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 Crying on the inside(poem)

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PostSubject: Crying on the inside(poem)   Tue May 29, 2007 1:19 pm

Crying on the inside,I hide my dark despair,
But noone knows the troubles of not having you here,
As the sun slowly goes down,the moon soon takes it place
And In the shadows of the night I hide my horrid face,
For when I cry my demons come and ooze out of my skin,
I must hide all my hurt and all my pain within,
The night soon turns right back to day,
And now I place this mask,Noone will see my sadness
But they will feel its wrath,for underneath these smiles,
Is nothing but a frown,and noone really knows,
For them its upside down,they tell me i am strong,
And thats what they expect,but i can never show my feelings,
Which is something i'll regret,I'm dying on the inside,
please help me forget,
No matter what I do,I never seem to win,
Im Crying on the inside,Im crying..from within
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Crying on the inside(poem)
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