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 100 Acre Wood. Roo’s Problem and New Friend.

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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: 100 Acre Wood. Roo’s Problem and New Friend.   Sat Aug 04, 2007 12:39 am

Well I'm making a new story staring Roo from Winnie the Pooh. I thought I'd post up and share what I have so far. I hope ya like it.


100 Acre Wood.
Roo’s Problem and New Friend.

It was another wonderful morning in the 100 Acre Wood. All the small woodland animals were stirring from there sleep and enjoying the morning. Squirrels played in tree branches, frogs leapt from Lilly pad to Lilly pad and birds sung there wonderful songs. One such bird was sitting on the windowsill of sleeping joey. Roo slowly started to wake up with a yawn as the light from his window filtered into the room. But upon waking up the bird’s song wasn’t the only thing that greeted little Roo. The sensation of a wet bed greeted him too.

“Aw not again.” Roo sighed as he sat up with a glum look on his face as his mother Kanga came into his room. She noticed the damp spot on the blanket and the look on her son’s face.

“Morning sweetie. Did it happen again last night?” She asked sympathetically as she walked over to his bed.

“Yeah. I don’t know why. I tried not to again. I really did. But I just couldn’t help it.” Roo said starting to get upset and a stray tear here and there. His mother lovingly picked him up out of his wet bed and held him.

“Oh I know honey it’s not your fault. These things happen.” She told her son while hugging him close.

“I know I just feel like a baby waking up every morning like this. I’m a big kid.” Roo told his mom snuggling up to her.

“I know sweetie. Don’t worry about it though. I’ll think of something. But for now lets get you dressed ok?” She asked looking down to Roo.

“Ok Mamma.” He said smiling up to her. Kanga sat him down on the dry part of his bed and took his long night shirt off and helped him into his regular blue one. “Thanks Mamma.” Roo told her as he hopped off the bed and started for the stairs.

“Have fun dear and remember to come home when I call.” She told him as he went down the stairs.

“I will Mamma.” Roo said as he went out the front door and off to see what there was to do today. Roo was fairly disappointed however. He went to Tigger’s place but he wasn’t home. Roo figured Tigger was off bouncing somewhere already. He checked Pooh’s and Piglet’s place next. Neither of them were home either. Piglet probably went with Pooh to find more Honey. Roo then went past Rabbit’s house. He saw Rabbit working in his Garden. Rabbit looked up at him with a look Roo recognized as meaning. ‘Oh no. I hope he doesn’t stop.’. It wasn’t his fault though that the Garden got ruined the last time. It was just an accident. How was he supposed to know that the Wind Sled he and Tigger made would go over three hills and into Rabbit’s Garden. Roo sighed and hopped off. He decided to explore the woods a lil ways from Rabbits place. He hummed a lil tune as he hopped along. As he hopped along he heard a sound over the next hill near some trees. Roo quietly approached the sound not sure what it was. But he was glad to have the adventure. As Roo got in closer he saw the source. A small cub about his own size down in the meadow pouncing and trying to catch some butterflies playfully. The cub was a bit odd. It had stripes like a tiger but the mane of a lion. And upon closer inspection it was clear the cub was wearing a diaper. But Roo didn’t care he was happy to have a new playmate.

“Hi there!” Roo said hopping over to the cub. The cub jumped a lil bit and then smiled back.

“Hello.” The cub said a lil shyly as he pulled how his red t-shirt a bit.

“Hi. My name’s Roo. You must be new around here. I haven’t seen you before.” Roo said holding out a paw.

“Nice ta meet ya. I’m Lig. Yeah me and my big brother just moved here today. He let me go play while he got the house set up.” Lig explained.

“That’s cool. It’ll be nice having someone else to play with. I guess now I’m not the only kid here.” Roo said happily. Lig blushed a bit. “So Lig….what exactly are you anyway? Ya look a lil like my friend Tigger but he doesn’t have a mane. And your tail’s not all sprongy like his.”

“I’m a Liger. Dats means I’m part Tiger and part Lion.” Lig said with a giggle.

“Wow that’s cool! I didn’t even know there was something like a Liger.” Roo said sounding very impressed.

“Aww thanks. It’s really nice to meet ya.” Lig said smiling,

“Hey wanna go play? I know a nice big field with lots of room.” Roo told Lig. Lig grinned and nodded vigorously. With that the two cubs were off to the field to play.

Meanwhile back home Kanga was going about her usual morning chores of tidying up the house and her Garden she heard some rustling in a tree not far off. She put down her watering bucket and hopped over to see what it was. She saw a Liger just like Lig only older taking boxes into the empty try house. Kanga smiled at the prospect of a new neighbor and hopped on over.

“Good morning.” She said as she hopped over. The Liger stopped and looked over to her as she approached.

“Hello there. Good morning to you too.” The Liger said in a friendly voice. “So I guess you’re my new neighbor huh?”

“Yes my name’s Kanga. I live in the house just a lil east of yours.” She said smiling.

“Well a pleasure to meet you Kanga. I’m Warren. And I’m a Liger in case your curious.” He said with a light hearted laugh. Kanga laughed a bit herself.

“I was curious but I didn’t want to pry. Oh it’s alright. It’s not everyday ya see a Liger. Well actually I guess it will be now.” Warren said with another laugh and got Kanga laughing too.

“Yes. Well it’s nice to see a new neighbor move in. This house has been empty for years. Since before my son was born.” Kango told Warren looking at the house.

“Oh you have a son. Splendid. My lil brother will have someone to play with.” Warren said happily. Kanga smiled.

“Marvelous. My son hasn’t had any playmates his own age. Even though some act it.” Kanga said with a sigh thinking of some of her other neighbors.

“Nice. So what’s your son’s name? My lil bro’s name is Lig.” Warren said setting down the box he was holding.

“Oh his name’s Roo.” Kanga said and noticed the box. “Oh would you like a hand with the boxes?”

“Sure if it’s not any trouble.” Warren said politely.

“Oh no trouble at all what are Neighbors for?” Kanga said picking up one of the boxes.

Back at the field Roo had lead Lig too they decided to play Knights with some fairly thin and none too sharp sticks. They were having fun hopping this way and that way hitting there sticks off of one another playfully. They laughed and giggled the whole time. Eventually both got worn out and sat back up the shade of a nearby tree. Roo was thinking of his new friend. A question had been in his head since he saw Lig. But he was a lil shy about asking it cuz he knew how embarrassing it’d be for him to talk about it. Finally though Roo’s curiosity got the better of him.

“Hey Lig. I was wonder……not to be mean or anything but you’re as big as me. Why do you wear diapers?” Roo asked hoping he wouldn’t upset his new friend.

“Well I was never trained. My parent’s tried but I could never tell when I need to go. We found out dat I have a condition that sometimes happens in hybrids like me.” Lig said having to take his time to pronounce Hybrids right.

“Oh so you can’t help it either huh.” Roo said and then mentally kicked himself for saying that aloud. Lig looked at Roo confused. He didn’t see a diaper on Roo or anything. Roo saw the expression and explained.

“Well I’ve been having accidents at night lately myself. I can’t help it. I just wish they would stop. Half the time they wake me up early and I can’t get back to sleep.” Roo said with a sigh at the end.

“Well least you can control it in da day time.” Lig said trying to help his new buddy see the bright side.

“Yeah I guess your right.” Roo said smiling feeling a lil better. His ears then perked up when he herd his mother calling him. And then a second voice calling Lig.

“I guess your brother and my mom want us back now.” Roo said getting up.

“Yeah I think it’s lunch time now!” Lig said getting up to with a crinkle from his diaper.

“Race ya there!” Roo said bouncing in place a bit.

“Your on!” Lig said and with that the two shot off for home.

Back at Warren’s he and Kanga managed to get all the boxes in and unpacked. Kanga noticed the while unpacking there were some baby things here and there as well as some diapers. Kanga looked at them a bit puzzled for a second.

“Those are for my lil bro Lig. The Doc says he’s got a condition that makes it so he can’t feel when he has to go. So this is our solution. It keeps the furniture dry and Lig doesn’t mind. Thanks to that condition he’s never been trained.” Warren said with a bit of a laugh.

“Oh I see. My Roo is having a similar problem. He’s been having accidents every night for the past two weeks. It’s been keeping him up and getting him upset.” Kanga said with a tone of sadness in her voice for her son.

“Well why not diaper him up for bedtime. That way no wet beds in the morning and a good night’s sleep.” Warren suggested as they set up Lig’s bed. Kanga thought about it for a lil while. It did seem like the only reasonable solution.

“Well I’ll give it a try tonight.” Kanga said as they finished up. After they were done Kanga invited Warren and Lig over to her house for lunch. Warren accepted and followed her over and helped make lunch. It was basically PB&J sandwiches and some glasses of milk. Two of which had straws to make the meal less messy. Once they were reading Kanga and Warren called there respective cubs back.


Well that's all I got for now. Expect more. Tell me what ya think.


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: 100 Acre Wood. Roo’s Problem and New Friend.   Sat Aug 04, 2007 4:43 am

I love it! It's really sweet, and I can't wait for more!

Clever big squirrel!

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PostSubject: Re: 100 Acre Wood. Roo’s Problem and New Friend.   Wed Aug 08, 2007 1:18 am

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Head Kitten
Head Kitten

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PostSubject: Re: 100 Acre Wood. Roo’s Problem and New Friend.   Wed Oct 03, 2007 6:23 pm

Thanks for the comments guys. Well I've got more story for ya.


Roo and Lig raced back neck and neck the whole way once Roo’s house came into view the two slowed up to a walk both of them were still kind or tired out from playing before. As they got closer Roo saw his mom standing in the front yard looking out to him and Lig. He also saw the older Liger there.

“Who’s that? Your brother?” Roo asked Lig as they got close.

“Yep dat’s my big bro Warren.” Lig said with a smile on his face and a giggle. Warren spotted the two and gave a laugh at the irony.

“Well it looks like those two have already met and become friends.” Warren said happy to see Lig had a friend for once. Kanga smiled as well.

“Well that’s Roo for you. He’s quite good at making friends with people.” Kanga said rather proud of her son. Roo and Lig came up to there respective caretakers and grinned.

“I see you made a new friend Lig.” Warren said smiling to his lil bro.

“Yep. I sure did. Roo’s really nice. He never made fun of me or nothing. We had lots of fun playing!” Lig said excitedly.

“Yep. Lig’s fast as me and a really good pouncer!” Roo giggled just as excited as Lig.

“Well I’m glad you two made friends. Because Lig and Warren are living just west of us.” Kanga said smiling to both cubs. Both cubs faces lit up upon hearing this.

“Yay!” Both Roo and Lig yelled at the same time and hopped around a lil.

“Well I’m glad you two are happy. Well lets settle down a bit. Me and Kanga made some lunch so grab a seat at the table in the back yard and dig in.” Warren told Roo and Lig. Both of them nodded and sprinted off to the back yard. Kanga smiled at there enthusiasm. Lig and Roo climbed up into there seats at the table out back and each grabbed a sandwich and dug in. Kanga and Warren sat down to and ate as well. Roo and Lig talked about lots of stuff as they ate and eventually Roo got an idea. He whispered it to Lig who grinned and nodded back.

“Momma. Can Lig stay over tonight? Pleeeeeease.” Roo asked sounding as cute as he could. Kanga smiled .

“Well if Warren’s alright with it then I don’t see why not.” Kanga said looking over to Warren.

“Sure I don’t mind. I just gotta back a bag for Lig. Sure you won’t mind helping Lig out with his ‘Necessities.’ Kanga?” Warren asked.

“Oh I don’t mind at all.” Kanga said. She knew with Lig there it’d be easier to get Roo to accept night time diapers.

“Alright then. Just have fun you to.” Warren told the cubs smiling. Both gave each other a high five and yelled “Yay!” After they had both finished there lunch they were going to go head off to play again. Warren spoke up. “Woe. Wait up you two. Come on Lig I gotta check and see if ya need a change alright.”

“Ok.” Lig said blushing a bit at his diapers being mention so openly. Roo saw this and patted Lig on the back.

“Hey it’s Ok. I don’t care ya need em. I should probably use the potty anyway before we head back out.” Roo told Lig. Lig cheered up a bit. And with that Lig went back over to his place for a quick diaper change while Roo used the bathroom. Once both were finished Roo and Lig ran off to play some more.

“Hey Lig I brought a Frisbee for us to play with if ya want.” Roo said holding it up with a smile. Lig grinned and stared at it as his tail swayed back and foth.

“I love those things. I’m a pretty good catch.” Lig said backing off a ways as Roo did the same. Roo and tossed the Frisbee and Lig pounced up and caught it. They repeated this several times till Lig finally missed and the Frisbee ended up in a tree.

“Aw man. How we gonna get it down?” Roo said disappointed.

“I can get it.” Lig said hoping onto the side of the tree and climbing his way up. He made it to the branch where the Frisbee was and dropped it down to Roo. Lig then climbed back down a lil shakily. He actually slid down the last foot landing on his padded rump with a loud crinkle and “fump” sound. Roo giggled and helped Lig up. And with that the two continued to play.

Meanwhile Kanga had accompanied Warren back to his house so he could pack Lig a night bag. He put in several clean diapers. More then what Lig would most likely need. Next he packed Lig a few shirts for tomarrow and his favorite sleeper. It was blue with star patterns all over it. And lastly he packed Lig’s plushie Bushie.

“There Lig’s night bag is all packed.” Warren said as he zipped it up. “Now Lets get you a pack of diapers for Roo.”

“Your really think they’ll help?” Kanga asked as warren got a pack from below the changing table in Lig’s room.

“Yeah. He’ll probably be hesitant to wear em at first but I think he will. Once he sees that it’s just something to give him a good night’s sleep he won’t think anything of it.” Warren said handing the package to Kanga.

“Your probably right. Well I better get back over home. It won’t be long before I have to call the boys back.” Kana said as Warren walked her to the door.

“Alright then. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Warren told her as she left.


“So Lig. Warren’s your big brother right?” Roo asked as they sat against a tree resting.

“Yep. He’s the best big brother in the world.” Lig said smiling believing this to be the truth which if very well could be.

“Well what about your parents? You momma and your papa?” Roo asked curiously.

“My mommy and daddy died a while ago. Warren looks after me now.” Lig said with a bit of a sad tone in his voice.

“Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you sad.” Roo said worried that he’d upset his new friend.

“Nah it’s OK. “ Lig said cheering up a bit. He then got curious himself. “What about your daddy?”

“I don’t know. Momma’s never really told me anything about him and I can’t remember him.” Roo said looking up at the sky. Roo’s ears then cocked up along with Lig as they heard Kanga calling them. “I guess it’s time to head back huh?”

“Yep. Lets go.” Lig said getting up and stretching as his diaper drooped a little. Roo noticed this but didn’t say anything. He was actually thinking of how nice it must be not to have to hold it all the time. He knew he had to go himself when they got home. On the way home however Lig stopped and had a look of concentration on his face.

“Hey Lig you alright?” Roo asked confused.

“Yeah…I’m…OK….Ah.” Lig said sighing at the end with a look of relief. After this they continued and it wasn’t long before Roo smelled what Lig had just done in his diaper. Once they got home Roo ran inside to use the bathroom. Kanga took Lig upstairs and changed hid dirty diaper. She smiled as she did remembering doing this with Roo. She was looking forward to doing this with him tonight if it didn’t upset him too much. Kanag finished changing Lig just as Roo came out of the bathroom. Roo came back up to his room and he and Lig played with some of his toys for an hour or so before it got dark outside. Kanga then came up to the room.

“Alright sweeties it’s time to get you two ready for bed. Then it’ll be story time.” Kanga told them smiling. She then opened up Lig’s night bag and got out his sleeper which had little stars and moons on it. Roo smiled and decided to wear his own sleeper getting it out. His was just plain red though. Once Lig was dressed Kanga turned too Roo. “Roo sweetie. Now I know you’re a big kid but we can’t have your bed keep getting wet. It’ll ruin it. So I got some of these for you to wear at night.” Kanga told Roo as she pulled out the package of diapers. Roo frowned at it.

“Well……I guess it has to be better then waking up soaked.” Roo said morosely.

“Ah don’t worry buddy. There not so bad once you get used to them. And wearing them doesn’t make ya any less a big kid.” Lig told him putting an arm around him. Roo smiled feeling better.

“Alright. I guess they can’t be so bad.” Roo said laying down for his mother to diaper him.

“Thank you Roo. Your being very grown up about this. It’s just something to help you.” Kanga said as she threaded his tail through the back of the diaper and started to powder him up. Roo smiled at the smell of the powder. The experience of being diapered like this seemed familiar to him. Kanga then brought the diaper up between his legs and taped it up snuggly. “There you go sweetie all done.” She said as he stood up.

“Ya know these are actually kind of comfy.” Roo said stretching his legs and moving his tail around smiling a bit at the crinkling sounds the diaper made. Kanga then helped Roo into his sleeper. Roo smiled. This all seemed really familiar to him. By this point Lig had gotten his plushie out of his bag and smiled to his buddy. Roo smiled. He hopped over to his stand and grabbed his teddy bear. He hadn’t really slept with it or played with it much in quite a while but felt right to tonight. Kanga grabbed the story book from the self and sat down on the bed.

“Story time kids.” She told them with a smile at how cute both of them were. Roo and Lig snuggled up in her lap as she held the book out in front of them and started reading to them. Roo and Lig listened captivated by the story and also growing sleepy as well. Once done with two chapters she tucked the too into the bed and gave each a kiss before turning down the flame on Roo’s lamp and closing the door leaving just a crack open. Roo smiled feeling more at ease and comfortable then he had in a long time. He snuggled up to Lig feeling content.

“Ya know something Lig. I think I kinda like these diapers.” Roo told him sleepily nearly asleep.

“Yep. Dey weal comfy.” Lig said before falling asleep. Soon after Roo followed suite falling asleep himself. He slept soundly that night dreaming of when he was a baby happily as his diaper dampened and warmed during the night. Roo smiled as he dreamt having the most peaceful sleep he’d had in ages.

Well what did you guys think?


My dearest friends are those who I have yet to even meet but I feel as if I've known them for years. You guys are my best buddys but you Kiru most
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PostSubject: Re: 100 Acre Wood. Roo’s Problem and New Friend.   Thu Oct 04, 2007 3:23 am

Aww, Ligy, this is wonderful! It's just so sweet and nice. You're a really great writer!

Clever big squirrel!

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PostSubject: Re: 100 Acre Wood. Roo’s Problem and New Friend.   Thu Oct 04, 2007 11:04 am

MY GOSH!!!!! Thisis so darned cute!!!!! Yoiu are such a good writer!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: 100 Acre Wood. Roo’s Problem and New Friend.   Tue Oct 16, 2007 3:22 am

Hey lig,

I really love the way your story is going...
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PostSubject: Re: 100 Acre Wood. Roo’s Problem and New Friend.   

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100 Acre Wood. Roo’s Problem and New Friend.
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