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 CBDA: The Lesser of Two Evils (PG - 13)

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PostSubject: CBDA: The Lesser of Two Evils (PG - 13)   Sat Jun 09, 2007 12:00 am

This is a short story about an alternate history I created for earth, and background for my future novel. Of interest, this is the universe Aragorn was supposed to be sent to. Anyways, its rather furry if you think about it, but no babyfur/ab/dl content. The wolves are quadraped, just to clairify. So, sit back and relax! You WILL be entertained!


The Chronicles of the Black Dog Alliance
The Lesser of Two Evils

In the universe of existence anything is possible. Existence does not have constraint: it is only infinitely variable. The only parameters that exist in the universal spectrum are space and time, both co-existing and never at rest. While the 10 dimensions of space can manifest themselves visible or in laws of physics, the dimension of time is an unseen acting force, where one can see its effect but not the acting force. In the existing realms of space, one cannot alter time, never mind travel directly through it. The universe is never born and never dies: it just is. While time cannot be accessed, the decisions one makes day to day are what creates current existence or space. Upon every branch of choice, all alternatives are accepted and explored. Upon every possible choice, a quantum parallel universe is created which generates an endless tapestry of infinite chaos. Being and reality can be seen branching from a single source, be it a difference of a single atom, or an entire species of creatures. With such thought, would it be so unusual to think what we have is not the best it could be? Choice is a factor, be it the active involvement or an anomaly in evolution. Many people regret the choices they make throughout life and wonder what would have happened if things would have turned out differently. However, there is no need to regret the road you’re on because the other has been as well traversed.

It’s never the same road, although life will continue thereafter the path. If one were able to create a means to search the universes for their desires, they would have access to any one of their wishes, finding what they want and knowing what could have been. You live in the now, the norm and the ever pacing spectrum of space surrounding the earth you know. The universe does not have to express itself as dynamic change, but it prefers subtle differences. The difference between one universe and another could be the difference of one quantum event, where one universe may have had the change in a single molecule. In the case of one particular set of universes, the difference is a competition of superiority, a unique situation where humans are not the only species on the planet at the top of the food chain. In this universe, the evolutionary cycle was altered in a single quantum event, creating a second sentient species through one genetic change spread world wide. While the mutation was a pandemic of spread, it only became overt in the continent of North America. At first, it was a change in efficiency, and then it was a greater addition to self awareness.

Gracefully leaping into the end of the ice age, the wolves of North America were becoming their own race of beings, soon befriending the dying species of the South American Giant Wolf—Canis Direus—into alliances of brothers and societies of their own creation. They soon gained culture, legends, and a curiosity to life not unlike the nature of man. They watched for centuries, but the eventually found the time right and befriended human beings, uniting the continent and creating an alliance that would last for centuries to come, an unification unlike all others: the Great Spirit Collective. Without the fighting among groups, they developed at great speed, creating science and technology surpassing the powers of many European Empires. They spied over Europe for over a hundred years, and were not surprised to see them attempt to claim “New Land”. They knew everything about Europeans, even the names of the explorers who they chased away.

The Europeans were shocked, especially France and Britain. To them, wolves were still evil, malicious creatures that killed humans indiscriminately and ate their flesh, incapable of this intelligence and leadership they exhibited. With that perspective, it was obvious why they were concerned with making a political relationship with a nation made up of 50% wolves with an equal standing to man. In addition, they were intimidated by such a group who used a true democracy, had an equal sized military, superior technology and the ability to use “demonic sorcery”. Eventually ignoring original spiritual and political concerns, they formed a healthy relationship, which resulted in exchange of ideas and technology in an official document entitled the “Treaty of Vancouver”, which they signed together on February 19th, 1625. The world was progressing fast, and the Collective soon found itself to be friends with almost every nation and become the most powerful nation in the world. Their influence soon extended, and the genetics of sentient wolves were spread world-wide to pre-existing wolf and dog populations, raising the canine/human balance to a ratio of 1:1.

This is an exceptionally basic summary of the events that created the world as is was known by the late 1800’s, but its events would take up the same amount of books, maybe even more, that summarize our own history. However, if you were to investigate what happened in their universe, you would find that the history is completely identical before the “discovery” of North America. After that, the changes of the old world became more and more overt, eventually creating an entirely different universe from the one it originally emerged from. However, the United States existed in this universe too, but only east of the Mississippi and south of the St. Laurence; the rest was governed by the Collective. By the time the year 1875 rolled around, the world resembled that of the fifties in our own universe in technology and social practice. The world was prosperous, science was growing faster and faster and conflict was at an all-time low. It was a time of happiness. In the United Empire of Prussia, there was no exception to this. This was the year of a great democratic election, one where the people would vote in a new party and Prime Minister to fill the administration.

At the time the population was 60% canine. Five parties were up for their seats in office, but something was different that year. Out of the five parties, only one was lead by a wolf, a wolf that went by the name of Alpha Centauri, a charismatic fellow with Long, white fur and piercing blue eyes. His party won the election by a landslide, gaining a majority of 58%. But this was not out of propaganda or corruption, but out of the popular vote; finally the wolves of Germany had someone who shared their logic and point of view. He strengthened their economy, raised political power and gained respect from surrounding nations, eventually assimilating the countries of Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and at least half of France under the new name of SKRR: The Sentius Kommunalrepublik von Rheinland. Everyone in the country believed in him, but other powers were suspicious. He had gained his power of the people and in 1884 after a large political disagreement, the pounced Italy in a Blitzkrieg invasion. After claiming to the public that they were a threat to the integrity of the state, ethnic minorities were stripped bare of their rights and became indebted servants to the state. This was his suggestion; the decision was made in a public vote, one that was not rigged or doctored. Now, those peoples classified as unequal became cannon fodder. By 1887, he had taken over most of Europe through conquest, and made friends with various African and Asian nations. The battles were becoming increasingly bloody and the casualties were rising steadily. The war had been raging for five years, with no end in sight…

The date was April 8th, 1889. The fighting was the most intense it has ever been and millions of lives had already been lost. Everyone who could was still fighting strong to prevent their own takeover. Nations fell one by one, powers shifted daily, and no one fought harder then the wolves of the Great Spirit Collective. Together with Britain, the USSR and The United States, they were one of the only things keeping the SKRR at bay. The humans and the canines of the SKRR all followed the orders of their leader without question, and truly believed in the cause as well. Whenever someone questioned the reasons for the fight, they were not pulled aside and tortured, but given a rational explanation and given reassurance. Alpha was such a convincing orator that anyone believed what he said. However, he did not lie, or mislead, for he knew in his heart that he was doing the right thing. He believed in the greater good, and wished the best for the world, and he did not regret his actions. As he once said, “Good people sometimes have to do bad things. The world is becoming too soft and by allowing itself to keep and the let the weak survive, it is allowing itself to die.” Personally, White Fang despised those words.

Shuddering in anger, he stared into the cold blue eyes of the enemy. The two were only separated by a few meters, but it felt like miles to the sleek, black wolf of the north. All was silent as the enemies squared off. White Fang came alone, but he was now facing a room of elite canine soldiers. He knew he was trapped, in a position where the only thing to do was to surrender. He would never surrender: he had too much pride for that. The only option was to fight and die with honor. It was the way Shiro had taught him back when they were teenagers, back when they were young and foolish, only he had never been foolish. White Fang was an abused soul back then, thrown into fighting from a young age, tossed about like someone’s belongings. Now he was full of life, and ready to sacrifice it for the lives of the many more at stake.

Descending down the stairs, the un-namable menace calmly circled White Fang with intrigue. He saw the real Alpha, the one that everyone had missed, the part no one he lied to would ever notice. He knew that at that moment, Alpha had taken off his mask. Now the silence was only broken by the clicking of the traitor’s claws, rhythmically tapping as his circle continued. Not taking his sight off those cold blue eyes, he quietly snarled, ears erect and face contorted with fangs exposed. He was far from submission. He didn’t have a plan, but he wasn’t going to back down. He knew Alpha had no honor. At any moment, he could be dragged away to be tortured, or mobbed right there on the spot in a sea of a thousand teeth. One on one, White Fang could take him down, but he had an advantage in numbers. There were no humans to be seen. Alpha began to snicker.

Just like human languages, Cynine was a form of many different sounds combined to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas, but was more guttural and came mostly from the throat and chest then from the mouth and tongue. With the addition of body language and scent, it was a very compressive language. Alpha soon stopped circling and sat down in front of White Fang.

“Dear brother,” he smiled, “it appears you really have lost your mind.”
White Fang kept his stance, not saying a word. “Well, I know you aren’t here to join me,” he continued on, “but you might as well consider doing so. Of course, I know you have too much pride to surrender, am I right? Honestly, what good is pride for the dead? Hmm, the floor is a bit chilly here…”

Standing back up again, he walked over to the dead body of a human lying closer to White Fang and sat down. The blood that was pooled on the floor was still fresh.

“You’re sick,” White Fang growled, “If only your precious population could see you now!” Every wolf and dog in the room stared quietly in his direction, grinning.

“This is much better…what was I saying? Yes, I see you plan to die in honor. I would know that brother. I know it even better then you. You see this man I sit upon?” he motioned to the dead body, “He was a great general, just like you, but he was getting in the way. Of course, he never doubted me. He also never became disloyal either, but this is how the wheel turns. You see, the times are changing, and humans are the ones destroying what we have left.

“Sure, I have told my people to shun the inferior human, to treat them like the dirt in which we stand. I have convinced millions of deceit, pulling the proverbial wool over the eyes of the people and making them believe in the truth. Of course, I didn’t have to tell them to hate, the anger was already there. They all believe in the cause I gave them, but I have no quarrel against any man in particular. Men are not equal, but I am not what you call racist. I am…the word…speciest, and rationally so. Man is like a growing infection on this earth, and in the end all they will do is kill it…smother it…”

“What’s your point, Adolwulf?” White Fang interrupted bitterly, “I’m waiting for my decision to die or come quiet…”


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Incontinent Wolfhound
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Serious Business

Number of posts : 870
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Localisation : Winnipeg, murder capital of Canada...I think
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PostSubject: Re: CBDA: The Lesser of Two Evils (PG - 13)   Sat Jun 09, 2007 12:01 am

“You will have your time,” he grinned savagely with his teeth, “and I do have a point. The point is no more lies. The mask is off. What you see is real, and what I’ll announce is real. My real plan was to tip the balance, brother. Forget these smaller quarrels of racism and domination. Never have I put a human to death, well at least until today. I may have discarded many people off as cannon fodder and into forced labor, but do not have these “death camps” your government feared I would create. That wasn’t even part of the final plan, but some idiot decided it would be funny to suggest it in the rough draft...humans.

“The real plan is make wolves the dominant species and to slow their progress of self destructions. Only we are wise enough to properly take care of business. Humans are too soft, too lazy to do what’s right. You believe me there, eh? You were beaten and abused countless times, yet you still cling onto them dearly. You really never learnt. The humans will destroy themselves with their warheads and pollution. Only we still know how to survive naturally. It’s time to return to the forest, my brother. The mask is truly off. ”

As Alpha ascended the stairs again to his higher stance, White Fang growled fiercely, a growl with the ferocity of an angered soul, distressed and ready to break, tightened dearly.

“I’m not your brother, traitor, and I’ll kill you even if it means I die too. Spirits come with your power and breathe into me! You’re not going to undo all the work we have done getting the world to trust the wolf!”

Alpha blinked. “I’m disappointed. I was hoping you would agree. Now, I have a flight to catch. I’ll catch your death on film.”

White Fang tried to pursue as Alpha turned tail, but he was trapped in the sea of fangs. Knocked over by two wolves while he was off-guard, he was prone on his back, but as the first set of teeth clenched upon his throat, White Fang turned just in time to see its head explode. Backup had arrived. Lunging into the middle of the circle, Kuru broke into the scene and covered her lover, taking his back to even the odds of one vs. fifty. All members of The Black Dog Alliance—the special operations unit White Fang lead—had the ability to use Relative Gravitational Mental Energy Transfer, or GE for short. The effects of this energy ranged from covert to overt, ranging from shutting down their pain receptors, to creating massive explosions. This universe had a weaker separation between other parallel universes, and all gravity was derived as a side effect from the closest universe. With the weakened separation, and the superior mental abilities of the wolf, this energy could be accessed and controlled with the mind. Every soldier of the BDA had a special ability. Kuru’s was brain rot.

Viciously glaring into the eyes of the closest dogs in focused concentration, their eyes glazed over and they began to violently convulse on the ground, gutturally choking for air, blood tearing from their eyes and the corner of their mouths, killing them painfully within a few seconds. Few could deflect such a brutality, but it only affected the weak of mind. Kuru stood no less then a few inches shorter then White Fang, visually smaller and more feminine. Her colors were mixed and gave distanced markings on her face, being dark colors of black, brown, and gray upon her sides head and back, but her underside was a lighter shade of silver. Her eyes were a golden yellow, similar in color to White Fang’s.

“So General, planning on dying alone?”

BANG! More dogs were lying on the floor and an unknown sniper continued to pick them off one by one. Kuru and White Fang were now trying to fight the old-fashioned way. Alpha wasn’t prepared for this attack, for this was deep behind enemy lines, fighting at a complex at the south base of Feldberg Mountain in the Black Forest, Rhineland. They were attacking a place where no one would expect, not even the Warlord. The plan was perfect. But the dogs kept on coming. Kuru was tossing enemies like rag dolls, spinning around and kicking one straight in the jaw, knocking him over into the crowd. Using his teeth, White Fang crushed the life out of his enemies, spilling blood upon the floor. More shots were fired, now missing more frequently as all the animals were moving so swiftly.

Kuru and White Fang were now fighting their way though the building, using their environment to their advantage. Jumping upon the walls, White Fang had the lateral advantage he needed to knock his enemies over to mortally wound their undersides. Catching one dog by the hind leg, Kuru swung him directly into the wall beside, crushing his skull in and leaving a visible crack in the concrete. None of these animals knew how to use GE. Kuru and White Fang were now using their fair share of tricks. With their minds working at double capacity, their actions were planned precisely. Jumping off one foe, White Fang could dodge a blow and leave a lethal gash upon their body where his fangs gracefully stroked them so. They were becoming tired, and Joseph, the American Black Opps sniper that had been covering them the entire time, had been discovered.

Cornered alone in the previous room, which looked a lot like a formal dining room, Joseph was flanked on two sides. He only managed to eliminate a few at close range, but they were upon him. Still steady, he reached for the grenade on his belt, ready to commit suicide before he was killed by the enemy.

“General!” he yelled irritably, “a little help for the help please? I’m only human, dammit! Don’t make me do something stupid!” He really didn’t want to die outnumbered.

Blasting out from a window in the last room, Shiro charged in at full speed, almost spinning in mid-air as he jumped towards the dogs surrounding Joseph. The attack worked so fast with his strong muscles and light weight, that the canines were torn through and through, viciously lacerated with claw and fang among major arteries and airways, killing them near instantly. Joseph, who was now gripping his gun tightly, had never seen such a ridiculous attack. Shiro was panting heavily, recovering from the energy loss of the attack. Shiro was a Silver “tiger-striped” Akita Inu, born and raised in Japan (which was neutral and not involved in this war officially). With his broad skills and solid build, he was tough as nails. Trained in the art of the ninja, he was the newest member of the force who seldom showed off. His GE was of agility and strength, able to use more overt forms of the energy such as spinning in mid-air, quick enough to rend the toughest flesh.

“I’ve never seen such an attack!” Joseph remarked to the panting Shiro, “What do you call that?”

Still panting, Shiro gave Joseph a strange look as they continued to follow their companions. “It’s called the ‘Zetsu Tenrou Battouga’, but it would be a lie if I said I created it myself.”

“Do you guy’s like have a code of conduct for GE attacks or something? I’ve never really thought about it.”

Shiro didn’t answer. As he stopped abruptly, he closed his eyes, exhaled deeply and examined the air. “Something’s not right…come!” Moving quickly through the building, they came across many signs of struggle, but there were no bodies to be seen, only the scents of Kuru and White Fang. Nearing the end of the building, they could feel the cold air rushing in from the open doors. Lying on the floor among three dead SKRR soldiers, Kuru was shivering, eyes blank. She was not mortally wounded, but it appeared as if one of the dogs had torn her left hind leg, which was now soaked in blood. Joseph and Shiro rushed to her side, where she finally decided to move. Raising her head, she looked into their eyes, which were now filled with tears.

“He went after Alpha…there were so many of them…they came from everywhere. They kept on coming…we managed to get through…must have been…”

“Kuru,” Shiro gently whispered into her ear, “there were only five of them. The others were nothing more then an illusion, realistic ones at that. Alpha had more power then we thought, but they weren’t ready for us. White Fang needs our help. Can you walk?”

Kuru tried to stand, but her leg was in too much pain. She could only lie there for now. Shiro knew she couldn’t do much like this. He had to either leave her or stay by her side. Managing to control her breath, Kuru relaxed her muscles and kept still. Focusing her energy, she managed to stop the flow of blood from her wounds. Staring up as Shiro, she smiled in radiance. “I’ll be fine, he needs you guys.”

With a nod, Shiro and Joseph ran outside into the now frozen landscape of the mountain. Reaching a set of stairs, they now overlooked a battle: a battle between black and white. Wolf to wolf, the two powers waged their own personal war of good vs. evil. They were transformed by their own personal vendetta, with one never overtaking each other. The smell of humans was fading and it appeared that the base was now evacuated. They were the only ones there, alone in their own battlefield in a sacrament of wilderness. Unfortunately, White Fang was losing energy quickly and it was starting to show. Joseph positioned his gun quickly and Shiro ran straight into the battle, ready to save his friend and end the battle as soon as possible. Just as Alpha had knocked White Fang down and placed his paw upon the throat of the Black Wolf, Shiro knew Alpha was ready to make his final move with his fangs crushing White Fang’s windpipe. He didn’t want that to happen. Running at the speed of sound, he launched into his spin jump, gaining much momentum and force, enough for the kill. Jumping to the side, Alpha dodged his attack, only missing his fangs by a few inches.

They were face to face in the air, and the look in Alpha’s eyes was of wicked rage. Something caused Shiro to loose control, and he hit the ground rolling, not stopping soon enough from hitting the tree. Now, he lay motionless on the ground, unconscious and still alive. With White Fang still recovering his strength, Alpha had launched into the air and was in a direct course a kill. White Fang tried to move, but he was unable to move fast enough. Back upon the stairs, Joseph finally had the perfect shot of Alpha’s head, gripping the gun hard, palms hot and sweaty. White Fang thought he was dead, unable to find enough energy to do anything. Everyone was so focused on Alpha that they did not stay aware of each other. Just as Joseph had pulled the trigger, Kuru had found herself between the dueling gods, using all her strength to protect her lover, the only one who had truly cared about her, and the one who had proclaimed his love the night before. She would sacrifice anything for him, but fate’s hands did not place her killer as the greatest evil the world had ever known: Her killer was a friend, heart pierced by the bullet aimed at Alpha’s head.

She would never know who killed her, as Alpha grabbed her in mid air and flung her in such a manner that it snapped her neck. As she fell to the ground, the area became silent; the arena devoid of all sound and movements. And then the fires of rage flared as Joseph backed away from the railing. The fire in White Fang eye’s burned bright, staring in to the eyes of the demon. No one knew what happened next, for not even White Fang knew what had transcended. All sanity was lost, and he unleashed the beast within. The remainder of the fight only took over the next sixty seconds of time, but it was an eternity to the combatants. Using his last strands of energy, he focused the gravity to his side, shutting down the pain as he raised his agility and strength. The battle had ended with Alpha’s defeat. In the process of battle, White Fang had ripped open his gut and severed his spine in the middle. All he could do was lay there and wait for his death.

White Fang also lay upon the ground bleeding, but he had managed to stand over his brother. White Fang had seen through his true image the time before, finding that he was sincere in calling him brother. As he watched his brother die on the tiled ground of the square, he was not angry anymore, and felt no remorse for his actions. As he stood still, he could hear Joseph’s footsteps all upon the tile. He was now documenting the death of a tyrant with his film camera, carefully documenting his last breaths. “I called the base for a helicopter, General,” he said quietly, “they should be here soon.”

White Fang and Alpha had locked glances. As White Fang stared peacefully, he was anxious for an end. “Tell them what you’re real intentions were.”

Breathing in shallowly, Alpha spoke his last breaths. “All humans will ever do is destroy the environment they live in, and it will never change. It’s not “inferior” races messing up the world, but all humans combined…the world should be left for those capable…the wolves. Continue the fight…do what’s right…it’s time for the wolf to reign.” As he spoke his last words, he looked into White Fang’s eyes. “Live strong brother…I failed…” The beast was dead.

The world never truly forgave what happened in the war. After Alpha’s death, his followers still believed him, but now the humans knew it was the wolves who were the enemies. The wolf became a second class citizen in most parts of the world, the people still believing them to be aligned with the forces of evil. Families were relocated, rights were taken away, and the wolves now carried the stigma of the war. The Great Spirit Alliance was still regarded friendly, but some even questioned the integrity of the North American Wolf. Wolves, sentient or not, were enslaved and hunted, while the dogs remained free due to their loyalties. This attitude would carry on into the 21’st century, the world never forgiving. And this was all caused by one wolf’s illusion, what which would inadvertently condemn the species he strived to strengthen. And despite the wolven nature to forgive and forget, White Fang never forgave him. He had his revenge and he saved the human race from specicide, but none of that would ever bring back Kuru.


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PostSubject: Re: CBDA: The Lesser of Two Evils (PG - 13)   Sat Jun 09, 2007 5:32 pm

Outstanding...EPIC even!!!

I demand more.

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PostSubject: Re: CBDA: The Lesser of Two Evils (PG - 13)   Sun Jun 10, 2007 5:41 am

Dang, that was absolutely BRILLIANT! Seriously, you're an amazing writer and you've created a world that's unique and fascinating, as well as incredibly cool. More! More!

Clever big squirrel!

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CBDA: The Lesser of Two Evils (PG - 13)
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