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 a old story i been thinking about working on agine

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PostSubject: a old story i been thinking about working on agine   Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:25 pm

a sad boy that need diapers was walking home one day with his friend his

only friend be was cool because he like diapers and at least he had someone

to talk to at least it so one day he saw a wish will and lith the only coin he

made on him and it was his lucky coin in toes it in making the wish "i wish i

was a baby fox" the well then said "i don't get your wish" the boy fell back

and so did his friend "i want us to be animals" said the boy scard then he ran

away with his friend soon after he let out a YEP and grab the back of his

pants and rip them open and out came hit tail he look at his friend and he

saw a catboy and his friend said "your a fox" the wish turn ever one in at

a animal

now i need some outher people to be in the story so far i would be the catboy and the fox is a friend of my name Murreki

so if you want to be in it let me know i'll start working on it in a week or so

P.S i will need 1 or 2 baby furr that are not happy that it happend but get use to it fast and like it
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a old story i been thinking about working on agine
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