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 All you need is one friend

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PostSubject: All you need is one friend   Tue Dec 05, 2006 1:56 am

This is a story of one boy’s need of diapers and him

finding a friend for the first time in his life his

name is Longshot and he 12 he's got a sister that is

11 her name is Jubilee and there me Zandar 12 this

story is all fake

All you need is one friend

It was the first day of school and Longshot was now

in greed 7 and all he could think of was that he

didn't want to go. "But mom they will all make fun of

me agene and beat me up" said Longshot as he was

remembering the years be for. The other kids would

pick on Longshot because he needs diapers. He was sad

all the time and hade no friends. Longshot and his

sister Jubilee got to school and there mom said "have

a good day kids, I love you" Jubilee went to her

class and Longshot went to his and right away got the

baby baby call. The class started and there new

teacher said "good morning class i'am Mr. Hinder and

will be your teacher this year all so we have a few

new kids at the school so make them feel welcome" The

week went on and it was Friday and it was his cousins

birthday party and he was having a sleep over with 5

friends. Be cousin Bishop and Longshot wore cousins

Bishop mom made him invite Longshot. That even

Longshot met Zandar even thou they wore in the same

class they have not talked to echoer yet. The evening

went on and the 6 boys watched a movie and play

Nintendo. It was 10:00 pm and time to get ready for

bed. Longshot was getting ready in the bathroom

changing his diaper when one of the other boys open

the door and said "look at the baby". Then the rest

started to join. Zandar right away said "hey that not

cool and not nice". So the other boys start to call

then both fageys and baby and baby lover. This made

Longshot cry and pack his things and leave. Zandar

was not happy at what they did so he to left. It was

now 10:30 and they hade a 45 mins walk to Longshots

house. On the way there Zandar ask "can I stay the

night at your house? The group home I live at won't

let me in past 10:00 pm". Longshot was still crying

and just said "ok I don't care". On the way to

Longshot house that stop off at 7-11 and got a drink.

By this time bishop's mom hade called Longshot mom

and told her what happened and that they left so she

sent out Longshot's dad to look for him. Longshot and

Zandar got to Longshot's house and his mom was mad a

bit but ok and happy he got home self. Longshots mom

called his dad and he got there 10 mines later. They

wore not happy and said "we'll talk about this

tomorrle now go to bed" and they all so said it was

ok for Zandar to stay the night. Longshot and Zandar

talked some more and was even told a few time to go

to sleep as that talk Zandar ask what it like to be

in diaper all the time and told Longshot at the group

home they have to ware goodnights to bed even if they

don't wet the bed. Longshot said goodnights and

diaper are different. Zandar asked to try one and

Longshot let him. Longshot fell to sleep on his bed

and Zandar slept on the air mat that his dad set up.

It was morning and Longshot and Zandar wore up in the

kitchen and and Longshot sister Jubilee can in just

in a goodnight. There mom right away said Jubilee "we

got a guest go put a night shirt on or something".

Jubilee said "sorry and ok mommy" and did right away.

On Monday morning Longshot got to school. Longshot

had hade a big wet on the way to school and was

getting changed in the bath room when 2 other boys

walked in and started to make fun of him. The two

boys head him down and pulled down his paints and

drag him out of the bath room. Zandar saw this and

made them stop and got beat up for it to. The week

went on and Longshot and Zandar got made fun of and

beat up a few times to. It was Friday and Longshot

and Zandar wore happy as Longshot's dad Randy picks

them all up from school. "How was school today kids"

randy said. that all said ok, when that got to

Longshot house Longshot and Zandar went to Longshot

room and looked a diaper chat and cartoons in diapers

Longshot changed in to a clean diaper in the bath

room and Zandar asked " can I try one agene please?"

Longshot let Zandar have a diaper then later Randy

called them to supper. As that ate supper Randy ask

Zandar "how his diaper was" Zandar look inbarest and

said "how you know?" "Come on my kids have both been

in diaper a long time and now Longshot is all the

time and can tell this things". Both Zandar and

Longshot said sorry and that Zandar just wanted to

try them Longshot's dad Randy said that fine but I

better use it as there not cheep. Zandar use the

diaper and left it on for a bit to as Longshot had

his bath then Zandar went and hade his bath and went

back in his underwear. Randy set up the arm mat for

Zandar and latter Longshot mom got home and kissed

her two kids goodnight. After Longshots parents went

to sleep Longshot let Zandar out on a new diaper as

they chatted on line with others and it was late they

both went to bed wet. It was morning and Randy took a

peak on the boys and they wore in the same bed just

in a wet diaper with the covers off and looked cold a

bit so he just covered them up think " silly boys"

then he peak in on Jubilee and she was sleeping

nicely so he went and got breakfast ready.
A few weeks went by and now Longshot was a happy

little boy as he got a friend that sleeps over ever

weekend and is way ok with him needing diaper all the

as Zandar likes them and wears then to sometimes to.

Then came the day Longshots mom found out she saw

then both just in a diaper playing legos as Longshot

for got to lock the door so she kicked Zandar out and

said "your never to come back" this made Longshot cry

and said "you don't love me". When Longshots dad got

home she told him what happened and how sick it was

for someone to like diapers. The next day Randy show

his wife Longshot's journal his mom was all most in

tears all she saw how kids beat him up and how he was

going to kill him self then Randy show her the parts

with Zandar in them and all that was said how much

fun it was to have a friend that liked him no more

killing him self. It was this that Randy said I know

Zandar liked diapers and yes it's wired but if he the

only friend Longshot going to have I want Longshot to

be happy. Longshot mom then looked at some things on

line and the rest of his Journal she was still wired

about it but saw no sex stuff in it so that night she

say down Longshot and said "look he wired and i'am

sorry but if your ok with a friend that likes diaper

then I want you to be happy you can call him and let

Zandar know he can still sleep here over the weekend"

It was Friday and they all got home from school and

it was then Longshot mom said "Zandar if you want to

ware diaper hare you can sometimes just don't do it

lots as we only get some for free" Wow this was cool

and it made Longshot and Zandar happy but all so his

sister found out that Zandar likes diaper so she went

and put on one of her goodnights to but keep it dry

all evening. The next day it was Sat and they went

shopping at a thrif store and saw 6 bags of youth

diaper that would fit them and they wore only $5.00 a

bag so Longshot dad look at then and saw that there

was 12 in a bag and got all 6 of them. Randy said

don't use them in all one day. That evening Longshot

and Zandar got in to the new diapers and his sister

Jubilee asked if she could try one so they gave her

one and she went to her room and put it on. The weeks

went on and the two boy’s hade lots of fun playing

legos going to the skate part and playing V-Games.

Then can one morning Longshot got up and said dad mom

my back sore. They gave him a pill and sent him to

school as it did help. But over time his back was

getting to sore and he started needing help to get up

and change his diaper. Randy said wow that’s getting

bad it only been 3 days since this started so

Longshot's dad randy took him to the Doctors and they

keep Longshot there for some tests. They sat

Longshots mom and dad down and said "i'am sorry but

it not good your son got an infection in his spine

and won't be able to walk soon i'am so sorry' they

all cried. Randy ask for some time off work and when

they found out what happened to his boy that said

"some of your inherence will cover his care" you can

gat someone to live with you to care for him. Randy

told his wife all the stuff they could get. That

Friday there was a knock at the door it was Zandar he

hade some dry blood from his face. "What happened"

said Randy Zandar told then how the new worker beat

him up a bit so they let Zandar say the weekend there

and on Monday Randy and his wife Ann went to the

group home and said they wore not happy and told them

what Zandar said. The Group home said he was lying

and stole $500.00 from the safe. Then I just pop in

Randy head where is his mom and day? That said that

there both gone and that no one wanted him. Ann said

if we wanted to adopt him how long would it take? The

guy there said sing this here and here and here then

called a worker and said "go get Zandar junk" Randy

look at the guy and said what you doing with his

stuff? The guy said "it's Zandar and now he yours"

Ann look at him and said "we don't have to wait?" He

just look at them and said "no he your now" Randy and

Ann took Zandar home and move him in to the big

master bedroom and then went to pick up Longshot.

Randy and Ann picked up Longshot and on the way home

that told him that he was move in to the master

bedroom with the care giver they got for him.

Longshot was not happy about this but when they got

him home and wheel him in the house I saw Zandar and

was happy and asked "so where this guy that going to

be take care of me?" "It’s me" said Zandar Longshot

was crying with joy as he knows Zandar would be there

for him no matter what.
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PostSubject: Re: All you need is one friend   Tue Dec 05, 2006 5:42 am

its good but its too fast paced if you red this story out loud it'd sound like a gerbil speaking its that fast
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PostSubject: Re: All you need is one friend   Tue Dec 05, 2006 5:54 pm

*claps* Encore!
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PostSubject: Re: All you need is one friend   Tue Dec 05, 2006 8:13 pm

Thanks BabyBunny your cool

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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Re: All you need is one friend   Tue Dec 05, 2006 8:19 pm

Um question. Whats a Gerbil? Is that something in british or just a miss spelling of th word girl?


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: All you need is one friend   Tue Dec 05, 2006 8:25 pm

cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat
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PostSubject: Re: All you need is one friend   Wed Dec 06, 2006 3:35 am

girbil- rodent. a little bigger than your average pet mouse whit big legs and a long furry tail. its been domesticated over time
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PostSubject: Re: All you need is one friend   

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All you need is one friend
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