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PostSubject: Ideas...   Tue Sep 25, 2007 7:39 pm

If you remember, I mentioned I was going to write a story and asked if I could have other peoples characters in it. Anyway I was thinking of how to start when an Idea popped in my head. I've done this before with some friends, basicaly anyone can give me some ideas, and after several ideas have been posted I'll write one of them into the beggining of the story. After that more people give their ideas and another part of the story is written off of those, and that will continue however long people keep giving ideas. I may write some of my own ideas into it but realy I want to write a story that people choose to be written in a sense. The only thing is that it starts with my fursona [ ] , you have your fursona(s) as a major character(s) if you want, just ask me. Please post your ideas here, my mind is blank and I'm completely open minded Smile
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