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 Emily: Complete!

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PostSubject: Emily: Complete!   Mon Jun 25, 2007 12:23 am

Hi guys!

I think a lot, if not most of us here have been to FTT right? Well, those of us that have, probably have read Kit Fox by CS? Anyways, a little while ago, I wrote a... prequel about one of the other characters in the story, "Emily."

So I was wondering, who here would like me to post it here and who not? I'd hate to take up room for nothing.

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PostSubject: Re: Emily: Complete!   Mon Jun 25, 2007 4:24 am

I loved that story!
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PostSubject: Re: Emily: Complete!   Mon Jun 25, 2007 5:44 am

Post it! Everyone should post their stories here!

Clever big squirrel!

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PostSubject: Re: Emily: Complete!   Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:09 am

Okay then! Here it comes!

On a side note, this was written during the holidays season so it might feel slightly out of place now but... Razz

Part 1 Start
Emily Part 1
By: Furryfurryfurry

Chapter 1

"And they lived happilly ever after." I finished reading. Of all the stories, Cinderella has to be one of my favorites. I stood up and put it on a shelf as I heard more noise coming from the kitchen of our appartement.

"What do you mean? 'My fault!' If you weren't so clumsy, this probably woudn't have happened!" "Well, had you listened more carefully perhaps you would've noticed..." "I did listen, you were the one who clearly said..." I didn't listen to the rest. I sighed to myself, holding back a tear. It was happening again. My parents were going at each other again.

It's been happening for so long I can't remember how long. Every other night, they'd scream at each other, yell at each other. All the time. And so near Christmas too. I wished they'd just quit it. Solving problems by sitting down and talking about it, like they told me I should do when I was just five years old.

Suddenly, I heard my little sister cry. I went into her room and picked her up from her crib. She was only eleven month old. I put her head on my shoulder as I did my best to lull her to sleep again. My parents didn't do it. They were yelling at each other.

I got her to sleep and set her down again and looked at her face. She was sleeping with peace. But then a thought came into my mind. She didn't only sleep with peace, but also with ignorance. She slept not knowing what was going on around her.

I went back into my room and did the only thing I hoped could get me away from all this. I put my earphones on, put on some nice classical soothing music and started reading Cinderella all over again. I didn't know why I did this. But it felt nice. Cinderella reminded me of me. She too lived in sadness and despair all her life. She had happiness, but it quickly went away. All through her life, she lived oppressed. That's why it reminded me of me. I had happiness. When I was little, maybe four or five, my parents were at peace. They lived happy and shared that with me. But quickly, they started to change. They started to teach me about life. They quickly wanted me to mature. They taught me politeness, pain, misery and other things about how cruel life can be. That I had to work hard to survive, to live a good life. That all life was, was you swimming against a river. My happiness quickly left me, my innocence was thing of the past.

Cinderella had two step sisters. I had a 2 brothers of twelve and eight and a baby sister. They weren't mean to me, but like Cinderella, I had made countless sacrifices for them. I didn't go to my friends birthday party, to my other friends slumber party. I rarely went to any of my friends houses at all because I had to baby sit or to simply take care of them. But I made those decisions. Why? Because my parents made me that way. They said that it was a good thing to sacrifice of bit of oneself for the good of the family. They imprinted so many things into me, I wonder if I still had a soul left in me. Everytime I went somewhere, I stood straight, moving with coordination, never offending anyone, always polite, not expressing myself because that could be rude, or even just because the other person would not want to hear that. I went according to other people, never to myself. And I had no more strength left to fight for myself. I had been taught and kept a way, I'll always be that way.

Cinderella however, found something to bring her out of all that. She found her charming prince who took her and saved her away from all that pain and misery. I knew that that was impossible. My parents already told me. They said that there can be many wonderful things in life, but most were invented and untrue. They told me how those stories were false, how all those fantasies were invented by someone. None of it was real. The only way out of life was through endless hard work. They nailed me down to a hard reality, like a bird not tied, but chained to it's branch, not even allowed to spread it's wings.

I had no more dreams. All was fake, there was nothing but hardship.

"Cinderella was a truly beautiful girl..." I read on, wondering, what will happen next. Cinderella found her way, will I ever find my way? Cinderella was a made up story, I wasn't. Would I ever find my way? I was sixteen and almost an adult. However, I didn't think I wanted to face life anymore.

The next day was long and painful as well. I didn't sleep well at all, and all day, the teachers kept going on about how the Christmas exams were extremely important and that we had to work hard and study more. All day, I was pushed around, from one class to the other. The boys were looking at my legs under my knee's (I wish they didn't) while the other girls made fun of me for wearing my skirt too low. Even in a private school where there was a uniform, I was still being made fun of because of my clothes. I had hoped those days would be over, those days when I was ten, when I was bullied. Yet today, I still was.

Moral Ed really didn't help either. We had gone over stereotypes. How each sex, ethnical group, people from different origins were attributed things without reason. Now, we're doing the ethics behind business. I learned how unethical and terrible conditions were where our things were being manufactured. The sweatshops in Asia, the child abuse in Africa... all that came into my mind. Our teacher kept going "So this means that a lot of the things you use are made by children half your age, or even less. That they work to support families." I closed my eyes as this legal, normal, necessary torture went on for the remaining of the class. I really felt like I didn't need any more pressure on my conscience.

It was a relief when I came to my last class. Drawing was my favorite class. The teacher didn't say much, but gave us projects once in a while. She didn't want us to do many drawings, but to make good drawings. I liked that. Yesterday, she gave out a new project. We had to pick a theme, or idea and make a drawing based off it. I didn't start yet and she said it was okay. I really liked her, it felt like she cared for how we felt. But then, reality, like an axe, cut the wings of my nice thoughts again. It told me that she probably didn't care at all, and that all she was doing was to tell us how to draw and to receive a paycheck at the end of the month. It was thoughts like these that I had to deal with everytime I felt my spirit rise.

"Sasha, are you alright?" the teacher asked. I immediately smiled and looked up "Yes miss, I'm okay, no problem." A completely lie. Everything was wrong in my life. Even the way I acted. My father once said "You cannot rely on anybody, no one, there is only you you can trust." My mother had said "to rely on anyone is like gambling. You do not know the outcome and it's taking a huge risk. Don't trust or rely on anyone." So now, everytime someone asks if something's wrong, it's the same, automated answer "No, there is no problem." My teacher walked away, apparently satisfied.

The bell rang and I walked slowly out the classroom. I went to my locker and packed my bag. I made sure that my drawing folder was safe. I walked out of the school and into the streets. It was cold, but here, there was not much of a big winter. I read about how areas around the world where climate favored more precipitations and the colder temperatures kept it as snow. I almost screamed. Why coudn't I just bring myself to think, just to think, never mind saying, "some places have a lot of snow?" Because it didn't feel right. It wasn't "Correct" as my parents put it. "You have to be concise, precise, all the time" they said, "get it into a habit." Oh yes, I did.

I walked to my bus stop, but on the way, in this busy city, I saw many things that really made me nostalgic. I saw a little girl, skipping happily with her parents, apparently in glee that Christmas was approaching. I heard a bit of the conversation, and Santa Claus seemed to be the main focus of the little girl's speeches. I could only hope that she had a very happy, merry Christmas, because in a few short years time, she'll be entering that stage of revealment where Santa Claus doesn't exist anymore and she wants to be like an adult of all things.

I felt a weight in my chest grow heavier. It has been many years since I've believed in Santa Claus. At sixteen years old and in highschool, believing in Santa Claus would seem impossible. Yet, I recall those sweet days, when Santa Claus was as real as me. Those days were truly wonderful days.

I reached my apartment after a rather uneventful bus ride. But I wasn't ready for what I was about to hear. I didn't even have to open the door, when I heard utter chaos from the other side. My key was half way to the door, as I heard my mother and father screaming at the top of their lungs, calling each other names of all kinds and in the background, my brother and sister crying as they saw their parents enraged by the mere sight of each other. I couldn't take it anymore.

I ran down the stairs, not even bothering with the elevator. I ran down halls, tears coming up to my eyes, my chest heaving with pain and sorrow. In the streets, it was already dark, but the lighting kept a orangy glow to the snow. I didn't care to notice anything else, as I ran as far away as I could from my home. I didn't know where I was going, but it didn't matter to me. I ran and ran, until I was out of breath. My schoolbag felt like it was filled with rocks and I couldn't breath anymore. I stood up and looked at where I was. It was a new neighborhood, unknown to me. I was lost, but it didn't matter. You were only lost when you didn't know how to get home. But when you did not wish to go home, you were not lost, and I didn't want to go home.

I decided to get out of the way so I walked into a dark alley. The lighting was low, but I could see enough. I leaned against a wall, filled with graffiti, and finally sat down on the cold concrete. I put my face into my hand and started crying. It was too much. My parents didn't love each other, I had so much things on my mind. Why couldn't my parents just drop it? What was wrong with them? Why is it that I am so closed? I wasn't able to show my true self, it was like being chained, being a bird without wings or a voice. I wasn't loved, I wasn't noticed, I was nothing. I had to give so much, I had to sacrifice so much. I was never supposed to get anything back, and was taught not to want anything back. Yet now, I feel so empty, like I've been missing something. What do I need? I'm not loved, I'm not cared for, What am I missing? The sound of my cries echoed slightly, but no one, not a single person in the street, even wondered what was that noise. Nobody cared about that noise, nobody cared about me in this cold world. It was like my parents said.

I took out my drawing folder and did the only thing I could. I took out a pencil and from my heart, flowed out a desire. I didn't realize what it was that I was drawing, but my hand moved, listening to my heart, every stroke onto the paper a poem to being alone and being unloved. Tears rolled down my cheek as I drew half blinded by my emotions. I don't know how long I've been there, but at one point, I looked at my drawing and my heart was almost ripped by what I saw. It was a furry of a racoon, clearly a girl, a five year old little girl, who's face reflected the innocence of childhood. I was amazed. This drawing was made without me realizing it, and in the bottom right corner, in a cursive handwriting that didn't look like mine, were the letters E-m-i-l-y; Emily.

Emily, Emily, Emily, that name echoed in my mind like an endless chant. I loved that name. It was a name I had always wanted. It sounded so nice, so poetic, so good.

I stared at the drawing, wondering how it came to be. I knew I drew it, but somehow couldn't seem to get myself to believe or accept that.

A noise made me turn my head. Out of the darkness, came a raccoon. I looked at it, scared. Once again, I almost felt like crying. To the raccoon I drew in the drawing, the innocence she represented, an animal coming would be like a dream come true. But to me, reality once again destroyed my dreams. I knew about wild animals in the cities. How they can be very dangerous, how they can carry disease. Why is it that I must always live without dreams? My emotions came again and I weeped.

I'm not sure what came after that. I remember the raccoon coming up to me and of all things seems to have had a great interest in my drawing. I don't know why, but I showed her my drawing (somehow, deep down, I had a feeling it was a her). She looked at it for a long time, peering deep into the eyes of my drawing. Then, she turned to look at me and leaned herself against me, almost as if trying to comfort me. I didn't care. I needed some comfort and I hugged it back. I'm not sure what happened after that.
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PostSubject: Re: Emily: Complete!   Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:13 am

Chapter 2

I woke up, feeling really drowsy. I really didn't know what happened but then I remembered. I ran away from home yesterday and fell asleep in a dark alley while hugging a racoon. I slowly opened my eyes, wondering what else could go wrong. Maybe I was at home because my parents found me. Maybe I was in a police station. I decided not to think about it and just see. What I saw almost made me faint.

I was lying on a soft pink bed with a blanket on top of me in a huge room and watching over me was a racoon. Not the one I saw yesterday night, she was one of those you called Furries or morphs. They were like the human-like animals you saw on cartoons. She looked like she was around thirty years old, was wearing a blue dress and smiled at me with a look I was very unfamilar with. I remembered that look, the look of love. She was looking at me with a loving and caring smile.

"Well, it looks like someone is finally awake." she said. I didn't answer. I rubbed my eyes, wondering if I was halucinating or dreaming. My arm however also looked different. It covered in a brownish-gray fur with my wrist and forearm in black. I panicked and looked at the racoon looking at me, smiling with a maternal smile.

"Who are you?" I asked. My voice! It sounded so different.

"My name is Eve, dearie." she answered

I was a surprised by what she called me but what I was called was not quite on my mind. "Where... Where am I? What is this place, the last thing I..." She placed a paw on my mouth and gave me a very comforting smile.

"Don't worry Emily, you're at home now, everything is going to be alright." She ran her paw down my cheek in a very soothing maternal way. Yet, I was still perplexed so I sat up. She too sat down next to me and brought me closer to her with one arm.

"Wait, this isn't my room." She hugged me with both arms into a very comftable position and said "It is now, it's going to be okay Emily."

I was about to say that my name wasn't Emily when suddenly, I let out a small sneeze. "Oh, looks like somebody almost caught a cold. Let's give you a bath and make it go away." She stood up and motioned me to follow her. I didn't know what to do, but she seemed nice so I decided to follow her. I stood out of bed, and saw that my whole body was covered in the same colored fur, exept for my tummy ("tummy"?) and chest that was white. I felt cold so I grabed the blanket and followed.

Eve turned back and looked at me when we reached the bathroom. She let out a little chuckle and said "My, my, walking with a long cape now are we?" I wanted to say I was cold but she just said it was okay and had me go into the bathroom. I didn't know what to expect but the room felt too big to be a bathroom. There was a counter to my left, right up to shoulder height. Were they all giants here? I strugled and stood on my toes and looked into the mirror. I screamed and jumped back, almost tripping. What I saw in the mirror was the rounded, soft face of a five year old racoon. It all dawned on me. I was a five year old little racoon girl. I felt the tears come up to my eyes again.

Eve immediately came to me and gave me a reasuring hug. "Don't cry Emily, It's going to be fine. I'll take care of you." I didn't know what to do. I coudn't start crying in front of her and I probably troubled her enough as it is. I tried to explain things calmly but my voice was shaking "Um... Miss? Uh, my name isn't Emily. It's Sasha." "Oh, don't call me 'Miss' please."

"Alright, but what would you like me to call you?" She didn't respond but picked me up and gently placed me inside a bathtub of warm water. It was very soothing. I didn't take a bath in so long. I always had to be quick because someone else would need the washroom or it was just a waste of water because a quick shower would be more than good enough. These thoughts quickly left me as I was cleaned. I could feel my mind being washed and my soul set free. Eve applied some soap on my body and a bit of shampoo onto the thicker patch of fur I had for hair. I felt so relaxed and I felt so comforted by Eve's very presence. She finished and asked me if I wanted to come out. I said yes please and she took me out of the bathtub. She took a towel and rubbed the water off me. The towel was soft and Eve was so gentle with me.

"Thanks Mommy." I gasped very hard at what I said and almost slaped myself in the process of bringing my paws to my mouth. Eve still smiled but I was almost distraught. "I'm so sorry! That's now what I meant, I hoped you're not offended. It's just you were so nice and I didn't know what got into me." Eve kneed to my height and gave me a hug.

"It's alright Emily, you can call me Mommy if you want to." she didn't seem offended to taken aback at all, but I once again my parents ringed in my ears "Don't trust other people and don't rely on their facial expressions. People never show what they are feeling."

"No, but thank you Miss, I mean Eve. I think I'll just settle for calling you 'Eve' if that's alright with you?" I said as politely as I could, trying to make up for what I just did. "It's more than fine if you are comftable with it Emily." "Um, it's Sasha." I meeply corrected. "Oh, alright. In that case, Sasha, how about we get you dressed up and I'll introduce you to your new home?" I said I was fine with anything, really not knowing any better.

She led me into the room I was sleeping and picked me up and put me onto the padded surface of a cabinet. From there, I took a closer look around the room. The room was a nursery complete with a bed, a playpen, a crib, a toy chest but no changing table, which was a releaf. She then went into a dresser and took out a onesie in one hand but also a diaper some other things in the other. I realized I was sitting on the changing table.

"Is that a diaper?" I asked with a little apprehension because I already knew the answer.

"Yes. I think you'll need them."

"But I don't. I'm more than capable of using the washroom Miss, I mean Eve." I said trying to convince her.

"Sasha, you are only 5 years old. I wouldn't be troubled it you had an accident, but I think you wouldn't want that. But, if you insist, then that's fine by me. I'll have you wear them today, but if you show me you can keep yourself dry the rest of the day, then I won't insist on you using them."

"Okay, thank you Eve."

I lied down and Eve diapered me. I tried not to look but couldn't help it. I saw her unfold the diaper and insert it under me. A little bit of cream and some baby powder and it was secured over me. She then threaded my tail through the hole in the back. The smell was nice though. For some reason, I always loved that smell. Then the sleeper. It was pink with some white and I really didn't want to put it on. But Eve already made a deal with me about the diapers, I think I won't fuss about clothing too. She helped me to put it on, one leg at the time and then she zipped it up. I knew what I was wearing but I couldn't help but to feel all warm and snug.

"There, aren't you just a little cutie?" Eve said. I blushed and hoped that it didn't show under the fur. I then remembered my tail, something I didn't quite realize was there until now. I looked back and saw it. It was the same color as me but with black rings. I tried to move it and it moved more by instinct than anything else. I played around with it a little until I saw Eve looking at me with a wide smile. I smiled back and slid off the changing table. The fall was longer than I anticipated and I was about to land wrong when Eve seemed to have magically appeared there to catch me. I felt warm inside against her, but decided not to say anything. I stepped back a little and thanked her.

Eve showed me around the house. It was huge. I soon found that is was just her and me in this house. Yet it had more two floors and a basement. I was worried she'd have some areas "off limit" but it turned out there weren't any. Each room was beautiful and decorated with taste. The living room had many couches and had a section apparently completely oriented towards young children. The kitchen was nice too. The fridge had an automatic ice maker which really caught my attention for some reason.

Eve then brought up another subject. "Since we're here, are you hungry for some supper Sasha?"

I nodded my head vigorously.

"Okay then, you can go in the living room and play or watch TV and I'll get started on some supper.

"Okay then, thank you." I said before going into the living room. But instead of starting to play or watching TV, I took the time to ponder on my thoughts. How long have I been here? I'd guess one day. I wondered how my parents were taking this. Did they realize I didn't come home? How were my brother and sister? I didn't know and I knew I'm going to have to go home at one point and explain where I went. I really didn't know what to do, and Eve seemed friendly. Maybe I'll wait until tomorrow and think about it then. I took the remote and turned on the TV. I channel surfed for a bit and was looking for the afternoon news. If I was going to stay here, maybe I should find out more about this place. Yet, as I browsed the channels, I realized I had gone over the same channels three times and I still didn't find any kind of news bulletin. I turned off the TV.

I heard the distinct sound of cooking ustensils in the kitchen and my ears perked as I heard the noise. Maybe it's best not to bother Eve now. I climbed up on the couch and started to look at myself. I picked up a toy mirror and examined my reflection. First of all, I was a raccoon, that's for sure. The distinctive "bandit" patch over my eyes, the fur color, I had it all. My mouth and nose changed completely and formed a muzzle. It was a bit strange. I ran my paw over my face just to make sure. My nose was very sensitive and it tickled to touch it. My ears were now on top of my head and I now could hear a lot more. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it really didn't look bad. In fact, I looked nice. Eve then came at that moment and seeing me staring at my reflection in the mirror, exclaimed "Mirror, mirror tell me how's the fairest of all!" I was taken by surprise but smiled as I followed her into the kitchen.

"What are we having?"

"Macaroni cheese with pie for dessert. Is that alright with you?"

"Oh yes, sure, no problem." I did like macaroni cheese, but I was worried that it would be something I didn't like.

The macaroni was good, but the apple pie kept me asking for more. I stopped after my second piece but it was really good. I had a cup of orange juice after to wash it all down.

"So, what would you like to do now?" Eve asked me. I didn't know but I didn't want to intrude.

"Were you planning on doing anything? I can just be quiet if you want." I said. Eve looked a bit surprised at this.

"Now really, you'd really just sit in your corner and stay out of my way." I said yes.

"Well, guess what young lady?" I was wondering if I said anything wrong. She starred at me for a little and I was getting nervous. "We are not going to stay quiet all night like tree logs. We're doing something together." She said and I was really relieved when I saw that smile I was getting familiar with.

We went into the living room and Eve asked me if I wanted to watch a movie. I said yes and we chose one. She let me pick and after a few minutes, I settled down for Disney's Cinderella. All through the movie, I was strangely captured by the motion on TV. I knew about the animation techniques and all that, but this time, sitting next to Eve, I felt the joy of watching this movie again. I found myself bobbing my head to the beat of the mice singing part and looked up at Eve, who looked back at me with that same motherly smile. I smiled back and kept watching.

When the movie ended, I let out a big yawn that immediately caught Eve's attention.

"Looks like somebody is tired."

She picked me up and carried me to my room. I must have been more tired than I thought because I almost fell asleep before Eve put me on my bed. Once she did though, I dozed off into a peaceful slumber.

"Poor girl, I really wonder what kind of life she must have had." Eve thought as she slowly closed the door to Emily's room "She's so polite but so closed off from the rest of the world. So tight with herself." She went to the washroom and got herself ready for the night. "A well brought up young lady. But underneath all that outer maturity, a maturity well beyond her years, I see a little girl,a lost little girl, just begging for love and comfort. A inner child who's been pushed aside too early and forced into hiding. Don't worry Emily, I'll take care of you from now on. You'll finally get to be trully happy. One day, you'll be able to smile with your heart." Eve lied down in her bed and turned off the light before falling asleep too.
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PostSubject: Re: Emily: Complete!   Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:16 am

Chapter 3

I had a beautiful dream. I was a furry and a raccoon called Eve wanted to take care of me. She was so motherly, so nice to me, I wonder if I didn't like her better. NO, I can't think this way, I owe my true parents my existence, I owe them everything I have. I am indebted to them. I better wake up now and get ready for the day.

I tried to get up, but somehow, I couldn't get myself to. The bed was so comfortable and warm, I felt all secure. I shifted around and convinced myself that I had to wake up now. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. It was still in the room! I immediately felt my spirit rise as I took a better look around. It was the same room, the same dresser, the same changing table, I was still with Eve!

But as always, a hammer blow came and crushed me. I realized I shouldn't be happy (despite me feeling really happy about this), that I should find a way home and back to my world. I sat up and felt something being squished around around my waist. I brought both my paws to my diaper and I felt it. It must have been three times the size it was yesterday. The realization dawned on me. I wet my diaper during the night. I felt my emotions come over me and started whimpering.

Eve immediately came through the door and without me saying anything, she seemed to have understood. She game me a comforting hug and talked to me.

"There, there, Sasha, it's okay. You had an accident, it's nothing to be ashamed of."

"But, we made a deal, now I'm going to have to wear diapers." I said.

"If you don't want to, we can still try today."

I felt a little better. She was giving me a second chance. Usually if I failed to do something, I had to be punished for it or suffered 'the consequences of my actions.'

"Thanks Eve."

"Then, how about we get you out of this diaper?"

She picked me up and brought me to the changing table. She undid my sleeper and removed the diaper like she did it all her life. I felt a bit embarrassed, but I felt a little something inside me. It was a feeling of comfort. I couldn't quite explain it, but it was telling me that this was good and that I was being cared for.

"There, all done." Eve said. I didn't realize I was already in another diaper but once again, that part of me told me it was good.

"What should our little princess wear today?"

We finally settled for a little pink dress. I had to admit, I felt all cute in it.

Breakfast followed. We had bacon, eggs and toast which was all really good. I needed some help cutting the bacon so Eve helped me. I then had a cup of orange juice.

After breakfast, Eve and I played a game. It was snakes and ladders and I had to admit I found that game really fun. Somehow, Eve's presence made everything more wonderful. I don't know how quite to describe it, but it seems as though she radiated this sense of protection.

"Alrighty, your turn."

I took both dice and tossed them. I had a five and a six adding to um, eleven, that's it. My piece moved eleven squares forward and caught up with Eve's.

Eve was throwing her dice when I heard a call of nature. I excused myself for a minute and started walking, until I remembered I didn't know where the washroom was.

"Um, Eve? Where are the washrooms?"

She led to them and I walking in. I asked her if she could wait outside. She said it was fine and let me go in alone. I pulled down my diapers with a little bit of difficulty, sat and did what I had to, but something didn't feel right and I quickly realized what it was. Thing is, I never quite got used to my tail and not doing anything with it, it basically trailed on the ground behind me. Now, though, I lifted it and realized it was wet. I let out a small moan and Eve walked in.

"Are you okay Sasha? Oh, I see."

She did, and without saying anything, she a towel from a high shelf and dried my tail. She helped me wipe myself and guided me to my room where once again put me in a clean diaper.

I was embarrassed as usual, but this time, I felt a little better.
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PostSubject: Re: Emily: Complete!   Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:17 am

Chapter 4

Five days went by. I felt closer and closer to Eve. She was so nice to me, I never felt so cared for. I trusted my instincts and somehow, I felt that Eve was truly caring toward me. She really wanted me to be happy and made sure I was comfortable. I still decided to keep a certain distance. I had to. I wish I didn't. I was being taken cared by her, but I was still only a guest and as my parents had said it, "A guest cannot stay forever and they have to pay back."

This morning however, Eve asked me if I wanted to go play outside. I was wondering what we were going to do. I asked her if she wanted to go swimming but she chuckled and said that that would have to wait. I must have looked confused so she led me to a window and asked me to look outside.

My eyes almost hurt because of all the light. I didn't quite realize what it was that I was looking at, then I understood. It was snow. Endless piles and piles of snow over fields, almost just asking me to jump into them. It looked so soft, so pure I got all excited.

"Well then, how about we get you dressed and we go outside and play?" Eve asked me. I was a bit surprised.

"You're going outside too?"

"Well, of course, I'm not going to let you take all the fun for yourself am I?"

"Well, it's just that my old mother would never have come to play with me in the snow. We didn't even get snow."

I saw Eve's smile widening but I'm not sure what it was that caused that. Maybe she was just happy.

I was asked to wait in the main hallway as she went to a closet and came back holding two one piece snow suits. Her's was green and mine was pink. I told her I could manage and so she let me. But after five minutes of struggling, I admited defeat and asked her to help me. My dress almost got caught in the zipper, but Eve expertily avoided that got it all the way up. She even got my tail through a hole in the back with ease, something I just coudn't do. A pair of boots, a pair of mittens, a hat and a scarf and I was all set.

Eve opened the door and I almost ran and jumped out the door. I had never seen so much snow that you could play with in my life. It was white and soft and I rolled in the snow. I didn't get too far and watched some snow flakes fall. Suddenly, I heard some noise behind me and turned to see Eve coming out as well.

"Well, it looks like someone's already had some fun. Go ahead, you can play as much as you want. There's no streets so you don't have to worry."

I looked at Eve and then, something awakened in me. Something or someone inside me cried loose and I felt joy taking over me. I gave Eve a last look before running away and giggling. She immediately came after me. I coudn't run in the thick snow and she quickly caught up. She pulled my tail a bit and we both fell and rolled. I had never felt so free. We stopped rolling and looked at each other.

"You know what Sasha? Since we're both lying in the snow, how would you like to make some snow angels?"

I looked at her quizically.

"You never made snow angels before?"

I looked a bit ashamed. "No."

"Don't worry Sasha, it's okay, just do like me." She started to bring her legs together and apart again and brought her arms up and down. She asked me to try and I did.

She stood up and carefully helped me up. I was surprised.

In front of me, were the two outlines of angels. I don't remember ever having done this. It was all new to me. Then, something hit me. It wasn't a dark thought like those that usually came. It was a little something that made me feel even better. The small angel was right next to the big one, like Eve and me. I looked at her and she looked back.


"Yes Sasha?"

"Um, you know... you can call me Emily if you want."

She smiled broadly "Only if you want to, I'm fine with what you want."

"Yes, I want to be called Emily. My name is Emily."

I bent down, and with a gloved thumb, started writing the letters E-M-I-L-Y in the snow, right under my snow angel.

Eve looked at me and gave me a hug. I hugged back.

"Alright then, Emily."
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Chapter 5

We went back to Eves' house after what felt like hours of snow fun, where she took off her snow suit. I was really tired and she helped me out of my suit. When she did though, I noticed something at which I gasped really hard. After five days, Eve accepted that I was potty trained. But now, right now, I was sitting in a wet snow suit, wet from inside. I looked at her and said I was sorry and that it wouldn't happen again and that I would make up for it.

She put a hand on my cheek and reasured me.

"It's okay Emily, you had a small accident, it happens, it's perfectly okay. Let's just get you out of these wet clothes before you catch something."

As she said that, I let out a small sneeze.

"Now what did I tell you? Let's get you out of these clothes before it get's worst."

So she led me up to the washroom. I stood there naked as she filled the bathtub. I sorta got used to it, having a bath around every two days. She gently picked me, and placed me inside the warm water.

I heard of what you called "relaxing baths" but I never quite had the time. This time however, Eve was slowly rubbing my face with a wet towel, washed me as I sat in the water. Then a thought came. I didn't know wether I should as or not but I felt like it. I wanted a bubble bath.

"Eve? Do you have um, some um..."

"Bubble bath soap?" she helped me out.

"How did you know?" I asked.

She just smiled at me and from a cubboard, took a small bottle of liquid and poored some into the water. With one paw she started mixing the bathtub and soon, a thick layer of white bubble appeared. I thought it looked a little like snow.

Eve looked at me and decided to play a little too. As she was mixing the water, her paw got closer and closer to my tummy. Suddenly, she reached for me and tickled me. I squeaked with laughter and splashed some water and soap onto Eve.

"I'm sorry Eve."

"It's quite alright dear, don't worry." she said and smiled.

She let water through the shower head and got the soap and bubbles off me. I was dried with a towel and we went to my room. I was dressed in a sleeper. I didn't wear them as often, but I realized they were all warm and comfy. It was getting close to my nap time too so I didn't fuss.

Eve layed me down in bed, kissed me on the forehead and left the room. I turned over and thought about what I just did outside. I smile at myself as I realized I had just played in snow for the first time in years. I never felt so free, so careless to just do what felt right and what I wanted. To finally be able to trully enjoy life at it's fullest. I fell asleep with these thoughts.

I woke a little later. I yawned and looked around. It was a habit I got into, to make sure I was still safe, I mean, I was still with Eve. I felt drawn towards this strange place. I don't know how quite to explain it, but I had this feeling, that same feeling I had earlier in the snow, that told me that this place was safe.

I slowly got out of bed, scratched my head a little and went to the washroom. I got there, raised my tail and did what I had to. That done, I flushed the toilet and went downstairs to find Eve.

I found her making lunch. She heard me walk in and turned around to face me.

"I guess someone is finally awake."

"What are we having for lunch Eve?"

"LUnch? I don't know, I was making supper."

"Supper?" I asked perplexed.

"Well, what meal of the day do you eat a six?" she teased almost in a sing-along voice.

"Supper, I guess. But what happened to lunch?"

"You slep right through it. You were sleeping so peacefully, I didn't want to wake you."

I was a bit shocked. Playing in the snow must have gotten me more tired than I thought. I must have slept for more than four hours. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Eve laughed a little.

"Why don't you go and play a bit in the living room? I think your favorite show is about to start." I looked at the clock and I read 5:57. Goodie! My show started at six o'clock.

I ran into the living room, jumped on the couch put my tail on my lap and turned on the TV. I found the channel (channel 17) and waited for my show. It started.

The show was good. It was a series about a hospital for toys, where every episode, there would be one toy coming in with a problem and the whole staff would help him solve it. It was nice to see that all toys were fixed in the end and were happy. Today's episode was about how a Jack-In-The-Box was scared to jump out of his box because he didn't know who was outside. I became really absorbed into the show after that. It wasn't as much as the plot that got me interested. I think it was the thoughts and messages behind that I liked. The feeling that there is still caring and love in the world.

"Emily, dinner is served."

The episode was half over and I really wanted to see the ending.

"Eve? Can I see the ending of this episode before I eat?"

"Your lasagna is going to get cold." She said. I was torn. I wanted to see the ending so bad, but I coudn't just keep Eve waiting. I was still undecided when she walked into the living room carrying two plates.

"I knew you'd have trouble choosing. So I'm bringing you the best of two worlds. Let's have TV dinner tonight!" I smiled broadly and the smell of hot lasagna made notice something I didn't yet. I was really hungry. I looked thankfully at Eve. This was strange. I didn't say anything but she seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. She seemed to be able to feel my unsaid desires. Maybe that's what you call true understanding. If it was, it was the first time I've ever felt it.

She brought a little table in front of the couch and we both ate from it. Eve seem to find the show interesting too. I asked her if she knew what was going on. She said she was a little confused but sorta understood. I quickly explained what the show was about and told her who everybody was. She thanked me and we kept eating as we watched.

As I ate however, I noticed a little bit of pain I had at the back of my mouth. I didn't know what it was, but it hurt more when I either chewed or drank. I didn't think it would be useful to bring it up and decided to forget it. Besides, the TV and lasagna were really good, I quickly forgot about it.

The show ended and I turned off the TV. We kept eating because we weren't finished. I was eating a bit quick though and I bit my tongue and the fork.

"Ow!" I yelled as I dropped my fork.

"What's wrong Emily?"

"I, I bid my dongue on my forg." I said, only realizing my speech pattern a bit later.

Eve smiled, asked me if I was okay. When I said yes, she picked up my fork and went to get another one.

We finished dinner and she cleaned the small table. I sat there with a tummy full of lasagna and juice. I smile as she came back.

She came back and I noticed she was carrying something behind her.

"What are you holding behind your back Eve?" I asked

"My, we are a curious little one aren't we?" I looked down. I had been too open and asked a question I shoudn't have.

"It's okay Emily, I wasn't angry. Turns out, what I'm holding is for you." For me? I was never offered anything just like that. In the beginning, it had to be something I worked really hard for and after that, I never got anything at all. Only what was necessary.

"What is it?" I asked, once again feeling really curious to know.

"Take a guess." she said, teasing me.

"A dictionary?"

"Uh... nope."

"A new pen?"

"Um... neither."

"A practice book?"

"You know, these are really mature objects that you're going for."

"I used to be 16!" I protested, crossing my arms. "You don't get non-essencial things at that age." I said almost angrily. Why was I pouting? I just said I was 16 and mature.

"Oh don't pout, you're so cute. I'll show you what it is."

She took her arms from behind her and showed me a framed picture. My eyes lit up with glisters as I saw what picture it was. It was the picture of our two snow angels, with my name 'Emily' also in the picture. I didn't think about what skills it took to make an all white object look so clear or any of the technicalities like that. All I knew was that Eve took a picture for me, just for me.

I jumped off the couch and hugged her. It didn't matter if it was just one picture. She did it just for me. That's all that mattered.

"Thanks Eve! Thank you." I said in glee.

"You're welcome Emily. I knew you'd like it."

"I love it." Unspoken and not believed were the words
"and I love you too."
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Chapter 6

The next morning, I woke up slowly. I looked to my right and saw the picture on my bed side table.

I yawned but as I did, I was jerked awake. A terrible pain was in my mouth. I didn't know what it was but it hurt a lot a lot.

I pressed my paw against it and robbing slowly, hoping it would go away. It didn't. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how I'd deal with it myself, I didn't know what it was. It never happened before. And my parents would not care. They'd just dismiss it. I finally decided to go see Eve about it.

I walked out the room. It was cold, but my mouth hurt so much the discomfort that cold created was not even close.

I finally managed to make it into the kitchen, where Eve was as usual.


"Yes Emily? You're awake now?"

"My mouth really hurts in the back. It hurts a lot." I said almost moaning with pain.

"Really? Here, let me take a look at it." she said patiently. She was actually going to look at it?

"Oh, I see, you have a small tooth decay in the back."

Tooth decay? As in a cavity? I never had them before. When I was little, all my friends who went to get their cavities fixed said it was extremely painful.

"What am I going to do? It hurts a lot." Then it hit me, I didn't brush my teeth in days. "Eve? I didn't brush my teeth in days."

"That's not the problem, usually, we don't need to even if we do. Our teeth form a protective coating against that. Maybe yours didn't develop quickly enough, or it happened when you bit your fork yesterday."

"What am I going to do? It hurts." I said, feeling tears coming. Why was I crying? Pain was something familiar to me.

"It's okay honey, we'll go and see the Oral doctor. He'll know what to do."

"You mean the dentist?" I said, I never heard of an 'Oral doctor' before.

"Yes, but we usually say 'Oral doctor' because some patients don't have teeth, and because they take care of other mouth related problems."

A few more questions flowed into my mind, but the pain stoped me from asking them.

"Let's get you dressed up, and we'll see the Oral doctor. I know a friend of mine. He'll be able to help."

So we went to my room, got me into a sweater and a pair of warm pants, then into my snow suit and we went to the car.

I didn't know Eve had a car but it really didn't matter. I took a small glance at it. I never really liked cars. They polluted the environment. Eve's car was green but it looked strange. Like one of those concept cars they show every few years.

Eve asked me to wait as she put on a child seat booster and I crawled into the car and she helped me fasten my seatbelt.

The got into the driver seat, inserted the key and the car started moving. It was so quiet, not even the smallest noise of a engine.

My mouth was still hurting, so I tried to start another conversation subject. I was a bit curious about how it was so quiet so I just asked away. I could maybe show her I wasn't as young as I looked.

"Eve? Why is this car so quiet? Is it insno, inso, isn, unso..." Why coudn't I say it right?

"Insonorization?" she helped me out.


"You're really curious." she said with an encouraging smile and I understood she wasn't reprehending me. "It's a bit complicated, but basically, they use a gas and make electricity. Zero pollution, it's very clean. All our cars are like this."

"How did you know I didn't like stinky cars?" (Stinky cars, did I just say 'stinky' to talk about the emissions?)

Eve didn't answer but kept smiling. She put on some relaxing music from a CD.

The way was rather uneventful. We went through some tunnels before reaching ground level. There was nothing really out of the ordinary but I couldn't help but to stare at the scenery quickly going by. I saw the environment change from forest of lush green pine tress and endless fields of snow to slowly there being more buildings and finally we reached a city. I could hardly believe the entire society I was now living in. Animals of all kinds went by and talked to each other. At one point, I saw a bird walking by and I understood what Eve meant by some do not have teeth.

I was entranced by all the tall buildings and I kept my face pressed against the window to see more. I was brought back to reality when I heard Eve chuckle ever so slightly in seeing me so innocently looking at the world around me.

We did reach the clinic. It was a rather busy time of day and there were many people going around the place. I didn't know quite how to place that feeling I got in my stomach, but I felt a little intimidated. Everyone was so tall, and me so small. Everyone knew where they were going and what to do. I was in a new place and felt really awkward. So I stuck close to Eve, holding her hand and snuggling against her when I could. I don't know why, but somehow, Eve made me feel like I was enveloped in a small bubble of safety and reassurance.

After several long corridors and elevator rides, we reached a waiting room where there was a reception desk. Eve went there and asked some questions to the receptionist. I just stood there, shifting from one foot to the other, feeling out of place.

Eve then stepped away from the desk. I quickly followed her, not wanting to lose her. I heard a few persons whisper something or other about me but I really didn't listen. She eventually sat down and I took a seat next to her.

She helped me out of my jacket and asked me to sit.

"What are we going to do now Eve?" I asked glad to finally be able to take my jacket off. It was getting really hot.

"The lady there said there would be an empty spot in an hour and a half. So we'll just wait until then."

I looked down. An hour and a half, it wasn't too long was it? I've waited longer, but I didn't know if I'd be able to now. I just sat there and looked around. Maybe I should just keep quiet.

After maybe fifteen minutes, I started to get really bored, so I started looking around me. There wasn't much to do, the place obviously not having been meant for little children. I mentally reminded myself that I was formally 16 and that I should be able to keep waiting.

At one point, I heard something that made my ears perk. Two ladies, one a little older than the other were talking to each other about something that they seemed to find quite interesting. I figured it wasn't any of my business until I heard the words "little darling over there" and "so cute, so well behaved." I figured they were talking about me.

"Eve? Eve?"

"Yes Emily?"

I asked her to get closer and whispered into her ear. "I think those ladies there are talking about me."

"Does that make you feel uncomfortable?" She asked so only I could hear her.

"No, not really, but they said I was cute and well behaved... am I?"

"Yes, I've never seen anything as cute as you (I blushed under my fur) and I am impressed as to how you've managed to stay seated so long." she answered.

I felt an odd sense of pride. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it felt good to be praised to be able to do something. I was however, a bit modest.

"Eve, I used to be 16. I think that after a few years of highschool, I'd know how to sit through more boring."

Eve laughed softly at this and said that I was definitely a cutie.

"Can we keep my age a secret though?" I asked, not wanting to make a huge fuss in this place.

"Of course, besides, you're so cute, I don't think anyone would believe you were formally 16." she answered in my ear.

I giggled a bit.

After what felt like another fifteen minutes although I hoped it was more, I felt something that made me a bit uncomfortable. I heard a call of nature and quickly told Eve about it.

"Eve? I need to use the washroom really fast." I told her.

"Is that so? Alright then, let's go."

Following signs that I didn't bother to really pay attention to, we arrived at the washrooms.

I walked into a cubicle, locked the door and sat down. The toilet however, was huge and nearly literally fell into it. I never though that to be possible, but here I was, having to hold on the edges.

When I was done, I grabbed onto the silver handle and pulled. The roar that came out made me jump. I ran out of the cubicle and grabbed Eve. Suddenly realizing what I just did, I almost felt like laughing at myself in embarrassment. I just got scared by a high pressure toilet, those I've seen so often.

I looked up at Eve but she didn't seem to mind, only smiled at me. I already felt the weight of my embarrassment lift of me as she guided me back to the waiting room after I've washed my paws.

The next hour went by. By then I was really bored and almost fell asleep but managed to keep myself awake. A nurse came and called my name. Eve asked me to follow her. I did and I thought I was going to see the Oral Doctor. Instead, she she got us to a little room, where I was asked to sit in a long couch. The nurse then put something thin in my mouth, asked me to hold on to it with my teeth. She then pointed what looked like a camera with a really long lens at the thing I was holding. She went behind a wall and I heard a beep. We did that a few times.

After that, she said that we could go see the Oral Doctor.

He turned out to be a bunny of maybe about fifty. He greeted Eve and me and read from a note. He looked down at me and asked me to follow him.

We went to his working cubicle, and he asked me to sit down. I listened to his instruction. He put on a mask that covered his muzzle and a small breathing mask on my nose. He asked me if I liked lilies or roses better. I didn't know where that question came from so I said roses. He turned a valve and I smelt the perfume of roses. He asked me to breath only from my nose. I did. The same nurse than came and sat on my right, opposite of the Oral Doctor. She handed something to him and left again.

I was feeling strange. I was feeling more and more light headed, as if I was getting tired. I then understood, but my mind sluggishly registered it. I was breathing an anesthetic, something that should make it less painful.

"So, open up and we'll take a look at it." he said. I opened wide and he used some tools and checked inside my mouth.

"I see, your teeth haven't completely formed a protective coating and one of your teeth has a small decay. Nothing to fret about, it'll be quickly fixed he said."

He took another tool and told me that if I had a problem, all I had to do was to raise my hand.

I heard a high pitched whir as he inserted what I guessed to be a drill inside my mouth. I was scared. I never had this before and it sounded like something bad was going to happen.

I felt it. The drill touched my tooth. It hurt a bit but I just closed my eyes and let it happen. I didn't know what was happening. I felt fear rise inside me. Suddenly, the noise changed a little and I felt a little jolt of pain. My hand stroke up and it stopped. I felt the tears in my eyes starting to form and the Doctor looked at me. I wasn't sure, but I think he was smiling.

"You want your mommy to come?" he asked. I didn't know what to say, trying to hold my tears back so I slowly nodded. He turned his back to me, said something into a microphone and told me that "my mommy was coming." I didn't bother say anything and shut my eyes tight.

Eve did come, following the nurse. When I saw her, I sat up and gave her a hug.

The Doctor was patient but did say "I'm sorry to interrupt miss, but your daughter's tooth is being treated and I cannot stop at this point."

Eve nodded and said.

"Emily, honey, be brave alright? It's going to be okay."

"Don't leave blease." I pleaded.

"Your mommy can stay if you want." the doctor said.

"Okay? I'll stay right here." she told me and sat down next to me.

"It's almost done." the doctor said.

Once again I felt the drill, but I felt better in having Eve next to me.

The drill then stopped but the Oral Doctor said that it wasn't over yet but it will be soon.

He kept working and I glanced at Eve, smiling as best as I could while keeping my mouth wide open.

Five minutes later, the Doctor announced that it was over.

I felt relief and slowly stood up. I was a bit dizzy but the doctor said it was normal. He then told Eve not to let me eat anything for an hour and that the effects of the anesthetics should wear off by then too. He then turned towards me and smiled.

"You know, you were really calm during it." I looked down. "I'm not kidding, other girls your age and even bigger than you start crying loud and refuse to let me continue. I have something for you for being so nice." I looked up and from a drawer, he took out a little ring.

I knew it was just a toy, but I felt really good to have something. He adjusted it slightly and put it on my right paw's fourth finger.

"Thank you." I said and hopped off.

I was still looking at my paw when I heard the doctor talking with Eve.

"You're daughter is a cutie and so well behaved, I can't believe it."

"Why, thank you, I've been getting that quite often lately." Eve replied.

He told Eve a few more things before we both said bye and left.
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Chapter 7

We got home and I hoped out of the car. We got my jacket off and I ran into the kitchen but remembered what the doctor said. I coudn't eat for an hour. So I went to the living room, went to the book shelf and took down a children's book.

I sat on the couch and opened up the book. I was reading to myself and was looking at the picture on the first page when Eve came.

"My, we're reading are we?"

"Yeah." I replied.

"Could you show me how you read?" Eve asked.

I started reading out loud, but for some reason, I coudn't pronounce the words corectly in my mouth.

"Onshe ubon a dime... I can't shay it broberly!" I almost screamed.

"Sorry honey, I forgot. Your mouth is still frozen. We'll wait a little and continue after okay?" She said apologically.

I felt a bit bad in making Eve feel bad and said.

"Okay, how mush longer?" I asked.

"You still have half an hour. If you want, you can also watch a little TV as well. You'll also be able to eat after that." She said.


I didn't quite notice how hungry I was. I didn't eat breakfast after all. I then turned on the TV hoping to make me forget.

There was a show on so I watched. Half an hour went by really quickly.

I jumped off the couch and went to find EVe.

"Am I done yet?" I asked

"Uh, yes. Do you want to eat something now?" She asked, knowing full well the answer.

"Yes, I'm really really hungry." I answered with glee.

Lunch was sandwiches with orange juice. I bit into mine and drank from my cup. It was delicious. When I was done, I made sure to tell her.

"That was the best lunch ever." I said.

"Really, well thanks. Maybe you were also just very hungry." Eve said.

"I guess." I answered. Just then, a really large yawn caught me off guard.

"Looks like someone is tired." Eve said and brought me to my room.

I was changed into a sleeper, and readied for a nap. But as I was going to lie down, I quickly thought of something.

"Please wait a little Eve." I said before running into the bathroom. There, I picked up a cup from the counter, filled it with water and rinced my mouth.

I went back to my room where I saw Eve smiling. I was tucked in bed and I fell asleep rather quickly.

I must have slept for a little while. When I woke up, I heard the grandfather clock strike four. My naps were getting progressively longer, and I fell asleep more and more easier. But something else hit me. From out of nowhere, I was wondering if they had Christmas here, or any of these other religious holidays.

I jumped out of bed and went looking for Eve. I finally found her in the living room, reading a novel on her couch. She saw me approaching and asked me if I slept well. I told her I kept sleeping better and better. But then, I fianlly asked what was behind my mind.

"Eve? I do not meant to offend you or anything, but I was wondering, do you have holidays during the winter?"

"If you mean things like Christmas, well, yes, we do in fact celebrate those holidays. We're as diversified in beliefs and religions as you were."

"What do you celebrate?" I asked.

"Me, personally, I enjoy Christmas. It's a nice holiday and it's really jolly, something I appreciate in a holiday." She answered.

I didn't know if I should ask my next questions, but I was leaning towards asking it. "Can... will you celebrate Christmas this year?"

"I don't see why not, and I'm sure you'd enjoy it." She answered.

I smiled. The rest of the afternoon went by quickly enough. I didn't even realize it when it was time for bed.

As Eve tucked me in and I layed in bed, I had a few minutes to myself to think about things. What have I done today? I've visited the dentist, and talked about Christmas with Eve.

Suddenly, I felt a little pang of regret in my stomach. I wave of nostalgia spread over me. It's been years since I've trully celebrated Christmas. Christmas was a holiday of happiness, generosity, rejoice. Yet, I've never felt that. When you know how something works, it never seems as wonderful.

I envied all these little children, those real ones. They lead a trully beautiful life. They live without worries, in a cocoon of safety and hapiness. They live being happy. I trully envied their innocence. Innocence, along with time is the one thing that is and must be lost and never gained again. I felt tears roll down my cheek, as I thought of how wonderful life could be and how it had treated me. Maybe... just maybe, I do want to stay with Eve. Maybe, it is what I wanted. That little bit I always felt I was missing, maybe it was and had always been someone like Eve.

I fell asleep, thinking of the past.

Chapter 8

I was in a dark place. A very very dark place. I could see myself, but nothing in front of me.

"Eve? Eve? Where are you?" I called out. I looked around for her, hoping she would help me. There was not response however.

I heard a noise behind me. It was the noise of high heel shoes walking rapidly towards me. They were getting louder and faster. I didn't know what it was. I wasn't usually scared of that noise, even in the dark, but this time, they sounded so... angry, so menacing.

It approached and then stopped, close to me. A voice spoke, one I haven't heard in what felt so long.

"Sasha? Sasha? Where are you?" It yelled. It was my mother's voice.

"Mother? Is that you?" I said.

"Sasha! Where are you, that's enough hide and seek! Show yourself!" My father yelled as well. I cringed. When my dad yelled, it was never good news.

Then, it's as if a light somewhere was turned on and it lighted the whole place. My parents saw me, stared for two seconds and my mom screamed.

"Who are you? You're not Sasha, no way." She said. I was taken aback. But then I realized. I was still in the body of a five year old racoon girl.

"Who are you? What are you?" My father then demanded. I flinched. He put a huge emphasis on the word 'What'.

"You... you trully do not recognize me?" I said.

"Sasha, how can that be you?" My mother said.

"Mother, recognize me." I said.

"John, I think it is her, I think it's trully her!" my mother exclaimed.

"Sasha! Where have you been?" she continued "Do you think it's funny to just run away from home like that? Just to not come home. Where did you run off to!? To another friends house? Stowed away to some other place? You had us worried sick."

I was struck by a 18 wheeler truck. My parents just found me in my situation and were yelling and telling me off for things that weren't my fault.

"Why!" I screamed "Why?! You think it's funny to be me? You two trully think I'd rather be in the situation I am in? I've been in a living hell since I was little!"

"How dare you talk back to us like this? Who do you think you are?" My father roared. "You, purposefully ran away from home for heaven knows what reason, did God knows what and now expect us to pamper you and to not inquire about what you did? You think the world turns around you? What have you been doing and thinking? Have you been thinking at all? Your mother almost fainted when you didn't come home. And your siblings, they've cried as well when you didn't come home. Have you been even considering them? How can you be so selfish?"

I had enough. I've been through so much, thinking if I should go back to my real parents. I knew they'd be a bit angry. But I thought they'd at least felt relief in me being okay. But now? They were telling me that I was a complete idiot and once again, squashing me under all their dialects of life.

"I had enough!" I screamed as loud as I could. "You never cared about me did you? You never gave a throught about me did you? No! What was I to you? Dead weight? Something that had to be taken care of because you had to? You never loved me did you? No of course not. No! Don't interupt, you will listen this time!" I said as tears started to come. "All my life, I've you've told me there was nothing but misery in this world. That there was never much hope. All I ever had, all I ever dreamed, all I ever hoped, you crushed them. You crushed it all! Your control, your endless reminders of obedience, your never ending warnings... worst, your ruining of my dreams. Because of you, I had nothing! Nothing! Nothing Nothing!"

My parents almost looked shock at my speech, but I wasn't even done emptying a tenth of all I've had to endure all my life.

"I want nothing to do with you anymore!" I continued. "There's nothing where I came from, not even a home to go to, where I could find peace. I had an endless source of pressure, of misery. I can't take it anymore!"

"Listen Sasha."

"It's no longer Sasha, it's Emily now."

Both of them stared at me.

"I'm now called Emily. You showed and misery and pain and suffering. Not just shown me, you gave me misery pain and suffering. But things are different now! I've found something else, I've found someone else. Someone who cares about me, who worries about me. Someone to whom I've been more of a daughter then I've ever been to you. I don't want you anymore!"

I turned to run but then I felt something grab on to my back then my tail. It pulled me backwards, jerking me like a rag doll.

"No! NO! I'm not going back! I'm never going back!" I screamed as loud as I could, grabing on to anything I could. But there was nothing.

"No! No!" I yelled.

"It's alright Emily. It's okay now. Everything is going to be okay." I heard a familiar voice say.

I opened my eyes and looked up into the loving eyes of Eve.

"Eve!" I yelled before grabing on to her, holding on to her in an embrace like I've never given one before.

"Help me Eve! My parents, they want to force me to go back. I don't wanna go back!" I sobbed over her shoulder. I let it out on her loving shoulder.

"It's okay now. You don't have to go back. It's your decision and it's yours to make." She said, holding me closer.

"I don't want to go back! I wanna stay with you!" I sobbed harder. I never felt so sad. I wanted to get away from it all. As far away as possible from my parents. They never understood me. I cried over Eve's shoulder, feeling her comfort me and being so compassionate about me. She was trying to make me feel better. I never got that. My parents, everytime I told them something, they'd only tell me that I had to deal with it and that I should look for a solution. They didn't even bother to ask what was the problem. They didn't enquire as to what was wrong.

I understood the truth and it was only now I accepted it. Eve has been treating me like the mother I had always wished for. I had never been loved. I had never been looked after. I was always the caregiver. I was never on the receiving end of love. Ever.

I loved Eve. She was more of a mother to me than anyone ever had been. She loved me back as I loved her. It was how things should be.


"Yes dearie?"

"I don't want to go back. I want to stay with you. I want to start a new life. I've never felt so loved and cared for. It was always misery. I love you Eve, as a Mommy. I never thought I'd say this. I coudn't admit it to myself. I had been taught loyalty and penalty. I had never been trully cared for. I was always sad. Can I call you Mommy?"

"Emily, if you want to call me Mommy? That's fine with me. If you want me to be your new mommy, that's fine too. I love you too honey. With all my heart. I've felt it since I brought you here. I knew you had a hard life. This is why I brought you here. You were so unhappy it made me sad. Nobody should have to live like that."

"Mommy, I wanna trully be free. I wanna trully be free from what used to be. I love you, I love this place, I want my life to be here. There's nothing for me from where I came from. I wanna be innocent again. I wanna live life at it's fullest with you. Can you help me?"

"Emily, my poor little Emily darling, Of course I will. You will trully be happy here and lead a good life. Now, now, the nightmare is over. You've had your final talk with you parents and you've made a choice. It was a good choice and your choice. I'll take care of you from here on in. I'll be your mommy. I promise."

I felt so much better. Twelve years of pressure, now would finally stop casting their curse on me. Twelve years of pressure now finally lifted. I had a new chance. I had a new life. I had all I would ever need. I had Eve, my mommy.

"Thank you Mommy, thank you so much. I'll be a good little girl. I promise too." I said with my heart.

Eve, my now real Mommy, hugged me a little harder. I felt so good in her loving and caring arms. I had someone to turn to now.

"You want to be my little girl Emily, and you are my little girl. I see it your heart. Your life has been hard. It will change. I see it. You are a good person, a pure of heart. You shall have a new life, a life filled with what you always needed. You'll be finally able to breath free. Trully free."

I hugged her again. I loved her so.

I made a wish. I wished things would always stay as they are now and that Eve and I would always be together.

Part 1 End

So this is part one. Anything you guys would like to say? Critique, complaints, head-bashes? Anyways, enjoy and let me know when you'll want Part 2! Smile
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Oh wow, I've read that one before but I never knew it was you who wrote it! I love it! When will I want part 2? Hmm, let me think.... right now, please! Very Happy

Clever big squirrel!

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Hmm. How about... okay!

Part 2 Start

Emily Part 2
By: Furryfurryfurry

Chapter 9

I had made a wish. I wished things would always be as they are now.

I woke up in the morning, still shaken from yesterday night's events. That last meeting with my parents had taken more out of me than I thought. I woke up still shaking, quickly looking for Eve. When she came in, I immediately ran up to her and hugged her tight.

She hugged me back, and I immediately felt embraced in that warmth that came everytime I was in her presence.

"Good morning Emily." she greeted me.

"Hello mommy." I answered.

"Are you feeling better?"

"I think so. Maybe I'm still a bit scared." I said. It was true. I didn't quite know how I felt, but I was scared for sure.

"Why don't we get you dressed up for the day and get you some breakfast? We can do something after that." She said.


Breakfast was bacon and eggs. I had that before and like last time, I needed help from Eve with the bacon. This time however, I did not feel bad in asking her. I just needed some help.

When we were done, Eve said she had a little surprise for me. I was wondering what it could be. I did know, however, that it would be a good surprise.

She covered my eyes and slowly walked me into the living room. She guided me, step by step until she told me to stop. She slowly removed her hands. I still didn't see anything, just a set of blinds. Was this a bad joke?

"I don't see anything mommy." I told her.

"Not yet, just wait."

Eve walked in front of me and pulled the blinds back. My eyes glistered at what I saw. In front of me, was the most beautiful Christmas tree I ever seen. Lush green, with multicolor orbs on every branch of the tree, golden and silver garlands oscillating with grace and lights of all the colors of the rainbow, illuminating the tree in wonderful shades of colors adding so much life and energy. But there was something that was missing. I raised my head, looking way way up at the top of the tree. There was no star.

"Mommy? Where is the star on top of the tree?" I asked as I looked at Eve.

She smiled sweetly at me, apparently waiting for that question.

"I thought you would really like to put it on top yourself. What do you say?" She said, handing me a golden five-pointed star.

"Okay. But I'll need some help."

Eve picked me up and got me high enough to put the star on. I reached my arm out, carefully placing it right on top, overlooking the entire tree. It was like a tree right out of those children books. It was like one of those trees I always wanted.

But then, I felt sadness engulfing me again. I felt a weight in my chest, pushing me down again.

"What's wrong honey?" Eve asked.

"It's... it's really pretty, really beautiful. But, it's been so I've ever felt the spirit of Christmas. It's been years since I've been truly able to believe. I was forced with facts that broke all my dreams. Mommy? I want to get away from it all. I want my dreams back, I want my hopes back. I want to be innocent once more."

Eve looked at me longingly. She understood perfectly well what I meant to say. She understood me perfectly. I had been living a life where everything was enclosed, locked, absolute. I never felt the joy and freedom innocence could bring. I had been forced to rid myself of that since my most tender age. Since the moment I could understand that two and two made four, I was told to rid myself of ignorance and therefore innocence.

Eve embraced me like I've never felt anyone else do it before. It was a true embrace of reassurance, comfort and emotions. She didn't have to say anything. I felt it all. She was helping me rid myself of all that made me feel bad. I was going to start on a clean slate.

We stayed like that for a few minutes. When we did let go, she smiled at me with that smile I was getting so familiar with, and this time, I returned a smile.

The day went by quickly enough. Eve spent the whole day with me. We played cards, (I was won at Go Fish, but lost at Crazy 8 ), board games of all kinds and watched some TV. There were some Christmas special that started at 7:00 PM, right after supper and my favorite TV show. The movie that was on today was one I really liked. I think the title was 'Annabelle's Wish."

The story was very nice; it was the story of hope, happiness and especially dreams on Christmas.

I fell asleep as soon as the movie ended, thinking of it, wondering, if I would have my dreams come true, my hopes filled with confidence and happiness filling all of my days.

Chapter 10

I woke up next morning, feeling a bit drowsy. I laid in bed for a little while, a thought nagging me. My thoughts, for some reason, floated to my past life and family. I wondered about my brother and sister, my friends, how were they all taking my disappearance from their world? How were they feeling? Did they miss me? I shook these thoughts out. It hurt to think about them and I had made my choice and was not about to feel any kind of regret or remorse. What would be the point?

I quickly jumped out of bed and got dressed up. I was flipping through my clothes closet and eventually found a nice green sweater with a pair of blue cover-alls. I decided not to wear a sleeper, not because I didn't like them, but I always needed Eve's help to put them on.

I walked out of my room and went to the living room, where Eve was reading a book. I jumped on her laps and snuggled up against her.

"Good morning sweetheart." she greeted me.

"Good morning mommy."

"Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, but I started thinking this morning."

"Thinking about what?"

"About my brother and sister and my friends." I said.

"Oh, what about them?"

"I was wondering, how are they doing now? Do they miss me?"

"Honey, it's alright." Eve said with a reassuring smile, "It's being taken care of. Your brother and sister are fine, as are your friends. You don't have to worry about that."

I accepted that. True, I had some trouble doing so. But I wanted to. Eve always meant well for me and I was thankful for that. It felt good to have someone to talk to. I remembered how in my old life, I always had to bottle up my feelings because there was no outlet. Back then, I'd sometimes cry into my pillow, wondering when it was all going to end. I looked up at Eve and again and felt with renewed confidence, that I had made the right choice.

She smiled before asking me if I was hungry for some breakfast.

I said yes before jumping off again and running into the dinning room. Breakfast this morning was toast with strawberry jam. The toast was all crunchy and tasted good, but the jam was really sticky.

I eventually finished my breakfast and put the plate in the sink. I couldn’t quite reach in so I almost had to drop it in.

"Mommy, can we go and play outside again?" I asked as Eve was using a wet towel to clean the remaining strawberry jam off my face and paws.

"Maybe, you want to go outside today?"

"Well, if it isn't too much trouble."

"No trouble at all. When do you want to go?"

"Can we go now?"

"Sure, just let me get these dishes cleaned and I'll go get our snowsuits."

I was getting all excited. I was going to play outside with Eve again. This may seem a bit childish, but by now I learned to enjoy the simpler joys of life. She came to the front door and from a closet took out our two sets of snowsuits. I was still struggling with mine by the time Eve was already done. She helped me out like the last time and we went outside. It was slightly colder today but it really didn't seem to matter to me.

I skipped happily in the snow, enjoying the light and carefree state I was in. After a few minutes of running, I felt something hit me from behind. I turned around just in time to see Eve bending down and grabbing snow to make another snowball. I didn't take another look, I ran as fast as I could, giggling all the way.

After five minutes of non-stop running however, I got a little tired from running in the snow so I bent down as well and made myself a little snowball. I turned around and threw it, but it missed by a lot. I saw Eve throw hers and I turned away just in time to keep it from hitting me.

We threw snowballs at each other for a few minutes before we called a truce.

"Mommy, how do you throw your snowballs so well?" I asked, truly impressed by how accurate her throw was.

"It comes with practice dearie, but there are a few tricks you can learn."

"Can you teach me?"

"Of course!" she said, apparently delighted that I was willing to learn something from her, even if it was something as small as how to throw snowballs.

Of course, after she told me a few of her tricks, I couldn’t help but to try and threw one at her. Unfortunately for me, she seemed to have been expecting that and before I could throw my snowball, she jumped on me, pushing me into a pile of snow, tickling me through my snowsuit. I was twisting with laughter as I felt her gloved paws coming at me from everywhere. I tried to run away, but each time, I'd fall back in the soft snow.

"Mommy, please, hee hee, stop! Stop!" I laughed as she mercilessly continued.

She did eventually stop and I was able to catch my breath again. I looked at her and hugged her.

"Alright, we should head back home now." she said.

"Okay mommy." I said, realizing I was really tired from the running and laughing. Besides, my snowsuit was wet from all the snow.

We went inside and took our snowsuits off. Off came the hat, the scarf, the mittens, the boots and the suit. I was back in my sweater and coveralls. But the damp feeling didn't quite leave me and when I looked down, I realize that it wasn't just from snow. My mind immediately thought of the last time I went outside and how I wet myself that time as well.


"Yes Emily?"

"I think, I think I wet myself." I said, blushing a bright red under my fur. I felt a wave of embarrassment, but it wasn't quite the same thing as last time. This time, I was, for some reason, not quite as worried as last time. Still, I was worried what Eve might think.

"Oh, then let's get you changed." Eve said with that constant smile. I was happy to notice that no matter how many times she gave me that smile, it never lost any of its reassuring power. It always meant reassurance and understanding and never changed.

I held her paw as we went to my room. She put me on the changing table and went to the closet. She came back, to my relief, without a diaper. Just some normal clothes. I was glad to see it was a pink sleeper in which she quickly got me dressed. I felt nice and secure.

"Alright then, you can go to the living room and play a bit." she told me.

"Okay mommy, I'll be good." I replied.

I went there and went to the toy chest. I grabbed out an airplane and played with it for a while. I eventually got other toys out and played with them as well. But a little later, I got thirsty. I went to the kitchen, got a plastic cup and got myself of cup of water. Yet, I was still thirsty. I got myself another cup, but even then I was thirsty. This was getting me worried so I went to found Eve.


"Yes dearie?"

"Um, I was thirsty, so I went and got a cup of water. But I was still thirsty even after the second cup. My throat also hurts a bit."

"Oh dear."

This didn't sound good. "What is it mommy?"

"I'm not sure, but I think you might be coming down with a cold."

"A cold? But, I don't feel that bad." I said.

"How about this, try not to run or to get excited and you can go play. But if you feel anything else, you let me know."

"Alright mommy, thanks." I said.

I went back to the living room, hoping I didn't actually get sick.

I turned on the TV and channel surfed for a little. After a few minutes however, I got a bit dizzy. I didn't think it mattered, so I waited. Unfortunately, it soon turned into a headache. I remembered what Eve told me and I went to find her.

"Mommy? Mommy where are you?"

"Over here, in the kitchen." I heard her reply.

"I'm getting a headache."

"Oh, you are definitely coming down with something. You should go to bed."

Suddenly, a jab of pain hit me. It was strange. It's like a sudden pressure from inside my head.

I let out a small shout. I wasn't sure what it was. Maybe a migraine, but it felt like there would be throbbing pain with occasional sudden jabs.

"Emily. What's wrong?" Eve asked, sounding worried.

"I don't know, it's like something hit me from inside my head. It hurt a lot!" I said, holding my head.

"Here, let's get you to your room." Eve said, before picking me off the floor.

She laid me down in bed, telling me I should get some rest. She then added that she'd be right there for me and that if I should need anything, all I needed to do was to call her.

"Thanks mommy." I said with a smile.

"You're very welcome." Eve said, before slowly closing the door.

I shifted around in my bed, before falling asleep.
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Chapter 11

I'm not sure how long I slept. When I woke up, It was already dark. I tried to sit up, but a throbbing pain in my head kept me where I was. My throat also hurt, like something rough was rubbing against it from inside. With some effort, I managed to call Eve up to my room.

"What is it honey?" She said as she entered my room.

"Mommy, my headache is still there and my throats hurts." I said, just before I started on a coughing fit. It really didn't help and it hurt even more.

Eve looked thoughtful for a moment. She then stood up and walked out. I turned over, feeling tears coming up. Was Eve just going to leave me like that? I then heard her come into the room again.

"Emily, honey, could you please open your mouth?" she asked. I understood. She was holding a thermometer and needed to take my temperature. I didn't give it much thought after that as I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

"Alright, now put your tongue down and close your mouth." she said.

I did. What felt like a really long time later, I heard a beep, before Eve took the thermometer out of my mouth.

"Yup, you definitely have a fever. I'll get you some medicine so you can feel better. It's going to be alright Emily." she said in her reassuring voice before leaving again.

I wanted to help her so I decided to sit up. It was then that I realized something I had not because I had such a headache. I felt a somewhat familiar dampness under me. I didn't have to look; I knew what had happened. I wetted myself when I was asleep. Just then, I realized how cold and uncomfortable it was, which only brought another headache. I whimpered a bit before I started crying, both in shame and pain. It seems like things kept getting worst.

"Emily? What's wrong?" Eve asked me as she walked in the room, carrying a small bottle of pink liquid, a plastic cup and a bottle of water.

"I'm sorry Mommy. I wet during my sleep."

"Oh, it's okay, let's get you changed, then you can lay in my bed for the time being." She said as she picked me up and laid me on the changing table. I was glad she took the care to lay me down, because I probably wouldn't have been able to sit on my own. I then felt her taking off my clothes, then putting me in another set of sleepers.

She then wrapped her hands around me and lifted me up. She then opened another door and I realized this was the first time I actually went into Eve's room.

I took a short look around and just managed to see that most of the walls were in shades of purple and pink, which really blended well together. I then felt something soft under me and realized she lay me down on her bed. It felt huge, like a vast opening.

When she turned her back to me, I expected her to just leave. But she faced me again with a cup of water in one hand and a seringe in the other hand. No, not a seringe, a drop counter, but the kind you use to feed young children.

"Emily, can you sit up?" Eve asked.

I willed myself to sit, but my head hurt even more. I almost fell back down, but Eve sat behind me, supporting me.

"This might taste a little bad, but it'll help. I've also got a cup of water for you to drink after."

I opened my mouth, wanting to get it over with. Eve fed me the medicine, obviously knowing it wasn't going to taste good. It didn't. The stuff had a lot of sugar, or what tasted like it, but the strong bitter taste was still there. I nearly gagged, as I willed myself into swallowing. Eve immediately handed me the water, which I drank, hoping to get the taste out of my mouth.

I then felt a paw, slowly caressing my tummy. She was helping it to settle and to make me feel better. After a few minutes of this treatment, I felt a little better.

"Thank you mommy, I feel a little better." I said as I leaned my head closer to her.

She gave that smile I was so familiar with. "You're welcome honey. Mommy just wants her little girl to feel better."

But then, another thought hit me, and it came out before I could really think about it.

"Mommy, I wet in my bed. I don't want to wet yours."

"What are you trying to tell me?" Eve asked, knowing perfectly well what I managed to hold back. But then, I realized, the thought almost had a certain appeal to it.

"Is my little girl telling me she wants to be diapered?" Eve asked in an almost sing-along voice.

I didn't say anything, but I blushed a very bright red, as I nodded. I don't know why I had this change of heart, but something was telling me it was the right thing to do. Besides, it would keep me from wetting Eve's bed. Also, didn't she want to do this when I first came?

"Well, I'm than happy to." Eve said as she picked me up again.

Once again on the changing table, I laid there waiting. Eve then came back and undid the bottom of my sleepers. I then felt her hold my feet and lift my bottom up. With her other hand, she slipped the unfolded diaper under me. I closed my eyes. I don't know I was quite feeling, but it wasn't bad. In fact, it was quite nice. She applied some cream and I could almost smell the sweet perfume of baby powder despite my runny nose as Eve sprinkled a generous amount. She then pulled the front up and fastened the tapes. I tail then went through a hole at the back. I shifted around, and I realized it felt really nice. Where did my initial revolt against this idea go? I'm don't know. My sleeper was then put back on me.

Eve carried me to her bed and slowly set me down. She put the blankets back on me and kissed me on the forehead.

"Thanks Mommy."

"You'll always be welcome honey."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Chapter 12

When I woke up, I was still drowsy from my headache. Fortunately for me, it was basically gone. I yawned and stretched. I then felt a little warmth around my crotch and I realized I was wet. At first, I was a little shocked. But then, a totally different feeling came upon me. I realized that it was nice. I really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I couldn't help but having a sense of safety in them. After all, they did keep Eve's bed dry.

I stretched again and felt something behind me. I turned around and was surprised to see that Eve was sleeping next to me. She was wearing a red silk nightgown. She was so pretty, like a princess or an angel. Suddenly, I felt an irresistible urge to reach out and touch her. My paw made contact with her face and hair. It was so soft to the touch. I felt so close to her. She was sleeping with me and suddenly, I understood what she felt for me, because, now, I felt truly different about her. I now truly wanted to her to be my mommy. It was now deep and I also wanted her to take care of me.

I then felt tears of joy coming up to me. I had found what I was looking for all these years. All that time, for so long, all I wanted was someone to truly care about me and to show me that. I just wanted a place where I could go to if I felt anything and open my heart.

I cried a little but also laughed as I found what I had been wanting all this time.

Eve woke up at that moment.

"Emily? What's wrong?" She said, apparently a little concerned that I'm crying up and early in the morning.

"Nothing, nothing's Mommy!" I said as I hugged her in bed. "I'm just so happy that I have a mommy. But I want to really be mommy's little girl."

Eve smiled from ear to ear. "So you want to be my little girl now? So I can be your mommy?"


"And you want to be just like a little girl?"

"Well..." I hesitated for a second, but once more, I did what felt right and let go of the rest. "Yes I do mommy, I want to be a little girl."

Eve looked happier than I ever seen her. But then again, so was I. I had finally come to accept it. I was going to be her little girl and she would be my mommy. After so long, I finally took it all in and accepted it with joy. I let go of my past self, pushing it to a smaller corner of my mind, not discarding it, but simply putting it to sleep as I let my inner self come out and breath the fresh air of this new life and enjoying all it had to offer. I was going to be little again and it was what I had always wanted. I understand that now.

Eve and I, we were like a perfect family, and this was a perfect ending. But I knew this was not the ending. This was just the beginning. This was just the beginning of a new and wonderful life. I kissed and hugged Eve in the most sincere embrace I had ever given.
Part 2 End

Yeah, Part 2 was shorter. Part 3 coming up just a bit later!
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hey! i red this when youn posted it of FTT! i love your style of writing even if it is first person... i bet a storyh like that would sound better in 3rd... only thing is not many use it anymore
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Well, here's part 3 Smile

Part 3 Start

Emily Part 3
By: Furryfurryfurry

Chapter 13

I let go of Eve from my embrace. She looked just as happy as I was. It was so nice. I don't know quite what it was that I was feeling, but I didn't have to because I understood it. It was a feeling Eve and I were sharing at that moment. We were happy just to see each other, just to be near each other. Then I saw what that feeling was. It was the mother and daughter relationship I was looking for all that time.

I happily jumped out of bed, wanting to start this new day. I waddled to the door before I heard Eve calling me back.

"Hold there right there young lady!" she said as she caught up to me. She put a finger in my diaper and frowned. "Looks like some one is wet."

I held back some giggles as I looked at her.

"Mommy, you're not angry for real, right?"

Eve stared back at me for a second and smiled.

"No, of course not. I'd never get angry at you for something like this." She said before picking me up and carrying me to my room. I snuggled up against her warm fur as she lovingly carried me in her arms.

She sat me on the changing table and looked overly thoughtful for a moment with a paw scratching her chin.

"What are you thinking about, mommy?" I asked knowing she was really putting this show on for me to notice.

"I was just wondering," She answered, "if my little girl would rather be wearing big girl pants or little girl pants?"

I knew Eve was just teasing me when she said "little girl pants." After all, I did say that I wanted to be her "little girl." Deciding to play along, I said, "I'll take the little girl pants."

I wasn't too shocked at my decision, truth be told, I think that at this point, it really didn't matter anymore. I simply trusted my feelings and besides, I think Eve would be happier about this than even me. Besides, I enjoyed the attention.

Eve was smiling ear to ear as she turned around and got my things.

I was quickly laid down and had the sleeper removed. She removed my wet diaper and put it in a diaper bin. She unfolded a new one and I took a clear look at it. It was mostly white, but in the front, it had prints of cute little animals. She laid the back half under me and started applying some cream. I stiffed a laugh because it was so tingly and I was ticklish. She toppled it off with some powder and I took a long whiff of it. It smelled nice and somewhat familiar. The front came up, Eve fastened the tapes and carefully got my tail through the hole in the back and declared that I was all done. I shifted around in it. It felt good. All nice and comfy.

Eve then got me in a baby blue long sleeve shirt and a matching pair of pants. She then asked me to go the kitchen to wait for her while she got dressed as well. I blushed as I realized she just got me dressed in her silk bedclothes. I obliged as I walked down the stairs but I kept looking at her all that time. I just couldn’t get over how pretty she looked. I guess it must be a motherly charm.

I was making my way to the kitchen, skipping and twirling, when my eyes fell on the Christmas Tree again. Somehow, it was different from the last time. Something was present that wasn't there the last time. The whole tree seemed to radiate a little something I couldn’t quite describe. It's like it was telling me to be merry and...

"Well, now you're the one looking thoughtful." Eve said as she came down the stairs. I turned around and I smiled at her, pointing at the tree.

"Mommy, if that's a Christmas Tree, when Christmas going to be?" I asked, just realizing that for all the time I was here, I had no notion of time whatsoever. Eve smiled warmly at me, telling me that Christmas was coming and that I'd get a really good present. My attention suddenly turned away, I asked what it was, suddenly feeling impossibly curious. Eve just kept smiling saying that I'd have to wait to see.

Breakfast as nice as usual; today, we had waffles. I was getting used to this routine, wake up, eat breakfast with Eve and doing something together. I wondered what surprises she still had in store for me. Today however, the surprise was a little less fun than what I got used to.

"Emily, honey, I'm going to have to leave tomorrow afternoon to go to a meeting." Eve said.

I dropped my fork when I heard this. Eve was leaving me? My mind flooded with so many unanswered questions.

"You're leaving? But what about me? Am I coming? How long are you leaving? Forever?" I asked, almost panicking.

"Calm down Emily, no I'm not leaving forever. Would I leave my little Emily behind if I did?" She said reassuringly. "Don't worry, it's only for the evening. I'll be back, but you'll probably be in bed by the time I come back."

I was still not sure. I might not have always shown it, but I really liked Eve and I got used to her always being around me. I really didn't want to leave. Eve seemed to have sensed this and came to my chair.

"It's alright Emily, I'll be quick. Mommy's just got some things to take care of. I'll arrange for you to have a nice babysitter while I'm gone. It's going to be alright, okay?"

I didn't like this. I really didn't want to be without Eve. But she sounded so reassuring, I slowly nodded.

"Alright Mommy, I'll behave."

"Good girl, you can go watch some TV while I get things ready."

"'Get things ready?' I thought you were only leaving tomorrow." I said.

"I am, but you don't want to be home alone without a babysitter do you?"


Eve smiled and I made my way to the living room. I sat on the couch, wondering what I was going to do tomorrow. I've stayed alone at home often, sometimes babysitting, but there was just something this time that made me uneasy. I heard Eve on the phone, talking with more energy than you'd expect from someone calling for a babysitter. I was still pondering my thoughts when Eve called me.

"Emily? Could you come here for a second?"

"Okay." I replied, hoping that this time, I'd get some good news.

"Honey, I've got you a babysitter. Her name is Fern; she's a very good friend of mine. She agreed to baby-sit you for tomorrow."

I really didn't know what to say. "Alright." I simply said as I turned to leave. I didn't get very far when Eve asked a question I wasn't really expecting, but I was glad she asked.

"Honey, what's wrong? You look very sad." The answer to that question was fairly obvious, but I think she asked just so I could get it out, which I didn't hesitate to do.

I ran back towards her and gave her a hug. "Mommy, I don't want you to leave tomorrow. Please."

Eve looked at me for a little while, and in a very patient voice explained the situation to me. It was nice she took the time to explain things.

"Emily, Mommy has to go to a meeting. It's very important that I go. It's going to be all night though so you'll probably get tired or bored. Now I've got a very good friend of mine to come and baby-sit you. Her name is Fern, she's really nice, I'm sure you'll like her. I've known her for a very long time."

Eve gave me a heart-warming hug. "Now I know you're worried, so I've arranged for her to come and visit us this afternoon, I think it'll help you to get to know her better and be less scared. Besides, you don't have to think of her as a babysitter, you can think of her as a friend or a friend of mommy. Okay?"

I looked up at Eve and slowly nodded.

The rest of the morning was rather uneventful. Eve leaving was still something I gave a lot of thoughts to, but I already felt better about it.

Lunch came and went. I was extra careful not to get myself dirty with spaghetti sauce. I still remember one disastrous occurrence during which I somehow managed to get spaghetti sauce even on Eve. She said that it wasn't me and that she got the sauce on herself, but I think she just said that to make me feel better. It didn't matter though; I appreciated what Eve did for me.

I'm actually a bit ashamed of making such a big fuss out of her leaving for one night. When I told her that though, she just told me that it didn't matter and that she understood I was a little nervous. "After all, she said, It is your first time staying at home alone." I just smiled and gave her a hug, pushing any other thoughts out.

We finished eating in half an hour. I helped Eve clean the table and I went to the living room. I jumped on the couch and waited for Eve to come as well. She sat down next to me and put me on her laps. I snuggled up against her as she rocked me. It really wasn't to put me to sleep. It was just a moment we were sharing together, enjoying each other's presence. I felt almost detached from myself, in a dreamy state. All that mattered was that Eve was with me.

Suddenly, without warning, a ring from the doorbell brought me out of my dreamy state. Eve got up and went to the door with me not far behind her. I knew who was at the door. I looked at Eve opening the door with a bit of apprehension and also curiosity.

I jumped as the one called Fern came in.
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Chapter 14

"Hello Fern, please come in."

"Thanks, brr, it sure is cold today."

"Dear me, is it really snowing that hard? It was nice when I woke up."

"Yes, the snowstorm caught me by surprise half way here. So, where is our little princess?"

I was standing behind Eve. Actually, it was closer to hiding. Fern was a wolf. She looked really tall, maybe just a little over Eve, but she didn't look menacing. Quite the opposite, she too had this motherly feeling around her. Still, I felt really awkward. I poked my head out from behind Eve and looked up at her. She gave me a warm smile and bent down.

"Why hello there, you must be Emily.” she said with a smile. I slowly came out from behind Eve.

"Hi, yes I'm Emily." I said a bit shakily, "You're Miss Fern, right?" I'm not sure where the 'miss' part came in, it felt like it was the correct thing to say, though a bit strange and out of place.

"She is so cute Eve, and so well mannered." Fern said directly to Eve.

"Thanks, well come on in, we can't just stand here now can we?" Eve said as she invited Fern inside. Fern took of her jacket, hat, scarf, gloves and boots and followed Eve inside.

I followed them to the kitchen where Eve was preparing some hot chocolate. I sat down on one side of the table, in front of Fern.

"How are you Emily?" Fern asked me.

"I'm okay, thanks, and you?"

"I’m okay as well. Tell me Emily, how old are you?" she asked.

"Sixt... I mean five, miss."

Fern smiled and didn't seem to notice that I almost said 'sixteen.' I hope she didn't. I don't know if she was aware that I came from another world.

"That's nice, but you don't have to say 'miss' dearie, it makes me feel so distant from you. Just call me Fern."

"Alright Fern." I said. It already felt better.

"Tell me, what do you like to do?" Fern asked. I wasn't sure what to answer.

"Um, almost anything, board games, watching my favorite TV show, play with my things." I said, trying to figure out which was the correct answer, not realizing there really wasn't a 'correct' answer, or a 'wrong' one.

"What's you favorite TV show?" Fern asked with curiosity.

"It's called 'Toys Hospital'."

"What is it about?" Fern asked again. She asked me a few more questions. After a while, I got more comfortable and started talking more openly with Fern. Eve then came with the hot chocolate and put three cups on the table, mine being smaller.

"Be careful Emily, it's very hot." Eve said.

Eve and Fern talked for a little but I was getting a bit restless.

"Can we go play now?" I asked.

"Sure, that's what I came for." Fern replied.

I quickly jumped out of my seat and ran to the living room. From a shelf, I took out the game 'Snakes and Ladders.' It was one of my favorites. We played for a while. I was the red, Eve was blue and Fern was green. I ended up second, Eve was in first place. Fern didn't seem to mind losing at all though.

By the time it was eight, Fern had to leave. It was a too early for my taste, but I knew Fern had to go home.

"Good bye Emily, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Good bye Fern." I said waving her good bye from the door. The sun had almost set, but there was still some light to see by. Eve slowly closed the door and asked me if I wanted to go to bed. I wasn't tired yet so I said no.

We sat on a couch and put on another movie. This time, I wanted to watch 'The Secret of the Nimh.' Eve and I settled on the couch and started watching. I must have been more tired then I thought because the next thing I knew, I was in bed with the sun in my eyes.

Chapter 15

I slowly sat up and looked around. I was in my room. I sighed in relief. I pushed the covers off and hoped out of bed. I felt the diaper between my legs and I had quite obviously used it during the night. I smiled to myself as I opened the door. I slowly made my way to Eve's room. I opened the door and found the bed... empty? I ran in and looked around, wondering where Eve was. I felt panic starting to rise, until a pair of paws grabbed me from behind, put me on the bed and started tickling me mercilessly.

I literally burst out laughing as Eve's paws seemed to come at me from everywhere. If I covered my belly, she went for my legs. If I folded my legs, she went for my sides. If my rolled up in a ball, she went for the sole of my feet.

"Please, haha, Mommy! Stop!" I said between laughs

"You thought I left you didn't you? I told you I'd never do that. Feel my presence." She said with a smile.

After five minutes or so, she finally stopped and I caught my breath.

"I know you're here Mommy." I said, still gasping for air. As I got to my feet, I felt my diaper being warmer than it was.

"Mommy, you made me wet." I said.

"Well, let's get you changed then." she replied teasingly as she took my hand.

She laid me down on the changing table and got a fresh diaper out and went through what was soon be become a routine for the second time. She quickly took the wet one off, cleaned my diaper area with baby wipes, applied some cream, toppled it off with some powder, put the diaper on me and got my tail through the hole with such expertise and grace, I didn't realize she was done. I smiled at her as she went to my dresser and found me something to wear. She took out a red dress with golden lining. I thought it was really pretty and quickly got it on.

"Thanks mommy."

"You're welcome."

Breakfast was quickly served. It was toast with butter with fried eggs. I quickly finished eating and had some apple juice. I was really excited about Fern coming this afternoon. Not that I wanted Eve to leave, but Fern was nice too.

I then went to the living room and opened my toy chest. I took out a few toys and dolls and played for a while. Then I started daydreaming. I let my mind wonder off, wondering what I could do this afternoon with Fern, if I could play in the snow again, what Eve might be doing. I came back down when Eve came into the living room and saw me laying down on my back, staring at the ceiling.

"Did someone not sleep enough or is just thoughtful?" Eve said.

"I was just thinking." I replied as I looked down from the ceiling and sat up.

Eve then came and sat down next to me.

"Emily, honey, Christmas is coming soon, and I was wondering, is there something you would like for Christmas?"

I was a bit surprised. Not only was this question one I wasn't asked very often, but it really popped out of nowhere this time. I thought for a little but truthfully answered; "Mommy, you've been really nice to me. There really isn't anything I really want. I'm just happy to be with you."

Eve's smile widened when I said this and gave me a hug.

"Thanks sweetheart."

"It's the truth mommy." I said as I hugged back. "And you know what? If there is a present I really want, maybe Santa Fox will come this year." I said with a sly smile.

"Yes, I'm sure he will." Eve replied softly.

Noon came and went, and quickly, it was time for my nap. Eve tucked me in bed and kissed me on the forehead. I turned around a few times, before I finally closed my eyes and fell asleep.
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Chapter 16

The sleigh bells were ringing,
The snow was falling,
Santa Fox was coming.

He walked quietly
From out the chimney
And left presents for the children sleeping peacefully

Santa Fox came and left me so many wonderful presents. I was about to see what he brought me, when suddenly, I began to fall. I fell for what felt like forever, until I hit the hard bottom of a dark pit.

Pain surged through my whole body and darkness was around me. I felt it getting tighter, squeezing the air out of me. I struggled to get away. It was enveloping me, slowly trying to suffocate me. What was going on? I couldn’t get away, I was helpless. I cried out for help.

Then came light, a blinding flash of brightness, before I was once again able to see. Eve was right next to me. She slowly untangled the blankets and picked me up. I immediately grabbed on to her, snuggling up very close, whimpering and close to tears.

"Mommy, it was so scary. It was dark and I couldn’t breath."

"Hush, hush." Eve said in a reassuring tone, "It's okay now Emily, I'm here."

I hugged her tighter.

"Don't worry, you simply fell out of bed. It happens. Maybe you had a nightmare as you did."

I let go and looked at Eve's reassuring eyes. I smiled a bit as Eve put me on the changing table. After making sure I was all right, she turned around, went to the dresser and got me something to change into.

She first changed my diaper. I didn't quite noticed how wet it was (how is it that as soon as I started wearing them, I started needing them?). Then, she took out a pink sleeper with white patterns on it. Eve then put me down on the floor. I walked across the room to take a good look at myself. I giggled. I'm never going to get over how cute I can be.

"Yes, you sure are pretty. Fern is going to love you when she sees you" Eve said from behind me. I turned around and gave her a hug.

We both went downstairs. Eve said that Fern should be coming soon, which reminded me that she was leaving.

"Mommy, you're not leaving soon are you?" I asked.

Eve smiled at me again, with that same smiled I loved to see so much. "I'll stay for a little bit after Fern gets here if that's what you were wondering."

I smiled. It seemed that no matter what, Eve always made things wonderful. It wasn't much later when I heard the doorbell ring and Fern arrived. I quickly jumped onto my feet and ran to the door, eagerly waiting for Eve to open it.

"Thanks Eve, it sure is a sunny day outside today." Fern said walking in, carrying wrapped box. I couldn’t hold back my curiosity.

"What's in the box?" I asked, pointing at it, perhaps being a bit rude, but I couldn’t help it.

Fern walked in as Eve closed the door behind her.

"We sure are a curious little one aren't we?" Fern said with a smile. I blushed at the remark, feeling a bit embarrassed. "It's funny that you ask, because what's in the box is for you."

"For me?" I said, suddenly very excited.

"Yes, it's for you!" Fern said as she handed me the box. My first impulse was the open it and see what's inside, but I tried to hold back a little.

"Can I open it now?" I asked Fern and Eve.

"You can open it now, or wait until Christmas." Eve said. I was torn. On one side, I wanted to see what's inside, but on the other side, I could save it until Christmas.

Eve and Fern smiled at each other as they saw me trying to sort this out in my mind. Finally, I decided to save it for Christmas.

"That's a great idea. Why don't you go put it under our Christmas Tree?" Eve suggested.

I was going towards the living room when a thought came. "Fern? Have you seen our Christmas Tree yet?" I asked.

"I might have seen it yesterday." Fern said following me. I took her hand and guided her to the corner in the living room where it stood.

"You see the shiny star all the way on top?" I asked as I put my present under the tree.

"I certainly do." Fern answered.

"I'm the one who put it up there." I said with a certain sense of pride.

"That's very nice. It looks perfect." Fern answered as I felt her picking me up.

"Isn't it pretty?"

"It sure is."

Eve then came from behind and joined us in front of the tree.

"Well, you two have fun, I have to go now."

I leaned towards Eve from Fern's arms and Eve held me. I gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek.

"Be careful mommy." I said.

"Thanks sweetheart, now you behave, alright? It's gonna be okay." Eve replied before landing a kiss on my cheek as well. She put me down and walked towards the basement garage where the car was. Even from outside the car was quiet, and she gave us a last paw sign before driving away. I kept waving at her until the car was out of sight, driving through the underground tunnel we went through when I went to the dentist, um oral doctor.

I then went back to the living room and sat on the couch. (Well, I guess Eve now left. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was afraid I was going to start crying. But no, she left for her meeting, and I'm still fine. Now that I think about it, Eve never told me what her meeting was about.) I was pulled out of my thoughts when Fern came and sat down next to me.

"So Emily, anything you want to do?"

"Um, don't know."

"Well, you like UNO?" she asked.

I looked at her with excitement. I haven't played UNO since kindergarten!


She stood up and went to the front door where she left her purse (how come I didn't notice it before?) and took out a deck of UNO cards.

She set up the game and from the deck put down the first card, a red 2. I put down a red 3 and so the game started. I wasn't doing bad, but Fern wasn't far behind me. She would smile at me, but once in a while, one of those smiles would have a slightly sly, "watch out, I'm coming!" feel to it which I found a bit unnerving, in the game that is. I really didn't feel any discomfort being around Fern.

The game went on for quite a while. I remembered the last time I played this game. It seemed so long ago, but somehow close at the same time. It was a day after school was over. My parents were delayed at a meeting, and my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Knuttie, offered to baby-sit me at her house until they could pick me up. I was truly happy when she told me she'd take care of me until my parents could pick me up.

At her house, after a small snack, she took out a deck of UNO cards. She knew it was my favorite game and asked if I would've liked to play a game just with her. I had vigorously nodded my head and we played a game.

A few days later, my parents told me something that shattered my world. We were moving. The last day I went to school, Mrs. Knuttie gave me a deck of UNO cards as a "remember-me" present. When I told her I might lose them, she said that it would be okay. "I'll always be with you in spirit." she said. I never saw her again.

It was also from that time that things went downhill for me.

"Emily? Emily? Are you alright?" Fern said. I woke up from my dreamy state, hardly noticing that I had a few small tears in my eyes. But then, something hit me hard. I noticed the strange parallels between the last time I played UNO and this time.

"No!" I screamed as I threw them down and backed off away from them, as if they were explosives about to explode. I couldn’t let this happen. The last time I played, nothing good followed, things only got worst. I couldn’t let it happen again, not again! I was not going to lose Eve or Fern! No way. Now, I'm not superstitious or anything like that, but all that happened so far really gave me no reason why not to.

Fern came to me and caressed me.

"Emily? What is it?" she said while comforting me.

I still my back against the sofa, still trying to get away from them. Fern picked me up and put me on her laps, holding me close to her.

"Fern? When Eve comes back, she won't make me move will she?"

Fern hesitated a little, maybe a little confused as to why this worried me.

"No, of course not! Your mommy and you will stay right here and live in this house. Why?" she asked.

I pushed myself closer to her, feeling tears coming as I recounted my memory. "The last time I... I played UNO, it was in the same situation as now. It was my old kindergarten teacher who took care of me while my parents were at a meeting and we played UNO at her house. But a few days later, I had to move and I only got sadder and sadder after that. I don't want it to, to happen again!" I literally sobbed that last sentence between hiccups.

Fern held me tighter and started rocking me.

"Don't worry Emily, It's going to be okay. You won't have to move. It's not going to happen again. You'll be happy here. I know it was tough. Eve will take good care of you and I'll visit often, and maybe you could also visit my house. You've left that behind. Don't let it hurt you anymore."

I was still crying, my breathing getting a bit irregular, and I realized something else. Fern was talking about my old life when she said 'You've left it behind.' So she knew? She knew I came from another world? I had to find out.

"Aahh... Fern," (my breathing made talking a bit hard) "you know about me? About my..."

"Hush, hush. Don't worry honey. Yes, Aunt Fern knows about it. Don't worry though. It doesn't affect how much I still love you."

'Aunt Fern? Aunt?!' I thought, until I realized. She must have mistook my sudden air intake as the word 'Aunt.' But I didn't mind, in fact I liked it. She really did feel like an aunt to me. She showed just as much care and love as Eve did and she felt more than just a babysitter.

"Thanks Aunt Fern."

We decided to leave UNO to another day, when Eve would be around as well. Fern thought that would make me feel better. We settled to watch a movie. After a little exploration on the movie shelves, I picked Pocahontas. Fern said it was a good choice and popped the DVD into the player. The previews started, by which time I had calmed down a bit. It was only then that I realized how silly I was. It's not like the game of UNO had anything to do with my parents. I felt a wave of embarrassment wash over me, feeling as thought I'd probably never live it down.

Still, Fern didn't bring the subject up again and she and I sat down on the sofa next to each other. As the previews played though, Fern and I had a little bit of a tail fight. Of course, hers being significantly larger and stronger than mine, she didn't seem to have trouble to tickle me with it. Still, I put up quite a fight. Suddenly her attention went to the screen and she reached for the remote. During those few seconds, I managed to get a good hit on the left side of her waist. She left out a little laugh mixed with surprise and turned towards me. She looked at me with both her eyes, a smile on her face as she suddenly started tickling me, no longer with just her tail, but her paws as well.

I exploded as I was being tickled everywhere. Suddenly, she pined arms and legs to the sofa with her longer arms and brought her muzzle closer to me. Then, without warning, she blew a raspberry unto my belly. It was a sensation like no other. I laughed uproariously as the raspberry seemed to go on forever. Finally, she stopped and I was able to catch my breath, so tired from the laughing even my tail lied down on top of her laps.

"Was that fun?" Fern said.

"Hee hee, yes." I replied between breaths, still punctuated by laughter.

"So you want more?" she said as she raised her paws again.

"NO!" I screamed as I jumped to my feet, irresistibly giggling at the idea of being tickled again.

"Okay then. Let's just sit and watch the movie." she said, officially concluding our tickling war.

I jumped on the couch and sat down on a thicker diaper. I realized I must have wet them when I was laughing, but I didn't say anything.

The movie was good. I really enjoyed seeing Meeko though. He was really funny, always running after John Smith for more cookies. I think he had to be my favorite character. Later in the movie, Pocahontas started singing the song "Colors of the Wind." It was a really nice song about how you should appreciate things for what they are, not what they're worth and to appreciate the simple joys of life. I couldn’t help but to sing along. I got mixed at some places but managed to catch on.

When the song was over though, Fern looked at me and I blushed. I was quite surprised though, when she asked me if I wanted to sing it again with her. I took up the offer and we sang it again. This time, I think I did a better job and got all the words right. After the song though, Fern stood up and said she had to go make diner.

"What would you like for diner?"

"Um, I don't know, anything is fine I guess."

"I don't think you've ever tried my mashed potatoes, did you?"

I shook my head.

"Then how about I make some and we have mashed potatoes for supper?" Fern said.

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I finished watching the movie alone. It was really nice. My attention was particularly focused on Meeko. I guess it might have something to do with him being a raccoon as well, even though he's a non-morphic one.

The movie finished before Fern was done making diner. Because I was so focused on the movie, I didn't quite realized how hungry I was. Not finding anything else to do, I poked my head into the kitchen before walking in.

Fern looked quite busy. She was opening cans on this side while cutting something on the other while mixing something else. I didn't know there were so many things involved in making mashed potatoes.

"Emily! What are you doing here? I thought you were watching Pocahontas." Fern said, apparently mildly surprised to see me.

"It's finished." I said.

"Oh, did you like it?"

"Yes. Um, Fern? What are we having for diner?"

"Mashed potatoes." She replied simply.

"But, then why are there so many other things on the counter?" I asked.

"Oh, such a clever girl. Very well, since you are so good a deducing, I'll tell you. We're having Shepherd's Pie. Happy now?"

"Yup! How long until it's ready?"

"My, are we hungry?"

I blushed and slightly nodded.

"It will be done in a few minutes dear. Why don't you go along and play a bit until it's done? You could open your present."

My ears perked when she suggested me to open my present. Wasn't she supposed to be telling me that opening it now was out of the question?

"Can I really?" I asked.

"Sure. I was quite surprised when you decided to open it only at Christmas."

"After supper then, together." I said.

"Fine with me."

Supper was ready as promised, a few minutes later. It was really good. The top of the mashed potatoes was golden, and there was just enough of each ingredient. However when I asked for some apple juice, I was surprised to find it in a sippy-cup. I didn't complain though, I was curious to see what it felt like. It was nice actually, you could really drink in any position and not have to worry about spilling. I even tried upside down, much to Fern's amusement. She said I was cute.

Then, the moment I was getting more and more excited about. Fern and I sat down in the living room and I opened my present. I tore away at the paper, impatient to find out what was inside the box. When I did open it, I squealed with glee. Inside was the cutest raccoon plushy I ever saw. I immediately grabbed it out of the box and noticed he had a nametag. M-e-e-k-o; Meeko. It was the same name as the raccoon from Pocahontas. I hugged it and then ran to Fern and hugged her.

"Thank you so much Aunt Fern!" I said.

"You're welcome. I'm glad you like it."

"I like it, I like it very much. I'll keep him with me all the time from now on."

Bedtime came too early for my taste. Fern changed my diaper and got me in a baby blue sleeper. I didn't really feel like sleeping though, remembering my rough awakening. Fern sensed this and asked me why I didn't want to go to bed. When I told her about how I awoke from my nap, she asked me if I would rather sleep in the crib. For some reason I wasn't quite sure of, this sounded really good. So Fern bent down and picked me up. She kissed me softly on the cheek, before laying me down in the crib. I smiled at her, as she handed me Meeko. I hugged him close as she kissed me goodnight.

I held Meeko close and as I fell asleep, my thumb slowly found it's way to my mouth.

Chapter 17

"Thank you so much for coming." "No problem at all." "Sorry for coming back so late, I didn't know it would take this long." "It's quite alright, I enjoyed being with Emily." "I see someone couldn’t wait to open their present anymore." "Oh actually, it's me who couldn’t wait to see her open it." "How did she like the present?" "I think she liked it."

My ears twitched a bit as they tried to pick up the bits and pieces of conversation I heard. Not that I did it on purpose, but I guess I was just curious, and my ears were really sensitive. I heard, but I couldn’t quite make out what Eve and Fern were saying in my mostly asleep state.

Morning came. The first few rays of winter sunshine came in and caressed my face until I was awake. I let out quite a long yawn before sitting up. However, I felt something on the wrong side of my diaper I would have rather not felt.

Eve then came into the room and smiled.

"Looks like someone is awake... and messy."

I blushed as she picked me up from the crib. I held on close to Meeko as she put me down and started to change me.

"What a cute little raccoon."

I assumed Eve was referring to Meeko so I held him out for Eve to see.

"His name is Meeko."

"That's a nice name. Sounds familiar."

"Yup, Pocahontas' raccoon is also called Meeko." I said.

Eve finished changing me and we went downstairs for breakfast. But when I walked into the dining room, I was very surprised to see Fern sitting there sipping hot chocolate from a cup.

"Aunt Fern!" I said as I ran and hugged her.

"Good morning Emily, did you sleep well in the crib?"


Eve then brought three plates of fried eggs and bacon as she sat down.

"I see you two got very close yesterday."

I smiled.

"Don't worry mommy, you're still my mommy."

"I know sweetheart, I know. Mommy wasn't jealous, just happy."

We started eating. It was good as always, but something was nagging me. I wanted to ask how come Fern was still here, but if I did, maybe she might leave. While I ate, Eve and Fern started talking with each other.

"Thank you so much for inviting me to stay."

"No problem."

"I was just worried about being a disturbance."

I looked up at Fern and was about to say she wasn't, but Eve beat me to it.

"Don't say that Fern, you know how I feel about you. You're always welcome at my house. Besides, we've known each other so long we could almost be mistaken for sisters."

"Emily sure seems to think those lines too."

At this we all laughed a bit.

"Also," Eve continued, "I think we could use some company on Christmas Eve, Emily and I."

I looked up from my plate in surprise and almost dropped my fork.

"It's Christmas Eve today?" I asked.

"It sure is." Eve answered.

"And you know what that means!" Fern continued.

"Christmas is tomorrow!" I said with glee.

Chapter 18

So today was December 24th. I couldn’t quite get over the excitement. It was almost Christmas!

Eve finished eating first eating first, closely followed by Fern. I took a little longer to finish my plate. I somewhat lost my appetite due to the excitement.

After breakfast, I went to the living room and played with Meeko. Eve and Fern were busy elsewhere, getting things ready, but they'd come and check if I needed everything very often. I wasn't sure what they were doing, but I figured it must have been preparing for tonight, after all, Christmas Eve dinner was never small.

But I really didn't know what to do. TV was fun but I wanted to do something else. I played for a while with my toy for a while until I remembered something. I still didn't get Eve and Fern anything for Christmas! I knew that at this point it was probably already too late, but I really wanted to do something. Suddenly, a thought popped into my head, and I couldn't help but smile at it.

I ran to the basement to Eve's computer table and grabbed a few pens and papers. I didn't normally come down here. It wasn't fun. I then ran up two flights of stairs to my room. I skipped to my small table, almost not able to hold back a wave of excited giggles.

When I sat down at the table, my giddiness faded a little as I picked up and pen and started writing. It was hard at first. Part of my mind kept whispering long words at me. I didn't understand them at first, but very quickly, I got comfortable with the long words again.

"Dear Santa Fox,

How are you? My name is Emily. I know this is late for a letter, but I forgot to do it earlier.

Maybe this will seem strange to you, but I've only gotten here around 2 weeks ago. My mommy Eve has been very nice to me, and I think I've been nice to her as well. I'm really happy to be with her.

But the day before yesterday, she told me that she would have to leave for a meeting the next day. So she introduced me to one of her friends, Fern. She's very nice as well. So yesterday, Fern baby-sitted me.

Christmas is tomorrow and I know that normally, kits would have written you much earlier. However, I was unable to do so. I apologize for the trouble of a late letter, but I would really appreciate it, if you took the time to read this one.

I write because I'd like to get Eve and Fern both a present. My mommy has been very loving and Fern has become a likeness to an aunt. I actually call her Aunt Fern. But I've lost track of time and didn't manage get them any present.

I understand that true love does not require presents, but I think it would be very nice if they did get something. I write to ask if you could please help me out, and bring a present for each of them instead of me. I've been getting all the love I needed and I won't need anything for Christmas except that.

I would be forever thankful if you could help me out of a tight spot.

Thanks alot Santa!


I drew a smiley face next to my name and looked at the whole letter. Wow! I suddenly realized how... strange the second half of the letter sounded to me now. All those words and expressions that were strangers to me. Then I understood. I was Emily, but in times of need, I could think like my 16 year old self and use what I learned. I giggled and realized just how grown up the second half sounded.

I folded the letter left it there. Now that I think about it, how was I going to get the letter to Santa Fox? I was still thinking, before I decided to go get Meeko that I had left in the dining room.

I came back five minutes later with Meeko under my arm, when I noticed that my letter disappeared. I was shocked. I looked around, under the table, under the chair, near my bed; I even went downstairs to see if I didn't bring it there by accident. It was nowhere to be seen, and Fern and Eve didn't take it, I saw them in the kitchen the whole time.

I tear rolled down my eye as I realized that I lost my first letter to Santa Fox in years. Not knowing what else to do, I tried to write a second one, but this time, I just couldn't do it. The words just didn't come. I set down the pen and lied down in bed with Meeko, wondering what else I could do. Halfway through my thoughts, I feel asleep.

"Eve, tell me, did you see what I saw?"

"I sure did. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I think our little princess is going to place an order."

Eve and Fern both laughed a bit at this. Eve felt truly happy for Emily. She was finally getting her wishes. She still remembered the first week when Emily came into her world. She had been so resilient, having so much trouble to accept it.

"I think we deserve a break, want so hot chocolate?" Fern said

"Isn't me who's supposed to offer to the guest?"

"Oh, so I am still a guest!" Fern said, winning the conversation from breakfast.

"Oh, Alright! You win Fern, the kettle is in that cupboard." Eve said, smiling at how fast and witty her childhood friend managed to be.

They both went to the living room and sat down on the couch, each with a warm mug of hot chocolate slowly sending steam into the air.

"Are you curious as to what she's writing?" Fern asked

"Yes, but you know? I think this is going to be something personal between Emily and Santa Fox."

"Yes, I think so too."

"What do you think she's doing now?" Eve asked as they both looked at Emily's door.


Part 3 End
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PostSubject: Re: Emily: Complete!   Mon Jul 02, 2007 10:07 pm

hehe, to be honest, this is one of the stories that made me realise I was a babyfur! I mean....I already was, but I just didn't really notice! (well, I was a TB and a furry, and I guess I then realised how much that made
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Ha ha. Actually, it took me a while to realize that too.

Anyways, this is the fourth part of my first ever babyfur story. I wrapped things for this story here.

Part 4 Start
Emily Part 4
By: Furryfurryfurry

Chapter 19

The sleigh bells are ringing
Santa Fox is coming
And down he goes the chimney

I woke up from my nap. I looked around and got off the bed. I got out of my room and heard a lot of activity going on in the kitchen. I guess Eve and Fern were trying to get supper ready.

I went down the stairs with Meeko under my arm. When I walked into the kitchen however, I didn't walk three steps before I was stopped.

"Hold it!" Eve said as she pushed a finger against my diaper. "I see that someone is very wet indeed."

I blushed a bit; I haven't been changed since this morning. Eve held my hand as we walked to my room. On the way up the stairs however, I heard a loud rumble, until I realized it was my tummy.

"Hungry as well?" Eve asked.

I nodded in agreement, realizing I didn't have lunch. Eve changed me and dressed me in a red and green dress.

"Christmas colors!" I squealed.

"Indeed they are." Eve said as she led me to the living room.

"Mommy, I'm hungry, could I have a snack?"

Eve seemed to be thoughtful for a moment, but quickly replied "Well, we don't want to ruin Christmas Dinner, but seeing as you have not had lunch, how about a little snack?"

I nodded my head, "Okay mommy, that sounds good."

My snack turned out to be two chocolate chip cookies and some apple juice. It didn't quite make my hunger completely go away, but like Eve said, I wanted to save room for Christmas Dinner. I couldn't quite get over the excitement, but a slight pang of guilt still left me uneasy. I decided to put the matter at the back of my mind for now. I'd make up for it later.

I took Meeko and played with him for a while. I looked a Meeko a little more closely and noticed that there were quite a few similarities between him and me. We even had the same number of black rings on our tails. I smiled and hugged Meeko closer.

Soon enough, Fern came and asked me to join them at the table. The dining room looked so different. Apparently, Eve and Fern had decorating as well. Everywhere I looked, there were decorations of red, green, white, gold and silver that really encouraged the Christmas spirit. I climbed on a chair between Eve and Fern.

I couldn't quite get over the amount of food there was on the table. There was Shepherd's pie, fish, vegetables, and the classic, roast turkey and much more. "We're going to be having left-overs for a week." I thought to myself. I could feel my mouth water at the sight of all this food.

"Well, it might look good, but we won't know until we try it. Dig in!" Eve said and we did.

I took a large serving of almost everything. Fern helped me with the turkey though, seeing as I had a bit of trouble cutting myself a piece (the knife was maybe the length of my forearm). After a few minutes, we started having a conversation. At first it was about if the food was good, then, about what we were going to do tomorrow. But then, it changed to the past, and Eve and Fern were telling me about their past Christmas'.

"Tell me Fern," Eve said, "do you remember that year, when I choked on the spaghetti?"

I was taken aback by this. "You choked on spaghetti, mommy?" I asked, almost choking on my own orange juice.

"She certainly did!" Fern said. "Her parents decided to have a bit of food that you usually didn't find in a Christmas Dinner. Anyways, I was telling her a joke as she was slurping a string of spaghetti and she swallowed wrong."

"How old were you mommy?"

"I was about five."

And so, the rest of dinner went by in a heart-warming atmosphere. When I asked what was the joke, I choked on my orange juice.

"I guess there's more family resemblance than meets the eye." Fern declared.

After supper, we watched a movie, "Mickey's Christmas Carol." I liked Goofy as Jacob Marley falling down the stairs. "No matter in what form, spirit or real, he'll always be the same" I told myself. It was late by the time the movie was over. We played a few board games and card games with Eve reassuring me that she wasn't planning on any kind of change. We had a ton of fun, but I was getting tired.

I went to bed soon after. Both Eve and Fern came to tuck me in bed in my crib and wish me good night. I was excited, but the food and movie got the best of me as my eyelids slowly shut and I fell asleep... waiting.
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Chapter 20

I heard some noise coming from downstairs. Was it possible? Maybe, but I'm probably just dreaming. I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to see. Sleigh bells were ringing.

I woke up, slowly opening my eyes, until sat up and felt the excitement pouring in. I picked Meeko up and called Eve and Fern.

Apparently, they were awake for at least a little while because they came in fully dressed with smiles on their muzzles.

"Mommy! Aunt Fern! It's Christmas today! It's Christmas!" I shouted, literally jumping up and down.

"Yes it is dearie, Merry Christmas." Eve replied.

"Merry Christmas mommy. Merry Christmas Aunt Fern." I said as Eve picked me up from the crib.

"Mommy, can I open my present now?" I asked as Eve changed me.

"Only if you can't wait until after breakfast." Eve replied.

I was diapered and dressed in a frilly dress. I flew down the stairs with Meeko and slid to a halt right in front of the Christmas Tree. My eyes sparkled with amazement. Just yesterday night, there were no presents at all under the tree. Yet today, there was a whole pile of them. I was quite shocked. I had expected only one box. Eve said that she got me a very nice present, but instead, I now saw at least seven different packages.

Eve and Fern had caught up with me with small looks of surprise on their faces as well.

"Well, Emily, what are you waiting for?" Eve asked.

I gave her a smile and literally jumped under the tree. The first present I opened was wrapped in red paper with yellow stars on it. I slowly undid the tapes, not wanting to rip the paper, but after two minutes of trying, my curiosity got the best of me and I soon found myself tearing away at the paper with the excitement and impatience any five-year-old would feel when faced against wrapping paper. The present turned out to be a large dollhouse. I squealed with glee as I opened the large box and took the house out. It was huge. I could fit Meeko in it without any problems, and there were many many rooms.

The next box was a smaller. When I shook it, it didn't really make any noise. I didn't quite have the patience to play "guess what's in the box" with so many others to open, the wrapping paper on this box met the same fate as the first one. What I found inside at first looked like a piece of fabric. But upon closer inspection, I realized it was a scarf. I untied the ribbon that was holding it folded and inspected the whole thing. It was mostly red, but my name "Emily" was stitched into the scarf itself in golden letters.

"You like it?" Eve asked me.

"Yeah! I really like it!" I answered, putting it around my neck.

"You know, your mommy made it herself." Fern added.

The next four presents all contained different plushies. I got a lion, a fox, a cat, a dog and even a panda bear. I couldn't quite get over just how many presents Eve and Fern got me. It's like I suddenly had a huge collection of plushies.

"New friends for Meeko!" I shouted when I opened the boxes.

"Indeed, well, that's pretty much it." Eve said as she came and gave me a hug.
But then, further back, in the corner hidden behind the Christmas Tree, I saw another package. I slowly crawled towards it avoiding the branches and realized that it was actually two packages tied together with a ribbon. I pushed and pulled the package out for Eve and Fern to see. None of them seemed to know quite what to say.

"Well, here's a surprise package." Fern said.

"Do you know who sent it?" Eve asked, looking at her curiously.

"Not me." Fern said.

They both looked at me but I just said I didn't get it either.

"Try looking for a letter dear." Eve told me.

I turned the box in my hand and found a letter held against the box by the ribbon. I surprised to see it had my name on it.

I opened it and sat between Eve and Fern and started reading;

"My dear Emily,

Merry Christmas to you. By now, I suppose you know who is writing. I was very touched by the generosity in your letter. Generosity is something very precious and to be treasured.

I have known Eve and Fern for a long time now. They have always been on my good list when they were little and I am glad to tell you that you are as well.

Their presents will be inside the two boxes. The one with pink hearts is for Fern and the one with candy canes is for Eve. I believe they will be quite happy with them.

As for you Emily, you're someone special, you truly are and in many ways. I think you will also find your share of happiness by looking inside Eve's box with her. There will be someone for everyone.

A friend,

Santa Fox.

P.S. When Fern opens her present, you don't have to worry."

I finished reading the letter, both with wonder and puzzlement in my head. Since when did Santa Fox use P.S. in his letters to tell you not to worry about your aunt's present? Then again, when does he write back at all? Also, this sounded like a promise, but there was what sounded like a riddle inside it. What did it mean? 'There will be someone for everyone.' I guess that if this was a riddle or better (I giggled a bit) a treasure hunt, I guess the first clue would be inside the boxes.

"Mommy, this letter is from Santa Fox!" I said with glee as I showed her the letter.

Eve and Fern read through the letter as well. They seemed to be feeling and thinking the same thing I was.

"Are you going to open your presents?" I asked eagerly.

Eve and Fern looked at each other before smiling.

"Like we used to?" Fern asked.

"Just like we used to." Eve said, and before I knew it, they were opening their presents as fast as they could. I stifled a giggle as I saw them opening their gifts not unlike how I just opened all of mine.

When they got to the boxes, Eve was offered to open hers first. Inside the box, wrapped in a lot of soft paper, she took out a small statuette. Eve stared at it and I could've sworn I saw a glister in her eyes. I saw the statuette and I understood why.

It was a mother raccoon hugging her daughter. The statues were made of what looked like marble on a crystal base. But despite being made of stone, the two raccoons of the statuette radiated so much love and caring and were unmistakable; it was Eve and me. There were a few words engraved beneath the crystal however. They read;

"For a mother and a daughter
Who will always be together."

There was more in the box. Eve looked through it and found another letter. Eve read through it and once she was done, she handed it to me.


It's been a while. I haven't heard from you in a long time. I know you've been busy ever since your twelfth Christmas. You haven't written in a long time, but I knew you still thought about me.

Your daughter is very much like you. She is kind and generous, like you were. I hope the best for the both of you and I think that this present will really symbolize the relation between you and Emily. It's really nothing much, just a little something to show that I still care about you.

I also know about Sasha. I am very well aware of that dear girl. But she, like so many others like her, had to live in an imposed world. I am very glad that she is now once again able to show her true self. You're a wonderful mother and I know she will be happy with you.

I have also brought a present for Fern. However, it is a very special present that will have to go. You'll understand soon enough.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Your old friend

Santa Fox."

I looked up at Eve as she held her arms wide open. I crawled onto her laps. She hugged me and I hugged back as she said softly, "Thank you Emily, it's very nice of you." I smiled and said, "You're welcome."

Eve finally released me and we turned towards Fern. She looked at Eve for a second before Eve nodded her head once and Fern opened her box. I didn't know quite what to expect, but I think I was slightly disappointed at first.

There wasn't much inside the box but Fern took out a red envelope. When she opened it, she found yet another letter. I saw her eyes flashing from left to right, down the page. This time, I was sure I saw a glister, but it soon turned to a tear before they started to fall. Then, she stood up and slowly walked to the door. I was worried. She looked like she was in some kind of trance, but when I wanted to ask her what was wrong, Eve put a paw to my muzzle and said it was okay.

Fern slowly walked to the door, where she slowly opened the door. She stood at the doorframe and slowly, with both hands, lifted the letter up. Suddenly a strong gust of wind blew and took the letter from her hands. The sheet of paper floated in the air or what felt like an eternity. It twisted and twirled as it flew higher and higher, before it slowly vanished into the clouds above.

I then saw Fern slowly return to the couch. I didn't know what she read in that letter, but if I hurt her, I would never forgive myself.

"Aunt Fern, are you alright?" I really didn't know what else to say.

To my relief, she turned to see me and smiled at me.

"Don't worry dear, Aunt Fern is fine." she said before giving me a hug. "Thank you." I didn't know what to say, so I just hugged back.

When Fern let go of me, I felt truly happy. I just had the most wonderful Christmas ever. Eve and Fern seemed truly happy as well. The rest of the day, we played together and had a lot of fun. Eve and Fern even went with me to play in the snow and we even built a snowfort with a snowracoon inside.

I just had the most wonderful Christmas ever and as Eve and Fern and changed me, I knew that I had found what I was looking for and Santa's gift almost made it like a seal that would make it permanent. This was going to be a day I knew I'd always remember. I smiled to myself as Eve tucked me in my crib and I fell asleep knowing that there would be much more to come. But still, one question lingered on; who was that special someone that Santa said would come? Who?

Chapter 21; Epilogue

A month later...

I woke up. The sun was shining through the window and was insisting that I get out of bed. I slowly shifted and sat up. I rubbed my eyes as what felt like mud was squished in the back of my diaper.

Just then, the door opened and Eve walked in.

"Good morning sweetheart."

"Hiya mommy."

"Did you sleep well"

I nodded and Eve bent down and picked me out of the crib.

"Seems like someone is in great need of a diaper change."

I smiled as Eve put me on the changing table and started cleaning me with wipes. I now got used to this and accepted it. It was a bit embarrassing the first time when I woke up in a messy diaper. Eve however had been quite nice about it and didn't say anything about it.

When it became more of a daily problem however, I started to feel a bit guilty. But Eve once again reassured me telling me there was nothing wrong and that she really didn't mind. To be quite honest, I enjoyed the attention Eve was giving me and I think she enjoyed taking care of me. Besides, if she clothed me and bathed me, taking it just one step farther to complete the picture really wouldn't be a big deal anymore right?

"There, done. Now let's see what we can wear."

I sat up as Eve went to my closet and came back with a pink T-shirt. I liked pink. It was as lively and joyous as red, but more playful. She also got me a matching pair of pants and I slid off the changing table.

I anticipated the ground, but instead I landed in Eve's arms.

"Be careful when you slid of the changing table Emily, you might land wrong."

"But it's fun mommy."

"I know, but still be careful."

"Okay" I answered a bit sheepishly.

We went downstairs for breakfast and I sat at the table. Eve brought our plates and we started eating.

"Be careful not to get anything on your shirt, we'll be leaving soon."

I looked up at Eve, my eyes wide. She said we wouldn't leave!

"Where are we going mommy?" I asked with apprehension.

"To Fern's house. She invited us to visit her." I let out a little sigh, before the whole of what Eve just announced me hit me. We were going to visit Aunt Fern!

"OH! Then let's go!" I said leaving my unfinished breakfast on the table.

"Now hold up, we have to finish eating first. Finish your plate and we'll go, alright?"


We finished eating and Eve got a napkin to clean my muzzle. I eagerly skipped to the front door where Eve got her snowsuit on and helped me into mine. A hat, a pair of gloves, my favorite scarf and pair of boots later, we walked out the door.

It was snowing and a little windy. I guess it was warm at Aunt Fern's house, but the wind blew hard against my face. I pulled my scarf a little more over my muzzle and my hat a little lower as I walked holding Eve's gloved paw.

"Emily, when we get to Fern's house, there is someone I'd like we'd like you to meet."

My ears shifted under my hat.


"His name is Kit..."

Part 4 End

Well, this was it.

On the side note, I'm now working on two different stories. One is babyfur related. More or less, I'm making it something that is slightly similar to this story, but I'm trying to make it different.

As for the other... to make it dramatic but short, I started working on it when I was feeling stressed and down and tried to put my frustration and angst somewhere until I realized that what I came up with wasn't that bad^^.

So I was wondering, would anyone actually be interested in me posting another story?
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I'd certainly be interested in you posting your other stories. Your a very talented writer Furry, and this forum could use some more stories.
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Yes, I'm pretty sure everyone here would be interested in you posting another story, Triple-F! Please do!

Clever big squirrel!

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Emily: Complete!
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