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 Little Big Brother

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The Sleeping Fox


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PostSubject: Little Big Brother   Fri Jul 06, 2007 8:12 pm

Hey everyone,

This is a story i've been wanting to write for a whiel, and trust me, it will gets alot better...

Little Big Brother:

Chapter One:

One Wish…

The cool night air wisped away the fallen autumn leaves as the townspeople of “Borough” bustled to get to their homes and out of the cold. Two or three stray dogs roamed the streets in search of shelter, and the cry of a single bird echoed and lingered on the cold night air. But not all was quiet this night at Blackfire manor. An older teen would be found trying to console his wailing baby brother.

This boy is Tobias.

Tobias was the son of a famous explorer and therefore he was extremely well off in the financial area. He was eighteen and in his last year of high school. He was a very charismatic red fox he wore square dark brown rimmed glasses and had long head fur that draped over his left eye. The fur on his chin was longer giving him the goatee effect, he was very toned, and he had a very protective personality.

Tobias’ younger brother Tynan looked a lot like he did. He was one year of age, and never really saw his father for more than a week at a time. He was also a red fox, but he has a black birthmark on his butt shaped like crescent moon. His head fur was always messy no matter what was done with it, and unlike his brother he was very affectionate.

After finally getting his brother to sleep Tobias smiled with relief. Placing his baby brother in his crib the older teen fox sighed, rotating his stiff arm in a vain attempt to loosen it. It was the third time tonight his brother had woken him up crying and it was getting old. He stood over the crib watching the young cub sleep wishing his father were here to do this but otherwise knowing better, and enjoying the temporary quiet that he suspected would soon be broken in an hour’s time.

“Finally,” he thought to himself, “I can get some sleep.”

He stood above the crib for a while in quiet contemplation of how things would have been if his mother hadn’t gone mentally insane.

“I can’t wait for you to grow up…soon”

The boy yawned as he turned to walk towards his bed. He never really understood why his father insisted on Tynan and him sharing the same room, there were more than enough spare rooms in other parts of the house but his father had always been like that. He always used to say, “family comes first.” Tobias laughed at the irony of that phrase coming from the man who was never home to make an example of it. Oh well.

As he reached his bed Tobias tripped over something and with arms flailing he hit the floor with a thud. It was soft and stuffed. Obviously it was one of Tynan’s plush toys. He looked down to see which one it was. Baby bear.

“Stupid bear,” Tobias thought out loud.

As Tobias lifted himself off the floor he noticed a small piece of paper under the bed. He picked it up and studied it. It was a business card that read:

“One Wish… Choose Carefully…”

Tobias laughed.

“Hah!” he exclaimed. “Wishes don’t come true…I should know.”

As he stood up he flicked the card away sending it flying across the room. By now the soft winds outside were howling and a storm had started up. The thunder boomed waking Tynan up. In a panic he cried for his older brother.

Tobias rested his face in his hands. “Sometimes I wish you weren’t such a baby.”

As he said this there was another boom. He thought it was thunder but it was followed bright flash centred in Tynan’s crib. Tobias fell back in shock.

“What The Crap Was That!”

Realising where it came from he scrambled onto his feet and rushed to the now smoking crib.

“Please be okay,” he repeatedly over an over again thinking that lightning had hit the crib.

As the smoke cleared a young teen appeared out of the crib.

“T-Tynan?” He asked as he tried to comprehend what was happening.
“Yup!” The younger teen said happily as he sat in his crib.
“I’m…going crazy,” he thought to himself as he looked at his brother as if he had three heads.
“What’s wrong?”

Tobias let out a nervous laugh and everything went black. He fainted.

* * *

Tobias woke up the next morning with a pulsing migraine. He dragged himself off the floor and sat up against the footboard of his bed.

“What a crazy dream,” he thought to himself as he rubbed his forehead, “note to self; never eat a pound of chocolate before going to sleep.”

He looked groggily at his alarm clock. It read, 9:03.

“Late for school,” he sighed, “and on the first day too.”

As he looked back down at the floor he saw his brother sitting in front of him smiling sheepishly.

“Hey kiddo…wait, how did you get out of your crib, and where are your clothes?”

Tynan giggled as his brother looked at him with a funny face of amazement, shock, and wonder. Then the child’s eyes went wide and his head cocked back.

“Ah-ah-ah-ACHOO!” The baby sneezed and there was another big flash of light. As the smoke cleared once again there sat the teen from Tobias’s supposed dream.

“Hey,” Tynan exclaimed, “I’m big again.”
“It…wasn’t a…dream?” he said in a panicked, questioning tone.
“Nope!” the boy smiled. “Why do you ask?”
“N-no reason.”

His former baby brother now looked to be around the age of twelve. He still had the same messy hair and that baby faced cute charm about him but now he was older.

“How am I going to explain this to dad?” he thought to himself.

Then it hit him.

“Where’s the card?” he asked rhetorically.

Tobias lunged towards a mixed pile of his dirty clothes, CDs, and books. Tynan watched as his older brother in a panic started tossing them in every direction. After tearing apart his entire room he lay down on his bed and sighed as he stared at the ceiling.

“Why can’t I find that stupid card?”
“You mean this card?” Tynan asked as he held it up in plain sight.
“YES!” He said a little frustrated but relieved at the same time. “Oh thank god! “There’s a number on the back.”
Chapter 2:

The Events that followed…

“What Do You Mean Can’t Be Reversed!” Tobias yelled at the operator on the other end of the phone. “You have to do something, I didn’t want this!”
“I’m sorry sir,” The operator said in a female drone like manner, “there’s nothing we can do about it. But we will be send you a complementary fruit basket.”
“Damn It!” he yelled as he hung up the phone, watching his now teenaged brother playing with baby blocks. “What am I going to do?”

All of a sudden with a loud crack another person appeared. He was a pure white rabbit with amber eyes. He was wearing a sleeveless tee with torn form fitting blue jeans he was carrying a messengers bag and had a hat that was sprouting tiny white angel wings.

“Hi I’m Crysist, I’m from the One Wish corporation,” he introduced himself as he dug through his bag for a letter not paying attention to his surroundings, “ I have a fruit basket for a T. Blackfire.”

As he pulled out a letter from his bag he looked up in time to see Tobias pouncing at him with his teeth and claws bared. He hit the floor hard and Tobias wrapped his hand around the rabbit’s neck.

“What did you do to my brother?” Tobias yelled.
“N-nothing man.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah I swear.”
“My brother’s is one years old.”
“Yeah and?”
“Take a look,” Tobias said as he directed the bunny’s head in the direction of Tynan.
“Man you royally screwed yourself,” He laughed, “but you’re not going to get any help from me Mister strangle the messenger…and I’m taking the fruit basket!”

With another loud crack Tobias’s only hope disappeared.

“Oh Crap, how can this get any worse?”

Tobias then took another look at his alarm clock.


* * *

As Tobias pushed open the doors of his high school he was careful to look to see if there was anyone in the halls. Once the coast was clear he grabbed hold of Tynan’s hand and pulled him along beside him.

“What am I thinking bringing this brat to school with me?” he wondered to himself.

As he continued on through the halls of the school he stopped at his locker and started to proceed with his combination.

“I don’t want to be here,” Tynan pointed out, “why can’t I just go to daycare?”
“Because, I don’t think that you would fit in at daycare now, and I’m not risking a sneezing fit when I’m not around,”
“No buts about it,” Tobias explained as he opened his locker, “you’re here now and we’ll have to deal with it.”
“I still can’t believe it,” Tobias said as he pulled two books out of his locker and a couple of writing utensils, “…this is one messed up wish.”

As he shut his locker Tobias grabbed Tynan’s hand once more and started towards the first class on his schedule. He was careful when he passed the vice-principal’s office not to be too conspicuous but before he could reach his classroom he was stopped.

“Mister Blackfire,” a middle-aged feminine voice beckoned, “where are you going?”

Tobias turned to see an older female bulldog with long black head fur. She was wearing the same suit she wore everyday, a bright purple form fitting English businesswoman’s suit.

“Well…I was just getting back to class and”-
“Enough excuses,” she cut in, “who is this…and why are you holding hands?”

Tobias quickly let go on Tynan’s hand and continued to answer.

“This is my brother Miss. Constance.”
“Isn’t your brother a baby?”
“N-no,” he thought quickly, “this is my other brother, the one that has been travelling with my father.”
“Other brother?” she muttered softly, but not to sound stupid she retorted. “Right then off you go…oh and Mister Blackfire if I find you late once more I will see you in detention.”

As she gave Tobias one last judgemental and stern glare the teacher marched off down the hall.

“Phew, that was a close one,” Tobias said when the teacher was out of earshot.
“Yeah she’s mean.”
“She’s not the worst of them.”

In saying this Tobias continued on to his first class. As they reached the classroom Tynan stopped a few feet away from the door.

“Come on Tynan, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”
“I know but…” Tynan gave him a nervous but ashamed smile, “I…had an…accident.”
“W-what?” Tobias’ eyes went wide as he saw the rather large wet spot in the front of Tynan’s pants.

Tobias sighed and he grabbed Tynan’s hand and led him to the bathroom.

“So let me get this right, Tobias said as he pushed open the bathroom door, and locked it behind him and Tynan, “you’re able to read, write, and do arithmetic, but you can’t use the toilet?”
“I-I guess…”
“This really is a messed up wish, luckily I prepared for the worst.

Tobias slung his Backpack off his back and started to rummage through it.

“You’re lucky I carry this wherever I go,” Tobias told his brother.

Tobias pulled out a new pair of school pants, some wipes, lotion, and a rather large diaper. He then rolled out a towel and motioned for Tynan to come closer. He then proceeded to undo his brother’s belt and then continued to take off his pants and underwear.

“Now lie down.”

Tynan complied with his brother’s command and Tobias started to clean him with wipes.

“Brother,” Tynan said looking up at him. “Why do you have these big diapers?”
“Well…” he blushed as he placed the diaper underneath Tynan, “I used to have a wetting problem, and the regular diapers for my age didn’t hold the amount of fluid my bladder produced so Dad had to special order these.”
“Oh…well then…why do they fit me?”
“I was your size when I had the problem,” he replied as he threaded Tynan’s tail through the diaper’s hole and taped it, “yeah… I was fifteen when I finally stopped.”

The school bell then cut him off.

Tobias didn’t say anymore after this. He helped his brother into the dry set of pants and put the wet ones in a plastic bag and then into his backpack. He unlocked the bathroom and he took his brother by the hand again. Second period had started. It was time for art class. At least this class would be fun.

* * *

that's all for now, I hope you enjoyed it...


The Sleeping Fox
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PostSubject: Re: Little Big Brother   Fri Jul 06, 2007 9:51 pm

One messed up wish indeed! It's pretty good. It did move by rather quickly though. Still if there's more coming, I'll be looking forward to it!
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Little Big Brother
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