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 a love destroyed

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PostSubject: a love destroyed   Tue Jun 05, 2007 12:12 pm

(note this isnt for arthur and me i wrote it a while back)

I sit here broken hearted
With a gun to my head to end what should'nt have started
My love is no more
I am dead to my very core

I dont want to feel
These scars will not fade nor heal
I am so cold
My soul to the devil i sold

I want him back so bad
I cant take being so fucking sad
I stand out in the rain
It might take away my pain

If only for a little while
To just forget his smile
For his love i have fought
But alas it is all for nought

This world will not miss me
Because they do not truly see
Whats going through my mind
A prison now where i am confined

I see blood dripping from my hand
Onto a razor blade in front of where i stand
I fall into an everlasting void
My love is now destroyed
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a love destroyed
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