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 Reactions to being a babyfur: Essay

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PostSubject: Reactions to being a babyfur: Essay   Mon Jul 02, 2007 8:22 pm

Hi guys. Lately, I've been kind of tired and so I've spent a lot of time just sitting there doing nothing but thinking. At some point or other, I've began to wonder if being part of this community is having effects on me.

I put my thoughts together and actually made this small essay. Yeah, I write essays on my own time, so sue me Razz. Actually, I just think of it as practice. Anyways, ranting aside, I've actually got quite surprised when I saw that the stuff I came up with at least made some sense. So yeah, here you have it.

The disclaimer part I picked up from another piece of writing I read a little while ago. Basically, this is a rant, not some sort of educational piece of writing Wink.

Quote :
The possible effects of being a babyfur in one's daily life v.2

Everything one does in one's life will have some sort of effect or other. This includes certain things one may not wish to show. As a babyfur, one can notice certain effects that being a babyfur may have in one's life, things that certain may not wish to show but may appear nonetheless.

There are two main types of reactions; Positive reactions and Negative reactions. In this case however, the terms "positive" and "negative" should not be confused with the notion of good and bad. The terms positive and negative classify types of reactions as either in line as in "for" or against the "action" of being a babyfur. Positive reaction would therefore mean "for being a babyfur" or showing that one is a babyfur. A Negative reaction would be "against being a babyfur" or hiding that one is a babyfur.

The positive reactions are quite common for other "actions" besides being a babyfur. Notable examples would be a sport player. Indeed, being a sport player may show signs of strength, confidence and overall positive attitudes towards teamwork. This being a very broad and generalized example, it shows the context of the situation.

One experiencing positive reactions to being a babyfur may have reactions ranging from mild to more extreme. For example, a babyfur may experience reactions like adopting a over all more optimistic view of things, perhaps remiscent to the optimistic attitude that is characteristic to children. Perhaps it could be the usage of some more child oriented articles. Other reactions could include a small change in general behavioral pattern. The adoption of perhaps more animal-like characteristics habits could be an effect one could experience in one's life.

Positive reactions can, however, also include such reactions as a change of general attitude. For example, a babyfur could feel more compassion for young children. A babyfur might feel certain "connections" to younger children and relate to them better.

Reactions of this kind vary from one person to another and can express themselves differently.

These reactions are "positive" reactions because they contribute to showing that one is a babyfur. They are the expression of one's babyfur side in one's regular time. Such reactions could be considered a "leak" of the secret. It is perhaps this fear that push certain babyfurs to having a more "negative" reaction.

A negative reactions is a reaction that aims to "hide" one's babyfur side. Indeed, many factors might come into pushing one to have these reactions. Earlier mentioned "fear of being discovered" is perhaps the most common and pertinent factor.

Negative reactions can range from mild to more extreme as well. One example of a mild reactions could be an overall more so quoted "politically correct" form of behavior including a uncessesary amount of care being put into looking one's age or perhaps even older. This type of reaction is not too strange. Seen in many other context, it is a reaction that goes towareds a more extreme opposite direction, in hopes of putting oneself beyond suspicion. In that sense, a person experiencing negative reactions to being a babyfur could try to act more mature or adapting a behavioral pattern that wouldn't fit the portrait of babyfur in hopes of making other think along the lines of "Him? I never would've thought it."

More extreme reactions may go to a trully more "negative" sort of behavior, sometimes going as far as apathy for some people. An example could be an older person despising younger children. The example of the school yard bully could be applied in this case. Indeed, the old child would try to suppress, to downplay the younger children, once again, for a similar reason to that mentioned above; to hide one's so called "condition" and in hopes of putting one's self beyond doubt of being a babyfur.

It is somewhat interesting to note that those experiencing mild negative reactions are those who sometimes will be less aware of them experiencing reactions to being babyfurs at all. Indeed, those experiencing negative reactions are often unaware that their behavior that may be unrelated to being a babyfur are actually caused by a subconscious desire to hide the "condition."

It should be noted however, that these two categories of reactions are not inter-preventive. This means that one person could experience certain positive reactions and other negative ones.

These two types of reactions should not, as mentioned earlier, be confused witht the concepts of good and bad. Any type of reaction taken too far can become bad, while in smaller doses can be a positive thing. A more optimistic view of life brought from a positive reaction can't hurt and a more a habit of being organized brought from a negative reaction is all the better for a person.

These is however, one more thing one should keep in mind when doing a auto-psychoanalysis. It should be noted that though this essay has talked of certain habits of one's personal life as being effects of being a babyfur, it should be noted that this is not always the case. Sometimes, a said habit of some sort could be the cause of being a babyfur. In that sense, a sense of connection and relation to children could've cause done to being a babyfur, and not the other way around for example. Or, a person could have these traits beforehand and not having being a babyfur as being their "cause" but rather, the person's default personality.

Being a babyfur can, will and does have effects on one's personal life. What kind of reaction will depend on each person's judgement. Whether these are reactions that one wishes to show or not will depend and change from one person to another. One could wish to show or hide a positive reaction or negative reaction.
This essay was written as a form of self-phylosophying and is meant for entertainment purposes only. It should not be taken to extremes. The comments and opinions voiced in this essay are those of the authors. The factual information given in this essay is the result of thought of not of research and therefore, this essay should not be used as a source of facts.

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Reactions to being a babyfur: Essay
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