Uh huh! We all decided on it awhile ago at a meeting, and I just got finished putting your information down into the archives!”. Bright Heart said.

“Oh weww what about my twanspowtew?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Already have it here”. Bright Heart said handing Chimour what looked like a very childish looking watch.

“So thith wiww twanthpowt me hewe whenevew I want to come vithit?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yup, just gotta push the big red button to get here, and the blue button to get back to where you were before”. Bright Heart said.

“Weww what now?”. Chimour asked.

“Well first take your pacifier out of your mouth, it’s making things a bit hard to understand. Second go get your smelly diaper changed, you really need it. And lastly we’ll be throwing you a party real soon to celebrate you becoming part of our family, so don’t head off for home just yet”. Bright Heart said.

“Nuh-uh! I’d know if I pooped my pants!”. Chimour giggled, taking the pacifier out of his mouth, as he stood himself up.

“If not you then who?”. Bright Heart asked curiously.

“That’d be me…”. Tugs said, blushing a little as he stood himself up, the back of his diaper bulging outwards.

“Aaaw…”. Bright Heart giggled, making his way over to Tugs before giving his bottom a firm patting.

“Wasn’t my word good enough for you?”. Tugs asked, blushing a little as Bright Heart carried on.

“It’s not that, just sizing up how big a mess you made back there”. Bright Heart giggled. “Anyways I guess this means that bat butt over there found you out then huh?”. Bright Heart asked curiously.

“Yes he did…”. Tugs said blushing.

“Well hey you need to get ready for the party too! Tell you what… Why don’t you just let me take care of this?”. Bright asked, giving Tugs’s diapered bottom another good pat.

“But I…”. Tugs said, his face turning really red when Bright Heart offered that.

“But you what? Look kiddo it’s no biggy if you want me to change you, heck when you were little I used to do it, so it’s not like this time will be any different”. Bright Heart giggled.

“I um… Oh okay”. Tugs said, smiling a little even though his face was still pretty red.

“There you go!”. Bright Heart laughed, giving Tugs one more pat on the butt before he firmly took him by the paw, and led him up the stairs towards the nearest changing table.

“Okay then… Let’s see what’s on!”. Chimour giggled as he picked his pacifier back up, sat down on the couch, and began to flip through the channels.

Well several minutes of fruitless channel surfing later, and after Tugs had been changed out of his rather messy diaper they left the house, and headed towards the main castle where they were promptly met with sounds of jubilation, and adulation as they had stepped inside.

“Well met kiddo! You’re now an honorary care bear cousin, and an honorary addition to our family so please if there’s anything I can do to help you feel any more comfortable around here just tell me!” Swift Heart said.

“I dunno what else you could do to possibly make me feel any more comfortable, but thank…”. Chimour said trailing off.

“What’s wrong? You wet yourself?”. Swift Heart giggled.

“N-no! I just realized that I haven’t eaten anything, like at all since I got here, and I didn’t drink anything either!”. Chimour said, perplexed by how he had managed to fill his diapers as per usual on an empty stomach, and empty bladder.

“Oh is that all?”. Swift Heart asked curiously. “Lemme guess you’re also not hungry either huh?”. Swift Heart asked.

“N-no! … How weird…”. Chimour said, scratching his head in confusion.

“Well you gotta keep in mind that Care-A-Lot is a whole other dimension then the one you were born in, and are native to, so certain laws of nature, and what have you are going to be different”. Swift Heart said. “Here in Care-A-Lot there’s something with the air that we breathe, like every breath we take not only provides us with oxygen, but also nourishment. It’s why you can eat nothing yet still fill your Pampers to capacity, oh and speaking of which how long has it been since you last pooped your pants?”. Swift Heart asked curiously.

“I dunno, but it’s definitely been a while… Also Pampers diapers no longer exist since a long time ago the company was taken over by a bunch of furs once all of the humans had died off, hence the new name Pawpers”. Chimour said.

“Ah I see! I don’t really keep up to date with silly little things like that, but it’s good to know I guess!”. Swift Heart laughed. "Anyways if it's been awhile since you've pooped yourself, please let me change you when you eventually do it again okay?". Swift Heart asked.

“Oh okay... And hey if you don’t need to eat anything for nourishment then why have cake at your birthdays?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well most of us have extremely voracious sweet tooths, and so even though the cake’s not necessary, and leaves us all feeling a little bloated afterwards we just can’t say no…”. Swift Heart giggled.

“Ah I see!”. Chimour giggled as he looked around the room at all the other various care bears, and care bear cousins. “So hey what’s there to do at this shindig?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well do you wanna dance?”. Swift Hearts asked curiously.

“Hmm… Yeah sure why not?”. Chimour giggled as Swift Heart took him by the paw, and led him off towards the dance floor.

And so Chimour, and the other members of his newest family danced, sang, and just cut loose, especially Chimour since by the time he had exhausted all of his energy on that last session of karaoke he felt the back of his diaper expand, and grow really warm, leaving him “Pooped” in more ways then one. All joking aside though Chimour really did have a blast, giggling happily as he was promptly cleaned up, re-diapered, and sent back to earth where nothing had really changed since his five second absence except for the fact that he was now wearing a fancy cloth diaper instead of his favorite disposables.

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PostSubject: Re: Care Bear Story!!!   Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:56 pm

Hehe. Very cute story Chimour. Nice to see someone do something with Carebears and this turned out well well. ^^


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PostSubject: Re: Care Bear Story!!!   Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:43 am

Great Story!
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Care Bear Story!!!
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