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 Origin of pokemon.

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Sasha Nekosune

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PostSubject: Origin of pokemon.   Thu Jun 07, 2007 2:49 pm

this is my story of how i think pokemon came to be.

Long ago in an ancient world there lived these strange amorphous creatures who didnt seem to have any form but then a giant cave appeared to deep into the world and a lone creature went to explore it. the creature seemed toi be gone for forever but then the cave mouth copllapsed but. at the entrance when the smoke cleared there was a strange creature. it called itself arcues. it made a bunch of crystals and handed them to the creatures. the creatures gained forms of the basic pokemon we know today. later in the planets history some of the pokemon left for different worlds along with some crystals. arcues went with them.

its short and confusing and slightly hurried. but it explains alittle.
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Origin of pokemon.
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