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Baby Dio


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PostSubject: "DemiGodZeta"   Thu Nov 09, 2006 4:21 pm

Not that long ago I used an Image application to make a friend a Picture to show him apreciation for him helping me with somthing.
And in so although he'd already helped me he still thought he'd do somthing in return, and knowing that im a sucker for romance he did me a story to show his apreciation for what I made.

All credit gose to him.


Dio yawned lightly as he toddled into the playroom with the other cubs. The dingo pup was wearing a yellow t-shirt and a white diaper, as well as the collar all non-adults were required to wear. His was pink in color, and it had an informational tag (in case he went missing) and a charm shaped in the symbol for male attached to it.
The pup decided to go play with some of the toy cars. He sat down on the rug designed with a city and began to push one across the streets while murring the engine noises.
The fur on his neck rose soon after as he felt someone staring at him. He sat up and looked around, then locked his gaze with his watcher.
It was a black panther cub, just about his age and size. He was wearing a light purple onesie with matching booties and sucking on a butterfly shaped pacifier. His collar was white, and had the same tags as Dio did.
The two stared at one another for a private eternity, and then both looked away, their faces bright with blush. Butterflies fluttered inside their tummies, and they weren’t sure why. The little panther became so shy that he promptly scampered away to play something else.
From that moment forward, the two began to peek and follow one another throughout the day. Dio, who learned the panther’s name was Zen, watched from behind a few cushions as Zen wrestled with a lion cub. Zen sat nearby the dress-up wardrobes and pretended to play with a plush while actually watching Dio dress himself in a princess outfit. When Zen asked one of the caretakers if he could paint, Dio quickly asked as well, and the two began to finger paint side by side, blushing and stealing glances the entire time.
These shy little exchanges went through lunch, naptime, dinner, bath time and bedtime. As they curled up in their separate cribs, they fell asleep and began to dream of each other.
Now a few of the caretakers had noted the two babes behaviors throughout the day, and while the many children rested, came to the cheerful conclusion that the two were deep in puppy love. They all agreed it was positively adorable, and decided together that they would use the next day to keep Dio and Zen at close quarters and make them properly interact. They were all smiles as they went to bed themselves, imagining themselves playing cupid to a pair of love struck babies.

Dio woke up with a yawn and a stretch the next morning as the caretakers were going about and rousing the children from their sleep. He waited patiently in his crib until he was picked up and carried to a changing table for a clean diaper.
He was seated and laid back on the wide changing pad on the table, then looked to see another caretaker arriving with a child in her arms. With so many children, the morning’s often constituted sharing changes, and Dio wondered who was going to be lying next to him while sucking his thumb.
The puppy quickly gave a yelp of surprise as he saw it was Zen besides him, and Zen in return gave a mewl of shock. The caretakers shared a small smile, and then got to work changing the boys. The two quickly looked away from one another while blushing. Their tails were moved aside to keep out of the way, and they were moved directly onto one another. The two blushed even more, but Zen found his tail lightly curling around Dio’s, and Dio didn’t protest in the least as he felt his heart start to race.
The caretakers took their time in changing the two of them, and separated their tails when it was time to redo the snaps on their sleepers. As they were set on the floor, Zen found himself unable to look at Dio again and quickly rushed to the dining area, hoping to find a highchair away from the dingo.
He began to tug at a caretaker’s legging to be helped up into a highchair that already had the neighboring highchairs occupied. The vixen lifted him up, then carried him away from the highchair he wanted and planted him into another one, and he gave a surprised mew as he saw Dio sitting just on his right, their highchairs so close their trays were touching.
The two had a repeat of the changing table, with the blushing and the looking away from each other. But this time the first move was made by Dio. The dingo looked over at Zen softly, then reached over and gently pawed at his arm. Zen quivered a little, and then looked over to the pup. The two locked eyes once more and they blushed a great deal, but this time neither of them broke the gaze, and small smiles began to form on their furry lips.
The vixen from earlier returned with a double sized bowl of warmed rice cereal, and informed the two of them that they’d be sharing. Neither of them protested, and after their bibs were tied they began to eat the spoonfuls fed to them, with the vixen chuckling at the many indirect kisses the two were sharing.
Once breakfast was done, the lady cleaned off their muzzles and bibs, which were extra messy today due to the fact that they were paying more attention to one another than to their oncoming spoons. She then helped them out of their highchairs and patted their rears to let them go play.
The two quietly walked off with one another, still blushing, but not avoiding one another anymore. They toddled side by side into the playroom, and then waited for the other to speak.
After a few minutes, Dio looked at Zen and asked if he’d like to go play with the plushies. Zen nodded and the two went over to the plushie pile. Zen pulled out a gryphon and a dragon plush, while Dio pulled out a unicorn and a phoenix plush. The two sat and began to play, prancing their dolls about and doing voiceovers for them. The shyness between them began to diminish, and soon the two were giggling and playing much more comfortably.
Quite unexpectedly, the snout of Zen’s dragon and the nose of Dio’s unicorn touched in such a way that it looked like they were kissing. The two babies blinked, looked at each other, then giggled a little and blushed. They were quiet for a moment, and then they looked at one another. They stared for a few moments, and then the black panther cub slowly leaned forward and placed a tender kiss upon Dio’s cheek. Dio felt like everything had just lost all weight, like he was floating and his heart was the balloon causing it. Zen pulled back quietly and looked at Dio for some manner of an answer. The pup just looked at the floor while holding his cheek. Then, Dio looked up with the happiest face he’d ever made and pounced upon Zen, pinning him to the floor and starting to lick him all over his face. Zen yowled and laughed, kicking his legs and shaking his head as he was licked by his affectionate friend.
The licking turned into a happy wrestling/cuddling/kissing match, and the two of them rolled around the nursery floor, their laughs and giggles letting the caretakers know that they’d succeeded in their mission. When they finally pulled apart from one another, they were panting and gasping on their backs, with soft giggles escaping every few moments. They held each other’s paws, and didn’t let go even as a pair of caretakers padded over and tried to pick them up to take them to the changing table. The caretakers chuckled at this, and then started to change them right on the floor after getting fresh diapers and changing supplies.
Once they were changed, the two of them quickly scampered off, wanting to share everything and anything with the other. They showed each other their cribs, the toys they liked best, paintings and drawings that the caretakers had hung up for them, their favorite movies and TV show videos and sing along tapes. Nothing was too important or insignificant to show to the other.
They wore themselves out from all this, spanning the bathrooms to the nursery to the playroom to the kitchen. A caretaker brought them over to the playroom and sat them each on a beanbag chair. Since it was nearing lunchtime by then, she asked them what they’d like. After she’d gotten their orders, she left the two of them to relax and start to talk about the things they liked best that couldn’t be shown. They told each other their favorite color, their favorite bedtime story, their favorite place to be tickled and were about to start on their extra secret favorite punishments when the caretaker returned with their food and bottles.
Lunchtime was less structured than breakfast or dinner. The caretakers got the babies plates of finger foods and bottles full of juice or milk, then left them to their own devices. Zen took an apple slice and munched it happily, while Dio started with a few sucks of juice. The two looked at each other, then their plates and smiled. They exchanged their plates, and then began to feed one another. Zen giggled as Dio licked at his fingers with every bite, and Dio gave little yelps of glee as Zen nibbled his. They fed each other in a tranquil peace, smiling and waving their tails at one another while munching and draining their bottles.
When they finished, they found themselves feeling sleepy like all the other cubs and pups in the playroom. The caretakers announced naptime, and Dio and Zen found themselves scooped up and carried off to nursery. They were laid down on a changing table and quickly changed, and the two were too tired to notice that they were changed into matching light green diapers. Their sleepers were snapped snug, and then they were both placed into a crib that would hold them together comfortably. They were laid on their side, and Zen wriggled over and clung to Dio from behind, purring into his ear while they fell farther and farther into sleep. A blanket was tucked around them both, and once all the other children were put to bed, the lights went out.
“Nigh nigh, Dio…” Zen mewled softly before falling to sleep. Dio rolled over in his grasp and clung himself to the panthers soft chest, then yipped “sweep tight, Zen…” with a yawn, he fell asleep as well, and the two little cuddling lovers lay asleep in one another’s arms.
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PostSubject: Re: "DemiGodZeta"   Thu Nov 09, 2006 4:29 pm

hmm, can this be considered as cub porn a little? i know its shocking but there have been recent events that have concerned such things, so i just need to know, i mean, i never truely read this kinda stuff b4, but ive beeen a candidate in the on-going battle between whats BF and whats CP, i dont hate it or anyone, but it kinda makes ne unsettled, if ya think about it
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Baby Dio


Number of posts : 114
Age : 29
Localisation : Furopolis Nursery
Registration date : 2006-11-09

PostSubject: Re: "DemiGodZeta"   Thu Nov 09, 2006 4:36 pm

KiruWeather wrote:
hmm, can this be considered as cub porn a little? i know its shocking but there have been recent events that have concerned such things, so i just need to know

No!, By No Means did he make it Yiff. It was strictly Puppy Love related and no porn.
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PostSubject: Re: "DemiGodZeta"   Thu Nov 09, 2006 4:39 pm

alright, thank you, i couldent do anyhting about if it were anyway, just ta let ya know that, i might be an old meber, but im not high-council so continue please
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PostSubject: Re: "DemiGodZeta"   Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:54 pm

its pretty good. still could be structured a little better but then again so do mine! keep posting it!
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PostSubject: Re: "DemiGodZeta"   Thu Nov 09, 2006 6:24 pm

that was cool you know we'er going to need more
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