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 Aleister The Strange! (Diapered pony fan-fiction!)

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PostSubject: Aleister The Strange! (Diapered pony fan-fiction!)   Sat Mar 09, 2013 2:47 am


“So far it‘s quiet like what you‘d expect from a small town… Good”. I, an all black, and bat-winged Pegasus said as I calmly trotted down the main road, and into Ponyville; Two saddle bags currently affixed around my mid-section. “Now then… Where should I wait for her?”. I asked, smiling a little as I took in the sights, and a face full of cake batter.

“Oh! I’m SO sorry!”. Apologized a pink pony with balloons on her flank. “I’ve been having problems with my party cart , and well… You’re the seventh pony this month that it misfired on”. She said, giggling a little as she slurped the frosted mess off of my face.

“…Who are you?”. I asked, a little unnerved after what had just happened.

“Who am I?”. She asked, a confused look on her face before confusion quickly turned into intense excitement. “I’m Pinkie Pie, and you’re new in town! I can tell!” Pinkie Pie giggled, bouncing in place excitedly.

“Yep, in fact me, and the rest of my family, are still in the middle of moving all our belongings over to the new house. Anyway why are you so excited about it?”. I asked.

“Well it means that I GOT to throw you all a welcoming party, and if I got to throw you a party then that means we’ll soon be the best of friends, and if we’ll soon be the best of friends then that means you will all be invited to all of my future parties, and they’ll be lots of fun, and there’ll be cake, and punch, and pie, and my toothless alligator Gummy will be there, and I’ll introduce you to the girls, and, and, and…”. Pinkie said, trailing off as she started to lose her train of thought.

“Th-that’s nice…”. I said, feeling as if she was suffocating me with her joy. “Well I had best skedaddle for the time being… Things to do, ponies to see… And all that jazz”. I said as I started slowly backing away from her.

She didn’t seem to hear me as she just kept on talking, I taking this chance to walk away as she surprised me by grabbing onto my back left hoof before I could leave.

“Hold on there silly billy! I don’t even know your name yet!”. Pinkie said.

And it was at this point that I vanished through a black hole in the ground, the hole immediately sealing itself up before she could follow me…

“So what will we try, and do to earn our cutie marks today girls?”. Asked a yellow pony with a distinctly southern drawl to her voice.

“Beats me Apple Bloom… …Oh hey! Is there such a thing as a dancing… Nah, I don‘t like gingham style”. A brown pony with a magenta mane said, blowing the hair out of her face as she continued trying to think something up.

“Um Scootaloo? Isn’t it Gangham style?” Asked an all white pony with cotton candy like hair.

“ ‘Gangham’ isn’t a word Sweetie, so that can’t be it… Well I don’t think it’s a word anyways”. Apple Bloom said, sighing as a black circle started to form on the ceiling of the cutie mark crusader’s club house.

“…What the heck?!”. Shrieked Sweetie Bell as the hole grew wider before spitting me out, and before sealing itself back up again.

“Eh… Well then!”. I started to say, standing myself back up with the three fillies still staring at me as if I were an alien. “Since this couldn’t be any more awkward… Quomodo tuus saxus vita?”. I asked.

“Say wha?”. The three of them asked in unison.

“…Eh never mind”. I said, blushing while nervously rubbing the back of my head with my front left hoof. “So… My name is Aleister, and um… I’m sorry for dropping in on your… …Clubhouse thingy unexpectedly”. I said after taking a quick glance at my surroundings.

“Okay then… Can you give us a moment?”. Asked Scootaloo.

“Sure”. I said, averting my eyes to the ground since I could tell I wasn’t making the best of first impressions.

And so the three of them went off into a corner of the club house, speaking in hushed tones so that I couldn’t hear them.

“What’s up with this guy? He comes barging into our clubhouse through a hole in the ceiling, and… And it may just be me, but I think he is kinda weird looking to boot”. Scootaloo said.

“Don’t say that! He’s just… Different”. Apple Bloom said.

“Yeah, besides Rarity told me to never judge ponies based on their appearances”. Sweetie Bell said, nodding in agreement.

“Well that’s all well and good, but… You saw his eyes, and how red they were. Also what kind of Pegasus has those kind of wings?”. Scootaloo asked.

“Eh well just because he looks threatening doesn’t mean he actually is threatening”. Apple Bloom said.

“Yeah! Besides due to the placement of those saddlebags I can’t really tell if he’s got a cutie mark or not… Who knows? We may have a new potential member here”. Sweetie Bell said.

“Cutie mark? No I don’t have one of those…”. I spoke up.

“…You heard everything we just said?”. Scootaloo asked nervously.

“Yup, got good hearing”. I responded.

“Um well… Quack maddoo tuus sax yews vidda?”. Scootaloo asked, grinning sheepishly since she felt rather awkward right now.

“Non-existent… Oh and don’t ask that too often, it kinda means something naughty”. I laughed. “Also I would love to join your club… If that’s alright?”. I asked.

“I dunno…”. Scootaloo said. “Would you be willing to undergo a test of sorts to earn admittance into our club?”. She asked.

“Scoots… What are y-”. Apple Bloom started to say, only to have Scootaloo silence her with her front right hoof.

“Sure why not?”. I asked, smiling a little since I had a feeling this was going to be fun.

“Okay… Pick a song, and we’ll have you sing it on the karaoke machine Rarity bought for Sweetie Bell last month”. Scootaloo said. “We sing quite often, so depending on how you sound we’ll either let you in, or reject your offer to join”. Scootaloo said.

“Scootaloo doesn’t this seem kinda… Silly?”. Sweetie Bell asked curiously.

“No, it’s quite alright Sweetie! I wanna sing”. I spoke up since I was rather proud of my singing voice.

“So… What will it be?”. Scootaloo asked as she made her way over to the machine.

“ ‘No More Mr. Nice Pony’ by Allison Copper please”. I answered her.

“… … …And there you go”. Scootaloo said as she got the song picked out for me, and stepped aside so that I could get up to the machine myself.

And so with microphone in hoof I began to sing along to the music, my very voice a symphony of chaos, and high speed vibrato-style high notes…

“Well that was… Interesting”. Sweetie Bell commented, having gone slightly cross-eyed from the whole experience.

“Yeah that is was… What do you think Scoots?”. Apple Bloom asked curiously.

“That… Was… AWESOME!”. Scootaloo applauded. “I was worried about you being rather quiet, and boring, so it’s nice to see that I was wrong about you”. Scootaloo said.

“So… Did I pass?”. I asked curiously.

“Yes, and with flying colors! Also… I’m sorry for doubting you”. Scootaloo said.

“Really we probably would’ve let you in regardless, I think Scoots was just more curious about how you sounded”. Apple Bloom commented.

“Ah I see… Um Sweetie what’s wrong with your eyes?”. I asked curiously since I just now noticed the expression on her face.

“Oh that’s nothing! She’s just not used to someone singing like that except for herself you know?”. Scootaloo asked.

“Ah mkay”. I said, nodding my head a little before I undid my saddlebags, and set them down onto the floor of the clubhouse. “You won’t mind if I hang out here for a little while huh? Kind of trying to avoid this hyper pink prancing pony”. I said.

“You mean Pinkie Pie right?”. Apple Bloom asked, tilting her head a little in slight confusion.

“Yeah… Why would you want to run away from her? Sure she’s eccentric, but so are you so it should be fine”. Sweetie Bell commented.

“Well it just kinda happened… I have a tendency to teleport myself away from ponies that kinda scare me, or intimidate me in any way”. I said. “Oh I should probably explain that… Yeah the short of it is although I can’t cast magic like a Unicorn I still have the powers of teleportation through a portal system I guess I’m just naturally connected to”. I said.

“Connected to? How so, and why did you teleport here?”. Asked Scootaloo.

“Well it was merely by coincidence that I teleported here… I’m guessing I subconsciously chose a direction, and a number of miles when poof… I was gone”. I said. “Also the portal system is kind of… Part of me you know? That’s why it feels so natural to me when I use it as a defense mechanism”. I said.

“Well I still think you should go make amends with Pinkie Pie”. Apple Bloom said.

“Yeah she doesn’t take rejection all that well…”. Sweetie Bell said.

“Eh… I guess you’re ri-”. I said, being cut off when Scootaloo suddenly gave my blank flank a firm swat.

“Rarity’s boutique and step on it!”. She shouted as I was there one second, and gone the next.

“Scootaloo!” Sweetie Bell shouted. “Why did you do that for? What if he’s now several miles away from the clubhouse? He may not even be in Ponyvile anymore!” She said, continuing her thought.

“I wouldn’t worry about it… Besides we won’t know til we check out your big sister’s boutique right?”. Scootaloo asked curiously as she looked over at my saddlebags. “Also anyone else… Curious?”. She asked, nudging her head towards the bags.

“Come off it Scoots, ya know we don’t do stuff like that. And shouldn’t you be just a bit more concerned with what happens to our new friend?”. Apple Bloom asked, pouting a little at her chicken-like friend.

“C’mon it was only a joke… We’ll find him”. Scootaloo said. “Besides I was curious if me shouting out a location before he teleported would influence his destination any”. She added.

“Well it all seemed a little mean to me”. Apple Bloom commented.

“You think so? Well… If he‘s upset with me I‘ll do something to make up for it…”. Scootaloo said, wondering to herself if Apple Bloom was right or not. “Anyway c’mon girls, lets go find our friend”. She said, and with that they were off towards Rarity’s Boutique.

“So… No pony else was available to help you with this right?”. Rainbow Dash asked as she stood there dreading what was to come.

“Correct… It’s a shame Sweetie Bell had that meeting to go to or I would’ve had someone to help me with my filly-range of this new dress design as well”. Rarity said.

“Oh alright. No one will see after all so I guess it’s okay… No pony will see this right?”. Rainbow Dash asked as she walked a little closer to Rarity.

“Yes they won‘t, and it won’t take long either. I’ve already got the dresses made, so after you try on about eight of them you’ll do a tiny bit of modeling for me, and well once that’s done I’ll be completely satisfied”. Rarity said, picking one of the dresses up with her magic as I came crashing down to the floor on the second level of her boutique, and in the same room she, and Rainbow Dash were currently in.

“Woah! Where in Equestria did you come from?”. Rainbow Dash asked, dashing from Rarity’s side before she began to hover above me, scanning me curiously.

“Yes do tell darling, I’m quite curious myself”. Rarity said as she calmly walked her way over to me.

“I’m seeing rainbows darling, rainbows!”. I said, half delirious from the trip with my vision blurring so much that Rainbow Dash looked like little more then a rainbow-colored blur.

“Eh… Okay?”. Rainbow Dash asked, feeling a little dirty for some reason when she heard me say that.

“Feeling alright there sweetie?”. Rarity asked, a little concerned with how I was acting.

“Sweetie? No it was Scootaloo…”. I said, shaking my head a little as I started to regain my composure. “Eh… Where am I?”. I asked as I stood myself back up.

“Why you’re in my boutique of course! …What, did you not mean to be here?”. Rarity asked curiously.

“No”. I said, shaking my head a little. “One moment I was in this clubhouse with three female ponies when one of the ponies, this one particular filly being named Scootaloo, startled me, and sent me here”. I said.

“Scootaloo huh? Must’ve been the Cutie Mark Crusaders”. Rainbow Dash commented.

“I guess… They didn’t really tell me that they called themselves that”. I said, blushing a little since the name sounded kinda silly. “Anyways I guess I’ll see you later, sorry to intrude and all, but I got to get back to the clubhouse, and tell Scootaloo off”. I said, closing my eyes as I began to get the portal ready.

“Wait!”. Rarity shouted, taking me by my front left hoof before I could teleport away.

“Wh-what?”. I asked, just the tiniest bit startled.

“Could you… Help me?”. Rarity asked, looking me up, and down as she let go of my hoof.

“Help you with what?”. I asked, backing away a little since I had a bad feeling about all of this.

“Well… You’re about the same size as my kid sister Sweetie Bell you see, and I was hoping that you could um… Help me make dresses?”. Rarity asked, grinning sheepishly as she did so.

“…You do understand that I’m a boy right?”. I asked, my face lighting up like the lights often hung around the time of Hearts Warming Eve.

“Yes I know, but I’d like to get these dresses made as soon as possible since unlike the adult line of my product I haven’t even started on the filly-sized dresses yet…”. Rarity said.

“Wait… I still haven’t agreed to this yet, but we are in Ponyville, and you apparently make clothes so can I ask you something?”. I asked curiously.

“Sure, what is it?”. Rarity asked curiously.

“…Do you know a pony named Merena?”. I asked curiously.

“Why yes! In fact just a few days ago she sent me a message asking me if I’d be curious in buying the raw materials I need to make dresses with from her. Oh and we also used to go to the same school where we made for fast friends”. Rarity said, smiling warmly as she quietly reminisced about her past.

“Yeah mom told me about that! The name’s Rarity right?”. I asked curiously.

“Why yes it is! Goodness gracious me I had no idea you were her son…”. Rarity said, looking me over curiously.

“Well I’m her adopted son, but she still loves me as if I were her own”. I said, giggling at her slight confusion. “See I was a little extra eager, and so I went ahead of my mom, and older siblings… Knowing her she probably just entered the town by now”. I said, giggling once more.

“Mom‘s something of a slowpoke huh?”. Rarity asked, giggling a little herself. “And yes dear I remember hearing a lot about you from Merena, in fact that gives me something of an idea on how to best pay you for your services… Well if you decide to help me anyway”. She said.

“Oh…?”. I asked as I started to nervously look away.

“Well yes, um… Aleister was it? Anyway dear there’s no need to be so shy about it around me…”. Rarity said, bringing herself more closely to me before placing her mouth next to my right ear. “Your eh… ‘Mommy’ made it quite clear that you’re not really big into ‘tough looking attire’ if you know what I mean?”. Rarity whispered coyly in my ear.

“Y-you mean she?”. I asked, blushing all over in flustered humiliation.

“Yes darling, we are friends, and have been such for quite a long time so I kind of know everything about you”. Rarity whispered.

“…Do you know about… That as well?”. I asked.

“Yes… Stop by later on and I’ll have a few freebies made up for you”. Rarity quietly giggled. “Also don’t worry dear… You wouldn’t be the first forever foal I’ve made clothes, and… Well ‘you know what’ for, so just relax okay?”. Rarity whispered, stroking my mane in an effort to quell my embarrassment.

“Eh… I don’t know what you two ponies were just talking about, but… If he’ll help you with your dresses does that mean I’ll be off the hook for now?”. Rainbow Dash asked curiously.

“Sure, it’d take me too long to make the filly-sized dresses, and have you model the adult-sized ones on the same day, so if he agrees to it I’ll schedule you for next week instead”. Rarity said, Rainbow Dash immediately adverting her eyes over to me expectantly.

“Sure I’ll do it…”. I said, blushing horribly.

“Marvelous! Well you heard him Rainbow Dash, you’re now officially ‘off the hook’ as it were!”. Rarity cheered since she had been wanting to make these filly-sized dresses for quite some time.

“Oh okay! Well I guess I’ll see you guys later then!”. Rainbow Dash said, leaving as soon as she had permission, but not before mouthing a quick “Thank you!” to Aleister to show her appreciation.

“So now that we’re alone… Would you like those nappies three layers thick, six layers thick, nine layers thick, or twelve layers thick?”. Rarity asked without missing a beat once Rainbow Dash has left their company.

“…Twelve layers thick please”. I said, my face as red as a tomato with embarrassment.

“Oh? So you’re a heavy wetter then?”. Rarity asked, teasing me a little since she figured that the more I’d blush the cuter I’d look.

“Stop it…”. I whined, her teasing exacerbating my humiliation as my face grew even redder.

“Aw… It’s okay darling, I was only playing”. Rarity giggled, stroking my mane once again. “Anyways I was planning on making you four cloth nappies for when you, and your family became part of our citizenship here in Ponyville, but I still need to know what cloth you’d like for the nappies”. Rarity added.

“Well what about the rest of my family?”. I asked curiously. “Also I suppose I’d like those… ‘Nappies’ in wondrous wool with a microscopic, and magical mesh to wick away wetness”. I said.

“I suppose you’ll also want those in pink right?”. Rarity asked curiously as she took up a quill, and some parchment before she began writing the details down. “Also they’ll all get something as well, so don‘t worry about it”. Rarity said.

“Ah okay, and yeah I’d like those in pink… With a white, and lacy trim please”. I said, adverting my eyes to the ground so I wouldn’t have to make direct eye-contact.

“…And noted!”. Rarity giggled as she set the quill, and parchment back from whence she got them. “Anyways as for your payment for doing this little job for me I’ll fix you a matching dress to go with your nappies alright?”. Rarity asked, offering up something girly as an incentive.

“Y-yeah, that‘ll be good… I’ll just stand here for you okay?”. I asked as I walked into the middle of the room, and stood perfectly still for her.

“Oh thank you ever so much for this! Really, it means a lot to me”. Rarity giggled as she picked out some raw materials, and began working on the first dress...

“And that’s what happened…”. Pinkie said, sighing as she chugged another mug full of cider at Sweet Apple Acres with Applejack, the distinctly country sounding pony watching her friend chug the beverage with this look of concern on her face.

“I see… Well now that ya’ll have told me about what had happened would you mind if you slowed it down a bit with the cider? This is from my special stash, and too much of it will make you sick”. Applejack sighed. “Also it just sounds like a misunderstanding to me, I mean you said he had bat-wings, and red eyes right? I reckon he probably just wasn’t expecting a… For the most part, normal pony like yourself to be so happy to see him, and it may’ve set off a few alarms”. Applejack said.

“Maybe… Hmm”. Pinkie said as she began quietly pondering to herself.

Pinkie wasn’t sad, nor was she even close to giving up, but with what had happened with Doodle still fresh in her mind it was hard for her to come up with a way forward.

“What’s on your mind now?”. Applejack asked, noticing how quiet Pinkie had gotten.

“Oh just making plans for tomorrow is all…”. Pinkie giggled.

“Okay girls we’re here!” Sweetie Bell said as she approached the boutique with the other two ponies in tow.

“Isn’t it possible for him to of just left the boutique by now? Heck couldn’t he have teleported away by now?”. Apple Bloom asked curiously.

“That’s not very likely… This is Rarity we’re talking about, and considering how strange Aleister looks she’s probably busy giving him a full makeover”. Scootaloo said. “That’s part of why I chose the boutique over a location like Sugar Cube Corner; because I knew if he ran into Pinkie Pie again he could very well end up teleporting somewhere else, and well you’ll usually find her there”. Scootaloo said.

“I see…” Apple Bloom said, nodding a little since the location was starting to make a bit more sense.

And so the three of them began to make their way inside the boutique, trotting up the stairs, and into the room where you could usually find Rarity making her clothes.

“Rarity I’m home!”. Sweetie Bell called out as she entered the room with her friends, the little pony stopping dead in her tracks out of shock and awe when she saw me standing there; blushing horribly as Rarity continued using me as a mannequin.

“Oh welcome home darling! How was your meeting?”. Rarity asked as she continued working on me.

“It was cut short…”. Sweetie Bell said, blushing a little as she adverted her eyes away from me.

“Hey miss Rarity…What dress was this again?”. I asked, humiliated out of my right mind at being seen like this.

“This would be dress number four darling, why did you ask? Did you want to stop soon?”. Rarity asked.

“Y-yes… P-p-please…”. I said as the other two fillies followed Sweetie Bell’s lead, and tried to look away since they could tell this was rather painful for me.

“Well although I was hoping for a bit more progress I suppose this will just have to do for now then huh?”. Rarity asked in a sweet and understanding tone as she tied the ribbon up in the back as that one final touch to the ensemble.

“Thanks…”. I said as Rarity put her supplies away before soon using her magic to slip the dress off of me.

“Sorry about that”. Sweetie Bell said, blushing a little as she started looking at me again.

“It’s okay…”. I said, still blushing horribly. “So you left my saddlebags back at the clubhouse right?”. I asked, a little worried that they might’ve taken advantage of my absence, and snuck a peak.

“Yep they did… And on my way over here I picked them up for you!”. Said a Unicorn with a blue mane, and an all too familiar voice as she walked her way into the room.

“Oh Merena darling! How long has it been since we’ve last seen each other like this?”. Rarity asked, ecstatic to see her old childhood friend once again.

“Oh hey Rarity, and I don‘t quite know if I‘m being honest…”. Merena giggled. “I actually came over here to ask you if you saw my youngest running around Ponyville, but luckily it would seem that you located him for me! Thanks for that”. Merena laughed.

“Oh it was no problem at all really, I mean he just kind of showed up here so yeah”. Rarity giggled.

“Okay well… Do you think it would be doable if he stayed the night over here? I know it’s sudden, but…”. Merena said.

“M-mom?”. I asked, taken off-guard by what she was suggesting.

“Oh? …Oh I see”. Rarity said, winking coyly at Merena once she had remembered what else that last letter had said in regards to our move over here. “Sure that‘ll work, besides It‘d be nice to have someone help me around the shop when Sweetie Bell‘s not here”. Rarity said.

“But where will he sleep?”. Sweetie Bell asked, just as flustered as me about all of this.

“Why your room of course… We’ll just need to pull the old inflatable mattress out for him is all”. Rarity said.

“B-but… Mom why do you want me to stay the night over here? What about Sunny, and the others?”. I asked.

“Don’t worry about it, and just have fun with your new little friend okay? We’ll be fine, and you’re far too small to do any real heavy lifting anyway”. Merena said, smiling warmly down at me.

And once she made her mind up that was it, I had to spend the night with some pony I had only just become friends with…

“So… I suppose you’ve got everything you’ll need in there right?”. Rarity asked, motioning towards my saddlebags once my mother, and the cutie mark crusaders, minus Sweetie Bell, left the building.

“H-how do you mean?”. I asked, blushing horribly since although Sweetie wasn’t in the same room as us at the moment I didn’t want her anywhere within hearing range in case whatever Rarity brought up was embarrassing.

“Well… Your mom told me that part of the reason why you’re a forever foal is because you’ve never had a dry night’s sleep in all your life…”. Rarity said. “Also dear… She told me about how you’re… Not used to getting ready for bed by yourself?”. Rarity asked, blushing a little.

“ ‘Forever foal’ ? What’s that?”. Sweetie Bell asked as she came waltzing into the room with an extra sincere smile on her face.

“You! How much did you hear!?”. I asked, my face as red as a cherry.

“Oh just that you wear diapers because of bedwetting problems”. Sweetie Bell said in a very nonchalant manner. “Still what’s a forever foal? I’ve never heard that term until today…”. Sweetie Bell said.

“Never you mind that dear, it’s not really important”. Rarity said. “And um… You know where to come, and find me for when you’re about to lay down for the night Aleister…”. Rarity said.

“O-oh alright…”. I said, still blushing a little as I nodded my head in agreement. “Also you won’t tell anyone will you Sweetie Bell?”. I asked as I soon left the room with her.

“No silly… Mostly everypony wets the bed, and since it was only a few months ago when I needed to wear diapers myself I can completely understand how you feel…”. Sweetie Bell said, blushing a little as we arrived at the door to her room.

“Really?”. I asked her, not feeling so self-conscious anymore.

“Really”. Sweetie Bell giggled as she opened the door to let both of us inside. “Oh also Scootaloo didn’t get the chance to ask you but are you upset with her over that whole sending you off to the boutique prank?”. Sweetie Bell asked.

“Well I was at first, but really I don’t exactly need to know the coordinates of a place to go there. So ultimately not knowing where the boutique was located was a non-issue for me”. I said. “…I however do not like having my flank smacked that way so I guess I‘m still a little upset with her”. I said, pouting a little.

And so we both started laughing. Who knows, maybe this would be fun after all?

“So how was the sleepover dear?”. Merena asked, giggling lightly to herself as she led me out of Rarity’s boutique, and back onto the main road that wound it’s way through-out the town.

“It was fun… Fun, and humiliating”. I said, blushing a little when thinking back to how I had to have Rarity diaper me before bed.

“Oh? …So Sweetie Bell found out then?”. Merena asked curiously.

“Yep, she was cool with it”. I said.

“Glad to hear it”. Merena giggled as she tussled my mane around.

“Yeah, but Rarity also let it slip that I’m a… Well you know”. I said.

“Ah… You’re worried about her finding out about you liking them then? Or does she already know?”. Merena asked.

“Yeah pretty much… I mean it’d be so embarrassing if she found out! And no, but she could very easily find out about it I think”. I said, sighing a little.

“Well as soon as we get back home I‘m diapering you, so you really shouldn’t worry about such complicated things”. Merena whispered, giggling a little at how red my face now was.

“So he likes diapers? Hmm… Any particular brand?”. Asked a pink pony wearing a trench coat, news pony fedora, sunglasses, and an obviously fake mustache.

“Cloudies brand usually”. Merena said, quickly shutting her mouth with her front right hoof.

“MOM!”. I shouted, my face hot with humiliation.

“I’m sorry dear… She just came out of nowhere, and it kind of just slipped”. Merena said.

“Cloudies brand diapers… Check!”. The shady pony said as she took out some parchment, and wrote this minor detail down with a quill. “What else?”. She asked.

“W-what?”. I asked in return.

“What else do you like?”. She asked.

“Why are you asking me this?”. I asked.

“Because”. She said.

“Because why?”. I asked again.

“Because inquiring minds want to know!”. She said.

“…I’m leaving now”. I said as I tried to walk around her.

“Please don’t!”. She said, grabbing hold of me. “This is for a good cause! Honest!”. She said.

“Oh? What kind of cause?”. Asked Merena.

“Well… You didn’t hear this from me, but… Pinkie Pie found out that this pony right here was new to town, and she wants to throw him, and each of his family members a party! …Although she needs information first since she wants everyone to be happy with the overall theme, and the decorations… Etcetera”. The shady pony said.

“Oh? Well I’m his mother, so how about you ask me some questions?”. Merena asked, winking at me, and giving me the go-ahead to escape.

“Oh? Well Miss Pie is very particular when it comes to knowing everypony’s names, so first what’s your name?”. The shady pony asked as she got her parchment, and quill ready.

“Merena”. She said, and like that I was gone, using my portal system to immediately take me back to my house.

“What’s up little sister?”. Asked a pony with a magenta colored coat, and a black, and blue colored mane.

“Oh ha ha Star… I’m not even wearing a dress right now!”. I said, blushing a little, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like being teased like this.

“Yeah I noticed… No Cloudies either”. Star Gazer teased as she gave my blank flank a swift swatting. “So then kiddo you wanna go see what mom kept ya busy for last night?”. She asked as she began lovingly stroking my mane.

“What is it?”. I asked curiously.

“You know that thing you always wanted, but mom never had the money to buy for you?”. Star Gazer asked as she led me to a door over in one of the hallways.

“…Is it what I think it is?”. I asked, a little excited now.

“Heh… You’re such a foal, but yes it is”. She said opening the door for me, revealing a very girly looking, and fully stocked nursery.

“B…But how?”. I asked, dashing my way inside to get a good look at everything.

“Mom was saving up a little money here, and there in secret. Oh and baby sister? Happy birthday!”. Star Gazer said.

“… Oh geeze”. I said, face-hoofing when she said that.

“You forgot again didn’t you?”. Star Gazer giggled.

“…I did not!”. I said, blushing a little I took a little time to admire everything in the room.

The carpet was a soft shade of pink, and even softer to the touch, the curtains were a very soft lilac color, the walls were white with a very playful, and foal-ish design decorating it. And all the furniture was magenta, the bed clothes in my crib being solid black.

“And of course there’s a playpen over there, a toy chest right here, and yeah”. Star Gazer giggled, delighted with how speechless the sight of my nursery had left me.

“It’s amazing! …No clothes yet, but that’s okay”. I said after I finished checking the closet.

“Yeah I’m sure you’ll be fine walking about the house in just your pretty pink diapees huh?”. Star Gazer asked,

“B-be quiet…”. I said, looking away from her, but again I was smiling all the same.

“So when’s mom coming home you think?”. Star Gazer asked curiously.

“I honestly don’t know… Some weirdo pony wearing sunglasses, a news pony fedora, a trench coat, and a fake mustache stopped her on our way over here, and is now asking her questions about all of her various likes, and interests”. I said.

“Ah… Must be some kind of public survey or whatever”. Star Gazer said.

“No it seemed very specific to our family, like apparently that pony was trying to get information on us for Pinkie Pie so that Pinkie could throw us an amazing welcoming party each”. I said.

Just then the front door slung open, and Pinkie came barging into the nursery with her party cannon, a big goofy smile plastered on her face.

“GOOD SWEET MERCIFUL LUNA WHY?! How did she get a cannon?! Is that thing even legal?!”. I screamed, as Pinkie Pie aimed it my way.

I didn’t get hit by it though since my big sister Star tackled me to the ground when she was spontaneously covered in what looked like glitter, and a bunch of colored paper…

“W-what?”. I asked, in shocked confusion. “What the buck is this all about?!”. I asked, calming down a little when I saw it was just a bunch of confetti.

“Well it IS your birthday today!”. Pinkie Pie giggled. “Oh and sorry if I scared you with the party cannon. I didn’t really think about how it would look to somepony who didn’t know me because I was so super excited to see you, and really wanted to wish you a happy birthday as soon as possible”. Pinkie Pie said.

“I can’t tell if you’re mocking me, or if you’re actually being sincere in saying that… I mean who totes around a confetti cannon like that?!”. I asked, my anger evident as I prepared to go on something of a lengthy tirade.

“Pinkie does”. Star Gazer giggled as she began stroking my mane. “Please try to calm down baby sister, I know you want to say a lot more to her, but… I heard a lot about her from the other ponies who live here, and based on what they have said I believe she honestly had good intentions when she came bursting in here like that”. Star Gazer finished saying as she wrapped her foremost hoofs around my neck in an effort to calm me.

“But what about you? Didn’t you tackle me into the ground, because you yourself were uncertain about Pinkie?”. I asked.

“Eh that was more instinct then anything else… I saw the cannon, knew it was harmless, but still lost control of my body because of cannon fire often being associated with death. It was that association, that thought of you dying that made me do that”. She said.

I was quiet for a little while, trying to make sense of everything that had just happened when only a few moments later Pinkie began to calmly trot over to me, and my big sister as we sat there on the floor together

“So… Baby SISTER huh?”. Pinkie asked, looking me over real quick.

“Y-yeah…”. I said, looking down, and away from her with a small blush on my face.

“…Don’t have so many clothes yet huh?”. Pinkie asked as she quickly searched the closet for something nice, and frilly.

“Not really, no…”. I said as I kept looking away from her.

“Well then that won’t do at all will it silly filly?”. Pinkie giggled as she picked me up, and soon had me laid out on the nearby changing table.

“Wh-wh-what are you doing?!”. I asked, only to have a pink pacifier plopped calmly in my mouth.

“Don’t worry, I get lots of practice diapering, and changing foals because of the Cake twins”. Pinkie giggled as she took up a nice, thick, and pink disposable before setting it aside. “That, and you’ll feel better after a good diapering”. She commented as she took out a container of foal powder next.

Star Gazer could barely keep herself from bursting out into a fit of giggles as she watched how Pinkie liberally applied a nice dusting of the foal powder from my bare bottom all the way to my pelvic region, knowing full well that Pinkie wasn’t going to stop at just that. And so next up, of course, was the actual diapering. Pinkie had unfolded, and slid a Cloudies brand diaper underneath my bottom in advance and now started to gently tug at my long black tail before she soon had it threaded through the hole in the back of the diaper. Now with her job nearly finished she brought up the front of my pink diaper for me, and taped it snuggly into place.

“There we go my little princess pony pants. All nice, and snug!”. Pinkie cheered as she gave a gentle pat on my freshly diapered front.

“T-tanks… But why did you do dat?”. I asked, my speech slurred due to the pacifier.

“Because I wanted to silly filly”. Pinkie giggled as she let me off of the changing table. “Now wait here, I’m going to go get you something to wear!”. She said, and like that she was gone.


“You heard the author dear…”. Merena giggled, nudging her son lightly.

“What… Where am I? Why are you here now? Who IS the author? And… …”. Aleister said, trailing off when he saw he was no longer just wearing a diaper.

No, now and for no reason at all he was wearing a prissy, frilly, pink, and FEMALE ballet uniform over his Cloudies to his great confusion, and humiliation.

“You like? I had to make it while being rushed, but I think it came out looking rather darling despite that”. Rarity giggled.

“Wh… What’s going on?!”. Aleister yelled as he began to frantically scan an empty audience. “Wait… Am I in the middle of a theater? Is this a stage I’m standing on?”. He asked when suddenly somebody came up from behind him, and gave his diapered rump a gentle poke.

“Who’s there?!”. He asked, turning around frantically when his eyes met with Sweetie Bell’s.

“He’s doing this to stall for time. He doesn’t want the story to have a choppy flow to it and so he’s fluffing it out a little”. She said as she stood there dressed in a male ballet uniform, looking at Aleister expectantly.

“W-what… Why are you staring at me like that?” Aleister asked.

“I know what a Forever Foal is now”. She said smiling.

He was speechless, his heart stopping for a second or two as he held his breath, expecting her to hate him now.

“So then…?”. She asked, adverting her eyes a little shyly.

“Y-yes?”. Aleister asked, his voice trembling with worry.

“Can I have this dance? … You big baby”. She said, playfully sticking her tongue out at him.

“Hmm…? Whewe am I?”. I asked, opening my eyes to see Pinkie Pie standing over me.

“In your crib silly! You dosed off before I could get back here with your new dress”. She giggled, patting my head a little.

“I was sweepin?”. I asked, taking the pacifier out of my mouth, and sitting up in my crib when I felt a familiar clamminess come from my diapered crotch. “Yeah… I was sleeping”. I said, blushing furiously.

“Here, let me help you with that”. Pinkie giggled as she lifted me up again, and soon had laid me back down onto the changing table with a wet squish. “So what’d she dream about while I was away, huh?”. Pinkie asked as she got everything she would need to change me with ready.

“Eh… Not much”. I said, blushing a little as she started un-taping my wet Cloudies.

“You like Sweetie Bell right?”. Pinkie giggled as she took up a foal wipe, and began wiping my nether regions clean.

“How… Why…”. I stuttered, blushing even worse then I was before.

“Just because… I won’t say much else, but you’re in for a doozy of a surprise later tonight!”. Pinkie giggled. “Also I talked about it with your mommy, and it’s official! I’ll be your new go-to-foal-sitter from now on!”. Pinkie giggled as she lifted my legs up, and now started wiping my bottom.

“W-what?!”. I asked, this dumbfounded look stuck on my face.

“I know! It’s exciting isn’t it?!”. Pinkie giggled as she soon finished wiping my bottom, removed the wet diaper out from underneath me, put the used wipes inside, balled it up, and then tossed the dirty diaper into the diaper pail.

“Yeah… Exciting…”. I said, looking away since I knew this would only lead to bad things.

Anyways another minute or two later, and Pinkie had me re-diapered before setting me back down onto the ground.

“You know… You don’t have to baby me”. I said, blushing a little since I still didn’t know Pinkie too well.

“Yeah I do! It’s your birthday, and you deserve to be comfortable, and worry-free on your birthday!”. Pinkie giggled as she tussled my mane around a little. “Now then my cute little party pony pants… Let’s get you dressed in something nice, and frilly for your big day!”. Pinkie said as she picked up the dress she had brought me.

“Okay”. I said, deciding it better to just cooperate with her for now as I stood up on my two back hoofs with my arms raised up.

“That’s it, reach for the sky!”. Pinkie giggled as she went to work on getting me all dolled up for what was to come later on.

A little while later, and I left the nursery with Pinkie leading the way.

“Was all of this really necessary?”. I asked, blushing a little since not only was I wearing a dress, but Pinkie had also braided my mane, and went to work on my face with a make up kit she had brought along with her.

“Of course my silly filly! I want you to look your most certainly absolutely positively best today!”. Pinkie giggled.

“How come?”. I asked curiously as me, and Pinkie entered the kitchen together.

Something was wrong though…The lights were off, and it was around night time by now so the whole room was pitch dark... What had everypony in the household simply gone to bed by the time I had woken up? …That’s when it hit me.

“Pinkie! You didn’t!”. I shouted out, and that’s when the lights flashed on revealing all the ponies I had met today, and a few others which I hadn’t.

“SURPRISE!” They all cheered out in unison, warm happy faces meeting my eyes.

I would’ve cried my eyes out if their upbeat expressions had given way to loathing, and disgust, but no! To my surprise the warm smiles they had greeted me with had remained as that, their genuine happiness for me, and my big day undeterred by how ridiculous I must’ve seemed standing there.

“Everyone all together now!”. Merena giggled.

And no pony else could be heard over Sweetie Bell, the little filly’s voice over-powered everyone else’s.

“You guys… Is this really okay?”. I asked.

“Is what okay? Is you being yourself, and having fun okay?”. Rainbow Dash asked. “Sure it’s a little silly, and I wouldn’t be caught dead like that… But accepting your friends quirks, and differences is what it’s all about kid! … Just don’t ask me to change you or whatever”. Rainbow Dash said, being very definite with that last sentence.

“Yeah we’re not total snobs like Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon! I mean we do find it odd, but it’s fine since you’ve got an awesome singing voice!” Scootaloo said.

“What she said”. Apple Bloom said as she just pointed to her friend, not having much more to add here.

“You d-don’t kn-know what it means to m-me to hear you g-guys say that…”. I said, tears freely falling down my face.

“Hold on there sugar cube… It’s a party, there’s no need to go, and start crying like that”. Applejack said.

“Yes dear, I mean I know your touched by this, and all but you’re going to smudge your make up”. Rarity said. “Also you still have four more dresses to help me with, so how does tomorrow sound? It’s a Sunday so you should be free by then right?”. Rarity asked curiously.

“S-sure! I would love to help you make dresses!”. I said, wiping my eyes, and smiling warmly at everyone in the room.

And so everyone in the room started laughing.


“No of course it’s not the end silly! We still need to tell you about what happened afterwards!”

“Let’s see now… It was a dark and… Not scary night when it happened! In fact it had been a rather happy night for one little baby pony pants as she slumbered away in her crib, all nice, and warm…”

Pinkie… I would like to tell them if you don’t mind?

“Okay Mr. Narrator guy! You’re the boss!”

Thank you.

Aleister slept well that night, a tummy full of cake, and now over a hoof full of friends! Truly he was lucky to have moved to Ponyville with his small family that day. (Also he has two older brothers but they got left out of the story… Sorry Sunny Rose, and Silver Light).

That was not the end of it though, oh no. Yes obviously there was more to Aleister’s life then just that, what with his first day of school in Ponyville being that following Monday, and all. Oh and he and Sweetie Bell may’ve started dating, but we’ll get to that when we get to that. Anyways getting back on topic… This Saturday night was special, and now you’re about to see why…

“Hmm… What is this?”. I asked as I walked around a sunny field with bunnies hopping about, and such. “Wasn’t I just… …Oh I’m dreaming! … Yeah that’s about right”. I said, blushing a little since my nether region was starting to feel kind of warm the more I basked in the sunlight on that flowery meadow.

“Aleister… Oh Aleister…”. Came a soft, and gentle voice, the likes of which I had never heard before.

“Who’s there?”. I asked, looking around the meadow when suddenly daylight turned to nightlight, the stars beginning to take shape.

And that’s when something glorious happened, something which I’d never ever forget.

“…Princess?”. I asked.

“Yes it is us, your princess of the night…”. Luna said, smiling down on me from the cosmos.

“…I’m not kneeling… Why am I not kneeling?!”. I asked as I fell to my knees, and bowed my head to her.

“Oh really now… We appreciate the offer, but it’s just a little bit too formal for someone we feel so strongly for”. Luna said.

“What do you mean your highness?”. I asked.

“Tell me our loyal subject… Why do you think you look as such? Is it not because you’re the child of two of my royal guard?”. Luna asked curiously.

“Yes… I suppose I am, but…”. I said, not really seeing where she was going with this.

“Your parents… They were my finest guards, and I was dear friends with the both of them”. Luna said. “On that day they so selflessly sacrificed themselves to save all those ponies your mother had said something to me, do you want to know what she said child?”. Luna asked curiously.

“…What?”. I asked.

“No matter what happens please take care of my son. I may not ever be able to hold him again if I go through with this, but as a member of your royal guard your highness I feel like it’s my duty to protect, and defend those who can’t defend themselves”. Luna recited. “And so that day I did the proper paper work… Technically you’re our son”. Luna said.

“But if I’m your son then why?”. I asked.

“Because taking care of a kid is a full-time job, and the best we could do at the time was make sure you had as good a mother as we could find you”. Luna explained. “Our job doesn’t permit us much free time, but how about next week we stop by, and visit?”. Luna asked curiously.

“That would be wonderful… Mom”.

“Told you it was a doozy didn’t I?” - Pinkie Pie

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Aleister The Strange! (Diapered pony fan-fiction!)
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