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 Furr High Ch2

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PostSubject: Furr High Ch2   Mon May 04, 2009 1:39 pm

A few weeks later, Kari made her way down the roadway towards the dorms that Kais resided in her truck. She had been a patient girl waiting so long. knowing Kaela and Kais had a point so she had just gone over there to talk with Kais to get advice on how to be more dominant. How she hoped she might still be able to prove herself to him one day but for now she needed to become more willful if she ever wanted to get Kais to consider going with her on a date. Slowly she knocked on the door that close off each level to the others, it was eerily quiet today, the last time she had come the place was a hive of girls enjoying themselves, doing homework or just relaxing. Needing to ask a few questions and big favor about the upcoming prom, Kari fidgeted impatiently as she waited for her hails to be answered. After a few minutes Tanya opened the door poking her head out. She blinked a few times as she recognized who had knocked on the door the seconds between them felt like awkward minutes before either of them said a word
“Good afternoon Kari, what brings you to our dormitory?” Tanya asked calmly smiling as softly as she could.
“I need to ask kais something… is he around?” she asked back. Tanya’s smile spiked as she opened to door and stood aside ushering the young vixen in. the dorm was like one large lounge. A small kitchen with literally half a dozen microwaves and kettles. A pair of Shower blocks at either end of the dorm, originally one dorm for either gender however as time wore on they had become both female shower and bathroom blocks. Tanya guided her to a couch as she dissapperaed into their room. As Tanya waked away Kari glanced around the lounge more, her keen ears picking up Tanya’s voice as she spoke to Kais.
“Kais? You’ve got a visitor kitten.” She called out. The rest was indecipherable as they spoke quieter than she could hear. Finally Tanya walked back towards the kitchen “Kari? Kais is just in the bed room, you can go in now.” She said as she passed the sliver furred vixen. Kari nodded her thanks as she walked to the open door… half expecting Kais to be on the bed she peeked in. here eyes widening when she found his on the floor in a prefect splits wearing only a pair of tight fitting cycling shorts. Legs out in perfect horizontal splits. His smooth chest against the floor as he stretched.
“Sorry Kari.” He grunted as he held his position for long seconds “I’ll be with you in a few seconds”.
“I can wait Kais.” She replied as the lithe neko sat up, took a deep breath then pulled him self up. He took a tee shirt from the bed pulling it over his chest. Walking towards Kari he smiled warmly as he walked past her, she fell in step beside him as they walked over to a couch.
“So what brings you to our home?” he asked as a pair of girl rushed from another room and out one door only waving in good bye as they disappeared. Kari’s eyes followed then as Kais giggled softly at her response… since his mysterious transformation he had become more feminine in both his attitude and he mannerism. Despite it all however he had stayed on the football team as their RunningBack.
“I… I was hoping to ask a favor.” Kari finally replied as she snapped back into reality. Kais sighed a little as he looked her straight in the eyes.
“If your about to ask me to go the prom with you, you already know the answer.” He said calmly.
“Actually.” She blurted out panicking under his intense glare “I was hoping you’d ask Riku to go to the prom with me…” she said before practically whispering “As…as a date.” Kais looked at her quite surprised as he examined her eyes trying to detect any signs she wasn’t telling the truth.
“Riku? As in Riku from 9D?” he asked
“Yes.” Kari replied “you two get along well so I thought you’d ask him for me… your friends aren’t you?”
“Yes… we’re often partnered together in the classes we share.”
“And also I want to know how to be more assertive.” She blurted out making kais almost fall of the couch in surprise. It took almost a minute as his brain ran in over drive before his rubbed his temples with his fingers taking a deep breath.
“I will see what I can do about Riku but I can’t really help you with the assertive issues.” He stated calmly as he reached for a pad of paper. “That’s not really my area.”
“no it isn’t.” Tanya cut in a silly grin on her face “he’s got no assertiveness in his entire body.” She teased nipping his ear playfully making him meep as she leaned over the couch backrest tail in the air. Kais batted her away softly as she purred in his ear before writing down Riku’s number, email address and a few other notes. He tore the note from the pad and handed it over to Kari
“There you go Kari… that’s about as much as I can give you.” He said as he got up walking with her down the stair and out to the car park
“Thanks again Kais” she said as they got to her truck “I owe you one.”
“Don’t worry about it Kari.” He said as she climbed into the cabin “just next time call before you turn up, I don’t make a very good host when I’m stretching.”
“Ok Kais” she said before she turned her truck around as she drove off Kais waved before going back inside as she trundled out of view.

It began to rain heavily later that afternoon just as the weather man had said it would when she checked it that morning. She decided this was the best time of any to make the call, gathering up her nerves she flipped her Razor open and started to dial the number that Kais had most graciously provided her. She pulled over into an old gas station parking lot as the phone began to ring, on the second ring she heard a fimilar voice answer
“this is riku, who is this” the young dog boy’s voice answered
“Riku, its Kari. Do you mind if I come over and talk with you about some things?” she asked in a soft tone
“sure I guess, I have nothing planned for the day. Do you have my address?” he asked her in a soft and friendly tone as he played with one of his ears while awaiting her answer
“Yes I do, Kais provided it to me.” she said grinning down the phone and paused a moment before continuing “I will be over there in about 20 minutes so I will see you then” she said as she hung up and cranked her truck back up and started off once again.
The next twenty minutes seemed to take an eternity to pass by as she started to second guess her self in her head.
‘I hope I am making the right move, I mean afterall I will be one of the only girls who actually have to ask a guy to take them to the prom probally. Plus knowing Riku he already has a date for the prom’ she thought to herself as she drove, as fate would have it her meeting with riku would not happen like she had planned.
With only about 2 miles to go she ran a light just as it turned red and a driver trying to avoid the police crashed right into her driver’s side door, the sheer force of the collision knocked her out cold and completely shattered her left wrist. As the paramedics arrived they picked up the phone and notified all of her friends of what happened and that she would be in a hospitial close to the school while she awaited reconstructive wrist surgery. While a lot of people would think fate was conspiring against her, she thought different when she opened her eyes and there was Riku standing on her right side holding her hand tight in his own paws.
“riku…” she managed to say in a weak tone “I’m sorry we had to meet under these circumstances”
“Kari don’t worry about it, just rest I will be here and the others should be here later”
“what do you mean the others, I never called anyone”
“well kari as it would have it Wraith was one of the first people to see to you while the paramedics came, he called us all when he found out what hospitial you were being taken to”
“I owe him one then” she said softly and looked riku in the eyes “if I can manage to heal enough for prom will you be my escort”
Riku just gave a soft nod and rubbed her head furr softly before walking out of the room saying he needed to see what was taking some of the others
The young fireorca, Wraith, came into her room once riku was gone. What was so strange though is that she didn’t hear him come into her room until he spoke up
“My little cub needs to be more careful next time she is out driving around town” he said in a soft and very carring tone as he gently stroked her cheek “You were just lucky I was on my way to a CAP meeting when I saw the wreck you got involved in. once I found out you were coming here, I grabbed your cell and called everyone and told them of what happened and where to find you” he gently kissed her head as she turned to look him in the eyes
“thank you Wraith, had it not been for you I might not of been able to ask Riku to be my prom date.” she softly as a nurse came in and said that after surgery and a few days of recovery she would be able to go home with her arm and wrist in a cast and that she would need to use a sling for a while and just take it easy. She nodded gently to the nurse after she said this to her and took a blood sample. It would be a few hours before any of the others showed up to see her

What will happen at prom? Will Kari make a full recovery? Who will be the next to come see her? Stay tuned for chapter 3 of furr high for that.

Special thanks to Kaiskune for the work he has done in this story in rewriting it for me. If anyone else would like to make their own version of this story just ask me.
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Furr High Ch2
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