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 Anti-Vegetable Propaganda

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PostSubject: Anti-Vegetable Propaganda   Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:54 am


It was a quiet Saturday afternoon in the small city of Brekleburg when we found ourselves moments away from the most humiliating, and emotionally taxing ordeal of our young lives. My name is Chimour, and I've decided to narrate me, and my kid brother's story all by myself! ... So moving right along, and so as I said before it was a quiet Saturday afternoon, a few moments from when it all began...

"So Kyle any idea when that baby sitter is supposed to get here? ... I've got nothing to do, and bugging whoever's coming over to sit for us sounds like more fun then staring at a wall...". Chimour, an all black, and thirteen year old, vampire bat fur said.

Kyle shyly responded with a small sliver of anxiety in his voice. "Well I was told that she was going to be here in three minutes, she should be here any second now I guess." He said picking at the dull silver grey stripe fur that ran from the top of his head to the tip of his skurel (Skunk/Squirrel hybrid) tail.

That's my twelve year old brother Kyle! Shy little thing isn't he? Heh well I'd be shy too if I knew what awaited us as I sat there dressed in a pair of black jeans, and a black t-shirt. Anyway you may be wondering why we're of different species, and well you see I was adopted. Years ago I once lived at an orphanage, all until that faithful day when a female squirrel walked in with a then four year old Kyle. Yes little did I know that she was to be my new mother, and he was to be my new little brother... But what of the father you ask? Well I never knew the man personally, but from what I've heard of him that may've been for the best...

And so rapidly approaching our home was an SUV, an SUV driven by a thirty something year old koala, with her seven year old daughter strapped snugly into a car-seat in the back.

"Why do I have to come with you again mom?". Sally asked, flustered that she couldn't just stay home un-supervised for once.

Sally's mother Rose sat in the driver’s seat, eating some eucalyptus leaves from a small bag as she explained to her daughter why she was coming along. "Because you’re a bit young to be staying home alone by yourself, besides I thought you liked to come with me when I went babysitting. " Her mother said, munching her leaves quietly as she drove to their destination.

"There's only so much of that smell I can stand though... These boys you're looking after aren't toddlers are they?". Sally asked. "Also are you sure you should be eating off-brand eucalyptus leaves mom? I heard something about them being unhealthy for you...". Sally said.

"No honey I don't think they are toddlers, and that’s just a silly rumor. Why would eucalyptus leaves of any kind be unhealthy just because their an off brand." She said smiling lightly as she had some more leaves.

So she started scanning the street, saw the house she was going to be pulling into, and slowed down accordingly. Then she turned into the driveway, and parked her vehicle.

"And this is the right address." She stated firmly as she unbuckled herself.

"So do you think they're here yet?". Chimour asked curiously as he stood up, and stretched a little.

Kyle stayed seated and answered. "I fink so, I fought I heard a car pull up."

"Hmm... Alrighty well I'd best go let whoever it is in then". Chimour said as he made his way over to the front door, unlocking it before opening it up, the young bat squinting a little from how bright it was outside.

And so following his big brother’s lead Kyle got up and followed behind him, not bothering to look outside as Rose proceeded to get out of the vehicle. And so having done that she then made her way to the back seat door, opening it and unbuckling her daughter from the car seat. And while she was at it she also made it a point to grab her bag of supplies, reaching for it since inside she kept a variety of things that she might need for the job.

"Hmm... I don't think you'll need most of those items mom". Sally said, getting out of the car to find out that the furs her mother was looking after were, thankfully, not a couple of the smelly babies which she had become accustomed to.

"Oh you never know honey, looks can be deceiving." She said as she closed the car door behind her.

And so eventually she noticed the fur standing in the doorway, figuring that he must be one of the kids she was to be watching. And so with a certain shift in demeanor she stepped lively towards the door, a lightness about her that made her feel quite giddy for some reason...

: "Hey there miss! I'm assuming you're the one our mother called to sit for us right?". Chimour asked, noticing the seven year old girl she had brought with her.

Kyle didn’t say anything, but just stood behind Chimour, glancing at the babysitter as she approached.

Rose in turn noticed the little bat boy, and just as her eyes began playing tricks on her… Instead of seeing a teenager she saw a toddler, a toddler who was about the age of three, and standing in the doorway waving to her.

So she walked up to the boy and said. "Well hello cutie, I'm your babysitter until your mommy gets back, so listen to what I say alright? Now then let's go inside." She said, grabbing Chimour and hefting him up across her shoulder with surprising strength before she proceeded to carry him inside.

And as soon as she did this Kyle retreated back to the other side of the room, running away, and hiding himself before she was even through the front door.

"H-hey... What's up lady? You know I can walk right?". Chimour asked, blushing terribly as this continued.

"...Uh mom what's up?". Sally asked, just as surprised as Chimour since this kind of behavior was something she saw her mother only indulge with babies.

"Just carrying him inside dear, that’s all." She said bringing Chimour in, and closing the door behind her daughter.

She then held Chimour outward, regarding him as she opened her mouth to say the following… "Now what’s your name, and where’s your brother, I was told I would be watching Brothers."

Kyle was watching from behind a corner of another room, he was clearly visible, but he didn’t notice it since he was to distracted taking in the koala and her daughter like a drunkard taking in a long draught of blackberry wine from a deep chalice.

"C-Chimour, and he's right over there... Now please stop". Chimour said, pointing over to Kyle.

"Alright sweetie." She said, putting Chimour down, and heading over to Kyle. "Hey there shy guy." She stated scooping Kyle up quickly as she promptly began cradling him.

Kyle blushed as he said. "Hello." In a real quiet, and timid manner.

"...What's up with your mom?". Chimour asked curiously.

"I dunno... It's almost as if she thinks you're a bunch of babies". Sally said. "Oh! I'm Sally by the way! Who're you?". She asked.

"Hello Sally, oh and my name's Chimour!". Chimour answered, not really making eye-contact with her since he was still much to perplexed by the eldest koala's actions.

So Rose came over still carrying Kyle, who was both too embarrassed, and too shy to ask her to put him down.

"So little guy." She said, directing this question, at Chimour. "Where does your mommy keep most of your stuff?"

"What stuff?". Chimour asked.

Rose simply smiled shifting Kyle to her shoulder. "Never mind, where is your room?" She asked, certain that their supplies would be in their room anyway.

"Up the stairs miss... Me, and my brother share a room, so yeah...". Chimour said.

"Well let's head up there then." She said, carrying Kyle over her shoulder, and grabbing Chimour’s hand as she then led them to their room.

"I don't understand... What are you trying to find?". Chimour asked, as he continued to blush.

"Don't worry your little head about it sweetie." She said, letting go of Chimour’s hand, and setting Kyle down when they entered the room.

Kyle was blushing fit to burst as he went to stand behind Chimour, you know, sort of like a human-shield only furrier... Anyway after taking a good look around Rose was slightly shocked to see no changing table or any diapering supplies in plain sight. And so she assumed that they must be in a dresser drawer, and promptly began to look for them.

"Mom what're you doing?". Sally asked as she made her way into the boy's room, closing the door behind her.

"Just looking for some things Sally." Rose said, a little irritated since she wasn't finding any of what she was looking for.

And so Sally just came out and said it...

"Mom I doubt you'd find any diapers, or baby powder, or anything else of the sort in this room... These boys are older then me!". Sally said, Chimour's face lighting up with embarrassment since that would definitely explain why the baby-sitter was acting like this with them.

As for Kyle he would have blushed more, but he was already a nice shade of red as it was.

Rose was unconvinced as she continued to search to no avail. "Well it would seem that there isn't any supplies in here." She sighed. Which then got her to thinking... "Hey are you two boys wearing diapers?" She asked.

"...No ma'am I'm not incontinent, and neither is my brother here". Chimour said, too embarrassed to really utter out much else.

"Mom this is silly... I mean I know the majority of children you sit for wear them, but these boys are obviously older then me...". Sally said.

Rose seemed to just ignore her daughter. "Well if you two aren’t wearing diapers then I'll have to do something about that." She said, scooping Kyle, and Chimour up into her arms. "Come on Sally we have things to get." She said opening the door as she prepared to walk out.

"But wait mom! What about that bag you brought in with you? I mean maybe you've got spare diapering supplies in there?". Sally asked, trying to save Chimour, and his younger brother at least a little embarrassment here.

"Oh yeah…Thank you sweetie! Watch them while I go and get it kay?" She asked, setting Kyle, and Chimour back down before walking out of the room, and before shutting the door behind her.

"There... I'm sorry she's doing this to you, but at least now you won't have to go out in public... I hope". Sally said, sighing a little to herself.

"...So it would seem that what you said earlier about her thinking of us as a bunch of babies holds true after all". Chimour said, his face as red as a cherry. "...What are we going to do about this?". He asked.

"I don't know... Darnit I knew those off brand eucalyptus leaves were bad for you... Never know what kind of chemicals they spray on those things to make them grow faster". Sally said, sighing some to herself.

"So wait she’s really going to put us in diapers?" Kyle asked worried, his blush as bright as Chimours.

And when he had asked that that is when they could here her coming back towards him with her bag of supplies…

"Yes... She's probably suffering through some kind of mild hallucination since I've heard about it over the news where some koala furs tried eating bags of artificially grown eucalyptus, and while most were perfectly fine, a small fraction did start seeing things that weren't really there...". Sally said. "Mom didn't believe me when I warned her about the side-effects on the way over here, and well I'm probably going to be asked to help change you, so don't make this hard on me okay?". Sally asked, blushing a little herself since the whole idea was embarrassing for her as well.

"Like hell I won't... I'm not going to be paraded around town wearing nothing but a diaper and t-shirt!". Chimour shouted. "I mean what about when she was talking to our mom? Surely mom filled her in on what we were like, and well I'd think that that information would have to include our ages". Chimour said.

"You're right, but eucalyptus is already a weird plant to begin with, and so regardless of brand there have been reported instances of temporary memory loss". Sally said. "...Also don't even bother resisting... If she could carry you two around without even breaking a sweat then do you really want to find out how badly her spankings hurt?". Sally asked to which Kyle shook his head rapidly.

And then the door opened as Rose strode in with her bag slung around her shoulder, and with a diaper held in her right paw.

"Thank goodness I had some in there, but we will still have to go get more. Now come here cuties, and let me put your baby pants on for you!" She said, motioning to both Kyle and Chimour with her left paw.

"...Shit". Chimour said, having toned out everything she had just said except for "We still need to get more".

"Mom... Didn't you talk about these boys with their mother on the phone before coming over here? Like didn't she tell you certain quirks of theirs, and other things she thought you may need to know?". Sally asked, trying to see if she could remind her mother.

So Rose thought for a moment…

"Hmm… No Sally it's definitely not time to feed them, or to give them a bath." She said, as she picked Chimour up. "Now let's get a nice, and thirsty diaper on you there little batty."

"P-please no...". Chimour said, wanting to fight back, but in the face of Rose's super-fur strength he didn't want to risk getting spanked.

"...Will I be diapering Kyle mom?". Sally asked, blushing a little as she looked over to Kyle who was probably blushing just as badly.

"Oh yes honey if you could help that‘d be wonderful. Also I left the other diaper, and some supplies in the bag! … Now to get these pants off you." She said to Chimour, placing him on the bed as she went to work with stripping him of his pants, and underwear.

"...Maybe this won‘t be so bad, I mean how embarrassingly infantile could the diaper be anyways?". Chimour asked himself as he glanced over at the diaper he was to be changed into. "...Why me?". Chimour commented, his face cherry-red since the diaper was thick-looking, plastic backed, had babyish designs all over it, and to top it of was pink with frills!

"...Come on Kyle let's go get this over with...". Sally said as she took him by the paw, and led him down into the living room.

Kyle didn’t say anything, and just simply nodded, heading of with Sally and hoping that the yellow diaper she had picked out of the bag would at least be comfortable. And so while that went on Rose had just finished stripping Chimour of his undies, making a comment about how she couldn’t believe he had managed to keep them dry for this long before then lifting up his legs, unfolding the diaper, and sliding said diaper underneath his bare little bottom. She then powdered up her paws, and began rubbing the baby powder into Chimour’s fur, the little bat being too embarrassed to speak by the time she finished as she then put his legs down, threaded his tail through the hole in the back, and brought the front of the diaper up, snuggly taping it on him to his chagrin.

"There! Now isn‘t that better then those boring old big boy undies?". Rose asked, giggling a little.

"…I dunno, and do I at least get to wear some pants over this?". Chimour asked, almost pleading her to not let him go without something to cover up his shame.

Rose then looked at the pants Chimour had been wearing previously... "I don't think those will fit anymore sweetie. So unless you have some bigger pants you‘re going to the store without them." She said
"...The diaper's not that thick is it?". Chimour asked, prodding at his padded front in frantic panic. "Holy... No I guess I don't have pants big enough...". Chimour said, wanting to cry a little as he realized what that meant for him.

"It's alright little baby… We'll get you some when we go out, but only if you behave okay?" Rose asked, lifting Chimour up again.

"If I Behave... Does falling to my knees in unadulterated shame from having just soiled myself in public count as misbehavior? Because that's a distinct possibility". Chimour said weakly, his confidence dying down before he had even been carried out of the room.

"What? Don‘t be silly, I mean you are still just a baby after all so where‘s the shame in pooping your pants?" Rose asked, shaking her head a little as she brought him downstairs, just in time to see Sally finish up with Kyle.

And so when she saw Kyle she made sure to pick him up as well, causing him to blush just as badly as Chimour was.

"Alright Sally now let's go get these little guys some more diapers." Rose said, opening the front door as she made her way over to her SUV.

"Okay, but um can we go somewhere local... Like is there a local 'Cubs R Us' that doesn't get very busy super often?". Sally inquired as she walked out the door with her mother. "You know so we don't have to wait in a line, or have any difficulties finding a place to park". Sally said, lying since if she told her mother the real reason why she didn't want to go to a Wal-Mart her mother would just blow her off.

"Y-yeah I second the notion!". Chimour said, blushing horribly as he snuggled up into Rose, not because he wanted to be comfortable, but because he was attempting to hide himself in her fur.

"Hmm… Well I do believe there’s a Cubs R Us nearby… Alright honey, sounds good to me! Now let's get these two strapped in." Rose said, going to the car, and opening the back doors before placing Kyle and Chimour inside of the SUV. "Also Sally could you get them adjusted for me?" Rose asked as she began digging for her keys in her bag.

"Sure... We only have one car-seat though, so I don't know who you want to sit in that". Sally said, a clicking-noise coming from Chimour as he buckled himself in.

"No thanks". Chimour said flatly, quite content with just buckling up like how a boy his age is expected to do.

"D-do I have to sit in it?" Kyle asked nervously.

Kyle didn’t get an answer to that question since when Rose had gotten her keys out, and had turned the car on she wasted no time in looking into the back seat to find both Sally, and Kyle weren‘t bucked in yet. And so she quickly got back up, and sat Sally into the middle seat, strapping her in, before she then strapped Kyle into the car-seat.

"There." She said decisively, locking, and closing both back doors before sitting back down into the drivers seat, and before closing/locking her own door. "Let‘s go then." She said, pulling out and driving off towards the local Cubs R Us.

"Do you think that maybe this store has anything less embarrassingly thick as far as diapers are concerned?". Chimour asked, hoping that maybe if he wore a name-brand he could actually wear his pants over it.

"Maybe sweetie, we'll see." Rose said, keeping her attention on her driving while Kyle squirmed lightly in the car-seat, not really liking the restriction.

"Mom... Don't you kind of find it funny how a toddler is concerned over the thickness, and visibility of his diapers?". Sally asked, figuring that if nothing else common sense would make her start to wonder.

"Not at all honey, it's not strange for a baby to be curious about his diapers." Rose said smiling lightly.

"Well this isn't really curiosity though mom... He looks embarrassed to me". Sally said.

"He's probably just expressing his needs. Maybe he's hungry, or gassy." Rose said contemplating Chimour’s fussiness.

"But why would a baby get upset over not wearing pants? Usually they get upset when you try to put clothes on them, not the other way around". Sally said.

"Some babies are just fussy like that honey." Rose said wistfully.

"...Well can I ask you a question then?". Sally asked curiously, giving up on trying to convince her mother for now.

"Sure hon." She said.

"Well I know this is a silly question, but when they use their diapers... How would you handle that in a public setting? You wouldn't tease them over it, and change them in public would you?". Sally asked.

"Well why not? I mean I certainly wouldn't tease them, they’re just babies after all. I mean I might coo at how cute they are when I'm changing them, but that‘s about it." Rose answered.

"Well by tease I sort of meant cooing, you know commenting in a very babyish manner how they used their diapers, and following that up by saying something like 'Mama's so proud of her cute little stinkers' ". Sally said.

"Oh honey why would it matter?" She asked as she pulled into the parking lot of the local Cubs R Us.

"...Thanks for giving her ideas". Chimour said, face-palming a little since Rose was probably going to use that now.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to find out for you is all". Sally said.

"Well... I guess it's o-". Chimour said, trailing off as his stomach began to rumble, and not because he was hungry...

"I don't want to get a diaper change." Kyle whined slightly, faring little better in the stomach issues department…

But Rose didn’t pay it any mind as she found a spot to park, turned the car off, got out, and proceeded to get all of the children out as well. She set Sally on the ground and carried Kyle and Chimour in her arms as they walked towards the store together. And so as they walked in they were greeted by the bored looking clerk who's job it'd be to ring up their items this day.

"Good afternoon... How may I help...". The clerk said, trailing off when she noticed the two boys.

"She's staring at me...". Chimour whined, his lower lip trembling due to how upset he was getting.

"Yeah, er... I mean never mind that...". The clerk said, figuring this must've been some sort of diaper punishment, and figured that she really didn't need to add anything else to the situation. "So are you here for diapering supplies, cribs, or whatever? Because I know we have cribs boys that big would fit in". She said.

"Just looking for some diapers, and diapering supplies." Rose said, placing the two boys into the front a nearby cart, and having them sit on the two baby seats built into said cart to their slight discomfort since it was a relatively tight fit.

"Ah I see". The clerk said, unable to help but giggle at the two of them. "Well they are definitely a couple of little cuties, so I'd recommend you get them some Pampers! Some Pampers would probably be more absorbent then what they're wearing right now, and they're also a good bit thinner so they can move around more easily". She said.

"Don't laugh at me!". Chimour shouted, his face cherry-red.

"Trust me... I'm trying not to". She said, walking over to the cart, and tussling Chimour's head fur around. "It's just you don't see many boys your age look this adorable, kind of wish I had more customers like you if I'm being honest!". She said, giggling a little more before leading them over to the diaper section, Rose promptly following behind the clerk with Kyle happy that no one was paying attention to him.

"Anyway we have Pampers in all different kinds of designs miss. See lots of mommies just like yourself have been clamoring for more variety for their little bundles of joy, and so you can get your boys some sissy diapers which are all pink, and frilly, but are still very much unisex. And if you don't like that you can get them some pastel colored diapers which come in several different colors that are very soft on the eyes. AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE THAT then you can even get all black, and gothic diapers, with frills, or without!". The clerk explained. "Also the designs vary as well... You can get Pampers with a diapered stuffed animals theme, you can get Pampers with a zoo animal theme, and you can get them with a flower, and butterfly theme, and these diapers come in both cloth backed, and plastic backed so you‘ve got quite a few cute, and adorable combinations to choose from!". She finished, taking a moment to catch his breath.

"Wow, so many choices…" Rose said, looking at all the different Pampers combinations, and scanning them to see how pricey one combination was in relation to another.
"They are, for the most part, all the same price, but if I were to make a suggestion I'd get some sissy diapers for your oldest there". The clerk said, noticing Chimour's pink diaper. "Also while you're here why not take this all one step further, and get some pacifiers, bottles, and baby clothes?". She asked, intending to milk Rose for any extra money she could get.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea!" Rose exclaimed, grabbing a pack of the aforementioned sissy diapers in cloth backed, and with the stuffed animals design. And while she was at it she also made sure to grab a pack of the pastel colored ones in yellow for Kyle. "Now where are those other things you mentioned?" She asked curiously.

"Follow me, I'll guide you to where they are". The clerk said, enthusiastic for once since it seemed like she had finally gotten the tricks of the trade down. "Oh but before we do go over into the next aisle make sure you get some baby power, and wipes too. Don't want them to get rashes... Well maybe you do, but that's taking this all a bit far in my personal opinion". She said.

"What do you mean by that? … Well never mind." Rose said, grabbing the wipes, and powder before putting them into the cart like she had done with the other things.

"So... Out of morbid curiosity...". The clerk said, stopping at the next aisle over where they had the bottles, formula, pacifiers, and everything else related to feeding a baby, and teething. "What did they do?". She asked.

"What?" Rose asked, a little confused as she grabbed some pacifiers, and began looking at the different formulas.

"Well I mean this whole diaper punishment thing is pretty un-common, like usually I only see this happen when a child has set the family cat on fire or something". The clerk said.

"I'm not punishing them, their babies, they need this." Rose said, putting some formula and bottles into the cart.

"...So are they infantilists then? Because infantilism is much more common then diaper punishment, at least in this store it is anyway". She said.

"I'd think they are a bit young to know about things like that." Rose said. "Now where are the clothes?" She asked, getting somewhat irritated.

"This way please, but first off... Can I see your eyes miss?". She asked.

"Sure, but what would you want to see my eyes for?" Rose asked quizzically.

"Just a test...". She said. "...Uh huh the irises are all red, and your pupils are dilated... Hey you know what? I'd feel bad taking advantage of you so this is all free okay? Just in the future don't eat anymore bad eucalyptus". The clerk said as she then led her over to the clothing section.

"Umm.. Alright." She said, slightly confused as she followed her over.

"Anyways we have onesies, rompers, short-alls, over-alls, pretty much everything, so just pick out what you like". The clerk said, now feeling very sorry for the boys in the cart.

"Thank you!" Rose said, enthusiastically looking through all of the clothes as she began sorting through different colors and styles.

"Feel free to take one of every kind". The clerk said, figuring that given the situation her boss would understand.

"...I really have to go to the bathroom!". Chimour whined, whimpering a little since he knew saying that was probably pretty pointless.

"...Just go, you're not going to convince her that you're not a baby". The clerk said.

"B-but...". Chimour said.

"...Don't worry I won't say anything". She said, although when she said that more furs who were there shopping started showing up.

“R-Rose? M-miss Rose?”. Chimour whined. “I got to use the bathroom!”. Chimour said, on the verge of tears since he didn’t know how much longer he could hold it in.

“Eh? Just use your diaper then silly, it’s why I put one on you!”. Rose said, far to busy loading the cart up with the different clothes she wanted to really hear Chimour out.

"See? I told you… Look I'll explain it to the customers walking by so relax yourself and just go... Don't worry there's no shame in it given the situation". The clerk said.

"...O-Okay...". Chimour said, sniffling as he began to push, his diaper growing warm, and puffy as his bladder let loose.

It was a very humiliating situation for Chimour, the wetting of his pants embarrassing enough to make him cry a little... And that's when it started coming out, and started coming out fast! Consistency-wise it was like this really thick, warm, and sticky mud just kept building up in the back of his once clean diaper, and well before he knew it he had completely filled said diaper to capacity, his now dirty diaper bulging outward comically.

"M-mommy!". Chimour cried, clutching at the seat of his now poopy diaper as tears began to freely run down his cheeks.

"Aww.. Did he make a stinky in the back of his diapee?" She asked, lifting Chimour out of his seat, and holding him by the bottom of his diaper to check how messy he was.

Chimour didn't say anything and just kept crying, burrowing his face into Rose's chest since right now he really wanted to be comforted.

"Well since he did it, now you might as well do it too". Sally said to Kyle, knowing that holding it in couldn't be comfortable for him.

She was right, holding it in wasn’t comfortable at all, and after seeing his big brother do it, he had almost no problem in following suit, well sort of since it was still extremely embarrassing. So with the other furs staring at him, and with him getting a little nervous, he began to involuntarily spray skunk-spray into his diaper, his diaper also going from dry to near leaking in less then a minute as he involuntarily soaked himself as well. And so eventually after wetting himself Kyle decided to just do it, blushing heavily as he started to push, needing almost no urging as he started messing the diaper, his mess feeling more like warm gooey mush which just kept spreading throughout the diaper, but well it still caused it to bulge outwardly to a ridiculous extent as it filled to capacity, so in that regard his messy diaper was still very similar to his big brothers.

Having finished with that Kyle whimpered incoherently to himself, small tears in his eyes from how much of a big baby he must‘ve looked/smelt like.

“Poor little thing…”. Rose said to herself as she located a nearby bench, grabbed some of the supplies from the cart, went over to the bench, and laid Chimour on said bench, his diaper making an audible squish. "Don't worry honey, I'll make it all better." She said, tussling the sobbing Chimour‘s head-fur around.

"Okay nothing to see here!". The clerk from before said, shooing the other customers away so that Chimour could have some privacy. "And here you go, you can go get changed in the bathroom". She said, picking Kyle up before standing him back onto the ground, and before handing him one of the diapers, and some of the supplies Rose had picked out for him.

"I'll help you okay? I know you're not used to dealing with stuff like this...". Sally said as she took Kyle by the paw, leading him off towards the nearest restroom.

"P-paci... please?". Chimour asked, not caring if it was infantile anymore since all he wanted now was something to pacify his humiliation.

"Of course sweetie." Rose said, quickly getting out a pink butterfly-shaped pacifier prior to plopping it into Chimour’s mouth.

She then got a pair of Pampers ready, and popped the tapes on Chimour’s now very full diaper.

“Wow he sure is a stinky little guy huh?”. Rose giggled, not at all bothered by the smell due to her extensive experience with stinky little babies like himself.

"Fanks for the pathi, but I am not tinky!". Chimour whined, talking with a lisp as he continuously sucked on his pacifier.

“Oh? Then why am I changing your diapee right now?”. Rose asked playfully as she gathered most of the mess up in the diaper, and began wiping away the rest with some baby wipes, making sure to be thorough and to also wipe his front down. .

Chimour just fell silent, not having anything to say to that as he kept sucking his pacifier with his face still cherry-red.

And so eventually Rose finished getting Chimour wiped up, lifting his bottom up, and placing one of the sissy diapers underneath him before she began powdering his bottom. After that she threaded his tail through the hole in the back, powdered up his front, brought the front of his new diaper up, and taped it snuggly into place.

"F-Fanks". Chimour said, sucking his pacifier a little as he laid there. "C-can you pick me up?". Chimour asked figuring he might as well snuggle up to her like a big baby seeing as how he just pooped himself in public like a big baby.

“Sure thing!“. Rose giggled as she happily picked him up, cuddling him gently as he snuggled into her.

"Can you awtho wub my back?". Chimour asked, still a little shaken up as he snuggled closer into Rose, sucking his pacifier a bit more slowly now.

"Of course honey." Rose said as she started to rub Chimours back in little circles.

"Fank you". Chimour said, his tears drying, and his humiliation washing away as he just gave himself over to the relaxation her rubbing his back, his pacifier, and yes, even his diapers now seemed to be bringing him.

"Your welcome sweetie." Rose said.

It wasn't long before that the Chimour fell asleep, Sally, and Kyle soon leaving the bathroom together...


Just consider this an unofficial chapter for a story I may, or may not complete... This is non-cannon (Cannon in an alternate universe), and was all based around a role play I had with Kyle =3
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