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 evanessence reborn (!mature content!)

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PostSubject: evanessence reborn (!mature content!)   Sat Jul 14, 2007 2:32 pm



A lone fox limped quickly across the vast expanse of the northern kataran wasteland. belted to his back were two swords. One black, held horizontally, the handle pointing to the right. And the other white, held diagonally, the handle in easy reach of his left hand. The proffered hand was, of course, still as immobile as it had been for the past thirty years. By looks alone, he did not appear to be over thirty. in fact even in the large trench coat he wore, he barely passed for thirteen years. His hands moved upward to readjust the goggles that covered his sensitive eyes, and he grumbled to himself at the hand fate had dealt him.
"It just figures they'd have me doing their work... the dangerous work of course. After all I did for the ungrateful little wretches!"
The white sheathe rattled and he growled at it, "I know tenchu. two miles and closing, clamp it already."
Two miles later, tenchu released itself from the sheathe and then slammed itself blade first into the ground, rattling wildly.
"Are you sure this time?", it rattled once in agreement, "fine. better to destroy the cancer before it has time to grow."
After a moments contemplation he began to chant, "fifth gate, soul of flame. banish to the...... what the-"
A silver liquid mass formed in front of him and began to... beep?

"Heck!" ko-yami sat up, drenched in sweat. He looked around confusedly, and found the alarm clock, after a moment (unable to find the off button) he yanked the cord from the wall.
He shivered and then ran to the bathroom, throwing up just as he got there.
"Ugh... not a hangover... is it? can't be, I don't drink... but last night was..."
He looked in the mirror. His pelt and tail were drenched in sweat and his hair hung like a silver curtain down one side of his face. He opened his eyes fully, the pupils were always red, but that was no bother... What did disturb him was the fact that they were bloodshot.
As he gazed, four skeletal faces appeared in the mirror, this was the sigil of the vast majority, the combined will of all the dead and living as a single multiminded organism. "Speak or leave. I am not in the mood for theatrics."
The four skulls looked at him from eyeless sockets, and then began to gibber amongst themselves. Then they turned with a jerk and opened their mouths. Ko-yami's world instantly went black.
He awoke in the place he had dreamed of, the white sword across his back and no memory of how he got there. "Tenchu. any suggestions?" The sword was silent. ko-yami glared at it, the snows of the wasteland crossing his sight as he did so. "Great. the one time I want you to respond and you...... it's cold out here. and where is here exactilee....."
He stumbled on, not seeing the forest cropping up around him. some time later he came across a tall, hollowed out redwood. The windows carved into it glowed with a welcoming light. He limped towards them and fell into the arms of a bespectacled vixen who had watched his progress.
She raised an eyebrow at her burden, "You are?"
He managed to speak coherently, "Ko-yami...."
"Nice to meet then"
He half smiled and then, blacked out.

Chapter one

A small white fox lay on the bed, his silver hair framing his face in a cute display. The room he slept in was a clutter of objects, one of the legs of the bed being a pile of old grimoire and magazines. It was also inhabited by a dresser that was literally covered in odds and ends, as well as a tilted, frameless mirror hung on the wall.
Ko-yami squirmed and mumbled in his sleep. As if in the throes of a nightmare.
The elder fox reached out and stroked his cheek, half-smiling, she was dressed in a pair of jeans that showed off her curvy body and a loose, lacy, long sleeved black shirt.
As she removed her paw, the kit began to stir.
If silk were a voice it would have been the vixen's, "Good evening ko-yami."
The kit sat bolt upright, and suddenly grabbed his left arm, gritting his fangs.
"Are you alright?"
He opened his muzzle and tried to form the words he wanted to speak, only to have them come out odd and squeaky, "It huwts."
The vixen looked concerned and bent to take a closer look, noting that his arm was marked by tattoos and scars all over, "How in the world did that happen to you?"
He appeared to notice his surroundings, and began to speak slowly sounding more adult-like with each sentence, however, the effect was spoiled by his appearance which was somewhere around three or four years old "a mortal? but kitsune? then Iím still in tarra..." he regained some composure "I don't know what possessed you to take me, but I am a nothing, and you shouldn't concern your self in the affairs of the immor...... WHY am I wearing a diaper?"
She giggled, bringing light back into her beautiful features, "Well, you've been out for two days, after the first day... I really didn't want to have to wash the sheets again, and well... you are a kit."
He flopped back down, "Someone had the bright idea of summoning the vast majority, I will find the idiot and I will send him past the gates"
She had an understanding look on her furry features and looked somewhat concerned.
But suddenly ko-yami was gripped by a strong headache. And after the spots had cleared from his vision he remembered very little other than the magic that he knew, and some memories that couldn't be forgotten.
"Oww" He rubbed his forehead, wondering where the phantom pain had come from. "it's all blurry again..."
The vixen looked as if she had remembered something, "ko-yami, I believe I owe you an explanation. my name is Beth, and you looked like you needed help badly, you were out in that snow drift completely unprotected, so I took you in. what I don't get is why you shape shifted like that. I mean... Iíve wanted a kit for a while but, well... the powers that be must have a sense of humor, I suppose you'll be wanting to go home now right?"

Ko-yami looked at her, wishing he knew what to say to this goddess of vulpine perfection, "Shape shift? why would I shape shift? All I can do is the kyuubi form and... home? I don't think I ever had a home."

She looked stunned. "really?" She paused for a moment "Ummm, as you can see, I have a lot of room here, and... it gets lonely after a while."
"Until I figure out what happened and why Iím here I guess I could... be your kit"
She grinned, and then smacked her forehead as she realized that she forgot something else. "are ya hungry?"
His growling stomach told her everything she needed to know.
She walked out and ko-yami heard her clattering around in one of the many boxes littering the hall, and then a noise from the direction of the kitchen. a few minutes later she came back in with a bottle full of warm milk.
"Is that what I think it is?"
"A bottle? of course. I thought it might help to feed you on liquids till Iím sure you won't get sick, you were in that storm an awful long time y'know."
He looked downcast but took the bottle, "Thanks..."
He spent a moment just staring and contemplating, before Beth picked him up and sat him in her lap. He looked up startled, "Wha?"
"Calm down and lean back."
He leaned back, she put the nipple in his mouth and he began to suckle.
His eyes closed, and a little while later he was asleep.
Beth looked at the anklet on Ko-yami's left paw, three black lines connected to a silver circle, and wondered how he had come to wear one. Only eight people in the known world wore one and three knew it's meaning. she shook the feeling off, knowing that things weren't always as they seemed, and lifted her pant leg to reveal her own.
Beth carefully levered ko-yami off of her lap and walked out of the room. She giggled and then whispered, "Thank you god. Finally a kit of my own, and he's sooo cute!"
She quietly padded to the bathroom. Once inside, she stripped off her pants but instead of panties she wore a thin adult diaper. A thin WET adult diaper. She sat in the floor and laughed, "Sign of my second kit hood and lovin it!" She laid back and stuck her hand down the front of her diaper. She began to finger herself and panted as she did so. She began to use more force and then gasped. It felt as if she were wetting herself again, once the sensation ended she untaped the diaper and pulled the front down. Mixed in with her urine from earlier in the day was a large quantity of a sticky substance, "Wet and wonderful," She murmured and then she yanked the front back up and began to wet more. The sensation of wetting herself, mixed with the masturbation moments ago, was too much and she came inside her diaper again. She curled her tail and paws in pleasure.
She stood up and stripped completely, and then walked over to the shower. She took off her glasses and pulled her hair free from the ponytail it had been in and stepped in.
As the water cascaded down her body she smiled, thinking to herself *"Everything so good all at once. he was right, as he was about everything else"*
She stepped out and shook the water off her body. After rustling for a moment in yet another box, she pulled out a bathrobe.
Beth quietly padded out into the hall and into her room, she looked at ko-yami and smiled again. She thought for a minute and dug into the closet and pulled out another diaper. She then streaked out back into bathroom. She leaned against the wall and began to rediaper herself. afterwards She carefully combed her hair and then snapped her fingers as an idea hit her. she snapped her fingers again and spoke a word that made her lips tingle. A heat haze appeared above her paw and she ran it over her hair, drying it carefully, she then used the same care to dry her tail and pelt.
She walked out, into what served as her living room, and laid down on top of a pile of rather dusty cushions. She fingered the front of her diaper unconsciously, contemplating what to do till her mysterious guest woke up again.
Some time later, she was in front of the stove, in another lacy shirt, heating up two large cans of clam chowder, singing to herself, "You promised me heaven and put me through hell, dreams of love got a hold on me, when lust is a prison you can't break free. You're a loaded gun, noone can save me the damage you've done." Although a lot of the words slipped her mind, she had the beat right and it sounded good.
Before him stood a creature, bent with... age and malicious intent.
It's lank white hair was matted and interwoven with thistles, and it's large red eyes stared blindly at him. The feathers stood at odd positions on it's four once-white wings, and like it's sodden tail, dragged on the ground, like a water logged corpse, as it walked. In it's right hand was a long black spear, and it's left was covered in an intricate whorl of scar and tattoo, forming into the spell symbols used to open the nine gates.
Contrary to it's appearance, it's voice was mortal enough, and almost but not quite managed to sound like ko-yami.
"Let me out please. It's been so long in this darkness, I'm losing the will to live"
After no response it bared it's fangs and snarled, it's voice changing to a harsher gutteral howl, "Give me my body! My life! Your soul!"
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PostSubject: Re: evanessence reborn (!mature content!)   Sat Jul 14, 2007 2:33 pm

beth ran in from the kitchen, her right hand sparking from a defensive spell.
"ko-yami, what is it? what happened?!"
ko-yami crouched at the head of the bed and stared in mortal terror, at the full length mirror at the far end of the room. despite the fact that the mirror was absolutely normal in every way, what he saw while looking into it, was a waking nightmare. it took a few minutes to register that he only saw himself in it, but even so, his heart still beat furiously.
"i'm okay, just spooked a little... momma"
beth blinked then a smile lit her face again, and she scooped him up in a bear hug.
after snuggling him for a few minutes she announced, "breakfast is ready. but first my little kit needs to be changed, you're soaked!".
ko-yami looked aghast. "how? all i had was that bottle of mil...okay then."
she picked him up and then used her dresser as a makeshift changing table to quickly change him into a disposable diaper.
ko-yami was impressed, "you must have been practicing that."
she grinned "i'll never tell..." and then put him down after a light swat at his tail.
"do you want me to carry you?" she asked
"no, if i'm going to be staying here then it helps to know the layout of the house"
she laughed, "can't blame you there."
unlike most kits his "age" ko-yami had no trouble walking, and held both his head and tail aloft with the regal bearing of a lord. his right arm swung with his steps as he moved but his left remained motionless, he followed the mouthwatering scents to the kitchen, and ignored it.
beth ran up behind him and grabbed him under the arms, giggling and then slid to the makeshift table in her living room, which she had set before ko-yami's untimely wakeup call. "ignore the mess, i tend to get a bit cluttered after being out here alone for so many months" she went to sit down and thumped her head on an over hanging root.
she paused for a minute to rub at the sore spot it had given her, "i hope you like clam chowder, it seems that's all that was in the kitchen... i need to get groceries." she looked somewhat emberassed.
"did you, by any chance, say clam chowder?" ko-yami was drooling.
fifteen minutes and three steaming bowls later,
"you know i've never seen anyone eat that much food, that fast" she was wide eyed, almost giggling again.
"to someone like me, even the worst food is heavenly... not to say that your a bad cook, i just havn't eaten this week, so anything tastes good at the moment... and i'm really partial to clam chowder." he blushed and leaned back.
she fell into a deep belly laughter at that, "... wait, you're serious?"
he nodded.
the waistband on his diaper was visibly tighter, and as he stared at it, he noticed something. he still retained control of his bodily functions, apparently the night before had been a product of stress and the two bottles of warm milk.
'well', he thought 'she wanted a kit...', and with a small grin, messed himself.
it took a moment before beth noticed the smell, "i thought so, three bowls was a litle too much." she nodded sagely, and started giggling again, "well, i guess i have to change you again."
he held up his arms, "make it so number one," at which point they both fell on the floor laughing.
she picked him up around the waist and 'flew' him back to her bedroom. "pilot to bombardier, release hatch one!" he crashed into the bed, with a fit of laughter.
after rummaging around in the bottom of her dresser for a minute, she came up with another diaper and a package of wipes. at which point ko-yami got a sudden urge and soaked his diaper again. the already overused garment turned a sodden yellow and began to get horribly squishy. ko-yami wriggled in pleasure at the feeling it gave him, he placed a paw on the front and rubbed himself, causing it to tent up a moment later, he murred in pleasure.
"enjoying yourself?"
"yipe!" ko-yami jumped in suprise.
"don't worry, it's perfectly natural."
"besides. we both know, you're old enough to have those urges, even if you don't look like it."

a moment later she told him to lay down and she began to to change him, this time being very meticulous about it. she carefully cleaned him back to front, and then slid a clean diaper under him, being careful to thread his tail through. "... y'know, it might be a better idea to use two this time." and so she did.
"well, judging by the state of my cabinets, i think we'll make a trip to town."
"in that mess?"
"don't underestimate me." she said with a sly smirk, "first though, we need to get you dressed for the weather. i know i have some kid's clothes in one of these boxes....." she muttered and began to dig, "in case you were wondering, i have a packrat tendency. I can't force myself to throw out anything."
"i kinda guessed."
she stood up suddenly, holding a large cardboard box, and walked right into another overhanging root, "next on the list, a chainsaw."
she placed the box on the floor, "see if you can find anything good in there. i'll be right back."
she snuck into the living room, and unbuttoned her pants slipping them back down, to reveal her diaper. the inside was already wet, but not from urine.
y'see, beth had more than a few secrets. for one, she was far older than she looked, as could be told by her anklet. for another, her body had an odd condition in which it was always in a state of arousal. that condition wasn't helped by the fact that she was constantly in diapers, in fact, just being in them was excuse enough for her to indulge herself.
which she did.
this time, she began to rub the front of the diaper, speeding up a bit as she went, the rough cloth of the diaper rubbing across the sensitive skin of her clit. she reached up with a paw, and began to knead her rock-hard breasts. finally hitting orgasm, spurting heavily into her diaper. after catching her breath, she pulled back the leg gatherer on one side to have a look and found she'd come more than usual, her juices dripping languidly down the gatherer onto her shapely legs, lubricating her for later exploits.
she stood up, and began to rummage through the boxes again. after a moment, she came up with a small box connected to two egg shaped objects by a wire. as well as a much thicker diaper. she grinned and sat down in the floor, untaping the tapes that held on the diaper she was wearing. she inserted the eggs with a small squelch, glad that she'd thought to masturbate for lubrication, and unraveled the wire, putting the small box to the side. she pulled her diaper back up and redid the tapes. she then unfolded the thick new diaper and sat on it, using her short claws to rip a few lines into the first diaper and then taped up the second one. she took a length of leather from the same box and wrapped it around the small wired box. after a minute of preparation, she hit the power button and pulled on a pair of snowpants that had been hanging on an over head root. her tail curled in pleasure again as the eggs began to vibrate slowly.
she squished the front of her diaper as an extra incentive to herself and walked back into the room ko-yami was in.
ko-yami had managed to find and put on a long blue overcoat and snowpants, as well as some gauze for his left arm. he had also dug up a toboggan that had slots for his ears. all dressed up, with the diaper bulge around his middle, he was too cute.
he looked at beth and said, "ready now?"
she grabbed a coat, another toboggan with ear slots, and a long black bag, "ready as i'll ever be."

Chapter two

before they left, ko-yami looked by the door. there sat tenchu on slightly dusty, but lovingly crafted base. he whispered to it, "protect this place..."
beth picked up ko-yami and then walked out the door. as soon as she passed the lintel ko-yami shuddered and whimpered, trying to cover his eyes.
beth stepped back in, "i thought i forgot something, you were wearing these when we first met." she put his goggles on, but slid then back up to get a better look at his eyes. "red and grey... my god, you're a living wonder..."
she walked back out, with ko-yami now comfortable, and walked around the tree. she came to what could almost be mistaken for a small hill, and gave it a tap with her foot. the snow fell away to reveal a streamlined red motorcycle, "the red baron mark two. a little present to myself a couple years ago."
ko-yami grinned, "should i ask what happened to the mark one then?"
she put on a solemn face, playing along with the joke "oy! twas such a shundah. i shoo nebah booy der go-juice from der man mit der pointy moose tache!" and then broke into a case of the giggles.
she sat ko-yami on the bike and strapped the bag to the side, then clambered in behind him.
a few minutes later, they were both tucked down, speeding along a bare road. the speedometer read well over a hundred miles an hour, but neither cared.
both were wetting from the sheer exhilaration of the ride.
they coasted into the city at around fifty miles an hour, both frozen to the seat but lustily singing "shot to the heart"(bon jovi =^_^=), beth's diapers vibrating quietly.
she put down the kick-stand and put ko-yami on her shoulders. he giggled a bit at the kittish treatment and rode happily.

"let's see...... we need to get food, something that will last a while, that we can easily carry back. as well as diapers for you, i actually have very few left and then--"
"ging-g-g-g-ger snaps!"
he was on the floor in seconds, running on all fours full tilt towards the snacks isle.
beth looked skyward, and then catching the scent herself, ran after him.
she found him lying below the shelf hugging a large bag of ginger snaps, grinning from ear to ear.
she said, "we're going to need more than one.... those really do smell good."
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PostSubject: Re: evanessence reborn (!mature content!)   Sat Jul 14, 2007 2:34 pm

forty minutes later they walked outside carrying a few small bags, enough food for about two weeks, with ko-yami balamcing a package of diapers aop his head.
they got to the baron and beth, kicking a spot behind the front tire, pulled out two bungie cords.
noticing ko-yami's stare, "until i get time to install a sidecar we'll have to rely on using these alot."
"lady step away from the bike!"
two wolves dressed in mugging gear walked toward them, one armed with a hunting knife, the other with brass knuckles.
ko-yami stepped in front of beth, who was reaching below the seat for something. he spoke in a voice that sounded far older than his own, "get. back. now."
the pair laughed, and the brass knuckled one mocked him, "why look it's a little baby all dressed up for a night on da town, soooo cute. he must think he's a match for us."
ko-yami whispered three words that scorched the air around him, and formed a small flame in his paw.

now the muggers were interested, "so, a mage, bring it on you little baby!"
the one holding the knife moved his paws in a several complex gestures, and suddenly the knife was longer and glowing with electrical energy.
ko-yami flipped up his goggles and looked directly at him, "don't ever call me a baby."
the wolf stood stock still, unable to move, and ko-yami dashed towards him. he targeted the wolf's knees with a kick, bringing the would be attacker down to his level, before administering a knock out blow to the back of his head. the other wolf simply stared, his mouth hanging open, speechless.
"pick him up and get out of my sight."
the mugger stuttered, "w-w-who are you?"
ko-yami looked over and with a terrifying calmness stated, "i am the left hand of god. that is all you need to know."
beth glared at the wolf and opened the black bag, inside was a long, thin rapier. she grinned menacingly and the wolf ran, tail between his legs. ko-yami looked at beth and blinked sleepily, "can we go home now?"
she picked him up, and hugged him, whispering "nice job."
he yawned and clambered onto the baron, his goggles now back on, shielding him from the sun.
----one hour later----
ko-yami looked up from his spot on beth's lap, and smiled. "momma can i have another bottle?"
she got up and snagged a bottle from the fridge, and sat back down, holding ko-yami like an infant once more. however, the milk was still cold, ko-yami looked at it for a minute and then held his left arm in front of him and murmered three words once more, causing a small black flame to appear in his paw. he warmed the bottle as beth watched, stunned that her adopted child had such immaculate control over his powers, and also stunned because the last time she had seen someone summon fire that color, it had been over a millenia ago in the hands of the man who brought her back from the brink of death.
ko-yami fell asleep a few minutes afterward, and beth once again snuck out into the living room and dropped her pants. she turned up the vibrator just a little bit, and unconciously wet herself from the vibration. moments later she came in it again, in a warm wet splurt, and peeled back the gatherer. both diapers were nearly full to bursting with her juices after her session moments ago and her unconcious reactions to the vibrator that whole afternoon. she walked back to the bedroom, completely forgetting her pants, and climbed into the bed. she curled tail in pleasure once more and turned the vibrator up one more notch.
----fifteen minutes later----
beth was out cold.
completely asleep.
ko-yami woke and looked at her for a moment before inspiration suddenly struck him. he stuck the nipple of the still half full bottle in her mouth, and she began to unconciously suckle. he watched for a while, and then noticed she had no pants on.
it struck him that her panties were abnormally large. he stared for a moment and then grinned, laughing silently to himself. they were comfy, so he couldn't blame her for cubbing out, could he? as he noticed the wires and the box, he raised an eyebrow. he reached over, and pulled back the leg gatherer. he glanced in and noticing her diaper's cum-filled condition, let it go. he thought to himself, *"oh yeah, she's cubbing out alright!"*
then he reached over and turned the vibrator up full blast.
beth smiled in her sleep and came yet again, with a wet 'splush'. her diapers suddenly hitting their limit, she began to leak.
ko-yami didn't notice. he had slipped down onto the floor. the front of his diaper was tented in full salute, he was so hard it almost hurt, and completely soaked.
he began to rub the front with his right paw, gently at first, then harder. he laid down on the floor and rocked his hips and legs, thrusting against his paw. he hit an orgasm of his own moments later. it was too powerful for his small body and he filled his diapers with his seed rapidly. it spread from the front to the seat in an instant. he moaned softly and then started rubbing again, fully engrossed in his pleasure. he spurted once more. the force yet again too much for his small body. and the diapers, already partway full from both urine and semen, ballooned outward with a 'squish'. ko-yami leaned back and fell asleep, drained.
(=^_^= foxes are insatiable. where do you think the legends of succubus and incubus came from?)

----sometime later----

beth woke up, and stretched luxriantly in her bed. she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and leaned forward, her diaper squishing noisily. she spotted ko-yami on the floor, curled up with his tail touching his nose. she picked him up and put him on the bed, and began to change him. she thought to herself, *"i'm glad we used two on him and..."* she looked down *"on me as well."* she untaped ko-yami's outside diaper and noticed it was nearly full, she untaped the second and was hit by a set of conflicting scents, both urine and sex. *"definitely not your average kit..."*
ko-yami smirked and beth could hear his voice in her head, *"i could say the same of you, momma"*. beth's eyes traveled downward and her face flushed a deep crimson, "I-I-I-I can explain..."
"no need to, if it makes you feel that good, then keep it up. i think you look rather cute in them."
she finished changing him and picked him up, snuggling with him.
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PostSubject: Re: evanessence reborn (!mature content!)   Sat Jul 14, 2007 2:35 pm

chapter three

things went well for the next week, when beth discovered ko-yami's gourmet talent in the kitchen, after coming in covered in grease from modifying the baron.
or rather it went well until an unexpected group of visitors showed up...

the lights in the house began flashing red, and a piercing alarm sounded out, followed by a computerized voice, "demon insurgence imminent! take precautionary measures!"
ko-yami looked up from the puzzle he'd been working on. "momma?"
beth stood and grabbed the rapier she kept on the mantle. "wanna come with?" she asked with a grin. his eyes reflexively turned fully red, and he grinned as well, "we'll show em how it's done."
"KO-YAMI, come out with your paws up and tenchu sheathed!" a teenaged voice, with wolf and a hint of cat in it.
ko-yami slumped, "oh god, anyone but him..." he picked up tenchu from the stand by the door, and walked out wearing just a diaper and shirt, followed closely by beth.
there were exactly nine people outside the door, of all races and creeds.
the wolf outside snarled at him, "tell that arrogant little whelp to get out here now!"
"go ahead. call me that again, keep in mind i'll beat you for it later though." the wolf looked at him, shocked.
"ayup. blame the vast majority if you like. it was their idea. X!"
a heavily scarred orange fox wearing a red surcoat walked forward, and sat sieza style in front of ko-yami. "lord?"
"i don't trust leo, tell me what you came calling for."
"i think he wants you to come back I-" a glowing green ball popped up at his shoulder and interrupted, "I think he just wants to fight."
the wolf laughed, "there is no honor in beating a little brat, but i think i'd enjoy it. y'know, your looks finally suit you."
ko-yami held out his right paw and murmered three words that at any other time would have scorched the air as he spoke them, but nothing happened. "huh?"
he snapped his paw, no effect. his left hand grasped tenchu, but as he tried to pull it, it pulled back. he removed his hand, his veins standing out from the effort, "shit. my power... it's gone!"
the wolf looked at him with a wicked grin, "i've been itching to do this for years!"
a flame appeared in his paw and began to swirl, growing larger every second.
"unholy dragon twister!"
he slammed the flame into ko-yami at point blank range, and ko-yami fell back stunned, "most i could ever expect out of that... he's not dead, damn."
"LEO! what the hell?" x glared at him.
at that moment leo felt the tip of a rapier tickling his throat. "don't touch my son." beth looked pissed
"and what the hell are you gonna do, ya pussified vixen?"
her frown deepened, and she gritted her fangs.
her rapier hit him in a blur of motion, seconds later, every stitch of his clothing had unraveled and he found himself crisscrossed with hairline scars.
"want me to go deeper?"
leo turned tail and ran. "i'll be back! with better armor!"
x bowed hastily, blushing, "sorry, he's a bit of a loon...", he and the rest of the group followed the now rapidly retreating leo.
ko-yami woke up sometime later, in a hotspring.
"sorry, i thought it would be best to take you here..." beth was reclined in the water, glasses off, next to ko-yami.
he groggily asked, "what happened? what did i miss?"
beth grinned at him, "let's just 'leo' suffered a case of nuditis."
"wish i could've seen that, he'll be emberassed for weeks."
"ummm beth?" he said, blushing, "aren't you incontenent?"
"what if one of us umm... lets go while we're in here?"
"the water gets rid of all that. in fact it has purifying and healing properties, it's healing you up from earlier as we speak."
ko-yami closed his eyes and let the water run over him.
he voiced his thoughts as he rested, "my powers... i couldn't use them out there. it's like this body is inimical to mage power. it scares me, since thats what i've relied on my whole life."
"maybe you're going about it the wrong way. maybe you should just start from the basics?"
"no, i mean... i couldn't even feel the source anymore. i can't draw the power fom myself or nature, i can't even make a simple flame anymore."
"my memories are back at least, though i'm not sure i want to remember my past...," he sighed.

a fluctuation in energy made them both jump. standing not even five feet away from the hotspring, were two foxes. one wearing a mask adorned with thin eye slits and a red streak on each cheek, and the other wearing sunglasses and an ankle length coat with a high collar.
"kami, ayame. has something happened?" he nodded to them. they had no trouble recognizing him by his silver hair.
the masked figure spoke in an exhausted voice, "lord emeritus... i have regretful news. the gates... they are becoming unstable. things are cropping up, things we don't have the rescources to deal with."
ko-yami grimaced at the use of his title, and beth stared wide eyed at him. "i have bad news of my own. i can't control my power. the nine dropped in and... i couldn't even make a flame. leo nearly killed me."
"then we are all in seriously deep shit." ayame ubuttoned her coat and flipped up her sunglasses, her eyes were red rimmed and bloodshot.
"have you spoken to the prince? the consort? kaien? or... dare i say it, alistaerh?"
"we thought it best to contact you first, emeritus." kami rasped.
"please drop the formalities, i hate that title, it makes me feel old." this earned a smirk from ayame, and an amused snort from kami.
"talk to them then, the four may be able to...... DAMN IT! what the hell am i saying! those ignorant fools will get us all killed!" he stepped from the hotspring. helfire forming around him. "beth?"
"are you up for a jaunt in the demon world? it seems i have to fix a few things."
she just stared, her eyes radiating something, not fear and not hatred but something else entirely.
ko-yami's power died down to a mere ripple. "i should have told you, i know... my full ceremonial name, is lord emeritus whittford terciel ko-yami foxx."
beth looked up at him with an emberassed expression, "well master terciel, i didn't expect to be naked next time we met."
ko-yami's face had the expression you would expect to find on the face of someone who had just been hit in the face with a bat. "the mage core... how could i forget." a grin lit his face then, "so then, what rank did you finally stop at?"
"full admiral, honorable discharge, they said i should enjoy my golden years." she let out a deep booming laughter, "should have seen the top brass, he couldn't figure out how i was the same age i'd been when he'd joined thirty-five years ago!"
their guests just looked on, used to this kind of thing by now.
"yeah, i think i will go with you. who else is gonna change you out there?"
his face flushed instantly, and he realized he'd wet himself unconciously while standing there. he blushed an even deeper shade when he realized that he was completely naked, and his bushy tail wrapped itself around his body as cover.
beth stepped out of the pool and wrapped a towel around her body. she picked up ko-yami and walked toward a set of steps, "you two come on up. i'll... put on some tea or something."
the steps led out into the hall of her house, it was cleverly hidden behind a bookcase. she carried a furiously blushing ko-yami into her bedroom, and diapered him. she dressed herself as he dug through his clothing which beth had lain on her dresser, he whimpered a bit. his thoughts were on his failing powers, his sudden loss of control, and the hell he would have to face in the lower echelon.
he pulled a small cell phone from a hidden pocket of his coat. "izumi?" there was a pause as the person he had asked for was called to the phone, "yes, i need the armor. can you have it ready... yes that will work, i'll be there soon. tell the others that we're on the way... yes of course we'll need weapons of that sort and that's why i... oh. i see, thank you."
he snapped it shut with a click, and then fell to his knees, "what more do they want of me? i can't even control my base functions anymore and they expect me to play god and clean up after them?" his tears struck the floor, as his facade of perfect control finally broke.
beth picked him up and hugged him, "you've got me now, i can help."
"i know. i'm going to need you now more than ever before."
ko-yami wet himself again in his misery, and fell asleep crying on beth's shoulder. beth layed him down on the bed and covered him up, whispering a spell over him for a deep, healing sleep.
beth then walked back into the kitchen where kami and ayame had configured a hammock out of two chairs and a few old blankets. she looked on at the two and then whispered a spell over them for a healing sleep as well.
she watched for a while then went into the living room and dropped her pants once more. after a moments consideration she dropped her shirt as well, and began to chant. the lights in the room flickered as her magic swelled outward, she grinned and focused all of the considerably large amount of magic inside her diaper.
an hour later she came out grinning in just a diaper dripping with cum and urine, her body covered in sweat and beet red all over under her fur. she slunk back into her bedroom and collapsed on the bed next to ko-yami's slumbering form. she drifted in and out of conciousness for a while and then succumbed, finally falling asleep.
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ko-yami awoke to the smell of sizzling bacon and eggs. he whimpered as his wet diaper had gotten chilly while he slept. "beth?"
"i'm here." she walked in from the kitchen looking chipper as always.
"can you change me please?"
"sure, lay down."
he did so and she pulled out the changing supplies. she undid the tapes and began to wipe him clean. as she did so he moaned lightly, and thrust his hips toward her paw.
"please..." she shrugged and snagged the bottle of lotion, covering her paws and ko-yami's bottom liberally. she began to rub lightly but got faster and harder as she went. ko-yami moaned as she rubbed him, and moved in tandem with her paws. she grabbed a clean diaper and slid it under him as she worked and ko-yami finally hit orgasm. she pulled the front up just as he did, and he spurted heavily into it. the force once again too much for his small body, he gasped trying to catch his breath.
"a- a- again please..."
"alright, one more time then." she applied a generous amount of lotion and taped up the diaper. ko-yami looked crestfallen.
"don't get all sad, i'm gonna try something else." she flashed her hands in a few quick gestures and then pointed at ko-yami's diaper. the air filled with the feel of active magic, and ko-yami murred in pleasure at the myriad sensations inside his diaper. beth picked him up and he stiffened for a moment as he came in his diaper and then relaxed.
"better now?"
"much." he said with a drawn out, very pleased sigh. "how long does this last?"
"about an hour i think."
ko-yami let out a high pitched giggle.
beth carried him into the kitchen and sat him on the counter. she looked over and noted that kami and ayame were still asleep. ko-yami giggled and whispered in beth's ear.
-a moment later-
"so that's how you do that? alright, it'll be funny." beth said and then began to whistle and gesture again. one hair raising outpour of magic later, kami and ayame were wearing nothing but diapers, and still sleeping obliviously.
"alright, these two need the vacation." ko-yami smiled and shivered as the spell around him activated once more.
*ring ring* it took him a moment to find his phone, which had somehow ended up in the sleeve of his shirt.
"umm, hello. X? how did you get my number? oh. yes, we were about to... how did you know that? izu... okay. is the yamato still there? yeah, we'll be down in about a day to pick it up, send a notice to ravenwolfe if you can, i'll be using the main gate this time. yeah, you too,thank you."
he smiled as he closed it. "looks like things are finally going my way."
at that moment beth stuck a bacon and egg biscuit in his mouth.
"well?" she asked
"spicy. this is even better than my cooking, how'd you do it?"
beth grinned sheepishly, "I mage-flamed it."
"i step aside to your culinary mastery" he bowed with a flourish, and stiffened as the spell activated again. "i think i might get used to this."
after a few more biscuits beth carried him back to the bedroom again and at his request recited the spell sequence to shrink his original clothing to his size.
he pulled on the pants he had worn in, which were actually cobbled together out of a thick wear resistent material and a few strips of well-worn leather. the shirt was the same way, and both were reinforced at the joints with a sturdy kevlar padding. ko-yami pulled off the shirt that beth had given him ealier, at that moment beth looked over at him and got a close look at the scars that crisscrossed his body. they spread out from his left arm in a whorl pattern, interlocked with tattos all over.
upon his chest was another tattooed symbol, a black spark overlaying a broken sword.
she whistled in awe. he pretended not to notice and tugged on the armored shirt. upon close inspection, there was no sleeve for his left arm. he did not seem disturbed, and donned his coat. said coat, like his other clothing, was made to be very resilient, and in fact was made entirely of white kevlar. it also lacked a left arm sleeve. ko-yami lifted a small mass of leather and snorted, "hello again, seems we can't keep apart for long, eh?"
he picked up a roll of gauze from the dresser and rebandaged his arm. after making sure it wasn't too tight, he managed to slip the arm into the mass of leather, which turned out to be an arm length armored glove. he tightened it's straps one by one, starting at the bottom and working his way up. he then snagged the two longest straps at the top and wrapped them around his chest, securing them tightly.
the armor was reinforced at it's joints by a light yet durable metal. it bore numerous stitches from past exploits, and smelled faintly of beeswax.
he looked over at beth, who was wearing another of her many flamboyant outfits.
"eh? beth, don't you have any armor?"
"i don't think i do..."
"no worries, one of our stops has to have some good armor." he sighed and then stiffened again, "ummm beth?"
"i'll take care of it. lay down." he jumped up onto the bed, popped the buttons holding on his pants, and layed down. the diaper itself was slightly swollen and quite yellow near the front. beth ripped the tapes and pulled down the front, "whoa. maybe we should treat that spell with a bit more care..."
ko-yami arched an eyebrow, "what do you mean?" he leaned forward to get a look.
"wow. i didn't know i could come that much in one hour." he said, blushing deeply.
beth finished diapering him, and helped him pull up his pants.

"alright time to go." ko-yami said and walked over to the stand that held tenchu.
"work with me for once. both our lives depend on it" he whispered to the sword. it rattled violently and he answered it, "alright, high sheen polish and demon blood. should be easy to acquire where we're going."
beth stood with a look of shock on her face, "ko-yami! that sword is talking!"
ko-yami was shocked as well, "you can understand it?! i thought i was the only one, everyone else just hears rattling."
he affixed the sheathe to his back, and grinned. the sword thrummed of it's own accord and he went to check once more on kami and ayame.
"those two are in for a suprise... buuuuuut, it was probably a good idea considering that they'll be out for a day or two at least."
"kay. let's boogie." she picked him up and grabbed her rapier from it's precarious perch in the hallway, as well as a moderately sized steel canister. she then remembered that they'd need their sunglasses and a few extra diapers and grabbed them as well.
around back of the tree she opened up the seat of the baron and affixed the canister to one of the pipes. "... i think we may need some gas." she muttered to herself.
the baron had a side car attatched to it and looked as if it had been retrofitted during it's last modification. ko-yami clambered into the side car and looked up at beth. "well then, we'll hit a gas station, heck i'll even pay for it."
thirty minutes later they were speeding down the long snowladen highway. "momma, i think i see a gas station."
"same here." she pulled in next to one of the pumps, hopped off, and began to fill it up.
a few minutes later they walked inside. beth had a strong craving for something with caffiene, and mentioned it to ko-yami. they walked up laden with chips and sodas to the counter, behind which sat a half asleep falcon. "yussirrrr, wha canni doo fer ya?" the falcon asked. ko-yami (with some difficulty) hopped up onto the counter. "eighty one on pump four, debit please."
he handed the falcon a debit card, and a thought struck him, "can you check the full balance on that?"
a few button clicks later ko-yami looked at the readout with wide eyes. beth glanced over his shoulder and immediately soaked herself.
the readout was over seven figures long!
"maybe i should have checked my account sooner, a few hundred years interest really adds up....." he shivered, thinking what all that money could go towards.
"thanks, have a great day." he said to the falcon. the falcon in question glanced up at him out of halfclosed eyes, then sat up, wideyed, did a doubletake, and jumped the counter to get a better look. "you couldn't be! could you?! it is you! it's the sword! it's the coat! it's the fox! thank the powers that be! you're baaaaaack! the world is saved!"
ko-yami ran full tilt towards the door and once outside, took a flying tackle towards the baron.
beth sauntered out a minute later, carrying their snacks. "what was that all about?"
"someone who recognized me... he must have had a good eye for detail. either that or what we just witnessed was one hell of a marketing ploy."
beth burst out laughing, "aye, i'll bet he does that to everyone. make em feel special!" she gasped between bursts of laughter.
she managed to stifle her laughter and asked, "azu metro right?"
she started the baron and pulled out.
they drove for a while, the only sound being the motor and the two's breathing. then beth broke the silence, "hold on tight, and try your hardest not to wet."
ko-yami raised an eyebrow, at that moment, beth tapped a button right under the steering column. the world stood still for about a second and then shot by at an incredible rate.
"nitrous oxide! garuanteed to get you there faster or else!"
they covered a distance of nearly six hundred miles at that speed, and by the time they pulled up at the gates of the gargantuan city both their diapers were swollen under their pants.
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chapter four
"whoa! that is one tall building..." beth fell flat on her bottom with a padded 'whump'.
"you get used to it. besides, x's office is on the first floor."
he walked in at an agitated pace, followed closely by beth. once inside the doors, he whistled in a shrill high tone. seconds later a sheathed black katana flew through the air rattling madly. "yamato!" he roared and grabbed it's handle, swinging it around in a wide arc, trying to slow it's insane movements.
"damn it! chaos reigns! carry out my will! ko-yami kuro no yamato!" each word was punctuated by a gout of hell flame. the blade pulsed violently and appeared to change it's shape for a second, and then was still. "sorry bout that. this is the most rebellious of all the blades i've ever used... which reminds me, we need jinchu for trip but..."
"jinchu?" beth asked.
"earth's judgement. i thought i'd never need it again so i..." he looked away angrily, "damn it kyrie..."
he glared at the vixen standing in the doorway of a small office. she scowled and pulled her blade free of it's red scabbard.
"scourge of the earth. i will end your suffering." she straightened her glasses and pointed her blade at ko-yami. "tear em apart, kyrie aka no jinchu!"
the blade extended another three feet and began to seperate, a long metal rope showing between the sections as each of them hit the floor. "rest in peace, you sickening little whelp..."
beth stepped forward, holding her rapier lightly. "beth stay out of this, it is a personal matter."
"alright" she sheathed the blade and stepped aside.
ko-yami bowed his head and spoke softly. "consider this, if someone who loves you saves your life, should you run from them? if anything, you could have just turned around and walked off, you don't have to fight. i told you i would protect you, and my word is my law, i won't draw my sword."
"then die halfbreed!" she swung the blade around faster than beth could see, and slammed it straight through ko-yami's chest. yet he did not bleed. "what?"
"well, beth i just figured out why i lost my power. it's tied to my emotions, i was at peace with myself when i was with you, that's why i havn't been able to draw tenchu." he lifted his sunglasses with his right hand, "sorry kyrie, you have forced my hand... ichigeki hissatsu."
he let his strange red eyes paralyze her and moving with unbeliveable speed, hit a single point on her neck. he turned his back and walked off intoning, "i won't kill the woman who stole my heart, enjoy your life while HE STILL SLEEPS... the paralysis will wear off in half an hour, rest up and try not to get into any trouble while i'm in hell."
"seems i'll have to start cloaking my power... she could sense it you know..." he said to beth.
as ko-yami was leaving, X came out of an alcove, dusting off his surcoat. "ko?"
"already got it, onto the other world."
X sighed tiredly, "godspeed, emeritus"
"the same to you ether lord." x grinned at the use of his title and saluted.

ko-yami moved quickly, taking side roads and dodging the living traffic of the city. beth was hard pressed to keep up and several times almost lost sight of him. he stopped suddenly in front of a small smith shop and whistled a saddening melody. the door opened as he whistled the last few notes, and a short gray haired wolf looked out, his face was lined with years of sorrow and pain. "we're closed kid, go home."
ko-yami pulled yamato out of it's sheathe and let the sun flash accross it's blade.
the old smith saw things in that blade and more sorrow flowed accross his features as he recalled the past. "emeritus... it's ready, it's been ready for years, come in and i'll go get it."
they followed him into a humble shop, slightly dusty but showing the care that had been put into it. the walls were lined with old sword, blades of incredible detail and beauty. beth browsed in a kittish fashion, picking up blades and testing the heft, or drooling over the detail. ko-yami on the other hand sat sieza style upon the floor, the yamato accross his legs.
the old smith shuffled out a moment later holding a heavy package wrapped in thick canvas. "as you ordered."
inside the package were three pieces of armor: two greaves and a right hand gauntlet. all of them were writhing with marks of quiescent power, and sported a salamander motif. upon close inspection, they were made of heavy, shimmering lead, overlayed with silver. "shinji... god bless you. these... these are beautiful."
the old wolf harrumphed in an emberassed way and mumbled, "i had some spare materials..."
"sable would be proud of you."
shinji smiled almost imperceptibly and then turned, "if you want that one, take it. it's name is gwynn ap nud."
beth jumped like a kit with a paw in the cookie jar. in her hands was a long rapier decorated with a white-gold skull and ivy pattern. "really?"
"yeah, it belonged to a late friend of mine, but i think it will do you more good."
ko-yami had managed to put on the armor, but it seemed a bit too big for him.
shinji narrowed his eyes, and barked at it. the armor seemed to jump when he did, and liquified, fitting snugly to ko-yami. "sorry, forgot to activate it... it'll liquify during battle as well, like i said, i had a lot of free time."
beth tiptoed over and kissed shinji on the cheek. he flushed beetred and semmed a little flustered. "ummm, yeah, have a nice day."
once ko-yami was outside he turned and whispered a few words in latin. as he did so, the shack shimmered, brightened, and seemed to say: step on in, your business is welcome here!
"poor shinji, he hasn't been too well since sablewolfe passed away. i think some customers would do him a world of good." he said, referring to the spell he had just cast. "that sword he just gave you though... it has a lot of history. take good care of it. perhaps i should ask X use his necromancer powers again, if only we could reverse the soul cost..."
a moment later he spoke again with an agitated edge to his voice, "this, i wish i could figure out."
"don't worry, you get used to it after a while," she giggled, "i'll change you back at the baron."
"alright. i think that happened back at X's place... wait! my apartment, i completely forgot it's this way!"
he ran a few blocks down the street and dashed up a stairwell. he picked a green door with silver trim, walked up to it and kicked the bottom right side. there was a click from inside, and the door opened with a drawn out 'creak'. "home sweet home... or maybe i should say, home sweet garbage dump." the whole place was immaculately clean, except for the bedroom, and overlayed with a coat of dust.
"i was rarely here, except to sleep. my job was always very hectic. i handle what the others can't, y'see?"
"you always did take the hard road ko."
beth dug around inside the sleeve of her shirt, "here they are." she said holding two diapers in her paw.
"aeria." as ko-yami uttered the word, the entire apartment was filled with a rushing wind. it cleared the dust in seconds. "lay down right?"
"yup." he hopped up onto the couch and wrestled off his pants. beth divested him of his soaked diaper and pulled the clean one up, taping it snugly.
she pulled off her pants and began to awkwardly change herself before ko-yami turned and said, "want a hand?"
beth blushed deeply. "can you? with that body?"
"i quote, don't underestimate me." he said and with a paw pushed her into a laying position. he untaped her diaper and changed her quickly, almost as well as she'd done for him.
"hold on a minute, i need to grab something while we're here." while beth pulled her pants back up, he dissapeared into the bedroom and rummaged through the dresser.
"here it is!" he came out with a small ring. on the band was a small black orb. it shimmered in the light and seemed to pulse.
"a black philosopher's stone. you'll need this in the lower echelon... it amplifies mage power." he presented her with the ring, and she put it on.
the world dissapeared around her and she floated in the incredible amount of power in the little piece of jewelry.
a few momnets later she came to.
"whoa... incredible. this thing is an amplifier? it feels like a damn miniature sun!"
she flinched at the amount of power coursing through her hand.
"it should. i used a lot of power to make that. now onward!"
he marched toward the door, tail swinging behind him.
"umm, ko you forgot you pants."
"i'll put em on at the baron. what's the point of being diapered if you can't enjoy the perks? besides, i look like a little kid anyway." he grinned at beth.
"i should do it as well, but i'm too old." she said with a playful pout.
"you're never to old. besides, you're a cute vixen, it's excusable." she shrugged in mock defeat.
"fine, you got me." she said as she pulled off her pants. she tossed them over one shoulder and walked out the door.
---thirty minutes later---
"i feel so naughty." beth stuck her tongue out at ko-yami and they both giggled.
"did you see the old crone?"
"i think she was offended."
"really? i thought she looked jealous. how about that little cat?"
"the way he looked at his mother..." beth broke into a deep belly laughter, "well, i lip read as we passed and his mother looked relieved..."
"what do you mean?"
"musta been hard to potty train. i suppose seing us in full glory convinced her to say 'why the hell not' and just let him stay in diapers, and the kitten looked like he liked the idea even more."
"go against the flooow." ko-yami did a shivery sort of dance step and beth laughed again. "you look like you just wet yourself," she said
"probably did, i can't tell anymore."
they reached the baron and pulled on their clothing. it took ko-yami a minute, due to the material of his pants.
they climbed into the baron and beth started the engine. she turned to ko-yami and asked, "where to next?"
"fifteen minutes walk from here. to the east"
beth shifted into drive and the baron began to move.
"good thing it's not too far, i don't have any more nitrous," she said through the air whistling past them.
unbeknownst to them, they were being followed.
a small cloaked figure had followed them through the city. a small cloaked figure, with TWO tails...

---fifteen minutes later---
they pulled up in front of a pair of gigantic stone door in the middle of nowhere. "these look familiar." beth said, smirking.
"they should, this is the entrance to where we both draw our most potent power. the power of gate sorcery!"
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they got off the bike, and stared at the gates
"impressive. how do you know all that?"
"you wouldn't believe me if i told you..." a thought struck him, "the gate can only be opened once every six hours. so we have forty five minutes to prepare. also, no diaper changes once we're inside, otherwise we'll end up eaten." ko-yami looked tired as if he knew exactly what he was about to face.
"so, crap now, talk later?"
"exactly." ko-yami grinned, then stammered "while we're waiting ummmm, would you mind... to help...... bolster courage..."
"sure, but quit being so embarassed about it."
ko-yami pulled off his pants, and looked up at beth.
"lay down." she said and began to gently rub the front of his diaper. ko-yami grew exicted and began to wet himself unconciously, as he did so the diaper began to swell and turn yellow.
"seems i'll have to change you again after this." as she massaged ko-yami the inside of HER diaper grew wet, but not from urine. she sped up her pace a little bit, and ko-yami murred in pleasure. the gels in his diaper grew more sodden as he relaxed, and squished against beth's paws.
beth had almost given up on getting ko-yami to come when he suddenly sighed and the front of his diaper pushed outward with an intense force. she had untaped the diaper and pulled it back when ko-yami grabbed the front and squished it back down onto himself, acting as if his seed were baby oil. he rocked his hips and his legs as if he were riding a horse, then he grunted lightly and came easily this time.
"okay, you can change me now." ko-yami said, still in afterglow.
beth got up and snagged a spare diaper and a pack of wipes from the baron.
"lift your legs" ko-yami did so and beth began to wipe him clean. "being diapered turns you on doesn't it?" she asked with a grin, and taped up the front of ko-yami's diaper.
"i suppose so. though being around you has a lot to do with it too."
"can't argue with that logic. hwo much time do we have left?"
ko-yami closed his eyes and sniffed deeply, "thirty minutes."
"alright, i should be done in ten." she took off her own pants and began to rub the front of her diaper, rocking her hips as well.she then lifted one hand and eased it down the front. as she fingered herself she began to pant, and rocked her hips harder. a tingle spread from her groin and she came in her diaper, all over her paw. she took ko-yami's example and rubbed vigorously, using her fluids as lubrication.
as she rubbed she felt an urge and wet herself, it finally put her over the edge and she hit a powerful orgasm, spurting again, hard, into her diaper.
"want me to change you again?" ko-yami asked, his diaper tented up in the front from watching her.
"sure, have at it."
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she said, and then with a wicked grin, "might as well make this warrant a changing." she fingered herself with the paw still in her diaper and with the other, untaped her diaper. the front slowly slid open and ko-yami stared, transfixed.

the fur between beth's legs was a velvety, very light shade of reddish-tan. at the moment however, it was a very wet, white splotched shade of reddish-tan. beth began to use both hands and moved at a frenzied pace. her diaper absorbed most of what dripped off her fur, but she still managed to leak quite a bit. beth arched back suddenly and at the same time her diaper area practically exploded. she sighed and relaxed.

"okay, now have at it."

ko-yami shook his head, trying to clear it. "and you thought i went a little crazy?"

he began to wipe beth clean, she meeped a bit as the wipes touched her clit, and beth relaxed completely as ko-yami taped up the front. they both pulled on their pants and beth asked again how much time they had left.

he sniffed the air once more and said, "ten minutes"

at that moment a stone next to the gate lifted into the air, the stone was part of the roof of a small cottage that had been sunk beneath the ground. as the cottage rose, ko-yami rolled his eyes.

"open the gate."

a figure stepped out from the cottage. "this portal only opens at the request of the demon prince."

"open the damn gate."

"you command me? i will not be pushed around by a mere child."

a vein throbbed on ko-yami's temple. he moved forward and in a single movement slammed the hilt of the yamato into the figure's stomach. "ravenwolfe. i am no child. you speak to the emeritus, watch your tongue!"

ravenwolfe immediately bowed, his head touching the ground. he shivered in fear.

"i'll forget this happened. just be careful who you call a child."
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It's not too bad of a story!
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my first review! yay!

and prav, coming from you, thats the best compliment i could have asked for!
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confused coming from me?
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i thought we got off on the wrong foot in that daycare RP a while back.

(sorry i was so freaky...)
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whittford k. foxx wrote:
i thought we got off on the wrong foot in that daycare RP a while back.

(sorry i was so freaky...)
Dont you have those moments were you did something insignificantly stupid that no one remembers but you keep remembering it for like 6 months and bash your head over it?
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i thought so...
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eh heh.......
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ravenwolfe cowered behind the mask that hid the top half of his face. the emeritus had been merciful so far, but ravenwolfe had once seen him destroy an entire city for the smallest slight. in fact ravenwolfe himself had once engaged in such activities for mere pleasure, until he saw his error and realized he'd have to pay for his crimes.

he pulled a rather bulky sword from his back and stabbed it in the crack between the halves of the gate.

"godspeed, lord emeritus. try to come back alive, i have too much blood on my hands as it is..."

the gate slowly creaked open, and ko-yami stepped through followed closely by beth...


information provided by: Havoc Guide INC.

ko-yami's history...

several millenia ago, a human began to study the art of magery. with the studies came the ability to see demons, it was during this time that he made a single mistake and died as consequence. however due to his prodigious abilities (while he was alive), after death he was recruited into a group of angels called the divine guard to continue beating the demons back into the underworld. these demons weren't the mostly peace loving youkai of the stories to come however, they were the denizens of the upper echelon, a place remniscent of hell in both appearance and purpose. however one denizen of the upper echelon fought alongside him, her name was kyrie. he fell in love with her. but, seeing as they were technically on different sides they could not remain as lovers...

during his time in the afterlife he was gifted with a powerful and ancient sword named tenchu. after some time he fond that he was the only one who could wield it's incredible power, or even hold the sword.

he sold half his soul to keep his relationship a secret and keep kyrie safe, by hiring a demon by the name of lucifer to divert attention away from them.
lucifer wasn't as nice as he seemed however and plotted he against his employer...

when his "treachery" was discovered he was cast from divine favor and stripped of all his angelic powers.

he descended from the lower echelon into the upper echelon and in a mad dash for revenge went after lucifer. when he saw kyrie wrapped in lucifer's aura, being dragged into the depths of the upper echelon, he challenged lucifer who then soundly beat him and sent him back to the lower echelon.

in a fury, he tried to call upon the remnants of his angel powers and finding them nearly useless, called on the now demonic stength he had somehow absorbed during his time in hell. he channeled that power into a great wash of energy and sealed the upper echelon behind nine elemental gates. for good measure he added a tenth gate to seal the upper and lower echelon, hopefully forever.

by the time he returned to the world of the living, over one thousand years had passed, and the effects of human civilization had taken their toll on planet earth.

humanity as a whole had decided to evacuate and find another planet. the leader of this grand expedition was a young man named riven... (who would one day become the gate keeper ravenwolfe...)

he traveled with the people of earth, tutoring riven without riven's knowledge and gave himself a title befitting his new position: emeritus, in his exhausted mind it meant half demon, half angel. he also began to remember snippets of his former life, such as his name:

whittford ko-yami foxx

and a nickname a friend had once called him:


several centuries passed before he once again opened the gate to hell, in another attempt to save kyrie. he succeeded of course, with the help of an enormous battalion of mages (including the sovereign nine), but to protect her he had to unleash more power than he ever had before. she fled from him in fear...

chapter five

the gate shut behind them with an ominous 'clang', in front of them was a vast darkness, pockmarked occasionally by a spot of light.

"hey... i remember how to get through this precinct, you took me all the way into the second the day we met!"

ko-yami smiled at that, "good. let's see how much you remember then."

"locator spell..." she rambled off a string of latin keywords, and one of the lights in front of them solidified, shaping itself into an intricately carved metal gate.

ko-yami held up his left arm and pressed his palm to a clear spot in the middle. "open." the gate pulsed and creaked inward.

they stepped through into what appeared to be an area entirely underwater, and an air bubble formed around them at a whispered command from ko-yami.

"hold on tight and try your hardest not to wet." he grinned from ear to ear, and the bubble dropped straight down before hitting a jetstream current.

it yanked the bubble hard and the force of the pull shoved ko-yami and beth straight against the the wall of the bubble. "y'know, i always hated this part..." ko-yami said above the roar of the current.

"so do i!" replied beth. just then all hell broke loose, as the bubble was sucked into what appeared to be an underwater tornado. the maelstrom seemed to swirl forever, but it only lasted a few minutes. it dropped thm all of a sudden and they coasted at a liesurely speed accross the ocean's bottom. ko-yami held his left arm up and forced it through the wall of the air bubble.

"the water here, it heals. just like the spring beneath your redwood." magic swirled around his arm and he relaxed, feeling a sort of paranormal ecstasy.

"i can move it again..." he said, pulling his arm back in and flexing the fingers. "unfortunately it wont last long..."

the bubble stopped in front of another intricately carved gate, and ko-yami paused. "beth, put on your sunglasses..."

he palmed the gate and they were whipped through into a blinding wasteland.

"welcome to the third precinct." whispered beth, in awe.
ko-yami on the other hand, shuddered and gasped a few words in latin. a sheathe of hellfire surrounded him.

"sorry... this place... isn't good for my kind." he had turned deathly pale, nearly collapsing.

"what do you mean? vertigo?"

"no. i'm part demon... the third precinct is inimical to demons."

then he suddenly jerked upright "we have to move! now! we're being tailed by something. i can't tell much from here, but it's big."

he looked around trying desperately to spot their pursuer, to no avail. "damn it! i'll have to do somethin....." he raised his left arm and the wrapping unraveled instantly, leaving it bare and glowing. "soul who watches over time bless me with the gift of transcendence. destination, fourth precinct and fourth gate!"

the spell warped them completely past the third gate and the blinding light vanished, to be replaced with an overcast desert.

"ko! are you alright!?" beth asked, in a very worried tone.

ko-yami crouched on the ground, gripping his left arm. blood dripped from between his tightly clenched fangs. "that shouldn't have happened...."

"hold still, i'll try and heal yo-"

"no time, we have to move, now!" lightning began to fall from the sky as ko-yami and beth quickly made their way accross the desert.

beth spotted the gate first, "here, let me, you're too injured." she palmed the gate. nothing happened.

"active gate sorcery will open it" ko-yami said, panting.

"thanks. fourth gate, soul of thunder, grant us passage!" the gate opened and they passed through.

"the fifth precinct and the basis of gate sorcery based exorcism."

said ko-yami, trying control the bleeding. they were in what apeared to be the mouth of a huge volcano, far above them and nearly out of sight was an intricately carved metal door.

"beth. i've just had an apostraphe."

"i think think you mean an epiphany."

"yeah, that. the fire in this precinct will rise fully in about three minutes. i lost my wings years ago, and there are no handholds to climb."
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"... oh shit."

he sat on his haunches, now sweating, trying to figure out a way up.

"i'm such an idiot," he said, reaching under his trenchcoat. there was a small flash of light and he pulled out a red cased katana. a very familiar red cased katana.

"you took that from her during the fight didn't you?"

"no. actually i just used a summoning spell. i'd had it so long that the spell comes easily now."

beth laughed. "drama queen."

"you've got that right." he pulled the sword from it's sheathe,"tear em apart, ko-yami aka no jinchu!"

the blade extended and began to seperate into several sections.

"kyrie never mastered this blade. here's what it can really do!" he whipped it around, twirling it over his head, and then with a snarl slashed it straight up. the topmost section of the blade flew threw the air and sank into the gate which then opened, sucking then through.

ko-yami sheathed jinchu, and looked around. darkness had once again enclosed them, but this time there was no light, the precinct effectively made anything beyond an arms length completely invisible.

"sixth gate, soul of darkness, master of night, grant me passage!" ko-yami roared, coughing up blood again.

a gate opened in front of them, beth made to walk through but ko-yami held her back.

"the seventh precinct, we can't touch ground here. it binds anything it touches. jinchu won't stretch far enough to get us accross... damn it!"

at that moment something huge ripped it's way through the sixth gate, apparently unnaffected by the darkness of the sixth precinct.

ko-yami pulled his black sword free of it's sheathe "chaos reigns carry out my--" he coughed violently, more blood spattering the ground "damn it, i can't..."

"a stripling? how... amusing. i'll show you how we demons get a party going." the enormous demon spoke in a rather convincing mockery of scarface's voice, and then it struck with a mottled claw.

beth moved quickly to intercept the strike with her rapier, and the force pushed her back several feet.

ko-yami snarled at his sword, "chaos reigns, carry out my will, ko-yami kuro no yamato!" and it suddenly changed, shifting into the form of a long, top heavy spear.
he coughed again, and whirled the spear around his head. "longian purgator -hack-"

blood spattered the ground in front of him and he fell to his knees. "not this soon... please..."

"INDRA'S ARROW!" a vibrant green shaft of light pierced the demon and a familiar figure followed behind it. the figure pulled two swords from sheathes on it's side and folded twisted the handles causing them to shift up ward and press against the blades. he then tossed them up into the air and pulled a third sword from a sheathe on his back. the two air borne blades began to rapidly descend and he slashed at them with the sword he held. the were a series of clicks and all three blades had bonded together, pulsing with a slithery purple aura.

"howdy." the figure said.

"x, why are you in purgatory?"

"don't question fate, i had a feeling you'd need my help. looks like it's a good thing i came, now i'll finish up with gruesome over here."

he snapped his fingers and the air around the beast exploded, consuming it.

"x, something is bothering me. we've gone through six precincts so far, and thats the only demon we've seen..."

beth spoke up, "ayame told you the gates were had gone screwy. perhaps someone is toying with you?"

"only leo would do that, but he can't do gate sorcery. i know of only one force other than myself that can alter the lower echelon. but HE still sleeps..."

x looked spooked, "how can you be so sure?"

ko-yami held up his left arm in answer. "see the scars? if he were awake and moving around, then these would be glowing and i would be on the ground screaming for someone to kill me. a hellish warning spell, but an effective one."

beth coughed in an emberassed sort of way, "you don't look so good anyway. you're covered in your own blood, and judging from the way you're holding yourself... you look like you are seriously hurt. just, let me heal you."

"it won't work. healing spells are for mortals, which i no longer am. thanks to ONE! FUCKING! MISTAKE!" he pulled tenchu from it's sheathe and rubbed his blood on it.
"there tenchu, happy now!? sucking my lifeblood constantly! oh wait, thats right i'm not technically ALIVE! ergo i can't die!"

the lenses of his goggles cracked as he ranted, and tenchu rattled feebly, trying to placate him.

"as if i don't have enough problems, i'm wearing a diaper. i can't even control the most basic of functions, and my damn power! why the hell does it keep going out!?"

by this point he had begun to unconciously release said power. hellfire blazed around him in an arcane dance, no longer flickering but blazing furiously.

"i've had enough of this bullshit! and this mother fucking ARM!" at those words he bit deeply into his left arm. unfortunately, doing so released something horrifying.

first the tattoo on his chest dissapeared, then his body began to warp, his spine cracking sickeningly, and his vulpine features dissapearing, to be replaced by something that had once been human. upon his back were three jagged scars and a single white wing. silver hair framed a face of large red eyes and long scything teeth.

he lifted his left arm once more, now grasping tenchu, and howled.

the sixth precinct had dissapeared.

"ko? where are we?"

ko-yami, in his mostrous form turned round and let forth a clicking, echoing, cry.

"i can't speak hellic..." said x.

beth translated, shivering, and nearly scared out of her wits. "he says... we are in the tenth precinct, that he broke some rules to get here..."

their surroundins appeared to be a large victorian era church. at the far end, opposite the altar, was another gate.

ko-yami planted tenchu and paused, closing his large red eyes.

when he opened them again, the gate at the far end was crawling with patterns, apparently readouts of some kind.

"sssso, it ssssseemssss that even in ssssleep he still troublesssss me," ko-yami dipped his head and intoned, "FULL SEAL!"

the church pulsed momentarily and x shuddered, "what the devil was that...?"

ko-yami collapsed on the ground, and his body changed back, becoming childlike once more, the sword resheathed itself and fell next to him. he lay shivering and breathing quickly as if he were being chased.

beth picked him up and held him close. "x, he said i can't heal him... what can we do?"

"he's gone into burnout, not much we can do and ... what the hell?!"

his body acted of it's own accord, planting palms to the ground and forming several interlocking spell circles. "uhm... okay. i suppose that would work"

the world vanished once more.

---back in the world of the living---

the main gate opened and the three of them tumbled out. ko-yami still in beth's arms looking terrible.

"a burnout victim. a troubled vixen and... X what in the?"

"i think ko-yami did something to me. i mean, i didn't have much demon aura before but now..." he opened one hand and aura swirled in it, and just that small amount was enough to make ravenwolfe dizzy.

"eh georgie i think we gotta winneraii...." ravenwolfe fell over sideways, twitching.

"umm, beth i think i can make a teleportation spell, to send you back to the forest. the only thing you can really do for ko-yami now is to watch over him, make sure he gets plenty of rest. no magic for either of you, it'll worsen his condition. and umm, lots of fluids."

"god bless you x."

he bowed and planted his palms again. another spell circle, less complex this time, formed around beth.


the world spun out of existence. a few minutes later, beth stepped from the maelstrom onto her doorstep. she opened the door and walked into her bedroom. she laid ko-yami onto the bed and then layed down next to him, hugging him tightly.

even though he was in the throes of intense pain, he opened his eyes for a moment, smiled, and hugged her back.

they fell into the arms of morpheus mere seconds later, and slept peacefully...
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chapter six

ko-yami stared at the cieling, trembling, as he waited for the pain to kick in.

he smelled sausage sizzling in the kitchen, and heard the clamor of kami and ayame's bickering.

he sat up and grimaced as a wave of dizziness washed over him. other than that, he was unperturbed, and managed to crawl over to the side of the bed and down to the floor.

his heart hammered from the exertion of even such a small ordeal, and he rested a moment before standing up and tottering toward the hallway.

as he neared the doorframe he happened to glance over at the mirror.

his body had aged nearly four years during his time in the lower echelon!
"it figures...."

he slowly made his way out of the room, down the hall, and to the front door.
the door opened easily at his touch, without even a squeak. he stepped out into the snow and closed it behind him.

"you shouldn't be out here." a lithe cloaked figure lounged against the side of the house, a large hood covering it's face.

"you shouldn't even exist yet," ko-yami had wet himself in suprise and had then recognized the aura.

the figure threw back her hood. underneath was a rather cute face, framed by long silver locks. her eyes possessed the same red pupils as his.

"ember, why are you here? you said yourself that over a decade would pass before your birth. it's only been a year since you left."

"the past smelled fishy, i had to come check on you.(and make my necessary cameo.) don't change the subject, what do you think you're doing out here in this blizzard anyway."

"leaving. beth is better off without me, she's terrifed, just like kyrie was."

"you mean to tell me that you accessed THAT form, with THAT body?" ember was shocked

"yeah. i lost control... thats why she's better off. i mean, what if i lose it again and attack her? besides, i'm in burnout right now, she can't feel my aura, so i can sneak out and let her live out her life in peace." he began to walk away as he said so.

she grabbed at him "she's already been in contact with you, so her life has already been changed." and missed.

"KO-YAMI!" beth burst through the front door, "don't go!"

"it's too late. i've involved you too much already, i don't deserve someone as loving as you. i'm an outcast of life itself and i will remain that way until the great lord calls me out for my crimes..."

"ko-yami..." beth fell to her knees.

"don't be stupid, you arrogant little bastard. you owe her more than that. she took you in, gave you a home, practically gave up her soul for you." ember wore a passive expression for such an outburst.

a vein pulsed in ko-yami's forhead, "little?" his voice was dangerous. "paralyzing eyes of the..."

"BASILISK!" they both shouted at once. their pupils dilated quickly, turning their eyes blood-red. the tension between them was evident though ember still looked as calm as she had been the whole time.

ko-yami fell face forward, but caught himself at the last moment with his right arm. his left was still useless.

he crouched there in the snow, gasping for breath and trying not to scream.

(editor's note: burnout is a particulary painful condition. it is caused by literally using all of the body's natural energy(in the case of mortal and demon mages.) on the other hand, human borns, like ko-yami, have unlimited access to energy. but they have a limit to how much can pass through their bodies at once.
going into burnout signifies that the 'channels' within the body, which regulate the movement of energy, have been singed or blocked by overuse, which causes the energy to return to the body and tear it up from the inside.)

unbeknownst to everyone, ko-yami had hit burnout as soon as he had reached the third gate. using as much gate sorcery as he had, had torn him up inside and out. just using the basilisk eyes, which required very little energy at all, in his condition had cost him much more his pride.

"go to him." ember said.

beth padded over and picked him up. as she did so, ember's stomach growled loudly.

"oooh, i knew i should have eaten when i had the chance..."

"ember, if i truly am the one who taught you, then you should know better than to starve yourself. besides, nature provides her own bounty."

"such as?" her stomach growled loudly again.

beth interjected "the moss on the trees in this area is highy nutritious, but you nees to flame it first."

"moss? YUCK!"

beth and ko-yami shared a smile and spoke at once, "beggars can't be choosers!"

"alright, breakfast is ready inside." said beth, snickering

they walked in and ember shrugged off her cloak, which also appeared to be made of weather-worn kevlar. the rest of her body was enshrouded in an eclectic mixture of leather and canvas, patched at the joints with kevlar and metal plating. strapped to her back were three swords, all of them in black sheathes, and one seemed to be covered by a heat haze...

divested of her cloak, ember had a definite waddle. (where as ko-yami merely had a slight limp when he walked (go figure...))

"there are some spare diapers in that box over there," said beth, pointing.

ember's face blushed beetred, and she stuttered, "I-I-I d-d-dont-t w-wear..."

"oh please. the smell gave you away, you reek of baby powder." ko-yami smirked.

"and the way you walk, i can tell you're soaked and probably much else besides." beth looked apologetic, but broke the illusion by grinning.

her countenance fell and she continued to blush, "you didn't even know that till recently in my time....."

"it's in my job description to be perceptive. and, well, i do have a fox's nose," he poked out his toungue at this, and giggled. "which reminds me. i know who your parents are now."

ember looked fearful now, and a definite hissing sound came from her waist, clear evidence of her terrified wetting.

"don't worry, i won't tell artemis, or hinata. i think when the time comes for them to find out, they'll already know on their own. besides, you came from years ahead in the future, and i'm sure i apprenticed you at a young age, they'll definitely know."

"alright... when i go back i probably ought to give them a visit..."

"do you need someone to change you?"

ember's face flushed again, "y-yeah, please."

ko-yami looked up from beth's arms,"would you do the honors, if i attempt this i'll probably end up keeled over yelling again."

"tis no problem at all. lay down miss ember."

she did so, "emmie if you don't mind, ember sounds too formal."

"sure thing, emmie."

beth pulled off ember's pants, pausing a moment to get a good look at the incredible leatherwork. like the shirt, each part was held to the others by well placed decorative stitches, and was entirely run through by metal threads. all in all, this armor could easily deflect even a direct froward thrust.

under these armored trousers was another story. ember wore a rather bulky diaper, which bore a deep yellow color in the front. beth began to untape the six tapes that held it on.

"ko, can you get me a spare please, i believe emmie is the same size i am, and some wipes."

ko-yami walked over to the box, and dug in it for a minute, before coming back with a large adult diaper and a lean package of wipes. beth noticed his now obvious limp, but realized there wasn't much she could do, so she continued untaping ember's diaper.

she pulled down the front of ember's diaper, ember was drenched and dirty, it was obvious she'd been on a mission before coming to them. as beth began to wipe her clean, the wipe touched her clit. ember stiffened and then grabbed beth's wrist.


beth complied, biting back a knowing grin.

she had ember raise up for a moment so she could slide the new diaper under her. then she started massaging ember's diaper area slowly, but began to move faster, working up to a hectic tempo. ember thrust along with her murring deeply.

without warning ember sat up, arched her back, clamped her eyes shut, and came with tremendous force into the fresh diaper she was sitting on.

"oooh, it's been a long time since i did that..." she said. beth went for another spare to change her into but ember held her back, "just pull it up. i wanna sit in this for a while."
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she paused for a moment and then said, "strike that, massage me again please, it's been a long time since i felt this good."

"on one condition."

"what is it?"

"you hafta do me afterwards." beth smirked.

"as good as done." ember grinned in reply.

ko-yami sat in the floor, watching the unfolding scene. the front of his diaper was tented tightly, and also deep yellow in color.

beth grabbed another handful of wipes and pulled back ember's diaper again. somehow in the bare two minutes that the exchange of words had taken place, ember had managed to coat the entire inside of her diaper in her own juices. beth just laughed and began to rub her again. ember once again moved in tandem with beth, panting heavily now. her legs began to move slowly, rotating, preparing for a powerful orgasm. beth rubbed faster and ember gasped, she squeezed her legs together. beth expertly pulled up the diaper and taped it snugly. as soon as the last tape was in place ember pulled her legs in tighter and jerked. a distinct 'squelch' could be heard from around her waist, followed by a drawn out hiss. she pulled back the gatherer a little bit, as she did so a small plume of steam arose and dissipated in the air. she let out a long sigh and relaxed.

she did not rest for long though.

ember grabbed beth and pulled her down, wrestling off her pants. she began to vigorously rub the front of beth's diaper. beth looked placid, and the expression on her face said 'you've gotta do much better than that'.

which she did.

ember squatted on top of beth, so that their two diapers met, and began to move sensuously so that the covers ran over each other with a drawn out 'crinkle'. beth crossed her arms and smirked, her smile seeming to say 'better, but not by much'.

then ember sat down completely, as she was rather light it didn't bother beth at all. ember scooted back and forth slowly and then began to lever up and down onto beth.

"oof" said beth, tensing.

ember did not wait however, as beth began to come, she still moved, switching to a hammering speed. beth moaned and moved her paws under her shirt. she began to massage her breasts as ember continued. finally ember got up and said, "you can quit holding it in now."

beth nodded weakly and relaxed, letting all her pent up fluids roll out. ember reached over and felt the space right between beth's legs. beth jerked and came again.
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Fwwa! I love this story. Did you cast a spell on the story it's self to make it like Ko-yama's diaper for that half hour or so? It's...very good

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Where we can gaze into the stars
And sit together, now and forever
For it is plain as anyone can see
We're simply meant to be

-Shiny Toy Guns

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find

Feel the rain on your skin
-Natasha Beddingfield
FD Family
Big Brother-Onyx
Best Friends-Kiru and Lig
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PostSubject: Re: evanessence reborn (!mature content!)   Sat Aug 11, 2007 2:07 pm

the spell was beth's idea of a laugh.

it was all her idea.
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PostSubject: Re: evanessence reborn (!mature content!)   Sun Aug 12, 2007 4:41 pm

Razz I know I mean it was...a really good story =D

If you don't mind
I'd like to join you by your side
Where we can gaze into the stars
And sit together, now and forever
For it is plain as anyone can see
We're simply meant to be

-Shiny Toy Guns

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find

Feel the rain on your skin
-Natasha Beddingfield
FD Family
Big Brother-Onyx
Best Friends-Kiru and Lig
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Localisation : the deadzone
Registration date : 2007-07-12

PostSubject: Re: evanessence reborn (!mature content!)   Sun Aug 19, 2007 11:35 pm

new chapters due in a few days
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PostSubject: Re: evanessence reborn (!mature content!)   

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evanessence reborn (!mature content!)
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