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 The Dragovi (Inappropriate language/violence) Chapter4 is up

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PostSubject: The Dragovi (Inappropriate language/violence) Chapter4 is up   Wed Jun 06, 2007 7:28 pm

There won't be any AB/DL stuff until maybe chapter 3 or 4. This story will have some mild violence, and quite a few instances of bad language. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and review!

Chapter 1

The 21-year old captain Sharzai sighed and brushed his hair out of his eyes as he looked around staring at the dead bodies of his enemies and his friends. He had no idea what had would have caused his fellow Dragovi to join up with the Blackheart. He looked towards the giant doorway that his friends and allies had given their lives to defend; he saw that the door was open and muttered, "Rava." Rava was one of the worst curse words in the old Dragovi language, a language that he had learned to speak just so he could curse without people giving him a hard time about it. All Dragovi were around 6 feet 3 inches when fully grown, which happened around 25 years of age. They also had two gray, leathery wings with a wingspan of 6 feet, as well as elongated canines. Sharzai was unique in that he had two 3-inch bone claws sprouting out of the top of each of his wings.

He passed through the doorway and down the stairs, extending his claws around his fingers and calling on a small bit of his energy to light the way. He watched in slight amusement as the sky-blue energy formed around his closed fist. The energy was the natural energy that made up life and could be harnessed by any Dragovi, although few Dragovi could harness as much energy as he could, which was why he wore a restraining device. It limited the amount of power he could harness at a level he could control until he got to a point where he would no longer needed the device. Thinking about the device he looked at his wrist and saw that the device's charge was dead; he'd have to be careful with how much energy he used. As he stepped down the last few stairs he noticed that the air seemed different than it had a few hours ago, it seemed…darker, older, and almost hungry.

He stepped down off the staircase and looked towards the Gate, no one knew just why the Gate had been built or if there even was a reason. However, as he looked towards the Gate he saw a person that he had only seen once, and whom he never wished to see again. The person turned around and Sharzai found himself growling as he looked upon the face of the Blackheart. He found himself looking the Blackheart over looking for any signs of aggression that he would have to counter. The Blackheart had skin as pale as the moon, was completely bald, and he wore a black shirt, a pair of black jeans, and a black leather jacket.

He sneered as he looked upon Sharzai and said in his gravely voice, "Well, if it isn't the young Captain, Sharzai." He bowed low and said, "You know it’s a shame you didn't die upstairs defending the doorway, I really don't want to kill you, but too bad then!" He now had an insane grin on his pale face and summoned a claymore composed of black fire.

Sharzai sighed; he'd heard before that the Blackheart used fire instead of the natural energy that other Dragovi used. Sharzai didn't know if the Blackheart actually summoned fire, if it was an illusion, or if he simply turned his harnessed energy into fire. Sharzai formed a weapon of his own, a two-handed Flammenschwert and held it in a ready stance, blade pointing towards the Blackheart. The Blackheart smirked and vanished in a burst of black fire only to reappear to the right of Sharzai and try to cut him in half. Sharzai cursed and used his wings to pull of a high jump that put him behind the Blackheart and he swung his sky-blue sword towards the Blackheart's neck. However, the Blackheart turned around and bent down at the waist barely dodging the blow and struck back at Sharzai. Sharzai blocked the blow but was sent flying backwards into a wall. He watched the Blackheart approach and tried to summon another weapon but he felt the Blackheart blocking his energy. He closed his eyes and waited for the end when he heard what sounded like a bull ramming into the Gate.

The Blackheart scowled and muttered, "Impatient bastard." He looked back towards Sharzai and said, "Looks like you get to live for a few more minutes." He walked back towards the Gate and spread his arms wide and cried out, "In the name of eternal darkness, in the name of revenge, and in the name of power, I now open this gate, come forward and claim this world as your own!" Sharzai watched in amazed horror as the Gate slowly opened and a black hand that was easily the size of a full grown bull grabbed the side of the Gate and then the head of the nightmarish creature followed suit. Sharzai looked upon the face of the nightmarish creature that he'd heard about in church. It was…him, Lucifer.

Sharzai had never prayed before but for once he prayed with all of his heart. "My Lord, there is nothing I can do, I am not even strong enough to stop the Blackheart; there is no hope of me being able to stop…him. Please send me someplace where I can help, someplace where I'll be able to stop this from happening again." There was a flash or golden light as Sharzai fell unconscious and he was sent flying through time and space...
Ace sighed as he looked about the forest that he'd run away too. He was a thirteen-year old orphan and had gone through numerous homes and in the end had left every time, he just couldn't stay with the people he was put with, they were either abusive or just plain jerks.

He looked ahead of him and felt his breath stop, there was a young red wolf right only five feet away from him. Wolves were his favorite animals; he'd always been fascinated by them and he had a secret wish of becoming one. Suddenly, the wolf looked up into the sky and ran away. Ace wondered what it was that had scared the wolf away when there was a golden flash of light a few feet to his left.

Ace shielded his eyes when the flash went off. The light was soon gone and Ace felt it safe to look up again. He looked and saw right where the light had been a body was lying. The body was wearing what looked like a pair of blue denim jeans, a white t-shirt and a denim jacket. The body was also wearing a long, dark cloak. Ace walked up towards the body, kneeled down and reached a hand out to see if the person was still alive. However, when he touched the body, his own body suddenly seemed to scream in pain and he heard a voice in his head say, "You have a great destiny ahead of you, I will grant you the wish that you so yearn for, my son." Ace opened his mouth to scream but found that all that emerged was a pitiful wine. Suddenly the pain was gone and he found that he was lying against a tree. Then the person that had appeared in the flash of light sat up and said looking at him, "I am Sharzai, who are you?"

Ace felt a headache coming on…

Well that's that, please let me know what you think, if it's bad and should never be spoken of again, if it's good and you'd like another update, or if you're somewhere in the middle. Also, if you see any mistakes, then please do me a favor and tell me. If anyone's interested I'm looking for a beta reader.

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PostSubject: Re: The Dragovi (Inappropriate language/violence) Chapter4 is up   Fri Jun 08, 2007 9:55 am

Chapter 2

Sharzai looked at the young boy lying against a tree waiting for him to respond. He watched the boy swallow and start to speak before his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed. Sharzai stood up and walked over towards the boy before slowly checking his vitals and looking for any wounds. As he checked over the boy he couldn't help but take in his appearance. The boy was on the slim side and had his black hair tied back in a "ponytail" as his younger brother had called the style that reached down to his shoulders. The boy was wearing a pair of jeans similar to his and a light, black sweatshirt. In the end he confirmed that the boy was perfectly fine, just tired.

Sharzai closed his eyes and drew his wings back into his back until all that was left poking out were his bone claws. He was in a strange place and these people might not have wings, and if they did, well it was general custom to keep a person's wings drawn back on his hometown. He put his arms under the boy and picked him up. He then looked around and saw the slight marks the boy had made in his passing. He followed the marks back.

When he left the forest he looked up and noticed that it was dark, no doubt the boy's parents would be worried sick. He looked around at the city he'd found himself in; it was very similar to what he'd seen back home during the war. The city was dark, people were living out in the streets, and he could see others meeting secretly, doing who knew what. He wondered for a moment if there was a war here too, but quickly dismissed it; if there had been a war then he doubted the boy's parents would have allowed him to leave. He looked back at the ground and sighed, it had rained recently and there were no marks left from the boy's passage. However, he could easily trace the boy's smell. He took a sniff and walked towards one of the buildings. He looked at it, it was a pitiful little thing and smelled like cigarette smoke. He'd hated the smell of cigarettes back home and he hated it now.

He walked up to the door and laid the boy on the ground before ringing the doorbell. He waited patiently for whomever it was that lived here, hopefully they were the boy's parents or they could take him home. He sighed as he watched a dark shadow open the door and saw a bald, rather fat man wearing some clothes that very clearly needed to be washed and smoking a cigarette. The man looked at him for a moment before saying in a gruff voice, "Yeah, what you want you a$$?" Sharzai felt his eye twitch; he hoped the man decided not to say anything else that was offensive; he might cut out his tongue if he did. Sharzai said, "Excuse me sir, but do you have a son, say about five feet, four inches, with black hair?" The man coughed and said, "Not that it's any of your business, but yeah, I look out for a kid like that, you didn't happen to find the little a$$, did you?" Sharzai was about to reply when the man growled and grabbed Sharzai by his jacket, "Cause if you did, you better bring Ace back right now, he's got a lot to do and I'll whip him good for running away. After all, he could have lost me that check from the government if he went missing."

Sharzai was astounded. Where he came from, children were loved dearly and it was often that when a child was born there would be celebrations for at least a week. Dragovi were slow to reproduce so children were very special. Sharzai grabbed the man's fat wrist and easily removed it from his jacket and pushed the man back saying, "Never mind I must have the wrong house." He picked the child up and left the man's front steps. He heard a click and turned to see the man pointing a handgun at him. The man said, "You give me that brat right now or I'll blow your brains out and then his too." Sharzai looked at the man and decided to put his power to some good use. He wrapped the gun in his energy and watched as the gun melted and he took a small amount of pleasure in hearing the man shout in pain. He then focused his energy into the man's body and knocked him out. He turned and walked away wondering just what he should do.

After half an hour of walking he came to a building that had a sign in a window saying, "Apartments for rent." He walked in and walked up to the counter but not before looking around and noticing the general dirtiness of the place. When he reached the counter an old woman behind it snapped at him, "You want a room, you better pay now, thirty bucks a week." He reached into one of the pockets of his traveling cloak and pulled out a few gemstones and plopped them on the counter asking, "Will this suffice?" The woman pulled out a pair of dusty glasses and put them on, examining the gemstones closely before mumbling, "Sure, you're on the second floor, room 21B." She then handed him a key and put the gemstones in a beat up old register.

Sharzai took the key and walked up the stairs before finding the door to his room. He set the boy on the ground and opened the door with the key. He then picked the boy back up and went into the room, surveying it as he closed he door. It was scarcely furnished; it had two beds, one standard bathroom, and one television. Sharzai noticed in surprise that it was actually clean unlike the lobby below. He set the boy on one of the beds and checked his vitals again before he stretched and sat his cloak down on the bed. He thought for a moment and wrote a note that he left on the television before taking the key and stepping out, intending to find something to eat.
Ace groaned and opened his eyes, half-expecting to find his new guardian with his belt raised ready to strike him. Instead he found himself in a strange room, lying on a strange bed, and with no one in the vicinity. He looked and saw a note on the TV, and hoping it was for him he went and grabbed it. He opened it slowly and started reading.

"Dear Ace, I brought you here from the forest, I ask that you remain here as there are some things I wish to discuss with you, however if you wish to leave you may. I only ask that you not return to your guardian. Sincerely, Sharzai."

Ace tried to remember where he'd heard that name and then remembered the strange occurrence at the forest. He held his head in his hands and sat back on the bed and thought. He really didn't have anywhere to go, he certainly wasn't going to go back to his guardian's and he could live on his own if he had to. He didn't want to though. He went into the bathroom and splashed some water on his face to calm himself down. Looking into the mirror he decided to wait and hear what "Sharzai" had to say, and if he didn't like it he'd leave.
Ace didn't have to wait very long. Not five minutes after he sat back down on the bed, Sharzai walked in with a bag of McDonald's fries and two sodas. He sat down on the other bed and handed him one of the large fries saying, "I don't know if you like this but it smelled very good." Ace just looked at him strangely and took the fries and started eating. Sharzai handed him a soda with a concerned look and Ace said, "Don't tell me you've never had a soda, or french fries?" Sharzai took one of the large fries out of the bag and said, "No, I haven't, is that a bad thing?" Ace looked at him like he was crazy and said, "No, but it's very sad." Sharzai shrugged and started eating the fries. His eyes grew wide as he tasted them; no wonder Ace said it was sad!

The two of them finished eating in silence and Sharzai cleaned up when they were done. After that he sat on the bed and asked Ace, "Ace, will you tell me why exactly your guardian wanted to beat you?" Ace looked down at the ground and swallowed before answering, all the while not looking at Sharzai, "He doesn't love me. The only reason he adopted me is because the government pays him and so he doesn't have to do any work. He beats me for no reason and I can't stand it. I was running away when we…ran into each other in the forest. He's also not the first, pretty every home I've been in was like that, except for one, but she died and I had to leave." By now tears were falling from Ace's eyes and Sharzai was looking at Ace in shock. Sharzai stood up and walked over to Ace and hugged him close. Ace tensed for the first few seconds before relaxing.

A scream from outside caused the two to stand up and Ace looked at Sharzai who was moving towards the door and asked, "Shar, where are you going?" Sharzai looked back towards Ace and replied, "To help, now, I think you should stay here, but if you want to come, then at least stay out of trouble, okay?" Ace nodded as Sharzai opened the door and ran towards the street. Ace thought for a moment before running after Sharzai; he'd be damned if he was going to let someone who was nice to him end up dead!

Sharzai arrived outside the hotel and looked towards the street, and gasped. Standing in the street, holding a knife of Dragovi energy at a young woman's throat was his own brother! He'd seen his brother's dead body after the Blackheart's forces had destroyed his hometown. His brother looked up as he emerged from the building and swung his hand, using his energy to send the woman flying. He then formed two bastard swords and spoke to Sharzai in a calm, cool, "My lord and master, the Blackheart wishes for you to die dear brother, and I shall be happy to do as he commands."

He jumped towards Sharzai swinging one sword at his brother's neck and another at his knees. Sharzai formed two scimitars of energy and quickly parried the blows and countered with a kick that sent his brother skidding backwards, but that was it, no matter what he just couldn't bring himself to kill his own brother. His brother however had no such trouble and charged again, this time using a flurry of different attacks to try and bring down Sharzai. Sharzai panicked as his mind tried to fight with his body, which refused to attack, only to defend. "He's not your brother anymore, look at his eyes! It'll be an act of mercy to remove the Blackheart's control." His body still refused to obey and continued acting on the defensive. His brother continued his offensive and Sharzai just continued to block his brother's attacks. Eventually his brother broke off and looked towards the hotel and smirked saying, "Soon, soon, it's not your time yet. But I think my little adopted nephew should die for not knowing when to stay put." He formed a bow and fired an arrow of energy towards Ace who was watching the battle from the hotel. It hit the ground in front of him and exploded. Sharzai felt an anger greater than any he'd felt before, except maybe for what he felt for the Blackheart and he attacked. He knocked both of his brother's blades aside and stabbed his right hand scimitar into his brother's shoulder. His brother reared back but then cried out as a silver wolf bit down on his leg and refused to let go until he kicked it in the head. He fell backwards crying out, "Just you wait brother, I'll get you yet!" He teleported and just like that the street was quiet.

Sharzai looked towards the hotel only to jerk his head backwards as he saw the wolf shift into Ace. Ace looked wildly around before panting, "He, me, you, my wish…" before fainting. Sharzai picked him back up and brought him back inside the hotel. He returned to his room and put Ace on one of the beds before checking his vitals and preparing to wait until he awoke.

Man, poor Ace, he just keeps fainting. Anyways, please tell me what you think, and if you see any mistakes, I'd appreciate it if you pointed them out.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dragovi (Inappropriate language/violence) Chapter4 is up   Sat Jun 16, 2007 10:29 pm

Chapter 3

Ace groaned as he came to, and looked around; he was once again in the room that Sharzai had rented. He sat up and looked towards the other bed and smiled, Sharzai was lying on the other bed curled up like a big cat. Ace looked at Sharzai thoughtfully for a few moments, for once he appeared innocent, even if just for a moments in sleep. Ace got up and grabbing the key exited the room. Once in the hall he looked down both directions and saw what he was looking for, a way up. He walked towards that end and ascended the spiral staircase.

At the top of the staircase Ace opened a door and stepped out onto the roof. He walked over to the edge and sat down and looked down at the ground. He sighed and thought back over his life to see just what had led to this crazy new life. He thought back over that day in the forest, seeing Sharzai, touching his body, and then that pain and the mysterious voice. Originally he'd thought that Sharzai had caused the pain but no, Sharzai's voice was nothing like the voice that had seemed to speak from inside his head. Apparently from what he remembered from the fight Sharzai had fought with the person who looked like he might be family, possibly a brother or cousin, he could now become a wolf, just as he had always wished for.

Ace shook his head and tried to think of someway to deal with the stress that his new life had brought. And of course, the idea of dealing with his stress immediately brought his mind back to the one time that he had someone who could help him deal with that stress.

She had, if his memory was correct, been his fifth appointed guardian. She lived alone and adored him. Of course, she realized that she wasn't his mother and that he wouldn't just listen to her because she was his guardian. But she had been alright with that and Ace had found himself happy in his new home. He remembered, about three months after he'd first arrived in her house, he'd been coming home after school early one day after a lightning storm had knocked the power out, he'd walked inside and not seeing her he decided to watch TV before he started on his homework. He'd walked into the living room and he saw something that completely surprised him. His guardian was sitting on the couch wearing a diaper and some very babyish clothes. As he continued watching he looked into the mirror and saw her reflected face, she looked so happy that he couldn't think about disturbing her. He left the room and walked upstairs to his room and started doing his homework. After thirty minutes she came into his room wearing normal clothes and said, "You're home already? Did something happen at school?" She just chuckled as he told her about the power outage and she left to start cooking dinner.

Later that night after dinner she told him to meet her in the living room. After she'd cleaned the dishes she'd walked in and said, "Something's up Ace. I'd like it if you could tell me what's bothering you." He'd taken a breath and told her about seeing her when he got home. He remembered seeing her smile for a second before sitting on the couch next to him and explaining about how she was an Adult Baby, and she enjoyed the comfortableness of the clothes and how they made her feel happy and safe. Eventually Ace had understood what she was saying and told her that he could see what she was saying. He'd then taken a deep breath and told her that if she didn't mind he'd like to try out being an AB. He remembered the happy look on her face as she kissed his forehead and grabbed her purse saying that she'd go and get all the supplies they'd need. About an hour later a police officer had arrived at the door and told him about how she'd been found dead in an alley a few blocks away. Ace had cried himself to sleep that night.

While the idea of being an AB had slightly faded from his mind, whenever his mind wandered it would always return but he refused to think about it. Now though, it might just be what he needed to deal with his stress. Already despite his caution he'd come to love Shar as he imagined he'd love a father or maybe an Uncle; and he didn't want to lose that love. He decided against being a complete AB at least for now, he was fairly sure that Shar wouldn't mind and that if that's what he wanted Shar would encourage him. He wasn't ready though. So he walked off the roof and silently sneaking back into the room he grabbed his wallet and left the building to find the nearest department store.

Ace arrived at a department store and walked in after counting his money. He had forty dollars that he'd stolen from his guardian before Sharzai had found him. He looked around before slowly walking into the adult diaper section and grabbing a package of diapers. Then he walked up to the counter and handed them to the clerk. The clerk, a young woman had looked at them, then back at him and asked, "Any reason you want these, bedwetting perhaps?" Ace gulped before replying, "Um, no, you see, I have a medical condition that's slowly going to remove my continence and I decided that if I'd have to wear diapers anyways I better get used to them." Ace looked up at her and saw that she was smiling softly. She put the diapers behind the counter and said, "If that's true then those just won't do, you'd spend a fortune and probably hate them. We have some that are especially made for incontinent people, they're almost unnoticeable too, would you prefer those?" Ace knew that she was probably just trying to get some more money out of the sale but it was indeed better. She left and came back with a plain brown box. Seeing his confused face at the packaging she told him, "A lot of incontinent people are very shy and we feel that the plain packaging helps to make them feel more at ease." Ace nodded before grabbing a sports bag off a shelf and putting it on the counter along with the diapers. The total came to $26.72 and Ace paid over slightly worried about how he'd manage to buy more. Taking the diapers and the sports bag he left the store and once outside slipped the diapers inside the sports bag; he'd wait until he was alone to try them out.

Ace returned to the room in the run down building and he put the sports bag under his bed before climbing into it and trying to catch the last few hours of night to sleep.

Here's the third chapter. I know it's shorter than my other chapters but I really wanted to get it out of the way. Once again, if you see mistakes I will appreciate it if you tell me.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dragovi (Inappropriate language/violence) Chapter4 is up   Mon Jul 16, 2007 4:55 pm

Chapter 4

Well sorry for the late update but I've been visited by writer's block. Anyways here's the next chapter.

Sharzai stretched and sat up. He looked at the other bed in the room and saw that Ace was sleeping spread-eagled out on his bed, snoring loud enough to probably bring the roof down. Sharzai smiled, left a note for Ace, grabbed his cloak and left the room.

Out on the street Sharzai looked both ways and crossed the street to what the cleaning lady had said was a bank, a place where money could be stored. Sharzai walked into the bank and got an appointment with one of the accountants. He sold his remaining gemstones to the bank in exchange for a total of $5500, from what Ace had said about his world, it would be enough for a few months or so. Sharzai left the bank wondering what he'd do to acquire enough money for the both of them to live comfortably. He decided to walk around before he went back to the hotel.

Sharzai walked past an alley, looked into it and gasped. Blackheart was standing right there, just as calm and insane as before. Sharzai decided not to waste his time and formed a spear of his energy that he threw at the insane Blackheart. Blackheart laughed and with his hand surrounded in his black fire he smacked the spear aside causing it to disperse. Sharzai formed two short katana and ran towards Blackheart. Blackheart laughed and summoned his signature claymore and easily blocked two slashes and one stab from Sharzai before he chopped down in an attempt to cleave Sharzai in two. Sharzai reshaped his energy so that it surrounded his hands and feet. He caught Blackheart's blade and pushed it aside before kicking Blackheart in the face. Blackheart stumbled back, the blow having given him third-degree burns on the left side of his face. Sharzai reshaped his energy back into his two short katana and returned to a guard position. His eyes widened as he looked at Blackheart's face, it was healing impossibly fast. Blackheart's face quickly turned from its burned black to brown, to red, and back to its pale white.

Blackheart laughed at the startled look on Sharzai's face. "What, young Sharzai? Surely you didn't think that it would be so easy as that, did you? I have far more power than you pathetic Dragovi could ever have, and even more than any of these pathetic humans could ever even hope to see. However, right now there are things that I must take care of, this world's gate has been well hidden and finding it will take time. I'll leave you someone to play with, bye bye!"

Blackheart snapped his fingers and a portal of his black fire appeared, and out of it walked a rather fearsome, ugly beast. It had the head of an eagle, the body of a bull, a long whip-like tail, and the claws of a bear. Blackheart laughed and snapped his fingers again and he vanished in a burst of his black fire. Sharzai sighed and evaluated the situation: Blackheart was gone, good; this 'abomination' was here, bad; it looked angry, worse; and it was right now charging at him, worst!

Sharzai dodged to the left and slashed down with his right-hand blade. His eyes widened slightly as his blade instead of cutting through the beast like butter barely left a scratch. The beast swung its giant claws at him and Sharzai blocked every strike with his blades; apparently, even if his blades couldn't cut it, they still hurt, as was proven as the beast pulled its paws back every time they connected with Sharzai's blades.

Sharzai dodged as the beast charged and slammed into a wall. It turned and was about to charge Sharzai again when it screamed out in pain and turned around. Sharzai looked and saw stuck in the beast's shoulder, a silver cross. Sharzai felt like slapping himself, this thing was obviously a demon, after all Blackheart had summoned Lucifer, why couldn't he have summoned one of Lucifer's underlings? Sharzai reshaped both of his katana into crosses and threw them. One dug into the beast's back cutting towards its heart, the other cleaved through its neck, decapitating it. The beast vanished in a burst of black fire and Sharzai turned towards the source of the original cross and saw, according to the badge the man was wearing, a police officer. Sharzai took in the man's appearance, easily noticing the confident walk, the sure air that surrounded the man, and also the caution that the man now regarded him with. The man moved forward and said in a deep baritone voice, "Sir, I must request that you now come with me, failure to do so will result in you being knocked unconscious and dragged to where I wish to take you." Sharzai nodded and walked towards the officer but not before bowing to show his respect and trust.

The man mimicked him and led him out of the alleyway and down a few streets to what Sharzai could easily tell (after all, each letter of the words 'Police Station' had to be at least 7 feet tall) was the man's headquarters. However, instead of walking into the building the officer walked up towards an abandoned building next to it and placed his hand on the door. Sharzai was about to ask what was going on when he felt the energy that had been so well hidden flow through the officer and he watched the door unlock and open. He followed the officer inside and watched the many people who were working at desks on paperwork, oh how he hated paperwork, and judging by the looks on these people's faces, so did they. The man opened a door at the end of the building and gestured him inside. Sharzai complied and sat down in a chair before he noticed the energy that would cause the chair to bind him if the man wanted. He rolled his eyes at the easy to sense energy and unraveled it in two seconds. He watched the man's eyes widen before he resumed his emotionless face and sat down in a chair across a table from Sharzai and began questioning Sharzai on all he knew about the demon he'd fought and how he'd used his energy. Sharzai answered with clear, concise answers, mostly true answers. He just said that he'd always been able to use his energy since he could remember; which was true, he just didn't mention that it was something that an unknown race that was probably about as close to extinction as possible took for granted.

After an hour of questioning the man closed his eyes and put his head in his hands as though he had a headache. Sharzai was about to ask if the man was alright when he felt a sudden presence trying to force its way into his mind. All Dragovi had enough psychic strength to speak telepathically and to build mental defenses. Only a few had enough to enter others minds. Sharzai didn't have that particular gift. He strengthened his defenses and left a note telling the presence, who Sharzai guessed was the officer that it was polite to ask first before it tried to enter someone's mind. The presence asked permission and Sharzai allowed it in; but this presence would follow his rules or he'd be flung out.

Everything suddenly went black and Sharzai looked around at the figure that had suddenly appeared; he was right, it had been the officer. The officer looked around in confusion before Sharzai walked forward and said in a bored voice, "Come good sir, I will lead you to the memory of the incident if that is what you are here for, if not tell me what you want and if it is reasonable," here Sharzai gave the man a threatening glare, "I will allow you to see it, if it is not reasonable then I will eject you from my mind." The officer returned his glare and spoke, "That is what I am here for, also I wish to know more about your power." Sharzai formed a knife of energy and spoke with no emotion, "I will allow you to see the incident with the creature, however I will not allow you to know anything more about my power other than this. I focus the natural energy around me through my body before using it, afterwards the energy returns to where I drew it from cleaned and recharged. And now for the incident." Their surroundings blurred and suddenly they were watching the memory of the incident; with only a few modifications. Just changing what Blackheart said so that nothing of the Dragovi race would be given away. After the memory was done Sharzai ejected the officer from his mind and opened his eyes to see the officer rubbing his head, it seemed he now had a headache for real.

Sharzai waited for the man to look up and when he did the man was looking at him as though he was judging him. After a minute the man nodded and explained that the creature Sharzai had just fought was a demon and then started explaining about the group of people Sharzai had seen on his way in. Apparently they were the part of the police force that dealt with supernatural phenomenon, such as demons, warlocks, or insane murderers, like Blackheart. At the end of the officer's explanation he asked Sharzai if he'd like to join as one of the people that actually took care of dealing with the supernatural phenomenon. Sharzai agreed and the two came to a deal; Sharzai would be working for them and not have to deal with paperwork, something Sharzai had been very adamant about, and the WASD (Warriors Against Supernatural Dangers) would be paying for a two-bedroom, five room apartment for Sharzai and Ace as well as paying him $750 a week. Sharzai walked out of the building and sighed, while it wouldn't be a lot of money for the two of them, he knew he could get it to work.

He returned to the hotel and walked up to his room. He'd barely gotten inside and closed the door when a werewolf attacked him. He surrounded his body in a shield of glowing energy and watched the werewolf run into it. It dropped to the floor holding its head before flashing and changing into Ace. Ace looked up at him with a glare, "THAT HURT!" Sharzai grabbed him and walked over to the bed and asked Ace for an explanation. It appeared that there was more to Ace's 'gift' than he'd thought!
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The Dragovi (Inappropriate language/violence) Chapter4 is up
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