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 Luc and Hinata - Tag Team Guards of the Sleepover!

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PostSubject: Luc and Hinata - Tag Team Guards of the Sleepover!   Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:40 pm

Heheh, felt like making some title that sounds like an anime episode for some reason. Anyways, here we go, yet another story I'm starting that'll probably take ages to finish with my track record. Nate's having a sleepover with a few friends while everybody else is out of the house and only Luc and Hinata are left to keep things in order around there. Hope you all enjoy this one!

Luc chuckled as he pushed Skippa towards the door at a steady pace. “Get going you great lump!” He laughed.

“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay though?” Skippa asked in protest while Zoe, wearing a red dress that made her decidedly attractive, waited by the door with arms crossed. “You’re gonna be alone with five cubs in the house after all. We can reschedule if you need us to.”

“HEY!” Hinata snapped in protest, the pink Riolu padding in with murder in her eyes. “First off, contrary to popular belief I’m just as much of a caretaker as Luc is despite my choice of attire.” Everyone took a brief glance at the diaper taped around the Riolu’s hips. “Secondly, from what I understand from Ninetales, this Will isn’t really a cub either. Thirdly, you can’t reschedule this since it IS your anniversary after all.”

Skippa was stunned as soon as Hinata finished, throwing a paniced glance at Zoe. “It’s our aniversery?” He choked out in a squeak.

“You pudden-headed otter!” Zoe chuckled, realing back for a second to throw a fist downward smack on top of his head, raising a lump and leaving him on the floor. “I knew you’d forget! That’s why we’re doing our anniversary dinner a week in advance.”

Skippa glared dizzily at Hinata from the floor, promising he’d find a way to get her back for that later. Luc just chuckled and helped the otter back to his feet and gave him and Zoe a friendly shove out the door. “Get going you two,” Luc laughed. “Or I’ll send you up to the stars myself. I’ve been working on my Blaze Kick.”

“I bet I could kick your tail if you tried but we’re on the same side in this case.” Zoe laughed, reaching for a pendant with a star sigil upon it and with a flash of light from her eyes and then all around her, the duo were gone.

“That’s one group taken care of.” Luc laughed, clapping his paws together a few times to remove some imaginary dust from them. “Who else do we need to get out of the way?”

“Well, Sai-Sai went up to visit Izuri and Anthony’s family already.” Hinata answered. “Kana is up there with them and she took Trace with her. Arcanine and Enin went with Ninetales and Daisy to visit some family, although Daisy mentioned something about training when she got up there.”

Were it not for his fur, Hinata would have seen Luc pale white as a sheet at the last news. “S-so that just leaves the terrible twosome and Tenshi then right?”

“Yep, now get your fluffy behind out here Rio and give me a hug before you go!” Hinata called out. She was prepared for the swift pounce and soon had Ri pinned to the floor in a crinkling, wagging hug. “Good try but not good enough Rio!” Hinata teased. She stiffened when the purple Riolu beneath her giggled and gave her a lick. The pause was just long enough for him to roll her over and reverse the positions.
“Better that time?” He asked with his usual smirk, leaning in to touch noses with his mate/mommy/sister.

“Much you crazy overgrown kit.” Hinata teased affectionately, licking him as well with the same results aside from the fact she just shoved him off her onto his padded rear instead of rolling on top of him.

“Are Kai and Tenshi coming?” Luc asked, before pausing and lifting his paw up. “Scratch that. Is Tenshi about ready?” There upon his paw was the Pachirisu he’d asked about a moment before, gnawing like the rodent he was on the spike growing out of the back of his paw. The sharp-toothed little electric type liked teething upon any of Luc’s spikes for some odd reason.

“Yeah, but I’m still not sure what you expect me to do with them.” Tenshi said, padding down the stairs with a backpack strapped to him. “I get why I gotta watch them, these two plus sleepovers equals night of disaster that everybody aside from their victims laugh about later, but where am I gonna take em? I’m not even sure I can handle them both at the same time to be honest.”

“Take em to Raikan’s for the night.” Luc suggested, removing Kai from his paw only for him to latch onto the other paw-spike. “He likes Ri enough he probably wouldn’t mind the surprise visit. Plus he’d be happy to help keep them in line for you if I know him.”

“Plus he’d probably be willing to diaper you too if you asked Tenshi.” Ri teased.

Tenshi blushed but otherwise ignored the Riolu’s remark. “That’d probably work. If not we could always go to the Squirrels. Their youngest one’d probably love playing with a plushy like Kai.”

“Who doesn’t love playing with a hamst…” Ri never got to finish his question cause the moment he started saying the word hamster, he was on the floor staring into Kai’s face, or more particularly the bared teeth upon them.

“NOT… A… HAMSTER…” Kai growled.

“I could reference some spots in the anime that suggest you’re part one.” Ri teased, undaunted by Kai’s attempts to be intimidating (which only served to make Hinata giggle).

Kai just rolled his eyes and took off out the door. Ri giggled and ran after him with a little help from Quick Attack. “HEY! WAIT FOR ME YOU TWO!” Tenshi yelled after them, waiting until he got outside to blast off after them with Aqua Jet.

Luc chuckled and threw a glance at Hinata. “He sure has his hand full tonight.”

She returned the look as she removed a necklace with a stone upon it from her neck. “I wish him the best of luck.” She giggled as with the Everstone now removed, she evolved into a lavender-furred Lucario. “I wonder when Ri’s gonna realize the crest he took from you was a reverse crest.” As Luc fumbled at his chest for said object in surprise, a yip of surprise could be heard from a ways off outside, soon followed by a shouted expletive which made Hinata first frown in reflex, then giggle in a mischievous manner greatly resembling Ri’s own. “I’ll let that one slide just cause it’s too funny when he curses himself.” Hinata giggled.

“You’re as evil as he is, aren’t you?” Luc asked with a pleased grin.

“Duh!” Hinata answered. “I just know when to use skills like that is the difference.”

Luc just rolled his eyes and turned around in time to see two figures padding up the sidewalk that led to the door. One had an arm over the shoulder of the other. One might think it was for support given in the other hand he held a cane, but in reality it was more a protective gesture than anything else, like a big brother who’d shield a younger one from anything the world may throw at them. Despite the nonexistent difference in size, this was most certainly so as Luc smiled at the fennec brother’s Will and Terry coming up the sidewalk. Both were wearing identicle Green Lantern hoodies and beneath blue sweatpants sported bulges that could only be contained by such stretchable fabric as that. Even then, the thick diapers the twosome wore strained the fabric almost to the limits, which was just the way Terry at the very least liked it.

Luc waved to the car parked out at the end and it drove off as he held the door wide open for them both. “Hey you two.” Luc said in greeting. “The name’s Luc. I’ll be looking after you guys tonight. Nate’s upstairs at the moment if you wanna just make yourselves at home.”

“Okay! Thanks!” Terry said gratefully. This was the first time he’d seen his friend Nate’s home. The otter/squirrel had made fast friends with him at school a few months back and had told him a lot about his family. Actually, the only other ones he’d met were Skippa and Zoe once when they came to pick him up once, his brother Sai since he went to school with them, and their mysterious aunt figure Selanine the Ninetales. It was actually thanks to a bit of her magic Will was walking as well as he was now at Terry’s current height. A long process had actually done a permanent (at least until he grew up again) regression to Will’s body and fixed several of the problems he’d suffered through something that had happened during his troubled past. Now, rather than being several years older than Terry, he looked more like his twin in terms of size, something he didn’t mind to much to be perfectly honest. It was made even easier by the fact Selanine told him after a few years his ageing would accelerate a bit until he had the same distance in age between himself and Terry.

“Either of you need a change before you get to far up there?” Hinata asked when they started heading up the stairs inside.

“Terry’s probably squishy again but we already got changed before we left home.” Will answered. “Thanks anyway though.”

“Just doing my job.” Hinata chuckled before turning towards the door. “Wait a sec! Our other guest is here already so you may as well meet him.”

A smooth landing on the grass later and a bat about the same age as Terry was walking up towards the open door towards a ginning Luc. “You must be Chimour.” Luc said, offering a paw. “I’m Luc.”

“Yup! Dat’s me!” Chimour said, shaking Luc’s outstretched paw and walking inside after adjusting his backpack. “Where’s Nate at?”

“I’LL BE DOWN IN A SEC GUYS… WHOAH!” Several thuds and one slam later, a bundle of fur was at the bottom of the stairs. Nate smiled at them all upside down with his back propped against the wall. “Okay… so half a second.” He giggled.


“Nah!” Nate giggled as Hinata fussed over him and checked him for bruises and breaks. “Besides, if I were trying to impersonate Sai it would have been jumping out of a tree trying to fly with my arms instead of my wings like he did the first time.”

“Can’t stop teasing Sai even when he’s not here can you?” Hinata said, trying to sound stern but doing a poor job hiding the giggle in her voice.

“Nope!” Nate giggled, smiling cheekily at her. “To be fair he’s got a few good stories on me he probably brings up often enough.”

“I can name one right now.” Hinata chuckled wickedly.

“And what might that be?”

“Plushies. Need I say more?” Hinata asked, smirking in triumph as Nate blushed almost bright enough to be seen under his fur.

Will, Terry, and Chimour just looked at each other oddly, confusion as to what exactly just happened evident on their faces. Luc just chuckled and shut the door before going to pad over in front of the tv. “Now that everybody is here, all padded rears that aren’t covered in blue fur on the couch please just to cover a few quick rules and general ideas for the night.”
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PostSubject: Re: Luc and Hinata - Tag Team Guards of the Sleepover!   Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:42 pm

Hehe yays!!!
I've been waiting on this one eagerly, nearly losing it from all the antici... Pation.
Hehe you're doing a wonderful job Nate!
Oooh and wonder what'll happen next?
Hehe well I'm deffinitly checking back to find out as soon as you have the next part up.
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PostSubject: Re: Luc and Hinata - Tag Team Guards of the Sleepover!   Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:54 pm

=D they're both here! OWO
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PostSubject: Re: Luc and Hinata - Tag Team Guards of the Sleepover!   Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:16 pm

>.< That guy still gives me the willies batty bro but I gotta lol for the good shot. And of course I got em both here Terry! It'd be hard to get the kyu without his Will or his Ember X3 Anyways, here's an update for you all guys!

Terry helped Will over to the couch while Chimour bounced on over himself, setting his bag down before he did. Hinata picked Nate up, despite his wriggling protests that he could walk and plopped down onto the couch between Chimour and Terry. She gave Nate a further warning squeeze when he tried to squirm into a sitting position and with a huff, a pout, and a pair of crossed arms, Nate settled down and looked at Luc. All four canines and the flying rodent next to Hinata giggled at Nate for a moment before Luc gave a small cough.

“Alright, let’s get started then.” Luc took a moment to gather his thoughts in order. “Chimour, Will, Terry, your respective guardians informed me you all need a bath tonight but otherwise since this is a sleepover on a weekend, you can all stay up as late as you’d like. Actually, other than the fact we need to get you all bathed, that’s about the only thing we really need to observe. Anybody else have any ideas what to do with the rest of our night? Cubby themed or otherwise makes little difference to me, though Hinata might have some ideas of her own I’ll bet.” Hinata giggled at that, causing Nate to groan and slap a paw to his face. Terry, Chimour, and Will just looked at them oddly.

“Might I suggest we start slow and try a movie?” Nate said. “Might give us ideas for later.”

“I like the idea. What kind of movies do you guys have?” Chimour asked. Terry and Will nodded in agreement.

“We got a bunch but please don’t touch Absol and Enin’s horror flicks.” Nate said, pointing over to a cabinent. “I can’t stand horror and there are only a few suspense I can get into.”

“How about an action film then?” Luc suggested, padding over with Will and Terry to look at the movies in the cabinet. “Either that or let’s go for something almost everybody can agree to watch like a Disney Classic.”

“Got any Green Lantern movies?” Terry asked excitedly.

“Unfortunately no. Closest we have are the Batman Movies.” Luc answered. “Same universe, wrong hero.”

“How about Lion King?” Nate suggested.

“I saw that one with Selanine when she babysat me.” Chimour said. “Doesn’t that one have a sequel?”

“Took Disney awhile to make it but they made two other ones.” Nate nodded. “If you saw the first one, wanna watch the story behind that one? Go behind the scenes and see the tale within a tale?”

“Sure! That okay with you guys?” Chimour asked Terry and Will.

“Fine by me.” Will answered. “A nice cubs movie sounds like fun tonight actually.”

“If it’s a cubby movie, how’s about we get you cubs into attire a bit more suited for it?” Hinata suggested with a grin. Nate rolled his eyes with a smirk. Figures Hinata would suggest that, but he couldn’t blame her since she’d beaten him to suggesting the same thing.

“Heheh, otay!” Chimour giggled. Nate and Terry nodded their own agreement while Will chuckled his own.

“Would just your diapers be okay with you all?” Luc suggested. “It’ll be nice and warm in here soon as we get the fire going a bit higher than it is now and it’ll leave you easy to get ready for bath time after.”

Nate nodded and tried to squirm out of Hinata’s grasp, only to have her hold a bit firmer and shake her head at him. “Ah-ah-ah!” she chided with a smirk. “You took a tumble down the steps. I’m not letting you go until after your bath just to make sure you’re okay.”

“You’re just making excuses so you can have somebody to cub as much as possible.” Nate accused, smirking at the Lucario keeping him cradled.

“You know me so well.” She giggled, laying him down on the couch next to her. Nate just rolled his eyes and let her have her way. It was easier than trying to escape her once she had ahold of you. She tugged off his shorts and undid the snaps of the onesie he almost always wore, rolling him over to get at the snaps on the back that kept his wings in a comfortable position. Sliding it off of him, Nate was the first undressed, leaving Hinata to giggle at the fact he was wet as usual and would probably need a change halfway through the movie. She chuckled when she felt Chimour tap on her back and turned to face him. “You want some help getting undressed too kiddo?”

“Yeth pwease!” Chimour lisped with a nod. Nate rolled his eyes and chuckled as Hinata laid him out. The bat had already charmed Hinata he could tell. Nate wondered how Chimour would react if she decided to indulge in one of her hobbies with him.

Nate turned to look and saw Luc was assisting the fennecs out of the trench coats they’d come in wearing and easing them out of their sweatpants. They were a bit more active in getting themselves undressed however, with Luc mainly giving Will something to support himself against without his cane to assist him. When they were undressed, he saw while Will looked dry, Terry was about as wet as he was. Nate was jealous of how thick his diaper was though. He’d be good for about the same time and he was in a disposable! Nate’s at the moment were the cloth he wore on occasion when he had nowhere else to go. With all cubs suitably undressed, Hinata and Luc sat them all on the long couch and popped the movie in.

“If we go get snacks ready, can you all stay out of trouble?” Luc asked. All of them nodded and Hinata chuckled.

“All of you do me a favor and keep Nate right there on the couch.” she said smirking. “I don’t want him going anywhere while I’m gone. Who knows if he really did get hurt or not?”

“You should know, you checked him yourself.” Will answered with a teasing grin, regardless, reaching his arm around Terry to put a paw on Nate’s shoulder.

“Tch… and here I was gonna say you were in charge while we were gone cheeky.” Hinata teased good-naturedly.

“Still is and I have seniority Hinata so I can overrule you.” Luc chuckled. Hinata gave him a cute death-glare, making everyone including her laugh. “Besides, you set yourself up for that one.”

“Touché…” was Hinata’s grumbled response. Amidst the giggles from the cubs, Hinata followed Luc into the kitchen, glancing back to see Terry and Chimour had snuggled up onto either side of Nate to make sure he wasn’t about to go anywhere. “So what are we making them?” Hinata asked when she turned away.

“I was thinking popcorn and bottles of soda.” Luc said, digging through a closet for the popcorn he sought. “Sound like a plan?”

“It sounds like hyper cubs cause the only soda we got in the fridge right now is Dr. Pepper.” Hinata said, searching through the fridge. “I’m totally in favor!”

“Why’s that?” Luc asked with a laugh, pulling out the seeds and air popper. “Cause it’ll mean they’ll crash when the energy wears off?”

“AND us with them.” Hinata answered. “We’ll need a good night’s sleep by the night’s end.”

Luc chuckled and nodded, pulling out a canister of orange powder and a small bottle of red. “Okay, you pour the sodas, I’ll watch the popcorn and bring them out in bowls. Gotta be individual in case somebody wants nacho cheddar powder. Not to mention the hotroot I’ll bet Nate’ll want on his popcorn.”

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PostSubject: Re: Luc and Hinata - Tag Team Guards of the Sleepover!   Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:49 pm

Hehe X3.
Well just so you know IF YOOOOU GET CAUGHT WITH A FLAT (How bout that) baby you don't have to panic! Because by the light of the night it'll all be alright, I'll get you a satanic mechanic!
(Also I'm REALLY enjoying the story so far Ri ^^).
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PostSubject: Re: Luc and Hinata - Tag Team Guards of the Sleepover!   Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:14 pm

Heehee, this is gonna be one chaotic sleepover, I can tell! ^.^

Clever big squirrel!

(Avatar by Lig ^.^)
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PostSubject: Re: Luc and Hinata - Tag Team Guards of the Sleepover!   

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Luc and Hinata - Tag Team Guards of the Sleepover!
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