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 Dragons (ch. 4)

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PostSubject: Dragons (ch. 4)   Wed Apr 22, 2009 12:22 pm

Okay guys. Here's another story I'm working on. It's on pause at the moment but here's what I've got so far! Just to let everyone know, this one was inspired by my own like for Dungeons and Dragons, and a story written by Raikan!

By, Riolu


Alastor had stopped screaming awhile ago. His throat was too sore for him to even whimper anymore. Alastor gingerly turned his neck and quickly shut his eyes when he saw the ground thousands of feet below him. He looked back up at the giant red dragon that had snatched him from the field he wasn't sure how long ago anymore. He didn't know for sure what the dragon wanted with him but the hungry look in its eye gave him a pretty strong hint. Alastor sighed and hoped that if the dragon was going to eat him, it would at least kill him quickly instead of roasting him alive or just swallowing him whole (which looked entirely possible given the size of her head and neck).

There was an ear splitting roar from nearby and the red dragon swooped as a bolt of lightning shot past. Alastor gasped as the dragon tightened her grip on him suddenly. There was another roar closely followed by three more and Alastor felt a chill as a silver flame struck the dragon carrying him in the side. Alastor felt an odd sensation before he began plummeting towards the earth below. As he spun through the air, he saw the sun flashing off the metallic scales of five dragons attacking the red one. Alastor felt something odd around his ribs and felt blood there. His vision began to darken and just before he passed out, he saw a flash of light as one of the five dragons dove after him while the other four chased the red one off.

Chapter 1

"Alastor! GET UP!"

Alastor jumped out of bed quickly and threw on some clothes. When his mom yelled like that it usually meant she was in a bad mood and he wanted to be out of her range. Alastor looked at his alarm clock and saw the cheap thing had stopped again. Alastor sighed and hefted his backpack before running out of his room and out of the house as quickly as he could. His adoptive mother yelled something at him but he either didn't hear her or ignored whatever it was she said. Alastor was convinced (and most likely correct) that the only reason she adopted him as a newborn twelve years ago was because she wanted a cute kid and the only reason she kept him now was because he was useful around the house.

Alastor fortunately got to the bus on time and his mood brightened when he remembered the field trip the class was going on today. They would be going on a nature hike through the plains outside of town and up into the hills for a picnic. The next hour was a blur to Alastor until they reached the rolling hills outside of town. The teachers told the children to stay nearby while they set up a few things. Alastor, being the excited kid he was, paid no attention and ran out to one of the hills as fast as he could. The light suddenly went dim and everyone looked up expecting to see a cloud passing over the sun. It was no cloud as the sky was clear of even birds because the shape that passed over the sun made evryone scream in panic as a wave of fear washed over everyone. It was a giant red dragon, and it was swooping towards the group with a roar. Everyone ran for the busses but Alastor, being the farthest away, didn't make it. Alastor screamed even louder as the red dragon snatched him and the scene changed abrubtly.


Alastor opened his eyes to see, not a red, but a silver dragon looking down at him. Alastor began to panic and tried to scramble away from the beast. The dragon simply placed one giant claw over him and gently pinned him down.

"Martivir." The dragon said to Alastor's surprise. Alastor felt a sudden calm wash over him before the dragon said, "Irisv." Alastor felt a tingling at his ribs and began to panic again before the dragon spoke one last word, "Ssifisv." and he fell asleep once again.
"How is the child faring Silafarisk?" a voice in the head of the silver dragon asked.

"He is terrified father." Silafarisk answered.

"Did you attempt to calm him?" the voice asked.

"Peace was the first word I spoke to him." Silafarisk answered. "It's calmed him for a moment but as soon as I spoke heal he started to panic again."

"That happens alot." the voice said chuckling. "You'll get used to it eventually."

"But I thought he..." Silafarisk began worriedly.

"Peace Sila." the voice said soothingly. "He probably didn't know dragons existed until today and his first impression wasn't the best. Be patient and he may come around. Let him sleep for now."

"Thank you father." Slia said.

Sila turned to the sleeping Alastor and saw he was twitching fitfully. Sila guessed he was reliving his experience with the red Malais. She mumbled a few words and shrank down to a more manageable size and curled around Alastor. Alastor calmed a bit but Sila could see he was still having the nightmare. Sila could see it was getting even worse as he started twitching again and she noticed a wet spot spreading from him so she started humming a simple lullaby. Alastor stopped twitching and stilled into a dreamless sleep. Sila smiled and gently licked the top of his head and thought wistfully of the days she hoped would come.

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PostSubject: Re: Dragons (ch. 4)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 2:24 pm

Here's the start of chapter 2!

Chapter 2

Alastor woke up in a cold sweat. The last thing he remembered was a dragon bearing down on him. He tried to get up but he couldn't. When he looked to see why, it was because a long silver-scaled tail was draped across his abdomen. It was then that he realized that it wasn't a cold sweat he felt. His pants were soaked in his own urine.

"I'm not surprised." Alastor thought glumly. "If nothing else, maybe the dragon will be so disgusted that it wont eat me."

The dragon's tail shifted suddenly and Alastor felt a lot less weight on him. He realized that, if he was careful not to wake it, he could scoot to the side and out from under the dragon's tail. He got about halfway down the tail when it shifted again and was completely off of him. Alsator got up and as quickly and quietly as he could, ran away from the dragon toward a tunnel that had a dim light coming from it. As he raced into it, he started going uphill and saw a light ahead that he was sure would lead him to the outside. He ran headlong into it and PONG! He fell backward and felt like he'd run into a brick wall. He got back up with a groan and check for bumps. Finding none, he walked back to the opening and felt around. There was some kind of invisible wall dividing him from the outside. Alastor felt as though he were being teased until he saw what was outside. There was only a narrow path down a moutainside and a steep drop. But that wasn't what scared him the most. There were dragons everywhere! There were many different shapes and sizes of them and to him, they all looked hungry. He slowly backed away from the opening and into what he knew wasn't a pillar of stone.

"Enjoying the view?" Sila asked.

Alastor jupmed away with a scream and backed against the invisible wall. He looked down when he felt his cold pants grow warmer and saw a trickle of urine rolling down towards the dragon. Sila looked at him oddly. Alastor, in his panic, didn't realize it was a mix of maternal worry and amusement.

"How are you feeling?" Sila asked, sniffing at his ribs. "Your wounds should be healed but I never got to check for sure."

Alastor apparently didn't hear her. He was too afraid. Sila looked at him oddly this time. She was confused as to why he was so scared when she wasn't using her frightful presence. She decided he must just be afraid of her and that she wouldn't be able to get him out of fear mode unless she shocked him out of it. She decided for the sake of sanity to cast one spell first though. She mumbled a few phrases and centered the spell on Alastor. Alastor flinched as he suddenly lost all sense of hearing. Sila began to reach her long neck towards him and he let out a piercing scream. Or he would have but Sila's Silence spell made it impossible for sound to enter or leave the area of the spell. She grabbed hold of the back of his clothes gently in her teeth and carried him back to the cave. She was glad she'd thought of the silence spell because she didn't want to disturb the whole valley (and didn't want to lose her own sanity in the process). She carried him into another small cave and began removing Alastor's clothes.

"What is she doing?" Alastor thought to himself. "Stripping me so she doesn't have to eat my clothes as well?"

Despite Alastor's struggles, Sila still got the clothes off and then gently lowered the still thrashing boy into a pool of water. Alastor fliched when he felt the heat of the hot spring and Sila did as well. She lowered her head to another are of the spring and let loose a blast of her ice to cool the water just a bit. Alastor felt the water cool and finally stopped screaming. He looked up at the dragon, still with terror in his eyes, but he felt panic fading. Sila saw this and dispelled the Silence spell. She lowered herself into the water as well and kept her head near Alsastor.

"It looks like your ribs are healed." the dragon said.

Alastor, hearing her this time, was surprised the dragon could speak. He also looked down at his ribs in surprise and saw that they were indeed healed. He looked back up at Sila and wondered why she had bothered to heal him (along with how she did) if she was just going to eat him. He didn't realize he wet again but Sila felt the current caused by it and held back a chuckle.

"What's wrong?" Sila asked. "Can't you talk?"

"Y-y-y-yes I c-c-can." Alastor stuttered.

"Wow." Sila said. "The first three words you spoke since you got here besides AHHHHHHHHHH!"

Alastor couldn't help but smirk a bit but it was gone before Sila saw it. He shivered with fear again and Sila looked at him with concern.

"I didn't make the water too cold did I?" Sila asked. She knew he was scared but she hoped he'd open up to her on his own.

"Aren't you going to eat me?" Alastor asked fearfully.

"Bingo!" Sila thought. "Score one for the dragon." She then asked, "Do you want me to?"

"No!" Alastor said quickly.

"Then of course I'm not." Sila said. "I wouldn't even if you want me to. If that's why you're so scared then you don't have anything to worry about. No dragon is going to eat you. Not even the red who snatched you in the first place."

Alastor relaxed a bit but wondered if the dragon was lying. He also wondered if the dragons didn't want to eat him, what did they want from him?

"So does the water feel okay to you now?" Sila asked.

Alastor thought about it for a moment and realized the water felt great. He looked back up at Sila and his eyes revealed the answer. She smiled at him and then heaved her neck onto the shore so her neck was around him and her head rested on the other side.

"So what is your name little one?" Sila asked.

"Alastor." he answered. "What's yours?"

"Just call me Sila." Sila answered. "Now that introductions are out of the way, you may swim around if you like. It might help you relax a bit more after all that has happened to you so far. If you need me, just call. I'll hear you."

Sila heaved herself out of the water (drenching Alastor in the process) and walked to another cave to repare for the next step. Alastor meanwhile swam a bit and did indeed feel relaxed. He still wondered what Sila wanted but he was starting to believe that she in fact, didn't want to eat him. The water was just starting to return to its original temperature when Sila came back.

"Ready to get out?" Sila asked, leaning a wing down toward him to climb. Alastor nodded and clibmed up the wing and onto her back. He shivered as his bare skin touched her scales. She felt cold to the touch but there was a warmth there as well. Sila looked back at him with a smile before she walked him into the cave again.

"It looks like you trust I'm not going to eat you." Sila said.

"Yeah but..." Alastor mumbled.

"But what?" Sila asked.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragons (ch. 4)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:09 pm

I love how this is shaping up. I can really see the reactions of the person to the dragon. i mean it would be scary to wake up to a huge dragon next to you.

This is really shaping up to be a Good story.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragons (ch. 4)   Wed Apr 29, 2009 8:46 am

Wow. Thanks Raikan! Always nice to get praise from one of your writting heroes. This story was actaully inspired by one of yours in case you missed the memo at the top.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragons (ch. 4)   Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:14 pm

Here's the rest of Chapter 2! Chapter 3 has been started already.

"What is it you want with me exactly?" Alastor asked.

Sila looked at him curiously. "I thought for a second you were going to ask when I was going to take you back."

"What would your answer have been if I did?" Alastor asked.

"Never." Sila answered with a sigh. "I'm sorry to say that now that you've been here I can't take you back home. Besides, judging by what your home is like, it doesn't seem like you'd want to go back."

"That depends on how bad it is here." Alastor said. "Hey! How did you know what my home was like?"

"As I slept near you I learned more about you." Sila answered. "I saw what your life was like. Your adoptive mother isn't the nicest person is she?"

"No, she's not." Alastor mumbled, wondering how much else she'd learned.

"To answer how bad it will be, that's for you to decide but based off of what your life was like, you might like your new life even more." Sila said reassuringly. "This cave here will be your room."

Sila magically decreased her size (to Alastor's amazement) until she was about the size of a small horse and walked in. Alastor's jaw dropped when he saw the room. It looked like a giant, earthy nursery! That was his initial impression anyway. Then he noticed a few older things as well like a desk, books of various sizes and even a bunch of hand made plushies (that almost didn't look handmade because they were so good). Alastor also liked the look of a bunch of posable dragon figurines on one bookcase. He immedietly noticed a red dragon and the silver that looked a lot like Sila. There were may others besides them. Alastor did a quick count and found there to be a total of thirty dragons. He saw a bucket next to it and saw even more within it so he didn't know for sure how many dragons there were. Sila took him over and instructed him to hop off of her and onto a changing table.

"Why?" Alastor asked, feeling sure he knew where this was going.

"One, although understandable, you did wet yourself several times." Sila answered. "Two, you like diapers anyway."

"Rats." Alastor thought to himself. "So much for her not knowing that."

It was true. Alastor did like diapers. He wore them whenever he could risk it at home to help deal with the stress of his adoptive mother. He sighed resignatedly and did as Sila instructed. Sila smiled and shifted to more of a humanoid form. Dragons were capable of shifting their pelvic bones in such a manner that they could walk on all fours or into a sort of hunched bipedal form. Sila pulled out a diaper from below the table and slid it underneath Alastor. Alastor looked away and pretended (rather poorly) that he didn't like what was happening. Sila knew what was going on in his head so she made it quick with a dash of powder and tapped the diaper around his waist. She leaned down and gave Alastor a quick lick and then helped him off the table.

"You don't have to pretend Alastor." Sila said. "We both know you like this, the diapers at least, so there's no need to fight it."

"It's just wierd." Alastor said.

"Being diapered." Sila laughed. "I guess since you've only ever done it on your own it might be. I'm going to tell you something Alastor but not here. Let's get some clothes on you and then I'll tell you the story of my people."

"Would you mind if I tell him Sila?" Sila's father asked in her head. "I would like to see your first child."

"On second thought," Sila said (thought being the keyword there). "I'll let our leader tell you the story. I wasn't even an egg when it happened but he was part of it."

"Um, okay." Alastor said. Sila walked over to a dresser and first pulled out a baby blue onesie and shorts. She tossed them to Alastor while she duug for warmer clothes. She came up with a pair of white sweats and a sweatshirt. Alastor had just pulled the shorts up after snapping the onesie into place when the sweatshirt came down over his head. Sila helped him into the sweat pants while he stuck his arms through the sleves and then reverted to her quadrapedal form. She leaned down and Alastor climbed onto her back. With that, she charged out of Alastor's room and out into the cavern. Without slowing, she charged up to the entrance and (with a feeling of passing through a soap bubble) leaped through the Wall of Force and into open air. With a quick snap, her wings were extended and she was sailing around the mountain. Alastor felt much better about flying this time (probably because he was on a dragon instead of in its clutches). He looked around wide-eyed at all of the dragons and saw all of the dragons on his shelf as well as many others he now assumed were in his bucket.

"Enjoying the view this time?" Sila asked.

"There are so many different dragons!" Alastor exclaimed.

"Yes." Sila said. "There are many from both the true dragons and the lesser dragons."

"Lesser?" Alastor asked, slightly irked because he didn't feel like anyone should be less than anyone else (like a lot of kids).

"That's just a term." Sila said reassuringly. "True dragons are dragons with specific age categories, twelve to be exact. Lesser dragons do not have the age categories that other dragons do. They maintain a relative state of equal power throughout their lives while true dragons grow in strength and size as they age."

"Oh." Alastor said understandingly. "They aren't treated lesser are they?"

"Not really." Sila said. "You'll learn more about dragons the longer you live here. Something I can teach you now are the six main groups of true dragons. Those are the ones on your shelf."

"Okay." Alastor said, eager to learn about them now that he felt relatively certain they wouldn't eat him.

"The first of the main groups you have already met the most powerful of." Sila said. "The chromatic dragons. They include the red, blue, green, white and black. You have also seen a representative from each of the Metallic dragons. They and I were the ones who saved you from the red. There is the magnificent gold, the most powerful and also the species we are going to meet, and the magestic silver, me obviously. There is also the honorable bronze, the playfull copper, and the annoyingly talkative brass. Then there are the faerunian dragons. Those are the most common of true dragons. I'd tell you about the rest but we've arrived already."

Alastor looked to where Sila was aiming and saw an enormous opening in the mountain that allowed several dragons to fly into and out of at once! Sila dove in and many dragons respectfully moved out of the way for her. She came to a high ledge overlooking an enormous hall. At the far end of it sat a dragon that easily dwarfed Sila. He quite possibly could have swallowed her if he so chose to do so. He certainly wouldn't have any trouble with Alastor (considering Sila could still probably swallow him if she wanted to). He felt a warmth spreading nearby and realized he was wetting himself. Sila felt the vibrations from it and smiled up at him.

"It's okay." she said comfortingly. "He's not going to bite. He just wants to meet you."

"Why?" Alastor asked.

"Because he's my father." Sila answered.

"Dragons can be born a different species from their parents?" Alastor asked shocked.

"I'll let him explain that." Sila answered. "Ope! He's seen us. Time to go meet him."

The hall cleared and Sila swooped down in front of her father. Alastor tried to make himself as small as possible on Sila's back but she scooped him off of her and set him down infront of her. Sila's father stretched his neck out to look at Alastor, but he gave a strangled squeak and dashed behind Sila's foreleg and grabbed hold of it as tightly as he could.

"Hahaha." the enormous gold dragon laughed. "He's a timid one, isn't he Sila?"

"Sometimes." Sila answered chucckling as she tried unsuccessfully to peel Alastor off of her. "He can be inquisitive and bold at times too. You know humans. You never know what to expect from them."

"That would be children in general my dear." he chuckled. "Please come out child. I'll not harm you."

Alastor only peeked out from behind Sila's leg and stared into the dragon's eye. It was like looking into a luminous pool of molten gold. His whiskered face smiled at him an then he stretched his neck upright before he began shrinking until he took on what looked to be a cross between a dragon and a human.

"Ah." the dragon said stretching his new form a bit. "This form comes in handy at times. What is your name child?"

"A-a-alastor sir." Alastor stuttered.

"Don't 'sir' me Alastor." he laughed. "It makes me feel old."

"Father!" Sila laughed. "You are old! You're a Great Wyrm after all. That takes over a thousand years to reach!"

"One thousand, two hundred and one to be precise." he chuckled. "Just call me Paragos. If my daughter is going to be taking care of you that makes us family."

"I have a lot of questions Paragos." Alastor said.

"And I will be glad to answer them." Paragos said warmly. "Let me try to answer a few with the tale of how we came here."

Alastor nodded and sat down to listen.

Paragos sat down as well and said, "Let me see..."
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PostSubject: Re: Dragons (ch. 4)   Thu Apr 30, 2009 12:26 pm

Here you go! Chapter 3!

Chapter 3

"Our history begins in the world of Toril. There is much to tell about that world but I will focus only on events relevant to our being here. There came a time when there was a large number of dragons that others considered insane merely for some aspects that were odd for the behavior of our race. Our number were either overly fond of children or wanted to act more like children if they were of a younger age."

"Meaning the older ones liked to baby others while the younger ones liked to be babies?" Alastor asked.

"Please don't interrupt but yes." Paragos said. "Some were shunned while others were persecuted. Eventually, all those of like mind came together near a valley. We gathered what strength we all had and together, we created anextra dimensional space in the valley. We entered and sheltered there while we decided on what to do next as we knew the space would wear off eventually. It was quickly decided that there would be no violence until something was done and all grudges between races were dropped for the moment. It was a very uneasy peace to say the least. A few cross words between a white and a brass would turn the whole mini-plane into one of the biggest dragon graveyards inexistence. Eventually, it was agreed that a powerful member of each race of true dragon, overseen by the most powerful dragon present, would gather in council and make further decisions. The temporary government was grudgingly accepted and the representatives were chosen. There was a member from each chromatic and metallic race along with a fang, shadow, song, brown and deep from the Faerunian dragons. There was also a crystal, sapphire, amethyst, topaz, and emerald from the gem dragons. From the fiendish dragons was a styx, rust, pyroclastic, tarterian, and howling dragon. The planar dragons sent an ethereal, a battle, a chaos, an oceanus, and a radiant dragon. From the two epic races came a force and a prismatic dragon. I was the one selected as the overseer for the counsel. We first agreed that any complaints between dragons would be brought before the representatives of the races involved with three mediators from different areas of dragons as well. Fortunately, we never had to. I proposed we cast our minds outward to find another world that might be a bit more accepting of us. With our combined powers, we found one. We found a world inhabited by one race of dragon that were as devoted to children as we were. Or so we thought. We brought together the magic of the dragons in the valley and reached to the dragons whom we had made contact with and the twopowerful forces of magic made the valley you now live in material on their world. We met these, grey dragons and they graciously allowed us to disperse from the valley, although the central government remained based here. I was soon elected sole leader, even above the Epic Great Wyrms and took my role seriously. Some of the dragons eventually found that the world we lived in was connected to several others and they found they could continue former practices by bringing children here to baby them. That was when the problems started. The grey dragons devotion to children was for helping them. They kept returning taken children to their homes. This caused great tensions between we and them. They eventually had enough and their leader came to me asking for my help with something. He wanted our dragons to help his reach out to another group ofpowerful beings and create a new dimension for them and the grey dragons to live together in peace. I agreed as it would prevent a war I felt was not long in coming. By my order, we worked together with them once more and they vanished from the world to a created dimension filled with winged furrs. Our race then went back to it's old ways and many went out taking those they considered children in need of their attention. You are one such child. Do you have any more questions Alastor?"

"What other kinds of creatures are here?" Alsator asked. "You said this world is connected to others so wouldn't there be more than humans?"

"Oh yes." Paragos answered. "Oddly enough, almost every creature we have here is known in your world. Furrs are common to take, particularly the dragons. We've taken creatures from worlds similar to Toril. We've taken them from things believed imaginary in your world. They often appear as TV shows or video games."

"That story answers a lot of questions, even though it leaves blanks." Alastor said.

"I decided to give you a cliff-notes version." Paragos said chuckling. "Whenever I get into it in detail, my listeners tend to fall asleep on me."

"It does make more questions though." Alastor said.

"Well ask away then." Paragos said.

"Why was I taken for starters?" Alastor asked. "I mean, not that I'm not grateful, but surely there were others in more need of this than I was?"

"Don't call me Shirley." Paragos joked, making Alastor roll his eyes. "Normally you wouldn't have been taken. But some, like the red, are a little odd even by our standards. This red in particular will take any child she wants and she enjoys terrorizing others as she takes children. You were the unfortunate one she snatched. We have told her that she was banned from leaving this world for children but she disobeyed again. My daughter and a few of her friends began pursuing her and that was when she managed to rescue you. My daughter took a shine to you and since you were in need of her, it was decided she may keep you."

"Keep me?" Alastor asked. "Does that mean I'm some kind of pet or plaything?"

"Of course not!" Sila said, sounding a little hurt.

"You likely would have been if you had been taken by the red." Paragos said. "You need not worry child..."

"Please call me Alastor." Alastor interrupted. "If we're to be a family of sorts and I can call you Paragos, please call me by my name too."

"Alright." Paragos said, overlooking the interruption with the tiniest hiss of annoyance. "You will have a good home with Sila. She is one of my favorite offspring so you will have much better access to me as well if there is anything you should need."

"How many offspring do you have?" Alastor asked curiously.

"I lost count long ago." Paragos laughed. "I'm a bit of an oddity amongst my race. Most male dragons become sterile when they become Great Wyrms. I'm older than any dragon in this world and I'm still capable of fertilizing eggs."

"So will I have to call Sila mother or something?" Alastor asked.

"Only if you want to." Sila said nuzzling him affectionately (almost ruining the effect as she nearly knocked him over). "It would make me happy but I wont make you. If you ever grow to love me as much as that than by all means, call me whatever maternal name you please."

"I think I believe you both." Alastor said truthfully. "Maybe this will be a good place for me. I guess the rest of my questions are about dragons in general."

"I have books that can answer your questions." Sila said. "Is there no other question you can think of?"

"Just one." Alastor answered. "Where did those furrs that helped the grey dragons come from?"

"Not sure exactly." Paragos said. "All I know is that they were leaving their world because they were feared in their own. They had powers that the common furrs from their world did not. I believe they reffered to them as psionics but they are not the psionics we know of from Toril. They reached out with their psionics, the grey dragons reached out with their magic, and we reached out with our various spells as well to help create a world they could live in."

"I guess that's it then." Alastor said.

"Not quite." Paragos said. "There is something different about you. Please, come and touch my scales."

Alastor began walking towards Paragos. He felt his diaper begin to swell as he did. Paragos was still intimidating, even in his smaller humanoid form. Paragos held out his hand and Alastor touched the top of it. He felt a sudden rush and pulled away, feeling another rush as he did so from his diaper. Paragos smiled at him and chuckled as the diaper bulge became clear.

"Am I really that scary?" He asked.

"What was that?" Alastor asked.

"You have magic within you." Paragos said. "Somehow, you have magic the same as a Sorcerer does on Toril. They have inborn magic from some magical blood in their family's past, often from a dragon. But there are a few rare cases where magic can just pop up at random in others. I'd be willing to bet a lot of humans in your world might be as you are but certain events needed to trigger your magics release are nearly impossible to come by."

"I have magic?" Alastor asked amazed. "What can I do with it?"

"I can teach you some of it." Sila said. "I'm a decent Arcane caster so I'm sure I can help you learn a few good spells."

"There's something else we can do with it as well." Paragos said.

"Like what?" Alastor asked Paragos.

"With a few spells from Sila and I, we can tap into your magic and if you'd like, permanently change you into something else." Paragos said. "Like a dragon for example."

"We could?" Sila asked excitedly. "That would be great! Then he could really be my Wyrmling!"

"Whoa! Timeout a sec." Alastor said. "Don't I get a say in this?"

"Of course." Paragos said. "I did say if you'd like. I was thinking that we could do it because it would make sense to do so. You have a new life ahead of you so why not a new form to go along with it? Maybe even a new name."

"That makes sense I guess and it might be cool to be a dragon but I like my name." Alastor said.

"We could keep it something similar to it." Sila offered. "How about Alastrix?"

"I guess I'd have to see what I'd look like as a dragon if I want to become one." Alastor answered. "But that name does have a nice ring to it."

"If you became a dragon there would be so much more I could teach you." Sila said excitedly.

"How much would it hurt?" Alastor asked.

"It would be over very quickly and you should remain conscious." Paragos said. "You would become a silver dragon like Sila."

"Please Alastor?" Sila pleaded. "Wont you become my wyrmling?"

"What's a wyrmling exactly?" Alastor asked.

"It's the first stage of a true dragon's development." Paragos answered. "Dragons are considered wrymling until their sixth year."

"But I'm twelve!" Alastor said.

"You almost don't look it but anyway, the spell would cut your physical years down by 75%." Paragos said. "Physically, you'd be three years of age."

"So it wouldn't be so bad." Sila teased. "You like most of what's happening so far anyway."

"I guess you're right." Alastor said. "Plus it would definetly extend my lifespan. I'll do it."

"Alight." Paragos said. "We'll do it now. Just close your eyes and leave everything to us."

Alastor did as he was instructed and after a few seconds of hearing Paragos mumble something, he felt a claw pierce his chest and he screamed in pain. He heard Paragos bark something at Sila when she gave a gasp and he felt his lifeblood slipping away. There was a sudden burning and he felt his body change. He heard his clothes rip as his wings and tail grew outward and he then heard Sila finishing a spell. He felt all the pain leave him until it seemed like a long forgotten memory. He opened his eyes and looked down at himself. Beneath the few strips of cloth still clinging to him were silver scales. No more was he Alastor the orphaned human. He was now Alastrix, the silver dragon.
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Here's the first part of chapter 4!

Chapter 4

Alastor, no, Alastrix, looked at what used to be his hands. They were now, large silver-scaled claws that seemed a little too big for the arm (leg?) that they were attached to. He looked backwards with his new, elongated neck and saw the small wings sprouting from his back. He focused a bit and smiled when they flapped. He stretched his neck back further and saw the tail on the floor behind him. He focused again and it flopped to one side. He looked at the rest of him and marveled at his shiny silver scales. He compared himself to Sila and realized he looked more like Paragos did than her. That was when he remembered a bit of what happened and he glared at Paragos.

"I thought you said it wouldn't hurt." he squeaked (yes, squeaked) indignantly.

Sila laughed at his new voice as Paragos said, "I never said that. I said it would be over quickly and it was. That took no longer than six seconds."

"Okay." Alastrix said granting him one point. "How come I look more like you than I do Sila?"

"I figured you might be more comfortable in a bipedal form." Paragos said. "I can help you control your shape into your true form if you'd like. That I promise won't hurt."

Alastrix nodded and he felt a presence in his head. It seemed like it was gently nudging him so he followed where it led him and he felt himself fall flat on his chin when his shape changed abruptly.

"Ouch!" He squeaked again. "Hey! You promised!"

"I promised the change wouldn't hurt." Paragos laughed. "I didn't expect you to fall flat on your face."

Alastrix humphed and tried to stand up. It felt weird for a second and he fell on all fours. It felt much more natural like this and he looked at himself again. He realized that the extremities of his limbs still seemed a little too large and his wings looked like they wouldn't carry him at all. He heard Sila giggle and then felt gentle teeth close around his midsection. He was lifted into the air and set on her back. She surprised him by licking him once before she turned back to her father.

"Thank you father." She said. "We'll take our leave now. Say goodbye to your grandfather Alastrix."

"Goodbye to your grandfather Alastrix." He joked. Paragos laughed and waved an enlarging claw at them before Sila took off and out of the mountain. Alastrix crawled across her back and looked down at the land below. He saw many more dragons in the trees below walking with many different creatures. Some of them he recognized from show he watched back home like pokemon and even a few digimon. He also saw many different furrs (although the majority of them were dragons). He saw many humans as well. Some of them looked funny and he realized that those ones weren't humans at all! Thanks to watching the Lord of the Rings he recognized elves and dwarves along with halflings but there were even more down there. He asked Sila and she told him that some were gnomes and there were creatures she called plane-touched. She also told him that there were several subraces of many of the races down there and there were other oddities down there as well. She told him of some of the half dragons down there and the half celestials.

"Wow." Alastrix said. "How do you keep track of all those things down there?"

"Dragon's have larger minds for storing more information." Sila laughed. "You'll develop that as well now that you're one of us."

"Why don't you make every creature down there into a dragon?" Alastrix asked.

"Firstly because that was very powerful magic that most dragons do not have access to." Sila answered. "Secondly, most creatures can't be transformed as you were. They don't have the same magic within you that you had."

"I don't have it anymore?" Alastrix asked dismayed.

"You do, you just can't access it yet." Sila reassured. "You won't be able to until you're older."

"How much older?" Alastrix asked.

"You've got about 13 years before you can begin using that magic." Sila answered laughing.

"So what happens now?" Alastrix asked.

"We could go home and take a look at that book or you can play with some of your toys." Sila suggested. "I'd rather not teach you to fly yet. I'm still a little shaken from turning you into a dragon."

"Can I try to glide from your back in the cave maybe?" Alastrix asked, flapping his wings a bit.

"That I could probably manage." Sila answered smiling. "Just don't do it from here. The ground is a lot farther away from up than it would be in the cave."

Alastrix giggled a bit and continued to crawl along Sila's back as he looked around. He fell backwards in surprise and landed on his tail with a crack and a yelp of surprise and pain when a flock of tiny dragons shot up past Sila. Despite the pain from his tail, he stared at the dragons that were even smaller than he was with great interest. They were possibly only two to three feet long but their tails were anther four to six feet long! They also ended in a curious little stinger. Sila noticed him watching them and laughed.

"I think you'd like those little knuckle heads." Sila laughed. "Those are psuedo dragons. They're friendly for the most part but they are worse than copper dragons when it comes to pranks. Copper dragons are lots of fun, just like the otter furrs they tend to favor, but the pseudo dragons can be a bit mean when it comes to pranks. They do that only when they're angry though."

"I'll keep that in mind." Alastrix said. He let out a sudden yawn that shook his whole body. Sila looked back at him in surprise and they both laughed.

"Well." Sila laughed. "Looks like my little hatchling could use a nap. I think I'll have some food ready when you wake up."

"Sounds good." Alastrix said, yawning again.

"We're almost home but you can go ahead and fall asleep now if you'd like." Sila offered. She laughed quietly when she saw that Alastrix had already curled up on her back and was breathing steadily. She smiled and tucked her wings in as she dove into her cave once more. She went up to Alastrix's new room first and managed to diaper him without waking him up and set him in the crib. She leaned down and gave him an affectionate lick before she walked out of the room, looking forward to the rest of the day with her new adoptive son.
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Dragons (ch. 4)
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