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PostSubject: Prophecy   Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:49 am


It was one of your typical run-of-the-mill, bland, and boring September nights in the small city of Denton as the young, eight year old pickpocket Chimour Thornbrooke Nightsyer leapt from building to building, the little bat on one of his usual raids around town. Having no money of his own to honestly buy what he needed the little guy really had no choice but to steal stuff in order to survive, and well this was especially so in Chimour’s case, his parents having been killed before he was fully, and properly potty trained…

So yeah needless to say he wore Pampers everywhere he went since in his eyes it’s better to dress like a cub then to ruin his jeans which he‘d managed to keep dry thus far!

You see at the moment, for at least this particular city anyway, everything which was machine made like clothing tended to be much more expensive then it was years ago, and so as a result Chimour’s mother and father, when they were still alive, were struggling to keep the house they had lived in, along with everything else. And so Chimour figured he’d steal himself some more diapering supplies since he was kind of running low at the moment, the little bat blushing a little as he snuck his way over towards the local “Cubs R Us”.

“I don’t think these regular Pampers are absorbent enough for me anymore, so I guess I’ll have to steal some of those super absorbent ones this time around. I just hope that they‘re not to much thicker…”. Chimour said, blushing a little more as he crouched down, his diaper squishing wetly between his legs as he began the careful procedure of picking the lock on the front doors.

Once inside, he began swiftly moving across the store, making sure to sabotage all of the cameras before they could spot him.

“Heh, ya know sometimes I think it’s a little too easy”. Chimour said smiling as he made his way over to the diapers, quickly taking up a few packs of the more absorbent, and bulky Pampers along with some boxes of wipes, containers of baby powder, and while he was at it some Pull-Ups for girls in his size before he swiftly left the store with his stolen goods.

The trip back to the clock tower he took refuge in was the same as it usually was as he soon stepped foot inside of his home once more, setting down most of his diapering supplies except for the package of Pull-Ups which he soon began opening up. And so after opening the package up, and after taking out a pair of pull ups he then proceeded to take off his jeans, promptly laying down onto the mattress he usually got changed on before grabbing a nearby container of baby wipes. Anyway after emptying the container he promptly untapped his Pampers, and finally began wiping up his soggy front.

“I just don’t get it… Every time I think about wearing Pull-Ups made specifically for, well girls I always just… … … W-why am I so weird?”. Chimour asked, blushing a little as he soon finished wiping his front up prior to taking the diaper out from underneath him, prior to putting the used wipes into it, prior to balling it up, prior to tossing the diaper into the diaper pail which he had, of course, stolen, and prior to shaking the last of the baby powder from the previous container he had been using into the palm of his right paw as he now gently went about powdering up both his front, and backside.

Well he had soon finished with that as well as he stood up, opened up the pair of pull ups he had taken out of the package, stepped into them, and pulled them on, not being able to help but smile as he positioned himself down there to where he’d pee into the absorbent part of the training pants. Lastly he threaded his tail through the back with only a little difficulty, giggling slightly as he began poking at the front of his new trainers contently.

“Ah well either way I like it, so it can’t be all that bad”. Chimour said smiling as he walked off towards the other side of his clock tower where he sat down, and began snuggling his brown teddy bear whom he had named Tugs after the Care Bear cub in the movies he used to watch with his mother, and father.

“Look at what we have here! Aw… Not what I‘d expect from the infamous phantom thief, but I guess we all have our vices…”. Said an ominous, and shadowy figure from behind Chimour.

“Who’s there?”. Chimour asked, his face as red as a cherry as he turned around to face what looked like some manner of grizzly beast with fur of ebony, fangs of ivory, and eyes of crimson.

“Oh me? … I don’t have a name…”. The beast answered grinning a little as he began to poke at the front of Chimour’s training pants with one of his clawed digits.

“Stop that!”. Chimour said, the mere sensation of the beast’s touching him making him feel overwhelmingly scared, helpless, ill, and cold, but well he didn’t remain cold for much longer since he had gotten so scared that he had begun wetting his pants.

“Tu stupidus parvus infans!!!”. The beast yelled, his paw dripping with Chimour‘s urine since Chimour had sprung a leak with all that peeing on himself.

“DON‘T YELL AT ME! IT‘S YOUR OWN FAULT YOU GOT PISSED ON!”. Chimour said, breaking out into hysterics from how embarrassed he was.

“Aaah… Concludo tu vastus infans… I mean we wouldn’t want to let down daddy dearest now would we? ”. The beast asked.

“D-daddy… How did you know about…”. Chimour said trailing off.

“Lets just say not much escapes me… Like I even know your name Chimour…”. The beast said, promptly wiping the urine off of his paw with a disgusted look on his face.

“How did you know my name?”. Chimour asked.

“Already told you not much escapes me! Anyway do you want to go get cleaned up? Wearing that pair of leaky pull ups can‘t be comfortable, and I‘d like for my subordinates to be comfy when they make a pact with me…“. The beast laughed.

“No thanks… I’d probably just end up wetting myself again…” Chimour said, whispering that last part to himself. “Also what do you mean a pact?”. Chimour asked.

“You‘re… Special, and not just because you‘re eight years old, and still dependant on diapering products!”. The beast said.

“Shut-up… And what do you mean?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Ever wonder why you are such a talented pick pocket, and why you’re so good at thievery? It’s because everyone in this life is born under a certain cosmic constellation, a constellation that paves a road which defines your destiny, and grants you skills to help realize said destiny”. The beast said.

“…So what was I born under?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“The sign of the shadow dancer… This is why I’ve come to you…”. The beast answered.

“Ah I see… Now why should I believe you, and why would I want to help you?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Because I too am special… I can give you… Closure, closure for your parents who’s lives were lost because of those evil human poachers…”. He answered.

“What about them, and how would you have me help you?”. Chimour asked, blushing since his stomach was starting to act up.

“I’m getting to that if you’ll just be patient … Now going back to the poachers who slew your mom, and pops … Don’t you want to get even? You know avenge your parents?”. The beast asked.

“… What’s the point? Those goons have already been dealt with anyway right?”. Chimour said.

“No… They got away since these days everyone’s too busy trying to protect themselves from human attacks to issue any kind of counter assault… And this is where I come in!”. The beast said.

“And?”. Chimour asked.

“And all you’ve got to do is wear this ring for me”. The beast said offering him a shimmering ring, made of what looked like solid black jade.

“Is that all?”. Chimour asked tilting his head a little in confusion.

“Yep, just wear this ring… Once you put it on finding your parents killers will be much easier, and also you’ll find it rather helpful if you say get into a fight you wouldn’t normally win… Anyway I think that’s about it, so yeah with that I take my leave. Valé meus parvus regina!”. The beast said handing Chimour the ring, and just like that disappeared just as spontaneously as he had appeared.

“Who the hell was he?”. Chimour asked, now alone as he sat there thinking “… Well um I guess I should probably go get changed now… I’ll think more on the subject after I‘m not leaking all over the floor…”. Chimour said, still a little red in the face, as he got up, picked up the ring, and turned it around in his right paw to examine it.

“Wonder if the local pawnshop‘s open…”. Chimour said, shrugging a little as he made his way towards his crib, bringing the ring, and his teddy bear along with him.

And so he placed his teddy bear gently back into his crib, his stomach acting up once again, and this time with it happening only a few moments before he began abruptly pooping his training pants.

“D-Damn him… Because of him my stomach‘s all torn up…”. Chimour said his face beet-red as he carefully made his way over to that old mattress he got changed on earlier, placing the ring down, and nearby before carefully easing his messy backside down onto the mattress. “Guess I’ll be wearing a pair of those Pampers a bit earlier then I thought…”. Chimour said with a grimace as he soon got everything set up, and promptly went to work…


Somewhere off in the nearby woods, walking towards some unseen destination was a white lion fur with sky blue eyes garbed in solid white, and medieval plate mail, with the legs, greaves, gauntlets, chain mail, and kite shield to match.

“This isn’t good… It looks like the guardians woke me for nothing less then him. He has returned which means his followers will soon be making their return from banishment as well…”. The lion fur said looking up to the now green skies. “I feel sorry for whomever he has chosen as his bond between this world, and his own... Lets just hope whomever it is he’s not gullible, nor stupid enough to listen”. The lion fur said as a twister devoured him completely, taking him with it as he stood within the eye of said twister, directing it back towards his base of operations.

And so the next morning, back in his clock tower home, Chimour awoke groggily from inside of his crib, clinging his teddy tightly to his chest as he hovered on out. He had woken up dry for the most part, as he looked around the clock tower for his jeans, slipping, and buttoning them on over his diaper once he had located them.

“Now then… You’re worth about what? One hundred, no two hundred dollars?” Chimour giggled as he picked up the ring from last night, pocketing it to be sold later.

“Meh… Probably won‘t even get fifty out of it, but hey maybe if I act real cute the guy will cut me a break?”. Chimour giggled as he picked up his black backpack, and began filling it with some of the Pampers, and changing supplies he had stolen along with a changing mat, and a baby bottle or two of milk he had been hording inside of his mini fridge.

“Oh pwease mistew I need da money fow my dydees!”. Chimour giggled, wishing he could do something along these lines without just getting laughed at, and belittled.

“Heh well I guess there’s no time like the present… Let us get going”. Chimour said, slipping his backpack on before leaping from his clock tower, and taking flight.

“So Yugorr you’ve seen the skies darken, and have felt a dark presence spread through-out the nearby city of Denton, the smell of blood carried upon it’s winds… What do you make of this?”. Asked a giant cloaked figure, his robe as white as freshly fallen snow.

“I know not what to make of this guardian Cerces… …I don’t even know if I’m truly up to the task after sleeping for so long”. Yugorr said.

“Yugorr… What of the child of prophecy? Have you located him yet?”. Cerces asked.

“I have not your guardianship… The only thing I have to go by is that he apparently lives in a book depository…” Yugorr said.

“But he doesn’t…”. Cerces said.

“What?”. Yugorr asked.

“This child… He lives in an abandoned clock tower…”. Cerces said.

“Ah… I see…”. Yugorr said, his white cheek fur reddening with slight embarrassment. “Anyway In that case I know where he lives! His home lies on the very outskirts of town”. Yugorr said.

“Good… Now go to him, and return him here. We can’t let him use that boy, no matter what”. Cerces said.

“…Damn it he’s closed!”. Chimour whined, landing down next to the pawnshop only to find all the lights off and the window sign un-turned. “…Well maybe there’s somewhere else I could sell this thing? I certainly don’t like having it on my person that’s for sure…”. Chimour said, kicking up a little dirt with his left foot, his diaper rustling a little underneath his jeans.

“Well if you don’t want it then… Then let me take it off your hands for you!!!”. Yelled a butterfly knife wielding brigand as he leapt at Chimour, and tried to stab him.

“…Thank god you gave away your position just now or I could’ve been seriously injured…”. Chimour giggled as he threw the knife to the ground, the brigand writhing around on the floor after Chimour delivered a swift uppercut to his stomach.

“The… Ring… GIVE ME… THE RING!” He yelled, forcing himself back up as he started swinging his fists wildly at Chimour.

“Hey… Get back down!”. Chimour said, knocking the bandit back down to the ground with a stout kick. “Gee some people…”. Chimour said turning away from his attacker, confident that he wouldn’t be getting back up.

“Arrogance… YOU SHOULD NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON THE ENEMY!”. The bandit screamed, picking up the knife as he made another attempt at trying to stab Chimour.

“I-Impossible! Nobody’s ever gotten back off of the ground after being hit that hard… You should still be unconscious!”. Chimour said, unable to defend himself since this time he had been caught off guard when suddenly…

“Hey there!” Yugorr greeted enthusiastically, having smashed the bandit in the face with the pommel of his broadsword.

“O-ouch…”. Chimour whined, a gash on his right leg from that last attack.

“Gee… I can’t do anything right can I?”. Yugorr asked, hanging his head a little in shame.

“Be wary of that man mister! No matter how hard you hit him he just keeps getting back up!”. Chimour said.

“…Hey I’m not old enough to be called ‘Mister’ yet!”. Yugorr said pouting. “Also I’m already waaaay ahead of you”. Yugorr said, his right leg firmly planted on the brigand’s chest to keep him from getting back up.

“Got any idea what’s wrong with him?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Eh… Just a light touch of possession is all, he’ll be better after I whack him over the head with this rod”. Yugorr said, taking an ornate rod out of his haversack before showing it to Chimour.

“Possession? … Riiiight…” . Chimour said, having never really bought into the whole angels, and demons bit.

“Okay then… Why won’t he give up? Why does he have so much vitality? … It’s because the life-force being used to make these attacks is more then what someone like you, or me have. A lower level demon possessed him, pooled his life force with this guy’s, and is, for the most part, feeding off of his negativity like a parasite to prolong the merger”. Yugorr said as he took the rod, and quickly bashed the guy over the head.

“Now that he’s unconscious lets see if I can’t heal your wound there!”. Yugorr said as he put his rod back up in his haversack, and knelt down to Chimour’s level, clasping his hands together as he began muttering some strange language to himself.

“Eh… What are you doing?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“…Please be quiet”. Yugorr said.

“Oh okay… Sorry”. Chimour said.

“… … … … I got nothing!”. Yugorr said, laughing a little as he began nervously rubbing the back of his head.

“… What?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“My clergy magic isn’t working, must’ve spent to much MP on the way over here…”. Yugorr said.

“… What?”. Chimour asked again.

“Eh never you mind! I brought some bandages with me so those will suffice for now until I can get you back to Guardian Cerces!”. Yugorr said.

“…What?”. Chimour asked again.

“… … … Stop that”. Yugorr sighed as he tried removing Chimour’s pants.

“H-hey! What’s the big idea!”. Chimour said, blushing terribly.

“Sorry about doing it out here in the open, but it won’t take long, and very few furs still come down this way any-”. Yugorr said, trailing off when he saw Chimour’s extra thick Pampers.

And then there was silence…

“Oh I see… So that’s why…”. Yugorr said, nodding his head in understanding.

“Y-yeah… I was in a car accident… I’m incontinent”. Chimour said, lying about why he was still in diapers because he didn’t think Yugorr would understand the real reason why he wore them…

“Well it’s fine, I mean you are the child of prophecy, so I’d want you to be comfortable for when we get back to our base of operations!”. Yugorr said jovially. “Besides even if you weren’t you are still incontinent, and with no parents left alive you’d be left without any money to keep well-stocked… So this is where I come in”. Yugorr said, smiling warmly.

“…Is that why we stopped by this grocery store?”. Chimour asked, his face lighting up with embarrassment.

“Yup! Also I hope you don’t mind but given your injury I couldn’t very well let you walk around like that… I mean I know it’s probably a little embarrassing, but this will pass just like everything else”. Yugorr said.

“…A little embarrassing…? Everyone’s staring at me!”. Chimour whined, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment as he sat there in the front of the shopping cart like an over-sized toddler.

“Well then that’s on them… It’s rude to stare”. Yugorr said flatly as he pushed the shopping cart into the diaper aisle area of the cub section. “So… What looks good to you? They’ve got Pampers with kitty cat designs! Do you like kitty cats?”. Yugorr asked.

“Why are we even in this aisle? I’m not a baby!”. Chimour whined.

“No… But you obviously like baby diapers so that’s why we’re checking this aisle out first”. Yugorr said laughing a little. “Silly!”. He giggled, tussling Chimour’s head-fur around to his further embarrassment.

“Okay, f-fine, w-whatever…”. Chimour said, his face growing more, and more red by the minute.

“I’ll just get them extra thick, oh and hey they’ve got a color option to them!”. Yugorr said.

“Oh?”. Chimour asked un-enthusiastically.

“Yeah! The diapers are still unisex, but you can buy them either with the diapers being light blue, or with them being light pink!”. Yugorr said.

“I-I’ll just go with the light blue ones…”. Chimour said.

“…You sure?”. Yugorr asked.

“Y-Yes!”. Chimour said.

“Light pink it is then!”. Yugorr laughed. “You really need to be more honest with me, no need to get them in light blue if you’d rather light pink!”. Yugorr said, having picked up on Chimour’s hesitation.

“But pink is a girly color…”. Chimour said.

“Yes, a girly color you like, and there’s nothing wrong with that! There’s no need to get so embarrassed over such silly nonsense!”. Yugorr laughed as he added a few packs of the diapers to the cart, and carried on in search of some baby wipes, and baby powder.

“Thanks…”. Chimour said, allowing himself to smile a little.

“Hey no problem, it’s my pleasure! … Also do you want me to get you any toys? I mean you’re still a kid after all, and being an orphan you probably don’t have anything back at the clock tower…”. Yugorr said.

“Um no that’s okay… Thanks for offering though”. Chimour said.

“Don’t mention it!”. Yugorr said, still quite jovial acting.

“Ah… Home at last!”. Yugorr said, beaming as he looked up to a pristine, ivory-colored cathedral, Chimour looking onward from on-top of Yugorr’s back.

“You live in a church?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Yup! Also leave trails of salt in front of all the door ways!”. Yugorr said as he made his way inside.

“… Why?”. Chimour asked, becoming more, and more puzzled as time went on.

“Well it keeps out witches!”. Yugorr said as he placed down the bags of stuff he had bought at the store, and removed Chimour from his back.

“But witches don’t, ah forget it…”. Chimour said, giving up on trying to make any sense of this.

“Um yes they do… I’ve had a friend or two who were turned into newts by a few particularly nasty ones once!”. Yugorr said as he switched up the way he was holding Chimour, placing his right paw beneath the young boy’s buttocks while using his left paw to keep him close to his chest.

“L-let me guess… They got better right?”. Chimour asked, blushing a little because of how Yugorr was holding him.

“Yup! How’d you know?”. Yugorr asked, laughing a little as he made his way over towards Guardian Cerces private chamber.

“Just a hunch of mine…”. Chimour said, giggling a little as he felt a wet warmth spread through-out his diapered front to his slight embarrassment.

“You know I just realized that I never introduced myself to you… My apologies for that, but um my name is Yugorr! Pleased to meet you”. Yugorr said warmly.

“Ah well my name is Chimour, and the feeling is mutual!”. Chimour said, a little nervous since he was worried Yugorr would eventually pick up on how he had just wet himself.

“Chimour… Kind of unusual, but otherwise a nice-sounding name”. Yugorr teased.

“Hey! … Yugorr’s not exactly normal either, I mean what’s up with that?”. Chimour asked, pouting a little.

“Oh… It’s an anagram…”. Yugorr said, knocking on the double-doors to Cerces room.

“For what?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Hey your guardianship! Are you in there?”. Yugorr asked, blowing Chimour off.

“…Forget I asked”. Chimour said, sighing a little as the doors opened up, and as Cerces stepped out of his room, having to duck down underneath the door-way given his massive stature.

“Ah I see you have returned Yugorr, and with the child of prophecy no less! Well d- … Hey what smells like pneumonia, and baby powder?”. Cerces asked.

“Ah well that would be the child of prophecy… Must’ve wet himself on the way over here”. Yugorr said, much to Chimour’s embarrassment as he buried his now crimson face into Yugorr’s shoulder.

“What?”. Cerces asked, not expecting that for an answer.

“Yeah poor thing’s incontinent, it’s why I took a little longer then I said I would since I had to go out, and buy him some more supplies for while he stays here with us”. Yugorr said.

“Ah I see!”. Cerces said, looking down at Chimour who was still desperately avoiding eye-contact. “Well for while he’s here I’d like it if you’d act as a guard for him, we don’t know when he will make his next move, and it’s better to be safe then sorry”. Cerces said.

“Will you be holding a meeting with the other guardians?”. Yugorr asked curiously.

“In time I will, yes. But for now you can see the kid to his room, oh and if he wants anything do your best to serve him okay? That boy is the key to winning this conflict, the stars have told me thusly”. Cerces said, walking back into his room before re-closing his chamber doors.

“Alright you heard him! I’m at your beck, and call, so if you need anything feel free to just ask”. Yugorr said, smiling warmly down at Chimour as he began walking down the corridor towards what would be bat-butt’s personal chambers.

“D-did you have to be so straight forward with him?”. Chimour asked, his face still beet-red.

“Well he would’ve figured it out pretty quickly regardless since he knows I don’t wear diapers, and well yeah… He’s giant-sized, so his nostrils are also giant-sized”. Yugorr explained.

“So that’s why he picked up on it so easily…”. Chimour said, blushing since that meant he couldn’t even poop his pants without Cerces knowing about it.

“Well don’t worry about it since we’re all pretty nice, and understanding here! I mean even if you weren’t incontinent it’d be okay”. Yugorr said.

“R-really?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well yeah… Even before all of this you’ve been through quite a bit so you deserve a little comfort”. Yugorr said. “Why you ask?”. Yugorr asked curiously.

“Well the truth is…”. Chimour said, opening his mouth as he began to finally come clean with him.

“Really? …You should of told me while we were still at the store! I could’ve gotten you some trainers or something!”. Yugorr said, laughing a little as Chimour’s face grew a tiny bit redder.

“Sh-shuddup!”. Chimour said, his lower lip trembling a little.

“Whoa calm down! I was only kidding…”. Yugorr said, sighing a little as he held him a little tighter to his chest. “So you’re not potty trained… Well you know what? I don’t really care”. Yugorr said, rubbing Chimour’s back a little.

“You don’t?”. Chimour asked, still feeling pretty self-conscious.

“Of course not! Look we all have our quirks, likes, and dislikes, that’s what makes us special… So why should I care if you like diapers, I mean it’s a silly thing to even get frustrated over!”. Yugorr chuckled.

“…But I don’t like diapers…”. Chimour said, looking down, and away from Yugorr when he said it.

“Uh-huh… And the sky’s gr-… Okay bad example!. Yugorr laughed. “Also riddle me this bat-butt… If you didn’t like diapers then why haven’t you tried training out of them yet?”. Yugorr asked curiously.

“… I don’t have any toilets in my clock tower…”. Chimour said.

“Ah but what’s your excuse here? We have plenty of bathrooms here yet you still shy away from the idea of potty training… Now why is that?”. Yugorr asked.

“I…”. Chimour said, trailing off a little.

“I don‘t know?”. Yugorr giggled. “Well hey particulars don’t really matter here, and so you don’t need to give me a reason… Just be diapered, be comfortable, and be happy while I look after you okay?”. Yugorr asked him, smiling warmly as they soon entered Chimour’s new bedroom.

“O-okay…”. Chimour said, blushing a little as he took his head from Yugorr’s chest, and began looking around the room.

“We had no idea how old you were going to be so that’s why the furniture is so random-looking”. Yugorr said, the room having two beds, a medium sized crib, a television set, a changing table, and various other things that any fur from the age of one to thirteen may find useful.

“Why are there two beds?”. Chimour asked curiously.

“Well one is for younger kids who have a tendency of rolling out of their beds, and the other is for older kids who don’t need the guard rails when they sleep”. Yugorr said.

“Ah I see… Why are there so many baby toys?”. Chimour asked curiously, noticing a playpen in the corner filled with them, heck there was even one of those rocking horses in the corner opposite to the playpen.

“Well those were going to be for you, you know incase you were younger since we wanted to have some way to keep you happy, and distracted so you wouldn’t wander off, and endanger yourself”. Yugorr said. “Guess I’ll need to denote them to charity now or something”. Yugorr said, scratching his head a little in contemplation.

“N-no that’s fine… I want them”. Chimour said, blushing a little as he said that.

“Gee… You really are just a baby aren’t you?”. Yugorr teased.

“Am not!”. Chimour protested, his face growing a tiny bit redder.

“Heh well hey I don’t think you’d fit inside the crib there so I’ll have to get rid of that… Want me to keep the changing table, and rocking horse as well?”. Yugorr asked curiously.

“I don’t see the point in the changing table, but sure if you want to… Also can I maybe…”. Chimour said, trailing off a little since he was to shy to finish the question.

“Sure!”. Yugorr laughed as he made he way over to the rocking horse, and gently sat Chimour down on it.

“Can you also…”. Chimour said, still blushing horribly as he yet again failed to complete a question.

“Of course!”. Yugorr chuckled as he began gently pushing on Chimour’s back, lightly rocking him back and forth on the horse.

“Th-thanks…”. Chimour said, thoroughly embarrassed, but content at the same time, allowing himself a small smile as he sat there, and enjoyed the ride.

“Maybe after this I can change that diaper of yours?”. Yugorr teased.

“No… Thanks”. Chimour said since he didn’t want to come across as a weak sissy baby who couldn’t even change himself.

“Well maybe in time you’ll completely open up with me and let yourself be taken care of… After all even once peace has been restored you will still find yourself a home here with me, my apprentices, and the guardians”. Yugorr said as he stopped rocking Chimour for the time being.

“You have apprentices?”. Chimour asked curiously, a little sad that Yugorr stopped rocking him.

“Yup! This cathedral has multiple floors, this being the ground floor which I guess would also be the top floor”. Yugorr said. “The top floor is where the guardians, you, and myself live, all the highest-ranked live up here basically. The next floor down is where my apprentices eat, sleep, and train”. Yugorr explained.

“…But where do they go to the bathroom?”. Chimour asked curiously.

And then the two of them promptly burst out laughing in unison…

And so later that night Chimour laid sleeping in his new bed, the rails up since he decided the more junvenille of the two choices would feel the most like home for him. It still wasn’t like the crib he had wanted, but hey at least he wouldn’t have to worry about rolling out of bed. Anyways Chimour slept onward, dreaming up a fairly happy scenario with him, and Yugorr as a small smile crept it’s way onto his face, and as the dream continued.

In the dream Yugorr acted as his big brother, playing with him, feeding him, and even changing him as Chimour just kind of gradually regressed back to the age of two, or three years old. Although even in his dreams Chimour was still kind of iffy about having Yugorr change him, Yugorr blowing raspberry after raspberry on the little bat’s bare tummy til his misplaced shame, and self-conscious nature left him, with happiness, and a strong feeling of satisfaction being the only things left.

Truly it was a great dream, well until a portal to hell opened up in the middle of Chimour’s dream nursery thusly ushering the beast inside.

“Hello again princess! Sorry to interrupt, but I just noticed that you haven’t worn that ring yet… How come?”. The beast asked, snickering at the toddler-version of Chimour before him.

“D-don’t laugh!”. Chimour said, getting off of the changing table he was previously changed on. “Also if it wasn’t already obvious I don’t trust you, I mean how could I? You’re big, black, and obviously filled with intent to use me so why should I help you?”. Chimour asked.

“…Did you already forget, or do you just not care enough about your parents to give them the justice they deserve?”. The beast asked. “Also nice diaper! I can see that you’ve definitely opened up a bit more since last I talked to you, must be that paladin’s influence or something”. The beast said, snickering once again.

“Sh-shut up… My parents wouldn’t ever of wanted me to make a pact with something as evil as you!”. Chimour shouted, his face glowing a little with a mixture of anger, and embarrassment. “…Also um what are you talking about again?”. Chimour asked, a little lost on what the beast meant by him being changed through Yugorr’s influence.

“Isn’t it obvious? Having babyish dreams like this where he’s your big brother taking care, and looking after you, his little brother… Truth is you’ve come to treasure him, and if you won’t kill those men for your parents maybe you would for him…”. The beast said.

“…What do you mean by that?”. Chimour asked, his voice shaking with panicked fear.

“What I mean is despite you wanting to hear me out or not you’re leaving the sanctity of the cathedral… Infact we’re already in one of the worst parts of town”. The beast said. “…Yup it’ll only be a matter of time before your big brother notices your absence, and storms off to try, and rescue you.” The beast said.

“You… What are you going to do to him?!”. Chimour yelled, his blood boiling the more he looked upon his tormentor.

“Absens sensus infans… Just because I can’t get in doesn’t mean you can’t get out so I’m just making you sleep walk to where I want you…”. The beast answered. “Also you better stop caring about him, and better start making a conscious effort to put that ring on now since you’re in danger of dying tonight as well! These men are armed to the tee, and even if you were bullet proof you’re big brother is not, so if I were you I would just let him go…”. The beast said, laughing as he disappeared, and as Chimour regained consciousness only to find himself faced with the same band of thugs who murdered his parents.

“Look at what we done got here Jimbob!”. One of the thugs said as he took another swig off of his flask.

“Eyup looks like we done got ourselves another batman to kill Elroy!”. Jimbob said, loading his double-barrel shotgun with enthusiasm.

“Oh come now… He’s just a little thing boys! Surely you don’t need to shoot something that small to land the kill?”. Another man said, being the most well spoken thus far.

“Yeah Jimbob kill him like a real man iffin you ain’t a chicken!”. Elroy mocked.

“Shut up! I’m twice the man you are Elroy you prick… Alright then time to get to the nitty gritty here…”. Jimbob said, putting his gun aside as he made his way over to Chimour.

“Excuse me, but why do you need to kill me? I don’t get it, what’s your motivation?”. Chimour asked, Jimbob stopping in his tracks.

“Shuddup you freak! You furry folk are all the same with your black magic, and demonic rituals… I kill for ‘Merica!”. Jimbob said.

“You mean America right? … Look, just look around… What’s there left to fight for?”. Chimour asked. “Surely the time for wanton destruction is behind us, it’s time now for unity, and reconstruction, I mean can’t you see that?”. Chimour asked.

“I’ll never help you… You’re evil, all of you! You, and your kin were all sent here by Satan himself, and that means I have to kill you!”. Jimbob said.

“Look asshole… I was not made flesh by some demonic ritual, or any other sort of witchcraft! I am here for the reason you’re sterile, and can’t have kids, and well I’m sorry if you can’t see this…”. Chimour said, slowly losing his patience with these people.

“The fuck did you just call me?”. Jimbob asked.

“Oh I’m sorry… Hard of hearing are we? Let me repeat myself!”. Chimour said. “You, my good sir, are, infact, an ASSHOLE!”. Chimour yelled.

It was at this point Jimbob pulled out a bowie knife, and promptly had his face collide with Chimour’s knee.

“Uugh…”. Jimbob moaned, toppling over as Chimour stuck the landing right next to his unconscious body.

“My name is Chimour Nightsyer, and it is out of the goodness of my heart that I don’t kill all of you for the murder of my parents!”. Chimour said, kicking Jimbob over, and out of his way.

And it was at this point the Chimour was shot in the shoulder.

“Damnit… Missed your head! Give my a moment will you boy? It’s kinda hard killing freaks of nature when you’re drunk”. Elroy said, Chimour clutching at his arm and screaming in pain as tears rolled down his face.

“Oh come now Elroy… I know you a bit better then that”. The man from before said, laughing a little as Chimour fell to the floor.

“Eh… Alright I shot him in the shoulder on purpose, I mean where’s the fun in it if they don’t scream right boss?”. Elroy laughed. “Also kid your parents were very tasty! I can’t quite remember the last time I ate so good!”. Elroy said, laughing as Chimour desperately tried standing back up.

“Well what about the time we killed that family of cow people?”. The boss asked.

“Oh yeah… Kind of hard to top steak huh boss?”. Elroy asked, re-loading his rifle with vigor.

“…No”. Chimour meekly said. “I… Have to live on, doesn’t matter if I, but… I-I don‘t want to die…”. Chimour said, tears still running down his face as his bladder let loose into the front of his Pampers.

“What is it boy? Last words?”. Elroy laughed as he aimed down the sight of his gun at Chimour’s head.

“I WON‘T DIE! …I don’t… Don’t know what’ll happen, but if you die then it’s your fault for making me resort to this…”. Chimour said, taking the ring out of his right pants pocket.

“Oh I am going to stuff, and mount you for that… The hunted should never talk back to it’s hunter like how you just did”. Elroy said, taking the shot…

“…What happened?!”. The boss yelled, the bullet disintegrating into dust before making it’s way to Chimour’s skull.

“I-I don’t know!”. Elroy yammered, uncertain of what had just happened.

“…You really did it didn’t you? You pulled the trigger, tried to take away my life, and for what? Because I’m different?”. Chimour asked, his eyes glowing as red as burning embers.

“Y-you really are a monster!”. Elroy said, hesitating for a second before reaching for his machine gun which he began promptly firing at Chimour.

“…Stultus homo!”. Chimour said, moving his hands up and down quickly as his fingers became a blur, and as the bullets where chopped into dust like the previous bullet was.

“L-listen man I’m sorry for shooting you, and for killing your parents! Y-you‘ve got to forgive me!”. Elroy said, panicking as Chimour just laughed at him.

“Maybe if Chimour were in control he’d take heed of your meaningless words… But I am a beast with a heart blacker then night itself, and you are…”. Chimour trailed off, lunging forward at him.

“…Dead”. Chimour finished, his right hand crushing the mans heart after he delivered a fearsome spear-handed technique which cut through his flesh like a razor-sharp knife through cardboard.

“Ugh… What happened?”. Jimbob moaned, just regaining consciousness as he got up, and turned around to see what Chimour had just done to Elroy.

“Oh not much, just killed your gay lover is all”. Chimour said, mocking Jimbob before taking a bite out of Elroy’s squashed heart.

“W-what…?”. Jimbob said, angered by the gay lover comment, but to scared by what he was seeing to do anything.

“Mmm… Tastes just like chicken!”. Chimour laughed, wiping the blood off his mouth before throwing the rest of the heart aside, and before kicking Jimbob back down to the ground. “Homosexuallity… Yet another thing uncultured savages like you claim to be immoral, and of the devil… Well you want to know what I find immoral?”. Chimour asked.

“This is a bad dream I wanna wake up… This is a bad dream I WANNA WAKE UP!”. Jimbob cried, going into hysterics over what was happening.

“What I find immoral is that stupid people like you get to live on the same planet as me, and pollute my world… Now die”. Chimour said coldly, lifting up his right foot before quickly slamming it into Jimbob’s chest cavity thusly crushing his heart as well.

“Now then Mr. boss man… I’ve saved something special for you…”. Chimour said, smiling sickly at the now petrified ringleader.

“Wh-what are you?”. He asked, unable to keep himself from quivering like a frightened child.

“…I am justice”. Chimour said, giving the boss a look which promptly rendered him completely paralyzed. “Now then… Nigritia praeter nigritia… Malus praeter malus… Sum extraho inacc meus manus et iactus deorsum hic homo!”. Chimour chanted, the world discoloring around them until all was gray.

“What are you doing?!”. The boss cried.

“I am justice, and you’ve been found guilty”. Chimou said, his right hand now glowing with a black flame which then materialized itself into a blade. “Ensis de daemon ignus!”. Chimour said, seemingly disappearing only to promptly re-appear behind his victim.

“…That’s it? You didn’t even cut me!”. The boss man said, laughing with relief. “What did your demonic powers run out?”. He asked, having gained back some of his confidence only to find out that he still couldn’t move his body.

“Fool… I wasn’t aiming for your body, well not on this plane of existence anyway”. Chimour said, the man’s shadow splitting in half with his body mirroring his shadow. “Now then… With all three of these men dead I can walk diaper boy here over to the ritual site… Yes soon you will be sacrificed, and soon I will be made whole once again”. Chimour said, expanding his wings before taking flight, and before flying off into the night.

“Yugorr! What’s going on out there?!”. Cerces asked, running outside to see what was making so much noise.

“Oh it’s nothing your guardianship… Was just dealing with a few armed goons is all!”. Yugorr said, knocking the last one unconscious with the pommel of his sword. “Aaaand one thousand!”. Yugorr said, smiling a little to himself since it had been quite some time since he had a battle that fun.

“… That’s all well, and good, and all, but where’s the child of prophecy?”. Cerces asked nervously. “Please tell me he’s in his room still soundly sleeping…”. Cerces said.

“…I-I’m sorry?”. Yugorr asked, looking down at his feet in shame.

“…Sorry? For what Yugorr? Surely he’s still sleeping right? Yes surely this is the case…”. Cerces said.

“No your guardianship… These thugs caught me by surprise, and almost shot me when I had my guard down… After that I went about quickly slicing all their guns up, and well I guess I just lost myself in the heat of battle…”. Yugorr said.

“…Wonderful”. Cerces said, face-palming at Yugorr’s absent mindedness.

“How long would it take to find him using a crystal ball you think?”. Yugorr asked.

“To long to make a difference… We’ll try it anyway though, now come!”. Cerces said, taking Yugorr by the paw before leading him back into the cathedral.

“Wh-where am I?”. Chimour asked, having woken back up tied to a giant stone altar in a sea of black-hooded strangers.

“You’re in my domain now… No one can hear you, see you, or smell you except those inside this dimensional bubble I have created”. The beast said. “So then… I guess it’s time that I let you in on my plan huh? Okay well basically that ring your wearing isn’t just a piece of enchanted jewelry… It’s my essence crystallized into the form of a ring”. He said.

“…And so?”. Chimour asked.

“And so you were right not to trust me… You shall be sacrificed along with that part of myself you wear around your finger, and then? Then I will be whole once again”. The beast said. “Tricky bussiness being banished into a void, you never quite recover from it you know?”. The beast laughed.

“Well not until one of your celestial alignment is born into this world anyway”. The beast said.

“You bastard… You put my life in jeopardy and for what? To gain more power! I fucking hate you!”. Chimour yelled, thrasing about to no avail as the ropes held him tight to the altar.

“Heh… I was going to immediately start performing the ritual, but you know what? What the hell, I’ve got time to kill, and I simply love the screaming of children…”. The beast said, snapping his fingers as some his followers walked forth, taking out shadow-like daggers as ten of them now stood before Chimour.

“Fear the blade since these were also apart of me, and will only kill if I want them to… Otherwise all you get out of the stabbing and slashing is the sensation”. He said coldly as his ten followers began mercilessly stabbing Chimour, his screams ochoing throughout this new dimensional bubble the demon had ensnared him in.

It had gone on for hours, to Chimour for what seemed like years… The pain very nearly drove him to the brink of insanity as he laid there, begging for forgiveness with a near endless supply of tears rolling off his face.

“No more, please no more!”. Chimour sobbed, his body still resonating with agony.

“Heh you’re just full of surprises aren’t you? A normal man would’ve been reduced to the state you’re in now in less then ten minutes, but with you it took me a solid hour to break your will!”. The beast laughed as he snapped his fingers once again, his minions now backing off. “Your daddy must be so proud of his little boy huh? You dumb little infant”. The beast said, spitting on Chimour’s face.

“Don’t…”. Chimour said, trailing off a little since he was still reeling with the pain just inflicted on him.

“Don’t what?”. The beast asked.

“Don’t you ever talk about… My daddy as if you know him… You mother fuck…er”. Chimour said, to weak to yell.

This time he didn’t even bother talking about how he was going to torture Chimour, and just did it, zapping him with who knows how many volts of pure electricity.

“Tu impudens parvus infans!”. The beast growled, electrocuting Chimour while the little bat continued to talk back to him.

“You a-are sc-scum! You are f-filth! You a-are the excrement o-on the bottom of s-somebody’s new l-leather boots! A-and y-you can go f-fuck yourself!”. Chimour said, having re-gained some of his former will power through his sheer hatred of the demon before him.

“ENOUGH! … It’s obvious you’re not going to shut up so lets just get on with the ritual already!”. The beast said, flustered, and foaming at the mouth as he stopped electrocuting him.

And so it began, ancient monoliths with rune-like carvings rising up from the earth, the atmosphere in the bubble changing as the wind grew colder, and colder. And so as the ritual continued it seemed that Chimour was finally going to burn out, and wither away into dust, the winds spreading them to wherever they saw fit… How ever… While this was all taking place Chimour felt a change come over him… The ring was pulsating, the pulsating synchronizing with his heart beating, but he didn’t know what it meant…

“Nigritia praeter nigritia… Malus praeter malus… Trado meus vester eruditio et…”. The beast said, trailing off as Chimour started glowing purple, a black flame burning through the ropes that had bound him as he now stood back up, cloaked in fire.

“…I don’t know why but it seems that part of you has taken a liking to me”. Chimour said, smirking a little as his ring started glowing brightly.

“But… How?”. The beast asked, infuriated by this change of events.

“No one is perfectly good, and no one is perfectly evil… I guess the same holds true even for gods, and demons”. Chimour said.

“Figures… Guess it can’t be helped since I gave you the weakest part of my being I could spare, come to think of it I’m not really that surprised it has betrayed me”. The beast said. “No matter… I can still beat you into submission since after all you’ve only got a fraction the power that I h-”. The beast said, trailing off as Chimour dashed towards him at a blinding speed and kicked him in the face with extremely forceful impact.

“I’ve already got super strength thanks to my bloodline, so with this ring amplifying that, my speed, and my reflexes I think I stand a chance here”. Chimour said, smiling down at the demon he had just knocked over.

“You… You whelp! That… That actually fucking hurt! YOU HURT ME!”. The beast yelled, losing his cool as he charged at Chimour only to have his anger blind him, and promptly lead him into getting his face smashed in with a strong elbow from the young bat.

“Wow for a demon who’s probably been around longer then my whole family you are pretty fucking stupid aren’t you?”. Chimour asked, mocking him. “Seriously… Losing your cool in a fight with me is a bad idea…”. Chimour said, lecturing the demon in a sly attempt to try, and keep him enraged.

“You…”. The beast said, foaming at the mouth some more as he tried desperately to regain his composure. “…Nice try, but if I fight with a level head you don’t stand a chance”. He said, laughing to himself as he took the initiative except this time he was successful with his assault, slashing Chimour across the stomach, and gravely wounding him.

“Shit… I was hoping it would work too…”. Chimour said, wincing in pain as he tried standing back up only to start coughing up blood before falling back down to the ground.

“It‘s a shame really… Going to probably need to wait for another five hundred years, but you know what? It‘s worth it… I‘ve never hated anyone as much as I hate you, and for you to plant your unworthy foot into my beautiful face is unforgivable! For this crime perpetrated against me I sentence you to death for I am justice, and you’ve been found guilty…”. The beast said, raising his claw as he prepared to perform the coup de grace.

But just then before he could do it something happened… What it was Chimour was uncertain of, and all he knew was what came afterwards as he sat there, miraculously healed in a white void. Yes he sat there in a void of nothingness.

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PostSubject: Re: Prophecy   Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:03 pm

Wow. I gotta say Chimour I really did like this one. Great atmoshpere and setting and the Latin was a really nice touch. ^^ But oh you left us with a cliff hanger! Oooo. I wanna see what happens next. hehe. Oh well again great job. Looking forward to the next story.


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PostSubject: Re: Prophecy   Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:32 pm

Lig wrote:
Wow. I gotta say Chimour I really did like this one. Great atmoshpere and setting and the Latin was a really nice touch. ^^ But oh you left us with a cliff hanger! Oooo. I wanna see what happens next. hehe. Oh well again great job. Looking forward to the next story.
Thanks buddy! And to be honest part of why I did end it on a cliff-hanger was so that if the conclusion was disapointing this could still be it's own sort've stand alone story! Ya know that way the ending is stronger ^^.

Also I know the fight with Chimour, and the demon was short-lived, but Chimour really was in over his head with him... Like I couldn't realistically have Chimour win through when this demon was probably atleast seven times more powerful then him.

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PostSubject: Re: Prophecy   Tue Sep 25, 2012 10:44 pm

1. Amazing Story. Me luv'd it. x3

2. Pink is a manly color too :U
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