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 fallen angels

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PostSubject: fallen angels   Tue May 29, 2007 1:22 pm

pick a person.. i am the little angel

As an angel falls to earth his wings rip off and his halo disappears. He is still angel but the feelings of humanity come to him. He cries, loves, hates, and yes even enjoys.
Chapter one
The beginning

Once in heaven there was a little angel was playing with her friends, when she felt something was coming, she walked over to the shadows of the temple wall. Dropping her feathers her wings down a bit. She saw an angel about her age. He was dressed in black, his wings where black too. “Hey.” he said in and low dark voice.
“Huh? Who are you? Ware did you come from? Are you from earth??...” She looked at him confused. He covered her mouth “Sh…..”He hushed her “Do you know ware the gate to earth is?” he asked quietly she almost couldn’t heir him.
“Yeah but why do you want to go there?” she asked .his hand now down by his side. “Because I have a friend coming up.” He whispered to her.
“Ok follow me.” She tugged on his arm.
“Is there a way to get there with out people seeing us?” he said casually. “Why?” she thought to her self “Yeah follow me.” She took him to the gate. Her wings perked, "Oh not like this is fun and all but I have to go…daddies calling…talk to you later.” She winked at him and ran off. The black angel stepped through the door.

As he fell to earth his wings ripped off leaveing scares ware his wings once ware. As he landed on earth he left an indent in the ground… the little angel went to her dad. “Yes daddy?” she asked as she bowed to him “there has been an escape. I want you to tell all the angels you can to look for a black angel.” He sent her a way. “Yes father she said now in a stern voice. As she walked out the door she remembered the angel she had helped before... “Father!!!” she shouted “I have failed you…”she told him bowing again now almost in tears.” Yes I know he has gotten to earth. I will send you my child to go get him and bring him back to me.” He sent her away again.Chapter two

As she stepped throw the gate she stared falling head first her wings disappeared to a human she is but, to an angel her wings are as white as ever as she reached the earth she gently stepped on the ground

She looked around; she was in the city the dirt…the grime. She fell to her knees and stated to cry. As she cried a man walked up. “Are you ok?” he touched her shoulder. She grabbed his hand and flipped him on over. Now lying on the ground, He looked at her “Who….its ok I can help you.” he stopped her from hitting him in the face. She looked at him “do….do you know who I am?” she asked “no. but I would like too get to know you.” he replied with a smiled. She turned and stared to walk away. “Waite!!!!” he yelled running after her. “Don’t follow me.” She said nicely at first. He kept flowing her so she turned and shouted at him “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR HUMANS!!!!!!!” he stopped “what do you mean humans??” he asked. She kept walking, then she stopped and ran up and wall to a building and stud on the roof looking around the city.

Chapter three
The meeting
The dark angel ended up in Vernonia, he looked around and walked down the street, the gasses from drugs and cigarette smoke filled his senses and made him dizzy. As he walked onto the bridge he bumped into a girl. “Oh sorry... are sir you ok?” he looked at her. It was Allhallows Eve. She was dressed in a black dress and black angel wings. “Amber!!” one of her friends called to her. “Are you ok??” she looked at him. “AMBER!!” they yelled again “I`M COMING!!” she yelled leavening the black angel in a dazed. Now walking passed mini mart and into the school. He gave the person at the window a pitcture. "Do you know who this is?” she looked at it.
“Yes but I can’t give ant info on the students sorry.” She shut the window, the angel stopped him self from hitting her and walked out his sences blocked by the odder her kept walking up State Street. He kept walking toward a cemetery ware he seen the girl from before this time she was surrounded by her friends and more. She jumped off the back of a ford truck. She ran up to the black angel. “Hello there…” she giggled as she pulled him to the party “This is Beth, kasha, shalylah, Sara and Jeff is over there…well there’s a lot of people here you should get to know.” Amber ran off and started to bug Jeff. The black angel sat by the girls and looked around feeling miss placed. There were two light come tours the cemetery, as the lights stopped it came to his vision that it was a maroon mini van. It honked and Amber’s friends got in, she ran up and pulled him tours the van “comes on...” She said as he started to walk he seen a lady in the van “hey mom…this is my….umm… sorry I didn’t catch your name.” She giggled.
“David…David is my name.” he said a little nevus.
“Mom can he come too?" please….”she bagged her mom.
“Yeah sure.” the lady said in a nice voice.
“YAY!!!” Amber shouted getting in the van and they all went up to her house.

Chapter four
The little girl

The little angel jumped down not seeing the guy and stared walking up the street. She looked in the window of a store and seen how different she was from the rest of the people around her. As the angel stood there a little girl came around the corner she didn’t look but 5 years of age and had ran right into the angel now sitting on her butt she had a purs she had taken from someone and was being chased by a cop “Come little one.” The angel said sticking out her hand to help. The little girl back away a bit as the cops came around the corner.
“Miss we need to take your girl into custody.” the front cop said. The little girl hid behind the angel.
“Oh my did she do…and she my sister...sir” she looked at the girl and back at the cops.
“She took my purs the little hethen.”An old lady walked out of behind them.
“Well I’m sorry my sister we haven’t eaten for a longer time and she is vary hungry see my mother had just past away and we have no money for now so...” the angel winked at the little girl as she bent down to her.” Please give the lady back her purs I will get us food I have just got paid.” she said so that the cops and the lady could hear her. She got the purs from her and gave it back. “I promise that she will not do this again.” she said giving the cop the ladies bag. The angel looked up the little girl and started tours the food court but stopped and put the girl down. “Why did you take that ladies bag?” she bent down and looked at her
“Because I and mommy haven’t eaten of two months see mommy is sick and needs food.” She said almost in tears.
The little girl had blond hair but it was so dirty that it looked brown. Her clothes where turn and dirtier then her hair and she smelled like something dead.
“Well show me your mother so that we can get her into see the doc.” the angel smiled as the little girl took her hand and led the angel into a ally was there was a lady laying under a news paper. Her face was blue and she was clod the lady had die a lounge time before angel had got here. “Hey …Hun... Let’s go get food...” she looked concerned and took her out of the ally way and bent to her level “hun... what’s your name?” she asked
“M….my names is ofia…”she stuttered not being able to talk that well.
“Sofia? Well Sofia hun... your mommies gone she died ...”she said not trying to hurt her. Sofia being too young to understand she thought that her mother just left for a little bit. “Come on you and I can go get some clothes and get you cleaned up” she smiled picking her up and walking into a clothes store. “We need to clean her up can I use your bathroom?” the angel said to the chick at the counter.
“Yes it’s over there. She must have gone thaw hell.” she giggled
“Yeah.” The angel joked back and walked into the bathroom.
When the black angel arrived at ambers house he stepped out the moon right above them lighting up the sky. He stood there and stared at the sky amber walked up behind him and looked at the sky. “What are you staring at?” she asked looking at him
“The moon I have never seen it like this before.” He walked over and sat in her yard.
“Really?" Why?” she walked over and stood by him as all her friends went it to the house. “Well I have to go bug the shit out if Jeff.” She joked and ran in the house. As the black angel sat there and stared at the moon he stared to realize that he s was falling in love with the one thing he was always taught to hate…the world he loved the fresh air the plants the animals the humans he wanted to stay there but knew he was there for one reason to find the key and destroy it “Why me….” He said to himself.
“Why what?” amber said as Jeff got in the car and drove off. She was now in here normal clothes black shirt and black chain linked pants.
“Nothing just thinking to my self.” he lyd to her.
“Oh ok…she sat beside him and looked at the sky with him...”Beautiful huh?” she said staring at the sky. He looked at her “I always feel like I’m supposed to be there not here. Like some how i`m an angel…” she looked at him “ridicules huh?” She smiled
“No not at all.” for the first time in his life he smiled.
“Really...thanks.” she looked back at the sky. David looked at her still smiling he seen her wings for some reason the human had angel wings “how is this possible she cant see my wings but she has them… could she be…”he thought to him self and stared at her “Is there something in my hair or something?” she looked back at him.
“No why?” he looked confused.
“Because your staring at me.” she blushed she didn’t know why but she thought she knew him from like her child hood.
“Sorry…”he looked back at the moon as did she.
The little angel had got the Sofia some clothes and food then they got on the bus to the city of vernonia. As angel sat on the bus and looked out the window Sofia fell asleep in her lap the man from the city was there and sat beside them. “So... ware are you going?” he said trying not to wake up Sofia.
“Why did you follow me I told you not to.” she said her voice full of anger.
“Because I couldn’t let a pretty lady like you get hurt.” He smirked
“I can take care of my self and little Sofia here. Besides how did you find me” she looked at her and kissed her cheek.
“You left this on the ground…”hands her a flyer of vernonia.
She took it. “Thank you now you may leave.” she said turning her head form him
“But I want to help.” She smiled moving to another seat beside her. “Please I have to.”
“Fine…” she sighed looking in front of her out the window as Sofia woke up and looked at her. “Hey little sofi how you doing Hun? Do you feel better?”
“Ah...” Sofia hugged her. “Ho dat?” she looked at the man.
“Ho he’s just a helper here to help us get to vernonia…”she smiled at Sofia.
“O…i...” She smiled and waved at him.
“Hi little one...” he smiled back. The bus came to a stop and they got off… walking down the street past a toy store Sofia stopped and stared at a little stuffed teddy bear. “Ang…ange” she shouted.
“Yes hun...” she stopped and looked at her. She just pointed at it and angel and her walked in and got it. “There you go ...”angel smiled.
“Do you always give her what she wants?” the man asked.
“Yes…why not?” she looked at him.
“Well because she will become solid.”He looked concerned as angel walked up and smacked him
“DON’T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT HER THAT WAY AGAIN!!!!!!” he yelled then turned and walked away with Sofia, he followed close behind them as they walk into a motel. “Family room?” he lady at the counter asked.
“No…no just a room for two me and my sister.” Angel said looking back at the man and to the lady.
“Oh sorry I assumed…”she apologized.
“Its ok we get that a lot.” aid the man paying and taking the key from the lady and handing it to angel.
“Thank you...” angel said walking to her room with Sofia.
“One pleas.” The man aid getting another room.
“Here you go little Sofia.” Angel laid the sleeping little one on a bed and propped her head up on a pillow.
“ood ight crystill….”Sofia said as she fell asleep. Angel looked at her…”How could she know my true name….” angel thought to her self. As Sofia fell quickly to sleep crystill took a towel and went swimming in the pool.
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fallen angels
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