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 the way things were meant to be...

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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:07 pm

It was then that she knew what she had to do...

Chapter Ten: Everybody crinkle now!

-denshire falls, six years ago...-

When Will awoke the next morning, he found Terry's pacifier in his mouth, and Terry himself curled up close to his chest, purring in his sleep. He spat out the pacifier with a wry grin and yawned widely, stretching out his arms.

Beth peeked in through the crack between the door and the wall, steeling her resolve. After a moment more, she opened it and softly waddled over to the bed, sitting down next to Will. His ears went up and down several times as he tried to figure out what she was expecting.

"I... I figured things would be easier on you this way," She said, a blush spreading across her cheeks.
"You're going to be diapered too, just to make us feel better?" Will asked, and then pulled her into a tight hug, "Beth, I love you."
She smiled at that, and ruffled his ears, "I can't let my little brothers feel all alone. We're in this together the whole way."

Terry came awake with a series of purring yawns, and a solitary drawn out kyu. Rubbing the sleep from his crimson eye, he saw Beth's crinkly underpants and tilted his head, "Big kitty issa wittle fwuffs too?"

"That's right little guy," She said, scooping him up and planting a kiss on the end of his nose. Terry squealed happily and rapidly covered Beth's face in a cacophony of milky kyu kisses. (Which is to say, a tongue bath =^_^=)
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:30 pm

Dawwwwww! That's so sweet of the kitty ^.^
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:37 pm

Beth looked down at the little bundle of happy she held, wriggling his tiny pink paws and generally being sweet enough to cause cavities at

twenty paces. She tickled his tummy and was rewarded with a purry giggle and a little paw tickling her own tummy.

Will watched with a small smile of his own, his jet hair framing his face and emphasizing his large green eyes.
Beth glanced up and was stunned by what she saw. Without even trying, Will had managed the same level of cute as terry. His little blue paws

poked out from a large poofy white diaper, and large green eyes shining. Terry looked up as well and Will blushed as he realized what they

were looking at. "K-kyu?" He asked, before he was buried under a massive fluffy pile of hugs and purrs.

Finally, he felt truly happy.

Chapter eleven: Fool's fire

The viewing pool suddenly jerked to a halt again, and flashed red as a clock appeared, turning backwards once more.

"Flashbacks, this is better than a movie..." Absinthe chuckled, dipping back into a popcorn bucket. Where had he gotten it? who knows, such

is the way of absinthe.

-denshire falls, five years ago-

Will sprawled out on one of the porch's deck chairs, studying the lantern in the bright afternoon sun. The cane he'd propped up against the

chair rolled a bit as he moved, prompting him to shift his weight. Which of course caused his diaper to crinkle beneath his sweatpants.
Terry watched for a little while, quickly losing interest and focusing on the ball he was playing with instead. His own diaper was quite

prominent, even beneath the loose red shirt he was wearing, and his tail was now quite obviously bigger than him.

Will pressed his paws against the lantern's glass section, mildly suprised to feel it shift like metal, rather than glass. It's center no

longer aflame, and in fact the glass showed nothing but the dull green metal back of the lantern.

The roar of an engine made him look up, just in time to see Terry toddling out into the road after his ball. "T-ter... IGNUS FATUUS!" He

shouted, grabbing his cane long enough to use it to shove himself from the chair. Within the blink of an eye he was across the road, left arm

wrapped protectively around terry and the right buried almost to the elbow in the car's grille. At about this time the belts stopped turning

and the fan just inside the grille clicked to a stop. Blood rapidly began to trickle down Will's arm followed shortly by a throbbing ache. He

brought his left hand up and then smashed it down on the car's hood, not leaving much of a dent, but clearly emphasizing the "SON OF A

BITCH!" that escaped his mouth.

Later on he'd realize he had no recolection of what happened from when he triggered the lantern up until he found his arm buried in the car's

front end.

The driver managed to fumble his door open and immediately ran off in the opposite direction, clearly shocked by what he'd just seen.

Beth had heard the commotion, and stumbled out to see what was wrong, immediately grimacing at what she saw. She phoned shinji and within

minutes, the old wolf shambled out to see to Will's injuries.

After a moment studying the scene, he lifted the hood and then immediately closed it, "pull your arm out, there's umm... well... you're

getting fitted for a prosthetic. I can't repair what ain't there." He said, and ducked out of the way to vomit in the neighbor's conveniently

placed azalea bush.

Will slipped terry's patch over his good eye and whispered, "Sit still a moment," Before tugging his arm out of the wreckage. True to

shinji's words, all that remained of will's forearm was three inches of friction burned skin beneath the elbow.
He didn't seem suprised, but glanced down at the lantern at his feet, "You're a jinx. did you know that?"
The lantern pulsed it's light once as if smirking, and then went dark.

Will grimaced as shinji lined up parts in preparation. "I'm going to give you a basic removable prosthetic. Removable because the base will

need to be resized as you grow, like Terry's."

Will managed to chuckle and toss up a joke, "At least I won't look like captain hook."
Caught by suprise, shinji laughed along, "Levity is good medicine. You keep laughing and you'll live forever. It's a proven fact."
"Is that what happened to you?" Shinji stared at Will once the question was asked, again suprised by Will's perception. Of course, that

luminescent green glimmer in the boy's eyes was new...

"I don't know what you..." He trailed off and then spoke in a whisper, "Who am I kidding... Yeah. Yeah thats pretty much what happened to me.

So I guess this makes me an old fart."

He set Will's arm straight and removed the rag wrapped around it, quelling his nausea and focusing his talent. He whistled softly and

gestured here and there. As Will watched, the parts arrayed on the table began to float and center themselves around his arm.

"You're a... wizard?" He asked.

"Nope. This was once an art where I came from. Metallurgy it was called, some folks thought it was alchemy or magic. But it's really just

understanding metal on the most basic level." He explained, as wires aligned themselves and straightened out to accomodate posts and casings.

"I don't even know if it's teachable anymore. The last person I knew to be able to use it besides myself died long before babylon collapsed."

Will nodded, "I knew there was something different about you."

"Let your jaw go slack, I'm going to sink the base and connect the nerves at the same time. It'll hurt more, but at least it's just onece

instead of several times."

Will went slack and tried to relax... The jolt that shot through him was comparable to the lantern's pain bolt. He roared out loud and his

fingers left furrows in the arm of his chair.

His head nodded forward and he seemed to be unconcious, but shinji heard him murmuring, "move damn you, move.... just a twitch... move!"

"It doesn't work like that Will. You need physical training over several months like Terry did."

"I'm not letting this get the best of me... MOVE!" His metal right hand twitched and to Shinji's absolute shock, clenched and unclenched

several times.

He leaned back in the chair, exhausted but with a smile prominent on both sides of his face. "Well, I just wet myself and got a massive

migraine in one go. But, it works." He said, turning it around and moving his metal fingers. And then, with a yawn he closed his eyes and

appeared to be asleep.

Shinji picked him up and carried him upstairs to his room, where Terry waited. "Your brother is either brave or crazy."
"Will's Will. He a stwong fopsy." Terry said, grinning and snuggling up close to His big brother.

Beth studied Will's new hand, "Shinji, you're friggin amazing."
The old wolf blushed, "Nah, just a little artsy fartsy."
Will smirked and opened an eye, "The artsy's cool, but when he gets fartsy..."

Everyone laughed at that.

Chapter twelve: Wolven sammich with mayo, or Howdy do ms. sinclaire.

-Denshire falls, present day-

Alistaerh slumped over his desk, ears drooping and tail sagging against the floor, "How am I supposed to explain this..." He whispered.

Terry turned around, sitting backwards in his chair, "I've known since day one. Ya don't have to explain anything."

Alistaerh went wide eyed, "B-b-b-buh wha, how?!?!?!"

Terry merely smiled, "We kyu's have very big ears. 'crinkle crinkle'. I understand why you tried to do what you did, and it's cool. All is


Alistaerh whimpered softly, "I still feel crappy for it though. I don't know what I was thinking..."
Terry suddenly hopped up on alistaerh's desk and licked him full across the face.
There came a giggle from the front of the room which made both Terry and Alistaerh spin around.

At first Terry wan't sure what he was seeing... The girl standing there was furless! So his first thought was, "human?" but that was quickly

struck down by the shiny black button nose, and fluffy ears. and then further shot down by the tufts of fur around her wrists and ankles, not

to mention the franticly wagging tail tossing her skirt left and right. it was at the peak of said wag that Terry caught a glimpse of

something white and crinkly...

Ember picked the moment immediately after that to lift up the back of the newcomer's skirt to make sure of what she'd seen.

The hairless crested pup spun around, only to be greeted with a full face lick from Ember, "Hiya! My name's emmie, what's yours?"

"Shido! Crimson Princess Shido Sinclaire!" She said grinning from ear to fluffy ear.
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PostSubject: Re: the way things were meant to be...   

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the way things were meant to be...
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