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 an old idea

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PostSubject: an old idea   Mon Dec 18, 2006 6:33 pm

Hated by all, a lone figure wanders across the wilderness in search of a place to belong. All have turned their backs or seeked to destroy her. She has grown sick of it.....

A cloaked figure sits beside a beautiful lake the moon showing a pleasant reflection over the water. Her bare feet dangle in the cool water as she lowers her hood. Her name isKari. A silver fox demon that nobody likes. She sports long raven hair, tanned skin, silver eyes, thick red lips, furry cat ears, and fangs. At the moment her face is taught, memories racing through her mind of the past. At times she cries, other times she punches the ground.

Ever since the death of her family and her exile from the clan, she’s gone on a long journey to find a place she can belong without being scorned or loathed. A place where she could walk about freely, cloak off, with her head held high in a strong confidence and self-love she would gain.

Such a place seems to be a mere dream in this seemingly meaningless existence. Her travels thus far have proved only more that people of all races and species are cruel. That life itself can be cruel.

These thoughts and more pass through her mind, as she looks straight out across the water. Shivering from the cold, she pulls her feet from the water, dries them, and pulls her black boots back on. She then begins walking to a cave she’d found weeks ago. Draping her cloak on a large root jutting out from the wall, she walks into the cave farther and starts to build up a fire, adding kindling, and then larger pieces of wood until she sits before a large fire with which she warms her chilled body.

She fell asleep curled up by the fire, tail wrapped around her ankles to keep them warm. She dreams have the evening she was exiled, kicking and curling tighter.

The twelve elders had sat down in a half circle to bring order to the large crowd of spectators. She sat on her knees; head bowed, tail tucked up against her feet. The oldest of them all spoke, his fur gray, features shrunken with years of experience and training.

“Kari. We, the elders of this clan have gathered and thought upon your discriminations for many a day. The sacrifice your family took to save us was great indeed, but you have trampled upon their memory by inviting such forbidden actions unto us.”

She just sat there, unmoving, as she listened to the wise one’s words, knowing in her heart the terrible consequence she would be given…. for things she never did.

“After gathering and thinking over the many transgressions you have done, we agree 100% that you be exiled from this clan immediately. Furthermore, no clan of our kind will welcome you; your enemies may have free access to wipe your existence from this world. Once you leave through the village gates, you are dead to us forever.” He stops and looks at her, noting her reactions. “ Kari. Rise and look at me that I may give you provisions before you depart.” He then stood and held out a black cloak, food, a container of water, and healing herbs. She stood, eyes to the floor, and took them. She pulled the cloak on, lowered the hood over her face, and put the rest of her things in a little pack that she then strapped to her hips.

Later that evening, the village watched as she silently walked past small buildings, head held low, and walked out the gates, forever forbidden to return. As soon as she left the village, all went to their own tasks as if nothing had ever happened. That was when her journey started. That painful night she had taken another’s transgressions on her own shoulders and was thus cast out for it.

She awoke the next morning and seeing the fire low, adds kindling and wood. Tears had been streaming down her cheeks while she’d dreamt of it. She then wipes her face and sets a fish on a stick to cook it near the flames of the fire, whittling while she waited.

Things seemed so bad for her. She felt lost and alone. Fox ears twitching softly to the breeze blowing past them, tail swishing back and forth behind her. The fish smelled cooked, so she took it from the fire and let it cool before biting into it. It tasted a little salty, but still good.

She finishes and freezes in place when she hears something moving just outside her cave. She sniffs the air and looks around, hands silently grasping the hilts of her twin daggers. Whatever it is pounces into the cave and whines. She looks down to see, in shock, a cat demon. A little younger than herself. She lets go of the daggers and looks the new arrival over.

“Who are you little one? And why have you wandered into my cave?”

The younger demon’s tail curls around its foot, ears lowering in shyness.

“I....I’m sorry miss…. I smelled fish and wanted to get some…I have not eaten in days…”

Noting now that it was a she, she looks at her carefully. She sported long silver hair, forest green eyes, fangs, furry cat ears, long tail, claws, and tann-ish skin. She wore a torn t-shirt and jeans.

“You have no provisions little one?”

“No…I lost it all to a wolf clan when they attacked me…”

Kari inspects the young female more, and then offers her some fish, which she scarfs down hungrily. She smiles to herself. She would not be alone completely anymore.

“I am Kari. You may stay with me and rest. I’ll give you a pair of my clothing and a cloak. By the morning I’ll have them tailored to fit you good.”

“Oh thank you so much Kari! I am Muso. You are a life saver…”

With that, Muso inclines her head and curls up in a ball to sleep, Hoketai awake and alert, watching over her as if she were clan. Together, they would survive.

As time progresses kari begins to feel sleepy but remains awake watching after Muso and at daybreak Muso awakens and kari smiles over at her.

“Muso why where you expelled from your clan”

“Well kari…..I was accused of stealing from the elders when it was my twin who really stole from them but of course they would not believe the words I said since I was accused of stealing from the elders of my clan”

“I am sorry to hear that Muso but since we are both expelled you can travel with me for the time being.”

“Thanks Kari”

Kari smiles helping Muso up into some of her clothes and a robe and hands her a silver dagger that was in a green sheath.

“Kari what is this for”

“well Muso I do not know what we will encounter while we are traveling so I am letting you borrow that. But head my warning do not lose the dagger and if you are able to hold on to it during our travel I will make sure you stay healthy and fed”

“Ok Kari no reason to worry about me”

They soon pull out a few fish and begins to get a small flame going just large enough to cook the fish.
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an old idea
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