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 FullMetal Alchemist: A New Begining.

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PostSubject: FullMetal Alchemist: A New Begining.   Wed Feb 21, 2007 8:02 pm

Well This story did well on FTT so I thought I'd post it here for you all to see.
FullMetal Alchemist: A New Begining.
"Sir we've finally got our team back. Theyíve brought the requested samples." a secretary said over a private intercom.

"Thank you Sally I'll be out to inspect them my self in a moment." Said a pale skinned man sitting behind a desk looking over test results. He absently stared at the tattoo on his arm. He got up from his desk and walked out of his office, pasted reception, and down an elevator to the main lab. A wolfish looking person handed him two viles each with a bone fragment in them. Each on was labeled. Edward Elric. Alphonse Elric. "Finally we can begin the resurrection. Thank you Arnold." He smiled. He walked over to some equipment. Their were two large tubes and a large machine in between them. Before the machine their was a large and complex transmutation circle. He place a sample in each tube. A women walked over to the tubes and looked at them. She was beautiful. She had long light brown hair and was dressed in a modest manner that just seemed to make her look more caring. He walked over to the woman and put a hand on her shoulder.

"It will work Trisha. Iíve worked on this since before you were born. I know I can do this. I promise." He said with confidence. She looked at him and saw the confidence in his eyes.

"I believe in you Compassion. You always live up to your promises." Trisha reached out and touched Compassionís face. "You go get our family. Compassion Elric." Compassion smile that she used his last name. He had taken it in honor of the man who made him and reunited him with his sister. If only for a time. He looked around at the staff. They all looked determined to do this. They all owed a debt to those boys that they intended to repay.

"Alright then everyone lets get this started." He said in a loud and powerful voice.

"Begining physical regeneration now." One of the techs announced as the machine came to life. Compassion approached the edge of the array with Trisha at his side. They both put their hands on the array and it glowed with life.

"I'll keep your path clear." Trisha smiled at him. Then both their eyes glassed over as they both now stood in front of the Gate. Compassion walked to the Gate and begain to force it open. He was putting all his might into opening the Gate but was making little head way. But then all of a sudden it opened. On one side holding it open was a boy with long black hair and holding the other was a woman that had her hair in dreadlocks. Compassion recognized them. He smiled.

"Go get them we can't hold it for long." The boy urged.

"Thank you Wrath and Izumi." He said as he ran through the gate. Trisha moved to the opening and shot a beam of light ahead of him that the hands in the gate could not pass. Compassion ran on with all the speed he possessed. Then he saw something out ahead of him. As he closed the gape between himself and what was ahead of him. When he got close he came to a dead stop. It was women with light brown hair and resting their heads on her lap were two boys.

"Trisha Elric." he mouthed. "Sister." She looked at him and smiled.

"Compassion. Joseph. My brother. I've been waiting for you." She said in a soft passive voice. A tear ran down Compassionís cheek.

"Then you must know who I came for." his voice was a little sacky.

"Yes. Thank you. They never really go to live their lives to the fullest. They saw so many things. I know you and my grand couther will give them good lives." Compassion picked up the two sleeping children with out waking them.

"They won't remember their past lives will they?"

"No. Maybe dreams or a familiarness but nothing else. Besides knowing each other. Now hurry brother before the gate closes. I'll see you again someday." With those words he dashed for the still open gate at top speed. He saw his Trisha still illuminating his path. He finally made it across the Gate and then back into the world. As soon as he did there souls shot into their bodies.

"Soul signature positive. Life signs good. Opening the capsules now." Announced the tech. The tubes opened. Trisha and Compassion got up and walked over to the tubes. In one was Ed looking about four and in the other was Al looking about three. But something was out of place.

"Oh Arnold. Did you forget some thing when you took the DNA samples?" Compassion asked with an unusual ton in his voice.

"No I don't think so." He said not sure what to make of this.

"Arnold. Come here and tell me if you see what I see." Arnold walked over to Compassion warily and looked in the tube at the kid.

"Ops. I guess I forgot to put my gloves on when I took the samples." Arnold rubbed the back of his head. Ed and Al both had doggish ears.

"Well at least thatís the only thing that went wrong." Trisha said looking down at the unconscious Al.

"Yeah what she said. And well they'll still fit in well enough. After all chimeras like that aren't all that uncommon anymore." Arnold said trying to ball himself out.

"Your lucky thatís true. Ya know your more like your grandfather than you know." Compassion commented.

"Yep I always loved good old grandpapy Havoc." Arnold grinned at thoughts of his grandpapy's advice about women.

"Ok well enough remincing here lets get these two up to medical and checked out. Just to make sure. Miss Rockbell could you-"

"Already got the blankets right here." She lifted up the blankets and gave one to each. So Trisha and Compassion rapped them up in the blankets and took them up to medical. The doctor their ran a few test and found nothing majorly wrong. Half way through the check up though the blankets they were wrapped in were now ruined. The doctor noticed this and ran another test.

"Well doc Hughes whatís the news?" Compassion asked.

"Well I've haven't hound anything life threatening. But I think the wolf genes had an odd affect on some of the nervous system. Witch induces uncontrollable voiding of waste product." He said straightening his glasses.

"English doc." Trisha asked in a slightly impatient voice.

"The wolf genes slightly screwed up the nerves involved in bladder and bowel control. Stuff like that does tend to happen in some chimeras. Ya never know how certain genes will interact." He said sounding to Compassion very much like Maes.

"So nothing more than that?" Compassion asked just to make sure.

"Nope. Other than that their both as healthy as can be. Ya know my daughters about their age maybe you could bring them over sometime." Compassion laughed softly. The doc looked at him oddly. "Whatís so funny?"

"You sound just like Maes. Except that he would have flashed a photo by now." Compassion chuckled.

"Well I've got plenty of pictures on me if you want to see them."

"No. No we'll meet her in person some other time." Compassion said hastily.

"Well I suppose your right. After all you do have to take these two home. Oh and here." Hughes tossed a package to him. "For those two. I always keep a pack here incase I want to bring my sweetie."

"Diapers. Oh Hughes ya shouldn't have." Trisha said in that not so sincere way. "Anyway thanks for checking them out." Trisha opened the package of diapers and diapered the boys and Compassion picked them up. Neither of them had woken up yet.

"Awwww don't they look so cute like that. Fast asleep like that in Compassionís arms." Hughes said thinking of his daughter. Compassion looked at Ed and Al remembering seeing them like this so long ago.

"I wasn't there then for you two. I regret that. I wish I could have stayed. But I'm here now and I'm not going anywhere." Compassion said softy to them. Trisha looked at them and smiled. She loved all three of them. She picked up the package and opened the door. "Letís go home." Trisha's words warmed Compassionís heart as they all walked through the door together.


Well tell me what ya think guys.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: FullMetal Alchemist: A New Begining.   Thu Feb 22, 2007 12:47 pm

very good lig, and orginal on this site
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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

Number of posts : 11138
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PostSubject: Re: FullMetal Alchemist: A New Begining.   Thu Feb 22, 2007 10:59 pm

Thanks Kari. Well I've got more for ya guys.


[size=12]When Compassion, Trisha and the boys arrived home they were greeted by a friendly face. Sheina. She looked so much like Sheska at that moment. She smile and looked at the two boys.

"Awwwwwwwww. Aren't they precious? But whatís with the ears?" Sheina asked with a curious look.

"Arnold screwed up the DNA samples." Compassion answered.

"I think look cute any way." Sheina said scratching them both behind the ear. Neither of them awoke but smiled in their sleep. "Anyway Iíve got their room all set up. Hughes called ahead and told me the other stuff you'd be needing so itís all their."

"Oh thank you Sheina we really appreciate it." Trisha said giving her that youíre like family hug.

"Oh no problem Trish." Sheina hugged her back. "I can handle setting that kind of stuff up. Anyhow I better get on home. Don't wanna miss my soap."

"Well we'll see you later Sheina and Thanks again." Compassion said as she started off and waved back at them. They both went inside and up to the boy's room. It was perfect for them. Their was a big book shelf with all sorts of books on it. Their was a toy chest a bed for each of them with railing near the top. Their was also a big crib along one wall and a changing table. The walls were an ocean blue and the carpet was a grass green. Compassion laid the boys down in one of the beds.

"Sheina did a good job on this." Trisha commented. She looked around at every thing. "She even stocked the changing table."

"We really owe her for this." Compassion said taking a seat at the bed across from the boys. Al rolled over and snuggled into Ed's back. Compassion smiled. Trisha sat down next to him and smiled too. They sat there together watching the boys. Later Trisha's cat came in and hopped upon the bed with the boys and sniffed them. I curled up by Al and fell asleep purring. Compassion laughed.

"Whatís so funny?" Trisha asked him confused.

"Al always loved cats. And they always loved him. Wither he was armor or flesh."

"Well I'm glad Meko likes him." Trisha smiled and laughed herself. It was about an hour later that one of them begain to stir. Ed rolled over and his arm went around Al. Ed looked at Al and smiled obviously recognizing his brother like his sister said he would. Trisha rose and walked over to him and bent down.

"Good morning Ed. Did you sleep well?" Trisha sounded so motherly. Ed yawned and smiled instantly accepting her as his mother. He had no other memories other that Al was his mother and the people he would see when he awoke where his parents. Compassion rose.

"Good morning champ." He smiled down at Ed.

"Yeah." Ed said with a smile and a yawn. At this point Al finally stirred and smiled up at Edward.

"Good morning Al. How'd you sleep?" Trisha smiled.

"Good." Al gave a yawn.

"Well now that both our little champs are up from their naps what do ya say we have dinner." Compassion said with a grin.

"But before that we should get you two changed and dressed for the night." Trisha put in. Both boys giggled now noticing the wetness in their diapers. Compassion picked up Ed while Trisha got Al and they took the boys over to the changing table. The table was big enough so both boys could be changed at once. They were each changed out of their wet diapers and put into fresh clean ones. Now they started to dress the boys for the night. Ed was dressed in a red sleeper while Al was in blue. Both the sleepers had their old teacherís insignia on them that both the boys admired and thought was cool. Even though they had no clue what it was.

"Compassion why don't you and the boys go watch to TV now and I'll get dinner started." Trisha suggested.

"Sure." Compassion said picking the boys up off the changing table. One in each arm. "Come on guys lets go see if we can find something good on." Compassion lifted them to his shoulders. They both giggled with glee. Trisha smiled at the trio. She thought he looked so fatherly with the boys up their on his shoulders. Compassion walks out into the living room and sits the boys down on the couch and them himself. He found the remote and flicked the TV on and found a show the boys would like. The boys snuggled up close to Compassion and watched the show happily. Trisha worked on dinner happily listening in on the boysí exclamations of how cool the show was. The main characters were Chimera brothers. As they were watching TV Meko came out and hopped up on the couch with them. She cuddled up to Al and purred. Al smiled and pet her.

"Geez Al what is it with you and kitties?" Ed asked grinning.

"They just wike me." Al said cuddling with Meko as she contently purred. Trisha came out into the living room and saw this.

"Awww now isn't this just a picture perfect scene." She smiled. "Well come on boys dinner's ready."

"Hear that boys food. Let go get it." Compassion said standing up. The boys hoped off the couch and followed Compassion into the kitchen.

"Whatís for dinner mommy?" Ed asked as Compassion helped him into a chair with a booster seat.

"Spaghetti and meat balls." Trisha said with a smile.

"That sounds yummy." Al said as Compassion helped him into his seat next to Ed. Trisha sat their food in front of them with a toddler safe fork. Everyone sat down to eat. The boys did manage to eat somewhat well. Not too much on them. They also had some juice to drink to go with the meal. They all enjoyed it. Afterwards the boys were helped down from their chairs and sent to go play in the living room. They found the toy chest easy enough. The boys started playing with various toys for while. Later Compassion came out and played with them. Trisha came out with the camera to take a picture of them. Ed was sitting on Compassionís chest proudly announcing he had won and Al was holding Ed's arm up and giggling. After a while it started to get late and the boys were yawning.

"I think its time these two got to bed." Compassion said smiling down at them.

"Yep I'd say so." Trisha walked over and picked up Ed and Compassion got Al. They went up stars to the boys' room.

"First letís get you two changed before bed." Trisha said as both of the boys had messed their diapers while playing. They were laied on the changing table and changed into some fresh clean diapers.

"So where would you two like to sleep?" Trisha asked being that there was a bed for each and a crib big enough for both of them. Al looked over to Ed. Al wanted to sleep in the crib but only if Ed would too. He always slept better when he knew Ed was close by. Ed just gave smile and a nod.

"Crib." Al said and yawned.

"Ok then crib it is." Trisha layed Al down in it and Compassion

[size=12]"Night boys. Sleep tight." Compassion smiled and roughed their hair a bit before leaving.

"Night daddy." Both Boys said in near unison.

"Sweet dreams my little ones." Trisha said and kissed them on the foreheads. Both yawned a good night before falling peacefully to sleep. Trisha smiled thinking of how cute they looked asleep.



Back at the Gate there was a ruckus as one of the souls inside was trying to claw its way out. This was a familiar one. He was motivated by on thing. Vengeance against the Elric brothers. He saw them leave and knew they had flesh again. He wanted so to chop them into pieces and laugh over there dismembered bodies.

"Get off me you stupid things I've got people to chop up out there." He said tossing the denizens of the gate off himself. "So help me I'll make them wish they had never heard my name. Barry the Chopper!"

He eventually forced the gate open and jumped out soul and mind seeking a body. Eventually he found one. An old armor that just seemed to say Barry. Like his last one it had a skull for a face. But this one had two very large cleavers near by and its fingers were clawed. Barry quickly used what knowledge he had obtained in the gate to attach himself to it. A seal scorched itself in the armorís inside back. He slowly rose and looked at the cleavers in his hands.

"Watch out boys Barryís Baaaaaack!" He tilted his head back and laughed.


Well tell me what ya think.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: FullMetal Alchemist: A New Begining.   Fri Feb 23, 2007 11:58 am

orginal and humurous
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Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Re: FullMetal Alchemist: A New Begining.   Tue Mar 20, 2007 9:10 pm

OMG. I can't believe I haven't updated this one. Well guys here ya go. Hope ya like it.


Compassion awoke the next morning with Trisha by his side. She looked so heavenly in her sleep. He just smiled and took a breath taking in the smell of her hair. He decided he'd get up and get breakfast started. She cooked last night so he decided he'd cook this morning. He got up and walked down the hall to check on the boys first. They were still asleep. Al had snuggled into Ed's chest contently. Ed was cuddling Al like he was a plushie. It had to be the cutest sight Compassion had ever seen. With that done he went down stairs and started cooking breakfast. Over his very long life Compassion had learned a great deal of cooking. He enjoyed it. Not long later Trisha woke up. She smiled at the sounds in the kitchen. She quietly got up and walked out into the kitchen and draped her arms around Compassion.

"Good morning Joseph." She said smiling.

"Good morning Trisha. You look beautiful." Compassion said smiling.

"That was nice of you to make breakfast." Trisha said.

"Well you cooked last night so I thought I would this morning." He said kissing her. She leaned into the kiss. All of the sudden the phone rang.

"Drat. I'll get it." Trisha says and goes off to answer it. Compassion keeps an eye on the food. Mean while back in the nursery Ed starts to stir. He looked down on his sleeping brother snuggled close to him. Ed smiled. Shortly after Al was smiling back up at him.

"Morning sweepy head." Ed said grinning.

"Morinin bwother." Al said cuddling Ed. Ed smiled and messed Al's hair flopping his ears out to the side. They both giggled. Meanwhile back in the kitchen Trisha had just hung up the phone.

"So who was it?" Compassion asked setting the table.

"Oh it was just Maes. He's coming over later with his daughter." Trisha answered.

"Well thatís good. The boys will have someone to play with today." Compassion said finishing setting the table. Giggles can be heard from upstairs.

"Speaking of which it sounds like there up. I'll go up and get them." Trisha said. She went up stairs to the boys' room and found them snuggled together giggling as they tickled one anther's catlike ears. Trisha couldn't help but giggle a bit herself. "Well I see my boys are up. Did you two sleep well?"

"Yeah." They said in unison and giggled.

"Good to hear. Now letís get you two changed and dressed for the day." Trisha said walking over and picking them up out of the crib. She carried them over to the changing table. "Well looks like my boys were busy last night." She said when she saw how wet they both were. They just giggled. She changed each of them in turn. Trisha then took some clothes out of the dresser and got them dressed. Ed was dressed in a red shirt that said "I'm a Big Bro." and a pair of Kaki shorts. She dressed all similarly. Al's shirt said. "I'm a Lil Bro." and his kakis were a bit lighter then Ed's. "There you two go. Now letís go have breakfast." She smiled picking them up. They both grinned at her as she carried them down stairs.

"Honey look what I found up stairs. I guess Meko must have had kittens." Trisha joked.

"Mom. I'm not a cat. Maybe Al is though." Ed joked.

Al giggled. "Bwothew. I'm not a cat."

"Gee if those are meko's I wonder who the father is." Compassion said grinning.

"Daddy!" Ed and Al said in unison ears shooting out to the sides.

"Anyway. Breakfast is ready kids." Compassion said gesturing to the food layed out. Trisha sat the boys down in there chairs with the boosters on them. Compassion had make waffles, sausage, eggs, and Orange juice. The boys looked at the food with grins.

"Wow did you make this daddy?" Al asked looking it all over.

"Yep. You mom cooked last night so I thought I'd cook breakfast. So take a bite and tell me what you think boys." Compassion said. Ed looked at the food and then grabs a toddler fork and took a bite of one of the waffles. Ed then started to wolf it down. Al joined in just after him. Although Al ate a bit more slowly. "So boys. Taste good?"

"Yep. You did good on it daddy." Ed said smiling.

"Yeah. Youw a good cook daddy." Al said. Breakfast continued on as everyone ate and enjoyed it.



"Slash and cut and chop and dice. Doing all this feels so nice. I'm gonna chop you up all nice. Then maybe I'll have some rice." Barry sang as he dismembered a young women. He had made a sort of home out of an abandoned barn. Now he was enjoying himself. Unknown to him he had been watched. Someone knew about him. His history. Someone who was far older then he was. Someone who wanted revenge on the Elrics so much more then he did. And she'd do anything to get it. She approached the open barn and walked quietly in.

"Look at you Barry. Less then twenty four hours after you return you've got some young girl chopped up." Said a smooth female voice from behind Barry. He whirled around to see who was there. He saw a young woman with short black hair and wearing a velvet red dress.

"Who the hell are you?" Barry asked enticed by the idea of chopping up another pretty young girl.

"Someone who wants to see the Elrics dead just as much as you." she said voice steady and without fear. "I know where they are."

"Really." Barry said. "Why should I believe you? Why shouldn't I just chop you up right now?" Barry's voice rose with glee at the end. The woman stepped forward and placed a hand on Barry's armor chest.

"Because if you don't I'll send you back." She said as his seal glowed and he saw the gate flash before his eyes. Barry wanted to jerk away but found himself unable to move. "If you do as I say. Then I'll reward you. I'll give you a new body. One that can feel the blood on you. Deal Barry?"

Barry thought for a moment. It wasn't a difficult choice though. He wanted to see the Elrics dead. And he wanted to be able to feel the flesh and blood of his victims. "You've got your self a deal Lady. But just one thing. I want to know who I'm making this deal with."

"Very well. I'll tell you who I am. My name. Is Dante." She said.


Well hoped you guys enjoyed it. Tell me what ya think.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: FullMetal Alchemist: A New Begining.   

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FullMetal Alchemist: A New Begining.
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