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 Little Miss Great & Powerful

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PostSubject: Little Miss Great & Powerful   Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:19 pm


Our story begins in the largely inconsequential settlement of Trottingham, where our heroine, one Twilight Sparkle, could be seen calmly trotting about the quaint market place in search of a bite to eat. Today was like any other for the gifted young unicorn as she took a couple bits from her left saddlebag, and bought herself an apple from one of the nearby food stands. Yep, nothing out of the ordinary what-so-ever...

"Hmm… These aren't terrible, but they also aren't quite as juicy as the apples I buy back in Ponyville..." Twilight said, sighing as she casually scarfed down what little was now left of her food. "Heh... It's a good thing Rarity wasn't here to see me do that. She would‘ve been simply beside herself with disgust, having witnessed such unladylike behavior!" Twilight thought, giggling childishly to herself before she had noticed something, or rather somepony, from out of the corner of her left eye.

"Trixie... What is that raving egomaniac up to?" Twilight mused as she saw the great and powerful turn a corner, and trot down, what she knew for a fact was, an empty alleyway. "Well that’s kind of suspicious..." She muttered since it looked like Trixie was actually trying to AVOID drawing attention to herself.

"Well ...I don't think it'd be too uncalled for if I spied on her a little..."

And so, justifying what she was about to do, Twilight turned the same corner that Trixie had only a moment prior, casting a spell or two to make sure that she wouldn't be noticed.

“Come on, and open up! Trixie is in a hurry to get back home today!” Trixie all but clamored, banging on an oddly ornate door near the very end of the alleyway.

“Alright, alright! I’m coming, just don’t break down the door or else you’ll have to pay for it!” A nameless clerk shouted back as he swung the door open, and gave Trixie the once over. “Oh… It’s you again.”

“Yes, it is us… Anyway you know why I’m here!” Trixie said, only slightly annoyed by his general disposition towards her.

“Right, right… Order number?” The clerk snidely inquired since he already hated his job, and Trixie wasn’t helping any.

“Five, twenty-three. Also how much will that be?” Trixie asked as she started rummaging through her left saddlebag for some money.

“Sixty four bits… Here.” The clerk said, levitating a large wooden crate out of the building, and over to Trixie once she had paid up. “Now good bye.” He said, practically slamming the door in the showmare’s face when their business had ended.

“I think now would be a good time to make myself scarce…” Twilight quietly giggled, briefly enjoying the dumbfounded look on Trixie’s face before she had left her with the super suspicious looking package.

“Still though, what IS in that crate?!” Twilight fumed in her frustration, the brainy unicorn re-reading the sign, which hung from the front of the store, just one last time.
I mean surely it had to start making sense eventually, right? …

Wrong, since no matter how many times she read that sign it read the same thing. Signs will never read anything different from what was originally written down on them, so thusly her efforts to make sense of it all, ultimately, proved futile.

“Bottles, and pins… We have one of those in Ponyville, heck I think every town probably has one.” Twilight commented as she rubbed the back of her head with her front left hoof in her confusion. “It’s a very popular foal supply store, but well… Why would Trixie, of all ponies, need to buy something from here?”

That’s when it hit her…

“Of course! She must have settled down with somepony, and had a foal!” Twilight gasped, placing both of her front hooves to her cheeks in her humorously exaggerated astonishment. “Still doesn’t quite explain why she’s being all sneaky about it. Does she not want anypony else to know? What if…”

Twilight gasped once more, the color draining from her face when she had jumped to yet another conclusion.

“What if her very special somepony beats her? Is that why she doesn’t want anypony knowing about her foal? Is it because she also doesn’t want anypony to know about the abuse she has to put up with every time she goes home?!” Twilight said, shuddering the very thought.

“Nopony deserves that! Not even a showboating egomaniac like Trixie!” Twilight huffed, her anger flaring up, and growing stronger the longer she thought about it. “I’ll follow her home tonight, and when I hear something that confirms my suspicions I’ll make my move!”

It was around six in the afternoon when Twilight had finally finished tailing Trixie, and it had been a few hours earlier when Twilight first decided to go through with this plan of hers. Though despite this her slight physical exhaustion was of no concern to her at this point in time, after all operation “CONCERNED CITIZEN” had, thus far, gone off without a hitch, and she positively loved it when everything went according to plan! …

Anyway, moving on…

“We’re pretty far outside of the city limits now…” Twilight quietly mumbled to herself, the lavender unicorn taking cover from behind a nearby rose bush. “It’s kind of odd that she’d park her caravan in such an isolated area. Yeah… Odd, and troublesome…”

“Well that is why I’m here after all. Besides if anything does happen from within the trailer, then this new spell I’ve been working on should help me hear it.”

And so, having said that, Twilight’s horn began to shimmer with her magical aura, her magical essence spreading outward from the base of her horn, and covering both of her ears like a transparent pair of earmuffs.

Meanwhile, inside of Trixie’s trailer…

“At long last the time has arrived for Trixie to finally relax!” Trixie happily announced to everypony inside of her trailer… So basically, just to herself. “Oh what horrors, and indignities Trixie was forced to endure in order to reach this point! First there was that whole fiasco with the Ursa Minor in Ponyville, and now even ponies here in this backwater of Trottingham know of my failings as a traveling showmare!”

“Thinking back on everything that had happened this past week is almost enough to ruin tonight for us… Good thing Trixie bought the thickest, and most absorbent model the store had on sale!”

And so with that Trixie opened the nondescript cardboard box which she had toted all the way over here, her face positively aglow with childlike wonder upon revealing everything that she had gotten herself at the local Bottles & Pins today…

Needless to say, Twilight was confused…

“Nope, it sounds like she’s the only one who lives in there. That, and if she had a foal she probably would’ve woken it up with how loud she was just talking.” Twilight mused, her face turning scarlet since that left only one other possibility. “Well I know for a fact she’s not incontinent, if she was then my friends probably would’ve let her boastful stage persona slide out of sympathy…”

“I never would’ve pegged her the type, but she’s got to be a forever foal!”

Just then, when she was getting up to leave Trixie to her diaper play, Twilight felt something scaly slither past one of her back hooves…


“What… What the buck are you doing here?!” Trixie clamored, all the color draining from her face as she looked upon the lavender colored mare, who was now splayed out on the floor in front of her.

“Ugh… I hate snakes!” Twilight moaned, rubbing the back of her sore noggin as she stood herself back up. “Sorry about that. I got startled by one of the snakes outside of your caravan, and teleported inside of here without really thinking about it.”

“The snakes outside of Trixie’s caravan? Do you mean the harmless green ones nearby the rose bushes?” Trixie asked, standing in front of her package so as to obstruct Twilight’s view from what she had bought.

“Oh Celestia… How could I not tell that it was the thamnophis sirtalis which had spooked me? I mean I’ve heard that they do actually secrete a mild neurotoxin, but it’s nothing that could kill a full grown mare like myself!” Twilight laughed, slightly embarrassed that she had freaked out like that.

“Uh huh… So why were you so close to Trixie’s trailer anyway? You wouldn’t have been ‘spooked’ if you had never gone near the rose bushes, so your general appearance here is suspect to suspicion…” Trixie said, her gaze turning much more intense as she proceeded to stare Twilight down for an answer.

“Oh yeah… That.” Twilight said, sighing as she adverted her eyes away from those of the now angered azure mare. “Yeah I was spying on you, but I had good intentions!”

“L-like what?” Trixie questioned her, the showmare’s blood running cold with fright in response to Twilight’s answer.

“Well I saw you buying all those foal supplies, and figured that you were keeping quiet about being a mother because you had an abusive husband… Or something like that.” Twilight nervously giggled. “Kind of silly, huh? I sometimes jump to conclusions like that…”

“Quite… So did you hear anything? Be honest, I’ve already cast a lie detector spell…” Trixie said, her horn glowing with intense magical energies. Obviously her agitated mood was making her magic unstable since it looked more like she was readying a spell to take out an Ursa Minor.

“Well… I kind of heard everything, so I sort of know who you bought those diapers for.” Twilight said, motioning over to the cardboard box with her front left hoof. “Again… I’m sorry.”

“Great, just great… Well I’m sorry too since now I can’t let you leave...” Trixie weakly mumbled to herself, powering down her spell before slumping over in defeat. “Of course, having said that… There aren’t many ways one can keep another pony from winking out huh? Yeah, and then when you’re free you’ll tell all of your friends about this, and I’ll end up an even bigger laughingstock then I was before!”

“You know what? Buck it, just leave… I don’t want to look at you anymore!”

“Sheesh… Your confidence can’t be worth much if you’ve already fallen to pieces like this!” Twilight said, smiling a little as she took her front left hoof, and began to gently rub Trixie’s back. “Some of my friends may still resent you Trixie, but I’ve already forgiven you for what happened a week ago.”

“I don’t care about that. Lots of ponies dislike me because of what I do for a living, so why would I need your forgiveness?” Trixie asked, trying to sound defiant, and angry…

Yet her faint smile gave her true feelings away.

“You’re a terrible liar, maybe even worse then Applejack!” Twilight giggled as she looked over the contents of Trixie’s package. “Still though, to think that the great and powerful Trixie is a forever foal… This makes way too much sense!”

“Oh? … How so?” Trixie asked, trying to avoid direct eye contact with Twilight when she had asked that question.

“Well think about it… You’re a showmare who loves showing off, a pony who practically feeds off of the adoration of others.” Twilight said, casually taking a custom made pacifier out of the cardboard box. “Foals feed off of adoration like this too. In fact I would argue that they NEED the majority of their parents attention when being raised, lest they grow up with emotional problems.”

“Oh, and nice pacifier by the way. I just love how the guard is the same color as your coat, and all the little white stars make for a very cute touch!”

“Th-thanks… It was a special order obviously since they don’t normally sell pacifiers with designs like that.” Trixie said, her face tinted a faint scarlet as she nervously looked Twilight in the eyes once more. “So you won’t tell your friends about this, right?”

“Of course not! That would just be mean of me if I did that to you…” Twilight said as she playfully popped the pacifier into Trixie’s mouth with her magic. “However, at the same time… I’d like you to indulge my scientific curiosity.”

“And how would I do that?” Trixie asked, her cheeks reddening even further out of her slight embarrassment.

“Well I’ve read a lot about Forever Foals, and the subject has always kind of fascinated me… So why don’t we play house together?” Twilight asked as she opened up one of the packages of diapers with the tip of her horn. “I won’t force you to play along, but I think that it could be pretty fun!”

“House? You mean you want to baby me then?” Trixie asked, the pacifier falling out of her, now gaping, mouth. “I… I don’t know if I’d be comfortable with that.”

“I think differently, but again it’s your choice…” Twilight said, calmly taking a diaper out before placing it aside for the showmare. “Want some time to think about it? I don’t have to go back to Ponyville until tomorrow so we have the rest of the night for this.”

“Well… I mean it does sound kind of fun, but I’m still not so sure about it.” Trixie said as she used her magic to open up her nearby mini-fridge, taking out an unopened bottle of cheap bourbon shortly thereafter. “Want a drink? I’m having some since I find that it makes these kinds of decisions easier.”

“No thanks dear, your mommy doesn’t drink the hard stuff.” Twilight teased, giggling a little when she noticed how much she had embarrassed Trixie by saying that. “But in all seriousness I’d prefer a good wine over much of anything else… Heh, isn’t that just like a Canterlot mare?”

“I wouldn’t know. Though I attended Celestia's school for gifted unicorns whilst I lived there, I myself am not native to Canterlot.” Trixie said as she uncorked her bottle of bourbon, and began to drink from it with a vigor.

“What, really? You went to Celestia's school for gifted unicorns?” Twilight asked, closing her eyes, and rubbing her chin as she tried to think back to her schoolfilly days. “I still can’t seem to remember you. Are you absolutely sure that you attended?”

“Well of course I am!” Trixie replied, her current tone of voice reflecting just how annoyed she now was with her former classmate.

“Heck, I was only one seat over from you! I mean, I would think that you’d remember me!” Trixie shouted, the showmare quietly sighing to herself in her frustration when she came to the sad realization that Twilight still couldn’t remember her. “Well I guess I did, kind of, drop out… So yeah, you probably wouldn’t be able to find me in any of your yearbooks…”

“Oh… That explains it!” Twilight exclaimed, blushing a little when she noticed how hard Trixie was now glaring at her. “I was pretty antisocial back then, so I suppose I wouldn’t have really remembered you… Sorry”

“No, it’s fine… It was at least a few years ago after all, so I suppose that I‘ll let it go...” Trixie said, sighing as she glanced back over at the diaper Twilight had laid out for her. “So you’re serious about looking after me then?”

“Yup, in fact I don’t even mind the idea of changing you. I mean it’s all just a part of the experience right?” Twilight asked, smiling warmly down at Trixie as the azure mare kept herself from looking her “Mommy” in the eyes.

“Well okay… I guess I’ll be your foal for the night, but on the condition that you can’t take any pictures of me in my diapers!” Trixie said, thinking it wise to set some ground rules before they continued. “That, and no bragging to your friends about this!”

“And why would I brag to them about taking care of an oversized foal?” Twilight asked, a puzzled expression on her face as she stood there waiting for a response.

“Well mommies, and daddies usually brag about how cute their foals are right?” Trixie asked, grinning sheepishly as she laid herself down onto her bed.

“Well… You got me there.” Twilight giggled as she magically unfolded the diaper, lifting up Trixie’s backside before gently sliding it into place. “Anyway, I think it’s about time I set up some ground rules for us to play by…”

“Well if you feel so inclined then go ahead… Please though, don’t come up with anything too outlandish.” Trixie said, the color draining from her face when she saw Twilight materialize up a large scroll of parchment, a quill, and a draught of fresh ink. Obviously Twilight had thought up quite a few rules, all of which she wanted to put into play now.

“Ahem… Rule number one: You need to call me ‘mommy’ for the rest of the night, since you are my little filly now, and as such I would sort of expect you to call me that.”

Garnering all that she needed to know, from Trixie shyly nodding her head in agreement of this first condition, Twilight took out a container of foal powder, and eagerly carried onward with her rule making shortly thereafter.

“Alrighty then! Rule number two: You have to wet this diaper before the night is over, after all this much is mandatory for my research.” Twilight instructed, allowing herself a small, amused smirk when she noticed her filly’s face flush with mortified apprehension.

Though despite her initial reaction Trixie shyly nodded her head in agreement of this new rule, albeit with a modicum of hesitation...

Twilight just giggled to herself, nodding her head in her silent acknowledgement of what Trixie must’ve been thinking at this point in time.

“Oh, this is going to be so much fun!”

“Rule number twelve: If you don’t immediately inform me that you’ve used your diaper then I’ll reserve the right to check you for myself. I am not liable for any embarrassment suffered on your part if this happens.” Twilight giggled, gently bringing up the front of Trixie’s diaper before snuggly taping it into place for her.

“Rule number thirteen: If you raise your voice with me, or start getting fussy then I’ll reserve the right to pop your pacifier into your mouth. And in the case of a repeated offense I’ll reserve the right to magically lock it into place, well until you’ve calmed yourself down anyway…”

“Is that enough rules, you think?” Trixie asked, sitting up on her bed with a light crinkle. “Because as it stands right now I’m pretty much being forced to act like a foal for your amusement…”

“Aaaw… Are you getting fussy with me awweady Twixie?” Twilight childishly cooed, gently threading Trixie’s tail through the hole in the back of her diaper with her unicorn magic.

“No, mommy…” Trixie said, blushing a little since this was all pretty degrading for her.

“Good girl!” Twilight giggled, wrapping her forehooves around the showmare’s torso in a gentle hug.

“Ugh… This still feels so weird to me.” Trixie whined, squirming a little as Twilight lovingly nuzzled her cheek.

“Just let it go, you’re not an adult anymore.” Twilight giggled as she gently patted Trixie’s diapered bottom to help emphasize this. “…See?”

“Mommy… Don‘t do that!” Trixie whined, her face reddening even further as a result of Twilight’s relentless teasing.

“Rule number six: I reserve the right to playfully pat your padded backside whenever I so feel like it.” Twilight giggled, nuzzling Trixie’s cheek one last time before she got up and made her way over to the cooking appliances. “Time to start cooking then…”

“You’ll find everything you need in my refrigerator over there mommy.” Trixie said, pointing out her mini-fridge incase Twilight had missed it earlier. “Also… Is it alright if I presume on our friendship?”

“Yeah that’s okay. However it’s also not necessary for you to presume anything anymore!” Twilight said, giggling warmly to herself as she made her way over towards Trixie’s mini-fridge, and opened it with her magic. “We may’ve gotten off to a bad start in the beginning, but now that I actually know a little bit more about you… Sure, I’ll be your friend.”

“However you’ll need to apologize to a few of my other friends when I eventually introduce you to everypony…”

“Your friends? Do you mean the farmer, the snob, and that hot headed pegasus whom I sent flying off of my stage?” Trixie asked, her voice trembling with slight anger. “Do you mean those hecklers who wouldn’t allow me to just put on a good show for everypony else? You know, the ones who got in the way of me, and my chosen profession?!”

Just then something forced it’s way into Trixie’s mouth. It didn’t hurt her but it had definitely taken Trixie by surprise, the angry showmare reacting violently as she kept trying to spit the unknown object out of her maw, and onto the cold floor below.

Alas it would not be removed this way…

“Be quiet, and just suck on your pacifier for the time being.” Twilight said, sighing a little as she held the foalish item in place with a magical lock. “When you calm down I’ll undo my spell, but for now just listen to your mommy okay?”

“Are… Are you angwy at me?” Trixie asked, the tone of Twilight’s voice catching her attention almost instantly. The tone of Twilight’s voice did not only suggest that she was disappointed with Trixie, but that she was also somewhat angered by what she had said earlier. If Trixie had really done, or said something so tactless… If she had already lost the one friend she had ever made…

“Pw-pwease, don’t be angwy with me mommy! Pwease d-don‘t h-hate me…”

“Don’t cry dear, it’s okay! Mommy’s here.” Twilight cooed, wrapping her forehooves around Trixie in another gentle hug. “Sorry sweetie… I should have explained earlier that I wasn’t upset with you.”

“It’s just that sometimes my friends can really annoy me, you know?”

“Wh-what?” Trixie sadly stammered, a few stray tears still finding their way down her cheeks as she looked up, and into Twilight’s reassuring gaze.

“Well, while I’m not saying that you were justified in bullying my friends like that… They did, kind of, start it… Didn’t they?” Twilight asked, gently wiping the tears away from Trixie’s cheeks. “I’m going to have them apologize too, since you were ALL guilty of acting like a bunch of schoolfillies that day.”

“B-but what about the incident with the Ursa Minor? Do you hold that against me?” Trixie asked, adverting her eyes away from Twilight as she felt a twinge of guilt rack her already emotionally-vulnerable-being.

“Why would I? Snips, and Snails are the ponies who disturbed it in the first place…” Twilight giggled, nuzzling Trixie a little as she undid her magic on the pacifier. “Don’t you worry about them though. Ultimately nopony was hurt, so your two most loyal fans got off relatively easily with a little clean-up duty.”

“What? You mean those two are still fans of my work?” Trixie asked, calmly taking the pacifier out of her mouth before setting it aside.

“Are you kidding me? Those two have, all but, taken up after you!” Twilight giggled as she began to rummage through Trixie’s refrigerator, searching for something she could cook for her, and her little filly. “Come one, come all! Come, and see the stupendous magical stylings of we! The Confetti Brothers!”

“Heh… All this, and they’ve even gone so far as to actually cite you as being their greatest, and most powerful influence.”

“Really now?” Trixie asked, happily giggling to herself as she levitated her bottle of bourbon over to her bedside. “Well then! To Snips, and Snails!”

And with that Trixie took another hearty swig of her drink, belching loudly as she popped the cork back into place.

“Oh my… It’s a good thing that Rarity wasn’t here to see you do that!” Twilight playfully pointed out, the lavender mare barely able to stifle her laughter given Trixie’s horrible etiquette. “She probably would’ve fallen unconscious with disgust, had she of seen that!”

“Who? That snobbish mare we had talked about earlier?” Trixie giggled, obviously in too great of a mood to be embarrassed by how crassly she was now acting. “Let her faint then! I mean manners are kind of overrated anyways…”

“Ah… Spoken like a true tot!” Twilight teased, taking some fresh-looking tomatoes out of the refrigerator before gently setting them near the stove. “Honestly though, the diaper doesn’t seem all that out of place when you’re the one wearing it…”

“Shaddup! That‘s not true, and you knooooow it!” Trixie childishly whined, a small, happy smile forming on the showmare’s face shortly thereafter. “I sounded soooo siiiiiilly theeeere mommy! Don‘t yoooou thiiiiink so?“ She asked, giggling her head off like a silly little schoolfilly in response to her own antics…

Obviously she was way more intoxicated then Twilight had initially thought.

“Silly little thing…” Twilight giggled, gently shaking her head from side to side as a warm smile crept its way onto her face. “That’s enough booze for now sweetie, I don’t want you getting sick.”

And with that Twilight cast a spell on the bourbon to keep Trixie from re-opening the bottle, placing it up upon the highest shelf in the trailer soon afterwards. Sure Twilight knew that it was a silly place to relocate the alcohol to, I mean Trixie could just yank it down with her magic if she so wanted…

However Twilight also knew that she wouldn’t do this, after all Trixie was already way too committed to her role as Twilight’s cute little foal.

“Aaaaaaaaw… Okay mommy, I understand.” Trixie sadly muttered, pouting a little as she folded her forehooves in her irritation, since she wasn’t going to risk upsetting her mother any. She only wanted her mommy to love her. She didn’t want to do anything stupid, and anger Twilight because if she did…

Well, she didn’t want to lose any of Twilight’s unconditional adoration. The lavender-coated mare may not be her real mother, but these feelings of hers were real enough to make up for this. Well that’s what Twilight took from her childlike behavior, anyway.

“By pretending to be my cute little filly it would seem that she’s reconnecting with emotions, and ideas long since buried away… By putting on yet another mask, that of a foal who loves her mommy, and would do anything for her adoration… Yes, it would seem that she’s finally undergoing some much needed therapy!”
Twilight silently pondered, rubbing her chin as she wrote this finding down, in a journal that she had materialized up only a few moments prior.

“Fascinating… Who knew that playing house could be so therapeutic?”

Just then there came a loud rumbling from somewhere within the trailer, Twilight’s ears perking up as she tried to locate the cause of the noise… Needless to say, it didn’t take her long to figure it out.

“Mommy… I’m hungry!”

“Your din-din will be ready in about fifteen more minutes sweetie! And again, mommy’s sorry for forgetting about your food like that…” Twilight sighed as she sat herself down, next to her daughter, on the bed. “In the meantime… Who wants to play?”

“It depends… What did you have in mind mommy?” Trixie asked, scooting up closer to her mommy in the hope that she’d hold her again.

Thankfully Twilight picked up on this, and promptly obliged her little filly with a nice, warm snuggling.

“Well I had a few ideas really… Though there IS one in particular that really stands out for me.” Twilight giggled as she lovingly nuzzled the showmare’s right cheek with her snout. “Tell me little one… Have you ever heard of the tickle monster?”

“Yes mommy, I have… When I still lived in Canterlot she would frequently stop by, and pay me her nightly visit.” Trixie said, almost sounding slightly depressed as she looked back on her fillyhood. “Then one day, poof… She vanished, and I moved back to Neigh Orleans that following week.”

“So that’s why she dropped out of school… My gosh, I never would’ve even considered that!” Thought Twilight, slowly nodding her head in acknowledgement of what Trixie was really telling her. “Well… Guess what dear?”

“What mommy?” Trixie asked, giving the lavender-coated mare a weak smile as she desperately tried to keep herself from crying.

“She’s back! And she really, REALLY missed you!” Twilight childishly giggled, using her magic to gently pin Trixie into place as she then began to relentlessly tickle her.

“NO! P-p-please, stop it!” Trixie howled, her face paling as she felt an all too familiar pressure build up in her bladder. “If you don’t stop now! Then I‘ll… Then I will…”

However Twilight simply ignored her little filly’s frantic pleading, humming a simple lullaby to herself as she waited for the tickle-torture to pay off… “Hey sweetie… What is the tickle monster’s favorite food?”

“Ra… Ra… Raspberries?” Trixie asked, her breathing irregular as Twilight kept up her relentless assault.

“RASPBERRIES!” Twilight cheered, slowly bringing her snout to Trixie’s exposed stomach, as she then began to add even more stress to her little filly’s weakened bladder.

“M-m-mommy! St-st-stop!” Trixie stammered, grinding her teeth as she felt her control slowly slip away from her. And then, well you can all guess what happened after another minute of this…

“Theeeeere we go…” Twilight cooed, giggling a little as she backed away, and gave her little filly’s freshly soaked diaper a curious glance over.

“I… I w-wetted myself, mommy…” Trixie shyly stammered, her cheeks burning an extra deep shade of red once the words had escaped her mouth.

“Yes sweetie, I can see that.” Twilight giggled, lovingly nuzzling her super embarrassed filly’s face in an effort to quell her burning humiliation. “I knew that you had to go potty, it just made sense what with all the bourbon you drank earlier!”

“You… You meant for me to wet myself, didn’t you?” Trixie asked, just the tiniest hint of anger resounding throughout her voice.

“Uh huh! I sure did cutie, though you can‘t be too mad at me! After all you had to wet yourself eventually, that was a part of our agreement!” Twilight giggled, casually popping Trixie’s pacifier back into her mouth for her. “That was a really big accident you had though! I mean, wow was your mommy ever surprised when she saw your diaper swell up like that!”

“St-stop picking on me!” Trixie whined, adverting her eyes away from her mommy as she began to nervously suck her pacifier.

“Ooooh… But you’re so cute though!” Twilight giggled, earnestly snuggling her little filly close to her chest as she warmly smiled down at her. “How about it? Want to be my little filly for one week more?”

“Wait… What?” Trixie asked, looking up at her mommy, and her sincerely smiling face.

“I’m going to be completely honest with you. If you say yes, and if I were to look after you at my place for the entirety of next week, then…” Twilight shyly muttered, trailing off a bit as she tried to figure out the best way to phrase this next part. “Well then other ponies will find out about your infantilism. Rainbow Dash will mock you endlessly for it. And it will be super embarrassing for you.”

“However in time… Well I think that they would eventually come to understand it, especially once they get to know you!”

“Um... I‘ll get back to you on dat.” Trixie muttered, quietly sighing to herself as she thought her mommy’s offer over a few more times.

“Take your time then, there’s no need for you to hurry here.” Twilight said, giggling a little when Trixie just shyly nodded her head in response. “Though, for the record, I didn’t plan on having everypony in town find out about this.”

“Just my closest friends, Spike, and maybe my old foalsitter Cadence…”

“Cadence… My stars! Surewy you don’t mean Pwincess Cadence?!” Trixie gasped, her pacifier falling out of her mouth as she just kind of stared at Twilight in disbelief.

“Sure do!” Twilight chirped, grinning from ear to ear as she fondly remembered being looked after by the young crystal empress. “She’s the greatest foalsitter ever! There isn’t a doubt in my mind that this is true!”

“Oh, okay then… And here I was actually starting to consider your offer!” Trixie said, her face paling with fright as she quietly thought this horrifying concept over. I mean how would such a regal mare react to something so infantile, and stupid? Complete revulsion seemed like an appropriate thing to feel for somepony that important, but maybe Trixie was wrong?

Yeah, her reaction would probably be much worse…

“Aaaw… Come on sweetie, your mommy knows that Cadence would completely accept you if she told her!” Twilight said, wrapping her left hoof around Trixie’s back in a light hug. “I mean what would she even do if she did react negatively? Force you to re-attend magic kindergarten?”

Just then images of having to re-attend magic kindergarten filled Trixie’s mind… Images of her dressed as she now was, and images of her helplessly filling her diaper in front of all those just recently potty-trained colts, and fillies!

“NOOOOOOOO!!!” Trixie screamed, shoving her face into her mommy’s chest in search of comfort, lightly sobbing to herself as she continued to think of her proposed hell.

“Oh my little Twixie… It’ll all work out, just you wait and see!” Twilight sighed, gently rubbing her little filly’s back as she tried to quickly think of a way to calm her down.

“Well… Maybe you’d feel better if I told you about the plans I have for you?”

“Wh-what plans?” Trixie quietly muttered, bringing her tear-stricken face out from her mother’s chest so that she could look her in the eyes.

“Well remember that offer I made you earlier? Think of it as something of a free trial…” Twilight giggled, gently wiping the tears away from her daughter’s face. “Basically if you enjoy that first week with me, then… Well then you’d be welcome to live there with me.”

“And that’s part of why all my friends would need to know about this. I’d need their help setting up your nursery!”

Just then, Twilight could have sworn that she saw both of her little filly’s eyes light up. Yes, in that moment Trixie seemed genuinely happy. Her eyes shining with a nervous excitement, brought on by her mommy’s unusual proposition. Her heart burning with a love that may’ve even transcended the love of a strong friendship…

These were the feelings which would soon leave her feeling empty, and alone. Feelings which left her, just a moment after she had first felt them wash over her.

“I… Well, I’ll think about it.” Trixie wistfully muttered, sighing a little as she laid back down onto her bed. “Can you change me out of this diaper by the way? I’d like to take the time to sit back, and think my options over as an adult.”

“Oh? But your diaper doesn’t need changing yet!” Twilight giggled, giving Trixie’s padded front a gentle prodding. “See? You’re only half-soaked!”

“I don’t care… A lot has happened tonight, and I really need to think things through.” Trixie sighed, blushing a little when Twilight had insisted on her staying diapered.

“Okay… What’s wrong?” Twilight asked, her previously playful tone of voice changing to something much more serious sounding. “You were enjoying yourself only a little while ago, and now you’re back to this? Why?”

“Because no matter how hard I try to just… Let go with you, I…” Trixie said, sighing a little as she shifted her attention back to Twilight. “It’s not right Twilight… I’m happy that I finally made a friend, but this just doesn’t feel right.”

“I’m not used to feeling these emotions, they’re foreign to me…”

“So that’s it then?” Twilight asked, her facial features softening as she looked down at the diapered showmare. “Trixie… I’ve been there too, we all have at some point.”

“Nopony is born with friends, you’ve got to make them as you grow older… And you don’t need to worry about me seeing this side of you.”

“Still… I’d like to think about it.” Trixie said, still patiently waiting on Twilight to change her wet diaper. “Besides… What would I even do for a job if I did live with you? I don’t think that anypony would willingly pay good bits to see my magic act, not after what happened last time.”

“Silly filly… Who said anything about you getting a job?” Twilight giggled, gently rubbing Trixie’s exposed stomach. “You’re just a foal, after all…”

“Um… Twilight, I was being serious.” Trixie said, quietly sighing to herself as she just let the lavender coated mare rub her stomach.

“I know that! I wasn’t teasing you…” Twilight giggled, a sincere smile forming on her muzzle as she kept eye contact with her pretend-daughter. “I have the money for it, and I’ve been thinking about adopting anyway… This way I can get what I want, and help you at the same time!”

“What? You mean you’d actually let me mooch off of you like that?” Trixie asked, sighing a little as she adverted her eyes away from Twilight. “Thanks, but no thanks. I’d need to get a job before I’d ever consider your deal.”

“Besides I don’t need any help…”

“Well that’s what an adult would do, sure!” Twilight chuckled. “But you’re not an adult, not when you want to be my foal this badly...”

“And why would you say that?“ Trixie asked, her face slightly redder then what was normal for her.

“I’m only stating the obvious here Trixie, well that which is obvious to me anyway.” Twilight giggled, using her magic to settle Trixie’s pacifier back into her mouth. “You have already shared so much about yourself with me, and this is because you trust me... Furthermore you trust me because you feel safe around me, and you feel safe around me because of how I look after you.”

“This doesn’t seem wrong to you, not for the right reason anyway. I think that the reason you’re so uncertain about all of this is because you’ve been led to believe that it’s wrong.”

“And how do you know dat any of this is twue?” Trixie asked, turning her attention back to Twilight before then staring her down for an answer. “Awso… I don’t wemember shawing dat many of my secwets with you, so how did you come up with this bizarre concwusion?”

“I noticed the way you reacted when I had first shared my plans with you. You may be a good actress, but you can’t tell me that you weren’t happy at that moment in time.” Twilight giggled, bringing her horn to Trixie’s diapered front.

“That, and you didn’t need to tell me any of your secrets. You were comfortable enough to act out your true feelings around me, and that was all I needed…”

“You… What awe you doing?” Trixie asked, raising an eyebrow when Twilight’s horn began to radiate with her magical aura.

“Nothing sweetie. Just casting a quick spell, is all.” Twilight giggled, the tapes on Trixie’s diaper glowing briefly before quickly returning back to normal…

Only now Trixie could swear that her diaper felt extra snug, that and she immediately noticed how the tapes where decorated with Twilight’s cutie mark.

“You wocked my diaper onto me, didn’t you?” Trixie groaned, her face growing even redder as she glared up at Twilight.

“Well you were saying silly things about wanting to be changed prematurely… I had to make sure you didn’t remove it.” Twilight giggled, gently rubbing her pretend-daughter’s stomach in an attempt to quell her anger. “Just leave the thinking to me okay? I’m probably not going to get a straight answer out of you, so I’ll just take charge from here.”

“Also… Your dinner is probably ready by now!”

How did it happen? How did this afternoon turn so weird, and uncomfortable for Trixie when she had been enjoying herself only a few short moments earlier?

I mean, sure she was currently sitting in a wet diaper, a wet diaper which her “mommy” had been “nice” enough to lock into place for her. But she didn’t really mind that, no she actually kind of liked how she had no real power over the situation at hoof...

This is why she didn’t cry out in protest when Twilight had proceeded to spoon-feed her around five minutes ago. This is also why, despite how humiliating it was, she wanted to keep her attention on the wet squishiness now snuggly pressed against her hindquarters.

She felt just like a foal, a feeling she wanted to simply bask in forever…

She couldn’t daydream all night though, especially not when her mommy was still busy feeding her.

“Open up the tunnel, because here comes the friendship express!” Twilight cheered, quietly giggling to herself as she soon slid another spoonful of food into Trixie’s mouth.

“Damnit! Why do I like this so much?” Is what Trixie heard echoing throughout the corridors of her mind, the powder blue showmare silently cursing herself as she tried to not look her mommy directly in the eyes. “Why?… Why do you have to remind me of her, Twilight?”

“You know… You’ve been quiet for quite sometime now…” Twilight said, her brow furrowing as she calmly set aside both of the, now emptied, bowls. “What’s wrong sweetie? Do you have to potty again?”

“… No, and please stop with the foal-talk.” Trixie said, blushing a little as she finally looked Twilight in the eyes again. “I just don’t know if I can do this, I mean…”

“W-Would she understand, you think?”

The ensuing silence felt like it would last for an eternity, fresh tears rolling down Trixie‘s face as she came to instantly regret ever asking her question. She couldn’t help but feel this way, just her simply asking such a thing seemed traitorous in nature to her.

“After all she did for you… She kept the monsters in your closet at bay. She fixed you up whenever you fell, and scrapped a knee. And whenever you had a bad day at school she’d always get you a bowl of your favorite ice cream, set you down in her lap, and talk to you about it…“

“All of it just because you meant that much to her… Who are you to spit in the face of her undying kindness like this? Do you love anyone outside of just loving yourself?”

“Are you even capable of love? Well, you soulless little harlot, are you?”

Just then, in the midst of Trixie’s crying her eyes out, she felt a hoof gently brush through her mane…

“That’s enough. I don’t want to see you cry like that anymore...” Twilight sadly muttered, looking her little filly in the eyes as a few stray tears made their way down her cheeks as well. “Please don’t beat yourself up like this anymore. It’s not a crime to want to be loved, and be loved unconditionally.”

“I mean… Of course she’d want you to be happy! Why would she be against this?”

“But… If I love you as much as I loved her, then doesn’t that invalidate my love for her?” Trixie asked, whimpering pitifully as she snuggled even closer into Twilight. “Doesn’t it take something away from it? … From my feelings for her?”

“No, Trixie... No, it doesn’t.” Twilight said, hugging the diapered showmare even closer to her body. “Love doesn’t work this way… Love is a beautiful thing, and it’s far too amazing to ever deteriorate like how you fear it could.”

“Trust me. My foalsitter was the Alicorn of love herself, remember?”

“Trust you? Is… Is that all that I h-have to d-do?” Trixie stammered as she desperately tried to regain her composure for her mommy. “Could anything ever be so easy? So simple?”

“Not under normal circumstances, no…” Twilight said as she began to gently rub Trixie’s back for her. “However, I am here for you…”

“I think you’ll find that your mommy has everything well in hoof, my little Twixie!”

Not a single word more was uttered that night. Words weren’t needed there, nor could they do what happened next justice…

Let us just say that, well… Everything worked out in the end.

I mean, I don’t really know where to go from here, so that’s why I’m ending it off like this. I’m sorry for that, but maybe it’s better for the audience to decide how the rest of the night went? I can’t please everypony with this story of mine, but by leaving it off like this I hope that I was able to please a few ponies extra…

Wishful thinking on my part, most likely.

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