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 New story by meh! Not very original tho -.-

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PostSubject: New story by meh! Not very original tho -.-   Tue Feb 13, 2007 7:35 pm

“I dare you!” A bright orange tiger furre said.
“But this is embarrassing!” A smaller, but orange tiger said.
“C’mon, I’ll be with you right?”
“Ya...that’s true...”
“I knew you’d come around!”

So, the names Walter and I’m second oldest in my tiger family. I’m 6 and my brother is 6. I’m a few weeks older. His name is Willis.
So this is the year 2300 and almost everything is high-tech. We got anti-gravitational cars, floating televisions, and all that other cool stuff. And now, by law, every citizen on Earth needs a “card” or an ID. It shows who they are: Name, age, height, weight, gender, and etc. Everyone has to carry it around everywhere or they would be either sent to prison or go get their own “card.”

Rumor has it that children had been disappearing all of a sudden and never been seen. The rumor says that the automated daycare was the cause, but there was no proof or evidence. Just a lot of babies...

6:00 AM –

Riiiing. Riiiing. Riiiing.
The alarm clock rang very loudly. I turned over and hit the snooze button. I always wondered why the alarm clock never was automated... I hoped out of bed in my stylish orange pajamas. I went to my brothers bed, which was across the room. I shook him awake.
He was drooling. He woke up shocked.
“Whaaaaaaaaaaat?” He said, he was very tired.
“Time to wake up sleepy butt!” I said.
“I don’t wanna!” Willis said as he turned over.
“Come on...or I’ll get mom up here!” I said. Willis was out of bed immediately. Our mom had said lazy boys always got spanked. It was true, our butts still had marks. We stood in front of the metallic door, it opened with a beep. We ran to the bathroom door which also opened with a beep. The bathroom began to do its work. We both smiled and toothbrush began to brush and the combs began to comb. Soon robotic arms came out of the walls and began to change our pajamas into our school clothes.
After we ran to the kitchen where mom and dad were eating already prepared breakfast the house made.
“Why, Good Morning. Master Walter and Master Willis!” The house greeted us.
“Good morning, house!” We both said as we took a seat at the table. We began eating our food. We were like animals! (No pun intended) We stuffed our faces. The house wiped our mouths and filled a cup of milk for both of us.
“Thank you, house!” We said. We drank our milk and wiped away our milk moustaches.
“Okay we gotta go!” Willis said as house gave us our school bags.
“Ok, have a nice time at school!” Our mom said.
We ran to the door and it opened with the beep. We ran to the floating bus which was waiting for us. Soon we were in class in our seats.

After-School –

“Okay! We’re going to figure out how the kids gone missing!” I said as Willis and me were walking home. We didn’t like taking the bus home for some reason. Ok I lie, we were walking to the automated daycare.
“B-but what if mom worries that we’re gone for so long?” Willis said.
“Aww...don’t be such a scaredy-cat (no pun-intended)! Mom will probably think we’re at a friend’s house or something. And she’s not expecting us home by 7!” I said.
“I know....but...what if we get into trouble...”
“We won’ come on...we’re almost there.”
“I don’t think this is such a good idea..”
“But we gotta think of all those other kids!” Soon the two boys were at the front of the daycare. A beeping screen in front of them. It had a slot which required them to put their “cards” in.
“I dunno...what if someone finds out?”
Now remember what happened at the beginning? OK this is what happens right after.

“Now I need your card Willis.” I said. He fumbled through his pockets and handed it to me. I entered it through the slot. A message appeared on the screen. New applicant? I pressed the yes button. Then it wanted me to fill out a cyber form. So this is what it looked like.

Name: Willis
Age: 6
Height: 4 ‘ 3
Weight: 56 pounds.
Training: Underpants
Amount of time in the daycare: 2 hours
Anyone picking him up: He is allowed to walk home.

Soon the machine spat out Willis’s card and said, hank you,” Thank you! Have a good day!” I handed Willis his card. A rectangle was formed and the walls seemed to pull apart from each other. I nudged Willis.
“Go on, I’ll be right behind you,” I said, getting my card out.
“Okay, see you on the other side...” He walked through and the walls closed and it was my turn to fill out the cyber form.

Name: Walter
Age: 7
Height: 5 (Exactly 5 feet)
Weight: 65 pounds
Training: Underpants
Amount of time in daycare: 2 hours
Anyone to pick him up: He is allowed to walk home.

Soon the machine spat out his card and said, “Thank you, have a good day!” The walls split apart and I walked through...
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New story by meh! Not very original tho -.-
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