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 Pocket Dragons

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PostSubject: Pocket Dragons   Mon May 14, 2007 3:24 pm

“Quickly, Thalik! Hurry!” Kyara whispered to her dragon. Thalik flicked an ear in response and beat his wings faster. Above him, another dragon sped through the foggy darkness.
-Are you all right, Ionel? – She asked mentally. The dragon snorted, not speaking.
Kyara looked back, searching behind them for the telltale flames of Clavi’s Dragonback Army.
“Where is that portal?” she hissed craning her neck to see over her dragon’s head. “We should be there by—Aaahh!”
A pillar of fire lit up the fog, closely followed by an enormous dragon. Thalik veered sharply to the right, nearly unseating his rider, who clung to her saddle.
“Wyrms,” she cursed, righting herself. The Dragonbacks had been following her for hours on end, attempting to keep her from passing the portal, from reaching a spot where she could form a rebellion. Clavi knew what he was doing when he sent his army to stop her, and they weren’t going to quit chasing her until she was dead…
“Thalik, can you out fly them? The portal must be here somewhere.”
Thalik chuffed. –I will try. –
Kyara patted her dragon’s neck, and then shifted her position so as to better see the enemy. Heavy, pulsing wing beats brought a mercenary directly underneath the white dragon, and the soldier’s mount shot another column of flame at the fleeing rebels. Again Thalik swerved, and the attack dissipated into the air.
-Kyara, - came Ionel’s voice, -the portal. –
Kyara looked ahead, where the fog swirled and seemed to disappear into nothingness. Here was the portal.
-Is this the right one? There are many portals in this region. – Thalik’s voice held and anxious tone.
-I’m sure. Morgan gave me specific directions. - Truthfully, Kyara doubted that this was, in fact, the portal to this similar Milicon, this… Earth. But if it was, it would need to be closed. Clavi’s army could not follow her through…
-We have to close it, - she said to both of her dragons. - I’ll need your help. – The dragons murmured their assent and flew faster into the long, tunnel-like portal. Kyara stood on Talik’s saddle and faced their pursuers.
-Almost there, - Ionel said.
-Get ready, - replied Kyara.
The air suddenly became thick, compressing the rebels on all sides. The dragons pulled in their wings slightly, waiting for Kyara’s word. The huge mercenary dragons grew closer, plowing straight through the fog. One opened its mouth to flame.
-NOW! - Kyara yelled mentally. -Iceflame! -
Blinding white fire poured from Talik’s mouth, mixing with the fog, freezing it.
-Earthflame! –
Ionel added her flame as well, and the combined fires constricted the portal even more. The mercenary flamed.
-Go, Talik! Dive! -Kyara screamed, throwing herself flat along the dragon’s back. Talik pulled his wings in tight against his sides and shot through the portal, Ionel close behind. The mercenary’s flame was sucked into the swirling fog, and the dragon itself became caught in the tunnel, too huge to go on. It roared in pain and frustration as the portal squeezed the life out of it.
-Safe,- sighed Kyara, collapsing against Talik’s saddle. -Safe.-
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PostSubject: Re: Pocket Dragons   Tue May 15, 2007 12:31 pm

short... what what a great start!
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PostSubject: Re: Pocket Dragons   Tue May 15, 2007 1:07 pm

Thanx! Razz
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Pocket Dragons
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