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 Fragment and Rebirth (Poem)

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PostSubject: Fragment and Rebirth (Poem)   Mon Jun 04, 2007 6:29 pm

Inspired by: Epitaph of Twilight
Based on: .Hack//The_Series

The journey is on,
The game begins,

In hopes that we,
And everyone wins,

We move on,
We follow our path,

We do the puzzles,
We do the math,

The quest continues,
From day to night,

But then we meet,
A person named Kite,

His journey is noble,
For what it may hold,

And we shall help,
Through heat and cold

But then,
We find a door,

And we open it,
Hoping for more,

And as we open it,
We see but one thing,

It is the hero,
Our one king,

We offer our help,
But he asks to be alone,

And as we leave,
He says he will atone,

For the One Sin,
A legendary event,

One even,
Where the rules are bent,

Time keeps going,
And we move on,

Our own lives,
Our own song,

But it is not long,
Until the hero has come,

And as he does,
He says he is done,

With the One Sin,
The hardest quest,

That one thing,
That beckons to the best,

We celebrate,
For what its worth,

Oblivious of course,
Of the pain that soon hurts,

For the journey,
Is not at an end,

Not until the World,
Makes itís amend,

And the secret is here,
The secret is out,

As the officials,
Hold it in doubt,

That the World,
Has broken down,

And all throughout,
We hear the sound,

Of the girl,
Kite once saved,

And this gives us hope,
It makes us brave,

And we continue the journey,
That Kite once had,

To save the girl,
To make her glad,

That the World,
Exists so we,

Can finish the end,
So we can be,

The hero that did,
The hero that could,

The hero that will,
And the hero that should,

Save the World,
And save us all,

And maybe just maybe,
The hero will make his call,

So Kite will return,
To save us again,

So that the World,
Will begin.

Well what do you guys think of my poem? Hopefully its good cause its going to be in my school's creative arts magazine.

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PostSubject: Re: Fragment and Rebirth (Poem)   Tue Jun 05, 2007 12:12 pm

*dose the borat two thumbs up* very nice
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Number of posts : 489
Age : 27
Localisation : Order of the Twilight Knights
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PostSubject: Re: Fragment and Rebirth (Poem)   Tue Jun 05, 2007 5:39 pm

Thank you. Here is the second part of my line of poems with this one named "Rebirth". This is still based off of .Hack and more specifically .Hack G.U.//Vol.1 Rebirth.

Inspired by: Epitaph of Twilight
Based on: .Hack//Rebirth

The World here,
Has begun anew,

Years have passed,
A new wind has blew,

And we have rejoiced,
We thought it was gone,

The problems of the World,
But we were wrong,

A new hero has set forth,
And death is his joy,

To destroy his rivals,
To kill the boy,

The one known as Tri-Edge,
The man without life,

But our hero,
Will go without strife,

For he is not alone,
He has us once more,

To use as he will,
Right to the core,

So our quest,
Starts without pause,

We set forth,
We follow our cause,

We look for the signs,
Tri-Edge has made,

But every time,
He will evade,

Our attempts,
To defeat him,

For we donít have the tools,
Making our future look dim,

But there is light,
Coming from the door,

And this light gives us hope,
As it makes us soar,

We open it,
Hoping to see Aura,

But inside,
Is only a garden of flora,

And in the middle,
It is the heroís,

And they are consumed,
By ones and zeros,

We run to help,
But they disappear,

We leave again,
Hoping for a mirror,

To see the strife,
The heroís may take,

So we pray,
For Auraís sake,

That the World,
Will stay again,

So we can stop it,
What gives us pain,

And the World will end,
Through light and dark,

So the heroís will return,
And they will leave their mark,

And in the end,
When our time has ended,

The heroís will save,
That which is not mended,

So let us pray,
For the World we love,

And hopefully,
We will be proud of what the World is made of.
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PostSubject: Re: Fragment and Rebirth (Poem)   

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Fragment and Rebirth (Poem)
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