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 Stories from the Midieval rp [Hektor's dreams]

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PostSubject: Stories from the Midieval rp [Hektor's dreams]   Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:47 pm

For those that are curious, I'm writing up what Hektor [the lycan character in the roleplay] dreams when he gets in contact with the lycan leader of a clan deep in the forest outside his home town. Here's the first dream, it's not very long.

He had just started to fall asleep. His breath became rhythmic and quiet. He was surrounded by an ancient, dark, very musty forest surrounding, the buzzing of bugs and the sounds of nocturnal birds and beasts alike masked his motions well. He suddenly turned as he heard snarling and loud footsteps behind him and he began to run through the trees, branches snapping beneath his feet and hitting him in several places depending upon where they were on the ancient oak, hemlock, and pine trees. The sounds grew louder and louder as he kept running and finally a large, furred beast overtook him and swept him off his feet. He turned Hektor so he was facing him, his deep, glittering yellow eyes staring quizzically at him, and Hektor grasped at his furred arm for support, accidentally taking off some of the fur. The wolf then began to speak in a deep, gravvely, commanding tone.

"Hektor, it is your destiny to save your family and our race from total extinction in this war...our weakness is too far well-known to the third race, while our enemies is not as well used.....we are feared worse than they are and for that reason we are hunted far more than they...we cannot fight two battles! You must eradicate an army coming from the east or all is lost! The leeches will spill into the human world and control them! You must help us......" he said as he sank his dripping fangs into his left shoulder, set him down, and then he and his pack vanished like smoke into the trees, leaving him bewildered and lost, with only the bite mark and fur to prove it really happened.
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Stories from the Midieval rp [Hektor's dreams]
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